BFP readers help UWI student with Tourism Survey

Rosie BFP

Take a few moments and help out Rosie!

BFP reader Rosie is a Hospitality and Tourism Management student studying at the University of the West Indies and she needs our help with a Tourism Survey she has posted on Facebook.

It’s a “No Typing” survey where you simply click on your choice. So easy that even our own George could do it on a bad day – except he’s not a tourist!

So how about it, folks… please direct your VFRs (visiting friends and relatives) to Rosie’s Tourism Survey.

And if you yourself are a tourist, well… what are you waiting for?

A big thank you from Rosie!




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5 responses to “BFP readers help UWI student with Tourism Survey

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    As someone that makers a living out of tourism, I clearly cannot participate but would very much like to know the results when complete. Also could I make a suggestion, that Rosie puts the questionnaire on the TripAdvisor Barbados FORUM page where it would open-up potential response.

  2. Although I have completed the survey to assist Rosie, I believe that the options provided to the questions are unlikely to capture data of substance or value. There are other surveys that could have been used by Rosie to capture better responses from Joe and Jane Public. That said, I wish Rosie good luck with her studies.

  3. Rosie Hunte

    Thanks for this! Amazing! @Adrian, thanks for the suggestion, I did that!
    @Maureen. Hi, I understand your logic since it’s so short, but it’s research into a specific area and I’m trying to link some variable found in the survey to get that information, from the actual research questions. Thanks for completing it, I really appreciate it. I will let you know the results, thanks.

  4. Rosie Hunte

    We have 85, and just need 15 more to reach the required 100! And a big thank you so much to those who have completed the survey! I really appreciate it! Rosie

  5. Thanks, Rosie, for explaining the brief survey, and I’m glad that I could help. As someone with a keen interest in the Barbados, both for business and from a personal perspective, I look forward to seeing the results once you’ve completed your research.