Chris Sinckler must replace Prime Minister Stuart for next election or Mia Mottley will eat the DLP alive

Finance Minister Chris Sinckler

Finance Minister Chris Sinckler

A wake-up call for Freundel Stuart and the DLP

by Dalrymple

by Dalrymple

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart may have won a victory and even I one of his more honest critics must warn him, don’t let this victory snatched from the jaws of defeat go to your head. Do not be fooled, it was more the divided and disgruntled opponents that allowed you the sight of the winning line. When it came right down to it, you are and is a much more decent sort of chap than that so and so Owen Arthur.

Barbadians by and large are a fair and honest people, and they trusted you in preference to a bullying rogue and economic villain. However if you want to be remembered or leave any form of legacy, then now is the time to show some spunk, some oomph, the problems are many and solutions evaporate by the day.

“Let me tell you, Prime Minister Stuart – it is not enough to speak of European countries being in the same boat. It is not enough to invite pity and hopelessness.

You are the head honcho and regrettably the buck stops at your door.”

Now is the time to show what you are made of. Let it not be said that you are the Captain that took the Bajan Titanic to a watery grave. Your economy needs a complete structural change, a root and branch reorganisation. Are you prepared to bite the bullet or are you merely around for the ceremonial looking good but not prepared to solve the problems and challenges that confront this island state?

Many of the institutions need a proper overhaul, none appear fit for purpose. As an example, it is the job of the police to fight crime and bring the criminals to justice.

“Why should the population at large not be able to wear their jewellery as and when they please?”   Strong bold leadership demands when something is not working we fix it. Get rid of some of the blockages. Tell the leaders in the police to get on their bikes. For the money being spent, please demand results. Get rid of the Governor of the Central Bank, his reports are a joke to serious economists. The entire civil service is a joke – and housing, education, health, transport, tourism, agriculture all need new visions and serious work being done. The last administration’s record could not get anyone elected as dogcatcher if the truth be told. Thank Owen for his timely intervention that saved your bacon.

But all is not complete doom and gloom; the stimulus package is a start and if spent wisely could assist the economy. Since Barbados does not have a bank of its own, on no account should this money be used to sure up foreign owned banks.

The Minister of Finance must think carefully and not allow the hustlers of Broad Street dictate how that money is spent. Until politicians in Barbados realise that what is good for the mercantile class is not necessarily good for all of Barbados, we will forever be force to live on our knees.

Chris Sinckler was clearly the natural successor to David Thompson, and unless the DLP wants to suffer its worst defeat in 2018, the PM will hand over to him by 2016 so that he can get his feet under the table properly. The others who see themselves as potential leaders are a bunch of jokers, none of then can walk, chew gum, and shake hands at the same time, and so what chance we have for progress?

Mia Mottley is desperate to prove a point and without Owen she is going to be a very powerful competitor. Stuart will be no match for her and as far as I’m concerned the only challenger to her I see is Chris… he can take the fight to her. If Freundel through pride goes up against Mia at the next election, he will be slaughtered. In my next column I shall be looking at individual sectors of the economy and suggest where the new administration should be going.

This article was originally published in Ping Yark’s latest edition that can be downloaded for free here.

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12 responses to “Chris Sinckler must replace Prime Minister Stuart for next election or Mia Mottley will eat the DLP alive

  1. True Bajan

    Where you get off saying Bajans trust the PM? A man that does lie at every turn. Remember him lying to the little boy about the election date. Remember him lying to Barbadian about the Alexandra saga. Remember him lying about the eager 11 and heads will roll. Remember him lying to Mary redman. And the list can go on and on.
    I must agree it would be interested with Poochie Sinckler as leader.

  2. Well Well

    I think Bajans are thoroughly exhausted of both parties.

  3. peltdownman

    Be careful what you wish for

  4. 69

    This was a well written article I hope the PM reads it and make changes accordingly .

  5. Rastaman

    That is what you get when you vote for a strong opposition.

  6. Beefcake

    Sinckler would be worse as Prime Minister than Stuart; he has done a terrible job as Minister of Finance and shows little knowledge or understanding of Income Tax, VAT, economics, or how to run a business. Despite his supposed private sector qualifications, there is a lack of ability to provide leadership and competence in his finance role.
    Regretfully, none of the DLP candidates are any good, all have failed at their ministerial roles. Yet, they are still a better alternative than Owen Arthur as PM.

  7. The Oracle

    They are mostly all scum-sucking, lying. thieving, ego driven pimps, whores and homosexuals of both genders. And that’s the best of them.

  8. Rastaman

    @The Oracle: Oops that says it all!!!!!

  9. 30

    Another “SANDY” Goverment in the making ! shame BLP could not get their act together, I don’t think another five years will help them. A New Party is the answer.

  10. ac

    a lot of sh..t talk as usual

  11. Red Sun

    If Sinckler is the savior then it would have to be a circus cause that one Sinckler is a fcuking CLOWN.

  12. Rastaman

    @Beefcake: What are Sinckler’s “supposed private sector qualifications?’..You know something that the rest of Barbados does not????