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Willie & Rib Bone respond to Offshore Banking customer information leaks

Barbados Ribs

What can Barbados do to regain offshore investors’ confidence?

Willie & Rib Bone Finanshul Servises have the answer!

Between the recent Tax Havens customer data leaks and the collapsed Harlequin property investment scheme, Barbados has been hit pretty hard. Foreign investors have been wondering if Bim is still a safe destination for their hidden cash. Will the police or tax departments in their own countries somehow learn about their millions stashed away on Barbados? That’s a worry for sure!

But no worries… Barbados Free Press has learned that our own regulars Willie & Rib Bone have established their own offshore bank right here in Grape Hall. It’s a little out of the way, but that’s not so bad all things considered!

We’ll let Willie & Rib Bone tell you about it themselves if they can put down that funny looking cigarette they are sharing…

Willie and Rib Bone

“Willie & Rib Bone Finanshul Servises”

Has open it doors by da rum shack on da coast road for gentlmens of forun extrax shun from da Grate White North of Canada what want to git there money washed. Any amount of money be welcom and yore estwile bankers who has many years of experence in keepin da cash aways from pryin eyes can garantee dat you gonna get da best servises what dat money can by. We is very experence in disapeering acts and can do all sorts of fancy investin wit whatever you give us. Trust us becuz we beein in bidness for years as our polise records will show you when you inqire bout how honest we is.

Thank you for yore support,
Willie and Rib Bone

Dis is Rib Bone and Willie forget to tel you dat if you see da polise cars by da rum shack on da coste road maybe you visit a litle later when dey leave so dey dont reqwire dat you plase yo investmunt wit dem sted of us estwile finanshul opertunitists dat we are.

Rib Bone Washington, eskwire


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Patrick Souiljaert: “I am making this video to warn people and to help people. Do not give any money to Harlequin”

We’ve been publishing way too much stuff about Harlequin lately only because we foresaw what was happening many many months ago and we know that it will be a huge scandal.

That said, I had to post this YouTube video of Patrick Souiljaert.

YES… Harlequin/Ames did this to the poor man, but so did the regulatory bodies and governments who gave Dave Ames what he needed to carry on his scheme for so long.


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