Margaret Parsons tells her side of the Ralph Gonsalves sex assault story


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  1. continued abuse of power by politicians and Prime Ministers

    Thank God for BFP and free presses

    The Caribbean is replete with these stories which follow along the same lines as Tom Adams and OSA!

    no respect for women’s or human rights.

    Full Stop

  2. I am not doubting this woman but common sense will tell me that this is somehow far-fetched !
    Firstly she claims she is formally from the carribbean then later claimed both parents are from St Vincent avoiding to state your nationality is unpatriotic !
    Also she contracdicted herself many times in the interview, about the actual incident , It was sudden and straight away then she asked him to stop many times then pushed him away and ran out ,
    Then she further claimed that he grabbed her breast and continue to touch her ! Why didnt she scream? why didnt she go straight to the police?
    This woman could be a self publicist but I will left the judgement for the Law .

  3. FearPlay

    Be reminded that this fellow was a University lecturer. I wonder how many female students were coerced /forced to trade asses for passes in his classes. We’re this the USA, Israel, UK or France where the press isn’t harnessed, the investigative reporters would be on to this along with state agencies to uncover the truth. Not saying the man is guilty BUT one has to wonder why so many accusations from so many women.

  4. Well Well

    There is no recourse for females in the Caribbean against demeaning, degrading sexual harassment, it is acceptable and the norm. Waste of time going to the police cause they too have culprits among them. Small island power breeds sexual predators.

  5. FYI, the UK is loosing it’s free press

  6. HELP


  7. FearPlay

    @Drumbeat – very true but abuse of their freedom brought about the curtailment of that very freedom as so often happens.

  8. Close to the end of the video she said she heard of another lady who accused the PM of sexual assult and at that point she decided she had to come forward and support this lady even if she had to say he sexually assulted her….hummmmm now why would A Human Rghts lawyer use the phrase ” EVEN IF I HAd TO SAY HE SEXUALLY ASSULTED ME”……………

    Also this lady is obviously morbidly obese and Ralph Gonsalves is also quite fat….how was this rape going to happen?…You want to tell me a man with a wife would risk his office trying to rape a lady who is that size….hummmmm

  9. Fear Play

    @Carlos, you should be ashamed of yourself for your insinuation. Why do men rape 80 year old women? It’s about the exercise of power and the latent disrespect they have for women. Remember the rape case in New York involving the President of the World Bank and the hotel maid? He was married too and to a wealthy and aristocratic wife. What happened there?
    Your bias is as distorted as Earl Richardson’s. It is attitudes like yours that encourages this behavior. I sincerely hope that you don’t have a sister/daughter and further, it’s a pity you had a mother….or did you?

  10. Proud Bajan Woman

    CARLOS YOU ARE AN ASS. Morbidly obese? You clearly do not like women and judging by your statements you are probably a sexual predator yourself!

  11. Well Well

    I think so too, as long as they are protesting against the victim, watch out……………predator sympathy.

  12. sandra browne

    I am not buying this story. Why did she waited so long to bring this abuse to the public? Why did she not go to the police staright waway?

  13. Redman

    This woman is believable.. Lots of creeps out there.. Prime Minister Gonsalves want locking up… He needs to taste his own medicine in a Vincie Jail…

  14. 122

    I would not be so ashamed to hide my name behind a pseudonym to post my beliefs !! If you take my post into context I was not condoning the alleged act, however I was questioning the accusers version of events given she is a trained human rights lawyer. Also the fact that she was introduced by her parents , who happened to be Vincentians, to the Prime Minister, But claimed she never knew or heard of him? every Vincy talk about their leader in one way or other, surely she would have mentioned this to the secretary on her way out or even subpoena her to a give evidence, she is a lawyer for goodness sake!

    Maybe something happened but not the way she is claiming, not so sudden and abrupt like that! Maybe things promised never materialised years later ? She needs to take this to court the truth would emerge at this stage its sheer accusation and being a Lawyer she ought to know that !

  15. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Words can be a funny thing. I listened carefully to what she had to say and I believe her. I believe her because even tthough she sought to be as composed and articulate as she wanted to be this woman was afraid. You people might not have seen tthat because she looked so compose but she was afraid. And it was not the thought of being in front the camera but the recollection of what transpired and the impact of the pyschological ordeal upon her mental state. She indeed contradicted herself as some have rightfully pointed out but that to me does not take away from the validity of her story as some would want to use that to question the credibility of what really transpired. I think the crux of this matter is that they are others who have come forward. Rather two or three or four they were others and that alone should raise the red flag that there is more to Ralph Gonsalves then just the PM of SVG. Ralph Gonsalves has a dark side and the power of the Prime Minister’s office is used to his full advantage to mask a hideousness that is not easy to keep in check when you are vile and a sufferer of chronic sexual perversion.

    The other intteresting thing is the way the matter was handled by law enforcement. Is this the trend of the Caribbean region to perpetuate the notion of the two laws: One for the rich and famours who are never incacerated for crimes whhen the evidence is overwhelming. And the other for the not so important people who fill the jails and prisons of their respective islands who are the priviledge class?

  16. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    shoud read who are not

  17. Gingerbread Girl

    If true then The PM really scraping the bottom of the bucket with the very chunky post menopause old woman. He must be. Kinky Prime Minister.

  18. Well Well

    Small island creeps with power have for many decades been sexual predators on the populace that includes underage children, young girls, young women, young men, obese women, etc, etc, and they do these vile things because they CAN. There is no one to stop them, they always look for the most vulnerable victims in society because they know most people are ready to call the victims liars, it is a psychological and evil practice by the professionals, particularly lawyers, in the society. Your life can be ruined if you try to expose their nastiness, it is not like the bigger countries where you can go to the police, newspapers, etc…………the caribbean is a cesspit filled with sexual predators.

  19. She is a Human rights lawyer and walked out of his office and did not go straight to the police headquarters which is like 1 minute walk from his office.?????????????? This story is too hard to believe. For those of you who think I am anti-woman let me tell you that this story was taken to court and was thrown out because this lawyer was NOT IN ST. VINCENT so could NOT HAVE BEEN IN THE PM’S office on the date she said she was in St . Vincent…….

  20. FearPlay

    @ Carlos “this lawyer was NOT IN ST. VINCENT so could NOT HAVE BEEN IN THE PM’S office”. Would you care to share the validity of this statement so that we can all be in agreement with your position that the gentleman is beyond approach?

  21. John

    Well Well

    March 23, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    Small island creeps with power have for many decades been sexual predators on the populace that includes underage children, young girls, young women, young men, obese women, etc, etc, and they do these vile things because they CAN. There is no one to stop them, they always look for the most vulnerable victims in society because they know most people are ready to call the victims liars, it is a psychological and evil practice by the professionals, particularly lawyers, in the society. Your life can be ruined if you try to expose their nastiness, it is not like the bigger countries where you can go to the police, newspapers, etc…………the caribbean is a cesspit filled with sexual predators

    Back in the days when Tom Adams was PM of Barbados Ralf Gonsalves got the boot and had to leave Barbados where he lectured at UWI.

    I can’t even remember why he was sent packing but figured it was because he had offended Tom.

    Tom was a serious PM with a phenomenal memory from which few could escape. It was always said he bore you in mind.

    It may be coincidence but Tom too is alleged to have had a problem with women.

    Perhaps Ralph Gonsalves is just taking a leaf out of his former tormentor’s book.


    Well Well you may very well have hit the nail on the head.

  22. @ FearPlay if you are so quick to share your opinion on things you know little about then you can do the research yourself….Trust me it is very easy to find the information….

  23. @FearPlay you can begin your research by contacting her lawyer ( she mentioned in her report) and ask questions. Oh by the way her lawyer is a known NDP ( the opposition party in SVG) party member who was intent of bringing down the ULP after the last elections. Things are not always the way they seem. You should do some research

  24. @Proud Bajan Woman, relax…..there are morbidly obese women out there and she is one. I have nothing against these huge women but they do exist so relax.

  25. Gingerbread Girl

    Looking at her I came to the conclusion she is a professional womanwith a mental illness and who has been used because of her mental illness by the opposition politicians.

    Prime Minister’s don’t have fist time official meetings with Human Rights lawyers, whom they don’t know alone. She is probably in the mental now.

  26. Mark Fenty

    Tom was alleged to have had a problem with women,I don’t think so. Actually, women had a problem with Tom physically beating them into compliance.

  27. Gingerbread Girl

    In 2008 when she first made the allegation she said the sexual assault occurred at his official residence. Now she says it occurred at the official office of the Prime Minister.

    The alleged assault took place all the way back in 2003, ten years ago and it was 5 years after that she decided to go public.

  28. Mark Fenty

    Tom used to beat a certain CBC announcer on the regular and that’s no joke. And I know that those of us here are well aware of whom I’m talking about, because it was public knowledge back in those days.

  29. @FearPlay let me help you out. Get in touch with Lawyer Richard Williams and find out why the sexual harrassment case brought by Margaret Parsens against Ralph Gonalvess was discontinued. He will tell you that the lady was not in St. Vincent when she said the incident occured….Go to the yellow pages and get the number for Williams and Willians Law FIrm in St Vincent…then post your finding here…we will be waiting

  30. John

    Mark Fenty

    The description Well Well used is “sexual predator”.

    The shoe seems to fit for both and both hold/held the highest office in the land.

    Erroll Barrow also knocked around a bit himself … and then there is P.J. Patterson about whom rumours at one time abounded.

    All the same, it may just be the office that turns a person foolish …. remember Bill Clinton!!

    Silvio Berlusconi of Italy also had his name called with child prostitutes, tax evasion and corruption so perhaps it maybe just a case of power corrupting or absolute power corrupting absolutely.

    Ralph may be in perfectly good company.

  31. Well Well

    Alll the PMs at one time or another had their sexual stories publicly bandied about and all of them are guilty of using their offices to victimize people they consider weak, yes we remember Tom Adams and his fast hands against women, particularly with that CBC announcers wife, it’s all about having power against a victim who cannot retaliate and has no recourse or the mental strength or support of the populace to stop the vicious rapes, assaults, harrassment used as a tool to weaken victims.

    I know of one lawyer in Bim who the likes of Gonzales would address as ‘my brother’ who for over 50 years used his lawyerly talents to demean, degrade and belittle women under the guise of helping the lower classes, some women don’t even understand what happened to them because he knows they don’t inderstand that they were victimized all those years. This sleaze is in his eighties and still victimizing young women as young as 18, with the help of viagra and cialis, dude has been morally bankrupt for so many decades he still boasts about his accomplishments with his victims, people find it amusing instead of criminal, and this useless slime still loves to boast he went to cawmere, there is now way I would believe a politician, particularly a lawyer over a victim.

  32. Well Well

    Ask any psychologist worth his or her salt, I don’t mean those jokes in Bim, and they will tell you, with sexual predators it is all about the power they can wield over their victims. The Caribbean still have decades to go before they realize this is a crime and not showings of machoism, it is still seen as amusing when women and children are made victims by sexual predators. We are now hearing thay young males are now victims to sexual predatory antics by their male employers if they want to keep their jobs Females have had to endure these crimes for many years to feed their children, it is time we stop calling the victims liars and start showing support and empathy, the next victims may be your relatives.

  33. @ Well Well if the victims are genuine victims then of course they get 100% support from me. Sometimes, however, we need to examine the individiual claims and not bunch all of them together. The story of Margaret Parsons has so much holes it makes you wonder, Look at the entire video again. There is also part one on youtube. Look at it again and try to talk to someone in St, Vincent who knows the story. I am vincentian and I made it my busines to find out what this was all about.. I am convinced that this lady was used as a political tool to unseat the Prime Minister. Find out exactly why the case was thrown out of court.

  34. Well Well

    Carlos……….i took your advice and listened to Ms. Parsons again, and I believe her, what she does not realize as someone not living in the Caribbean is that these predators operate throughout the west Indies and at every level, they think it is their entitlement to sexually abuse whomever they feel. It is all about having power over another human being and satisfying their sick sexual needs. I had more than one experience of this kind in Barbados, age, sex, looks don’t matter to these sick sexual predators. More than one female has complained about Gonzales. Knowing the mentality that exists when small island predators have power over others, I can easily imagine that no one would want to go against this guy since he is more than likely responisble for helping the people who are in positions to arrest him, in getting the jobs they currently hold. This is the norm in the Caribbean.

    The last recent experience I had like that in Barbados(and I am closer to 60 than 50) by that same douche bag of an aged and dying lawyer, my constant thought was and still is to use a straight razor and separate him from his penis and testicles, in my rage I figured that would take care of his sick mind. thankfully I did not stay in Barbados long enough to actually carry out the thought. So yes, I believe these victims who feel helpless that nothing can be done to stop the evil minded sexual predators holding high office and using their small island powers to sexually abuse anyone with a heartbeat.

  35. @ Well Well, let me ask you a few question. Why would a HUMAN RIGHTS lawyer not go straight to the police station as soon as she exited his office? His office is like 2 minutes walk from the Central Police Station in Kingstown. Why would she say this incident happpened on a day when was WAS NOT IN THE COUNTRY?. Why would she said that she decided to come forward even if she had to say she was sexually harassed? Why would she use the phrase ” even if I had to say he sexually harassed me” Why did she not go to the Court of Appeal when her case was dismissed? How could she NOt have known anything about this so called sexual preditor if both her parents are from St Vincent? If a lawyer is going to come to a country to do some work with the PM of a country dont you think it would have been pudent of her to find out something about him before she visited him?. There is always a police stationed outside of the PM’s office. Why did she not say a word to him. Even if she thought he would not believe her, why did she not say something?.Why did she hire a ” known laywer who feverishly oppose the government and said she would do anything to bring down the government to represent her in the sexual harassment case?…….Why did she take so long to come foraward, she is a LAWYER for goodness sake. You really cant see the holes in her story?…You just want to demonise a man because she said so. What about HIS side of the story?

  36. Well Well

    Ms Parsons said she was on a visit to St. Vincent at Christmas time and was taken by her relatives to visit the accused. Lots of people are not ware of the predatory ways of these so called officials who hold high office. YOU want to see holes in her story. As I have said, the likes of Gonzales is responsible for giving positions to the said people who should be investigating him and or arresting him for crimes, it will not happen in these little tin pot small island states, no one is willing to lose their job because a woman got sexually assaulted or raped or even murdered. Stop pretending that this guy is the salt of the earth, he and the same dirt bag lawyer i spoke about is the best of friends. These crimes happen on a daily basis and have now extended to tourists. My take on it is the same, use a straight edged razor and separate the sexual sadists from their penises and testicles and try not to get caught, that would surely cure them of their sick and dangerous fantasies while using their offices as a tool to commit crimes against the population. There are too many enablers of crime against defenseless victims in these small islands.

  37. John

    Why doesn’t the PM simply sue Ms. Parsons for defamation?

    We’ll then have his side of the story available.

  38. @ John, The PM of St. Vincent is one of the regions’s most outstanding lawyers and he would know the pros and cons of a law suit. I am sure if you call him and ask him why he does not sue her for defamation he will tell you. He has on several occasions said this thing never happened.

  39. John

    I did not realise he was a lawyer.

    I remember he was in the Social Science Faculty when Tom sent him back to St. Vincent.

    I checked him out on wiki and see he was called to the degree of utter barrister at Grays Inn in 1981, I am guessing after the affair with Tom Adams.

    His initial study was in economics in which he holds a PhD so he is definitely more highly educated than O$A, who doesn’t even hold a doctorate in economics, and certainly far more diverse.

    BTW, I am not sure these days if I would want people knowing I was a lawyer …… that is …. if I really was!!

  40. Mark Fenty

    @ John
    Former President George W. Bush, is a graduate of two of the world’s top Ivy League schools. Yale and Harvard Business School ,(you do the math).

  41. Mark Fenty

    @ John
    And President Abraham Lincoln, who have had merely a secondary school education. Has been described by constitutional historians as the most influential figure in American politics, to date. Does it really say something profound about conventional academics?


    I think that a person wheather an academic or world schooled should be able to hold his own in these sorts of situations. the discussions are at times amaturish to begin. However in final conclusion I must admit the lies and false statements become more plausible if heard frequently. Yes ignorance often prevail when fools close their minds to truth.i

  43. If this story was concocted, Ralph would have sued this woman for everything she has.

  44. This D Eric Williams is another numpty that sits and comment on issues as he has no life but to be a gossip and bearer of bad news !!

    He is constantly posting very stupid and primitive arguments on the SVG airport FB webpage !!

    He has a very large axe to grind ! Maybe Ralph should follow his advice and sue the pants off this Mr Williams, now that would be ironic !