Crimes against tourists “Economic terrorism” but Barbados Bar Association says that’s not as important as everyone being shot in an equal manner

"The road is closed. I need ten dollars."

“The road is closed. I need ten dollars.”

Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association wants special courts for tourist crimes – Lawyers say no way

by passin thru

We have a problem on this island right now – crimes against locals and tourists alike have skyrocketed, including street robberies where people are injured. Old folks pushed down for their bags or slammed in the face as the evil creatures grab their chains or tear off their rings. I heard one story a few weeks ago where the robber carried a small dishsoap bottle and shoved the old lady down breaking her glasses then out with the soap and rip off those rings. That’s getting vicious even for some of the badd boys on the block.

A single crime against one tourist is economic terrorism.

The badd boys on the block have to know that if they touch a tourist, the police are going to hunt them down and the court is going to give them double.

Lately two British tourists off a cruise ship got shot on a Sunday afternoon walking in the daylight. Word of that spread and the rest of the tourists headed back to the boat lickity split. Just like what happens when you drop an elevator full of people in New York City – businesses leave that office building, and they don’t renew their leases no matter how much you lower the rent. You can tell ’em all the time that the elevators are fixed, inspected, repaired, replaced, brand new… tell ’em what you want but once you drop an elevator full of people in New York City it’s all over for five years because so many other buildings rent office space and they haven’t dropped any elevators lately.

Barbados has dropped a whole lot of elevators lately when it comes to crimes against tourists. What you what? We got it! Unsolved rapes with the wrong man in jail for two years? Check. Tourists shot off the cruise boats or walking near their hotel? Check. Tourists beaten on the beach trying to stop a purse grab? How many you want? Boscobel Toll Gang? Still in business as strong as ever. Long Beach rapes for two years and police did nothing until some poor tourist died? We had that too and the police never did find who was torturing all those dogs and hanging them in the bushy ridge. A person who would do that to a dog is a big danger to everyone, but the police say “It’s only a dog”.

Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA), president Patricia Affonso-Dass says that a special court should be established for dealing with crimes against tourists. The Bar Association says that is unfair because it means that a crime against a citizen is then viewed as less serious.

Wide-eyed tourists are like little children and deserve more protection

I agree with the BHTA. Some crimes against certain victims are more serious. Crimes against children are always viewed more seriously because we know that the children can’t protect themselves as well as adults can.

It’s the same thing with tourists. They are like little children when they walk these fields and hills and streets and beaches and it is up to Barbados to protect them and look after them more than we normally do with adults.

And if we don’t look after the tourists specially, you know that St. Lucia or Cuba would be happy to take special care of them.

Winston Churchill once said “The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

I’ll change that and say that “The inherent virtue of equal status for all victims is the equal sharing of no tourist revenues.”

It’s the best I can do on a Thursday morning before work.

passin thru


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28 responses to “Crimes against tourists “Economic terrorism” but Barbados Bar Association says that’s not as important as everyone being shot in an equal manner

  1. C Brian Barnes

    How about the introduction of PHYSICAL punishment, eg FLOGGING, as did Singapore. Drugs and crimes against people, the elderly and visitors?

  2. Rastaman

    That would be “CRUEL AND INHUMANE”

  3. Start to Think

    We already have special courts for lawyers , they always go free

  4. Carson C. Cadogan

    I agree 100% with Bar association President!

  5. Jack Bowman

    Dear BFP Folks,

    Good day. Hope you and yours are well.

    Your correspondent ‘passin thru’ offers a nicely written piece with some vivid images and some arresting turns of phrase. PT agrees with the BHTA proposal that a special court should deal with crimes against tourists. PT concludes by saying “it’s the best I can do on a Thursday morning before work.”

    Dear PT: best not to try to offer your best when it’s Thursday morning and you might be late for work. Best to think about this stuff in a state of total tranquility.

    This is a ghastly suggestion of law. Utterly, utterly wretched in about a million different ways. You people at BFP have been prominent in pointing out (quite rightly) that matters of race are never far below the surface in Barbados. Given the general profile of most tourists in Barbados, the possible local repercussions of creating some kind of two-tier judicial system are unimaginably dismal. And that’s without even starting on the legal-constitutional considerations. This is the worst idea I’ve heard about since somebody decided to give Justin Beiber a recording contract.

    I was struck by BT’s mention of the dog torture. BT says, again quite rightly, that “a person who would do that to a dog is a big danger to everyone.” One hundred percent correct. It struck me because I remember writing this on your very own blog at

    I wrote it almost exactly a year ago on BFP:

    “When I was younger (and I’m still not old), extreme cruelty to animals was regarded as one of the MacDonald triad of symptoms of psychopathy. The triad has been questioned in some of the more recent literature, probably quite rightly.

    “That said, it’s still an indicator of early psychopathy to me. If the boys or young men who did this are still at large (and you can bet your life that whoever did this is a young male), and if they are not stopped, then you can also bet that they are going to kill a human in the next few years.”

  6. Anonymous

    A word to Rastaman…..when the Tourist are gone and “WE” you and me have to suck salt, what are you going to say then ? ther won’t be any cane to suck, remember your own words

  7. just want to know

    Today I witnessed an incident on the beach at Brighton against an elderly woman. I arrived at the beach just in time to see the woman run to the gate complaining this man on the beach would not leave her alone, he just kept harassing me she complained. In the end I shouted to him to get going before I called the police, He reluctantly walked down the beach toward the highway, and kept looking back. I had to make sure this poor woman got to her place of abode, and you can bet your dollar she won’t be coming back. We need some police presence at Brighton Beach.

  8. Virginia

    @Carson……I agree with you. What tourist court what? We always reacting rather than trying to find proactive solutions. Only tourists duz use we streets? Only tourists duz get robbed? Steupse

  9. Across the board or don't bother

    Much as I dislike to agree with a Bar Association that is a significant part of the injustice that pervades Barbados, you can’t have a specially protected group of citizens.

    Mayor Giuliani cleaned up New York for the better, much like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore did a generation before.

    Fines and punishment were quick and effective for ALL citizens

    All it takes is a public that demands safety and security!

  10. Popeye

    You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Stupid people have done this. They need to be tried and punished severely. There is no real justice here. No tourists means no economy. So stop harassing tourists you dumb idiots.

  11. Well Well

    I think Mia Mottley was too quick at the mouth in labeling these crimes economic tourism, she did not think for a second that Dass would be even quicker in calling for a special court to punish offenders who victimize visitors, this would in effect create more problems…………………I am in agreement with the Bar association, it’s utter nonsense. Much as I hate to see the damage being done to the island and severe injuries and/or death sustained by the victims, stiffer penalties would act as a deterrent. Mia Mottley needs to start thinking before she speaks, not everything is about politics and soundbites.

  12. Well Well

    What Mottley should be advocating is severe and public punishment for lawyers who continue to economically victimize both locals and visitors alike, destroying their victims economically.

  13. John

    Well Well

    March 29, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    What Mottley should be advocating is severe and public punishment for lawyers who continue to economically victimize both locals and visitors alike, destroying their victims economically.

    …. politicians too, but it won’t happen because politicians have a vested interest …..

    …. plus, …… most politicians are lawyers anyway!!

  14. Dorothy Hauswedell Whittembury

    Have been going to Barbados for over 50 years frequently, studied there before that, live in a very violent country (Venezuela), but lately dont feel too safe on the island anymore and furthermore, after having a health problem on last trip and being sent to the QEH, got the impression that authorities in general dont care too much about visitors anymore. Health and security is as important as a lovely beach…

  15. Until you have a police force that is a) no longer corrupt and b) even remotely competent, this stuff will never go away. The way they dealt with the British women’s rape case was abysmal. There is only one thing worse than arrogance and that is incompetent arrogance.

  16. HM

    As a ‘tourist’ even I think this is a ridiculous idea! A two-tier system would create resentment. All should be equal before the law. What next? Different punishments depending on whether the victim is a visitor or a resident?

    If the justice system is ‘broken’ then fix it. Don’t come up with half baked ideas!!!

    As I’ve also stated before – if petty crime is dealt with, rather than being ignored, then maybe some criminals will stop before things reach a dangerous point. If the legal system needs overhauling, then get someone in (for a fixed term ?) who will do it – even if that person has to come from outside the island (outside the Caribbean preferably) to ensure they have no agenda/exhibit no favouritism and feel free to kick @** with no worries about upsetting people with vested interests because their future career will not be tied to a small group of people on a small island.

  17. Well Well

    John…………the major problem in Barbados right now is that both the ruling government and the opposition has a total of at least 21 lawyers between them, none of whom seem to be visionaries, that is great cause for concern.

  18. Distant voice

    I call it “Treason”. Crimes against a major source of income for this small island need to be considered as Treason.
    As long as the central bank will not allow the easy flow (in and out) of foreign exchange, then few will bring money in for investments.
    As long as crime against foreigners continues, the biggest fear at central bank will come true…….money will stop coming in, and pleanty money will start to leave the island…

  19. Diane Syms

    I think TRBPF should all be re trained and SACKED where needed.
    I was robbed on the 1st MARCH 2013 a gun was fired by the vile person who robbed us and another man was waiting for him in a get away car.
    The police station was just behind the hotel and beach where i was robbed it took the police force ages to take our statements and they acted so unprofessionally. I left the island 7 days later and heard no more from the police they didnt contact us at all. I have been on web sites and can find no report anywhere of our robbery. Two british tourists were shot on the 18th march in bridge town which is 10 mins down the road from are attack.. The man arrested looks so much like our robber, the worst thing is Junior Orlando Hunte has been on the wanted list for over a year. Why did it take so long on a small Island to catch this person. Something is so wrong here i am still waiting to hear from the police i guess they just dont care,…..

  20. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    It is unfortunate what has happened to tourist in Barbados. It is even sadder when you hear how law enforcemnt in Barbados approach these situations. It is not just you that get the unprofessional treatment; the locals as well are subjected to the same. The police, not all, have become very callous. They hardly respond to calls and can be very abrupt and abrasive when you are trying to relay your matter. I know that it can get overwhelming but still it is the police responsiblity to deal with complaints. What is worst, taking the law into your hands or bombarding the police force with calls for assistance? The situation will not get any better in Barbados as long as the unemployment figures continue to rise.People are desperate and the criminal element is far better organized and bolder than ever before. It is time (if not done already) that the police look at the influux of Caribbean nationals into the island, as well as the deportees to correlate any potential trends that can show if crime spikes are related to this. You might just come up with some linkages.

  21. Canadian Tourist

    If I wanted two-tiered justice on my vacation, I’d go to Cuba, since it also offers two tiered democracy… Speaking of democracy, that is one reason I choose Barbados over Cuba. I don’t feel right frolicking on a communist beach where the bartender has less rights than I do (such as the right to travel, ironic isn’t it). But alas, I digress….

    Barbados is, as we know, pretty fucked up. Until someone steps in with a clear mandate for change, this trend will continue. It will either be a slow malaise, or a death spiral. Given the recent election results, the later rather than the former has my money.

    We’ve booked our next trip, and I pray it isn’t our last, but I’m an atheist so go figure.

  22. Bajan Observer

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    I find this idea of “special courts” wrong. A special law should be issued, instead, for whoever attack a visitor. Tourism and visitors are vital elements for Barbados and I hope that every body here agree with that. Many islands are very strict about crime against tourists and I am absolutely convinced that Bim should follow the same path. In other words a man that use a firearm/weapon to rob a visitor should face a life sentence or close to that. For all others “minor” crimes against tourists the sentence should be at least 10 years behind bars.

  23. Mark Fenty

    If we address the economic and social ills, we’ll ameliorate the social and economic conditions .

  24. Mark Fenty

    We obviously have to look at the high unemployment rate amongst the youth in Barbados, to see whether there isn’t a correlation at play here.

  25. Mark Fenty

    A special court for people who victimize tourist is a ridiculous idea. Are you in essence saying that the judicial system that is presently in place in Barbados, is incapable of dealing with people who victimize tourist? Why should the tourist be given anymore special treatment than the native Barbadians? I agree however, that the laws needs to strengthened with respect to the victimization of tourist but no special court .

  26. marsdalebear

    Barbados is run by a government that would not be trusted to run a small town in any developed country. It is evident that they are just in it to build a healthy bank balance for their retirement.They are corrupt, and why the people let them get away with it is beyond me.
    The Royal Barbados Police would not be allowed to direct traffic in any developed country. They are arrogant, lazy. incompetent, scruffy and corrupt and are led by a person who has lost all grip on reality.They act as if just turning up for work is enough to earn their pay.
    Until these issues are resolved crime, both economic and violent, will continue to rise and the golden goose of tourism and retirees will die.
    I always intended to retire to Bim, maybe a rethink is in order.

  27. Biggs

    Barbados biggest problem is the dumb Ass guyanese in there. look Check barbados crime over the last ten years its these backward ass c..nts.pulling down Bim. To many jamaicans also.. F.Caricom. Bajans report they A.s to immigration. Too many are hiding in the hotel sector around the st lawrence gap area police wake up and do wanna job.