Two British tourists shot in broad daylight – Sunday afternoon walkabout in Bridgetown

UPDATED: Latest radio reports indicate a purse snatching – and when the tourists resisted both were shot.


Does the Barbados Tourism Authority have an action team in place now?

Serious Injuries: 70 year-old man shot in side, woman shot in thigh

The debate over the ‘cash for gold’ businesses and the growing number of street robberies took another serious turn today when two elderly tourists were shot in broad daylight in the city. We are speculating that the motive was robbery because precious little information has made its way to the television and radio even 7 hours after the first report.

“Two tourists shot on a Sunday in broad daylight? Everybody should be working full days to find out what happened and to arrest those responsible.

We should be looking after the injured tourists and keeping their loved-ones informed.

We’re only talking our entire economy here, ya know!”

What we do know is contained in the Nation article below.

There are good and bad things happen to tourists all over the world, but Barbados has to this point maintained a reputation as a generally safe destination as long as people use the same care that they would when back home – doan be walking down dark sidestreets at 2am and expect nothing to happen. That is true in Paris, London, New York and Bridgetown.

On the other hand, if two elderly tourists can’t be safe on Hincks Street at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, then we have some real, heavy trouble.

Were they from a cruise ship or yacht? Perhaps taking a long walkabout? Did they take a taxi into the city for some shopping? That might be the case. On the other hand (and we are just wild talking here) suppose that the two tourists were trying to purchase drugs or engaging in some other high risk activity? This is just wild talking on are part to make the point that the information matters, and getting that information to the public matters too. Is there a madman on the run? Was this a robbery that went bad? Was it fallout from a domestic dispute? Bajans should know something more by this time than we currently know.

Only last week a Brit wrote to Barbados Free Press and said he and his wife wouldn’t be returning. (See BFP’s “With great sadness and best wishes” a British tourist says goodbye to Barbados forever)

What is known so far…     

The truth matters and the BTA should be right on top of this to look after the victims and their families here and back home, and also to act as a liaison with the police to keep Bajans and visitors better informed.

Two tourists shot on a Sunday in broad daylight? Everybody should be working full days to find out what happened and to arrest those responsible. We’re only talking our entire economy here, ya know!

Tourists shot in Bridgetown

SUN, MARCH 17, 2013 – 8:24 PM

Police reported the shooting of two British tourists in the City around 2 p.m. The names have not been released but police reports state a man, in his 70’s, was shot in his left side while a woman, in her 50’s, received a gunshot injury to her right thigh. The shooting occurred in Hincks Street.

The pair was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where they were being treated.

… from the Nation Tourists shot in Bridgetown


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  1. Calypsolover

    Two Brits shot .. one Brit and one Russian stabbed by some psychopath and nearly murdered in the last three months, incidents that are broadcast all over the British press and tourists have cancelled their trips to Barbados to avoid this kind of horror. Soon it will be like Jamaica here. For sure there are other attacks that have not been reported.

  2. Green Monkey

    On the 7pm CBC evening news it was said that a man tried to grab the tourist ladies handbag and she resisted, her husband came to her aid and the two of them ended up being shot for their efforts to prevent the theft of the handbag. I wonder if the police will now suggest that ladies don’t go out on the streets of Barbados with handbags, as it will only be tempting fate to walk down the street with a handbag in plain view.

    As an aside, I have to wonder if the police/coast guard do make a significant dent in the marijuana shipments coming into the island and close down the grow operations what those who derive their income from engaging in that trade will do to make a living. I take it they will not likely be looking for work picking cotton,digging yams or digging ditches. Sticking a gun or knife in someones ribs and saying, “gih mu yuh wallet” could, to those already inclined in a criminal direction, be an attractive alternative to having to live by the sweat of their brow. Jamaica, Trinidad we comin to join wunnah jes now.

  3. Green Monkey

    Wonder if any politician going dare come forward to blandly repeat the stock phrase we are accustomed to hearing after negative press about criminal actions affecting a foreign national, “Barbados is still a very safe destination for visitors.”


    like i said before the penalty most outweight the crime if you catch these fuc%%ers send them away for a long time . We dont have guns the locals have , its an not even fight tourists have nothing to repel a robbery You BARBADOS BETTER GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER OR YOU WILL HAVE NO TOURISTS.

  5. Walkabout

    Any time a 70 year old is shot or otherwise injured it is serious business. 70 year olds die from injuries that hardly bother healthy 30 year olds. This is so so very bad.


    cash for gold crooks or lawyer for land crooks same crooks , Tourist welfare seem to be above the locals for they dont spend pounds , or USD.
    All about money and safety and not about law and rule of law, We cant be one sided and think things will work out fine in the End, Balance all the way .Seem like a Plane ticket give you more right and care.
    People of Barbados needs the same equal care also.

  7. Canadian Tourist

    PLANTATION DEEDS: “Seem like a Plane ticket give you more right and care.”

    Seems like the Barbados Underground bigots have started already.

  8. This is truly reprehensible, but just blaming “Ca$h $ Gold” is a Knee-Jerk response – while I wish the couple a speedy recovery and for swift apprehension of the perp’s and a harsh sentence like Texas (249 years for each wound)?

    I also see the need for Barbados to start seeking to develop with children now the ability to create mobile App’s and devise our own cellphones; Government also needs to fast-track a Film Commission so we can get Hollywood, Bollywood or whoever to want to come here and make movies cheaply provided they spend it here… Relying on Tourism alone is not gonna cut it anymore.

    As for “Plantation Deeds'” comment, that was way off target and very inappropriate; if you truly consider yourself a Candidate for next Elections then I suggest you drop that jingoistic rhetoric at once – “Canadian Tourist” is correct IMO! You need to apologise Alex Mitchell

  9. A disillusioned traveller to Barbados

    “Seem like a Plane ticket give you more right and care” !!!?????
    Oh if only that were true then maybe the police would be doing their job, criminals would be apprehended and the authorities would treat victims of crime with the compassion and respect they deserve.
    Sorry “Plantation Deeds” but that is far from true – so far it’s laughable!
    I agree that Barbadian citizens deserve that same respect and care but whilst they continue to turn a blind eye to the workings of those in power then they will never get it.
    Only when the Police Commissioner, Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecutions et al admit their indifference and lack of action where necessary will things improve.
    Good luck – you need it!

  10. 7

    I shant be there this year . 32 years of trips to Bim are ended

  11. 11

    JAMAICA here we come, WHEN ARE THE AUTHORITIES GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE CRIMES, these people should be lost away in JAIL, And keep the Lawyers away from them, With our Tourist gone and Sugar gone we are going to suck SALT When will the Government wake up.

    Why do we wait until the Horse is out of the Stable to close the door.


    Time me me to be gone too

  12. 32

    When a criminal is fatally shot by an intended victim of his/her criminality I hope the Police thank the intended victim and don’t talk rot about “excessive force”.


    Do background checks. and ARM BAJAN CITIZENS . were going to have to start buying illegal fire arms to protect our families! it would make more sense that the police new who had the guns

    ARM the the good citizens of Barbados!!!

  14. Canadian Tourist

    SHOT GUN ACTION!!: Cus that’s really worked well in America, huh?

  15. Extra loooong rant.
    It is laugh-able the impression you get of an island or people from the local media/press. I am Jamaica and I will not go into a frenzy about the many “Jamaica here we come comments” I understand.
    But the reality is that Barbados need to realize the truth.
    Me; my family, friends and co-workers have never been the unfortunate victims of a robbery, stabbing or shooting. I have had reluctant visitors from across the Caribbean only to have them coming to Jamaica yearly.
    Now that aside, as I said I understand. The “Jamaica here we come” statements should be looked at from an economic point of view.
    The facts are that the growth of a Nation is important, but not enough when you depend on remittances or tourism to build your country. That is ‘fool fool’ economics. Tourism and remittances should add to the economy and not the mainstay, they are legally prostituting your country to the detriment of you the citizens. Protect the visitor at all cost, but help create and find employment for the locals, Governments must create the atmosphere for real growth. Produce your way out of problems people who are at work have no time to do the evils that a man can think of….well most times. The devil will then find work for idle hands. If you all sit and complain nothing will happen.
    Guns and weed invading your country? Don’t waste energy on fussing where they are coming from, they got there then and they will get there in the future. But be concerned who using them. Remember the tourist? We will take them from anywhere once they have the money to spend.
    Barbados was once a bad news hiding paradise trying to brush them under the proverbial carpet. Jamaica has never been like that. The world has now found out the true inner deeds of the Bajan daily running. This is one of the growing pains you will have to go thru when the economy is not strong and people are out of work or not working a livable wage. The youths are hungry and they will not sit and die. We can debate the terminology of when we were poor we never robbed….but that was then this is now.
    The backlash from negative media has Barbados reeling from both sides. Shot tourist, Real Estate Fraud and Shanique Myrie and all its related spin offs are world news not just local or Caribbean. One incident makes it look as if the whole Barbados is out of Control and going downhill fast. Far from the truth. But in this new world order of freedom of information and open internet news the second anything happens anywhere. I will take Locals and Foreigners alike with free minds and open thoughts to fan thru all the stuff and make their decisions with reason.
    With all that happen here in Jamaica year upon years the tourist still come. Why you ask… The same stuff happen in New York London Paris or Munich everyday…and that not stopping us from going there either.
    Protect your country from people of power with power they alone have the contacts, money and links ‘The Mr. and Mrs. Biggs’ to make things happen …or if they want not happen. Don’t be naïve or blind we in Jamaica woke up and saw them, now it’s your turn. They in your face every day.

  16. Canadian Tourist, as you would know Canada has a higher per capita gun ownership than the US and as you would also know if a Canadian police say “stop” you best stop.

  17. Terry Wilcock

    If we all wanted the worst news possible then now we have it !! This is so,so sad. Guns beget guns. As much as I hate violent retaliation perhaps the threat of the death penalty should be returned to the agenda ? We remember on one of our very early visits that two prisoners were going to be hung and were may to publicly dig their own graves !! What a sobering event that would be, they were not hung but !!!! Crack down now heavily or the end is nigh for tourism, this latest news is the final and very big nail in the coffin !! I say that with the deepest regret, Barbados and it’s people should not be subjected to this evil. To the authorities, kill it now before the destruction of your beautiful island takes place.

  18. Comment

    This should be a simple matter of basic policing. Even on a regular day after 5 p.m. Hincks Street is like a ghost town. The Bridgetown Port should regularly communicate to the police whenever cruise vessels are in, to ensure that police patrols (whether foot patrols or mobile patrols) are placed in those areas that tourists will traverse from time to time. It’s all about strategic deployment – patrolling police officers need not be dressed in uniform, some of them could be dressed in civilian clothes to help nab unsuspecting criminals. Time for the RBPF to get creative.


    Reblogged this on Barbados Tripadvisor and commented:

  20. Bajan Abroad

    Canadian Tourist – I live in Canada and own more guns than I ever could in Barbados – the same ones I owned in the USA when I lived there. I am tired of other Canadians lecturing about guns. There were 5 shootings this weekend in the Canadian city which I live in. Stop bashing the US and pretending it does not happen here. The truth is that an armed society is a polite society. The only thing that has saved Canada thus far is that Canadians are generally mild mannered. This is changing rapidly as we have an influx of people that do not share the mild mannered Canadian way. That is a fact. Shot Gun Action – I agree that there should be more conceal carry permits issued in Bim with correct background checks and training. Criminals will always get guns and use them – and the only thing they will respond to is overwhelming force in terms of both of the law and bodily harm . The only way to give them pause is to put the thought in their mind that someone may shoot back. I wish it were not so but the police have not been able to stop the influx of illegal guns into he island. The floodgates have already opened and there is only one way to stop this now.

    A sad day for my country – a sad day for leadership – a sad day for reason and civility.

  21. Mark Fenty

    @ Terry Welcock
    I’m certainly not making excuses for these unpardonable acts of evils committed against innocent Barbadians and foreigners alike. But, have you given much thought to the etiological and socialogical facts and factors that has given rise to this unspeakable evil in Barbados? Obviously, we have to address these social- ills first, before we start to seriously consider the Hangman Loose. And whether rightfully interpreted or wrongfully conceived, this Economic- Recession has had a detreminal impact on the social affairs of the young people in the Barbados. So therefore, we have to address the Economic issue before we start to given voice to such draconian measures as the “Hangman Loose”. And as the Great freedom fighter Nelson Mandela once said, ” Penalty cannot deter a man when his conscience has been aroused.”

  22. Canadian Tourist

    Bajan Abroad: I’ve lived in Canada and the US. I’ve never witnessed a gun crime in Canada but I did several times in the US. And before you start, Yes, I’ve lived in Toronto and I lived in the infamous “Jane – Finch” neighbourhood. Most gun crime in the city has been due to the influx of illegal weapons smuggled into the country from the United States. In that regard, we share a common problem with Barbados.

    I’m not against firearm ownership as long as there are complete background checks and stiff penalties for gun related crimes. I was offered a Draganov, AR-15, AK-47 and several handguns at a Gun Show in Dallas, no paperwork needed. That would never happen in Canada. And while I’ve been trained on a broad range of military and civil firearms, I’ve never felt the need to own one. To each his own.

  23. Bajan Abroad

    @Canadian Tourist – Correct to each his own and I respect your point of view. In a perfect world no one would have guns. This is not reality however. I hope you never witness a gun crime in Canada (or elsewhere). In Florida you must have proof of citizenship and they run a background check. Cannot comment on Texas. The fact is that in Barbados the issue is highlighted due to lens of Tourism and international news media.

    @Mark – Penalty cannot deter a man when his conscience has been aroused.” so when the conscience of a criminal has been aroused to shoot someone – penalty cannot deter them?

    Penalty IS the problem. Bad choices and/or circumstance in your life does not give you the right to take what is mine/cause me bodily harm. The root cause is lack of parenting/morals/materialistic society/glorification of violence/lack of political leadership/on and on. So what? As an individual you are responsible for the choices you make in this life and the consequences of them. Of course we should as a society give people opportunities whenever possible and help pull those up from poverty – whom want to be pulled up. We should also vigorously enforce the rule of law.

  24. just want to know

    It is time the POLICE stop driving around in their FOUR WHEEL drives, and start walking the streets to protect the citizens & visitors in this country. It is such a shame on a hot clear sunny Sunday afternoon persons cannot walk around in Barbados without being shot or knifed or abused on the streets. Start putting these criminals away for a very long time.

  25. Mark fenty

    @ Canadian tourist
    I’ve lived in America for close to thirty years, and never once have I witnessed a violent crime involving a gun.

  26. Mark fenty

    @ Canadian tourist
    I’ve served in the United states Army and the State National Guard for several years, and was taught to use various weapons with proficiency. And I still actually love to shoot whenever I get the opportunity.

  27. Mark fenty

    During my Army days I was assigned to the M249,commonly known as the SAW.

  28. HM

    What on earth is happening to Barbados? This is the land of my parents, grand-parents and so on. I have always felt proud of the country but I feel like hanging my head in shame right now. The police should be taking a much stronger line on crime – the island is slowly but surely been destroyed.

    Crime needs to be seriously tackled – not only for the tourism industry but especially for the individual victims – tourist and local alike. This story is spread across the UK media where MILLIONS read the story and see the awful pictures.

    For someone to attack anyone, let alone elderly people in this way is disgraceful.

    If people are allowed to get away with low level crime then it often escalates into more serious incidents. Whoever did this deed has probably carried out multiple crimes in the past and got away with it. This has to stop.

    One other thing – there seems to be more uncouth behaviour – general rudeness, unhelpfulness etc. On the streets, on the buses, in shops etc. There was a time a Barbadian would have never shamed themselves by begging and haranguing people on the streets. Not so now. It pains me to say it but standards are dropping all across the board.

  29. casual observer

    I found this a very interesting read, in the way it cites apparently quite unrelated issues in Barbados in the same article. All Barbados politicians should take note, especially the comparison with The Vatican!

    However, as a small island state, with much greater openess (unlike The Vatican) I still think we ought to be able to do something about it.

  30. Beachmudhuyt]]

    When we berth in Barbados on cruises, we may go into town but it is to “window shop.” I wear no jewellery nor carry a bag or money or credit cards. This is a shame because I cannot buy anything and the shops and businesses are losing out. This also applies to many other cities and towns we visit. After many years of travelling to Barbados, this destination is now “off the list”. It will be interesting to see if anyone gets caught and punished. I don’t think the perpetrator of three separate rapes of British women has been caught yet and the women were not treated very well by Barbados police authorities..

  31. Rastaman


  32. Bajan Abroad


  33. Bajan Abroad

    @casual observer – I found the whole ‘bashing the Vatican’ thing and the perceived anti-religion tone of article in question quite bizarre . How exactly are the religious institutions robbing, ‘raping’ , and silencing the locals? The Vatican does not have a crime problem IMHO.

  34. How bad is it? THIS BAD!

    Two British tourists on a world cruise were shot in broad daylight after going ashore in Barbados in the latest in a series of violent crimes that have threatened to sully the image of the island and damage its crucial tourism industry.

  35. How bad is it? THIS BAD!

    Barbados Free Press: It seems that The Times stole your headline!

  36. 202

    Don’t worry folks, we are going to increase the size of the police force, give them new crime fighting equipment and install CCTV…..(promise again). How long ago was it that we were told that CCTV was coming? Look for some minister parading on CBC telling us what government plans to do about crime fighting – again. What a load of clowns and the media falls for it each time a promise is made. Stop publishing the junk they promise and only report what is actually done. Oh, that won’t work as there would not be much to report so go on publishing ministerial dreams.
    My best wishes to the couple for a speedy recovery. We Barbadians who care about our country and its reputation regret that this happened to you.

  37. casual observer

    My apologies if this was implied, Bajan Abroad, but I do have to say I did not see any overt anti-religion there. However, I am not a Catholic!

    It seemed to me that the suggestion was that there could be things going on in The Vatican which none of us know about, and the Barbados Government would like to keep the rest of the world in the dark about what is going on here.

    I would like to have already seen Mr. Stuart and Mia Mottley visiting these two tourists in the QEH, with full press coverage. They have had plenty of time to do so.

  38. Bajan Abroad

    @casual – I see your point. Indeed you are right regarding the leaders. I think the time for trying to sweep this problem under the rug is long gone and never worked in the first place. Local media fools only themselves with denials in an age of internet and camera phones. Be proactive leaders – get out in front of this! Tell us what you are going to do about it and then do it. Do something – you can no longer deny there is a problem.

  39. Micah

    A woman killed in her home, several men involved in a gun shoot-out with Police over smuggling into the island of cannabis in St. James, visitors reporting being robbed and assaulted in broad daylight on Bay Street, and tourists shot in broad daylight in town. Police advising people not to wear jewellery in public. The perception is that our crime situation is getting worse. I am hoping the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police will show some leadership on this issue, let us know how they propose to tackle the situation, and how we the public can help.

  40. Rastaman

    @Micah: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  41. Sheila Montgomery

    Hello everyone:

    I visit Barbados twice a year from the UK. Have done for more years than I care to remember. I adore the place and I’m planning to retire here eventually. I’ve always felt safe and welcomed by everyone apart from the police. My own observations are that the police are not very good. They appear to be mainly disrespected by everyone and overly aggressive and arrogant. Hey Mr Self Important Policeman – get out of your 4 wheel drive car, stop thinking you’re important and you might have more respect from the people you are supposed to serve. Gun crime will NOT stop the tourists coming, but it might encourage them to stay in their west coast “all in” resorts and therefore their money will not be spread around.

    Talk of increased gun ownership as a deterrent is specious nonsense only perpetrated by north americans and not shared by any other civilised culture.

    See you all next month.

  42. Analyzer

    If Ihave to go into to Bridgetown, I am going to pull the old fanny pack from out behind the closet. I live here and haven’t been in Bridgetown centra for years. I was at Pelican Village a couple weeks ago and not one policeman or security guard in sight. There are a couple of stores there that design and make handbags, I wonder if he can start designing local fanny packs? I am so sorry to hear of these recent occurences. I truly hope something can be done. Maybe it’s time to give the Defense Force some more responsibility. I’ve been glad to hear that there have been 2 arrests made in the precious metal trade not having a license but even if they do obtain licenses, how will this deter the snatch and grab crimes? It is kind of ironic that one of the arrests was an operator on Hinks Street where the 2 tourists were shot. We should have cameas in these areas. Are there any security cameras in Bridgetown? Someone please tell me! We need to get with the program! This is the 21st century and even private homes have security cameras. Come on DLP, you got back into power so show us what you are going to do. Use some of our tax dollars on security please!!!! However, I have congratulate the policeman that are dedicated to solving these matters and for some of their successful results. Thank you for your bravery. Some people do appreciate your efforts.

  43. Analyzer

    @Plantation Deeds You are still hanging around. Have you had any results? Is someone going to help you? Or are you just as crooked as the others?

  44. CuriousBaje

    As a VERY proud Bajan, it saddens me to hear that this type of violence to locals as well as to visitors is happening on our island.

    Hearing that this is happening all over the world certainly does not make it acceptable nor does it downplay the unwanted negative publicity…This is the reality that these incidences bring.

    Unfortunately there are many that are blinded to the truth as they justify these incidences as something that happens everywhere.

    As far as I am concerned, it should not happen here; this is the home of “the world’s most friendly people”, our “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”, our “Island in the sun”.

    To the couple that was so terribly wronged last Sunday, we wish you speedy recovery, we hope that the wicked few do not paint your image of our beautiful island and genuinely loving people.

    To those that would love to see our island, please come, we will show you that this is not a Bajans way of treating his guests.

  45. Bajan Abroad

    @ Shelia – you are welcome for that whole ‘stopping Hitler’ thing. Yours truly – an armed uncivilized North American.

  46. Mark Fenty

    @ Curious Bje

    Barbados is the Home of the world’s most friendliest people, I certainly challenge that hypothesis.

    Are you talking about the Barbados where the school of national, esoteric- associations, and occupation determines one place in the hierarchal structure of society? And where some people walk around with they heads held high in the air, believing that they are better than others. Oh, come on sir, we have been whispering this song for far too long now.

    Yes, I do agree however, that Barbados used to be a place that prides itself on a very high moral standards. But, underpinning that high moral standards, were the vices most common to every possibly human society on the face of the earth. So don’t let no one fool you that Barbadians are somehow the friendliest people in the World, we’re no more friendlier than the average West Indian. I grow up hearing that Barbadians are some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean. But, when I put that perennial dictrum to task, it disintegrated right before my eyes, it is simply not true.

    All in all, when one is able to stand outside of the enveloping forces of culture. He is then able to judge objectively, the principles, values, and convictions that has given rise to the psychological apparatus of the collective whole. In other words, one’s only discovers the passions, virtues, and vices that governs the behavior of a people, when he is in some distant land.

  47. CuriousBaje

    @ Mark Fenty

    Mark (if I may call you that), my opinion if based on my travels, maybe I have not travelled as extensively as yourself or others here on this blog but I believe that I have observed enough different cultures (lived in a few) to base my statement.
    I am not sure if you as a Bajan have done any “Grass roots” travelling within our island but I do this every week with my wife and on most occasions with my friends both local or visitors (I am known to some as a Bajan Ambassador). Our Travels can be in very “out of the way” areas or in some of the non-touristy areas. It still amazes me how we are greeted with smiles and welcome at most of the rum shops or liming spots.
    It is VERY true that the areas that one feels welcomed in or comfortable in are dwindling but the majority of Bajans we cross paths with are eager to have a drink or share a story.
    My comments in my previous statement “the world’s most friendly people”, “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”, “Island in the sun” are the ways I believe Barbados still is…I haven’t given up yet…as some seem to have. I strongly believe that the country that I am so proud of is still within reach of returning to all of the things I believe it still is. The more of us that truly want to keep our island as a GEM the better chance we all have.
    Walking around with their heads held high in the air, believing that they are better than others would never apply to me or my way of thinking, this is exactly why I do not accept the comments THESE THINGS HAPPEN EVERYWHERE or IT’S MUCH WORSE IN —etc.
    Let not this Bajan blow his trumpet, read some of the comments on the international forums…you’ll see.

  48. Mark Fenty

    Curious Baje
    This shouldn’t have happened in Barbados, and I ask why not?
    What makes Barbados any for special than the two hundred odd countries in the world today ? It is happening in America, so what makes you think that is shouldn’t be happening in Barbados? You have superficially bushed over the fundamental reasons why these wanton acts of violence shouldn’t have occurred in Barbados. You obviously have to look at the etiological causes that has given rise to this new phenomenon of violence, rather than its symptomatology. I would hazard a guess that it is hunger or economics for that matter. When your stomach is empty, you’re going to do whatever it takes to get something to eat, even if it involves victimizing others to do so. And that’s just what is happening in Barbados today, the young people cannot see much hope for the pending future. You understand what I’m saying? We were once young and understand the importance of quelling those youthful passioans? This new phenomenon of victimization is happening all over the globe, including our beautiful island Barbados . And it is defined in the discipline of philosophy as psychological egoism.

  49. CuriousBaje

    I must correct you< I never stated that it should not happen here.

    You are 100 % correct, you have hit the nail on the head.

    The point that I am trying to make is…it is not acceptable to say, it's happening all over the world. This will never be acceptable to me, I do not believe that that attidude does anyone any good.

    Maybe we should look deeper at the causes but NEVER accept it.

  50. I’m not trying to justify the shooting which occurred on Hinks St. last Sunday, because there is no justification for what happened to that lady and her Husband.Clearly the perpetrators should be caught, and if found guilty,given the maximun sentence that the law allow. But on the other hand, there is a real lack of opportunity for young people in Barbados today. Back in the 60’s 70’s and even the 1980’s Barbadians were able to immigrate to North America and Great Britton and in doing so, were able to achieve much. The immigration doors are now pretty much closed, Barbados has turned from a manufacturing economy to a service economy,where young people are being paid $250.00 to $300.00 per week, which in my opinion is not a livable wage. Young people need real opportunity.Lack there off, invites chaos.

  51. Mark fenty

    Maybe I’m too much of an idealist to believe that this cycle of victimization in Barbados , has more to do with the marginalization of the youth?

  52. Mark fenty

    Uncontained testosterone can wreak havoc on civil society.

  53. 116

    Yesterday is the first time since 1991 that I booked my Easter break away from Barbados. I have been travelling to Barbados for my holidays for twenty five years. I never ever imagined the day Would come when I wouldn’t be there for Easter. And I’m not happy at all. I want to see the police get a grip of this crime wave that is damaging Barbados. When a gunman feels confident enough to rob and shoot two British tourists in the middle of Bridgetown on a Sunday afternoon then it is time to change things. I don’t have a solution. What I do know is how it has effected me. When I bring my children to Barbados and we sit on the beach or walk down the road I need to feel safe. But I don’t. I know my way around Barbados and I know where to go and where not to go. The problem is that the places that were very safe and you didn’t have to worry about are now being targeted by the criminals. I hope somebody in power takes control of this, I really do.

  54. I agree with Shotgun Action, suitable citizens should be armed in the national interest. In all the years I lived there I had a carry permit , and the only threat I ever posed was to an unlucky criminal. In those days we had a more enlightened RBPF, but unfortunately the current COP is not up to the job, and needs to be got rid of without further delay.

  55. hmmm, maybe I need to think again

    lot of peeps say lots of things crime corrupt goverment officials and politicians…..Bim is a small island, yet nobody seems to be able to rally all the good citizens enough to throw out the bad and sweep in with the godd…maybe once they see the pickings available, they decide to convert to the other side and have a little bit of the help yourself…one thing for sure till you all pull tgether it never gonna change

  56. Mark fenty

    It filled me with an emotion of great sadnes,every instant I hear about the dreadful state of affairs,that has now befallen the beautiful island of Barbados. And now that our national reputation has been severely tarnished perpetually, by this new cycle of violence. We can only hope that the damage to our economic livelihood isn’t irreparable at this point.

  57. Mark fenty

    The arming of well intended citizens, serves no better purpose than to invite an attitude of Vigilantism.

  58. 45govt

    @ Mark Fenty. You are wrong – it also allows effective self-defence, something that the police do not offer. The current COP has a problem with private firearms licenses, and breaks the law continually by giving his personal bias free reign. When lawmen seek to make law while failing to enforce it, a country is in trouble.

  59. Bajan Abroad

    I was asked recently – why do you have a conceal carry permit and why do you carry a gun? I replied – because a policeman is too heavy to carry around, and they are always only minutes away when seconds count.

  60. @ Bajan Abroad – spot on. In Bim, make that days away – if you’re lucky!

  61. Yet another Canadian tourist

    From years back Bds’ reputation was that it was a good place to visit because it was very safe. I was told many times that if the Bds police learn of a gun they will go in and get it. Watching the news over the last few years this no longer seems to be the case.
    I had always felt safe in Bim. One of the best things is that you can go all over the island by yourself. There isn’t a gap that I haven’t walked on the South half of the island including neighborhoods that are considered troubled.
    However, I just returned from a week in Jamaica and felt very safe, never saw or heard a single crime or even felt threatened even when were in non tourist areas. The young staff at the resort put Bds customer service to shame like night and day. The upkeep of the resort ditto. The staff and locals were more friendly and helpful than Bim, although anyone in Bim over 30 was generlly very helpful and friendly.The prices in Jam much lower.
    Bds you have competition – time to rise up and clean up or be left in the dust.

  62. Mark Fenty

    There is a philosophical debate now on the way in America, regarding the proper use of firearms. And the country now appeares to be divided in haft over this very sensitive issue. One side believes that neither the Executive nor Legislative branches of government have the Constitutional authority to enact legislation that governs the proper use of firearms in America. The other side firmly believes that the Document that is called the Constitution, is an antiquated Document that requires contemporary intervention and innovation. Some of these people aren’t the lease concern about the historical context in which this law was written. All they’re concern about is the right to bear arms, because the Constitution which has been written some three hundred years ago mandates it. I’m beginning to wonder, what has happened to the simple logic that once governed the American way of life? Obviously, common-sense seems to be losing its foothold in America and else way today.

    Now, to the issue that has been driving this rather sensitive debate. There are some people in Barbados who honestly believes, that by own a firearm, this would served as a solution to this new wave of criminal activity which has unfolded in Bridgetown quite recently. But, if owning a firearm is the solution to the problem, why haven’t the crime rate in America plummeted exponentially? Let’s face it, the statistics on gun owership in America is staggering, and yet legal and illegal gun incidences remain a major concern in America today. Clearly, meeting violence with violence has never been an effective solution to the soicial ills that now afflicts modern day societies. The problem my friend is multifaceted in nature, and it is more centered on the: moral, social, political, and economic decadence of modern day society.

  63. Mark Fenty

    @ 45gov
    Meeting violence with violence has never been an effective alternative solution for quelling society’s social-ills. Until there is a fundamental dialectical assessment of the social, political, moral, and economic forces that has given rise to this social- ills. Soceity would forever remained locked in this perpetual struggle against the forces of good and evil. There is obviously, a deeper meaning to the superficiality of any given issue. Albert Einstein, probably one of the greatest minds in human reality, said that,” It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with the problem longer.” And this ought to be the attitude we take when confronted with soceity’s social-ills.

  64. Bajan Abroad

    @mark – incorrect. Florida has seen crime rates drop as conceal carry have exploded. The “gun free” states/cities and zones such as Chicago have seen huge amounts of gun related crime. But surely if we take guns out of the law abiding citizens hands then gun crimes should drop – right? The funny thing about laws is that criminals by definition do not follow them, Criminals don’t care. They are going to rob and steal and shoot etc. But we made that illegal! why do they still do it? Why did that guy shoot up all of the kinds in the school? That was a gun free zone. Guns are a fact of life now sad to say. Increase penalties for gun crime? YES! Make training mandatory? YES! (already is with conceal carry) Make the law abiding citizen pay for the criminals actions? NO!

    As far as the second amendment goes use has nothing to do with it; we are talking the right to bare arms. and as far as that old document goes – I am starting to think that people talk too much so lets get rid of that first amendment too. See where this slippery slope of changing things by popular opinion gets us? How are you going to legislate morality and the other issues that you listed? The Constitution is a list of rights that come from the creator and not the government. They are things which the government does not give us and therefore cannot take away.

    The 2nd amendment is a God given right the citizens to take up arms against the government if the government becomes tyrannical. The founders understood that this was necessary – the government should always fear and respect the will of the people. The executive and legislative branch cannot change it. Only a constitutional convention could and would require the votes of 2/3 of the states to amend the constitution.

    I do agree with you on this though Mark – what happened to common sense? I pose that question to the justice system where these lawbreakers get more rights that the law abiding citizen. I pose that question to the mainstream media who give these reprobates hours of screen time rather than not even mentioning them by name. I pose that question to people that coddle the criminal and say “oh but you had a hard life” “oh but you did not have the opportunities – so its understandable that you raped someone daughter or shot their son”. I pose that question to the fanatics on the left who want God and God’s word cut out of every aspect of our lives and prescribe to a life of ‘do what makes you feel good!”

    Guns are not the problem. The problem is the decay of God’s law, western society and morality, and the elevation of government to the position of God in our lives.

  65. Mark Fenty

    I’ve often argued that in order to understand the present context. That it is important to first understand the historical context. Someone once said that, ” Don’t believe what your eyes are telling. Because all they show is limitation, look with your understanding.” Just like how there is a deeper meaning to life beyond what our eyes can see. There is also a deeper meaning to the issues that confronts human society today.

  66. Mark Fenty

    @Bajan Abroad
    I respectfully disagree with your position, that the Constitution is a list of Rights, given by the Creator and not by government. No where in the Ten Commandments of the Hebrew Scripture has God ennobled man with the right to bear arms. And the right to bear arms is one of those fundamental rights that has shaped the concept of the American Republican form of government.
    Now, I do agree however, that Self -determination, self- perfection, and self- realization are the Rights endowed by the Creator to man. But, with those Divine Rights, there are duties and responsibilites that must be observed my friend. One of the Framers of the Constitution, a West Indian by birth, said these words: “Why has government been instituted at all ? Because the passion of man will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice with constraint.” Friend, there is no such thing as Freedom within the scope of human existence, even in a world without the concept of human government, the human Will takes precedent. In other words, in a state of Nature the stronger man imposes his Will upon the weaker man.

    Finally, the Utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham asked this question: ” Isn’t liberty to do evil liberty? Society of course, must restrain the bad man from abusing liberty. But in so doing, doesn’t society takes a liberty from the bad man who abuses it?” The Human- Law has within schackles with curtails man’s liberty, because where man’s liberty is absolute. The British empiricist philosopher John locke, also spoke about a Social Contract. In which he argues that man must surrenders some of his invioble rights in order for him to live in harmony with others in human society. So you see my friend, human freedom is just a metaphysical concept predicate upon one belief . And not an empirical reality as some seems to believe. Everywhere in human society for better or worse, there are prohibitions and hindrances set by the Will of other men. And these prohibitions and hindrances are commonly defined as the Law which encroaches upon our liberties.

  67. Mark Fenty

    @Bajan Abroad
    Where the human law is silent, man’s liberty is absolute. That is what I meant to say friend.

  68. Mark Fenty

    @Baje Abroad
    How can you honestly say that the de-escalation in Florida ‘s crime- rate, is totally attributed to the explosion of concealed and carry?

  69. Bajan Abroad

    Because you don’t know if the person you are messing with is armed. Self defense (right to bare arms) is a God given right.

    I find it difficult sometimes to follow your points Mark – but you are entitled to your opinions. You will get no more debate from me – have got a plane to catch.

    Until then

  70. Mark Fenty

    Have a safe flight my friend. And much blessings from the being who exercises ohuversight over our world.

  71. @ Mark Fenty. It relates to demographics Mark. The country with the greatest private holding of legal firearms in the world is Switzerland, where their armed crime is statistically negligible – Britain’s crime of all categories, including armed has increased exponentially since the banning of the private ownership of handguns in 1997.

    Bajan Abroad is right on the huge reduction of crime against the person since the relaxing of concealed carry laws in the US. You ask what is the proof? Simple it has worked in every state that followed Florida’s example.

  72. Mark Fenty

    It would be interesting know what’s the crime rate like in Texas, a state synonymous for its open carry?

  73. Dude

    I used to be a FFL dealer (I could trade in all classes of weapons including automatic and suppressed) in the US a long time ago and the simple issue is that when a person willing to contemplate a crime has to stop and think for a second that the potential victim could be armed, then that is all you need. The old issue of firearms and the right to carry and the rest of it is obviously a complex issue.
    Yet the simple issue is when you combine the ability to carry and extreme jail terms for law breakers then the crime numbers drop instantly.
    Colorado brought in the “make my day law” which allowed you to legally shot anyone on your property without consent. May be seen as extreme yet it stopped the B&E statistics in their tracks.
    The arms race has been the longest running battle in the history of man and will continue to be, when one side has an advantage then it is all over. So if criminals are armed and the only logical path if the laws do not start matching the crimes is allow average citizens to be armed as well.

  74. Mark Fenty

    Don’t be fooled by the false sense of security a gun conveys to it’s owner. Because, when a man conscience has been aroused, the thought of a gun wouldn’t deter his actions?

  75. Mark Fenty

    @ Dude
    Just take a close look at how many Cops are killed in America annually, and you’ll get your answer.

  76. The recent survey conducted by the university of the west indies.”.Country Assesment Of Living Conditions” which appeared in today’s Nation News Paper, which in part, states that 38 % of young Barbadians do not want to work, substantiate a point i made a few days ago, that young people in Barbados ( not all) but at least 38% lack opportunity.I wonder what the Prime Minister is going to do with the survey.Hopefully not allow it to gather dust on a back shelf somewhere.An idle mind is the Devil’s Workshop.Find meaningful work with decent wages for the young people, and maybe, just may be, you may see a reduction in the crime rate.

  77. Mark Fenty

    Would you agree that the average American household is stocked with some kind of a weapon? And yet,home invasion are on the raise in America. So tell me,why has this deterred the criminal who is contemplating a home invasion?

  78. Mark Fenty

    @ Philly
    What has happened to skill-training that was designed for those of us who weren’t academically inclined? I attended skill -training in 1983 after secondary school.

  79. Dude

    “Don’t be fooled by the false sense of security a gun conveys to it’s owner. Because, when a man conscience has been aroused, the thought of a gun wouldn’t deter his actions?” What the hell is that, normally I find on forums when someone does not know what they are on about there throw a Hail Mary. Or in this case a pointless physiological conundrum.

    Your points; firstly police killed in the US annually, Gangster years around 150 per year, height of the drug wars in the 70~80s 200 per year and in the last 10 year average of 160 per year. So not sure where these massive increases you indicate are coming from. Of these numbers you normally have about 40% firearm related, 40% traffic accidents and the remainder other causes.

    The other point is that of the individuals involved almost half had prior convictions and almost one-fifth were on probation or parole at the time, I will get back to that. So no real rise in the numbers you speak about, there is actually a decline from the highest levels.

    Home invasions in the US are actually on the decrease and all new instances are normally drug and gang related, ever wonder why invasions occur when the victims either don’t indicate what was taken or they tell the police that 300k in cash was taken from under the dinning table?

    Not sure who has 300k in cash stashed in the house but you can bet it is not the average Jones’s from down the street. These are places where they believe drugs or drug money is being stashed and they are targeted…Simple

    The other side is gangs and that concentrated along the boarder and it has to do with human trafficking. And it mostly involves former Mexican police officers that target “stash houses” of illegal immigrants. “They will kidnap 10, 15, 20 illegal immigrants and hold them for ransom until the other trafficking gang pays up.

    Because the number of home invasions are actually on the decrease they are more news worthy when they occur due to the above circumstances and they are therefore great for the 6 o’clock news. I have lived in a lot of countries, some you get a free gun when you buy a cola from the 711, others will bang you up for years if you have even a single round of ammunition in your possession.

    The simple point between the two extremes is a set of laws that allow no wiggle room. As above regarding the US police homicides, high %’s were shot by previous offenders, this is where the laws need to be tightened.
    Your in your home and it is 3am, armed or unarmed thugs are trying to break in and you have your wife and children and you are hiding in your bedroom.

    The first thing that would come into your head is “I wish I had a gun” .

    No matter who you are that is a fact.

  80. Mark Fenty

    @ Dude
    You have my sincere apology if I appeared to be intellectually impertinent in anyway. It certainly was not my intended purpose, to try to sell you a bag of goods.
    in sum: the fundamental reason I believe that you and others believes,that a gun is the most effective deterrent. Stemmed from that fact that you all were taught to think so. I’ve had a lot of experience with guns, and I’ve that they have a false sense of security on the battlefield.

  81. Mark Fenty

    I’m writing on one of the new phone and being as old as I’m, I have propensity to skip words at times. So bear with me sir!

  82. Mark Fenty

    As someone who has worked in the past for the,federal,state,and municipal governments,I’ve been made aware of Statistical -racism and State Security Doctrine.

  83. Dude

    As said I have lived in a lot of countries as finance was my main background yet been shooting since 6 has been another passion, I was never taught anything about guns other than don’t point it and shooting your not going to shoot. I am not American and firearms have always been for sporting use where I was born. I was an instructor and gunsmith I the US because of my skill and enjoyment of firearms. I also for some reason have been in numerous how you say “messy situations” over the years and a firearm has been the one and only reason I am still able to pen this reply. I don’t care if you have guns or don’t have guns. The main issue is legal I have stated this in other forums and posted it above as well. It is the lack of serious ramifications for those that break the law and that will only escalate.
    That situation is not going to change as liberals keep letting criminals get more and more rights. Therefore I am confident in my skill with a weapon and if you have been trained as you say you have you should be as well. Issues with weapons is a total other point and it all depends on the weapon, I wouldn’t carry anything I didn’t have confidence in.

  84. Mark Fenty

    @ Dude
    Maybe I’m too much of an Idealist, to believe that we are quite capable of doing much better as human beings. I often envision a world where the need to resort to violence to solve our problems exist no longer. And this I believe, is quite possible if the collective human race act upon the Egalitarian side of its nature. The gift of the Intellect that the Great God has bestowwed upon sinful man, sets us apart from every other Creator in the universe. But, we have failed miserably to put this gift to its proper use and that is to ameliorate the conditions of our human existence.

    Moreover, do we really want to teach our children that the right way to solve our social- ills is through the barrel of a gun? I hope not, but it seems quite clear to me that this is the course of action we have been taking for far too long. We are the shapers and molders of the succeeding generation. And it is therefore our duty and responsibility as the arbiters of our children’s future hopes, dreams and asperations. To impress upon them the principles of Love and Respect for they fellow human being. The illustrious psychotherapist Dr. Carl Gung, has informed us in no uncertain terms that,” If there anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could be changed in ourselves.” If there is hope for improve of the conditions our human existence, it has to starts from the little children. For it is he children we are able to plant the seed of change, which will perpetual through the coming generations.
    I honest believe that what goes in the mind has the power to change the way we think, what we believe, and ultimately how we behave. Mahadma Gandhi the Indian Civil Right Leader said that: “If there is to be any change in this world, it has to start which the children.” And Gandhi words are a proven fact, because we are not living by the consequences of previous generation.

    Nonetheless, I’m quite disturbed at the level of ignorant I’ve witnessed in the United States of America of today. America has within its possession some of the world’s prestigious academic institutions, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Browns, and Cornell just to name a few. Yet, I’ve witness wontan ignorance at basically every level of the American society.

    We must admit though, that the American fascination with guns has its origin in the formation of this Republic. It took much guns and gunpower to defeat the Native Americans and take the lands.
    In any even, we have seen too many unpardonable acts committed through the barrel of the legal and illegal guns in America. Involving young children and that just unacceptable by any standard of judgment. Who cares whether gun violence is committed by a certain strata of society? What we should be more concern about is the kind of juries legally own gun causes every day in America?
    If we are really seriously about rid of America of legal and illegal guns, we have to start by amending the Second Amendment to the Constitution.
    I believe that by ridding America of weaponry that is designed for the battlefield, we’ll witness a greater improvement in the quality of life in America.

    It is time that the average American changes his or her concept of guns owership in America. When one it conditioned to think that a gun it needed for his or her protection. Because some antiquated document that has been written some three hundred years mandated it, we are in serious trouble. We can’t afford another Sandy Hook or Colorado, the time is right to act against these instruments that are designed to kill. I’ve been a soldier for a total of eight years, and I’ve seen the physical damage these weapons causes. And there is also a lot of civil litigation associated with those people who owns legal firearms. For instance, if you injure an innocent person in your efforts to neutralize a criminal, it could result in a lawsuit.

  85. casual observer

    At last we get some more news about this British couple, thanks to their letter!

    It is a great pity this sort of information is not given immediately in our local press when any crime occurs, we do have journalists who could do this, do we not?

  86. Georg tourist

    Is a Scandinavian tourist who has been at Barbados a few times and now thinking about moving there.
    Increasing crime so it will not be Barbados but something else.
    Get people arm themselves so of course we are not moving to Barbados.
    The plans to move to Barbados next year is postponed until the crime has gone down.

    It is, however, the police and the politicians ‘ job to bring down crime.

  87. gill

    who needs that now unimportant little rock in the atlantic?
    who takes care about the tribes there?
    successors of slaves try to take their revenge now
    who cares?
    let them die in peace there
    and rearrange the island when its cleared

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