MZ251 – Turn yourself in to the Royal Barbados Police Force

Motorcycle Dangerous 1 click photo for large

At about 2pm today, Tuesday March 26th, my husband and I were in the car at the busy intersection by Patisserie Flindt and the Limegrove Mall, traffic coming from all 4 directions, when we witnessed these 2 motor cycles popping wheelies while overtaking the line of cars.  Just seconds before this, we witnessed these same 2 bikes plus 2 more and an ATV coming down the hill by St James Secondary School, and the ATV plus 2 of the dirt bikes were popping wheelies as they approached the junction.

With the license number so readily available, why is it that the Police will not do anything?

We live on the main west coast road and we witness these dirt bikes pulling the same stunts up and down the road every day. The stunts are dangerous and the bikes are excessively loud. The main west coast road is lined with nothing but expensive holiday homes on both sides between Holetown and Speightstown. Imagine what the tourists must think of this, or the fear they must have when witnessing such dangerous and disgusting behaviour. Our tourism product already has not got a good name without adding this to the mix.

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  1. Road Rage

    These road criminals with their deafeningly loud, ear splitting noise are the silent killers of Barbados tourism. We recently had guests who LEFT THE ISLAND early by two days of their scheduled 2 week holiday after terrified concern over the motor bikes and yellow bus insanity became reality when one of them was nearly licked down by a YELLOW BUS AND A MOTORBIKE RACING near Mullins. Where are the police? Who insures this assassin? Pray tell, what does MZ251 do for work? Where does MZ251 and his stunt driver posse get money for daily existence? Delivering meals for the church? This complete and utter disregard for the law is now the sad new normal, WE CULTURE, and gets swept under the rug when confronted. Carl Moore began his crusade a decade ago. This happened nearly in front of the police station. EVERYDAY, repeat EVERYDAY this happens. We are a lawless joke of a nation that the world now views on instant replay. Morally and financially bankrupt.

  2. 120

    Those wheelie popping motor bikes are the transportation of choice for all members of our growing drug culture to deliver their drugs without fear of traffic jams or being stopped by said police. And their fearlessness is justified, they cannot be stopped by conventional means.

  3. 64

    Is It Against the law to ride on one wheel is it ? Just wondering

  4. Derek

    Is It Against the law to ride on one wheel is it ? Just wondering

  5. lawson

    Back home we call them donor cycles, this is a great way to have, good access to low milage organs for transplant, dont look a gift horse in the mouth

  6. peltdownman

    That’s if the organs aren’t already festering with drugs. Thank goodness they don’t do brain transplants!

  7. peltdownman

    In response to the poster, this is how it works in Barbados. People break the law in all kinds of ways, and get away with it. It then becomes the norm, and the law is changed or removed as a result. I forsee the day when a motorcyclist who is not doing wheelies is arrested and prosecuted for having the temerity to drive safely.

  8. Waggy Taggy

    you all are just jealous that you don’t have the talent these guys have. and as for the writer, if you don’t like the noise in your expensive west coast house, put on air muffs or carry ya rass back home! as I don’t believe there is a decibel limit to motor vehicles or is there a law limiting a vehicle to travel on 1 or 2 wheels.

  9. Waggy Taggy

    I am pretty sure all those licence plates you are seeing on those bikes are fake numbers anyway so how do you suggest the cops catching them?

  10. Road Rage

    @Waggy. Oh don’t worry, all those tax paying homeowners and tourist are leaving or staying home. Not just for this “talented” dangerous behavior but for the anti-foreigner mindset of youngblood Bajans . If excessive loud noise, fake license plates, open drug dealing (you can add to the list) is ok fuh wunna so be it. Disband the ineffective BTA and stop lying to the world about what Barbados offers and face the harsh consequences when Buhbadus becomes BuhCyprus. We all have choices.

  11. Tony Webster

    @Waggy waggy: Sir ( I speak loosely), Sir, Effin I remembuh correck, de one t’ing I di learn frum school, is dis: ” It is bettuh to be t’ought a fool, dan to open yuh mout, and remove all doubt”.. Thanks for de memories…Sir!

  12. 240

    The sad fact is that these morons will probably injure or kill some poor pedestrian or road user and they themselves will escape with just a scratch. Or they get injured or paralysed and we the poor taxpayers will be footing the bill at QEH.

  13. Hocus Pocus

    I reckon the behaviour written about can be called “Nearer my God to Thee”. There is a definite possibility that these people could all “off” themselves with their potentially lethal “pass times”. Isn’t there substantial maiming and road death for motor bike riders? However, dangerous behaviour endangering those who do not partake should be strictly policed and perpetrators severely puniushed.

    As for non-prescription, non-alcoholic, “recreational” drugs – legalise them all – take the huge profits away. Have all these “recreational” drugs available (for clients over 18) at specific government outlets at controlled, very affordable prices – what a great source of VAT! This revenue could be specifically used to support the NHS, for instance!!!

    A percentage of the population has always abused “recreational” drugs and that percentage will always abuse “recreational” drugs of one type or another – including alcohol. Let those who are over 18 and wish to “off” themselves as a result of “recreational” drug abuse (including alcohol) do so. They are adults and it’s their choice. Penalise them harshly if, in their intoxicated states, they endanger any other person/s. Intensely police those who sell drugs of any type to people under 18 and harshly punish them. Attempt to educate, reform and heal users who are under 18. Protect the youth.

  14. Mac

    If you look at the smaller picture at the bottom of the article, you see a guy riding in the bed of a truck – also illegal but commonplace.

    As for MZ251. Isn’t that plate registered somewhere for the police to just look up & go & arrest him or isn’t that the police do Mr Dottin???

  15. Mark Fenty

    Let the youth have they fun,what’s the big deal? I am quite sure you remember Mike-Happy and his crew doing the same thing back in the 1970s?

  16. lawson

    The problem with these antics is if they dont kill themselves, and only get maimed, then they are a drain on medical services because they probably are not insured.So like horses if they crash and it looks like there may be a long term recovery, if ever, it should be legal ….no mandatory… that you back over them

  17. Bajan Abroad

    Too many people with too much time on their hands and no brain in their heads. What a bunch of dimwits and what kind of dimwits are we to continually let it happen. And you wonder why tourists are not coming back.

  18. Mark Fenty

    @ Lawson
    It seems like we have forgotten that we were once young? And were the subjects of those puerile tendencies,that are conducive and indicative of our social and psychological development.

  19. Mark Fenty

    I also believe that the conduct of today’s youth is best understood, when we pensively contemplate the historicity of our own social and psychological developmental processes.

  20. Derek

    Its not against the law to ride on one wheel also they are no noise level laws here so no laws have been broken :its like idiots that call the police bout kites keeping noise above there house at night they just wasting breath as there is nothing police can do as there is no law against it

  21. lawson

    Mark the first part of my statement was fact the second part was a joke. Look I have done many crazy things in my life that were fun and dangerous. But that is not what were talking about here. This is people that are on a self destructive path and hopefully they dont take anyone with them when it happens. If you saw a person cutting themselves with a knife or forcing themselves to throw -up to keep slim or gambling there families lively hood away you would feel you would have to say something as a human being.But in this case people over the years many people have said something about this type of action, that why laws are in place to try and curtail it. If these people cannot go to a parking lot etc to have their fun and insist on interacting with traffic when they dare the devil. The police have an obligation to step in.

  22. Hocus Pocus

    @ lawson

  23. just want to know

    One Sunday afternoon My husband & I driving down Spring Garden, & a young boy not more than 5 years of age was doing the wheelies with traffic in the road, my eyes almost popped out of my head, if this child ran into our car and got killed, what will happen to us, the first thing will be said we were driving fast, and that was not so. I was really scared, but I am seeing it all over the roads now, Coming down Cave Hill there were about six of them older guys doing the same thing, & the police is never around to do anything. What I fear is one day some innocent person will be injured or killed.

  24. Bill

    When is the Harlequin Panorama Episode? Did it get canceled? was meant to be Monday

  25. Mark Fenty

    @ Lawson
    I would like to respectfully remind you my friend,that we are talking about the year 2013 and not the 1970s.Where kids used to:shoot gutter -perk,pitched marbles, set bird traps, and play hiding go seek etc. I’m quite certain that our parents question our militancy,in our day and time.

  26. Hocus Pocus

    @ Mark Fenty
    I think you are missing the point!

  27. Mark Fenty

    Lawson, the widely acclaimed and world renowned psychotherapist Dr. Carl Jung said that,” If there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves. “

  28. Mark Fenty

    @ Lawson
    The African American author and social activist James Baldwin said that:” Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. ” It looks like the abdication and renunciation of our duty and responsibility as the arbiters of our children’s destiny,have been the contributory factors to they social rebellion.

  29. lawson

    Mark I guess I had my epiphany on risky behavior in 1980 when I joined the fire service and am now leaving a career, which after 33 years I have witnessed every concievable folly that has passed for fun at the time. I have seen digits severed, brain injuries broken bones the many, death by hanging, death by shooting, death by drowning etc I dont know if it is possible for me to look at things the way I did before I took this path.Now I always look at the big picture and possible consequences that negative force THE VOICE OF REASON. That being said if people want to exit this planet early some say so be it. But I would consider this thought process a defect of the mind, and believe these people have to be protected.Even your Carl Jung felt alcoholism was a problem as he was instrumental in forming AA. So I would suggest that he felt irrational behavior whether by drugs, alcohol, mental impairment,or just plain stupidy should be curbed

  30. Mark Fenty

    In other words, it looks like we have failed in our efforts to properly police the passions and desires of the youth.

  31. Hocus Pocus

    @ Mark Fenty

    Firstly: The Carl Jung teaching you quote is not relative to the issue being discussed.
    Secondly: The field of psychotherapy has evolved enormously since Carl Jung died in 1961 … particularly the field of spiritual psychotherapy … and to include a sound understanding of metaphysics (that which is beyond the physical).

    “We”, the Human species aka mankind, consists of social beings and is unique on planet Earth in that it possesses an evolving individual consciousness. Currently, there MUST exist guidelines/laws so that Humans can peaceably coexist without being a threat to the well-being and lives of each other. Collectively, mankind has yet to attain a level of consciousness whereby it can solely rely on “self-government” in order to live together in peace and harmony.

    Under an umbrella heading of “REBELLIOUS BEHAVIOUR”, one might find sub-headings. A couple of these sub-headings could be “Acceptable Rebellious Behaviour” and “Unaccaptable Rebellious Behaviour”. (I think that any form of the word “militant” to describe youth is inappropriate). There is a huge disparity between what would be considered to be “Acceptable Rebellious Behaviour” where “… used to: shoot gutter-perk, pitched marbles, set bird traps, and play hiding go seek etc.” and what must be considered to be “Unacceptable Rebellious Behaviour” where individuals engage in potentially harmful and/or suicidal/homocidal activities. Should individuals really be allowed to engage in activities potentially life-threatening to others? I think NOT.

    Two questions for you, Mark Fenty:
    1. Do you engage in potentially harmful and/or suicidal/homocidal activities?
    2. Do you know persons and/or have friends/family who engage in potentially harmful and/or suicidal/homocidal activities?

  32. Kentucky bone cracka

    Talk bout how many people were killed walkin on sidewalks by middleclass & rich bajans driving their big rides

  33. Hocus Pocus

    @ Lawson

    To my mind, what you write is informed and intelligent and I have enjoyed reading your input. Kudos to you for having, so obviously, given much of yourself during your years with the fire service. You were obviously witness to numerous incidents that must have “turned your blood to ice” many, many times.

    To quote what you wrote “…if people want to exit this planet early some say so be it. But I would consider this thought process a defect of the mind, and believe these people have to be protected……” I understand what you write and agree with it to a certain extent. I do not feel there is anything to be gained, on a personal level, by suicide, or by what amounts to suicide. Having said that, motive does play a huge part here eg. Scott of the Antartic. It is complicated. There are many laws in existence to protect people from themselves and these laws need constant and adequate supervision/policing as do the people protected by them. However (and here I specifically refer to the area of substance abuse), when there has been much done to protect/educate/reform/heal individuals and protect them from themselves, to no avail, over and over again, year after year, at the expense and detriment of others areas of society, what then? Maybe there could be a right time to release trying to control and let adult individuals, cognisant of the consequences of their actions, choose for themselves and if this means they “…exit this planet early…” then so be it. If one upholds the Reincarnation Theory, then those prematurely ending their apparently difficult and painful “stay” on Earth (for themselves and for their loved ones) may have the opportunity of reincarnating and living their life more effectively another time, even if faced with the same challenges? There must surely come a time for one to take personal responsibility and choose for oneself, accepting ultimate karmic outcome of choice and thus relinquishing the burden of protection placed on others. This is free will.

  34. Hocus Pocus

    @ Kentucky bone cracka

    That’s a big statement indeed.
    You’re doing the talking and I’m listening.
    Tell me, how many? When and where?
    I’d really like to know and you sound as if you know – for sure.

  35. Blahhh

    you all are nothing but talk and no action !!!!

    all i ever hear from your free press and papers is talk talk talk

    Blahhh Blahhh Blahhh

  36. Hocus Pocus

    @ Blahhh

    And what action are you taking, Blahhh?

  37. 120

    Fenty for God’s sake check you words in a dictionary or thesaurus b fore putting your mangled preferences disguised as grammatically acceptable English here for us to read…apart from your dysfunctional thought processes, that is.

  38. lawson

    Hocus trust me I am not a real fan of suicide, more for the headache and heartache it causes for the ones left behind. But I can except it if it is a well thought end to a life, not an end result to a solvable problem or stupid act. It is said suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem.It is easy to say let them commit suicide, but what if he is flying the plane your on, or going in the opposite direction of you on the highway. it makes their end a little more personal to you, because you unknowingly may be included. We have to have laws in place to protect them from themselves.and us from them. But they must be enforced. Now enforced doesnt just mean penalize it also means educate and help. I know of no emergency personel (police, fire,etc) that took the job to get at or be mean to people.On the contrary these people are civic minded, with a strong sense of compassion. So if people are driving in traffic on one wheel dont be afraid to help them by calling the police so they can come and beat some of that education and compassion into them lol just kidding.

  39. Phil Officer

    @Mark Fenty. I have to agree: you are indeed a master of malapropism. Having studied the lexicon, surely you’ll agree that less is more when attempting to sound like the smartest fella in the room rather than your sesquipedalian loquaciousness which proves differently. The point of this post was the danger imposed on the innocent citizens and visitors in Barbados by deviant, unlawful motorcycle thugs. Kant? Jung? We need JUNG police to stop these menaces before we KANT feel safe on the streets!

  40. Well Well

    I remember the days of Mike Happy, et al, they all did some very dangerours bike riding while drunk as fish, however, most of them died from alcholism and other problems, Mike is still alive and kicking and he was one of the, if not, the most dangerous riders on the road…………….they did not create laws against this behavior in the 70s, don’t think they will now. The only worry would be innocent bystanders. However, the yellow buses an small vans are a grave cause for concern, they carry and overload with many passengers and still get away with dangerous antics.

  41. just want to know

    Mark Fenty you behave like a FOOL. I am sure you have some education, but your blogs are so numerous and you miss the point completely. These actions are dangerous, and if they are hit by a vehicle, or injure someone, or even kill someone would you come and scrape up the remains, and help the injured? For a country that spend so much dollars on education, it amazes me sometimes to read some of these blogs, but it is good to read them for it tells us never to visit or live in Barbados!!!!!!

  42. Mark Fenty

    @Phil Officer
    I guess you have the right to express your opinion as you see fit. But, your characterization of the medium through which I articulate my position is lacking in validity and veracity. It may appear to you that I’m utilizing the instrument of tautology as the verisimilitude to conceal the lack of my intelligence. But , your opinion only holds weight if I value your opinion sir. And finally, if I am not what you say I am, …“ then you are not who you think you are.

  43. lawson

    If you are so fuc&ing smart why are yoiu talking to me?

  44. Phil Officer

    @Mark Fenty. Despite the seriousness of this topic, I am absolutely doubled over in laughter from your turgid rambling. I get it now, you’re taking the piss. No one could be so intentionally clueless and utterly daft. You completely miss by miles the nuances of the English language and come across as being as dumb as a box of hair. As others have said, you make no sense, man. But you are damn funny in a Gearbox sorta way. And if I’m not who I think I am, I want a tax refund. Probably should also go down to the Pine and get a new driver’s license. Here’s another word for you to study: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.
    You don’t seem like a mean poster (except when you went all nasty talking with ol’ anonymous) so get on topic: what should be done with those who endanger other people’s lives like the wheelie popping motorcycles? Any ideas? Or are you simply another worthless certificate holding theorist bout hey who cannot connect the practical application dots? If so, run for office.

  45. Mark Fenty

    Phil, am I not entitle to my opinion, even if it is an affront to the conventional concepts of logic and common -sense? Socrates challenged the conventional wisdom of his day, and to death by a people who was confined to a restricted worldview.

  46. blahhh

    you see all ya hear on this site is blahhh blahhh blahhhh

  47. Mark Fenty

    President Barack Obama, endeavoured to ameliorate the economic conditions of the downtrodden in America; through the instrumental concept of Democratic egalitarianism, and was labeled a leftist liberal with Communist tendencies .

  48. Mark Fenty

    Phil, talking to you is like carrying a bucket that has a hole in its center, it can’t hold anything with substance . What a wimp,you have allowed adolescents who are have fun with they bikes to intimidated you. You should try standing on a battlefield with bullets flying all around, and then tell me how it compare to kids having fun with they bikes on the street? You’re obviously lacking the necessary starch in your backbone that is required to be a real man.

  49. Mark Fenty

    Phil, you have the audacity,the temerity, and the unmitigated gall to question my intellectual stance. Sir, you haven’t written anything here that is worth taking a second glance at. And it is because of your Cerebral Insufficiency that you have failed to realize, that the essence of education isn’t grounded in fact. But in our ability to utilize that fact in such way to make sense of the world in which we live.

  50. Mark Fenty

    Phil,with the brain-power of an ant and the judgment of a frog. I’ve come to understand the principles,values, convictions, that governs that breadfruit you call a brain.

  51. Mark Fenty

    @ Phil
    I’ve seen the lack of individual thinking on your part here Phil. And this has led me to concluded, that you’re wearing your beliefs like a borrowed raincoat.

  52. Mark Fenty

    Phil, my friend, I’m willing to engage you in a dick measuring contest. But first you need to grow a pair of balls, if you want to enter the big boy league lol.

  53. Mark Fenty

    Happy Good Friday, and I hope that those of us who are party to the Christian leaning can be civil on this day.

  54. Anonymous

    Fenty, I’m back. Pretty well everyone here and other blog places have commented negatively about your moronic ramblings, mangled English in all of its hysterically funny hybrids, disconnected logic (I’m taking a BIG risk here using that last word in any association with you) and sheer inability to express yourself without resorting to invective and cursing. I speak unhesitatingly for all of us….SHUT UP YOU INTELLECTUAL FRAUD! You are, and will never be more than a misplaced sentence on a page instead of properly swimming in a toilet of failed writing awaiting the inevitable result from a depressed handle.

  55. Anonymous

    Oh, and Fenty? Since you are a self-professed follower and reader of Emanuel Kant, it follows why you are such a Kant.

  56. Mark Fenty

    @ anonymous
    Listen retard, you lack the necessary testicular fortitude, that’s it takes to deal with someone who is a nonconformist,and independent in his thinking. You’re all over this blog spewing others ideas like some mentally disable nincompoop.

  57. Mark Fenty

    What makes you think that just because you can compose a few sentences with minimal grammatical precision, that you’re smart? I have an idea but correct me if I’m wrong anonymous. But,is it your enlarged prostate gland that is pushing again your urethra, that restrictions your mental flow?

  58. Anonymous

    Fenty? You are the donkey who always turns up at a thoroughbred horse race braying “I got four feet too, you got to let me run!” But the donkey never understands its impossible to run with all four feet in its mouth. I own you….boy.

  59. Mark Fenty

    @ Anonymous,
    All I’ve heard from you thus far Anonymous, is the commonplace parroting and spewing of others vain and shallow ideas. Have you anything of substance to contribute to this discussion here, beside your empty words,you armchair advocate.

  60. Mark Fenty

    @ Anonymous
    Your opinion is as small as your pea size brain, you egotistical ostentatious nincompoop.

  61. El maestro

    Dangling participles, comma splices, verbose with a capital V. Anger issues, clearly doesn’t play well with others, potty mouth with what appears to be a salivating fondness for the male anatomy, and a huge image chip on his shoulder. Begging, pleading to be seen by strangers as smart, like little Johnny seeking a gold star in class. Visions of grandeur, a real nutter that Fenty. This post has gone semi-viral as a friend sent this to me yesterday (do you think Fenty got the dude Phil’s moniker Phil-osopher—I don’t think he did). They must really be smoking something strong down there in Barbados as this Fenty is without a doubt brain damaged. Hey Anonymous, ownership indeed, you got him but good.

  62. Mark Fenty

    Anonymous, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I deal with theories,theorems,ideas, and concepts, and not your mundane social echolalia.

  63. Mark Fenty

    Anonymous, why don’t you put on your big boy pants and face me, you’re acting like some wimpiest decrepit reclusive fogy.

  64. Lay Day

    Mark Fenty

    Are you one of the ‘red necks’ from St.John?

  65. Mark Fenty

    @ El meastro
    Oh please, here we go again, another brainless wonder with his plagiarizing phrases sounding more like Shitspeare rather than Shakespeare. I wonder how long it took you to composed that heap of dog crap, let me guess a week?

  66. El maestro

    Hey Fenty! Wow, thanks for the reply. I have never been friends with a scatological loser like you before. What is your profession, you second coming in your mouth of idiocy. If you live in that piece of paradise down there that allows the bikers to rule, I’ll bet you are one of them. Do you have all of your teeth? Any sisters who you sleep with at night? C’mon, Einstein. Sorry I did not attribute SOMETHING to another author…can’t seem to find it. Help me out here, LOSER! DO people like you wander about the streets without a dose of Haldol to dull the reality of your parentage? Please answer Lay Day’s question. Fenty, the genius of Barbados!!!! You are a priceless.

  67. Mark Fenty

    @ El Maeasto
    You sound more like one those guy who is housed in Black Rock, that has forgotten to take his early morning dose of anti psychotic meds ,to suppressed his ever present psychosis.

  68. Mark Fenty

    El Maestro, tell it to someone who cares, because to be quite honest, I’m not in the mood to entertain your load of bullcrap.

  69. Mark Fenty

    What really piss me of about some of these degenerates on this blog, is the fact they are too anal retentive to accept a difference of opinion. And the funny thing is, they are too ignorant to comprehend the folly in they thinking. Intellectual freedom is a universal human right that ought to be respected at all cause, because it forms the foundation upon which our democracy rest.

  70. Mark Fenty

    I’m writing on a phone without the aide of spell check, and gives not F what you all thinks about my grammar.

  71. Anonymous

    Fenty? Its me…your owner. Please take one, just one of your feet out of your mouth so I can hear your braying more clearly…it’s a bit muffled and you are very selfish to put hoof dining before our clear understanding of what you are squirting out below your tail. You are a classic example and the sole purpose for selective culling to ensure Barbadian intellectual standards are above a donkey dictionary. Truly, you are a modest and crippled intellect with much to be modest and damaged for….talk soon, hee haw?

  72. El maestro

    Fenty, dude, take a breath. To be recognized even on an elementary level, we’re going to need to get together on basic rules of readin’ n writin’. First, stop with the commas. Free flow, brutha. Next, you need to pay close attention to tense: present, past, and future tense verbs. THEY is THEIR; Democracy restS; far too much other mangled mumbo jumbo to parse in the previous posts to help further. It is YOU, homeboy, who went to the mattresses and began offering the dick measuring contests and low rent, vile expletives with Phil and Anon when they disagreed with you. You are NOT an intellectual, my man. I know who you are: I was asked: Are you family to Rihanna Robyn Fenty? It would surely explain why she chooses to get beat up in public just like you. What is a Black Rock, Fenty? I tried to Google you and all that showed up on Images was a blank page…lights on, nobody home. Fenty, sadly, I’m moving on. You are a TRIP !!!

  73. Anonymous

    E M, you are very kind to present our donkey with some beautiful, trippy music to chill with….however, he would be more appreciative of some hay or hay you….your kindness is regrettably misplaced. I shall continue my remedial measures with our donkey, mainly holding his tail up to achieve precise placement in his O ring with my written boot. I can’t help myself, Fenty makes me laugh too much to go easy on his intellect absent drivel.

  74. El maestro

    Anon, I thought I was done but I have to tip my hat to you for attempting to tame our very own lil Eddie Murphy. He is a prolific brayer: I just went through the post on your (?)/their Chief of Police and his vomiting is all over the place. I agree that the comedic value of Fenty far surpasses any true underlying hatred of his mentally challenged village idiot rantings. RUN FORREST RUN, RUN FENTY RUN. Actually, I have some people who are monitoring this exchange and they are all in tears. Do you think we could pitch Fenty as an attraction for tourists?

  75. Anonymous

    E M, what a wonderful idea for a tourist attraction…it will work very well provided I am there with my top hat, long bullwhip and a chair to ensure the donkey leaps through hoops of ire on cue and performs other feats of derring-do which will NOT include writing in acceptable English.

  76. geefin

    Back on topic. While there is no law against riding on one wheel or on the noise of an exhaust, there are laws on dangerous driving (/conduct of a motor vehicle) and road-worthiness of said road vehicles to consider.

  77. Mark Fenty

    @ Anonymous
    There you go again spewing you unqualified opinion that is greatly in supportive evidence to corroborate bizarre speculation.

  78. Mark Fenty

    @ Anonymous
    There you go again spewing your unqualified opinion, that is greatly lacking in supportive evidence to corroborate your bizarre speculation.

  79. Mark Fenty

    @ Anonymous
    Who are you that we should listen to your heap of dog poo? If you notice, when others here with some measure of intelligence writes, they always utilize the testimony of the validated expert?

  80. Anonymous

    O dear, as your owner Fenty I have no alternative but to take you to task…again. Read carefully and remember….one post is enough, two saying the identical same thing proves you are completely devoid of original thinking, which we have been painfully aware of for some long time. And its “your” not “you”. I have, along with many others on this blog and others, correctly categorized you as a moronically verbose, article run amok village idiot with very little to say while using an abundance of mangled English expressions and grammar. You write buckets of drivel dear fellow, more than enough to sit in and consider the benefits of being thought a fool rather than writing and removing all doubt. But don’t let me discourage you from your current expressive habits, I do so like dissecting you for the humor of all. Carry on smartly.

  81. Mark Fenty

    we can agree to disagree on any give topic. But, I vehemently repudiate any attempt made by you or anyone else for that matter, to suffocate my opinion, irrespective of how illogical it may sound. That kind of thinking is an affront to the principle of mental freedom, and must be excoriated at all cost

  82. 120

    Fenty, your writing demands that you be repudiated, excoriated, certainly suffocated and strangulated as it is an affront to the known principles of reading sense in any form. And I am not vehement about this, merely practical.

  83. Mark Fenty

    Anonymous, guess who is going to be the one changing your pamper when you’re bedridden in some nursing facility somewhere? The young people that you’re trying so hard to marginalize, like you came out of your mother’s womb standing vertical.

  84. lawson

    To the owner of the donkey……maybe teaching it to type…. wasnt such a good idea

  85. Mark Fenty

    Anonymous, you are trivial and superficial in your thinking sir, because you have failed see the bigger picture for God sake. You have allowed your Lilliputian worldview to limit the scope of your comprehension, of what it means to be expansive in your thinking. And thats what ignorance does, and by ignorance I mean, the inability to see beyond the scope of was your intellectual resources would allowed.

  86. Mark Fenty

    Anonymous, I would suggest that you change your totalitarian way of think before death arranges your personal affairs. Insulting others because they opinion do not particularly concur with your, reflects the level of your small mindedness. It is persuasion one uses to sway others and not insult and condemnation.

  87. Anonymous

    lawson, yuh hurt muh wid dat one, uh laffing hard hard. And yes, its Fenty’s owner here, apologizing for my mistake.

  88. 195

    @MF….you is an idiot.

  89. donkeyowner

    The Anonymous stating the obvious above is not me…I have changed my name as per this post to avoid confusion with other Anonymous’s…I am Fenty’s owner.

  90. Phil Officer

    Mark Fenty is a world thinker, PLEASE believe him. We need to look beyond his severe limitations, HE IS STUPID therefore he is. He is a product of a glaringly broken educational and social system in the center of the universe where dangerous driving is not against the law. Loud noise, OK. Stealing from your neighbour’s pensions, OK. Steal crops, OK. De small man demands respect!! Can’t earn, steal. I mean, citizens are even allowed to own individual pet donkeys and teach them how to type. Anon, please put a fee bag on pon your animal to show him some love. Lawson, you mek me laugh hard on that. Anon, please help your donkey move away from Bajonics to some other form of first form communications skills so we can keep the laughs a’comin !!

  91. Mark Fenty

    Phil, I’m happy for you my good friend, you’ve finally found the medium through which to aggrandize your sense of importance. As you bury your deep seated inadequacy behind the computer monitor. You should genuflect every day and give God thanks, because it has done a lot to cure the small penis syndrome you seem to be suffering from

  92. lawson

    I think we should take up a collection so the donkey owner can send his donkey to obediance school, I hear if you have a nice ass with good manners lots of your politicians will want to have it.

  93. Mark Fenty

    I make no apology for stating what I firmly believe about the young people in Barbados.
    According to the CDC, commonly known as the Center for Disease Control, “The young people are not the only ones dying in motorcycle crashes. In 2012,more than haft the people killed in motorcycle crashes were 40or -older, up from 25%in1995.”

  94. Mark Fenty

    You are more likely to killed by a middle age male Bajan drunk driver. Than some young man wheeling his motorcycle in the prime of his life. You old yard fowls have the audacious impudicity to dictate to young people what they should or shouldn’t. You old old folks have a lot to worry about, like remembering to take your blood pressure pills and taking care of your enlarged prostate.

  95. lawson

    Donkeyowner you KANT do that, dogs would like some ass but they might find this one a little hard to swallow.Top MARX if you can get away with it .But would it not be better to leave it in the JUNGle or better set him adrift on a PLANCK

  96. donkeyowner

    lawson, I need some of that “audacious impudicity”:..*dedding wid laff*…referred to above to think of the right and fitting end for this donkey. What I have to worry about is whether there are more would-be donkeys out there thinking and writing like my braying ass named “KANT”.

  97. Phil Officer

    I can see the Donkey Owner was cracking the bull whip behind the scenes! Now there you go Donkey, er, Fenty, I’ll over look the HAFT ass remarks and commend you for staying on topic. Ok, so half (t) of those killed in motorcycle crashes were over 40: any data to show that perhaps they were innocent pedestrians or innocent drivers? Regardless, a bullet fired from the gun of a 25 year old is just as deadly as the one fired by an old man of 40. I’m not taking up for the over 40 group, but this post WAS NOT about YOUNG wheelie popping thugs, just WHEELIE POPPING THUGS. The smartest bray of the week is that “(we) are more likely to (be) killed by a middle aged male Bajan drunk driver…” Throw a motorcycle in to that equation and Barbados sounds scary. No drunk driving laws, no wheelie popping laws, young people can do whatever they like, steal, rob, and bother the world, no consequences. Fenty’s Owner and Lawson, seems Fenty is a self-appointed spokesperson for the BATELOOWs (Barbados Assn of Thugs Endangering Lives On One Wheel). Can he be saved from becoming Bow Wow Chow?

  98. lawson

    A man goes to the movies and notices what he thinks is a donkey sitting beside him, he asks are you a donkey? Yes was the answer. The man yells what are you doing in a theatre…….the donkey answers ….well I liked the book. Sometimes donkeys can say something that makes sense.middle aged drunk driver accidents probably out number wheely popper accidents by far but throw into the mix tourists that have never driven on the left,elderly with slow reaction times that shouldnt be driving,and bus and cab drivers who used to race formula one with improper bicycle riding and you have the recipe for disaster and one thing for sure the car wins everytime.

  99. Mark Fenty

    @Phil/ Lawson
    This is not an understatement by any means, but I have never been in the presence of such intellectual energy, until i have met you two well spoken British gentlemen. The both of you seem to have a solution for everything and an opinion about everyone. And with that kind of intellectual resources distributed between the both of you,it is no wonder you all haven’t found the cure for Cancer,lol.

  100. MH

    Fenty sound like a male version of Maureen Holder. Always right and resorts to insulting when as is the norm their argument gets shredded to pieces.

  101. MH

    Fellas wunna got me laughing hysterically bout here. Keep it up. Fenty taking himself too seriously.

  102. donkeyowner

    Yo, donkey …one of your two brain cells just called me to complain its lonely.

  103. lawson

    I am sure I was in the presence of the donkey last Crop-over in Speightstown I overheard a tourist ask him what is the fastest way to Spring-garden.The donkey asked are you walking or driving he asked. Driving was the answer.The donkey hummed and haughed, thought about it for a few minutes and said okay thats the fastest.

  104. Mark Fenty

    @ MH
    I can see quite conspicuously, that intelligence isn’t a strong quality of your. So therefore, it is senseless on my part, to waste the precious gift of rhetorical prolixity to answer to your open -mouth imbecility.

  105. donkeyowner

    Yo, dawwwnnnnkeyyyyy! Donkey, over here, its me your owner you ass. I forbid you to comment on anybody’s intelligence, you have none to asses theirs.

  106. Phil Officer

    Donkey Owner,

    Fenty cannot stop the Thesaurus by numbers watercolors he insists on splashing. I feel the humane thing to do is put him down. Oh sorry, that’s what we collectively have been doing here on BFP! Lawson, ol chap, Pip Pip cheerio…had no EYEdeer you wuz an EngaHlish man. Went to Eton and Cambridge, myself…or was it Harvard? Maybe UWI but don’t remember. Alexandra for a while but de principal’s cousin always wanted to wuk up pon me so Fenty and me boaf drop out.
    If Donkey Owner also had a pet rooster, and Fenty confused putting his own feet in his mouth as Donkey Owner says he tends to do, and Fenty, busy stringing together illogical sentences, phrases, and dick references, ate the roosters feet by mistake, what would be the result? (Fenty, if you dooz have trouble keeping up, this is a veiled reference to your previous yard fowl reference)
    Well, Donkey Owner would then be left with 2 feet of his pet cock inside his pet ass!
    Fenty, HELLO, follow some constructive advice…your, YOURS, you’re. Imbecility? Man, noun, verb, adverb, adjective. Anyway, keep the DEFINITE “prolixity” which defines you coming. Come on Fenty, keep breathing, the ambulance will be to your location in +/- 3 hours, or at least the RSPCA wagon: what about the motorbikes? Are you for/against putting electronic tagging on the riders so we can see where they go every day, at what speeds, at what decibel levels, how many “deliveries?” We would know for sure how many 40 year olds contribute to the death toll.
    MH, forgive de Fenty-like ignorance, who is Maureen? Fenty’s sister?

  107. Phil Officer

    Fenty pon a LIAT flight headed from BIM to DE POT ISLAND. HAFT way troo de 40 minute flight, the motor starts to mek a noise. Fenty, panicked, starts into a big up word oratory to all of the passengers in explanation of what exactly is happening, espousing theories, ideas, and the full scope of possibilities of WHY they are now in this SIT-u-MACATION. Fenty, now seeing the rapid decent of the plane, screams to the man beside HE, how far can we fly on just one engine? To which the old Bajan replies, ALL DE WAY TO DE SCENE OF DE CRASH!

  108. lawson

    There was an opening for a manager at the new price smart, only two people applied a brit and the donkey, the owner said I am going to give you a test whoever does the best gets the job.After correcting the tests the owner comes out and says first of all I want to tell you… ,you both did exeptionally well 9 out of 10 but we have decided to go with the british candidate, the donkey goes crazy man that not right thats not fair we both the same 9 outa 10 you should go with the local. The owners said yes but sometimes its the way you answer the questions.The donkey said no thats not right both 9 outa 10 the local should get the job…..What do you mean The owner answered lets take question 5 for example… actually the one you both got wrong… The Brit wrote I dont know the answer to this question….and you wrote me needer

  109. Mark Fenty

    Phil, you’re obviously lost in the backwash of disillusionment.

  110. Mark Fenty

    I have learned not to seek the path of conform, when I am tested beyond the measure. But, to face the impending challenges with temerity, humility, and a hopeful sense of optimism that things is going to working out for the best. I have come to realize that when one is tested beyond the measure, he finds much conform as he retrievers into the confines of his subjective reality. To reexamine the principles, values, and convictions that gives meaning to his sense of self. I’ve learned such a lesson these few days, after I was denigrated,socially belittled, personally vitiated, for expressing an opinion that wasn’t politically correct.

  111. Mark Fenty

    Now I’m writing on a phone without the Assistance of spell check, so you can critique my verb agreement and punctuation all you want.

  112. Mark Fenty

    For those of us who are of the Christian leaning,I am quite sure that we’re well aware of the fact, that today is Resurrection Sunday. The day where our Lord and Savior Jesus christ, ascended into the heaven’s to sit on the Right Hand of the Almighty God.

  113. Mark Fenty

    Our Faith is the single most important thing we have to pensively contemplate,before Death strips us of our earthly tabernacle. And arranges our personal affairs here on God’s beautiful earth.

  114. lawson

    Sorry Mark this has nothing to do wifh your opinions this is all to do with the way you put them across.Just like poker you have to know the game you are in.If you are making 100 dollar bets in a nickel anti game it is not long before you are playing alone.Big words like marmalade and haberdasher should be saved for when you and your menzite buddys get together, but for us simple folk sometimes less is more, remember still waters run deep. exept the ribbing as a little fun,life is to short.I do have the cure for cancer… laughter. Now on another note…wht the fuc# donkey owner I thought you only taught your pet to type, but here I find you also taught him to use the phone. What else havent you told us. Nothing will shock me now.

  115. donkeyowner

    KANT donkey, pull the chain on yourself if you’ve quite finished….down you go to where you belong.

  116. Mark Fenty

    I am on way to church, what about you all guys? Remember now, you can’t take your money, proper grammar, and academic degrees, where I am going. When the Good God ask us to give account of our stewardship,our stewardship is our life ,what will our answer?

  117. Mark Fenty

    The service was great and the church was packed from top to bottom.

  118. 157

    Donkey, the service was great because you kept your yap shut and didn’t stink up the place.

  119. Mark Fenty

    Anonymous, I can see that you’re a sucker for rhetorical abuse!

  120. Mark Fenty

    Anonymous, how long have you and the Devil been beer buddies my good friend lol?

  121. We are going downhill nicely!! Well done!

    For several decades I’ve envisioned a societal decay like this for Barbados, where apathy and inaction breed what we see today.

    During several visits to Broad Street recently,
    usually around 10:30 in the morning
    I have seen motorbikes popping wheelies as they tear away from the pedestrian crossing light near the old CIBC bldg.
    On rear wheel only, they roar up our main shopping street as far as the Cave Shepherd area. This happens regularly enough to be predictable now.
    I’ve seen cruiser-type visitors on Broad Street look on in horror and dismay
    (not an approving look on their face!)
    and I cringe for our tourism product on the ground
    (not the false-advertising piffle you see on TV and on YouTube).

    We are going downhill nicely!
    And we are powerless to do anything about it!
    Those who used to puff our their chests in false pride as they declared Barbados to be the BEST place in the world to live
    are now strangely silent.
    All around me I see seriously-uncouth behaviour
    and distinct parallels to Jamaican dub culture
    and Guyana in the good ole choke-and-rob days!
    Well done Barbados. The Golden Goose is dead at last!

  122. lawson

    I hate to say it but your right your fucked, the niceness and safety of barbados is gone , people will go on a ship or a sandals resort because there is protection Barbados has lost that security that people were willing to pay for you are not honest about crime and try to hide what is actually happening on the island.. I love the island but whether it is dlp blp or whatever you are killing the island What are you politicians who are sucking the life blood from the island to do when it fails how will you face your people? Get together and save the island before it is to late .

  123. Mark Fenty

    Ya ya, everyone has a negative opinion as the saying goes, but what about some suggestive workable solutions? So what if Barbados used to be the Luminous Crystal in the Caribbean and we’re no longer able to boast of that reality ? Any intelligent person is cognizant of the fact the most societies go through periods of moral,social, and economic decline.

  124. Mark Fenty

    I have read about those periods in history, when the United kingdom was a dominant power in the world affairs . Possessing colonies as far Asia, Africa, and the America’s, but today the United kingdom exercise minimal influence over the world affairs.

  125. Mark Fenty

    Utopian society is metaphysical concept constructed pure in the human mind. Even England has had its share of social unrest with the Briton riot in early 1980s, if I am not mistaken.

  126. Mark Fenty

    Let me reiterate what I was incapable of conveying conspicuously here. Utopian society is a metaphysical concept pure constructed within the depths of the human mind.

  127. donkeyowner

    Donkey, what you are capable of conveying and have done so very clearly here is that while you crave our attention and approbation for your literary efforts you lack the thought or written skills to do so. You are a pompasetting jackass given to frequent braying, its what you do.

  128. Mark Fenty

    @ Donkey
    You lack the necessary hyperbole to articulate on my level jackass. And it is due primarily to your cerebral insufficiency that is deeply rooted in the family DNA.

  129. Mark Fenty

    It’s funny how you fuel your sense of inadequacy, by aggrandizing your sense of importance, as you attempt to marginalize others.

  130. Mark Fenty

    DONKEY, you have added little in the way of substance to this debate here, but your usual criticism and vitiation,you cock sucker.

  131. Mark Fenty

    Donkey, if you’re sucker for verbal molestation then I’m all for it. Dude I’ll tier you apart and then put your balls in your hands, intellectually speaking that is.

  132. Churchist

    Mark Fenty, for someone who speaks about Easter, Christianity, Jesus and is quite boastful about your church attendance, you sure do have a potty mouth.

  133. donkeyowner

    Donkey, I’m the registered “donkeyowner” and YOU are the donkey…got it, moron? Now jackass, I’m not trying to marginalize others, but I HAVE reduced you to the insignificant brayer you are and always will be…have you noticed all the other comments agreeing with me and defecating on you for starters? They are right here and other blogs also, do remind yourself. Now as for your tearing me apart intellectually speaking,,,donkey dear Fenty, you would need an intellect to do that and you don’t have one. Anywhere.

  134. Anon

    @ donkeyowner keep d hot lixx in dat jackass Fenty, he is one idiot, like he is one uh dem mental retard red peepul from Newcastle Hill. Yuh doing good man, burse he ass some more, i hay deading wid laff @ Fenty.

  135. Liesandties.

    I’m here in San Diego reading this Fucktard Fenty and marveling at the punishment he’s getting from donkeyowner (great job!) and the others. Keep it up guys, he should have been “culled” at birth! He’s a special kind of stoopid.

  136. Hothersal Hangout

    Donkey Red Fenty, hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  137. Liesandties

    Fenty bro…it seems nobody likes you or has any time for you…you should know when to quit.

  138. donkeyowner

    Yo donkey. Nobody likes you, as your owner I order you to take your shoebox brain and leave. Go. Never return, there will be more humbling for you if you do.

  139. donkeyowner

    @ Anon, Liesandties, Hothersal and the many many many others…meet a real live troll, Mark Fenty. This is how we treat his ilk. No mercy.

  140. donkeyowner

    Starch I can find donkey, but you will never find an intellect because you don’t have much of a brain…I mean just read what you write…you are a moron in dire need of registration.

  141. donkeyowner

    Let’s vote on blocking Fenty…all those in favor say so…we’ll let BFP decide on the results.

  142. donkeyowner

    Fenty, you have given us all a clear view of who you are and what you are not….a person who thinks well and expresses themselves in a clear, lucid manner. You are such a failure. Keep writing and read everybody’s opinion about you, not just mine. Its no coincidence you have NEVER had “one” person applauding your horrible efforts or speaking in your defense. Not “one” person should tell someone as dense as you something. And that would be you are a moronic troll.

  143. donkeyowner

    Fenty, you have given us all a clear view of who you are and what you are not….a person who thinks well and expresses themselves in a clear, lucid manner. You are such a failure. Keep writing and read everybody’s opinion about you, not just mine. Its no coincidence you have NEVER had “one” person applauding your horrible efforts or speaking in your defense. Not “one” person should tell someone as dense as you something. And that would be you are a moronic troll.

  144. Marvin Bareback

    Amazingly, this banter could go on forever and long ago these petulant children went very far off topic. Let’s get back to the wheelies. As a long time motorcyclist, it makes me wince to see these activities on the public roads. Obviously, the public at large must think people on motorbikes are idiots, what a shame when motorbikes are a great way to transport oneself, take up less room than a car, can be parked almost anywhere and have fantastic fuel efficiency. There is one way to stop this menace though. It all rests with the Comptroller of Customs and the Chief Licensing Officer……they allow these bikes onto the island and our roads but could very clearly distinguish between those that are strictly off-road competition bikes (motocross with only number plates) that have no lights, reflectors, mirrors, signal lights, etc. In any other country, they are not street legal and must be towed on a trailer or in the back of a pickup truck to get to the areas where they are allowed to be ridden. How do they get licensed for road use here? It beggars belief. Also, as competition bikes, they are tuned for maximum horsepower and the lightest weight so they have a minimum amount of muffling of the exhaust. But we know that a lot of the bikers will also alter their exhaust system to remove all the baffling and let the bikes resonate more. (especially those wacky Harley-Davidson drivers who seem to love that sound and like to wake up people for miles around with a simple drive up their road). If the police want to clean up this act, they only have to enlist their own motorcycle crew to stop all the bikes they see on a day and check them for “street-legal” accessories like mirrors, lights etc. I’m sure if one of the go-kart racers on the island decided to drive his racing machine around on the public roads, he would soon enough get stopped and called to account. Why can’t the same be done for the off-road motorbikes? Also a system of rewards could be set up for anyone in the villages to anonymously call in the location of some of the bikes that are kept by the boys on the block to use for drug runs….just seize the machines and ship them out of Bim.

  145. Marvin Bareback

    By the way, on a note to BFP, why don’t you remove the 100 plus posts that are not addressing the topic you posted. The name calling between Fenty, donkey owner and Phil Officer is just plain dumb….it shouldn’t remain here.

  146. BFP

    Hi Marvin

    Getting there m’be today. Bad times with no water here really makes for more work. No time for posting last 2 days anyone.

  147. Bajan Abroad

    Ohhhhhhhhhh! I ain laugh so hard in long boy! My belly brekking down people looking at me funny in de office and ting. I was wondering when someone would take him to task.

    Anyhow sweet fuh days mekking me miss home.

  148. Bajan Abroad

    BFP if you take down please re post and link so that I can have a good laugh when needed – which is often in this snow infested place.

  149. 92

    So after reading many of the comments and a lot of BS about aristotle and westerners the simple most valid point to the argument is –
    1 – It aint the 70’s anymoe Mr Fenty . Traffic is 10 times worse than when those guys back then did it and it by no means justifies , but none the less the simple fact remains that when one is pulling a wheelie it is impossible to see clearly what is in front of oneself , hence the numerous motorboke deaths in the island casued from it .
    2- If you or your family were in the car coming the next way or pulled out of a gap and this numb skull hit you and killed someone in your car , what course of action would be taken .
    Maybe as far as you see the motorcyclist should be given a new bike .
    I for one will be signing up to learn to drive my car on two wheels to see if that would be seen as acceptable.

    Did Darwin not have a theory that may be added here…

  150. Dude

    Damn this thread is f##king hilarious, Fenty you really are a dingleberry. So many on this thread have called you out and you just fall right in. I actually believed as did another that you must be just screwing with everyone as no one could be this much of an imbecile…….I was wrong. I dropped out of another thread because of your moronic diatribe and yet here I see it is alive and well on this thread.

    Trying for the big words and truly pointless references to sound somewhat intelligent is very strange and you must have a very low opinion of yourself. I would say that the reason you fire off so many replies is because you jump on the search engine in-between and come up with more of these stupid references as you need to feel important.

    You fire back up to 5 replies all 20+ minutes apart (while no one else has posted anything) as you cannot actually string a single sentence together and you actually think more is better.

    What I will say is that in that previous thread you indicated that you were in the military, I find that very hard to believe. Why do I find that hard to believe you ask…………Simply because you would have been done by friendly fire, that is to say your own squad would have shot you.

    What is the old saying……………..Never argue with an idiot…………

  151. lawson

    Dude he seems to have a lot to do with the military, in general, he is a major pain in the ass,corporal punishment as a child must have been lacking.

    Fenty, here is an old scottish saying, oh the lord the gift to ge us to see oorselves as others see us.. Take heed lest the donkey owner come back for you and you once again fade into his shadow

  152. yatinkiteasy

    Folks…do what I have done…just ignore any of the insane and stupid remarks and insults from MF. Clearly he has a mental problem.Ignore him Totally. He will continue to write crap, but at least he will get zero satisfaction from carrying on an argument with anyone besides himself.

  153. marsdalebear

    Can anyone please translate this garbage for me?
    WTF is he smoking?
    “I guess I could find it within my capacity to briefly respond to one of your insulin question. It takes a requisite amount of intellectual resources to really comprehend the more complex concepts in philosophy. And it is share intellectual arrogance to get on a social media blog, to engage an audience in the more complex concepts of philosophy,such as Phenomenology, ontology, and metaphysics etc.”

  154. yatinkiteasy

    Ignore MF..Ignore MF….Ignore MF.

  155. 21

    Just a thought here, given 175 comments, has anyone actually contacted the police at all??????????

  156. Mark Fenty

    Yatiniteasy, you’re not as smart as you want others here to believe. Had that been the case, you would have had enough foresight, and insight to anticipate the Con Harlequin pulled over your eye. You seem to think that the ability to express yourself in the Queen’s English, somehow amount to the ability to think. And that flaw in your think has gotten you in the mess you’re in today. You need to take sometime and examine your arrogant disposition, I don’t know who fool you into believe that just because you can construct a sentence according to conventional standards, that you’re somehow gifted intellectually. You’re in every corner of this blog correcting grammatical errors like you’re some grammatical guru sent here by the Queen to England to whip us in to shape. Man please! Do you really understand that the ability to express your according to conditioned standard isn’t the true criteria for determining one intellect? You university education has been a total failure if you have learned the concept of thinking outside the box.

  157. Mark Fenty

    @ Anonymous @ Anonymous

    “A Mole in the Midst”

    As far as I’m concern, Anonymous is the biggest troll on this blog. And it is within the best interest of those individuals who are warring against Harlequin, not to trust him. You’re a Snake in the true sense of the word Anonymous/Satan. Several weeks ago you were the biggest support of Harlequin, and took pleasure in ridiculing others who opposed the Harlequin Con Enterprise. On several occasions I saw you from time to time contesting the opinion of your former antagonist Yatiniteasy. Then out of the clear blue sky, you have all of a sudden gotten an epiphany that Harlingen weren’t the bad guy after all. Though, several weeks prior to that you were kissing Harlequin rear end, like a hyena on the loose in a meat market. You’re a wretched specimen of human deceit who lacks integrity.

  158. Fenty is a mosquito

    Fenty keep attacking people about their intellect but is unable to distinguish between “share” and “sheer”. Quite telling.

  159. The Oracle

    Marvin Bareback…if you checked you will see that “everybody” takes MF to task, not just the three writers you cited above. Also, the exchanges are amusing to many of the readers, check their posts. I don’t agree that BFP should edit the post according to your suggestion, you are ignoring the democratic majority rule.
    BFP should however, take a hit out on MF’s writing hand…I will contribute the garden shears.

  160. The Oracle

    Fenty, your writing stinks like old dead bait and you are the only appreciative reader of your toilet theatricality. Kant.

  161. Dude

    7 posts in a row, you really try so hard to be important. Serious self esteem issues and a desperate need to be liked I would probably get that looked at.

    You think by sounding intelligent you are somehow getting some form of respect? So desperate you are, the more you post the more you show your nature. Then when you see you getting nowhere then you start the abusive posts that are common to a 5 year old.

    Here is a tip, smart people know they are smart and see no reason to try and convince others of that fact. On the other hand stupid people never think they are stupid and spend their time trying to convince others they are smart.

    Pretty obvious which category you fit into,

    You asked earlier where we had all gone, I think I can talk for the others you mentioned and myself……………………..we all have real lives.

    Feel free to fire back 60 replies, your just wasting your own time which it seems you certainly have a lot of.

  162. The Oracle

    Somebody deleted a whole bunch of Fenty’s crap…well done!

  163. Tudor

    The only thing I agree on with Mark Fenty is his statement that “he is entitled to his opinion” – unfortunately he continues to share it with us.
    I cannot understand how any logically thinking person can support and/or condone the illegally actions of a group of people who endanger not only themselves but other road users as well. Mr. Fenty should also realize that the pompous, condescending, & overbearing manner in which he puts forth his opinions certainly make it difficult for others to take him seriously.

    I am reminded of the old adage ” a little learning can be dangerous” .

  164. Bajan Abroad

    Anyhow yes the law should be enforced and no it is to safe to ride like that. The majority of us do not want a yahoo society it think it is safe to say.

  165. iWatchya

    I do believe that it is safe for me to break out my marsh-mellows and roast them on the flames of this little “flame war”. 😉

    There is another point to add to this forum about motor cyclists’ deviant behavior; Think about the property damage when they have an accident… Usually, the other party has to pay – even if they are insured with comprehensive coverage. Due to the insurance companies not covering the costs. if the party at fault does not have a valid driver’s licence or insurance policy.