Barbados Underground – still publishing racist rants

No Indians Allowed

Article talks about “half Indian woman” “The Indian”

by Crab Hill Man

Dear Barbados Free Press,

It is a shame that you had a falling out with Barbados Underground over the BU’s racist rants. When was it, 2008, 2009? I remember you dropped the link to BU over they called the murdered Jewish woman “White Trash”.

I always thought that BU and BFP worked well together to shine some light on the cockroaches and their side deals and it was a shame about your falling out. I understood you have to draw a line but it was a shame anyways and a loss for Bajans.

You were right, however. The racial thing is still there at BU and worse or same as ever.

“Why must the people at this utility put up with this half Indian woman whose roots are in Suttle Street…”

“The Indian is a highly paid consultant…”

from BU’s article Corn Beef and Biscuits: DISPLEASED and Fed up!

BFP Replies

@Crab Hill Man – Race is always just below the surface in Bim and that’s no wonder considering the history ’bout hey. But if we accept racially derogatory speech from our leaders and the public press we will never move ahead. The BU article could have been a useful discussion of favouritism and nepotism in public service. Anytime a politician does special things for a mistress it’s interesting and newsworthy, but one gets the impression that the author wouldn’t be complaining about anything except that the beneficiary of sleeping with a political elite is “half-Indian”.

Horrors! Someone has a mistress of Indian racial background! Oh the Horror!  


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7 responses to “Barbados Underground – still publishing racist rants

  1. mark fenty

    I think that when one looks at the issue of Race in Barbados,that he or she must do so,based on his or her individual experiences. We must not allow the historical forces that shaped the idea of Race in Barbados, influence our thinking.

  2. Well Well

    Hear, Hear…………as a person made up of several races I also believe that you attack the nasty attitudes and negative experiences people have and are continually displayed by one or two of the races.

  3. BFP

    Hello St. George,

    And what race is Muslim, again?

    How warped it is that listing the acts of fascists who demand the death penalty for persons leaving their cult is called racist!

    No kettle pot situation happening here, thankyou.

  4. gene pool

    When last i checked a half is not a whole and the supposition in BU post is the woman’s half Indian heritage is the devil reincarnated.Then i got to ask myself what’s up with the other half. What if that one is the problem child ? Or did some very very bright Bajan nailed the offending gene ? And to add this fantastic conversation, David @ BU add his bit by suggesting that the post fits the larger debate of race and immigration in Barbados that BU has being trying to push. Oh my..this is what happens when God’s anointed children are lost. The gene pool needs refilling.

  5. unCHAINED?

    its no surprise we are so defencesive duh because we ,was, is ,still, enslaved by des ppl so wah ya exspect its call begin defencesive due to the past and present and also really really protective and that goes a long way

  6. Barbadosbelle

    I can’t think of any successful country in the World where the population isn’t made up from hybrids of multi-nationalities – certainly not the UK !!

    I know a young, rather successful Barbadian who says that he ‘thanks God’ that his ancestors came to the island as slaves, as he dreads to think of the lifestyle he would be experiencing if he was living in the African town his forefathers came from. He added that he felt more affinity to Britain than he does to Africa.

    We are all a mixture of races that has led us to be the marvelous mix of looks/ideas/eccentricities/abilities etc that we are today.

    Don’t look down on any other ‘race’ – because to them YOU are another race!! And, in the eyes of the Lord, we are ALL equal.