Barbados Finance Minister says taxpayers’ money to be recovered on Four Seasons sale. Do you believe him?

Barbados Investment Four Seasons

We don’t believe Chris Sinckler… Do You?

Chris Sinckler says that the Government of Barbados is about to sell the disastrous Four Seasons project and that Bajan taxpayers “should be walking away from it with all of its monies intact.”

I’ll believe that when I see the books and the reports that you know we’ll never see. Bajan politicians and governments don’t allow public accountability when it comes to massive losses resulting from government foolishness.

I don’t believe Minister Sinckler. There have to be losses to taxpayers. This fiasco has been going on too long and there’s too much public money into it… We just don’t know how much of our public money is into the Four Seasons because the government doesn’t allow us to know. Former Prime Minister David Thompson said that the Four Seasons project was “extremely risky”. Now his old political friends are saying it’s no problem.

Why is the truth and transparency so difficult to find on this island?

That’s easy: because the political elites like it that way so they won’t pass Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information.

Do you believe Christ Sinckler?

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10 responses to “Barbados Finance Minister says taxpayers’ money to be recovered on Four Seasons sale. Do you believe him?

  1. lawson

    They are probably selling it to Harlequin, they have nothing else going on in Barbados at the moment.

  2. 131

    I have said all along, when so called investors buy these properties and let them sit without doing anything to them except put up big ugly fences around them for years, the Government should give them two years to build or put them up for Auction and sell even at a low price.

    The West Coast is a perfect example, Lots of ugly fences, there is Paradise, Vauxhall,Kings Beach and many others.

    The Government can make all sorts of Laws that don’t mean much, yet don’t have the guts to pass a Law to sell these properties to some one who will make good use of them and benefit the tourist Industry and Locals.

    Let us hope that Chris Sinckler put our money where his mouth is ?

  3. Willie and Rib Bone

    Me and da best boy frend Willie went to da office to see if we could get a idvanse of da money what you insinate gonna be give away. Afta da polis escort us from da premise wit threts of “hard time for you boy!’ we gonna stop readin the news cause all it doing is takin time away from our drinkin.
    Dont be lookin like po bajan boys like us goin to get nuffin again. We ain’t even got money from the govt for da trip to rescu dat ho Rihanna from da UK. We isnt happy today. We can be found at the rum shop by da airport if you needs to miserate wit us.
    Your sincer frend Rib Bone

  4. Not Taken


    Just returned from annual week in Bim.

    As usual we enjoyed ourselves, highlights included a couple of excursions to beautiful east coast sites including Thursday lunch at Bay Tavern. The scenery is truly awesome, the local folks friendly and welcoming

    The lowlights were the big ugly fences around the unstarted and stalled properties on the west coast, as well as the empty (you could shoot a cannon and not hit anyone) St. Lawrence Gap on a Saturday afternoon.

    Really depressing, seems like “investors” have gone away.

    Unfortunately, Chris Sinckley got no money to put where he mouth is.

  5. just want to know

    The trouble with Chris Stinkler & his P. M. they are thieves & liars. Come next election the same thing will happen, a lot of talk about the rest of the world being in recession. This is Barbados, & the people who are working are paying lots of taxes for people who do not want to work, but depend on the Government ( us taxpayers ) for everything. A lot of us are going to wake up one morning & find out we cannot even buy bread. The politicians will be flying around shooting their mouths off, about what they can & will do. They are all smut!!!!!

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    Now I have heard everything. Minister Sinkler boasting in Parliament that for the first time GEMS (Hotels and Resorts Ltd) has made a profit. Is that before or after the last $85 million of debt was written off?
    Don’t let Government near any hotel project or we might as well close every private sector tourism door.

  7. Well Well

    Since Four Seasons reached a dead end four years ago, why was NIS money being used to pay consulting salaries even though said consultants did not know their asses from their elbows and now they are looking for an investor to purchase an unfinished piece of junkyard. When will these brainless pimps stop wasting taxpayers money?

  8. 42

    Please find out who 4 seasons belongs to,you can google it and will find out.

  9. Harlisuccess

    See de Gov is selling de Four Seasons mess. Why not hold on and have it mental home. Could put druggies, robbers, useless police in there and live there themself. One happy family, one happy Barbados.
    Ya man forgot. Nutty prof, who said he save us, to go in there as well. He waste our money. Hope we pension money is give back to we.

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