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Harlequin’s Merricks Resort: Easter Sunday March 31, 2013

Harlequin Merricks Barbados 1

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Merricks Barbados 7Harlequin Merricks Barbados Merricks Barbados 8 Merricks BarbadosHarlequin Merricks Barbados 2 Harlequin Merricks Barbados 3 Harlequin Merricks Barbados 4



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BDO quits as Harlequin Property auditors – says Harlequin directors failed to provide information to BDO

“We have not been given significant information by the directors to enable us to ascertain whether or not appropriate progress has been made.”

… statement by BDO Accountants upon resigning as Harlequin Property’s auditors.

Harlequin Property Duck

Harlequin Property walks like duck

What’s that saying about a shoe fits? Or is pig with lipstick? Or if it walks like a duck with shoes and lipstick?

I kind of forget, but I’ll bet there are many old sayings that apply right now – like fools and money…

Harlequin Property auditor quits

Harlequin Property, the UK-based overseas property sales agent that is at the centre of a Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigation, has lost its second auditor in under three years.

Accountants BDO has filed a public resignation at Companies House saying it can no longer act as auditor for Harlequin Property, according to the Brentwood Weekly News.

The firm is being investigated by the fraud office and Essex Police following complaints from investors over delays. It has sold more than 6,000 off-plan holiday properties across six Caribbean resorts, taking in more than £300m, but so far built around 300. Continue reading


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Court issues order: Afra Raymond can drag stonewalling Trinidad government before Judicial Review

FOI Order Trinidad

Tough guy, that Afra Raymond. Won’t take “NO!” for an answer from a government that doesn’t think it needs to obey the Freedom of Information laws.

They fired Afra from where they could in the news media and thought he’d go away – but still he walks on in search of the truth. They tried ignoring him and now he’s gone to court and obtained an order when most people thought he couldn’t.

Yup, this is getting even curiouser and curiouser!

Order granting leave to file judicial review in Afra Raymond vs Ministry of Finance and the Economy.


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