Was Derek Crawford beaten by police to make him confess to rape?

Call for police video-recording of confession statements

Cheerful Commissioner Dottin ignores calls for police reform

Cheerful Commissioner Dottin ignores calls for police reform

Derek Crawford was originally charged with the rape of two visitors to Barbados – Rachel Turner and Diane Davies.

When both women said the police had the wrong man the case exploded in the worldwide news with the incompetence and brutality of the Royal Barbados Police Force front and center in the questions.

The Police Commissioner said that Crawford “confessed” to the rapes and particular knowledge of the crimes. Mr. Crawford said he signed the confession after the police suffocated and beat him. He said he would have signed anything, and BFP regular Mark Fenty agreed, saying,

“Of course Crawford confessed to a particular knowledge of the crime, who wouldn’t? How long could one man tolerate a serious beating at the CID?”

BFP reader Mark Fenty on Commissioner Dottin says accused rapist Derick Crawford confessed

We know how it is ’bout hey and we believe Derek Crawford. We believe him well. Clinton Norton and a few others would believe Crawford too, except Norton is dead in strange circumstances and some folks say the police did it. In case you’ve forgotten, somebody tortured Clinton Norton to death. He was found with blood in his lungs and sand in his nostrils and mouth – dead inside a store burglary with no sand on the floor. There’s not many stories about Clinton Norton in the local news media, nothing to see hear and we don’t like to raise that kind of thing – bad for the tourist business.

Meanwhile British Member of Parliament Sephen McPartland just called upon the Foreign Office to warn that Barbados is “not a safe place” for women travelers…

 “I firmly believe that Barbados is not a safe place for British women to travel to as there is a rapist on the loose.

“The police have failed to reopen the case and they have failed to get Rachel justice.

“The Foreign Office should update their travel advice and make it clear that Barbados is not a safe place to travel and warn British tourists to stay away.

“Maybe then, the authorities in Barbados will make the police reopen the case and find this rapist.”

Member of Parliament Sephen McPartland quoted at BBC Barbados rapes: MP warns travellers island is ‘unsafe’

DNA? Modern police methods and investigations?

Why bother with that when you can grab a likely looker – maybe the same general description like the witness says – and then beat the hell out of ‘im til he confess! That’s a good description of police work in Barbados for many Constables. Former RBPF Constable (now a lawyer) Stephen Alleyne wants the police to video confessions from suspects.

Bajans have wanted video confessions for 20 years and more. We know how things are on this rock.

Mr. Alleyne is spitting by de road – makes him feel good but accomplish nothing!

Under Scrutiny: Time to record all confessions

By Stephen Alleyne

As the recent dismissal of two cases against Barbadian national Derek Crawford for the alleged rape of two British women continues to make news in the United Kingdom, this is an opportune time to call on Government to complete the facilities for the video and audio recording of confession statements from accused persons without further delay.

In the Crawford case, the police were seeking to rely on a statement they said was voluntarily made by Crawford in accordance with the Judges’ Rules (a set of rules first issued by the Judges of the King’s Bench Division of the United Kingdom in 1912 and revised from time to time giving guidelines to investigators on the procedure they should follow in the detaining, questioning and recording of confessions from suspects), but the two victims of the crime were adamant Crawford was not the man who raped them, resulting in the prosecution discontinuing the case.

This assertion by the two women therefore raises a number of questions about the statement the police purportedly recorded from Crawford. Did Crawford make the statement in the first place? If he did, was it because of acts of oppression or coercion visited on him that forced him to do so? And if he did because of acts of oppression, was the statement in any event true or did he make them to avoid further oppression? Because of their present method of recording confession statements, the police, in the absence of additional physical and/or scientific evidence, will find it difficult to answer these questions, as demonstrated by the Commissioner’s failed attempt to do so in a media conference.

… continue reading this article at The Barbados Advocate – Time to record all confessions


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15 responses to “Was Derek Crawford beaten by police to make him confess to rape?

  1. Richard

    To issue a travel advisory against Barbados because two British citizens were raped is insane. How many visitors get mugged and raped in the UK. There is hardly anything special about the race or nationality of a rape victim, rape is rape. So, what makes this case so special, how many other rape cases remain unsolved in Barbados. Our once colonial masters always seems to want to impose punishment on their once held territories. People get raped all the time in foreign countries, not just Barbados, we certainly do not condone rape, but to punish an entire country through travel advisory, is just outright wrong, and them in UK know that damn well too. It’s funny though, there was a time when these white (slave owners) would rape at their whim and fancy, and saw nothing wrong with it, but now they want to show how pious and self righteous they are.

    On the matter of the police brutality in Barbados, that is not breaking news, I feel confident that they beat the hell out of Mr Crawford, so to stop the torture, he admitted to the crime, the police officers involved should be hung by their balls, and for those who want to continue to wallow in denial and continue to believe that the Barbados Police Force is squeaky clean, I hope when you become a victim of that same corrupt, out-of-control para-military police force in Barbados you will feel the same way. I rest my case.

  2. Jack Bowman

    Richard says: “To issue a travel advisory against Barbados because two British citizens were raped is insane.”

    That’s true, which is why nobody has done it.

    Richard says: “Our once colonial masters always seems to want to impose punishment on their once held territories … People get raped all the time in foreign countries, not just Barbados, we certainly do not condone rape, but to punish an entire country through travel advisory, is just outright wrong.”

    That’s also true. Yes, it is wrong, which is why nobody, including “our once colonial masters”, has done it.

    Hard though it might be to grasp in Bim, a Member of Parliament in a foreign land is actually trying to give fair representation to a constituent. That constituent was raped in Barbados. Even the most cursory reading of the BFP post makes it blindingly clear that the MP in the foreign land is simply trying to get justice for his raped constituent in circumstances where justice currently seems unlikely in the absence of some mild pressure.

    But that isn’t really the point that “Richard” wants to make. Richard wants to see some global colonial conspiracy that might somehow account for the modest level of his own talents at reading and reasoning. This is the point that “Richard” wants to make …

    Quoting Richard: “It’s funny though, there was a time when these white (slave owners) would rape at their whim and fancy, and saw nothing wrong with it, but now they want to show how pious and self righteous they are.”

    Richard wants to see things, wants his personal limitations to be justified, which is why he can read a very brief BFP blogpost and see all kinds of things that simply aren’t there.

  3. Bajan Abroad

    Well Said Jack.

    My take away is that it is not the rape but rather the lack of justice. This injustice is exacerbated by the apparent effort of the police to use a straw man, and now apparently, after being discovered, doing nothing more. A picture of a smirking Police chief does not help either.

  4. millertheanunnaki

    Richard: March 25, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    What are you on about regarding the travel advisory?
    The travel advisory is justified given what is happening in Barbados at the moment.
    We must clean up our act and stop attacking the UK officials for arming their own people with information to enhance their own safety and security when travelling to Barbados. This is required by law.
    The UK does not promote itself to visitors as a paradise where the only crime is pettyfogging in nature. The Brits do not advertise and entice Bajans to visit the UK for holiday and relaxation.
    If you invite someone to your home the onus is on you to ensure their safety by not letting loose your dogs or spilling things on the floor leaving them to accidentally slip and hurt themselves. What about keeping your place unhygienic and the toilet not flushed with crap in the bowl?

    Come on man you owe a duty of care to your visitors invited to your home.
    Would you allow your wife or daughter to visit a place where it is known a rapist is on the loose without letting them know of the risks and attendant dangers to their safety?

    That is what the MP and the Foreign Office are faced with.
    A country inviting their fellow citizens to visit where there is a rapist on the loose that has a fancy for white women and a force that sees it as no problem and continues to sweep things under the carpet by insisting they have the right man but who has been wrongly identified by the actual rape victims.
    How silly is that? Do you really think that the Brits are that stupid? After all, they are the one that taught people like you how to read, write and think, colonial and all.

  5. Mark Fenty

    I have to ask this question regardless of how impertinent it may seen. But, why does it appear like the British nationals, are the one’s who are being victimized?

  6. Mark Fenty

    I’m quite sure that American tourist still vacation in Barbados? But, we have had little or no reports of American tourist being victimized in Barbados.

  7. Mark Fenty

    The British are known to be a frugal people, but that’s hardly a justifiable basis for victimizing them.

  8. millertheanunnaki

    @ Mark Fenty March 26, 2013 at 1:59 am
    “The British are known to be a frugal people…”

    That’s a load of maligning poppycock. What’s wrong with expecting value for money spent?
    It’s the Brits who as long stay visitors spend the money in the Bajan economy.
    Who do you think buy most of the villas, can be seen in the many bars and nightclubs and frequent Oistins Bay Gardens on Friday nights? The Americans, Chinese or Indians?
    Both white and black Brits with limeys from other ethnic backgrounds.
    Same thing applies to Bajans who lived overseas and returned to enjoy the fruits of their labour in their autumn years of life.

    Except for the Brits- and to a lesser extent Canadians- Barbados’ tourism would have gone under long-time ago. It’s certainly not what Americans look for and, except for the very few, frankly find the place a bit of a stuffed up expensively boring destination.

  9. Mark Fenty

    @ Miller
    There is absolutely no valid basis for you to surmised that I’ve attached a negative connation to the word “Frugal”, in this context. My intentions were quite the contrary.

  10. Mark Fenty

    @ Miller
    Then again, I can only speak from the individual experiences I’ve had with the British. And to be quite honest, I’ve found them to be extremely frugal when compared to the Americans.

  11. Mark Fenty

    Many of the Americans that I have spoken to regarding the island of Barbados, have had favorable things say about our island.

  12. Mark Fenty

    Many of the Americans that I have spoken to regarding Barbados , have had favorable things to say about our beautiful island. I am willing to admit howver, that the exorbitant accommodations in Barbados was a major concern.

  13. red

    careful about the americanos , they are used to live in crime scenes of any kind even in rural areas. so they r very used to bajan problems.
    and they tend to send troops to important places, okay that wont happen in case of barbados because there is nothing to earn…!?
    exept offshore oil might be found?
    switch from tourism to oil rigging and the comealong pollution?
    avec all the sideeffects…
    what I do not understand that places like limegrove exist while nobody is
    giving the shops business there.
    great names but hardly any revenue.
    is that all money laundry going on here?

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