Travel + Leisure Magazine does undeserved hack job on Barbados

Travel Leisure Magazine

by Happy Visitor

You have to wonder about the reasoning behind the Travel + Leisure magazine article about the 2013 World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index.

The WEF rated Barbados at a very respectable 27 out of 140 countries rated and near the very top in a number of categories: Sanitary (1), Hospital beds per population (12), Regulatory framework (13), Prioritization of Travel & Tourism (8), Ground transport infrastructure (9), Affinity for Travel & Tourism (2), Education quality (7) and so on.

But what does Travel + Leisure magazine focus upon? We did poorly for Natural Resources (133). That’s no surprise given our population density, lack of natural resources, water shortage and frankly, successive governments and a population that don’t seem bothered by trash or paving over natural habitats. Yes, we could use some big improvements in that sector, but with all we have to offer and how well we did overall, it is unfair for the magazine to mention one of our few faults without commenting on our overall standing or successes featured in the WEF’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index.

Further Reading

2013 World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (PDF 6mb)


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4 responses to “Travel + Leisure Magazine does undeserved hack job on Barbados

  1. Klooae

    “Undeserved hack job” ??? I’m not sure it’s undeserved. We’ve ruined the environment and the place looks like a dump compared to St. Lucia, Cuba and many other pretty places.

    Could it be that the low rating for Natural Resources is bringing down everything else?

  2. Willie and Rib Bone

    What dey talkin’ ’bout natcheral resourselfness? Me and Willie ’bout the most natcheral resourselfness people on Bim! Who else but me and da BBF Willie tooke da inishative to go to da UK and scout out fo dat ho Rinahnna? If dat ain’t resourselfness den I about to give up and move to some other buety spot in the carib like maybe Haiti where we be appreshativeated as gentlmen of leshure and resourselfness..An bi da way-ain’t anybudy make any effert to hep me an Willie-da best fren a man could have and a lady too!
    We about had enuf of da ignorance of our best eferts to make all da peple of Bim prowd to be Bims. And who talkin bout trash along da hiway? Dey talkin bout me and Willie! Soun like it time to open a gient size can of Super Whup Ass!
    Yore eternel fren,
    Rib Bone an his BBF Willie-who imbided to much Cockspur las nite and is sufferin from da relapse of what he say malariia

  3. Well Well

    The governments of Barbados are yet to understand that their only true natural resources, since they have very little else, are their people and should act accordingly, one female baring her tired looking ass and wukking up on a stage will not draw anyone, it is tiresome and played out. Countries have for centuries realized that their people are their true resources and exploit that to the benefit of their citizens, and do not rely solely and exclusively on tourism, not so the governments in Bim. They are paid handsomely every month yet do not have the intellectual wherewithal to understand this and do something about it.

  4. World Bank sugar coat

    looking at all the slew of world financed economists and bureaucrats that wrote this piece of fiction ( not the natural resources section ) this is the equivalency of a self marking exam of a generation ago but with OPM ( the New World Currency )

    Give me an independent assessment any day like Trip Advisor or maybe Willie and Rib Bone and you will get a more objective critique.