Women should boycott Maldives tourism

Maldives Holiday

Why vacation where women are second class and punished for being women?

15 year old incest rape victim sentenced to flogging for sex outside marriage

The Independent: Maldives government moves to halt public flogging of 15-year-old girl raped by stepfather

The photos of the Maldives are always so beautiful – deep blue skies, crystal clear water, calm seas and clean tranquil private resorts – but those tourism adverts hide a seething Islamic fundamentalism that has taken over the government and the island nation’s culture.

Beautiful islands, yes – but hostile to women, westerners and all non-Muslims that they call infidels. Be prepared to vacation in a culture of hate where the government and many in the population conceal their laws and feelings only long enough to grab your tourism dollars.

Pity the women born in The Maldives. Only Muslims are allowed Maldives citizenship – all other religions are barred from being citizens even if born in the Maldives.

Why should women tourists boycott the Maldives?

Girls are still married off at nine and ten years old, young women are often whipped for having sex outside marriage, rioters in the streets broke into the museum and destroyed exhibits of non-Muslim history and culture – smashing thousand year old Buddha statues and burning religious books.

The Maldives: where you will be jailed if they find you with a bible or an icon of Mary on your computer.

The Maldives: where couples are offered marriage renewal ceremonies on the beach with the Muslim Imam saying the ceremony in the local language. Couples smile at each other – not knowing that the Imam is calling them swine and infidels and saying worms will come from the husband’s penis because he is not Muslim. The resort staff nods and smiles to complete the marriage renewal farce. What an indication of the inner feelings for western tourists!

Hey… nice people those Maldives Islamist crazies!

As a woman, choosing between Maldives or Barbados for next year’s winter holiday, there really doesn’t seem to be much thought needed, does there?

How about a Maldives Wedding?

If you’re still not put off by the state of the world in The Maldives, how about planning to get married or renewing your vows there? You too can have a wonderful ceremony… 

Friendly Maldivians call honeymoon couple “swine”, “infidels”, “Pork eaters”

“You are swine and infidels… Worms may come from the tip of your penis”

“You are below a mother fucker… Your children will be bastard swine”

Thinking of getting married in the Maldives? You might want to visit Barbados instead!

“…their happiness has turned to humiliation after the wedding video was posted on YouTube and subtitles disclosed that their “Islamic blessing”, which was conducted by a hotel employee in the native Dhivehi language, was in fact a stream of insults.

“You are swine. The children that you bear from this marriage will all be bastard swine. Your marriage is not a valid one,” he intoned as the couple held up their hands in prayer, blissfully unaware of what was being said.”


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11 responses to “Women should boycott Maldives tourism

  1. Well Well

    Blatant hatred and disregard for females, it’s state sanctioned.

  2. Richard

    The real problem is, not many people really care about the plight of another unfortunate human being, trapped in a country of mayhem, religious fanaticism blatant inequality. I guess we would have to boycott many other countries that are victimizing their own citizens. Personally, I would have no reason to visit such hostile places, because you never know, you might just become an innocent victim. Trust me, I have watched enough episodes of Locked up Abroad to know which parts of the world to avoid, Maldives is high on my list.

  3. unCHAINED?

    this is the whole agenda to push all of these false pagan worship oh yeah an I know most of us are currently damn but it does not gives us right to do every stinking disgusting thing on the face of the earth may GOD have mercy on us in de caribbean

  4. Talk is cheap, boycott with your wallet

    All of these airlines fly to this little cesspool of racism
    they could collectively refuse to fly and help change the repression but will remain slaves to economics!

  5. Jack Bowman

    Never been to the Maldives. Probably won’t ever go.

    Have read much of Pamela Gellar, and have decided if I wanted to be that stupid I’d have a lobotomy.

    In the meantime Mr. Loveridge is publishing opinions on the website one of your Bajan peers.

    One of that peer’s opinions, in short:
    Barbados Underground

    And Mr Loveridge wonders about the decline in the Barbados “tourism product”. What a surprise.

  6. Bajan Abroad

    I think the Maldives is sinking (literally) so leave them to their own devices perhaps? Seriously: extremism – and specifically Islamic extremism is something that we need to talk and do something about. Call a spade a spade.

  7. Pot calling kettle black

    You know what is hilarious? BFP talking about Maldives tourism and right in their country Barbados women tourists are murdered, raped and robbed.

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  9. Raz

    These comments are not the facts what is happening In Maldives. There are ppl need more freedom in the Maldives but it will not happen in that way. So these ppl are giving bad impression the World so that they can get support from the Western World.

  10. This articles is so damn lie. Its full of lie. Some guys who hate maldives is spreading these lies against Maldives. Maldives is the most peaceful and the best holiday destination on earth.

  11. Ras

    I am a Maldivian , a women.. living in the capital of Maldives, where i go to work every morning. No one stops me, or degrades me for being a women. I have equal rights just as much as my male colleagues. This article is full of lies, dis torment of facts. The reality is far from it. So please, before you read and believe something, think twice, do some research.