Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves: How many travel writers will you jail?

Kenton Chance Wikileak

St. Vincent’s racist Prime Minister is on the record very upset that two BBC journalists ‘snuck’ into the country by telling Immigration authorities they were visiting as tourists when they were really working on a story about Harlequin and Dave Ames. Had the BBC journalists been filming a feel-good travel or investment article, Gonsalves wouldn’t have had a problem with them.

Too bad the BBC story was about how Harlequin collected hundreds of millions of pounds from British pensioners but only built a handful of promised holiday homes before running out of money.

Gonsalves threatened that Panorama tele-journalists Paul Kenyon and Mathew Hill committed crimes punishable by imprisonment.

No word on what PM Gonsalves thinks about Harlequin’s Ponzi scheme, but he is sure upset at the reporters for mentioning it!

How dare dem bloody reporters come snooping around and then expose the story of how SVG  and its politicians let a twice-bankrupt double glazing salesman get away with using the country to promote a pyramid scheme!

One problem though: does Prime Minister Gonsalves intend to apply the same rules to every travel journalist who comes to SVG as a tourist and then writes nice things about the island? Or is Gonsalves only concerned about the law when investigative journalists expose the truth?

If Prime Minister Gonsalves wants to put some journalists in jail he should start with every travel and finance writer who took a free trip from Harlequin and declared they were on holiday when they arrived in SVG. They are the ones who printed the flowery stories that set the trap for thousands of trusting Britons to lose their pensions. If any journalists deserve jail, it is that bunch.

Of course, it’s a good thing that the BBC journalists are of the white race because Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is probably going soft on them. You see, Ralph Gonsalves is a racist who dislikes mulattos and brown people – and said so.

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28 responses to “Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves: How many travel writers will you jail?

  1. Alec

    On what basis does the writer refer to Dr Gonsalves as being racist? With an opening salvo (unproven & unfair as well it was not possible to continue reading the article

  2. BFP

    Hi Alec,

    Thanks for alerting us that we left out the hot link. I’ll put it in now…

    He (Gonsalves) further criticized St. Lucia’s Alan Chastanet as among “a species of brown people in the Caribbean with money” who are “not loyal to anybody”. Gonsalves continued by noting that such people, whom he described as “Castries mulattos”, believe they are “oracles” and represent a “break in the social advancement in the Eastern Caribbean.”

    According to Gonsalves, you can’t trust those brown people and mulattos. If that isn’t racist, then what is?

  3. If Gosalves was a racist as claimed, why would he wed a brown woman and father mulatto children? This is just a specious attempt to sully and tarnish the Prime Minister’s image and character…Please, go back to the drawing board and come again….”You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

  4. That is the Hon. Prime Minister Gonsalves’ beautiful “Brown” wife standing far left in great company with the POTUS Barack Obama and the FLOTUS…I suppose, according to BFP, he has an anathema for his “Brown” wife and his “Mulatto” children…perhaps you need pictures of them too. Stop the madness….

  5. Do as I say not as I do!

    If the wiki-leaks diplomatic information is accurate, then Gonsalves is just another politician talking out of both sides of his mouth and using racism
    to further his ends.

    He is not to be taken seriously except when he threatens journalists trying to expose a Ponzi scheme in his country and the financial terrorism of retired and pensioned Brits.

    just another disgraceful bully!

  6. This is all political, and many of the PM’s rivals and foes(politicians, tourism sector and hotel industry members et al) in SVG and elsewhere have a lot to lose, if he succeeds with the building and completion of the Argyle International Airport and other such amenities that will complement and facilitate such large infrastructural projects…? Stop and cease from these futile attempts and political assaults on the PM….With the gracious will of G_d, the PM will succeed and SVG will proper…This scenario scares a lot of the opposition members of the NDP in SVG…and ‘others’ in the region who have benefitted economically from SVG’s underdeveloped tourism industry…

  7. blane

    Unbelievable. So just because his wife is black that means that he is not racist? I will remind you all that the slave masters had a lot of black women too and even had children with them.

  8. Racist against who? Many of the PM’s extended family members are diverse and represents the multi colored rainbow and cosmopolitan populace we witness in SVG and elsewhere….The operative word you used in one of your earlier post is “If” the wiki-leaks diplomatic information is accurate.”… As a journalist you should be more objective…..

  9. Tony Webster

    No surprise…the foot that fits the “Scientific Socialism” shoe , has become a bit on the “prosperous” side of the left-right divide, and it’s evidently pinching a bit. To be more accurate, both feet have this problem; also the belt. Is the source of the problem the philosophy; the shoe; or the wearer? Or perhaps an outbreak of foot-in-mouth disease in SVG?

  10. neil mayor

    commentator getting desperate now.Shot yourself n the foot with this one

  11. Anonymous

    What happened with the rape charge a female member of Gonsalves personal security brought against him? He is well known for wanting to push his big belly thing against women who are attractive to him whether the women want that or not.

  12. 122

    When that airport is built Barbados stand to lose a lot of income!
    St Vincent fed them with all the banana plants and now its all negatives against the prime minister!
    No other country would have been violated in this way by the BBC and we ought to be ashamed of supporting that Peodophile ridden organisation called the BBC! Journalists are supposed to work under strict protocol but this is not so for the BBC!
    They are just trying to stifled investment in St Vincent . and if the BFP want to print something about steeling investors money , does Cow Williams ring a bell? I know of people who paid deposit for holiday homes in Barbados and was harrased for more money that was agreed and even had their chosen apartments changed without consent so please leave SVG alone to solve its own problems , !

  13. Wow, the powerful BBC brought to a halt…to a broadcasting ‘stall’ if you may…I wonder why? BRP and BBC better realize, wake up and smell the coffee…that this PM is no push over, and would litigate this sordid affair…within a minute….

  14. just want to know

    This man is a sardonic, red face, pervert. Remember Tom Adams threw him out of Barbados ( LOL ) !!!!!. He has st. Vincent in a terrible economic state, all his family is in high positions, reaping what little the people have.

  15. 32

    122 you eating ah Gonsalves food ent? Yuh biase bush Vincy yuh…

  16. “Just want to know”….be careful, you know the PM will file suit for slander….Where is the evidence that the PM committed these offenses??? None, I say!….nada…. Not one shred….

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  18. John


    Didn’t it ever dawn on you that the PM is afraid to sue?

  19. John

    You work it out!!

  20. I don’t have anything to work out.You prove whatever allegations against the PM….

  21. Still can tell why BBC postponed the ‘Smoking gun’ program on the Harlequin matter….

  22. The real “Smoking Gun” —- —

    Now BBC and BRP…leave our PM alone…

  23. Anonymous

    Racist? boy fuck off,uncle Ralph we dupes alyo bajan only good fo fuck man fly over vincy we duppy alyo fuck level with pm smoke some vincy herb clear your clouded mind