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LIME TV frustrating tonight – bad picture and zero service!

LIME TV Barbados

This evening the reception on Lime TV is abysmal, the buffering circle is going mad. I ring LIME on 1 800… and listen to everything requiring a button to be pressed except Lime TV. The Lady singing about the benefits of LIME is most distracting, when after 10 minutes of waiting, nothing happened, no reply. I thought LIME service was on Island now? Is it just me, but does LIME want customer satisfaction? Because I am NOT receiving it. At the moment they are not achieving anything.


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BFP readers help UWI student with Tourism Survey

Rosie BFP

Take a few moments and help out Rosie!

BFP reader Rosie is a Hospitality and Tourism Management student studying at the University of the West Indies and she needs our help with a Tourism Survey she has posted on Facebook.

It’s a “No Typing” survey where you simply click on your choice. So easy that even our own George could do it on a bad day – except he’s not a tourist!

So how about it, folks… please direct your VFRs (visiting friends and relatives) to Rosie’s Tourism Survey.

And if you yourself are a tourist, well… what are you waiting for?

A big thank you from Rosie!



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