BBC bribery allegations a distraction in the Harlequin scandal

BBC Harlequin

Let’s assume that the BBC reporter did try to bribe a Harlequin employee… SO WHAT?

A BBC Panorama staffer has been sacked after Harlequin alleged that the BBC employee approached a Harlequin employee with bribes in return for information. BBC is reporting the staffer to the police so it looks like there might be something to the allegations… or maybe not. Ya never know the truth of these things really until they are over and even then you wonder.

But let’s say that the BBC staffer did exactly what is alleged… offered a job to Harlequin’s security chief in exchange for information. Maybe that is against the law, maybe not… but it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with what happened in the last six years with Harlequin.

Trust me on this folks… Harlequin will make the big noise about this, and make the most of it…

… but it doesn’t change a damned thing about Harlequin taking money and promising to build thousands of homes and building practically nothing.

Don’t be too concerned about this BBC happening. Keep your eye focused on the main event: Where is the money, where are the vacation homes?

BBC Panorama producer resigns after developer’s ‘bribery’ allegation

Harlequin says it will to go to the police over claim attempt was made to bribe security consultant to disclose information.

The producer at the centre of Panorama bribery allegations has left the BBC as it emerged that Harlequin, the luxury Caribbean property developer that lodged the complaint with the corporation, is to take its grievance to the police.

Last week the BBC suspended Matthew Chapman, a member of the Panorama production team working on a programme about Harlequin, after the company lodged a complaint that he had offered a security consultant a bribe for information.

The BBC, which has never confirmed the name of the individual at the centre of the allegations, said on Friday that a member of staff has left the corporation.

“We have accepted the resignation of a member of staff who had recently been suspended following a complaint made to Panorama,” said a spokesman for the BBC.

Harlequin, which issued a strongly worded statement last Thursday naming the Panorama producer as Matthew Chapman, said that it is contacting the police about the allegations.

“We have been advised by our lawyers that we should now take the next step and report Matthew Chapman to the police,” said a spokesman for the company.

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192 responses to “BBC bribery allegations a distraction in the Harlequin scandal

  1. BBaywatch

    All resulting from an exchange on in mail via the Linkedin community, the content and style of which have been sufficiently peculiar to draw inference from a number of commentators.

    Sean Ghent, the Harlequin employee contacted by Matthew Chapman lists his abilities thus –

    “worldwide experience in the field of specialist executive issues involving close protection, intelligence gathering, risk analysis, electronic counter measures and covert tactics.”

    Quite why a hotel developer should require the services of a specialist in “covert tactics” surprises me!

  2. 228

    Went to one of the sales presentations. Glad we didn’t fall for the sales pitch

  3. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BFP, In my opinion you have got this wrong. To imply bribery is justified smacks of hypocrisy. So the supposed bribery of SVG PM by DA was ok then so long as a hotel was built and jobs were created? How about a few beatings or perhaps a bit of child abuse so long as the truth comes out? Sorry but in the UK bribery is a criminal offence, perhaps not in Barbados? It goes to show the weakness of the Panorama program if they had to resort to trying to bribe an employee for “inside” information.

  4. BBaywatch

    In the UK The Daily telegraph exposed the MP’s expenses scandal by buying stolen material. Receiving stolen goods and paying for crime to be committed is illegal, but their defence was that it was in the public interest. I can see that such a defence might well be justified in this instance also.

  5. Short Legs

    What is the big deal?

    If Mr Chapman, and it is a big if, implied the security guard Ghent may get some work from the BBC what’s wrong with that? it happens in business each and every day.

    Harlequin have done much worse and that will all come out pretty soon.

    people in glass houses should not throw stones.

  6. I have talked and been in communication many times with Matthew Chapman and would be surprised if it were true.

    However, and I include myself in this, how many times have you sent an email and wished you never hit send? HP sent me some and tried to recall them…. I copied in HP last week with an email by error it happens!

    If he is ‘guilty’ or not does that make all the HP go away?….. in the whole scheme of things its not really relevant.


  7. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, thought you were ignoring me. Now either you are going to get into meaningful dialog or just throw in a comment when you feel like it? Like to clarify?

  8. sith

    So why was the person allegedly being bribed. Why would they not just come clean with the truth. What is it they were or are hiding.

  9. The Oracle

    Its called investigative reporting…its used to get difficult information…if the information is correct and accurate that’s ALL that is important. The exposed persons are welcome to read it and weep.

  10. Been had

    I have never seen someone so eager and committed to defend Harlequin 24 hours a day at every opportunity morning noon and night. Thats Fdnrm just an investor?? enough said.

  11. investor

    Bribery or not. Who cares. The fundamental issue here is that Harlequin has taken investors money and did not built!!! What happened to the monthly interest payments? Apparently a banking or computer error. The same lies all over again. Watch this video : That is the truth about Harlequin

  12. Been had

    This is what a certain individual aspired to be.(Yet, even in his final hour of shame the former tycoon couldn’t help but deny it all and to blame others ‘I’m not a thief…..I did not defraud anybody,’ he said.)

  13. 50

    If it exposed the little fat git and his old bag of a wife as con merchants I don’t give a dam what the BBC did

  14. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Been had, how is criticising reporting techniques defending HP? I have done nothing of the sort. Perhaps a bit of kiddie fiddling would justify the end results? Where would you stop? Perhaps my moral compass is somwhat higher than yours.

  15. 183

    I think it’s safe to assume your moral compass is not higher than many people on here.

  16. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 7.18 are you the same Anon 5.09 who talks about little fat git and his old bag of a wife. That’s set a tone hasn’t it.

  17. 183

    Nope. Different person. We have corresponded before on the Panorama issue — I’m delighted that so many other people on this thread share my convictions on that.

  18. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 7.57 not being popular dont bother me one iota.

  19. 183

    How about being in the wrong?

  20. Fatchett does not represent me.

    About what exactly. What have I ever said that is wrong?

  21. 183

    Just a general question — how would you feel if you turned out to be in the wrong?

  22. Fatchett does not represent me.

    In the wrong about what exactly. What have I ever said that can be stated as being wrong?

  23. Anon - reasons unknown

    I must say FDNRM, you stoop lower and lower. Comparing an email offering someone work with kiddie fiddling is quite something.

    What made you think of paedophila?

  24. 183

    Well, you seem fairly determined to believe that everything that has occurred with Harlequin has been essentially not their fault or responsibility — concentrating on details and making them excuses. What if it turns out that you’re wrong?

  25. 183

    I imagine he’d blame it on the kids, Anon RU!

  26. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon Reasons Unknown, nice try, that is not what I said, and you know it. Are you into spin because that is what you are trying to do.
    @Anon 9.33, you see you cannot give one example where I have stated something which is wrong. Now spend some time going over the 2000+ posts on the subject of HP and find examples. Go on do it!

  27. Fatchett does not represent me.

    By the way Anon 9.33 are you the latest attack dog to be let loose on here? Now who will it be next. Short Legs hasn’t been around for a while, or maybe Beggers belief, hes been quiet for a while. Lets see who pops up next.

  28. 183

    FDNRM you’re either ignoring the question, or just not getting it; how will you feel if it turns out that you’re wrong?

    I’m not interested with trying to prove when you’ve been wrong about other stuff — you’re never reasoned enough to engage with that sort of thing. You’d rather focus on the alleged conduct of one BBC producer, for example, than engage with why the BBC went to the trouble of making the programme in the first place. And then you’d rather try and discredit the status of the programme and the BBC in general than acknowledge that they may have something worth investigating.

    If I asked you about BDO’s resignation, you’d blame it on the former accountants, or on the new accountants, or on accountancy practices in general in the UK or something.

  29. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, how will I know how I will feel if I am wrong, its a hypothetical question as I have not been proved to be wrong. I offered to talk to Matthew Chapman, and he ignored me. Why? because he was only interested in the negative not the positive, no matter how small it may be. The BBC went to the trouble of making the program because someone went to them with a story. When their “doorstepping” technique proved fuitless they were desparate to get new information and tried the bribery way. So you are not interested in if I have been wrong about other stuff, only the Panorama program? Perhaps you cannot find anything I have previously posted where you can find I have been wrong? Whats more I am not going to comment/speculate on BDOs resignation because I know nothing else about it. I do not comment on issues I have no knoweledge of. Perhaps others on here should do the same.

  30. Dave Ames for Prime Minister

    FDMRM – people choose to ignore the point – that being that the BBC are no longer a great institution – operating YewTree solving the budget cut problems off the once great BBC!

  31. 183

    What were the positives that they should have concentrated on then FDNRM (and thanks for so effortlessly proving my point)?

    Interesting how you don’t feel qualified to comment where there is no possible way to spin it.

  32. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yes FDNRM, please tell us what are the positive points about the Harlequin operation that you discussed with Panorama?

    I’m sure the BBC wouldn’t have given much airtime to the fact that you alone were receiving a return on your deposit. Is there anything else we’re missing?

  33. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 10.28 I realy do not have a clue now what you are talking about. Tell you what if I am proved wrong on something I’ll say “I was wrong” Does that keep you happy? And by the way if you had concentrated on this forum for any length of time you would have known the positives, which relate to myself.

  34. Anon - reasons unknown

    Sorry – I mean what were the positive points that you WOULD have discussed with the BBC had they listened to you.

  35. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U Its all in the previous 2000+ posts on here. I dont intend to go through the points again. I knew another attack dog would raise its head. I guess that would be you then.

  36. 183

    FDNRM so the positives that relate to yourself are that you’re getting a rental return — the fact that this happens in spite of the fact that a number of other investors are experiencing terrifying times as they are not receiving their contractual interest payments is apparently moot. That is the positive, is it?

  37. Anon - reasons unknown

    So you’re not going to bother repeating what the positive points are about the Harlequin operation apart from that you alone receiving a return on your deposit?

    Does anyone else remember what they are?

  38. 183

    Attack dog is an easy defence FDNRM. They’re straightforward questions. Answer them. You’re not so reticent in seeking answers when you want them.

  39. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 10.49 when I dont have any other income, yes it is. And I dont appologise for it. But of course you wouldnt be interested in my terrifying times would you.

  40. Anon - reasons unknown

    So, FDNRM, there are no other positive points except that you alone are getting a return on your deposit?

  41. 183

    Not really FDNRM — though I wouldn’t want to see any human suffer. It’s all about the numbers, you see, and one person getting profits whilst unknown numbers elsewhere worry about losing the roof over their head because of the sudden massive and unexpected burden on their outgoings, isn’t really a positive in the grand scheme of things.

  42. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U if you think I’m going to enter in a dialog with you over my personal details, forget it. Does the expression f***ing twat mean anything to you? No wonder you think Panorama is so good with a vocabulary like that!

  43. Anon - reasons unknown

    FDNRM, I think you’re avoiding the question here. Let me try again.

    Apart from you alone receiving a return on your deposit, what are the positive points about the Harlequin operation?

  44. 183

    Answer the question FDNRM. Your evasive, diversionary tactics are starting to wear extremely thin — and are very exposing.

  45. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 10.56 so your balanced view means that anyone who is not getting their interest payment paid, but could have an income from working deserves to be pitied, but some one who is getting a return on their investmennt, but has no other income is …. what exactly? Also you are confusing profits with returns. Your logic is floored.

  46. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U read the post above. I have no intention of continuing dialog with you, remember your fowl mouthed rant?

  47. Anon - reasons unknown

    FDNRM, are you unable to answer the question or give us examples? Or are you just here to argue?

    Apart from you alone receiving a return on your deposit, what other positive points are there about the Harlequin investment?

    Are there none you can think of?

  48. 183

    Sorry FDNRM, I don’t know where you’ve conjured that logic. That’s not what I’m saying. Your personal circumstances are irrelevant in this context.

    I’m confident that my logic isn’t “floored” (sic)

  49. Anon - reasons unknown

    Would somebody else mind asking FDNRM the following:

    FDNRM, apart from you alone receiving a return on your deposit, what are the positive points about the Harlequin investment?

  50. Anon - reasons unknown

    Same as my “fowl mouthed rant”

    Quack quack …

  51. Anon73

    There is absolutely nothing positive about what Harlequin has done with regards to investors. They have taken their money and not done with it what they said they would and what they are legally obliged to do (other than apparently in the case of FDNRM, although he should realise he is invested in the same disaster as everyone else that has an inevitable end soon, and it is nothing to do with any disgruntled investors, to say that is either ignorance, stupidity or because paid to do so) End of story.Nothing can stop the destination of this wreckage, as it was determined the moment they started selling the impossible and as was pointed out by many many people way back in 2006. The end game is finally here, there are some HP stalwarts denying the inevitable, very similar to comical Ali as someone else previously referenced. That is always the way with crooked set-ups. Harlequin have been proven to have lied profusely and deliberately on numerous occasions (youtube clips, letters from H about rates at Blu and therefore the massive returns) Their behaviour cannot be logically nor reasonably defended.

  52. @Everyone picking on FDNRM leave the guy alone he has already said “this is his only source of income” He is as much a victim in this and obviously feels that he has to protect Harlequin to protect his income the simple maths for him are Harlequin=Food.
    @FDNRM. Maybe Mr Chapman used a unusual approach to obtain something he wanted (for the greater good) if you have a problem with the way he went about obtaining this information why? it does not affect you how the information was obtained does it? as long as it is the truth where is the harm done?
    Now you can become all self riotous about this? but the truth is you cannot condemn Mr Chapman and not condemn Harlequin for the same unusual approach to ME can you?

    If Harlequin do pursue Mr Chapman I will pursue exactly the same course of action against Harlequin as that is only fair and proper? Harlequin cannot have it all ways can it? The truth is the truth plain and simple!

  53. Been had

    @fdnrm, bringing kiddie fiddling into the discussion is a lowlife excuse even by your standards. The simple fact is, you are the only person that claims they are receiving a rental return from Harlequin when nearly every other person has not even received their finance payments. Most are struggling to keep up the payments on their own therefore could possibly lose their homes. So you are obviously lying through your teeth or you are very close or employed by Harlequin. Either way, you are defending desperatly 24 hours a day.

  54. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Been Had, Spin spin and more spin. Read what I said and the context before you comment. Are you a head in the sand liberal who likes to deny the world is round? I dont have to “claim” I am receiving an income, I PROVED IT DUM ASS.

  55. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Annon R-U you may not like what I post, but I would not and will not resort to the gutter language you have used. To make light of it shows a lack of class and education.

  56. @Been Had,

    I asked Gareth Fatchett, about FDNRM and all he said was that FDNRM did come to the office he was a nice nervous chap and that he did show a document that did show payments so he is getting paid…….

    So the next question which I guess is to Harlequin is How can they pay one individual and not all? How can they break agreements to pay interest payments and at first not tell the truth?and not apologise for not telling the truth?and expect people to trust them? and then blame the next lot of SIPP Investors for not investing? when I cant remember can anybody else? when they were last building to a extent that they have used all the money that has been invested by SIPP investors in in the last eighteen months two years? If I had only recently invested via SIPP I would want to know where exactly has my money gone? I know I go on like a broken record but how could any IFA recomend this product in the last eighteen months? This meeting Mr Ames has now organised is just a way of buying time isnt it?I just hope this is not going to be a Harlequin PR exercise? I hope he is going to answer questions and not run out of time?If he has answers to finance just give them now stop people worrying for the next two weeks.I just hate to think of people stressing over their mortgage payments and Mr Ames and co being up to date with theirs,When is Mr Ames paying back the loan he gave himself? the mortgage payments could be made then couldnt they?

  57. Anon - reasons unknown

    FDNRM, you continue to try to bring this back to an argument trading personal insults. I will not be provoked by you this time.

    I can only conclude that you are not able to give any positive issues surrounding the Harlequin investment other than that you alone are receiving a return on your investment. In that case, you haven’t changed my view that there is no positive issue about the Harlequin investment. If there was, you would name it. You can’t.

  58. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U yes I do bring it back to personal insults. You called me a f***ing twat and expect me to expand on my logic with you. No chance so stop asking, it ain’t going to happen. Get that into your thick skull and bore off. Got it!

  59. 183

    SIPP issues in respect of this product, and of recent changes to rules, means that it seems unlikely any/much more of that sort of finance will be available again for projects like this — what happens then?

    Erica, I respect and admire your dignity and understanding re FDNRM, but in the circumstances it is unacceptable to simply hold a passive line such as his. Even his handle is on based on a passive position; who he is not represented by. Everytime he is asked to actually substantiate his position, he evades the question — apart from citing his own return, which as you correctly surmise is of limited relevance in the big picture (in fact, making things seems even stranger). With the current state of affairs, there is a level of responsibility attached to being a voice that could attract other people towards this investment — I’m not saying that that is an intrinsic wrong, but it must be backed up.

    One thing I truly can not abide, is the suggestion that investors are to be blamed for speaking up. I find that utterly intolerable.

    Having said all that, it’s perfectly possible that outside of this he’s a nice chap, and naturally I wouldn’t want to see him out on the streets because of this — likewise anyone else. Using his situation as justification, however, evades the bigger issues — and that sort of emotive rhetoric is unhelpful.

  60. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, the reason I get my rental is that I am different to 99.9% of other investors, and that is collaborated by the SFO. I don’t have to apologise or justify the reasons. Stop trying to guilt trip me on it. Or anyone else.

  61. 183

    He does get awfully sensitive though!

  62. Eddie Lizzard2

    “the reason I get my rental is that I am different to 99.9% of other investors, and that is collaborated by the SFO”… posted by FDMNM formerly 36 at 9:50am

    Oh dearie me, perhaps he means corroborated. Must have been a Freudian slip.

    Confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding).
    confirm – bear out – affirm – verify – support – certify

    Work jointly on an activity, esp. to produce or create something.
    Cooperate traitorously with an enemy.
    cooperate – pull together

  63. @FDNRM How have I tried to guilt trip you Your a Male which in my opinion are impossible to guilt trip:) lol
    If you feel guilty in any way that is no refection on you or me the only person who should feel guilty is Mr Ames (who is also probably a nice chap) I just have a different aproach to life and business than he does simple.
    You have mentioned the SFO before ( YOU was there first nananana) but your not correct you may think you were there first but you wasnt Jeremy Newman (Whistle blew) years ago! reference point (Mr Ames) I spoke to the SFO last March dispite being told that I was NOT allowed to speak to them (Mr. S. Terry) Harlequins in house conveyancing solicitor.Why you feel the need to attack me at every opportunity is beyond me not everyone has to have the same opinion as yours or mine its a bit silly thinking they do. You refer to Mr Ames as not liking me how do you know that? just because we dont have the same opinion?

  64. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, where have I referred to DA not liking you? And reference to attacking people? Jesus do you read the shit which is aimed at my direction. Look at Eddie Lizzard2 post above. Yes it was a slip but so what!! My reference to the SFO was I was one of the first the SFO requested to interview, not who contacted the SFO. Please read my posts carefully.

  65. @FDNRM You and me are different okay lets leave it at that !

    I am thinking of everyone and your hmmmmmmm NOT.
    Is that a fair answer

  66. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, you see you make a concilitory statement, then spoil it by suggesting I am only thinking about myself. Why bother.

  67. 24

    @Erica should you be divulging comments from Mr Fatchett about FDNRM?
    your just going on and on rambling again, give it a rest please

  68. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Well I thought my meeting with Fatchett was confidencial but I guess not. There was no need for Fatchett to have any tel conversations with anyone as he posted the results of the meeting on here. How nieve of me. “nervous”? more like seething.

  69. Eddie Lizzard2

    It’s pretty obvious that the post by Anonymous April 7, 2013 at 11:17 am has been posted as a leading question so that FDNRM 36 can reply. This time collaboration is the right word. These posts have to be viewed with extreme suspicion.

  70. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I hope EL2 that you are not implying that I am posting under 2 ID’s?

  71. FDNRM I just keep hoping that you will see the light but instead, You will be responsible for my worst nightmare…….more people getting sucked into this horrendous situation,Seriously you really need to think of the consequence of your words, I really try to be fair but if I can stop one person from getting involved in the worst “investment” I have ever had then good.
    I do NOT believe that you would seriously recommend this “investment” to any one else would you? As you said YOUR unusual so is that fair that you get paid and other don’t? If you were stood in front of me I could shake you I know its hard but come on man start thinking about other people you know what is going on and you basically are condoning it and promoting it that to me is plain wrong. Posting a link below and refer to my earlier post about the meeting it is just another stalling tactic…….Mr Ames you disgust me allowing this to continue tell the truth and let people try their best to sort this out YOU are just dragging this on and on

  72. @FDNRM Grow up and grow a set you said for me to ask Mr Fatchett I did !

  73. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, but that is where you are so wrong. I did not say I would recommend HP as an investment, I never have. All I would say, and will always say is that HP have been fair to me. Why should I change that just to satisfy the pack media mentality on here. There are 100s possibly 100s of investors you have not heard from, who may be ok with their investment. You do not speak for the majority. And where did I say DA did not like you. I could shake you when you make statements like that. ITS NOT TRUE!

  74. Fatchett does not represent me.


  75. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, so you have now resorted to the personal insults eh. If I did say contact him, fair enough, but I don’t remember that. Perhaps you can upload the comment on here. And is this a “who can shout the loudest” thread now?

  76. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BFP can you confirm that I have only ever posted under 2 IDs, this one and 36 please. Just to stop any conspiracy theories.

  77. @ FDNRM OKAY as long as YOUR alright……So it is okay for one person never mind possibly hundreds that you dont know about to be treated different than YOU. Because your special!! I am well aware of why you are Special also but unlike you I do not make sly inuendoes.
    You are not aware of the many many private messages I have recieved concerning Harlequin
    I give up on you and will not reply to your postings so please do not comment on mine.

  78. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Sly inuendos? What are you talking about. If you want to be the champion of a cause than goo for you. But your rantings are becomming more and more irrational. So I should sacrifice myself for the good of the cause. Tell you what Erica with your income then you pay me my rental return and I will tell HP to keep it. Deal? Or does your cause not run that far. Believe me you are far better off than I am.

  79. Mr Blue

    @Erica if Simon Terry told you not to speak to the SFO back in March 2012, then you’ve just exposed them in another one of their lies. There was a memo sent out to investers this year where they categorically denied the SFO were investigating, when it would seem Dave clearly knew they were.

    Dave will be lead away like Allen Stanford, denying everything to the bitter end.

  80. @Mr Blue, It goes something like Mr Terry” we will give you your money back and reinstate the SIPP and you will sign a NDA and you will walk away”,and I said well if I want I will still go to the SFO,FSA and other authorities and Mr Terry says “No you wont you sign this order? agreement then you cannot go to them unless they come on foot with a section 22? ”
    Never did get the SIPP reinstated after signing funny that isnt it

    You see guys Harlequin think they are above the laws of this land!! That is unfortunately what we are dealing with

    They owe money everywhere and think they can sell assetts that belong to investors do you all agree to that??
    Wake up smell the coffee

  81. Harlisuccess

    B Baywatch ( The Master Troll )
    Know it all ,I think not
    Why do you not answer Fatchett Does Not Represent Me’s question about Panorama? We would all like to hear your answer.
    It is obvious to anyone tha Buccament Bay is a resounding success and Harlequin are true to their word when they say thaey are “Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean”
    Why are you so frightened of Buccament Bay receiving such wonderful praise from all who go there? Why are you so afraid of the new Argyle International Airport , bringing in all the holidaymakers to Buccament bay and the rest of the Grenadines?
    Despite all the comment from a few doom mongers on these threads, Harlequin is stilvery much in business and will remain so. See you at the Roadshows!
    Anon 9.48
    Those people who are happy with their investment are perfectly entitled to say so and find it intolerable that the anti Harlequin brigade should run them down.

  82. hmmm, maybe I need to think again

    Everybody this is a very emotive subject, but all the personal bash each postings simply belittles all of you

    If HP have looked after you…good, if they have not then group together and take what ever action is approriate….but descending into public slanging matches is exactly what DA wants divided you fall, united you stand

    Those investors who feel they have been wronged should by all means take action and make people aware the investment is a bad decision, but the way all these posts are going is schoolkid slanging

    Be professional, be stong and you will be successful

  83. Kroll

    All corrupt regimes are reliant on propaganda and the dissemination of misinformation and clearly Harlequin represent no exception to the rule. Their very own, albeit low grade, Comical Ali figure should be commended if not on the content of his rhetoric or the morality of his position, then most certainly on his doggedness, stamina and commitment to the cause.
    My suggestion to Erica, ARU et al however is that rather than seeking to engage the propagandist in rational debate or argument – impossible with a committed propagandist – they should instead view his shrill and incoherent logic as no more or less than a man simply doing a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. The regurgitated rhetoric will continue until such time as the pay cheques stop, which unfortunately for him may not be too far away.
    Clearly since the Harlequin business model requires a continual stream of new monies, now that the supply of funds from new investors has been chopped off at the knees and with no finance available to allow existing investors to complete on the few properties already built, the whole program will inevitably collapse in ruins.
    My only surprise is at the length of time all this is taking and I look forward with great anticipation to the Firdos Square moment, where the giant statue of “visionary creator” Dave Ames, a man pregnant with promise yet entirely barren of achievement, is toppled and dragged ceremonially through the streets of Basildon.
    I remain convinced that the chances of investors salvaging something/anything from the wreckage will be greatly improved by regime change and the sooner the better.

  84. 138

    Fdnrm, as we know, 95 per cent of the units sold have not been started. How could these people who years later still have not unit started be happy? If you are happy with your investment because you are getting a return, then you are saying that others who do not have any unit built may be happy because they are getting money paid to them somehow, either in form of rental or mortgage payment (they certainly cannot be happy with their unit as it has not been started yet) It is clear that the only way for this to be paid is from deposits paid by investors (as there is no finance, and bucc after losing so much money for years cannot be in a net profit situation) So, you are therefore happy that harlequin are using deposits some poor buggers paid for a unit, say in the Dom rep, to pay your rental. This is an extraordinarily selfish position to take – it is clearly not sustainable and clearly not right.

  85. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 1.34, so you are equally happy that my investment is being used to pay interest payments? Or do poor buggers only apply to some investors? I dont think that is right and equally selfish. dont you?
    @Kroll, hopefully Erica, BBaywatch Anon R-U etc will have gone to their own forum and stop bothering me. Are you going to join them? Please.

  86. 138

    Fdnrm, no, everyone should be treated the same, so yes I think you also are a poor bugger being ripped off. Your investment is going to be worth nothing very very soon, its only current worth is the money you are being paid from your fellow investors’ deposits. I don’t think your deposit should be used to pay others out, it should come from finance, from Ames, or from operational profits – anything else is obviously not sustainable. If not able to come from this, then they are insolvent and should file for bankruptcy, and not trade insolvent which is a crime. They also should not scam more people knowing they are in this situation, knowingly luring them into a mess, that is also a crime.

  87. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Harlisuccess, what I dont understand is the alternative web site was set up for investors, and I was invited to join! I’m sure my opinions would be welcomed. Not! Erica has vowed not to answer me again which is fine. Its funney how people react to my comments when they have no need to.

  88. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, you see you have used an incorrect assumption “I dont think your deposit should be used to pay others out” Deposit?

  89. 138

    You got you unit for free? For deposit, read investor funds – wether 1k, 30 per cent or full payment.

  90. 195

    @Hardlysuccess…you must be a comedian..”Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean”
    Today`s Nation News, Barbados..

  91. 138

    Fdnrm, might I also add that your payment comes whilst local harlequin staff are not paid for months. And still you are happy with your investment, and thereby with harlequin, and thereby endorse their actions. You should be careful how your positioning reflects on you and your character. It cannot be right fornlocal staff and other investors to get nothing, whilst you do. Not about guilt, about a business being run properly that you are invested in and openly supporting.

  92. Anonymous

    To the nation news piece, David campion has been seeking work, but been turned away from a couple of jobs as was a harlequin employee leading the debacle and wasting money – anyone who was senior in harlequin construction will find it hard now. They all knew what was going on and took the salaries anyway.

  93. @FDNRM, You will be more than welcome at the forum just because our opinions differ and I do not want to block this tread is the only reason I am saying lets not do it on here( we can do it in our chat room) if you want but people are desperate and I dont want us to block the thread

  94. yatinkiteasy

    Print edition of Nation News today provides more information than the on line story. It is reported that workers were given papers and told to visit National Insurance, but were told that Harlequin had not paid any contributions for over 6 months. They also report that several contractors and suppliers were owed large sums of money by Harlequin.
    I wonder if in light of this news, Harlequin is still purchasing the Amaryllis Hotel, as boasted in their Sept 12th 2012Newsletter?
    Perhaps Hardlysuccess knows more?

  95. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Having just returned from a trip to leeds, I intend to spell out my position, the facts will make some people look very stupid.
    1)I have paid for my property IN FULL. No HP finance, no poxy 30% deposit. IN FULL. So in fact I have contributing to the interest payments received by other investors.
    2)the amount I have paid IN FULL far exceeds the £112 k that Paul Walton has been trying to reclaim, it is a substantial amount.
    3)my rental payment is paid 3 MONTHS IN AREARS. The last payment was 6th Jan ( verified by Fatchett) So contrary to the allegations that I have been responsible for people loosing their homes or starving, while the interest payments have been suspended, I have not received any payments during the months of Jan/Feb/March.
    Now I have tried to post in simplistic terms because it is the best way for some posters to understand the position.
    So in the words of the articulate Annon R-U would all the f***ing twats on here now stop making stupid and inaccurate comments directed towards me!

  96. 255

    FDNRM – you have paid in full but have you received title? Did you get ALHL? What did it cost in taxes/ fees/ expense?

  97. perplexed

    Just for my personal knowledge: is Title Insurance a standard
    usage in the Caricom? Even in an “all cash”: sale it is required
    by all closing attorneys in the State of Florida

  98. lawson

    I do not have a dog in this fight, but if it rings like a bernie madoff scheme using some peoples monies to pay off others.Remember the lawyers went after the fortunate ones to recover that money.

  99. Fatchett does not represent me.

    How strange, 3 hours since my last post and where are the attack dog trolls? LOL

  100. 183

    I feel like I’m missing something FDNRM — I can’t see what difference this information makes (except that you have a lot of sunk capital on the line).

  101. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 10.23 that I have not been paid rental while others are not getting their interest payments paid. The fact that I am getting rental because I have paid my stage payments. Up to Jan I was informed I was the only investor to have done this. I have only ever spoken about my circumstances which is consistently misconstrued as pro HP.

  102. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Re the link, recycled old news. Nothing new.

  103. Anon73
    For those that had not seen it, Ames’s letter about all that is going on is on this link.

    FDNRM, cannot speak for others, but I think as you keep saying you are a happy investor, it does tend to follow that you are supportive of HP, despite them not paying local staff, or adhering to the sales agreements of many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other investors. You have your own circumstances as you have said which is fine and has worked out for you, but it does come across that you do not accept negative comments about Harlequin despite them seeming entirely justified to all right thinking people (such as St Lucian staff not being paid and the stress and distress of investors who are in dire straits, false selling and lying) Yes, you too may be in dire straits if you lose this income, but others are already in that position. When you resolutely defend many negative posts, the impression is that you are pro Harlequin. Perhaps you can let everyone know your thoughts about how they have conducted themselves, including the proven lies they are shown telling on youtube and elsewhere.

  104. Mr Blue

    I understand your position FDNRM, but unfortunately your return from a loss making company(s) with no declared income except from new investors makes this a Ponzi scheme. You know it, I know it, even DA knows that’s illegal. I hope you have an exit strategy, as this is coming to a rapid end. No new investors means no income, which means no returns, and we’re already seeing that.

    I just hope you can salvage something when it all goes bang. Not having title will most likely have you joining the long list of creditors to even get a claim on your own property. Unless you know DA personally, (as the early investers appear to have been his close circle that he took for a ride) you must have been an early investor to get one of the few properties built.

  105. 183

    I see what you’re saying FDNRM, thanks for the clarification. Regrettably, I think this is ultimately a technicality but I can see what you meant at least.

    The letter linked by Anon 73 is fairly sobering — the relentless insistence that everyone else is presumed to be at fault is bizarre. Moving from builders to accountants, without stopping to consider how that should even have been possible had they been properly managed — and assuming that the accusations are legitimate (which is a big assumption). In the case of the latter at least, BDO’s resignatiom casts a very different light: We must anticipate the next newsletter that blames them and announces that they will shortly be sued too.

  106. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Mr Blue, doesn’t income from BB and Blue count? Is that fictitious then?

  107. Sid

    @FDNRM, it’s not my business so please don’t feel you have to answer, but if you haven’t been paid since Jan (which is the last time I and many others got paid) what makes you think you will get paid in April? And if it your only source of income, aren’t you worried?

  108. lawson

    what I dont understand, is in these large projects do they not have to post a bond backed by an insurance company to guarantee completion, and protect the investors. If no company would give them a bond, you would think that it may be a very risky investment.

  109. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ lawson. This scheme is/was very high risk. It has mostly been sold by unregulated financial advisors, slick Harlequin sales presentations or via multi level marketing agents at the periphery of the overseas property market to people who are not experienced with high risk property investment. Many have been encouraged to take out mortgages against their own homes to invest. Others have invested their pensions. These investors have little protection and no UK government financial authority body to arbitrate on their behalf. Many now risk losing their homes and pensions. BTW, funds are not held in Escrow.

    Shocking isn’t it?

  110. Sid

    Shocking and terrifying in equal measures!

  111. 138

    Plus the investors never went to see the sites for themselves and do their own dd, which would have almost certainly led to them not proceeding.

    Even an inexperienced hotelier can see bucc bay and blu lose money, harlequin themselves said bb was losing a lot at bucc bay. Fdnrm has been paid using investor money, not from profits. That is a ponzi scheme as mr blue says.

  112. @FDNRM.
    I can now understand why you are so agitated about it all, I assume you have taken legal advise regarding the title. Would it be fair to say you are one of the very few that are in this position?

  113. lawson

    The sad thing in reading some of these posts is they could probably get some of these people to invest more.In canada we have mandatory seatbelt and helmet laws to protect people from themselves. It is unfortunate they do not have mandatory investment advice from some independant agency to stop or at least have a good think what they are putting on the line.I cannot believe this is the first of these iffy projects to be in barbados because I see similar in canada every few years just changing the principals and venue but keeping the same format….getting you to part with your money.

  114. Strange things going on.

    From around January, my LinkedIn account was showing a huge increase in people viewing my profile, quite a lot from ‘down south’ so I deleted it.

    Somebody has gone to the trouble of finding information from companies house about me.

    I have had several phone calls to my accountants office, asking me to call unknown numbers, saying ‘I will know what it’s about’, similar calls to the office land line – the numbers proved out of service.

    There have been a couple of references on BFP naming one of the companies, I am a director of, one by ‘Matt’ – I don’t recall the other.

    Over the weekend, my offices were broken into and trashed, nothing of real value taken, some petty cash, and the CCTV recording equipment.

    The strange thing is, the alarm system was tampered with and the effort to get into the offices excessive – the doors are really old and solid, circa 1900’s with old fashioned mortise locks, they had been smashed open and the door frames hanging off.

    I don’t know why someone would go to the trouble of breaking in to steal very little or try to find out about my one of my UK companies.

  115. Sid

    I’m sorry to hear your news. Where abouts in the uk are your offices?

  116. @Sid
    a village called Rainford – in the North West

  117. Sid

    It does all sound strange and very heavy. What do the police think?

  118. 18

    Make sure your home security is up to date

  119. harleconned

    It seems that harlequin are in the usual position when trying to contact any of their agents post yet another investor update. You get through to a pretty-face-sounding voice who says they are too busy to speak to you. When you leave your phone number nobody is able to contact you back…maybe the update is so good that Harlequin are inundated with investors just wanting to tell them how warm and fluffy they feel about their investment, aww.

    Anyway, lets leave the finer details out for a minute and let me offer you one way of thinking about it:
    * Money is coming from new sales, as the setup in the Carrebean is not churning profit. (I’m not aware of any other profit making assets, are you?)
    * New sales have dried up (they confirmed this over the phone to me) maybe because lack of faith
    * 7 years down the line: virtually nothing built, investors no longer getting finance contributions and no explanation of what investor money has been spent on.
    * Apparently the rest of the world is to blame, especially government and the media (yeah those cheeky boys and girls are at it again!)
    * What now for BB and other projects?

    Ladies and gentlemen we have all been harelconned out of our money!

  120. Sid

    Hi harleconned. Do you think it has been a scam from the start or maybe they just lost control of what started out as a legitimate business?

  121. Kroll

    Certainly not all Ponzi schemes start out as fraud; an investment provider may set out with good intentions but through a range of factors: incompetence, arrogance, greed, an inability to admit or accept failure, etc, the undertaking degenerates along fraudulent lines.

  122. Sid

    Thanks Kroll. I think that’s a good assessment. I’ve never believed that the original intention was to scam people, but at the same time I don’t believe the path they are now on is one they chose to go down. Maybe it was the introduction of SIPP funds that encouraged them to ‘build’ more and more resorts that lead to more and more problems…..and here we are.

  123. Been had

    Twice bankrupt double glazing salesman from Basildon! if only i knew that before i paid my deposit! i would have run a mile.

  124. 100

    Sid, you can answer your own question if you analyse the facts as we know them. HP started selling BB many years ago. 10% guaranteed return, 1k fee down, raise 30% deposit by mortgaging your house and have your interest paid for you, then financing is provided upon completion, also arranged by HP. Plus, these properties are being sold at 50% discount. A great deal on paper. 10% commissions were paid to agents or IFAs. Harlequin in UK have paid themselves dividends, with the only form of revenue being deposits, and they have run their office from the deposits also. So, 20% of purchase price (or 66% of deposit) spent on sales fees. a very tight high risk business model is emerging that would need exceptionally good cost control and planning.

    As they sold these units, they should already have had planning permission all in place before selling, build costs should have been determined prior to selling after going out to tender. They must have lined everything up – the amount required to build is X, a financial institution can lend against the contracted sales, knowing that upon completion they will get the final 70%, be able to pay back the lending institution and end up with a virtually debt free asset and pass title to the investors. Plus they should have lined up some pre opening finance and operating finance (among a massive list of pre opening matters and development matters required to be lined up) This is a very basic summary of how he should have been thinking. We all know now that what he sold has not happened, vast majority of units have not even started and mortgages are not being paid. We also know that they have not filed accounts in SVG. If Harlequin did not do all of the briefly outlined development planning correctly, and this has caused this disaster, then it could be put down to incompetence, inexperience, poor planning or whatever, and perhaps a stretched imagination could say it was not a scam but just a very poorly run operation, although to sell so much without planning permission alone suggests more than incompetence.

    What makes this a scam in my view is that the funds were never escrowed – there was never any intention to protect investor funds. This is highly unusual practice, to have not started building and to be spending the funds anywhere on any project or any whim of Ames. Agents and IFAs and Ames and co all got paid from the outset – those who were providing the money and making the business possible simply did not have their money protected. Sid, ask yourself then whether paying yourself and agents money before putting in planning permssion or starting to build the development is incompetence, or is it unjusitfied enrichment/scam? (when I have done developments, agents don’t get their commission until escrow funds are released upon commencement of full construction) Also, put in the picture the many proven lies over the years, absurdly impossible updates and forecasts, the loans paid to the Ames family and so on, and then ask yourself again whether this was a scam or not. Can one person really be so exceptionally naive and incompetent? Or can he instead be a clever scammer, with so much marketing hype and fluff and ensure he has money in the bank whilst all his investors lose out? At the end of the day, our opinion does not really matter, a court will at some point decide. Most importantly, scam or not, you must look after yourselves at this point – try to recoup your funds, try to take control of the business, or write it off and chalk it up to experience.

  125. perplexed

    Amen!… just about said it all.

  126. harleconned

    Hi Sid, I used to think it was a legitimate business. The financial model that was explained to me made sense, i.e. deposit will be used to build the resort, as Harlequin own all development land outright with no debts to anyone. But truns out they didn’t actually own the land at the time and due to lack of accounts I can’t confirm the debt situation.

  127. John Smith

    Good analysis. I also believe that it only became a scam over the years as DA was highly incompetent and had a large portion of “Small man’s syndrome”.
    He actually never had a valid contract with the Irish builder to construct BB and was informed by his senior managers right at the beginning that the Irish builder was diverting funds on a big scale.
    At the same time, with all the lavish Parties and launches and the paying of commissions up front, even a junior account would see that there was a problem. Dave Ames had bad consultants and a huge ego. Recipe for disaster….

  128. Sid

    @100, I think you’ve nailed it.

  129. Eddie Lizzard2

    Here’s another disillusioned investor …
    www. you tube. com /user / terryplumber

    Watch the Harlequin Lauch Event Part One, that lavish party at the Grove that cost investors £1million.

    Caribbean government officials and politicians, Gary Player, Pat Cash, Trader Vics, Oasis, Globalia, Phil Spencer (UK TV property guru), Andy Townsend (Sports Ambassador for Harlequin), Patsy Palmer actress and her family, (did they take a freebie), Hello magazine who published it. Eloise Gonsalves (wife of the PM of SVG who was paid as interior designer for the Buccament Bay project), The Liverpool football team (how much did they pay to party at BB ?), Ronnie Irani, (the former England cricket star), Rob Howley (rugby caretaker head coach), Lee Childs (British former tennis Grand Slam player), Michelle Keegan, (actress in UK soap Coronation Street), Jason McAteer (Jason McAteer, the former Liverpool FC and Republic of Ireland international footballer), The Chic Family Travels family (commercial US travel agents), John Barnes, Lewis Moody. Boots UK chemist photo shoot, London 2012 Olympic hero Max Whitlock and his girlfriend, Leah Hickton (how much did they pay?). Dionne Bromfield, singer aged 17, (goddaughter of the late Amy Winehouse) enjoyed a romantic escape with Nathan Sykes.

    Bill Bratt MBE former chairman Port Vale Football Club and wife Ann enjoyed a holiday at BB (how much did they pay?). Ames was involved in Port Vale with sponsorship – the fans were not impressed. Joan Walley, MP for Stoke-on- Trent, entertained them at the Houses of Parliament.


  130. Been had

    Great comments here guys, I for one will be taking it as a bad experience and chalking it as a loss. The old saying, once bitten twice shy!
    Lets just hope that justice is done and not just the Ames’s but all the people involved face prosecution.

  131. 157

    It was a wonderful night at the Groves Anthony! Pity you couldn’t make it!

  132. 210

    May I remind that law enforcement pays “informers” all the time, in the dirty world of exposing criminals.

  133. perplexed

    I wonder at the HMS Titanic was going down if some passengers
    continued to make snarky comments to others. It seems pretty
    sad to me.

  134. perplexed

    Not good on a phone, I meant……..”I wonder as the HMS Titanic….

  135. 157

    Snarky – it was wonderful, I sipped the most expensive champagne I ever tasted!

  136. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Perplexed, it was the RMS Titanic

  137. perplexed

    I’m always happy to learn..thanks

  138. J chalmers

    I can’t help wondering what nationality you people are who post on here.Just as it seemed it was getting back to sound sensible posts the last ten have gone back to being downright nasty again.Some of your posts are disgraceful surely the facts speak for themselves and the vast majority of people affected remain silent on this site.your in fighting and insulting each other doesn’t achieve anything you need to have a change of attitude that will benefit everyone.

  139. Max

    I see the offices are closed and staff gone in the Barbados HP office, also site work closed so the writing is on the wall.

  140. Max

    They also owe staff and the Government money for National insurance payments , so the list just gets longer

  141. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Eddie Lizzard2 If you are going to compile a list at least make it complete. You missed Jasmine Harman who was there when I dropped in.

  142. BBaywatch

    Now front page on Caribbean News Now. To continue the maritime metaphor, the cloud the size of a mans fist on the horizon, ignored by the captain, is rapidly becoming the storm that will sink the ship.

    Once events in a crisis gain a certain momentum the outcome is almost inevitable and it very much looks as if that point has been reached.

  143. 113

    Has anyone tried to call Harlequin recently? after several attempts I eventually got through . I asked the reason why it was so hard to get through to the sales guy who answered the phone . He informed me that they had got rid of 15 staff and that they will no longer be making any finance payments going forward.
    Has anyone got any idea how I go along the legal route to get my money back ?

  144. Been had

    @157 ,the one with personality disorder has reared its sick head.
    @J chalmes, if you are referring to one of my posts then i will reply.
    I am 100% british and I am entitled to my opinion. throughout the weeks this forum has been bubbling you’ll find that there has been many genuine duped investors speaking about their concerns.
    I am one of those, and if you don’t know the facts then don’t comment.

  145. Sid

    Hi 113, he actually said they won’t be making any finance payments? That is the most worrying sign yet as they are usually very loyal. I’ve not heard of anyone at HP turning on themselves before.

  146. 113

    yes that was the guys words, didn’t catch his name as was quite hard to understand. He didn’t say it in a aggressive way, just said there will be no payments until money starts to come back in to the business . When I asked how long , he said could be a month could be 12 . which is very worrying

  147. Sid

    Did he say where this money would be coming from exactly?

  148. 138

    This is hardly surprising. If has irresponsibly spent all the money on everything other than building, then where do you expect the money to come from to pay mortgage? The hotels lose money, so only from new investors (hence ponzi scheme) and when sales dry up, game is over. Game always over from the start with scams like this, but as long as new money comes in, it has life blood. Of course, investors were far too patient as money kept coming in but no developments were even started, other than bb. This current situation comes as no surprise to anyone who has been wary of Ames from the start. To continue to defend/support him is incomprehensible.

  149. 113

    no he didn’t , I would assume from more sales ? as I cant see how else they would receive any money.

  150. 113

    no he didn’t , I would assume from new sales ? as I cant see how else they would receive any money unless im missing something ?

  151. Red Sun

    Tell the bunch of you don’t actually believe the other part of them scam, the legal action between Ames and O’Halloran?

    The two men are friends and they joint conceieved and untook an exercise to remove 20 million from the company, all without one investor suspecting what they had done.

  152. 113

    I completely agree , I was obviously just naïve .
    So for want of a better expression , is that the end of that then do you think ?

  153. Max

    DA and HP are hoping to receive money from the Irish court case that is running at the moment, against his BB builder, who he is accusing of taking funds to the sun of $15 million.

  154. 113

    surly if they did win though , it would take quite some time to receive that sort of money . is this guy good for the money if he loses

  155. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Red Sun, that is why O’Halloran’s partener, Newman, started Harlecon, to tell the world about his mates (O’Halloran’s) scam! I think you are going round in circles with that one.

  156. J chalmers

    I was not referring to any particular post or person and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion its just the nastiness and lack of respect for each other and each others opinion that I was commenting on if you read my post again.

  157. anonymous162

    not sure if they currently own or rent it but unit 9 honeywood is currently for sale/rent. just look on right move..

  158. 180

    Why would you need all the office space they have if you los a third of their staff?

  159. Fatchett does not represent me.

    A third? are you sure on that?

  160. Eddie Lizzard2

    For sale for £275,000, or lease on a new FR&I lease, at a rental of £18,500 per annum (plus VAT).

    This must be a smaller site – maybe the travel agency? I’ve not been there so someone else should be able to fill you in. It looks like HP have moved out though. However, there is nothing wrong with attempting to sell assets to raise funds (especially if they own the Freehold). Isn’t this pic the main showroom/HQ Bunker?

  161. Eddie Lizzard2

    Eddie Lizzard2
    Sorry if my post comes up twice. My links are being moderated.

    For sale for £275,000, or lease on a new FR&I lease, at a rental of £18,500 per annum (plus VAT).
    rightmove dot

    This must be a smaller site – maybe the travel agency? I’ve not been there so someone else should be able to fill you in. It looks like HP have moved out though. However, there is nothing wrong with attempting to sell assets to raise funds (especially if they own the Freehold).

    Isn’t this pic the main showroom/HQ Bunker? basildon

  162. anonymous162

    unit 9 was not their main office space. thats next-door. this unit was i believe where the travel agents started using and more recently has been used mainly for storage i think???. actually could be good news as it means that they are potentially reducing overhead costs.

  163. Short Legs

    Yes the travel is or was next door, the Harlequin offices are not so big.
    Time is running out Stat demands coming home to roost.

    Not long now shorty….. your assets next me old china 😉

  164. 148

    FDNRM – 20% to be exact 14 out of 72

  165. Short Legs

    Still happy with your ‘investment’ not taking legal advice yet?
    When the stat demands kick in then what? 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16,15……

  166. Beggars Belief


    Can you explain more about the implications of the statuory demands and the timescales involved please?

  167. Beggars Belief

    * statutory

  168. Sid

    Are there still any HP supporters out there?

  169. Harlisuccess

    Anonymous April 9th 3.12pm
    Re 9, Honywood Business Park , Basildon
    HP head office is located in Unit 11.
    Harlequin Travel were located in Unit 9
    Another non related business were in between in Unit 10 and recently moved out..
    Harlequin then acquired Unit 10 for the Travel business and have combined the two units with interconnecting access.
    Thus the reason for Unit 9 being up for rent/sale.

  170. Short Legs

    The little short arse will make a unbelievable fool of himself again, he is the one who causes the problems, but the ironic thing is nobody will tell him – priceless!! he need to go!

  171. Sid

    Hi Short Legs, I didn’t see you down there :o)

    What do you mean by 1%? I’ve read the article but didn’t see any reference to 1%.

  172. Short Legs

    @Sid HP say only 1% of its customers want refunds!!

    @Beggars Belief sorry did not see your question. Well, some stat demands have been filed about a week or so back, if HP does not pay them in 21 days the next step is asking a judge to bankrupt HP. Its never quite that simple but HP need to react to them.

    So they need to worry or do something….

  173. anonymous45

    SL.i agree the harlequin model and structure would appear doomed without massive 3rd party funding. however, the article you refer to says that approx 40% of those 150 questioned have asked for a refund, thus 60. this actually would stack up with the 1% of total investors wanting refunds according to harlequin. however, this does not take away from that fact that if their contracts have been breached they are entitled to a full refund and HP should honour this. if they are not doing so you would have to ask why not??

  174. Been had

    @anonymous you are missing the point there. Its based on 40% of 150 people that have participated in the survey. if you had all investors take part it would probably still be 40% if not more by now. The 1% claim by toad face Ames is laughable.

  175. anonymous55

    BH. not missing the point. just correcting the assumption that 40% of all investors want a refund ( as this has not been verified). i am not pro harlequin, indeed i have reported my concerns to the fsa twice, once in 2008 and again in 2012 , BUT it is important that posts stick to facts and not conjecture.

  176. Been had

    I think its pretty obvious that most people would want out now, after all the negative press (which is well deserved). anyone would have to be mad to stay in.

  177. 183

    55 you could make that case of any survey.

  178. Anon - reasons unknown

    55 – statistics and ratios. BH is correct – you are completely missing the point!

  179. Confused & more Confused

    well about 350+ people are going to the investor meetings that have been set up so its fair to assume they are not happy investors as they are turning up to see Reg Legal?
    Who I believe have over a 1000 enquiries? The investor blog that’s only been going a few days has about 100 members?

    so, what’s a fair guess 1000 unhappy investors??

  180. Anon - reasons unknown

    There will also be investors out there, those who paid cash for their deposits, who have no idea of what’s currently going on.

  181. anonymous55

    anon, 183 and bh. pls read my previous posts. i am not missing the point. i am well aware of the concerns. i contacted the fsa in 2008 and 2012. i have also posted those concerns on previous threads on other sites since 2008 trying to alert inexperienced investors to the possible repercussions of investing in a non regulated, non escrow, imho high risk investment. i have also along the way been subject to threat of libel/legal repercussions as a result of my postings on trip advisor, harlecon etc. just wanted to make a point that FACTS and not CONJECTURE needs to be posted.

  182. Been had

    @confused , with all due respect, I can’t see how anyone would be happy with their investment. 6000 sold, only 300 completed. even the 300 must be very worried that the 2/3 of that development may never get finished. There are a lot of people that are keeping quiet and yet to voice their concerns.

  183. Anon - reasons unknown

    anonymous55 – the criticisms were about your maths, not your motive! This is how surveys work.

    If 4 out of 10 people surveyed in the UK say they like marmite, then the result of the survey is that 40% of people surveyed like marmite; not that 4 out of 60 million people like marmite. For a truly accurate result, then you would need to survey 60 million people, and you never could (unless you managed to convince the government to include the question on the census). A survey is always a representation of public opinion. It is always subject to the number of participants and how they are selected.

    The bigger the survey, the more accurate the result. The results of the survey carried out by RL have been reported accurately.

  184. anonymous55

    anon ru. yes agree. i am actually quite good at maths btw. just pointing out that this is is small % survey compared to the actual amount of investors. and yes there may be clients/investors who have no clue of the current and previous ongoings.but in the interest of open discussion one cannot assume that the same % have a similar opinion.

  185. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yes, I agree with you too 55. It is a small survey and the demographic is restricted as it’s only people who have decided to find out what’s going on with Harlequin, have found BFP on the internet and have then chosen to complete the survey for RL. That would suggest that most of the people who completed the survey were already concerned about their investment.

    So there are certain defined groups of investors including those who know what’s going on, and those that don’t. There is also another group, and that is those who have chosen to take individual action and are not publicising it in the media or social media. They will be the ones who have good evidence which proves without any question that Harlequin lied to them (e.g. written confirmation from HP of planning permission, land ownership etc), and have enough money to cover their own legal fees. There have certainly been many of those over the years and they have all been gagged.

    Not sure how effective those type of actions are now though. Firstly, because Harlequin have learned lessons over the years and have sharpened up their act, and secondly because the threat of exposure in court is becoming somewhat less important in the scheme of things. It’s inevitably going to happen.

  186. Short Legs

    It will be interesting to see the results after RL must have spoken with what about 350-400 investors over last week?
    Having been to a meeting its fair to say I did not see one person that was supporting HP after hearing the facts. Gareth Fatchett is very impressive and it has to be said balanced.

    The investors group engaging with Harlequin is the way forward, if they don’t play fair – make them bust…. the choice if now with old blue eyes bog brush head…. he is between a rock and a hard place.

  187. Short Legs

    Ames will as always make a fool of himself when he talks in front of the investors, we need answers not BS

  188. Anon73

    I am not an investor and he made a total fool of himself when I met him. Utter gibberish came out of his mouth, with ministers present. Could not believe it, ministers even rolling their eyes. Unhelpful post I know, but the man is astoundingly out of his depth and clueless. He is what he appears to be, a man who only knows sales and taking commissions and nothing beyond that, and has ensured he gets paid before his “partners”. Your goal at meetings must be to seize direction and take him out of decision making, if at all possible.

  189. Shart Legs

    He is a laughing stock, but alas a dam good salesman