LIME TV frustrating tonight – bad picture and zero service!

LIME TV Barbados

This evening the reception on Lime TV is abysmal, the buffering circle is going mad. I ring LIME on 1 800… and listen to everything requiring a button to be pressed except Lime TV. The Lady singing about the benefits of LIME is most distracting, when after 10 minutes of waiting, nothing happened, no reply. I thought LIME service was on Island now? Is it just me, but does LIME want customer satisfaction? Because I am NOT receiving it. At the moment they are not achieving anything.


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11 responses to “LIME TV frustrating tonight – bad picture and zero service!

  1. What do you expect from LIME, good service? When has that happened in living memory? You had no choice when you wanted a landline, but people who continue to subscribe to LIME’s other services are like a woman whose man beats her, and she keeps going back because she thinks that he will change.

  2. Crusoe

    They called offering me a ‘discounted package for three months’, I told the lady a flat no, she seemed surprised…..and if you want to compete, ya tink three months discount will cut it to get me from CBC? Besides, I would not touch LIME TV with a mile pole.

    No! Lime …hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Caswell Franklyn


    I don’t even want it free.

  4. X

    I canceled my LIME for Karib Cable. They couldn’t even process the cancelation properly and I received subsequent bills and had to go in twice. Still not sure if they’ve managed to get it canceled properly.

  5. Bajan Abroad

    I would rather dead with two broken arms and an itching pooch than deal with anything C&W.

  6. Green Monkey

    Don’t know how many times we have had to report a noisy land line (after having our own house wiring after the demarc point tested and checked as ok by three different telephone/wiring technicians. Sometimes Lime does do something to fix it (after mutch prodding to get some action) and it might work ok for a few weeks and then it goes crackly and noisy again. Think I am just going to say to hell with ’em and get a landline service from Karib Kable/Telebarbados.


    worst TV station in the Caribbean , On station to control the truth . we dont watch tv waste of time , we get more info from BU and BFP


    tell the truth LIME sucks and well over priced , Lime must be taking lessons form the BLP and DLP. Taking kickbacks while kicking back.

  9. 51

    lime is just that lime it sour and stinks at the same time

  10. 51

    LIME it is giving me a rash that is how sour it is for the few month I have LIME TV I unplugged it and plug it back in about a hundred time .The dam thing always sticking or forever buffering. I went to take it out and was told I will have to pay50% of what I pay monthly until the year is finish.
    That make no sense because I can be paying someone else that for better service.SO I AM LETING WHO DO HAVE IT ALREADY DO GET IT IS NOT WORTH IT POINT BLANK.I WAS NEVER TOLD I HAVE TO KEEP IT FOR A YEAR WHEN I APPLIED

  11. Anonymous

    lime is the biggest joke going ! We were out of service for over 24 hours, no compensation whatsoever. When we took the matter to the fairtrade commission , we then were passed on to who else but a lawyer who represents the same people who are involved in the fair trade commission. Lime is so well insulated by the system , so that no one is able to win any awards pertaining to limes wrongdoing. Bravo to the DLP for allowing another monopoly to operate and to screw the working class once again!