Court issues order: Afra Raymond can drag stonewalling Trinidad government before Judicial Review

FOI Order Trinidad

Tough guy, that Afra Raymond. Won’t take “NO!” for an answer from a government that doesn’t think it needs to obey the Freedom of Information laws.

They fired Afra from where they could in the news media and thought he’d go away – but still he walks on in search of the truth. They tried ignoring him and now he’s gone to court and obtained an order when most people thought he couldn’t.

Yup, this is getting even curiouser and curiouser!

Order granting leave to file judicial review in Afra Raymond vs Ministry of Finance and the Economy.


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7 responses to “Court issues order: Afra Raymond can drag stonewalling Trinidad government before Judicial Review

  1. Hocus Pocus

    I wish Barbados had an Afra Raymond!
    Kudos to him.
    May Afra keep on digging and agitating and not letting the bastards get him down!

  2. Leave to file?

    Sounds like more legal roadblocks, something akin to a Barbadian inquiry
    where everything disappears into a vacuum and where time has no meaning.

    How about Trinidad just locks up the Minister of Finance,, The Head of the Central Bank and several politicians until they deliver full and complete disclosure?

    Are there any criminal sanctions in Trinidad against those that obstruct the FOI legislation?

  3. Rastaman

    Maybe just maybe we have an Afra Raymond in Barbados…..June Fowler

  4. Friends of UNESCO World Heritage St Lucia

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    Afra Raymond inspires us all: Trinidad government must obey it’s Freedom of Information Laws.

  5. Well Well

    At least Trinidad has FOI laws to obey.

  6. just want to know

    In Barbados, it’s like “SILENT NIGHT” everything & every one has gone to sleep, While the poor people who invested in CLICO are slowing dying. How can LP & the PM sleep at night when they have taken so much from hard working small people? All their life savings. I am so thankful their is A AFRA RAYMOND who will not lie down & die. Just pray & trust June Fowler can stir up the embers, and let the fire burn!!!!!!

  7. Who is June Fowler?

    Sweet, quiet, unassuming but determined

    God bless her with the bureaucrats, politicians and crooks