Harlequin Properties stunner! “No agent confirmed Harlequin’s land holdings or company information” SIPP-Pension investors advised to act immediately

Harlequin Resort

“…the due diligence undertaken was the brochures, sale presentations and (free) trips to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

“SIPP Investors / Pension Transfers would be foolhardy to wait as Professional Indemnity Insurance stops immediately upon an insolvency procedure.”

Regulatory Legal Solicitors special report posted on Barbados Free Press

Harlequin investors are sure to be flabbergasted by today’s posting at Barbados Free Press by UK law firm Regulatory Legal Solicitors and their leading lawyer Gareth Fatchett. Mr. Fatchett was in the news lately as he was successful in achieving some kind of settlement for a handful of Harlequin victims.

Today’s Regulatory Legal Solicitors posting alleges that none of the agents advising folks to invest in Harlequin took the trouble to confirm that Harlequin actually held the land it was selling. No sales agent went to the trouble of obtaining company information about Harlequin’s Caribbean operations. And if you want to talk about “Due Diligence”, the agents confined their research to brochures, Harlequin sales presentations and (presumably free) trips to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Throw in free drinks and a few “hostesses” and Bob’s your uncle… the agents were ready to sell Harlequin and at a tempting 30% commission at that. (Not that we’ve heard of Harlequin doing the “hostesses” thing, but this is the Caribbean ya know!)

Master Agent suspends Harlequin sales

The master agent has apparently stopped selling Harlequin so we’ll have more on that in a bit. That sounds important to us because once the sales stop, how can Harlequin sustain current operations even if they scale back? We’re not even talking about building and new construction, just keeping the place open. There’s no staff worth talking about at the Barbados operations, and that is worth thinking about. Was the master agent “TailorMade” ? Can someone advise? See IFA Online’s article Harlequin distributor pulls plug on new investment.

Mr. Fatchett advises SIPP Investors and Pension Transfers to take action immediately because if Harlequin goes insolvent, that is the the end of Professional Indemnity Insurance. Complain now and if it all goes for a fall, the agents’ insurance might cover something. Wait… and, well, the lawyer doesn’t say other than the agents’ indemnity insurance ends but you can read between the lines for yourself. The post also provides advice for other classes of Harlequin investors, so have a read and make up your own mind, folks!

Discussion in the Comments Section

We’re going to make this post the current place at BFP to discuss the Harlequin situation, so join in and please remember to be respectful to each other and also watch the language, okay?

To keep all current discussion in one place, we’re also going to close off comments on previous articles and direct people here. That will take some time so please be patient.

Marcus @ BFP

As posted at Barbados Free Press by Regulatory Legal Solicitors…

Following the court hearing last Thursday, we are now in a position where we understand the full extent of the land holdings and build costs for the various Harlequin projects.

The court hearing last week resulted in a settlement for our clients. The terms of which are confidential.

A few things are very clear :-

1. No agent went to the trouble of obtaining confirmation as to the land position.
2. No agent went to the trouble of obtaining Caribbean company information.
3. Some of the SIPP providers in the main relied on an external due diligence process in 2010 & 2011. We have confirmation

We have both the land acquisition schedule and an affidavit from the new Harlequin accountant setting out the build costs etc. We are currently running the maths to work out.

HMSSE turnover 2006 – 2011
-less land acquisition costs
-less commissions
-less building costs
-less overheads

This should give us an indication of the actual position of the group. There is no evidence of external investors (into the equity of the business) and no evidence of any development finance.

Once again we find it remarkable that agents / IFA’s / SIPP’s have not seen this. These are accounting basics.  


We are not going to post our advice on open forum. If you are a direct investor and fall into one of these categories then please email us on harlequin@regulatorylegal.co.uk

Category 1

Buccament Bay Resort Limited investors

Category 2

Harlequin Property SVG Limited investors (to January 2009)

Category 3

Finance Agreement investors who have not received payments due to the “banking errors”.

Category 4

Others Resort Development Companies where completion has passed.


Very simply, it would be foolhardy to wait as Professional Indemnity Insurance stops immediately upon an insolvency procedure.

There are two claims to send. One to the IFA and one to the SIPP provider. We have a process for this which is straightforward.

1. We review the pension transfer advice
2. We review the SIPP contract
3. We then send the letters of claim to seek to trigger the PII.


We do not need to solicit work as investors are sensible enough to take precautionary steps. After all, if everything works out well, then nothing is lost.

We get resistance from both agents / IFA firms who continue to seek to justify their advice. A little difficult when it is obvious that the due diligence undertaken was the brochures, sale presentations and trips to SVG. Not really that objective !

The resistance will crumble shortly, particularly now the master agent has suspended selling.

Regulatory Legal Solicitors


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  2. BFP

    And we’ll start things off again by wondering how many assets there really are in the kitty should push come to shove. When David Ames’ son Matt was recently charged with a multi-million dollar fraud, it turned out that there was only £310 in the bank!


  3. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    The Latest news is that Mr Ames was approached by the BBC Panorama team this morning on the 7am flight from Heathrow to Dublin and asked for a interveiw upon which Mr Ames attempted to push Mr Paul Kenyon down the stairs, Mr Ames did answer some questions but later excused himself as he needed to go to the toilet……………………


    Harlequin Investor Meeting Number 2

    We are now taking enquiries for our second Investors meeting on 25th March 2013.

    Central London around 12pm
    Basildon Essex around 5-6pm

    The exact location and times will be confirmed once we know the numbers.
    Please email the locations you prefer and how many wish to attend.


    We will be inviting Mr Ames and or a representative of Harlequin to attend for a question and answers session as well as TailorMade Group.

    Regulatory Legal & Pannone LLP will be present and possibly Number 5 Chambers.

    There will be a presentation regarding the recent finding regarding title to land, accounting, and what option you have to recover your investment, if that’s what you want to do.

    After the presentation you will be invited to watch the Panorama program.

    Please email harlequininvestorgroupnw@gmail.com

    So we can start to make arrangement.
    Kind regards,
    Harlequin Investor Group.

  5. Yorkipoo Yorkipoo where are you! I have sent you my phone number about our meeting…. but you have not called or gave me your number…. 😦

  6. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Paul Walton, your getting bored with me now? GOOD. Then stop being Fatchetts mouth piece.
    @RL you seem to be very quiet answering my point regarding the freezing order on the other thread. any comment?
    @E another professional door stepping by Panorama. They must be getting really desperate for editorial for their program.

  7. Luther

    Paul and erica do you know what yorkiepoo looks like? I bet it’s that faggoty ginger lad with the big mouth who was sat with them women from TM.Are you sure you want to meet him again??

  8. Anthony75

    I’ve got to say hats of to BFP in conducting a brilliant blog that lets us investors know we are not on our own. for years i have seen harlequin throw there weight around and find a way to close all the U.K blogs that criticize them. no doubt Harlequin have tried, at some point to silence BFP with no avail. keep up the good work. yes we will probably lose all or most of our money but this will never stop me from visiting the beautiful island of Barbados, a country that helped us share our disastrous dealings with Harlequin & the Ames con artists.

  9. Harlisuccess

    Another day of farcical posts interspersed with petty attempts to create hysteria based on guesswork and hearsay. There are no new stories, just a continual desperate rehash of old unsubstantiated rumours. Ambulance chasers trying to frighten investors into signing up with them, for a fat fee of course. Don’t let Fatchett fool you. He is in this for the money, nothing else.He does not really care about anyone but himself. RL say they are not soliciting busines. Who do they think they are trying to kid? Why else would they post on this forum? I am 100% confident that once the Irish Court case and the Panorama damp squib is behind us, Dave Ames will bounce back stonger than ever. Yes. Remember I told you so!!!

  10. Anthony75

    hahhahahahahahahahaahah. what with shirt buttons!!

  11. john Delhirro

    Harlisuccess I am very confused are you saying that there is nothing to worry about with Harliquinn and everything is going well?

  12. Mr Blue

    @BFP, one thing we do know for a fact is there are more contract holders than there are assets. Thus going after any assets could be problematic, especially when the BB contract holders (of which FDNRM/36 is reportedly one) are the only ones who could launch any meaningful claim. Those who invested in the other resorts hold a piece of paper that says they own a share of a peice of land that has little value, while their money went to BB. This co-mingling of funds will be a nightmare to unravel.

    At least there’s the Lamborghini still (or has that been pawned by now?), DA’s $5 million loan, the fancy new house, and getting O’Halloran’s $13 million would help, but seems unlikely.

  13. john Delhirro

    I am still waiting for my money to be returned ,I also have not recieved my interest payment for 4months so I do believe that there is something to worry about.I am very confused also why do people hide who they are on this blog???????????

  14. Anthony75

    @John Delhirro, dont even waste your time with that lot,Hardlysuccess, Yorkiepoo, FDNRM. they all work for Harlequin

  15. Eddie Lizzard2

    I’d be interested to know how much was spent on ‘entertainment’.

    This is from Harlequin’s own website.
    “The launch of new hotel brand, Harlequin Hotels & Resorts, was held on the 13th 14th July 2009. The event was staged in the elegant setting of The Grove near Watford. Harlequin Hotels & Resorts announced that their first resort, Buccament Bay Beach Resort in St Vincent & The Grenadines, will open on 1st July 2010 and the event also marked the official launch of The Marquis Estate in St Lucia where the Gary Player Signature Golf Course and world’s first Gary Player Hotel will be situated.”…

    …”The first day saw Gary Player hosting a Golf Tournament for 72 guest golfers, with the evening ending on a high note with a performance of songs from the West End musical, Les Miserables by members of the original cast.”

    According to the Harlequin website THIS EVENT COST ONE MILLION POUNDS STERLING and there were 2,000 attendees. WHO PAID FOR IT?

    Here are some quotes from satisfied guests:
    “I wish to congratulate Dave Ames and the entire Harlequin team on such a successful launch event for their various projects in the Caribbean. The preparation required to host thousands of guests was surely staggering. It was my pleasure to be part of the event.”
    Gary Player

    “The Harlequin launch was a marvelous show, a rich mixture of serious business and enjoyment everyone seemed animated
    Sam Commissiong

    “The opportunity to see the Ministers of the Islands and to hear their enthusiasm for the project was more than reassuring. It was just such good news to hear how pleased they were to have a Harlequin development in their countries and how they admired David’s insistence on getting every aspect of each project to perfection.
    The presentations of the sportsmen were special, showing how much they wanted to engage with the visitors and local children. Again, many thanks for including us in your wonderful celebration.
    Rosemary Thomas

    “What can I say but a fantastic launch event for you, the team and for Harlequin? Thank you kindly for the invitation to myself and my wife and your generous, warm and splendid hospitality. You must be very proud of what you and your team have achieved so far and the support from Presidents, Senior Ministers, service partners and sporting legends alike, was overwhelming for us, let alone how you must have felt being up on stage. Not to mention your first occasion on the stage of a West End musical, can it really get any better!!
    Thank you again for the great event, congratulations and I look forward to watching out for the first open event at Buccament Bay.”
    Keith Waterman

    “The launch event was of a scale and standard not matched in the industry; Harlequin’s success in producing a low-entry point to access high-quality overseas homes in premier resorts is now clear to see.”
    Andy Bridge
    Peruse the photos taken at this event and you can see it was a lavish junket enjoyed by foreign dignitaries, politicians and their wives, the Ames family and their guests, sports personalities, the Harlequin sales force, IFAs, investors and all the other hangers-on.

    Furthermore, I hear that Dave and daughter Nicola sang a duet from Les Miz which is apparently Dave’s fave musical. I’ll organise a whip round in aid of a Caribbean children’s charity if anyone can post a vid on Youtube of their performance.

  16. yatiniteasy

    Harlie…you are almost funny now!…

  17. Anon

    How lovely to see Mr Ames was on his way to Dubai when Panorama confronted him. I wonder where the funds for that little trip came from?

  18. Anthony75

    @EL 2, thats a classic hahahahah. what a load of BS.

  19. Pirate of the Caribbean

    @Harlisuccess who are you trying to kid?

  20. Anthony75

    This is going down as the biggest property scam in history?

  21. john Delhirro

    I really still love the idea of BB and I know BB at St vincent can be unbelieveable if it can be completed,I felt this way about the Bahammas in the early 80s and we see what has happened there . I am still hoping and where there is hope anything can be achieved,call me a dreamer

  22. john Delhirro

    Thank you Anthony 75 I was wondering and now i know.Anthony who do you believe is the best lawyer onthis right now

  23. Charles&Eddie

    Anon – It was to Dublin not Dubai sweets 🙂

  24. @John Delhirro.
    This is Paul Walton, Gareth Fatchett in my opinion is the best person.
    I await insults from the deluded ones now.


    When some thing is wrong , Just talking and reply dont make it right , Need Action . More long talk , Watch you money well , Off shore Banks and off shore investments to avoid laws where they can rip you off, off shore .
    Some comments are made by the same crooks to keep the money coming in to pay the lawyers to keep the fraud going to those who have not as yet get the news, Caribbean Island and the Fraud Govt can be bought out like slave off the ship that now docked.
    Clear title for land and not good titles or RIGHT TO USE TIME SHARES.
    Another sign that some thing is wrong.
    Keep up the fight Free Press , We are watching well . At the end of the day all have to come back to the DEEDS.

  26. Anthony75

    @john D, i have just signed up with Fatchett as I’m unaware of anybody else who has dealt with Harlequin.

  27. @FatchettDNRM
    Are you coming?

    Harlequin Investor Meeting Number 2
    We are now taking enquiries for our second Investors meeting on 25th March 2013.
    Central London around 12pm
    Basildon Essex around 5-6pm
    The exact location and times will be confirmed once we know the numbers.
    Please email the locations you prefer and how many wish to attend.


  28. BFP. Brilliant Job – Keep it Up. Truth will out!
    Yorkiepoo/FDNRM and your ilk – What goes around comes around – you sad, insensitive, deluded, morally corrupt people. (Sleep Well – No further Comment).

  29. @Luther re below.
    March 14, 2013 at 1:52 pm
    Paul and erica do you know what yorkiepoo looks like? I bet it’s that faggoty ginger lad with the big mouth who was sat with them women from TM.Are you sure you want to meet him again??

    I have no idea or the orientation of Yorkipoo, he/she/it has not called me, I dont expect them to turn up…..or call.

    Regards Paul

  30. Fatchett does not represent me.

    No wonder investors are experiencing problems if they cannot tell the difference between Dubai and Dublin LOL

  31. Fatchett does not represent me.

    So the investor meetings are going to be on the 25th March 12pm and 5-6pm and it will give a chance to look at the Panorama program which is going out on the? 25th march? I think not.

  32. St George's Dragon

    They couldn’t tell the difference between a bunch of crooks and a reputable developer either but I blame Harlequin and the IFAs for that.

  33. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    FDNRM Why not the 25th

  34. h

    I told you guys long ago about diversionary tactics from some people on here ,dont get sucked in ,read the post but do NOT reply ,its pointless as you can almost predict the response

  35. john Delhirro

    Thank You Anthony do you have a contact number or email or both Thanks again for the help

  36. john Delhirro

    Thank you harlinquin group investors

  37. LB

    This blog is an absolute joke!! Just a bunch of people with nothing better to do with their time ….law firms sending “Confidential” e mails to people who have registered with them, then publicly posting the same message on here – SO unprofessional – quite unbelievable that anyone thinks they are genuine about helping, and not really rubbing their hands together at the thought of which luxurious Caribbean holiday they can take courtesay of investors’ money they have collected in fees!!i Then there’s all the stirrers, frightening everybody associated with Harlequin to death, causing sleepless nights and endless worry. Isn’t it about time something new came along that would divert you all on to another witch hunt? Sickening.

  38. john Delhirro

    LB so you believe HP is fine and doing well???????

  39. Charles&Eddie

    LB Have you not got anything else better to do? Are you still dilusional that Harlequin will somehow manage to work??

    I think you will find that some people here are trying to help out other concerned investors, If you don’t fall into that category and want to carry on burying your head in the sand then this isn’t the place for you….

  40. h

    @john Delhirro regd L B. ignore it

  41. muck and bullets

    What is the estimate now of unhappy investors ,started at 1% later said to be 25% ,and now?

  42. john Delhirro

    I believe it has to be more than 25% I really am shocked how this went on so long.I do believe more and more people by the end of the month will be going real crazy.I have been on the phone 3times a day with HP and same story ,nothing .I have spoken to Kim ,Vinny everyone and nothing .I will say they are answering the phones but everything else is a big run around

  43. h

    I believe some IFAs are liquidating assets,I hope SFO are aware

  44. Sid

    @harlisuccess, when you say Ames is going to bounce back, what exactly is he going to bounce back to? Do you know of any successful ventures he has been involved in to date? I’ve looked and everything he’s touched seems to have turned to $hit. God knows how many people he’s crossed along the way. Things will be different now that the SFO are involved. They won’t get people their money back, but they won’t let Ames walk away unscathed either. He must be very worried….which is a nice thought.

  45. 77

    Vinny also goes by the name of Sunny btw.

  46. 77

    @LB, are you seriously suggesting that we are all on this forum just to spread panic? Just in case you haven’t heard HP are being investigated the SFO and are being covered by Panorama. It is widely believed that investors stand to lose a lot of money and in some cases, their life savings. I think that gives them just cause to want to have an opinion.

  47. h

    Stop press.invest5star must have sorted out any HP problems.Harlequin still on the web site,any takers?

  48. LB

    They are being investigated by SFO, and Panorama are interested because the “leaders” on here have provoked the interest – i.e. few disgruntled investors who can’t get their deposits back.- they have caused all the interest. Personally I know (and believe) all money and accounts have been thoroughly looked at with forensic accounting, and nothing is untoward with Harlequin. Just because the SFO are investigating doesn’t mean they will find any wrong-doing – it’s people’s perception that “there must be something wrong”. They have a duty to follow up complaints and have done so. I have also been informed that Harlequin have some $500 m of unencumbered land in the Caribbean should they need to fall back on it, so I think there are a lot of people getting into panic mode – causing MORE people to get in to panic mode over something that can be sorted out if the headless chickens could stop running around!! Now there’s a band of lawyers causing more damage just for their own end gain. Like I said before, the stock market can be brought down by fear alone, so this is a very dangerous game to be playing with so many people’s futures at stake.

  49. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Fatchicknotrepresentme (formerly known as 36)
    I’d love to know if you attended that fabulous £1million launch party?
    If not, why weren’t you invited?

  50. 195

    LB…you are full of BS.

  51. @LBThis is Paul Walton, all this caused by a couple of people….please …. come up with something a little better.

    Don’t you think the SFO are big enough to make up their own minds? Your comments are not worthy of more space.

  52. I am Napoleon

    Great post LB the rest are just full of envy .can not wait for Saint Helena development to start Josephine just loves the CGI images,keep up the good work .all the best Bonaparte

  53. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica. Panorama goes out in the evening. The meetings are afternoon. I don’t really thing panorama will give you a preview of their program. Or do you?

  54. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @LB, get used to the pack mentality. Come up with a post that they don’t like and “your comments are not worthy of more space” attempted censorship.

  55. @Your mate Fatchett,
    We will watch in the Hotel after our meeting in Basildon, London will be early afternoon…. Basildon around 5 or 6 pm.
    Please keep up….. are you coming?
    Kind regards,

  56. LB

    It’s pathetic. Bye bye. Got better things to do with my time than follow you sad, sad people. You’re like a pack of Hyenas -bet you laugh the same too.

  57. @Yourmatefatchett, LB, Harli lala land

    I am truly intrested how you actually think HP have any chance of getting over this? No finances and no income, plus one or two other problems..
    Please enlighten us? Maybe we are missing some financial masterpiece they have?

    Harlequin Investor Meeting Number 2

    We are now taking enquiries for our second Investors meeting on 25th March 2013.
    Central London around 12pm
    Basildon Essex around 5-6pm
    The exact location and times will be confirmed once we know the numbers.
    Please email the locations you prefer and how many wish to attend.

  58. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Paul Walton, not so long ago I was boring you, now your trying to contact me again. Why? I don’t answer posts from people who are too ignorant to post my ID correctly.

  59. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @RL. You don’t seem to want to answer the question regarding the freezing order you tried to get on HP. Do you now accept it was wrong to try and put BB employees out of work.

  60. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    FDNRY, We have two meetings planned one during the day and one in the evening we will then retire to the bar (hopefully) and watch Panorama is that okay with you?

    LB, Who has done the forsensic accounting?

  61. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    For the attention of Tailormade and Harlequin Properties.

    We have not had a refund on both units we purchased and we object to you telling people are personal information (DATA PROTECTION) If this continues you will leave us with no alternative but to do ALL your dirty washing in public!

    I am disgusted that you Tailormade have sold this product to so many people with little or no DD

  62. Eddie Lizzard2

    You-hoo, @ Fatchettdoesnotrepresentmoi (formerly known as 36)
    Please do tell us if you attended that fabulous £1million launch party at The Grove in Watford.
    Or, did you go to the earlier shindig at Wembley Stadium?

  63. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @eddie pisshard ( see this changing a persons ID is so easy) ill tell you what I told Paul Walton, use my correct ID and ill answer you. Be ignorant and you won’t get an answer. Simple

  64. BBaywatch

    @36 do you now accept that there was never ever any research done to confirm that the Harlequin Hotels business model was a concept that there was any demand for, and that misleading the citizens and the nation of St Vincent was wrong, and that the raising of false hopes that this pyramid scheme would ever be successful has caused hardship and distress.

    If you are so concerned about Vincentians being put out of work or caused financial hardship perhaps you would like to put your hand in your pocket and bail them out?

  65. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch. I have you idiot, I BOUGHT A PROPERY THERE!

  66. BBaywatch

    quote – A PROPERY – ?? are you too stupid to even use the built in spell checker of this forum? (wish there was a rolling eyes emoticon you could attach here)

    You could also try answering the questions regarding the business model.

  67. Max

    A lot of talk here with little content, HP are in trouble, but no one has the real picture of what they are going to do and yes of course solicitors will move in to ‘help’, out of one fire into another and yes I am in vestor whos payments have stopped, and yes HP answer the phone and tell you nothing,
    what ever happens the investors who funded this little adventure will lose not DA the solicitors.

  68. 100

    It is fairly simple to my mind. I buy a holiday home in 2008 in Barbados (for example), due to be completed in 2011 on my contract. Fast forward 5 years, and it has not been started yet. I ask for proof of finance to see if there is any reason not to get out, and build schedules. I don’t see it, so I exercise my right to get out. Pretty reasonable approach, cannot see how anyone, investor or otherwise, would have a problem with that. No more content required, or substance, anyone suggesting this is unreasonable is quite simply wrong – they have failed to deliever on my contract, and no sign of anything happening. When I realise there are possibly 6,000 others in the same boat as me, with that many unstarted homes, I draw the reasonable conclusion that this is in serious trouble (after all, all substantial facts support my conclusion) and I dig around for options on how to get out as Harlequin are not honouring the contracts. It is no surprise people are looking around for others in the same boat to provide advice. Good luck to them.

    BBaywatch, the answer to the question about the business model and research is self-evident, you don’t need that from anyone else.

  69. Lighthouse

    Who actually knows the land position ?

  70. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    The land position is not as straighforward as people would think.

    We have a full position in SVG and an unverified Harlequin version of events in the other countries.

    We are taking counsels advice on how much we disclose at this point.

  71. john Delhirro

    LB you still did not answer my question ,you believe with all honesty that HP is fine and doing well??????????????

  72. john Delhirro

    LB I will be waiting for your honest answer

  73. 212

    JD, why do you need an answer? The facts spell out Harlequin are done, 6000 purchased yet unstarted holiday homes is as bad as it has ever got in the Caribbean ever, and they have no finance in place to even make a dent in that statistic. You don’t need anyone to tell you what that means, they simply are not building. LB is a Harlequin employee, or an IFA, you won’ t get anything honest from him.

  74. john Delhirro

    Yes Anonymous but this lb is very disrespectfull person I also wanted to see how he would answer the question .

  75. Lighthouse

    No new investors = no cashflow.

    You don’t need to have an MBA to work out what happens next.

    Even if the Irish case is won, the amount of refund requests will swamp HP.

    Who will blink first ? Investors / SFO / HMRC / FSA ?

  76. Is it true that even if HP assets ever get frozen .. BB carries on trading with the travel agents as they are run under a different name … Thats what I was told by a holiday maker out there…

  77. I think the best outcome is DA sells up and lets go of his little baby and with luck a proper developer comes in and finishes the job ,,,

  78. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch. Oh you are soooo intellectually superior. Dickhead, unfortunately you cannot read. Until you use my correct ID I will ignor your stupid inane questions. Understand?

  79. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ivor Hadenuff. BB assets will not be frozen. Fatchett made a mistake trying the freezing application and now he has gone after the IFA and SIPP people. Unfortunately he has not got the good grace to admit he got it wrong.

  80. FDNRM well he is banking on HB going insolvent and liability insurance not having enough money covering the claims ,,,, He has a case

  81. Mr Blue

    @LB, is that your new Moniker now Yorkie?

    “Personally I know (and believe) all money and accounts have been thoroughly looked at with forensic accounting, and nothing is untoward with Harlequin. Just because the SFO are investigating doesn’t mean they will find any wrong-doing – it’s people’s perception that “there must be something wrong”. They have a duty to follow up complaints and have done so. I have also been informed that Harlequin have some $500 m of unencumbered land in the Caribbean should they need to fall back on it,”

    So as long as everything’s “forensically” examined then everything is ok? Some magical “forensic” examination by someone we’ve never heard of, who doesn’t publish their results fixes everything? If this guy’s computer doesn’t ‘beep’ at every touch and lots of words and numbers don’t scroll by constantly on the screen then he’s clearly a fake. I saw it on CSI. No beeping of scrolling mean’s he isn’t a real “forensic” examiner. If it’s on TV it’s real. Don’t argue.

    As for the Serious Fraud Office, well, They routinely investigate companies just for training purposes. The fact that Harlequin have been chosen by the SFO is just happen-stance. The “forensic” examiner has a beeping computer and lots of scrolling screens, so its all ok, really. We Trust you.

    And then there’s the “unencumbered” line. Harlequin are “unencumbered” because that’s part of the business model. They choose to be “unencumbered” because that makes them a safe investment. The fact that no lending institution would touch them if they were the last company on earth has no bearing. Harlequin have refused external financing for the last 7 years to maintain their place as the only “unencumbered” developers in the Caribbean (and India, Australia, Brazil, and Thailand)

    ……………It’s such a shame you can’t hear the sarcastic voice I hear in my head when I type this crap. What idiot would believe HP’s line? 36? fill us in.

  82. john Delhirro

    HA HA You had me going

  83. St George's Dragon

    If Harlequin goes down I can’t see how a “reputable developer” could come in and deliver. The projects are a legal nightmare. There are possible problems with land ownership, town and country planning, unpaid suppliers and people who believe that they own the few units that have ever been built.
    It would be difficult to get anyone reputable to touch anything with a barge pole. Shame as Buccament could possibly, in the right hands, work out. This is going to leave St Vincent in a mess.

  84. Gingerbread Girl

    Somebody going to have to do a piece of jail time for this shite yah. Ames better start running and better don’t bother to look back either cause the long arm of the law is closing in.

  85. 138

    Ames’s baby is a scam. Guys, you are just blind to think otherwise. He is not a legitimate business person. If govt of svg does seize the property of bb and bring in a real hotel operator and developer (which is what will eventually happen) the bb will have a future of some sort. The other developments make no sense, will never start let alone be finished.

  86. 138

    Check the dates he gives in this interview in 2009. Either the stupidest developer in the world, or a total scam. Possibly both. Dom Rep open 2010, Merricks and Marquis 2011. None started still in March 2013. Had to have known it was not possible so was just lying to scam more investors. GG, you are right, jail time for this conman.

  87. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    It takes eighteen months to two years to start a build to a reasonable level? Mr Simon Terry Harlequins in house conveyencing solicitor

    How long did it take to achive this with BB?

    So not being a builder myself realistically speaking how long in our world would it take to achive another BB somewhere else?

  88. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    The one other thing I cannot understand is why it is a secret as to who has forensically audited the accounts?

    I think as investors and IFAs we should know the name of the company and we should know the results of this?

    Until I see a letter and some audited accounts I personally will not believe that they exist I believe we have been grossly mislead into thinking that Grant Thornton has forensically audited the accounts for all of the Harlequin group, I know that this is not the case and that Grant Thornton only audited a small area of the accounts (which was for the Irish court case)

    It is strange this misconception has been percived by most people and yet Harlequin and their agents have not set the record straight and announced who did this accounting for them. I DO NOT FOR ONE MOMENT BELIEVE THAT THE ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN EXAMINED I THINK THIS IS UTTER RUBBISH
    along with all the resort start and finish dates
    But dont worry yourselves about this folks as I think this job will all be done soon at the tax payers expenses!

    The rise and fall of Mr Amess empire will be his own demises

  89. Anthony75

    I wonder how that fat ugly little con man is going to cope in Jail?? he will be like a little girl crying under his plastic mattress, so lets all take comfort in that fact.

  90. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ivor Hadenuff, I dont understand your point. If there is not liability insurance to cover the claims, then he will not get investors money back. I thought this was what he was trying to achieve, or is it just to bring down HP and the publicity?

  91. Sid

    @Anthony75, great comment!

    How many people believe the accounts have been audited? Can you please reply if you do? I’ll cast the first vote and say there is no way in hell that this has happened. If they had and everything was fine, why wouldn’t they have been published at least once in 7 years when this is expected of them? You would have to be an idiot to believe they have solid accounts but are just choosing to keep them confidential. I work for a very successful globally renown businessman who hates publishing accounts and does everything he can to delay having to do so…but guess what, they get published every year.

  92. Sid

    @FDRM, how is it that you are on here 24/7? It has become obvious to me that you are part of the HP setup, which is a shame as I was hoping there would be some truth in your claims. Very disappointing and you should be ashamed.

  93. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @sid. I’m not on here 24/7. I went out at 8.30 last night and returned at 11.30. Sat up watching the cricket when I came home and spent the time catching up. I don’t work, although not retired hence my free time. I know it’s sad but believe me I am not part of the HP setup.

  94. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Regulatry Legal so how did the freezing order go? This is not like you to be so quiet. Your “followers” are waiting with baited breath for a message from on high. Have you managed to put employees at BB out of work yet? Or are you going to admit you went for the wrong target with the freezing order?

  95. BBaywatch

    @100 – “BBaywatch, the answer to the question about the business model and research is self-evident, you don’t need that from anyone else.”

    The question was largely rhetorical, I didn’t really expect any meaningful response from 36 and the other Harlequin apologists. I was not being flippant however, as the change from the original plan of developing holiday homes to the resort hotel model does seem to be the tipping point on the balance between being able to accept that these were the actions of a naive but completely inexperienced developer to viewing this as a scheme designed to defraud. It is relevant, but probably entirely academic now, and best left to the courts to decide.

    If the news coming from St Vincent is correct then Dr Gonsalves must be regretting the day he ever set eyes on Dave Ames as this debacle threatens to engulf his administration and himself personally. The Panorama program is going to be very uncomfortable viewing for him and he is already distancing himself from his former ‘friend’. With the deficit on financing for the airport growing by 30% in a few weeks (from $60 to $80 million USD), the need to re-assert his own political position and the examples of his fellow Marxist, Hugo Chavez, the seizing of Buccament Bay for the nation could be a very possible outcome.

  96. small change

    LB, I’m in complete agreement with your statement sir. You have made what amounts to be the correct analysis of some of the people on this blog.

  97. Interested Investor

    It seems to be a given that which ever side of the coin you are on, there is not currently enough money in the pot to pay back every investor. Money has been spent on commissions, planes, units (although it is generally agreed not enough), land etc. Thus, if every investor went down the Regulatory Legal route, we would all get very little back. The only people that would truly prosper would surely be Regulatory Legal. They are a business and I understand that. If Harlequin went to the wall, Regulatory Legal would still be OK and BFP would perhaps get some merit from saying ‘I told you so’ and the people who didn’t buy into the campaign perhaps would be a little self-congratulatory BUT for every one else, it would be a negative result. It is a bit like the run on the Northern Rock, they were not well run but the widespread panic lead to the demise. A solution needs to be sought. Not a Regulatory Legal Solution and not a Harlequin as it currently operates solution but a solution that suits the investors that have put their money in. All I see on here is the Harlequin people fighting their corner on one side and the BFP/Regulatory Legal/ex-employers fighting their corner in the other. In my eyes, none of it is very impressive and the back biting needs to stop and the concerns of the investors need to start being addressed in a productive way.

  98. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow



    We have received enquiries from people who have contracted with Harlequin Property SVG Limited for either :-

    (a) a finance agreement (to pay their mortgages)

    (b) a cancellation agreement (to refund their deposit or agreed sum)

    The bulk of these arrangements are with Harlequin Property SVG Limited.

    1. Harlequin Property SVG Limited is the only company which owns registered land in SVG at Buccament Bay. Some 19 acres. We will circulated documentary evidence to this effect if required.

    2. There is other land at Buccament Bay which has not been formally registered. SVG has paid money for this land, but it has not been registered. We have received copies of the undated deeds from an investor and also from Harlequin itself. Harlequin has assured us that this presents no issue.

    We havetake separate legal advice and queried the status of this unregistered land. Advice received from our lawyers in SVG states :-
    “An unregistered conveyance has no legal effect, because the vendor can subsequently mortgage or sell the land. Registration provides notice to all subsequent purchasers, mortgagee (etc)

    Best Regards,


    Stephen Williams

    Williams & Williams

    Chambers, Middle Street

    Kingstown St Vincent

    West Indies”

    This is of concern to us and we will be returning to Harlequin next week for further clarification.

    SVG Status –

    SVG is the company with the bulk of the group assets. It is also the company which (in the main) holds the finance agreements and the cancellation agreements.

    What can be done ?

    We are being asked what can be done where interest payments / cancellation agreements have not been paid. The current reason for the delays is a “banking” error. In this day and age, we find this inplausible. How about cheques or manual payments ?

    We have a course of action which we intend to take for people in this situation.

    If you find yourself in this situation, please email gemma.stackhouse@regulatorylegal.co.uk .

    We are going to hold a telephone conference tomorrow afternoon at 4pm. In order to join, please email Gemma Stackhouse. She will provide you with our conference call details.

    You will need to send us (if you have not already) :-

    (a) a copy of your “Finance Agreement” with Harlequin Property SVG Limited or;

    (b) a copy of your Cancellation Agreement with Harlequin Property SVG Limited.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors
    Visit Regulatory Legal Solicitors at: http://harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk

  99. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch. You were answered at 11.16 last night. Too difficult for you to read up the page a bit? Idiot.

  100. Beggars Belief

    @FDNRM you keep having a go at RL for trying to do something to help investors get their money back.

    Can I ask you what your alternative strategy would look like? Believe me, many people have tried the usual approach of writing to HP to ask for the refund to be made in strict accordance with the contracts drafted by HP and have not found that avenue to be fruitful (unlike you it would seem).

    So, please add something constructive to this debate and set out your strategy for worried investors.

  101. annon

    Interesting to see unique investments website is down today, I wonder why….

  102. E

    We have received enquiries from people who have contracted with Harlequin Property SVG Limited for either :-
    (a) a finance agreement (to pay their mortgages)
    (b) a cancellation agreement (to refund their deposit or agreed sum)
    The bulk of these arrangements are with Harlequin Property SVG Limited.
    1. Harlequin Property SVG Limited is the only company which owns registered land in SVG at Buccament Bay. Some 19 acres. We will circulated documentary evidence to this effect if required.
    2. There is other land at Buccament Bay which has not been formally registered. SVG has paid money for this land, but it has not been registered. We have received copies of the undated deeds from an investor and also from Harlequin itself. Harlequin has assured us that this presents no issue.
    We havetake separate legal advice and queried the status of this unregistered land. Advice received from our lawyers in SVG states :-
    “An unregistered conveyance has no legal effect, because the vendor can subsequently mortgage or sell the land. Registration provides notice to all subsequent purchasers, mortgagee (etc)
    Best Regards,
    Stephen Williams
    Williams & Williams
    Chambers, Middle Street
    Kingstown St Vincent
    West Indies”
    This is of concern to us and we will be returning to Harlequin next week for further clarification.
    SVG Status –
    SVG is the company with the bulk of the group assets. It is also the company which (in the main) holds the finance agreements and the cancellation agreements.
    What can be done ?
    We are being asked what can be done where interest payments / cancellation agreements have not been paid. The current reason for the delays is a “banking” error. In this day and age, we find this inplausible. How about cheques or manual payments ?
    We have a course of action which we intend to take for people in this situation.
    If you find yourself in this situation, please email gemma.stackhouse@regulatorylegal.co.uk .
    We are going to hold a telephone conference tomorrow afternoon at 4pm. In order to join, please email Gemma Stackhouse. She will provide you with our conference call details.
    You will need to send us (if you have not already) :-
    (a) a copy of your “Finance Agreement” with Harlequin Property SVG Limited or;
    (b) a copy of your Cancellation Agreement with Harlequin Property SVG Limited.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors
    Visit Regulatory Legal Solicitors at: http://harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk

  103. Subject: Unpaid Interest Payments / Unpaid Cancellation Agreement Payments

    We have received enquiries from people who have contracted with Harlequin Property SVG Limited for either :-
    (a) a finance agreement (to pay their mortgages)
    (b) a cancellation agreement (to refund their deposit or agreed sum)
    The bulk of these arrangements are with Harlequin Property SVG Limited
    1. Harlequin Property SVG Limited is the only company which owns registered land in SVG at Buccament Bay. Some 19 acres. We will circulated documentary evidence to this effect if required.
    2. There is other land at Buccament Bay which has not been formally registered. SVG has paid money for this land, but it has not been registered. We have received copies of the undated deeds from an investor and also from Harlequin itself. Harlequin has assured us that this presents no issue.

    We havetake separate legal advice and queried the status of this unregistered land. Advice received from our lawyers in SVG states :-

    “An unregistered conveyance has no legal effect, because the vendor can subsequently mortgage or sell the land. Registration provides notice to all subsequent purchasers, mortgagee (etc)

    Best Regards,

    Stephen Williams

    Williams & Williams

    Chambers, Middle Street

    Kingstown St Vincent

    West Indies”

    This is of concern to us and we will be returning to Harlequin next week for further clarification.

    SVG Status –

    SVG is the company with the bulk of the group assets. It is also the company which (in the main) holds the finance agreements and the cancellation agreements.

    What can be done ?
    We are being asked what can be done where interest payments / cancellation agreements have not been paid. The current reason for the delays is a “banking” error. In this day and age, we find this inplausible. How about cheques or manual payments ?

    We have a course of action which we intend to take for people in this situation.

    If you find yourself in this situation, please email gemma.stackhouse@regulatorylegal.co.uk .

    We are going to hold a telephone conference tomorrow afternoon at 4pm. In order to join, please email Gemma Stackhouse. She will provide you with our conference call details.

    You will need to send us (if you have not already) :-

    (a) a copy of your “Finance Agreement” with Harlequin Property SVG Limited or;

    (b) a copy of your Cancellation Agreement with Harlequin Property SVG Limited.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  104. @100….. same story as me just the location is BB
    It is fairly simple to my mind. I buy a holiday home in 2008 in Barbados (for example), due to be completed in 2011 on my contract. Fast forward 5 years, and it has not been started yet. I ask for proof of finance to see if there is any reason not to get out, and build schedules. I don’t see it, so I exercise my right to get out. Pretty reasonable approach, cannot see how anyone, investor or otherwise, would have a problem with that. No more content required, or substance, anyone suggesting this is unreasonable is quite simply wrong – they have failed to deliever on my contract, and no sign of anything happening. When I realise there are possibly 6,000 others in the same boat as me, with that many unstarted homes, I draw the reasonable conclusion that this is in serious trouble (after all, all substantial facts support my conclusion) and I dig around for options on how to get out as Harlequin are not honouring the contracts. It is no surprise people are looking around for others in the same boat to provide advice. Good luck to them.

    Regards Paul

  105. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Beggars Belief. I keep having a go at RL because 1)Their attempt at a freezing order was not a thought out statergy, 2)It put at risk the employees at BB and the other 99% of investors, 3)It was obvious to anyone who had been interviewed by the SFO that HP is not (IMO) who will be the main object of their enquiry. 4)It was just for headlines. If they got it wrong I would think a lot more of them if they admitted it or gave an update to their application.

  106. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BFP, could you publish the reply in the Searchlight newspaper regarding the Prime Ministers reply to the Panoram questions?

  107. Beggars Belief

    @FDNRM, I didn’t actually ask you why you keep having a go at RL. I asked you for your constructive strategy for what a worried investor should now do if they have tried to get their deposit back only to be met with a wall of silence?

  108. @Yorkiepoo

    I take it from your lack of contact you will not be meeting me at 12.00 today – I will turn up as I have a meeting with Erica the question is will you?

  109. Eddie Lizzard2

    @FDNRM formerly known as 36

    So what you are saying is that you would like to see this scam continued, so that more investors are sucked in and could potentially lose their pensions/home/life savings.

    There are hundreds or workers and businesses in SVG and Barbados who claim they have not been paid – just read the local newspapers or listen to the radio news. That is the responsibility of Harlequin not RL or the investors who want their money back as per their contracts.

    For newcomers to this forum I’d like to point out that 36 got in much earlier than the investors who have now been forced to resort to law. 36 has admitted that his case was sorted out to his satisfaction. Why he wants to prevent others from seeking reimbursement is beyond me.

  110. I actually think Regulatory Legal are working for the best interest of their clients, they use the law to get refunds from HP it obviously hit a raw nerve going for a freezing order – but it worked.

    Whats wrong with that?

    Now FDNRM will call me Gareth’s mouth piece,getting my fees for nothing, drumming up trade for RL, putting people out of work,spoiling it for investors,selfish,liking the publicity have I missed any off?

    Now here is a radical thought, why did HP not just refund me as per my contract???

  111. Eddie Lizzard2

    @FDNRM formerly known as 36
    “BFP, could you publish the reply in the Searchlight newspaper regarding the Prime Ministers reply to the Panoram questions?”

    Perhaps they busy. What’s to stop you posting it here? (lazy git).

  112. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Eddie Lizzard2: Misquote! I did not say my case was sorted to my satisfaction. I said ONE of my investments was sorted to my satisfaction, which was paid back over 18 months. I am still an investor in BB. Follow?
    @Paul Walton: Misquote! I did not imply you were getting your fees for nothing. I did not imply you were putting people out of work. RL nearly did that with their freezing order attempt. Follow? Anyway I thought I was boring you? Are you now stalking me again?

  113. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Eddie Lizzard2, because I do not subscribe to the Searchlight newspaper. Let me explain something. I am unemployed, my wife does not work through illness. WE HAVE NO INCOME, apart from my BB rental. So dont call me a lazy git. You know nothing about me. Pillock.

  114. Beggars Belief

    @FDNRM, it’s easy to take a swipe at people who are doing what they can to get deposits returned. I’ll ask again, what is your strategy?

    Also (and don’t just try to answer this question and ignore the one above), why do you keep saying that the freezing order was a failed strategy? Are you assuming that the fact that HP settled with the investors during the period of adjournment is entirely coincidental and they were going to settle anyway.

    If Harlequin is in a position to honour their commitments to investors as clearly set out in the contracts why do they not do so? Is it because they don’t have the resources to so so? Why shouldn’t an investor seek to apply the terms of their contract to the letter?

  115. Sid

    @FDNRM, do you mean to say that your only means of income is what HP pay you each month, yet you are not worried that these funds will dry-up despite the accounts you have read from others who haven’t seen a penny in ages? You must know something we don’t!

  116. Well Well

    Wonderful scheme, fabulous scam.

  117. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Beggars Belief, If the freezing order attempt was such a success then have the investors received their money back, Paul Walton and Erica havn’t so my guess would be the others have not either. My strategy would have been to take individual action through the courts. Did Paul Walton, Meena Gupta, Erica etc try to get their contracts honoured individually through the courts?

  118. Eddie Lizzard2

    I’m not posting the Comrade’s reply because it’s 12-pages long. Anyone interested to read the BBC letter and his reply can find it on i-witness news for free.



  119. Eddie Lizzard2

    I’m not posting the Comrade’s reply because it’s 12-pages long. Anyone interested to read the BBC letter and his reply can find it on i-witness-news dot com for free.

    It’s a Public Relations disaster. The Comrade and Ames are in deep doo-doo.

  120. Beggars Belief

    @FDNRM, I sort of understand the desperation of your posts now and I have just had a small slug of compassion for you. If the prospect of income from BB really is a lifeline to you then I can imagine that keeping that dream alive is really important to you.

    But can’t you see that this business doesn’t seem to be in the kind of shape to fulfill its obligations. Any normally functioning business that had contracts would simply honour them rather than fight everyone to the bitter end. It just isn’t the sign of a healthy business. I think you need to take a hard reality check and accept that you may never see the income that you hoped for.

  121. Anonymous

    @FDNRM If BB rental is your only income, you better start thinking of another source…all the travel websites are now offering big discounts on BB..right in the middle of “high season”..(pre Easter)
    Low occupancy, as revealed by several on TA , combined with lower daily rates can only mean one thing…another disaster for Harlequin.

  122. BBaywatch

    @36 I am unemployed, my wife does not work through illness. WE HAVE NO INCOME, apart from my BB rental. (takes out onion)

    Now didn’t you say that you had visited Buccament Bay while on a cruise? Is that why you don’t want to be remembered as 36 – so you can play the sympathy card?

  123. 195

    Now that Chavez is gone and Venezuela is in a mess, Gonsalves is scrambling to find US$80 million or so to finish the Airport. Apart from the Petrocaribe deal, and loans from ALBA, there are several Cuban workers in St Vincent, working to finish the airport, that have been paid up to now with funds from Chavez….It looks like a 2013 completion date is now a very distant dream.
    I mention this because almost every TA comment refers to the long and uncomfortable delays in getting to BB because of Liat and the Barbados connection, and that the new Argyle airport will solve everything.(Forget Harlequin Air, that will never get off the ground)

  124. E

    Sat waiting for yorkiepoo is he/she/it going to turn up?? Who knows?? Taking bets!

  125. Eddie Lizzard2

    March 15, 2013 at 11:57 am
    Sat waiting for yorkiepoo is he/she/it going to turn up?? Who knows?? Taking bets!

    Perhaps he’s gone to see a man about a dog. [wink]

  126. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, you really are low life scum. The trip was paid for by someone else in the family due to a tramatic previous 6 months due to the health of my mother in law. This included an attempted suicide. I will now refuse to acknowledge any posts from you directed at me. Do not even use my current ID as you will not be answered in any capacity whatsoever!

  127. BBaywatch

    @36 / Fatchett does not represent me. – you are the archetypal internet troll, by turns aggressively bullying and cravenly wheedling, demanding that your questions are answered immediately and ignoring perfectly reasonable questions addressed to you. Using the anonymity that this forum affords you have made outrageous slurs against the reputation of others and cast aspersions on their motives. Constantly seeking to promote your own selfish interests you have shown scant regard for the effect that this will have on anyone other than yourself. Behave badly and you get treated accordingly – a life lesson.

  128. Anonymously

    For investors who are new to this blog a quick recap of reality over propaganda.
    Sorry to give you what may be life changing news. You have been SCAMMED by David Ames and his family. Most of you have already lost your savings, pension or equity from your home. A very very small number of you will get some of it back from hp, more of you will succeed with advisors, sipp providers and their insurance companies.(that is if your quick enough, the above only have so much £. First come first served)
    The rest of you are f**ked and will hopefully have learned how to do your own due diligence and ask the locals who know the build areas there opinion next time.
    That Ames faces Justice for the sake of investors should be the next goal.

  129. Yorkiepoop never turned up even after I gave he/she/it my number….. am I surprised no, desparate measures by the HP Trolls.

    Harlequin Investor Meeting Number 2
    We are now taking enquiries for our second Investors meeting on 25th March 2013.
    Central London around 12pm
    Basildon Essex around 5-6pm
    The exact location and times will be confirmed once we know the numbers.
    Please email the locations you prefer and how many wish to attend.

  130. 212

    am with you there BBaywatch – FDNRM, Yorkiepoo, Harlisuccess are all trolls trying to get the confused to not see the very clear and substantiated facts of David Ames’s fraud. It is not even close, a grey area or could go either way – it is property fraud of the worst and most clear kind ever seen in the Caribbean, and Ames will go down with the same infamy as Stanford, and hopefully will spend as long behind bars.

  131. Erica, dont forget to post all the emails from Yorkpoop…..it will show the level these people stoop to.
    Thanks for Lunch

  132. Sam Spade

    To those moved by FDNRM posts above,I do not wish to see anyone with more than the average amount of problems.but perhaps his post of March 6 th 10.34 on the end for Harlequin etc ,may be an insight on his view of this kind of situation,

  133. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sam Spade, believe me I am not trying for the sympathy vote. My emotive posting above was to explain to BBwatch (although why I thought I needed to I dont know) how or why I was on a cruise in December and why it was paid for for by someone else in my family. Why that moron thinks I need a life lesson especially from him god only knows. Hopefully hes not stalking me anymore!

  134. Eddie Lizzard2

    @Fatchett does not present me…formerly known as 36
    God, 36 you’ve got an inflated sense of your own self-importance haven’t you?

  135. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2 you’ve lost me on that one. can you explain in more detail what you are getting at.

  136. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Sam Spade,
    You mean this one? …

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    March 6, 2013 at 10:34 pm
    @Erica, I’m sorry but don’t try for the sympathy vote. This is a very dirty business. The end result is all about money and sentiment does not come into it. And my guess, Panorama will not be the huge exposé people think it will be. Plenty of time for the editorial content to be changed yet.

    Spelling and syntax have remarkably improved. Would you not agree?

  137. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Harle Quin
    Mar 8 (3 days ago)
    to James
    Hi James, I have just noticed your coment on BBFP and to be honest I dont think Mr Ames is sure if he is coming or not so I do not want to say he is if he is not. So if you can confirm Mr Ames is going to be there then I will reply to you on the thread. Thanks Erica
    James Hindle
    3:45 PM (4 hours ago)
    to me
    Erica – I did ask Dave if he was attending or not, he said he felt it would be a set up, I know Sean Ghent felt if he went he would be the focus of all questions and backed out. I have seen written evidence of the audit having taken place confirming funds have gone through to the carribean. I know your sceptical but all I can tell you that I am being told funding is close to speed up the progress on all resorts – I have told Dave that this needs to be made transparent to the investors as this appears to be one way traffic of bad news.
    I will be seeing Dave this week.
    James Hindle
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to me
    Are you Paul Walton, I’m confused as to who you are?
    I just read the article in the Liverpool Echo
    Harle Quin
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to James
    We are a group Paul Walton is a member. But I am Erica who is responding
    Harle Quin
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to James
    My number is ————- if you would like to call me
    James Hindle
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to me
    Erica – I dont mind calling but this does need to be in confidence
    Like I said I do not work for HP but I do know all the Ames family so its really sensitive
    The forum is a joke and I dont know why I got involved but us speaking needs to be kept private
    Harle Quin
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to James
    Ok no problem I am on my own at home so it would be private
    James Hindle
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to me
    What is it that your keen to find out?
    I cant verify anything I say becasue I am only being told what I am being told if you know what I mean.
    I know DA wont attend the meeting, not because he feels that he has done wrong but thinks that the numbers mean he will not get heard.
    I know you have your own issues with Dave but I can promise you that I have never seen the side of him you talk about
    I know the SIPP cash has effected him badly, I do know he is in negotiation for funding, I do know that Grant Thornton have reviewed the accounts, i do know he has received death threats, I know HD Studio is closed for 1 month, I have been told that when the SIPP cash flows again then interest will be paid, I also know BB staff have been paid for sure.I could be wrong but in my experience Dave is no crook, he may have bitten off more than he can chew I dont know, his business may fail I dont know, but that wont be through criminal reasons
    What is this thing he wanted off you anyway?

    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 14:35:22 +00
    Harle Quin
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to James
    Call me and I will tell you everything
    James Hindle

    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to me
    Erica – I dont know whether to get involved

    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 14:43:50 +0000
    Harle Quin
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to James
    It was you who wanted my phone number you have it so call me. I don’t know if it was someone from Harlequin who called me this morning at 3am who couldn’t be bothered to talk…
    James Hindle
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to me
    What you mean? Someone called you and put phone down?
    What is it that is convincing you that Dave is running a big scam here rather than not having business troubles?

    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 14:46:47 +0000
    Harle Quin
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to James
    I have never called this a scam, I have never called Dave Ames anything. I am the one who has been treated badly been accused of blackmail, been accused of knowing someone who has blackmailed Dave, recording seminars, knowing someone they are in litigation with. Having four different contracts with them the fourth one being that my husbands Sipp re-instating to it’s former glory last June and yet still waiting…..having phonecalls and emails at silly times of the day and night and the worst one was what Dave wanted me to do, he knows exactly what I am talking about he also knows my husband suffers with his health.
    His refusal to acknowledge my email several weeks ago is what has brought us to this. He has got a set of questions from the Panorama team regarding all of this. If Dave is such a good man why has he allowed one of his investors to be treated in this way by Mr Simon Terry
    I hope you and Dave attend on Saturday I will still shake your hands and I will treat you exactly the same as every other person who comes into that room. I have never raised my voice, shouted, swore or done anything for me and my family to be treated in this way by Dave.
    Harle Quin
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to James
    I am also very disgusted that I was called in a meeting last week with another investor “That woman she has had her money back I don’t know what her problem is”
    That is not the way to do business.
    James Hindle
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to me
    I hope you would shake my hand because I am a bystander wondering what the hell is going on. If I was there HArlequin would wonder why.
    I would like a copy of the mins tho?
    Like I said I first met Dave in Dubai when he was working as an agent for IFA Resorts and he was an absolute gentleman.I have stayed at his place a few times, done business with him and he has been an absolute gentleman.I am just a bit worried for everyone here, what damage the bad press is going to do whether its correct or not.I think Dave may be struggling to deliver by the sounds of it but wont admit it and rather than pull together you may pull it apart. He has said himself it has proven alot more difficult than he ever imagined.I can see the O’Halloran issue becoming increasingly nasty – who knows who is sending death threats but they are real too I have copies myself he has pdfed to me which I can show you but cant give copies.
    Simon terry I dont know him – I have heard of him
    All I was trying to do was get you some answers
    If Dave is a fraudster he has fooled me, he is the most hard working crook i have ever met working 18 -20 hour days
    I am glad to assist but cant get over involved but I’m not sure this is all helping?
    What do you want to ask me?
    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 15:00:06 +0000
    James Hindle
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to me
    One odd thing to me is why Sean Ghent is attending?
    Surely he would be in a better position than anyone to find out the true facts from Harlequin?
    What can he find out from the meeting that he cant ask Dave??
    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 15:00:06 +0000
    Harle Quin
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to James
    Why did he allow this to happen to a investor? why did he allow Mr Terry to treat me like he did? why do Harlequin treat there investors like they do?I also work very hard to earn money but will never in my lifetime earn what Dave pays himself. To be honest with you my Husband has resigned himself to never seeing the SIPP funds again so feels he now has nothing to lose. Mr Terry saying he will come after our house and trying to intimidate and bully us for information just is not the type of people we ever want to be near He and Harlequin are just not our type of people we are different, I am sorry but this is because a lady phoned me up and said she had had enough as a Mr. Daliger had treated her so bad and that she wished she was dead so this is not really just about my Husband now its about how Harlequin treat people. Do you not think that this sort of meeting should of always been the way where people can ask questions and get honest answers. I really think that is where the problem lies.

    I am busy now collating the questions and have never done anything like this before and need to get on I am not brilliant on the laptop so you have my number and if you wish to speak great.
    James Hindle
    Mar 7 (4 days ago)
    to me
    I will call you when I’m away from the office.
    This all seems at odds to what I know.
    Simon Terry like I said I have never met – but that seems a little harsh what he said to you.
    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 15:28:12

    This is the email correspondence with Mr Yorkiepoo. It’s a great shame that he decided not to meet me today even though it was his suggestion……

  138. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2 I’ve answered that to Sam earlier.

  139. Beggars Belief

    I am pretty sure this whole thing didn’t start as a scam. I suspect that DA is the kind of person who dreams big ideas and is pretty able at selling these to other people. You have to have a sneaky admiration for the quality of the marketing materials, launch events and the brand. But that’s where my admiration ends.

    It is ok to dream big but most people reality check this against their experience and ability to deliver. At this point most reasonable people say, “nice idea but I’m not really the person to do this”.

    But DA pressed on regardless. His ability to sell isn’t questioned. He managed to get people to part with their money. This was probably his comfort zone and so it is natural that he paid most attention to this end of the business.

    By his own admission he got duped by a couple of building contractors so it seems he didn’t have a sufficiently strong in-house team on that side of things. The sales kept piling in and so it probably looked like a successful venture from Harlequin’s perspective.

    At this point I think they believed their own rhetoric and kept selling the dream. The liabilities were piling up and deadlines missed. The gap between reality and the dream got bigger and this required the whole operation to be veiled in secrecy. This explains why it has been so hard to get sensible answers to reasonable questions. There are no sensible answers.

    This is where you could build a case for criminal culpability. Most people would stop and the sales process and so their best to deliver the commitments they had already taken on. They would make sure that all the accounts were properly filed (as so the primary responsibility of any company director). This would have revealed that things were not in good shape.

    Most people would have stopped. But dreamers always hope that things will work out if only the cash keeps flowing and so the sales arm keeps going. Liabilities keeps mounting and the hole gets deeper.

    Someone has to declare the party over. If HP do this themselves (which they should have done 4 years ago IMHO) then there may be some leniency shown to them. If the SFO/police/FSA have to do it then they will get the book thrown at them and I’m sure people will end up serving time for this.

    This is only educated guesswork based on what has been written so far. I may be wrong and hope, for the sake of investors, that I am.

  140. @Yorkipoo THE INVESTOR.
    I was just on a very interesting conference call and guess who was on it? Yorkipoo unless someone else repeats verbatim what was contained in the e-mails to Erica.

    And guess what, he is an investor and wants his money back.

    I think you need to call me especially as you stood me up at lunch. 🙂

    I have emailed you.


  141. Mr Blue

    Very Telling

    “I know the SIPP cash has effected him badly” and
    “I have been told that when the SIPP cash flows again then interest will be paid”

    So Dave is using new investor’s money to bankroll the entire business. No new news there then, but its nice to see Dave’s right hand man put it in black and white for us.

    Accounting 101 for Dave Ames: Each new investor is not an asset, they are a liability. Adding further liabilities to an already struggling business will not help. At best you create a pyramid scheme, at worst a Ponzi scheme, neither are viable business models.

  142. And he never turned up for lunch 😦

  143. 100

    BB, ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. He has been trading insolvent, and kept piling up liabilities in the form of new clients whilst knowing full well that intially he did not own the land in SVG and St Lucia (illegal) and still does not have full planning permission (unless funds are escrowed subject to/or there is clarity in the contracts that it is all subject to final planning permission, this is fraud). I for one do believe this was a scam from the outset. This is in a very small way based on what we know about Ames prior to Harlequin, and dealings in Thailand. It is also based on the very obvious lies in the sales material. It is largely also based on the lies he is caught on film of telling, about the marina at BB, about occupancies at BB. But it is mainly based on the fact that as developer, he took large dividends from the start, when nothing was built and he was taking from investor money, kept making sales he knew he could not fulfill (would have to be unbelievably dumb to not realise that without strong financing in place, he was taking on commitments he could never fulfill – again being dumb is no defense) and kept taking the commissions and paying himself. Even loaning himself $5m. A scam is done to benefit the scammer. If he was also potless after such poor management, then BB’s position that he is just incompetent may hold some sway, but he is not – he has ensured he pocketed from the top line, and no developer does that. Plus, lavish launch events, celeb fees, planes, small hotels etc he would have known the business just could not afford with so many liabilities. As you say BB, he should have shut up shop the moment he realised he was in too deep, say in early 2007. He did not, he kept selling, lying and paying himself. In my view, this is not an innocent mistake of him getting in too deep, and thousands of people’s lives are affected as a result of this. The courts will ultimately decide when all is unravelled, but there are so many debts and bad feelings about this man throughout the Caribbean, to us over here, he looks as guilty as sin.

  144. 253

    Dave Ames ‘special dates’ when he went BUST!
    1993 29 Sep – 564 of 1993 Southend County Court – trading as PH Agencies – trading as Glenrose Leisure Ltd petitioner.

    1998 10 Jun 1998 – 165 of 1998 Southend County Court – trading as Diamond Windows and Window Design – Conversion Fitting Services petitioner

  145. Anon - reasons unknown

    Whether it was an intended scam from the start or not is only for the courts to decide. But Harlequin have been lying to investors through newsletters, email communications and brochures since 2006 (land ownership, planning permissions, project completion dates, investment returns and contract conditions) and they have failed to publish accounts in the Caribbean.

    Fraud is obtaining money through deception. I think that’s clearly the case here.

  146. homefront

    @100 thanks again.also I understand dividend payments can not be dished out at a whim,as far as I am aware

  147. I would love to know how anyone still thinks HP is still a good investment?
    time is running out

  148. They should come out of profits, in the UK anyway no idea about SVG

  149. Beggars Belief

    I agree with both 100 and Anon- RU above.

    I’m certainly not making apologies for Harlequin. I just don’t think it started out as a scam but I do think they are guilty of believing their own ridiculous marketing material and then doing everything to present that as the reality.

    I completely agree that this does not absolve them of the legal duties as directors. Deluding yourself that you’re great wouldn’t stand up in court as an adequate defence!

    You are right to point out that shooting a video on the beach at BB saying that the marina is being finished off when, in reality, it wasn’t even started, is unforgivable. I always thought that was laughable when DA said on the video, “you”ll have to take my word for it that it is nearly finished” (OWTE) when all he needed to do was ask the camera operator to spin round 180 degrees to prove it!

    Yes, there have been lies that can now be proved to be lies and distortions. And, yes, some people may have invested on the back of those. This makes them guilty.

    The wrong doing will extend beyond the two directors and will includes the chairman and other senior people like the in-house lawyers. This will be a very ignominious end for some people I’m sure.

  150. Mr Blue

    More interesting revelations from Paul, Suddenly Yorki’s interests are revealed!

    Well Yorki, your good mate Dave has been lying to you too. Every time you ask if your money is safe he fobs you off with the standard line “The funding is just around the corner”

    Now that you’ve realised he’s lying to you, you need to be nicer to Paul. He might just help you with some advice on how to get your money back.

  151. Steve Akers

    Rather than calling them dividends, the ‘clever’ thing would have been to extract money as ‘management fees’.

    Of course, the endgame will involve the companies going bust with owners saying its a normal business failure due to economic climate for property etc….don’t have much confidence given the poor reputation of the SFO for competence(read any recent issue of private eye).

  152. Confused.com!

    I was on the conference call today and said something similar to what Yorkiepoo wrote, as I knew Ames from Dubai, I think you are getting 2 people confused. The thing that surprised me most was the figure quoted for property sales in Dubai – I have a good idea what property assets are in Dubai and you can knock a few noughts off!

  153. 1307

    Very disappointed that yorkiepoo didn’t meet Paul Walton. After all the rubbish he/she/it has posted, thought they would have the guts to see Paul face to face!

  154. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Just wanted to update everyone,
    From: Erica broughton

    Date: 15/03/2013 15:57:44

    To: dames@harlequinhotelsandresorts.com

    Cc: matthew.hill3@bbc.co.uk; russell.myers@mailonsunday.co.uk; newsdesk@men-news.co.uk; news@liverpool.com; vicki.stockman@guardiangrp.co.uk; granada.reports@itv.com; gerald.main@bbc.co.uk; help@onevalefan.co.uk; gareth.fatchett@regulatorylegal.co.uk; Jon Austin; marc.shoffman@ft.com; bcantwell@citywire.co.uk; julia.norris@pannone.co.uk; ddalligan@harlequinproperty.co.uk; kevin@optimus-wealth.com; alistair@tm-fs.com; aregan@harlequinproperty.co.uk; steve@amicablepropertysolutions.co.uk; mail@riskwarning.co.uk; Katherine Manderfield; p_walton@btconnect.com

    Subject: Harlequin Investor Group Meeting 2 London & Essex

    Dear All,

    We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming event and would be pleased if you could attend. I have also sent the set of investors question to Mr Ames and hope that with all the additional time he will be able to attend and answer them in person.

    please RSVP


    Harlequin investor group

    Harlequin Investor Meeting Number 2
    We are now taking enquiries for our second Investors meeting on 25th March 2013.
    Central London around 12pm
    Basildon Essex around 5-6pm
    The exact location and times will be confirmed once we know the numbers.
    Please email the locations you prefer and how many wish to attend.

  155. 1307

    @confused.com. Now I’m confused?? Are you yorkiepoo? You have written same thing that yorkiepoo wrote on emails to Erica before the conference call and said the same in the conference call and now on this thread?? Have you changed your name again confused.com aka yorkiepoo aka 36??

  156. anon

    Would just like some answers not fobbed off all the time. Huge worry.

  157. Confused.com!

    No first time on here Gareth told me about the site in a phone call tonight. Harlequin issuing a statement tonight.

  158. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    My problem with Harlequin has always been that there is no transparency and this meeting Yorkie is having with Mr Ames on Monday is just typical of Harlequin. If it is good enough for him to have a refund then why not anyone/everyone who wants one why only the chosen few? How is this fair to all other investors? The truth is it is not is it?

  159. Confused.com

    It was me that mentioned a meeting? I haven’t asked for a refund? Is everyone mad on here?

  160. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    confused, what time is there going to be a statement and will you put it on here as I dont get updates 😦

  161. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    So Yorkie I can see why your confused you dont even know who you are half the time your the one who is mad, Firstly your not a investor, then you suddenly become a investor, and then you manage to get a meeting to chat about what??? if your thinking of a investor takeover let me know I have a three toilet rolls left out of a nine pack, you could always use them to wipe the crap coming out from your mouth.

  162. homefront

    SFO not great,Dont upset HMRC as I said before Al Capone was done on tax

  163. Anthony75

    Dave ames & Harlequin are a f###ing disgrace. In the statement they are still blaming everyone else but themselves. how could a court case that involves 8 or so million out of a reported £250million delay resorts for 7 years.??? He is scraping the bottom of the barrel if he thinks we are stupid enough to suffer that. Your times up fatty, the nets closing.

  164. Confused.com

    Just been told to look out for one tonight, didn’t ask what was in it am assuming it will be about the O’Halloran case? Can’t imagine anything groundbreaking! E if your an investor you should get a copy?

  165. Confused.com

    E – I don’t get this? Anyway I don’t think this place is a forum for me so I’m out of here! Think I will do my own thing!

  166. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Of course you will porkie!!! you go and do your deal and forget everyone else why does that suprise me!!!! NOT

  167. Beggars Belief

    Anthony75 can you post the statement on here please?

  168. Lighthouse

    Is it true that Tailormade have been shut down and prevented from dealing with pensions ?

  169. Confused.com

    Last word before I dissaper – statement contains nothing factual

  170. mark fenty

    I often wonder,what has happened to the Iron -qualities,that once defined true manhood?

  171. Anonymously

    It is the taking of his cut out of the initial deposit that is the glaring pointer whether this was a scam from the beginning or not. When the developer has already received their profit before building , in most cases, any of the properties. What is incentive is there to complete the project. This is not the norm in building contracts. It’s because he never intended to build anything beyond showpieces (bait) to keep the scam going as long as possible.

  172. Steve Akers

    @lighthouse – tailor are website is down as far as I can see….I suspect they’ll put the company into liquidation to pre-empt lawsuits….

    It will be first come first served when suing…..

  173. mark fenty

    Honestly people, I can’t take no more of your, pseudo -intelligence,vain -bubbling,presumptuous -pronouncements ,and interpretive -extrapolations, its time too grow a pair of Balls. There ought to be something more interesting than this heap of crap to discuss??

  174. Lighthouse

    I was told FSA have nobbled them. Can anyone confirm this ?

  175. In the know

    Tailormade is being dissolved – the issue is that the PI is in the aggregate per annum not an each an every claim. So even though they had PI of £2 million the claims from Cyprus have maxed it out and there is no room for Harlequin Property claims – so getting out and starting up Tailormade mark II – very bad news for us all

  176. Lighthouse

    in the know – how accurate is your source on this ?

  177. Steve Akers

    Tailormade move is logical from their point of view but doesn’t absolve them from personal litigation re lack of DD/Negliegence in the best case and being in cahoots in the worst case. Maybe someone with legal background can confirm the situation?

    What’s clear is that everyone needs to move against their IFA/SIPP provider ASAP to have any hope of getting anything back.

    Once Panorama goes out the house of cards will collapse pretty quickly IMHO….

  178. In the know

    Very good source – Steves point is valid in some instances but not this. If the PI is insufficient you can pursue the company but not the individuals as its a limited liability company – the company has no assets so nothing to pursue! I heard plenty of smugness there over this

  179. In the know

    One other point specifically to E. I am almost certain I know who confused.com is. If its who I think you would deffinately have been better moving forward with him as has alot of influence with Ames and has alot of access. What I do know is that unless Ames says so nothing happens at HP and he has access and influence for some reason.

  180. 183

    If a company has debts that exceed assets, it’s not quite as simple as them being able to voluntarily liquidate the company unanswered off their own volition. Creditors have a right to intercede — and have to be informed of what’s happening. Being a limited company doesn’t necessarily absolve a company, or its directors, of any responsibility or liability if the company fails. Where a former client becomes a creditor is not something I could comment on.

    There’s plenty of good information about this online.

    I know nothing about the company mentioned, the info above is only general UK company stuff. I’m less au fait with LLPs etc — though liability again isn’t unconditionally relaxed.

  181. In the know

    But that isn’t what has happened – TM have called in the administrators because the PI has been potentially exceeded plus I know they have cash problems because HP are not selling and they have not been paid commissions from HP.
    With insufficient insurance cover left and no assets I am now worried as recovery of my cash has deminished today!

  182. 183

    In that case, the administration period could be quite complicated.

    “Phoenixing” is not necessarily as straightforward and easy as it seems — it all depends on what comes out in the administration process.

  183. In the know

    Is anybody familiar with the name Andrew Smith? Does it mean anything to anyone?

  184. This is going down as the biggest property scam in history?

    Sorry not even close, but still very very painful for many, especially when regulators and governments fail to act!

    Never forget Clico and the deafening silence of those that have been complicit.

  185. Eddie Lizzard2

    @In the know
    March 16, 2013 at 4:45 am
    Is anybody familiar with the name Andrew Smith?

    Just Google Andrew Smith and Procure it Direct. Smith sources furniture for projects such as Jack’s at Buccament Bay. I heard that Smith and Ames fell out because Ames accused him of theft and overcharging [sound familiar?]

  186. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow


    @ In the know, My Husband has now wrote off this pension (we have been trying to sort this out for over two years) and we now have nothing to lose hence nothing to be scared off and so holding meetings and wanting answers seems the way forward to us, We will not do a deal with Mr Ames or Mr Porkie/36/or James?? as the truth is more important to us than the SIPP.

    Everyones situation is different but one thing is certain as far as I am concerned is that Mr Ames via Mr Terry will not bully me any more if you are telling the truth you have nothing to fear Mr Ames, So stop acting like a angry toddler, I find it very interesting you are trying to do everything “proper and going through the legal chanels” maybe if you had always done that you would not be in this situation

    Mr Ames conspiracy theory does not wash with me this “smear” campaign that he talks about is utter rubish I personally think Mr Ames is clutching at straws and the facts speak for themselves. It is not the BBC Panorama team that tried to push Mr Ames down the airplane steps earlier in the week it was Mr Ames who behaved disgracefully,also this smear campaign would have to be false knowledge which I do not see, everything I have seen in the media about you Mr Ames and Harlequin seems to me to be very factual I dont understand what you have a problem with you have not done what you said you would do and cannot show all investors where there money is,

    How can it be my Husband cannot touch his pension until he is sixty five and so entrusted it to you and you will not show us where it is Mr Ames it makes me wonder what money did you use to buy Airoplanes,Hotels and give yourself a directors loans a radical thought might be instead of chasing the builder why not pay back what you borrowed ,why not pay back all the bonuses you and your family took? none of us can touch those pensions and it looks to me like you have helped yourself and spent it on what you liked instead of doing with it what we gave it you to do which was to build our resorts

    Mr Ames just answer the questions we have sent you, we all as investors have a right to know the answers, stop this silly nonsense and do what we paid you to do build our properties, You have had the money now deliver the goods.

    I have to say guys Mr Terry thinks Mr Ames owns BB I have told him Mr Ames does not own it people like my Husband and you do but I dont think he gets it perhaps that is why noone has recieved there titles yet.

    So all this rubbish you Mr Ames tell anyone who will listen about me is no way to treat a investor and dispite you saying I have been paid of we all know that not to be the case, Anyways I am now in the process of filing a complaint against Harlequin and Tailormade to the ICO.

    It was a great shame Mr Ames that you could not make the meeting last week and hope that the one we have planned to coincide with the Panorama program you will be able to attend hopefully by then you will be able to answer some if not all of the questions your investors want answering, I have made it clear to both Harlequin and Tailormade that we have not recieved regular updates and would like you to address this issue the very least you can do is keep investors up to date

    So I cannot wait for all the transcripts to become public knowledge I have heard that some people involved have suffered amnesia we will have to wait and see wont we.

  187. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, speak to BBaywatch, he will tell you how to turn spell check on. Its what he does.

  188. 74

    I know Andrew Smith. His firm Procure IT Direct supplied all the furniture and equipment for Buccament Bay. He was also instrumental in helping open phase 1 and 2. He is a very experienced property devloper and walked away when he realised what a farce Harlequin really is. I am also led to believe that his firm are Harlequins largest creditor.

  189. In the know

    I could be wrong then but I thought from what was said that Porkie is Andrew Smith. I am almost sure I know who confused.com is too!

  190. Anon - reasons unknown

    I wonder if HMRC are also investigating the set-up?

  191. In the know

    E – Dave Ames won’t be reading this blog.

  192. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @in the no know. He probably wont but he has got you and his other minions to read it has he not

  193. In the know

    E – I’m no minion of Dave Ames for sure! I don’t have any time for him. Your postings seem more and more desperate by the second – are you loosing the plot?
    You seem to be attacking anyone that doesn’t conform to your way of thinking!

  194. Dave

    @74 you are Andrew Smith? Seems to be many different stories regards to what happened to the relationship between Ames and smith. Be very good to hear the truth from someone. Yes Andrew Smith did a good job to get things open. Procure it Direct did a lot down in SVG, when I stayed there I used to speak to one the guys who worked as the buyer regular (Big welsh guy). He was always pleasant and answered any questions on the products. All very strange Ames and Smith relationship. As Smith was the CEO at one point I remember seeing somewhere.

  195. Beggars Belief

    I have some dim and distant recollection of Procure IT Direct taking some form of freehold interest at Buccament Bay in lieu of payment.

    Is this a correct recollection and was there any truth to this?

  196. In the know

    Another thing whilst its in my mind – has anyone checked if Andy Townsend is still football coaching at Easter – I think he has disowned Anes

  197. Dave

    @bb I don’t believe that to be case. I believe that Procure it Direct are claiming they are owed money and Hq claiming they are owed by Procure it Direct. This has never come out to the public. Not sure if @74 can tell you more as he seems to know a lot.

  198. In the know

    E – back to your question why confused can get a meeting with Ames, some individuals can be your priority to pay off over others – fill in the gaps yourself!

  199. Beggars Belief

    At least investors can have the warm glow of knowing that some of their money helped others have a great night out.

  200. 179

    Do we know for a fact if Tailormade in Warrington have called in the liquidators?

  201. Concerned1

    TM charged up to 5% of the original transfer + 1.2% renewal + rec’d up tp 16% commission from HG, not just on deposit but on the whole amount of finance raised by client. FSA recent visit will probably close them down?

  202. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BFP. In light of the HP statement last night, will BFP be headlining the transcript of the O’Halloran case when it becomes available in the next week or two.
    Also could you put up the ST Vinc Prime Ministers reply to the Panorama program questions?

  203. In the know

    Not liquidators — administrators have been appointed,

  204. 179

    how do you know? who are they?

  205. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @ in the know My big problem is that I feel we should all stick together and we should all be treated the same that is why I was like I was before I no longer kiss ass to try and achive what my Husband is entititled to, there will be no deal for us,

    We would rather do Panorama and show the “real” Harlequin. People doing deals are desperate but this is not the answer we should all get treated the same end of. how can they change the amount they refund ie Paul Walton and try and barter it is so wrong on so many levels.

  206. In the know

    E – so if Harlequin Property gave you a refund you would still be pushing the Harlequin Investors Group as vigorously as previous? Your not telling me if you were offered a full refund you would refuse it on the principle that others hadn’t?

  207. Gingerbread Girl

    Andrew Smith and Patrick O’Halloran both overcharged for services and supplies. Hmmmmm……………………………..seems like a pretty easy way to drain BB and HP of money and direct to overseas bank accounts.

    Why was Smith, O’ Halloran and Ames meeting at the Hiltin in Barbados 4 weeks ago?

  208. Fatchett does not represent me.

    4 weeks ago? wouldn’t that have been in the middle of the Dublin trial?

  209. Regarding TailorMade.

    I have been told they are not in liquidation, but had their ‘Permissions varied’ see extract from the FOS site for an explanation.

    Similarly, if your firm stops a business line or wishes to reduce or restrict the scope of its Permission, you should consider whether you should:

    Remove the appropriate regulated activity;
    Change the client types or related product / investment types; or
    Add/delete limitations or requirements

    What the change is I don’t know at the moment.
    Talk of them going bust only causes panic when I find out more I will advise, unless somebody could help?




  210. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow


    @ in the know I would refuse it because I refuse to be gagged the guys from Panorama are a fantastic set of investigatve journalists and they have worked so hard investigating everything I will not could not not take part in the program, I do not believe my husband will be offered a refund with no strings attached and to be honest I really never thought there was so many people who were as unhappy with this product as us and so now that I know there is I just cannot/willnot walk away.

    I used to blame myself for us investing as my husband was not as keen as me and that was my motivation if you like, but then I started hearing about all the other people out there and I had to do something, there comes a time when you have to stand up and be counted and for us this is that time and I totally get it if this is not your time ( it took me two years) I think that soon enough we will all need each other. If people are unhappy with this product then they should be able to walk away (preferably unscathed) if we have to take a hit I personally would rather we all took the hit and lost a percentage rather than some getting all back and others getting nothing and losing there homes but that will not be up to me and I understand that.
    One thing we should ALL agree on is that nobody should take a cut of our pensions for recomending a certain product.

    The last thing I want is people arguing I undestand some people have faith in Mr Ames and want to continue with this product and that is totally fine by me and then there are other people who are not happy and want a refund and if they are out of contract that should also be fine for them to walk away should it not?

    I hope to see a lot of you at the meetings we have planned in London and Essex and hope to get chance to chat to you all. Thanks

  211. Lighthouse

    Tailor made are not in administration.companies house has them as active.

  212. In the know

    Lighthouse – if you have been looking at companies house web check then it isn’t an instant update service – it takes days to update!

  213. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, while I understand your frustrations at your situation, to make the statement “One thing we should ALL agree on is that nobody should take a cut of our pensions for recomending a certain product” Thats the IFAs role in life. Endowment mortgages, pensions, etc, they dont do it for free. Whether the “cut” is reasonable or not is another question. IFAs now have to declare their commision with other products. I think that should cover all investment advice.

  214. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    FDNRM I think the % should be the same and not the gain 🙂

  215. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Paul Walton, “Talk of them going bust only causes panic” Isnt this exactly what you are trying to do to HP? You have possibly put Tailor made into administration so any chance of getting money back through their insurance will now have evaporated? Correct or not?

  216. Lighthouse

    Which insolvency practitioner have they appointed. ?


    Regarding TailorMade.

    I have been told they are not in liquidation, but had their ‘Permissions varied’ see extract from the FOS site for an explanation.

    Similarly, if your firm stops a business line or wishes to reduce or restrict the scope of its Permission, you should consider whether you should:

    Remove the appropriate regulated activity;
    Change the client types or related product / investment types; or
    Add/delete limitations or requirements

  218. In the know

    Lighthouse – you will be getting a letter. I’m not 100% sure so I don’t want to speculate

  219. @Fatchett does not represent me
    That would depend when your claim was filed, correct or not?

  220. In the know

    Paul Walton has done or will do what he has been forewarned would happen – the PI was insufficient and no assets – it had to happen!! The guaranteed route for Walton was always high risk. Hope he hasn’t upset HP too much or he won’t be a priority pay off!

  221. @Fatchett does not represent me

    So, now the apparent demise of Tailormade is my fault now,a predictable comment. If, either of the two companies you mention go bust it will be due to their own actions not mine.

    They both require ‘investors’ to stay afloat………. via SIPPS and thats not going to happen is it?
    wake up!

  222. In the know

    FDNRM – the issue is that TM PI is in the aggregate its not an each and every event policy. So when the limit is exceeded the PI can accept no more claims – the PI policy was almost full from the Cyprus issue. Waltons tactics were correct as long as the PI held out

  223. @In the know
    Will find out soon….. I have a few options I am taking.

  224. Harlisuccess

    Foul mouthed (and getting worse by the day ) ,troublemaker, desperate, freebie girl,Fatchett’s PA, ( maybe Paudie’s secret lover? ) aka E
    Another day of farcical posting. Round and round in cirles. As Mark Fenty says “What a load of crap”!
    If TM go into administration, who do you go after next? Why are you so desperate to sabotage everyone else’s investmant?
    Fatchett says he stopped the court actionto freeze Harlequin’s assets after six investors settled out of court and that he cannot give details because the agreements were confidential. How do we know he is telling the truth? Why should we believe him ? Why could he not admit that he was wrong to attempt this as FDNRM says?
    How silly of you to ask Dave Ames to answer your questions while he has a court case going on?

  225. In the know

    Sounds like you have a different approach to recovery of cash, putting yourself first, at least your honest unlike Erica! And quite right too!
    Your best bet is to share the petrol money with confused on Monday I think!

  226. In the know

    FDNRM – The freezing order was a long shot but at tactic that worked. More importantly to prevent the freezing order being granted HP had to provide substantial information in relation to their accounts.
    These have proven more than worrying and if a freezing order is applied for, now the information is availible, wait for it to work!

  227. JimK

    Regarding TailorMade if you check the FSA’s website you will see that their permissions have indeed been restricted as follows:

    1. Stop transacting new pensions business and
    2. Restriction on the disposal of assets

    The second restriction is particularly interesting, the narrative for which is as follows:

    “Restriction of the disposal of assets
    TMIL must not in any way dispose of, deal with or diminish the value of any of its assets without the prior consent of the FSA. This requirement does not prohibit TMIL from dealing with or disposing of any of its assets in the ordinary and proper course of business. For the avoidance of doubt, the following would not be in the ordinary and proper course of business for these purposes:
    a) the making of any capital distribution;
    b) the payment of unusual or significant amounts to TMIL’s shareholders, employees, officers or partners or any persons connected thereto;
    c) the making of any gift or any significant loan by TMIL to any party; and
    d) the entry into any financial reconstruction or reorganisation.”

  228. In the know

    Gingerbread – don’t come on here telling lies about meetings – that is 100% not right, don’t come on here stirring like that

  229. In the know

    TM ate in the brink in anyone’s eyes! Do a dune and Bradstreet financial check the have no assets to talk about no owned premises or anything of any worth – anyway Monday it will all be clarified. I’m sure last Saturday they knew what they were doing sat there laughing!

  230. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Paul Walton, it is a genuine question. Stop being so defensive. If they go into administration does the insurance still cover investors or do they just become a creditor. Administration means that an investor could pick up the assets cheap and not have to pay any oustanding debts.

  231. In the know

    FDNRM – my business has PI so I know a bit about it. As long as TM has paid their premiums then the policy will be in force for the last 12 years. However with the policy being in aggregate it closes its door once the maximum is breeched.

  232. Beggars Belief

    I wondered when Harlisuccess would make another appearance.

    @Harlisuccess, it really is very simple. Harlequin Property drafted some contracts, investors signed them and handed over money, the delivery dates were breached, the contracts require HP to refund investors, HP have reneged on the terms of the contract that they drafted.

    Now who is to blame for that?

    HP had a choice – pay up as required by the terms of the contract or get taken through the courts by the investors.

    Why do you keep attacking the investors who have simply sought to get the terms of their contracts honoured? None of this would have happened if Harlequin had either built the resorts and handed them over in the timescales that they themselves set out or refunded the investors as per the contracts. To claim that this whole sorry mess is the fault of anyone else is completely ridiculous and, if you don’t know that, you require some form of psychiatric assistance.

    I had rather thought you would come on here saying something like:

    “Nobody has anything to worry about because the house-keeping staff at Buccament Bay have learnt how to create a new animal with the towels and so the resort can only go from strength to strength. All you green-eyed, evil troublemakers who are seeking to bring down the wonderful genius efforts of Harlequin should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.”

    I miss those posts of yours because they provided no end of entertainment. Do you think you could write a few more for us.

  233. JimK

    Given the asset position disclosed in TMIL’s latest set of accounts the restriction on the disposal of assets would seem academic.

    As at 3o November 2011 they had cash assets of £78,661, total assets of £347,956 set against total liabilities of £338,622 giving a book value of just £9,334. Clearly whatever money they earnt they spent.

    As has been pointed out, PI insurance will only go so far and will barely scratch the surface in this case.

  234. @FDNRM
    If you have your claim in and logged with the insurance company it is irrelevant if they go bust.

    I have said all along you need to get your claim in ASAP, because one the limit is reached that’s it.

    If you try to claim after the company goes bust, I assume its too late.

    This is an extract from an email from Julia at Pannone today.

    ”The email you had confirming they had notified the insurers should mean you are covered even if they do go bust.

    As to what extent is cover is available, that depends on the terms of the policy and we would have to wait and see. Would be rare for there to be a problem.”

    All the Best

  235. @ in the know…..

    I have never made any secret that I just want my money back and have taken various steps to that effect, nothing wrong with that?

    However, if I can help others along the way fair enough I am more than happy to do that.

    Regarding going to see Mr Ames, done that 21st February 2013 and it did not work out.

    I suspect if Yorkipoo aka Worried investor aka confused.com gets his money back we wont hear him on anymore conference calls saying if he doesn’t get a cheque form Mr Ames on Monday – no one will?????

  236. Eddie Lizzard2

    Re FDNRM36’s post on March 16, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    ‘Re your post to Paul Walton…
    Stop being so defensive. If they [who they?] go into administration does the insurance [which insurance] still cover investors or do they [who?] just become a creditor. Administration means that an investor could pick up the assets cheap [no it does not] and not have to pay any oustanding debts [not correct and unlawful]. ‘

    Your post is so vague FDNRM36 that I can’t quite comprehend exactly what you mean. Are you referring to Tailor Made or Harlequin? If this is your understanding of how company insolvency works, you had better get some professional advice pretty damn quick.

    THERE ARE NO ASSETS! It’s over.

  237. 179

    ‘BB well done need a bit of humour 🙂

  238. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EZ2 I don’t really care if you understand the post or not. It was aimed at Paul Walton and he understood it and also answered it. Also before you make a smart arse comment I talked about ADMINISTRATION not insolvency. Do you know the difference?

  239. In the know

    Paul why you so hung up on what people’s usernames are?
    I know the 3 names you gave are 2 people if not 3?
    Because your on a moral crusade you think your unquestionable?
    I was on the conference call and the person who you refer to said he was going to view the audit and the proposed finding and if not happy would ask for a refund.
    He made it clear that up until now he had never asked for a refund.
    Why do you twist people’s words? Just because your sat there worrying about PI levels don’t be so off with people. If you can’t stand the pressure don’t put yourself forward as our saviour

  240. In the know

    Paul – when your having pillow talk with gareth maybe you should ask him why Ames takes some people’s requests more serious than others, and why yours isn’t priority. You think your some kind of intellectual but you seem oblivious to the ways of the world.

  241. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the know. Take your money back over 12 months or get none at all. Would seem a no brainer to me.

  242. In the know

    FNRM – everyone is entitled to their opinions or they should be. I’m newish on here but if you have Ann opinion different to Erica or Walton you get personally attacked. What a pair of arrogant self righteous people, talk about chips on shoulders!

  243. Anthony75

    BB well said, that’s is the facts in a nutshell.

  244. In the know

    FDRM – you would have always thought there was a deal to be had – a compromise, unless your Erica or Paul or arrogant.

  245. BBaywatch

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    March 16, 2013 at 3:57 pm
    @In the know. Take your money back over 12 months or get none at all. Would seem a no brainer to me.

    A question – where is the money going to come from? According to Harlequin’s advertising nearly all units are already sold – not that it makes a difference, as using new investors money would indeed be a ponzi scheme and illegal. Buccament Bay is the only resort operational, and only about 25% completed, yet cannot attract sufficient guests to fill it to capacity and so quite clearly that is not going to generate any kind of significant profit – indeed it may still need to be subsidised and that money will of course be coming from investors deposits. There is the Hotel Blu of course, but with rooms from only $100 a night that won’t generate more than a drop in the ocean of Harlequin debt. None of the other developments will be ready for years and the money on those will be going out, not coming in.

    Where will the money come from to pay anyone back over twelve months? Seriously, where will the money come from?

  246. In the know

    BB – never mind 12 months where u think it will come from full stop. From my information it’s all gone and infancy is at negative seven million.

  247. john Delhirro

    I was just thinking is there anyway we could form a group of investor and buy BB in ST vincent .I still feel very strongly about this project if given the chance and was run the right way I think it could be very profitable.I know it would be hard to pull off but just maybe if we all put our heads together maybe we can come up with something.I am still hoping

  248. homefront

    regd BB if 100 is involved count me in

  249. Beggars Belief

    @ John Delhirro. It’s a nice idea but I don’t think it will be practical.

    It is currently not at all clear of the status of legal title with respect to Buccament Bay.

    If things really are as bad as some fear regarding the finances of the various Harlequin group companies there will be no end of creditors lining up to be paid when it goes pop.

    Even if there is clean title and there are no creditors other than the investors, it will still be a tough situation to sort out. For example, FDNRM says his unit is built and he is getting a return (even though clean title has not been transferred to him). Is it going to be easy to persuade him to throw his unit into the communal pot in order to share it with others? (I think we know the answer to that FDNRM so you don’t need to share it with us).

    Then, what about all the investors who have paid deposits for units in all the other resorts? Would they be invited to the party?

    You would still need to complete the resort and so find some funding to do so. This will not be easy.

    Once complete, the margins on the operation of the resort to share with the 3500 investors will be much smaller than the examples given in the marketing material.

    In short, even if there are no other creditors, the amounts to share amongst the other investors will be so small as to make it unattractive.

  250. In the know

    FDNRM – have you received the deeds to your property and receiving your 10% guaranteed return? Was a mortgage arranged for you?

  251. Beggars Belief

    I think FDNRM has said before that he is receiving his 10% return but has not yet received clean title. If I have that wrong then please correct me.

  252. @In the Know

    Quite strange your hostility you have towards me? Care to explain…. your not the first or the last…..

    If you were on the conference call you will know what is happening? Is that why you are so uptight?

    You would not be the first person pretending to be an investor would you?

    are you Confused.com 🙂

  253. @in the Know.

    What is this all about?? please try and explain…your talking in riddles

    One other point specifically to E. I am almost certain I know who confused.com is. If its who I think you would deffinately have been better moving forward with him as has alot of influence with Ames and has alot of access. What I do know is that unless Ames says so nothing happens at HP and he has access and influence for some reason.

  254. In the know

    Paul – yes I’m an investor and I was on the conference call and I know the plan going forward.

    Are you paranoid? No I’m not confused but I sat next to him last Saturday!

    Everything is about Paul Walton the know it all who is above questioning! Poor me, me, me!

    Everybody’s opinion is worthless unless it agrees with you!

    No bloody wonder has no time for you with your arrogant approach to life!

  255. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  256. Beggars Belief

    I think that FDNRM got a his deposit +10% refunded on one project (one of the DR ones?) and is receving his 10% pa on his Buccament Bay unit that is now built.

    Perhaps best for him to clarify.

  257. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Awww in the know tell confused im sorry 😦 I was told he was Yorkie and he had wasted my time this afternoon, I have just reread some of the thread he seemed okay after, I had asked him to post the letter on!
    And as usual I never got it from Harlequin but not to worry a really good friend sent it to me 🙂
    @ hardly you sound desperate to me, come to the meeting and have a chat with my hubby and tell him what you think lol You come on here all hard and hide behind a pseudonym really do you realise what you sound like??

  258. BBaywatch

    john Delhirro
    March 16, 2013 at 4:57 pm
    I was just thinking is there anyway we could form a group of investor and buy BB in ST vincent

    John, I think that you have to accept that BB is a lost cause, the complications of the land title (including the illegal development on Crown Land), the debts owing to local firms and the tangle of investors titles and interests just make any such plan as you describe completely unfeasible.

    To be really frank this was never going to work anyway, there is absolutely no reason to believe that a 1200 unit, a high density resort with insufficient infrastructure was ever going to be a working proposition in this region. Many of the guests who have otherwise posted genuine and positive reviews have commented on the small beach area, the small pool areas and said that they have concerns over the quality if it ever became fully developed. It was always the wrong concept in the wrong place, look at the successful luxury hotels in the region and compare. If HP cannot fill the hotel when it is only 25% complete where would the guests come from to fill 1200 units? They have very well recognised travel companies like Virgin etc selling their product and still not enough people want it. If you read the latest review about the tennis ‘academy’ even that gets heavily criticised for inadequate facilities and poor construction. Ames and Harlequin did not know what they were embarking on and were incapable of managing it or any of the other resorts.

    I am particularly sorry that this is going to impact so heavily on St Vincent and the Grenadines, they really needed some good investment and not this mess that they will eventually have to clear up.

  259. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @beggars belief. Pretty much correct.

  260. In the know

    E – I think that yorkiepoo worked for TM , when I was talking to confused the guy from TM was listening too and I think Yorkie has just regurgitated what was said in that conversation. Good old TailorMade!!!

    Just been informed Dave Ames has had some serious threats made against him and his family – the police have been informed and investigating

  261. yatinkiteasy

    I see someone is getting desperate again…posting spam comments on old BFP posts, so as to dilute the effect of all the negative comments being made about Harlequin and co.

  262. In the Know

    Taking FDNRM at face value, is he the only person who is receiving the 10% income on a finished unit at BB?
    Also has anyone managed to get a mortgage?

  263. Pingback: Harlequin Properties stunner! “No agent confirmed Harlequin’s land holdings or company information” SIPP-Pension investors advised to act immediately | Friends of St Lucia's UNESCO World Heritage Site

  264. confusedoned

    I am sitting in Miami typeing this. I am not @confused or @confused1.
    I am changing my name to @perplexed. It gets (this is so bad but I will
    say it anyway) CONFUSING. Signed – perplexed

  265. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @ In the know/ Can I ask what yoou thought of Tailormades behaviour? I had other people come to the meeting who had signed NDA and who now are scared 😦
    I honestly thought the meetings would be a good idea?
    I think anyone trying to intimidate and /or scare the Ames family should be ashamed of themselves I know tempers are high but this is not the answer

  266. Regulatory Legal

    There is no evidence of any individual having land subdivided and transferred to them by any Harlequin company. People suggesting otherwise are wrong.

    If they did, they would be able to quote the conveyance number – eg 1234 of 2013.

    Odd that people make up fairy tales when others fear they have lost life savings.

  267. In the know

    E – I thought that TM behaviour was inconsiderate, distespectful, and unprofessional

    It would appear that that approach is teflected in their business dealings too.

    Agree with your comments regarding the threats made to the Ames but it is inevitable in situations like this, Don’t feel too bad for DA I hear he is no angel himself!

  268. Sam Spade

    Its always innocent family that suffer in any case like this

  269. In the know

    RL – too true, I spoke to confused.com yesterday, who had spoken to Ames (you will know the individual I mean) he had asked Ames directly why are some people getting their 10% guaranteed returns paid but he hadn’t and his cabana was complete. Ames said no investor was being paid this yet!
    So who is telling lies FDNRM or Dave Ames?

  270. In the know

    Sam Spade – seeing as all the family are involved in the business and reap the rewards – they can hardly be called innocent family if this does turn out to be something sinister or even not keep their part of the bargain/ contract!!

  271. Sam Spade

    All INNOCENT family, on all sides

  272. J chalmers

    How much better and simpler it would be if you all used your own names.I am a complete outsider with no interest other than the people and country of St Vincent which I have visited over the last four years.being completely unbiased it seems obvious to me that BB was not going to benefit the island as a whole and the airport money would have been better used upgrading the islands roads accommodations airport etc.Whatever the rights and wrongs it seems that it is now coming to a head and with all the publicity the truth will come out and be made public.

  273. In the know

    Chalmers – some people on here are bound by NDA’s – why would they risk their own names when there is no need to?

  274. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    J Chambers I do use my own name do you I wonder?

  275. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In The know. So you are quoting a 3rd party statement. Show me where D Ames has said no one is getting a 10% return.
    @RL, what fairy tales are you referring to? Rather ambiguous statement for a legal company. Oh I forgot you do not answer questions on here do you, just put out press releases.

  276. In the know

    FDNRM – ok so Dave Ames is a liar then is he? 3500 investors and just you getting a return?
    Odd that?

  277. In the know

    FDNRM – ever heard of an app called tapacall? Well I have and I have the file with the convo on!

  278. In the know

    FDNRM – there’s only one person I know with blind loyalty/ BS like yours and its that goon Sean Ghent!
    There’s another one to mull over!
    Think Sean Ghent is going to be busy going forward!

  279. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In The Know. This is very odd. You said in an earlier post that you had spoken to @confused.com and he had had the telephone conversation with D Ames, but now you say you have a transcript of the call? Believe me I have nothing to prove to you.

  280. In the know

    FDNRM – it’s not odd let me put it in simple terms. Confused.com called Ames used tapacall. He told me what was said. The app lets you email the recording – he has forwarded it to me.

  281. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Odd this, RL start talking about “fairy tales” but have not yet substanciated what they mean then In the Know (who obviously is not) then suddenly starts a personal attack on me. Any connection I wonder. Would RL like to comment.

  282. In the know

    FDNRM – I hope you are a stooge because if you are relying on HP for your income you will be on fresh air sandwiches soon!

  283. In the know

    FDNRM – I personally attacked you? Shut up you big soft girl! Man up!

  284. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the know. so @confused.com had a telephone conversation with D Ames and recorded it? Yes? Did D Ames know it was recorded? Send the transcript to BFP I’m sure they will put it on here. As I said I dont have to justify myself to you and until you put up your evidence I will not be answering you again on this point.

  285. 1307

    I was on the conference call Friday in the car with others, something’s don’t add up.

    Yorkipoo aka worried investor has gone into hiding…. But..

    Confused.com appears and somehow, (like Yorkipoo) has a lot of influence with Dave Ames ‘for some reason’ poor old Confused.com, gets upset cos Erica said something nasty….poor thing….so thrown the toys out the pram….. And won’t come back…a huge loss to us all.

    The ‘in the know appears’, who apparently sat next to Yorkipoo and Confused in the Manchester meeting and are now best mates!!….. Honest we believe you ……

    Now confused.com who is Ames bum buddy, speaks via ‘in the know’ ‘in the know’ says following Confused.com if the way forward. But we don’t know who he is!!!

    And Yorkipoo the investor who is seeing Ames for a refund Monday, ‘cos if anyone can get one it’s me an if I don’t nobody will’ hey but Yorkipoo is not an investor yeah right!!

  286. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @1307, I like your theory above but, “in the know” is now having a go at me, implying I’m a lier which suggests to me he is someone elses puppet.

  287. In the know

    1307 – yorkiepoo works(ed) for TM no refund to be had.
    Confused is an investor I met and kept contact with. He has been involved in business prior with Ames and can’t believe what a mess this is!
    No meetings with Ames he has told me – court case back on 11am in Dublin!
    Too complicated for you!

  288. In the know

    FDNRM – no Ames didn’t know he was being recorded but then maybe the gloves are off! And your still crying to 1307!
    Let me assure you Ames is running out of friends faster than he is burning your cash.
    In fact I might ask confused.com to send the recording to Erics because she clearly doesn’t care about upsetting Ames

  289. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the know. Its too complicated for you also, the court case was back on last week!

  290. In the know

    FDNRm – haha ha the court listings are online – check out who is in court at 11am HP(SVG) v o halloran – you muppet it’s there for the world to see! That’s too funny!!!

  291. Fatchett does not represent me.

    and did you check last week?

  292. In the know

    Yes I did check and the case was on Tuesday to Friday – but you were thinking it was all over!!
    No that’s your investment isn’t it that’s all over!
    What a joker!

  293. In the know

    FDNRM – checked the court diary yet?
    You need to wake up and see what a perilous position HP are in and protect your position best you can!
    Your daft enough to be Sean Ghent if that’s not who you are!

  294. Fatchett does not represent me.

    When did I say it was all over? If you were really “in the know” which obviously you are not, you would have seen the press release from HP on the transcripts of the case. Now if you insist on being some sort of agitator then I suggest you get your facts right first. Run along and do some homework then we can have a grown up conversation.

  295. In the know

    FDNRM – no transcripts have been made available to the public so what are you talking about now!
    What colour is the sky in your world?

  296. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the Know (not) OK I will spell this out to you slowly. You obviously are not an investor otherwise you would have received a copy of the HP statement. It says that by the end of this week the defendants transcripts will be available. After the HP witnesess have been x examined then those transcripts should also be available. You may be a whiz with Apps but simple knowledge is beyond you. By the way its snowing so I would say greyish.

  297. 1307

    @in the know
    That’s strange cos ‘someone’ on the CC said they had a meeting with Ames on Monday and they were so confident they would get a ‘cheque’ they did not want to engage with our groups course of legal action! But then said they did not want to miss the boat???

  298. 1307

    @in the know aka Yorkipoo.

    Now you are playing the poor victim investor….. At least try to be good at it….talk about BS your just here to upset people and misdirect.

  299. 1307

    @ in the know

    You just seem to want to attack anyone……. Have you just lost your sales job at TM or HP…that’s why your so nasty?

  300. Wow

    John Delhirro march 16 4.57
    Very very good idea. Good thinking
    Beautiful Buccamentbay.

  301. In the know

    I got the meaningless statement on Friday night about the meaningless sideshow of the court case. I know what it said – nothing. You believe the spin it will solve everything!
    I am in investor I wish I wasn’t! And soon will u soon!

  302. In the know

    1307 – no I don’t work for TM – I would rather sweep streets

  303. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the know. You brought up the court case, no one else. I’m glad you think $13m is meaningless. Right now you have run out of silly insults and comments I’d go and practice your sweeping.

  304. Harlisuccess

    Fatchett supposedly filed a petition for a freezing order containing ten signatures of disgruntled investors. A settlement was supposedly reached for six and the order was dropped. Can Fatchett tell us what happened to the other four signees?
    Fatchett, I know for a fact that you are wrong on the 10% rental return issue. Not surprising in that you are wrong on most everything else!. I agree with FDNRM ( Ppost 11.17 am today)
    Contributors to this website fall into various categories:
    1. Investors with genuine concerns but still supportive of HP.
    2. Non investors out to cause trouble in following their own political or sinister agendas e.g. B Baywatch, Yatinkiteasy, O’Halloran and Newman etc.
    3. A tiny minority of investors, of unsound mind, who are prepared to throw away their investment without the least bit of concern for anyone else, investors or staff at BB, Barbados, Basildon etc.
    4. Pawns of ambulance chasers. Pawns such as Paul Walton and Freebie Erica. Why bring others into your dispute? These pawns are recruited to help fill the bank accounts of those leading them on. Paul and Freebie Erica, you are causing much unwanted distress for many investors.

    The only beneficiaries in this farcical operation are the ambulance chasers.
    Answer me this. Lots of contributors say HP is broke. If this is true, which I believe is not the case, where do you think the money is coming from to repay all the deposits?

  305. In the know

    If my comments are silly fine – but you are a liar

  306. Eddie Lizzard2

    ‘The only beneficiaries in this farcical operation are the ambulance chasers.’

    Actually you’re wrong. The only beneficiaries in this debacle is the Ames family, the sports ‘ambassadors’ who pocketed a great deal of money for promoting the brand, the unregulated financial advisors who took fantastic commissions, sales staff at the Basildon Bunker who enjoyed fat salaries, cars and holidays, and lastly a few politicos who are now back-pedalling like mad to disassociate themselves from Ames & Co. They are all LYING HARLEQUIN SCUM!

  307. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the Know. OK I’ll tell you this. You post on here your full name and post code. I can then find your address and telephone number I will call you and you can give me an e-mail address. I will then send you an e-mail with a copy of my payment statement. Either do that or just bore off. Do not call me a liar unless you can prove it and believe me you cannot! Or do you just want to hide.

  308. perplexed

    @Harlisuccess …..”where do you think the money is coming from to repay
    all the deposits?”
    After Ridgeview Ltd, I.C.E.,Krauss-Manning, Procure-It-Direct, water-taxi
    services, crying fishermen in Beguia, local suppliers and tradesmen in
    both St Vincent and Barbados have whatever mechanics liens they wish
    to initiate, then and only then will the investors be in the pecking order
    to be compensated. Do you really think in all sanity that $16 million is
    adequate for all that?

  309. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Regularatory Legal FAO Gareth Fatchett. You have implied on an earlier thread that there are fairy stories on this site. I believe that was aimed at me. I have asked you to substantiate what and who they are aimed at. Either answer the question, and I’m not holding my breath otherwise I will round to your industrial estate office to ask you to either back up your words or retract them!

  310. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow


    If anyone wants to pass information between themselves you can use the Harlequin investor group nw @gmail.com( without gaps) and I will pass between you if that is better for you
    @hardly I have to say I have never meant to cause any distress to anyone and if I have that is terible but I didnt take there money and said I will build a resort did I? I didnt buy two areoplanes? two hotels? a five million pound directors loan loads of cars and possibly left luggage at various MPs Houses now did I so who has caused the distress?

  311. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @in the know. Contact details or go away.

  312. In the know

    FDNRM – that’s not a bad idea if your willing to back your statement up. Erica at the investors group could verify and then ……. Well your fully credible and also I would add would give some others a glimmer of hope, because we know nobody else who is getting a return!! I take it you haven’t been passed title of the property?

  313. In the Know

    FDNRM – Also I will apolfor calling you a liar if the statement proves I am wrong and you are telling the truth

  314. In the Know


  315. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, I appreciate the offer, but I will not be supplying my details to the investor group nor any substantiating evidence. I do not trust Paul Walton or RL who still have ignored my request for an explanation.
    @In The know, you have this the wrong way round, you can supply your details as you are still hiding behind your ID.

  316. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    FDNRM. Do you want my private email address if you do I will give it you on the gmail okay

  317. Regulatory Legal

    The land title question is very easy. Give people your conveyance number. Without it, you have no sub division of land. We are happy to ask Williams & Williams in SVG to double check their original searches.

    All that people have if they do not have registered land is a contract relating to land. Such a contract would count for nothing.

    As for retractions, the last one was well received. Thank you.

    As for the number of people involved in settlements. Ever thought some of them could have been joint ?

    We will answer any sensible questions, but not ones which are confidential or commercially sensitive.

    We feel that “ambulance chaser” is better than being an “adviser” who checked nothing other than when the commission was being paid and in what amount. The FSA are not stupid and any regulated firm signing off the pension transfers will be finished.

    The FSA know who the advisers are and will force them to redress or go bust. frankly, the advice is so bad it’s laughable.

    If any adviser mentioned no SVG accounts or no registered land title until January 2009, then we would be surprised.

    We are in “what was it about the very high commission which made you forget the downsides” territory ?

  318. Regulatory Legal


    We do not need the comfort of knowing you “trust” us. Your not a client. Just someone hiding behind a website name.

    We suspect Paul Walton does not feel that upset that you do not trust him.

    Ps – thank you for using Gareth’s name. He finds it very flattering.

  319. In the know

    FDNRM – I think it’s clear that you can’t provide this stuff to Erica or you would. Where’s your credibility or land registration number more to the point!

  320. yatinkiteasy

    Harlie…If Harlequin is not broke..why has all work stopped at Merricks, H Studio and H Hotel in Barbados.Why has nothing even started in DR, Marquis St Lucia (except for a dirt track)…oh I see, they are waiting for the money from the court case in Ireland.What a joker you are.
    You forgot at least two categories or commentators on this blog…1.Harllequin employees and delusional investors
    2. People(like myself) who hate to see scams and ponzi schemes operating in their country.

  321. In the Know

    Yankin it easy – I think your right about no cash but they do have assets that RL are aware of that we may be able to get our hands on!

  322. yatinkiteasy

    In the Know…true..they do own property in the Caribbean that could be sold….unfortunately, those assets can not be used by H to pay workers, suppliers, contractors etc…this is what we call property rich but cash poor.

  323. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @RL and In the Know, you seem to think that you need a land registration number to get an income return. Oh dear. So now RL you are back could you answer what you think the fairy stories are?

  324. In the Know

    No I don’t think that – logically you would but you/ harlequin – one of you is making it up as you go along! Hans Christian Anderson stuff you write!

  325. 208

    @ Harlisuccess,
    this is Paul ‘Pawn’ Walton of unsound mind.

    Do I believe HP is broke – yes

    In a recent meeting with Mr Ames he said ‘’ i’m only ever going to give someone else’s money to you that i should be spending on their properties….and that’s why we do it over 12 to 18 months and why people…..’’

  326. @Fatchett does not represent me….& I dont trust Paul Walton
    I take comfort in your kind words ……. I would not expect you to trust me or RL … you live in another world

    With kind regards,

  327. In the Know

    If FDNRM is not the half wit goon Sean Ghent I’ll pay you all back your deposits!!

  328. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Then I hope you have deep pockets

  329. Eddie Lizzard2

    I see the Harlequin Scum trolls are back on here again with new names and trying their best to derail the threads; but not doing too well. Where is Matt Ames when you need him to tell you what to say? And we know why Katharine M isn’t around to help him with his spelling.

  330. In the know

    Eddie – what’s the Matt & Katherine comment mean? You lost me?

  331. 208

    They post crap as other people

  332. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ In the know
    If you’re really in the know as you claim to be, you’ll know exactly what I mean. And BTW, it’s Katharine with an ‘a’.

  333. In the know

    I’m not personally in the know! But I don’t know the question so I sure don’t know the answer!

  334. Anon - reasons unknown

    FDNRM – how did you complete your purchase? Was it using your own funds (borrowings) or Harlequin finance?

    Any idea what your return will be after costs once the guarantee period ends?

  335. 1307

    @ In the know…..

    If your not Yorkipoo AKA Worried Investor…..

    What a stupid thing to say when people are so upset about loosing their life saving you make such a flippant comment idiot

  336. Mr Lars

    I have followed this forum as a citizen of St Vincent and a businessman working within the hospitality industry. There is no doubt that Mr Ames has been dreaming of pulling this investment of and to make it a success, unfortunately is has been deemed to fail from the first day. It is amazing to read and understand how innocent investors have entered into agreements with Harlequin properties based on vague promises of great returns. Anyone who acts as a businessman within the hospitality industry in the Caribbean can confirm that the scheme operated by Harlequin would never work. It is sad to see how so many investors with great expectations have dreamt about a great investment and return of their pension funds. Even if Mr Ames could get full financing which will never happen, it would take another 10-15 years before he have been able to build all his resorts.I hope you who actually owns a property at Bucament bay can organize some kind of investment committee and work together to negotiate with the government of St Vincent to get your deed of ownership registered and to take control of the actual resort, you are worth it. To all others who have invested in nothing, make sure to join forces and get back whatever you can, there is some value in Harlequins assets, although there might be some surprises related to how they have structured ownership of lands in DR.
    I am sorry on behalf of all caribbean business people that you have been dragged into this unfortunate scheme operated by obvious crooks, there are so many good investments which can give you you joy and pleasure as well as a solid investment.
    Hopefully we will see an end to this soon.

  337. In the Know

    1307 – what did I say so flippant? I’m as at risk as anyone you moron

  338. 1307

    In the know – why are you filling BFP with all your crap posts??

  339. In the Know

    1307 – I didn’t know I needed your permission do I? Secondly I’m not answerable to you!
    Just been skimming back and you have contributed FA!
    Trot on!

  340. 1307

    In the know – you are a team of spam trolls aka yorkiepoo! And contributed nothing but crap!

  341. In the Know

    1307- grow up

  342. 1307

    In the know – sad person posting all day for dave aim less.

  343. In the Know

    1307 – yawn yawn – keep posting irrelevant rubbish, and you think your the blog policeman LMFAO!

  344. Eddie Lizzard2

    It would be good if you all read what Mr Lars has to say.
    Some of you might even learn something.

  345. Mark fenty

    I really admire the resilient spirit of the American people, a quality I’ve found quite lacking in some of the British folk here.

  346. In the Know

    A lot of hindsight merchants who always knew HP would fail,don’t know where lack of resilience comes into it.

  347. BBaywatch

    If you don’t know who Mr Lars is then clearly you know nothing about SVG or tourism in the region – which is probably why you were suckered into this scam in the first place. Those of us who are in the know have been posting about BB and the fact that it was never going to work for years and if any of you had done even a small amount of investigation you would have been aware of the issues.

    I’ve been refraining from saying “I told you so” because quite clearly there are investors who deserve sympathy – there are also others who deserve everything that is coming to them.

  348. Lighthouse

    It matters not a jot.

    The “banking error” sounds very much like “the cheque is in the post” excuse.

    The Statutory Demands will sort out whether HP are solvent or not.

  349. Confused.com

    The cupboard is bare I am afraid!

  350. perplexed

    BBaywatch —-Thanks so much for your getting everything
    back into perspective.
    We all know what is going to happen…….but none of us know the final

  351. Lighthouse

    Can I ask what if any due diligence an agent or an IFA should do ?

  352. What a strange day or so on BFP some posters seem to be spending all their weekend cluttering up the site with nonsense – I wonder why……. BFP under attack again? One, even posted over 100 times, little obsessive?

    The next few days will prove very challenging for HP and some of the companies who have been pushing the product.

    I will try and find out facts about what PI cover is left with TM and let you know, I would assume they would only be able to trade if it’s in place?
    The investors meeting London and Essex will be worth while attending as you will be able to cut through all the waffle that has been on this site recently and find out, from professionals ,what choices you have to help recover your money.

    Harlequin Investor Meeting Number 2
    We are now taking enquiries for our second Investors meeting on 25th March 2013.
    Central London around 12pm
    Basildon Essex around 5-6pm
    The exact location and times will be confirmed once we know the numbers.
    Please email the locations you prefer and how many wish to attend.

  353. @ lighthouse
    just a few would have been nice….
    Title for land
    All the best Paul

  354. In the know

    What’s the offs on HP still when the meeting is held on the 25th?

  355. @perplexed
    Yep, you are correct. Unless Mr Ames can start delivering what he says instead of blaming everything on the court case there in only one result and its not good…… for anyone involved with HP.

  356. Odds? of them coming or still trading?

  357. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @HIGnw, I only counted 91 posts on this thread in total. Did I miss some?

  358. In the know

    Sorry – odds on them still trading! Odds on attending I would say are zero!

  359. Mr Ames won’t come he has a court case, how could you forget.

    We have gave him two weeks to answer the questions, this time (we informed last time we did not give enough time)

  360. Eddie Lizzard2

    Have a read of this old thread on Tripadvisor (c Jan 2008) when Harlequin attempted to steal the Buccama beach in St Vincent from the people who live there. http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g147379-i1174-k1705179-Buccament_Bay_Beach_Public_Beach_It_is_now_posted-St_Vincent_and_the_Grenadines.html

    This is what life was like for local people on St Vincent back in 2008. Now, for some, it’s even worse because they didn’t get paid for the work they did for Harlequin and its related companies. Citizens are still denied access to their own beach because the approach has been made virtually impassable .

    Sometin’ fishy in de bay and it stink. Where de money gone?

  361. 208

    @Eddie Lizzard2

     And some people think that if Mr Ames decided to leave the UK and take residence in St Vincents he would have a nice time, I think he is less popular there than here?

  362. In the know

    Who knows where Ames will end up but maybe that explains the purchase of the 2 planes!

  363. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Anonymous March 17, 2013 at 10:07 pm
    If Dave Ames decided to leave the UK (or was forced to surrender his UK passport) he can still travel anywhere in the world with his SVG passport. However, I doubt he’ll be going to St Vincent any time soon what with all the ‘local difficulty’ going on at the moment… I suppose that might rule out Mustique for a while too but I doubt it. You see, money speaks, it opens doors, buys silence and favours, and intimidates people too.

    I wonder if Mrs Dave has got a SVG passport too?

  364. In the know

    Actually that reminds me – what happened to the galleon ship and where are the 2 planes?

  365. 208

    if things go as we think…. prison and 3 time going bust :0

  366. Eddie Lizzard2

    The galleon ship was burnt out a couple of years ago. Don’t know where she is now. Probably sunk. I have some pic somewhere – I’ll try to find them.

  367. Eddie Lizzard2


    Can’t post the pdf so here’s a transcription

    Harlequin Management Services (South East)Ltd

    Ring Fencing
    To: All agents
    From: Dave Ames
    Date 24th March 2009

    Dear Agent

    In our continuing efforts to improve compliance across the business, I have to be sure that our investors are receiving the correct information.

    A question that is often asked concerns whether the investment payments are ring fenced in the development containing the investor’s property. The simple answer to this is that it is not although the money is only used for the development of resorts within the Caribbean.

    I am aware that some agents have been suggesting to investors that we do ring fence the payments and this has to stop immediately to avoid investors being misled.

    It is also not true to say that investors’ money is held in a solicitor’s client account. The payments are used to cover development costs , commission and marketing expenses. The marketing expenses are important to ensure there is increased demand for the properties and that the values increase.

    Please ensure that you amend your presentations and marketing material to reflect this policy.

    Harlequin Property are proud to be the main sponsor of Port Vale Football Club

  368. yatinkiteasy

    @EL Statement from Ames is quite interesting..”A question that is often asked concerns whether the investment payments are ring fenced in the development containing the investor’s property. The simple answer to this is that it is not although the money is only used for the development of resorts within the Caribbean.”….
    So where did the money come from to purchase two planes, and two hotels?

  369. Mr Blue

    …..a Lamborghini, the $5 million loan, launch events, sporting endorsements, litigation, advertising, IT fees for the CGI, a new house, holidays in the Maldives, TM’s holidays at BB, Do I need to carry on?

    How much ofthat money was actually spent on the resort (the only one. There are no ‘resorts’ Dave, just the one barely finished one)

  370. Mr Blue

    In fact let me change that to ‘barely started’

    If my employee told me they had done 25% of a job, I would accuse them of barely starting it, not barely finishing it.

  371. Sam Spade

    Can anyone tell me,(less insults and BS) where invest5star ltd are registered , cant find them on companies house,Im out all day, will thank you when I return

  372. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    I have argued with Mr Terry many many times about the IFA Debbie Stokes (Tailormade) telling us that the money was held in Escrow and ring fenced not being sophisticated investors I asked Debbie Stokes what that meant and she replied “all the money you invest can only be used on your project and that it would all be kept in seperate little pots so to speak and that there would be no co-mingling of funds” and Mr Terry always replied with “have you got proof of her saying that” I think the above letter is more than enough proof.She Debbie Stokes has walked away from this unscathed and has moved jobs and now works for Maple Leaf.

    Along with the youtube video clip of Mr Ames saying there was going to be Gary Player golf courses on all resorts she actually gave my husband Gary player endorsed products and called me a “liar” for telling her that I had corresponded with Mr.Scott Ferrell (Black Knight) and he had informed me that they were only interested in building a golf course on the Marquis Estate.

    Mr Terry told me that Gary Player had approached Harlequin to put a golf course in the Dominican Republic and that Harlequin had refused Mr Players offer. I do also have proof over the golf courses I have the youtube clip of Mr Ames saying it.I also have the emails from Mr Ferrell saying different so who is telling the truth Mr Ames or Mr Ferrell?

    I personally have been accused by Harlequin and Tailormade of doing so many things that the negative comments no longer bother me and I just know that it is desperate attempts to discredit me, So many people have contacted me after reading some of the many things said about me that it has just magnificently backfired on both Harlequin and Tailormade.

    The next investor meeting will be held next Monday 25th March 2013 the first one will be in London and the evening one will be held in Essex.Mr Ames has yet to confirm his attendance but hopefully he will be able to answer the questions that all of you investors have sent to me,I would of thought two weeks is ample time to answer your questions and your concerns.

  373. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Can anyone remember where the areoplanes are? I thought I read somewhere they were in St Lucia but my hubby says they are in Russia?

  374. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Sam Spade March 18, 2013 at 7:00 am

    Woodlands Project Management Services Ltd.
    t/a Invest5star
    Company Number: 04509868
    Registered Address
    14 Hackwood
    East Sussex
    TN32 5ER
    United Kingdom

    Directors Michael Ronald Withey and Kim Yvonne Withey have a chequered financial history but by Jove they’ve made some money at the Harlequin racket.

  375. What options??

    Apart from just a couple of people who post on this site, it would be fair to say there are reasons to be worried about Harlequin.

    For investors trying to get your money back yourself, it’s very difficult unless you accept staged payments, I don’t think that is acceptable particularly when so many people have been affected by the ‘banking error’

    I have spent hours talking to ‘investors’and believe me the stories I have heard are bad,very bad, the only variant is the amount, how the individual is coping and methord of ‘investment’

    I have been openly criticised for my support of Regulatory Legal, so has anyone else got any alternitives they would like to share?

    What other option do investors have? Please share it.

    All the best, Paul

  376. Eddie Lizzard2

    It states clearly in the Harlequin GUIDELINES FOR PURCHASERS that investors’ money is not held in escrow. Basically Harlequin can do what they like with it.

    4.1 What happens to my money when I purchase?

    Payments are received by Harlequin Hotels and Resorts. Part of the funds you pay are paid to Harlequin Property to cover marketing expenses and sales costs including commission. It also covers costs associated with hotel operations.

    The rest of the money will be used for the development of the resorts in the Caribbean which are being developed by the companies under the control of David Ames. Funds are not specifically earmarked for the construction of the resort you are purchasing in.

    The resorts are being constructed using purchasers’ money and money provided by shareholders in the landowning companies. However, in order to ensure that the resorts can be completed and operated smoothly, third party secured finance may be required. Lenders may also be approached to provide a facility for purchasers to obtain a loan at completion. Lenders might require security over the assets which would have priority over your interest. In this case it is possible that the Seller may request a release from you in order to charge your property up to the point of completion.

    Why any investor would agree to this is beyond me. It’s plain foolishness!

  377. @ EddieLizzard2
    That’s all true and we are all wise in hindsight, and yes feel foolish – but you don’t offer anything constructive to correct things?

    any ideas?

    all the best Paul

  378. In the know

    Ames not going to Dublin for the court case, so I understand an investor or a couple of them will be meeting with him today

  379. 43

    @el2 . The original presentation material way back in 2007 did in fact state that funds held in escrow. The problem is that the contracts, marketing, guidelines etc have been constantly changed and amended since 2007 so investors over the years would have been sold to, marketed this will very different information ..

  380. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Paul, I wish I knew what to do. I really do sympathise with people who fear they have lost their money. I’d like to see a few people behind bars and all the lying scum Harlequin agents and IFAs put out of business so they can’t harm any more people. That doesn’t help you or any of the other investors though does it? By bringing it to public attention you have helped to prevent more people being fleeced. That took guts and I admire you for it.

    @ Anonymous March 18, 2013 at 10:14 am, I took that Guideline off Harlequins current webpage today. I don’t know about earlier contracts but I agree you have all been lied to over and over.

  381. mark fenty

    @ Gingerbread girl
    You’ve been had, and probably next time you’ll think serously, about putting all your eggs in one basket.

  382. @ Eddie lizzard 2
    Thanks for that, I think you will get was you wish for…

    The investigations will continue and from what I have seen many people will be very worried about their past actions.

    I believe we are with the best people to have any change of redress whether, it be direct action against HP or individuals.

    I would be a very worried person indeed if I had sold Harlequin products on so many different levels.

    Thanks for your input, you are one of the more realistic practical posters.

    Kind regards

  383. Annon angry!

    Monday 25th 8.30 BBC1
    Panorama investigates a series of financial scandals which have put at risk the life savings of tens of thousands of people.

    A twice-bankrupt, former double glazing salesman from Essex has collected an estimated quarter of a billion pounds from investors, which is now at risk. In one of Britain’s biggest ever pension scandals, he promised to build luxury rental homes in the Caribbean, some on the island of St Vincent, where the film Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. Wimbledon tennis champion Pat Cash and golfing legend Gary Player helped promote the property scheme. However, reporter Paul Kenyon finds most of the planned properties have yet to be built and there are disputes over planning permission and land ownership.

  384. Sid

    Pat Cash, Gary Player and Liverpool FC must all be cringing. I noticed Pat Cash has issued a very brief statement that his organisation is under contract with HP and it will be honoured, which puts a very business like spin on the whole arrangement…….a far cry from the very personal statements he himself made in the early days. I’m sure they won’t face any legal action, but the reality is, had they not all been involved, I for one could have easily overlooked this investment as I’m sure many others would have. Which makes them partly responsible, but we’ll see what Panorama has to say.

  385. Eddie Lizzard2

    Didn’t Andy Townsend play a big part in this too?

  386. Anonymous

    What of Andy Townsend who has been heavily involved?

  387. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Eddie Lizard –

    Do you have the PDF you could send us in relation to the escrow accounts etc ?


  388. Anonymous55

    Google ocean view property fraud. Groundhog day

  389. Sid

    To my knowledge, Andy Townsend has always been and still is an official spokesperson of HP. He’s still on the website yapping away about how great the whole thing is. You can’t blame him for taking the money, it’s just a shame it’s our money he’s taking. Does anyone know if Andy, Pat or Gary have been approached for personal statements? They must be very embarrassed by the whole thing as must Ames who I’m sure considered them to be close celebrity chums!

  390. Sid

    Also, I haven’t had an email for a while telling me that an ex Liverpool player or England rugby star will be on resort in BB coaching. Is this still going on or is it another sign that there’s no money in the pot?

  391. Anthony75

    It will no doubt be Ames and Harlequin who have to take the rack, I would like to see Carter Ruck take some blame for sending threatening letters to people that just wanted there money back.

  392. In the Know

    You talk about Andy Townsend being involved – he told me at the webley shin dig that he had personnally invested in the schemes

  393. Sid

    Did anyone else get the press release calling the recent bad press a smear campaign? Everyone’s out to get them it seems. If I was an outsider looking in and didn’t have money tied up in this thing I would pi$$ myself laughing at all the mugs who got sucked in by the promise of riches and the celebrity endorsements. I can’t believe I could let myself be part of something so blatantly wrong. I must have been high!

  394. Sid

    @In the know. I like how yo have called them ‘schemes’. Sums the whole thing up beautifully!

  395. Cash Buyer Help

    Followed this thread for a while. It looks like a lot of people have pension funds involved – we are cash investors at the Barbados development and wondered how we stand in getting our deposits back – or what the course of action is for us.

  396. Anthony75

    @Sid, Thats exactly how i feel, in hindsight ..what a mug!

  397. In the Know

    On another subject take it or leave it – Feedback from an investor who met with David Ames today confirmed that HP were unable to make a refund as contractually entitled as there were insufficient funds to do so, however things are progressing to resolve this situation. When tackled on what this resoulution was Mr Ames said it could not be disclosed right now. What a load of Bull, HP sound like they have no cash left!

  398. Sid

    @Anthony75, you were probably high too! Maybe we were all drugged?! That’s the only rational explanation I can come up with. I really cannot believe that £250m has been raised on the back of a small beach resort in SVG, and that the government would allow it to be part of an approved pension scheme. The mind boggles.

  399. Anthony75

    @Cash buyer, im in the same boat as you, the honest truth is they haven’t got any or hardly any money left to cover a fraction of the people who want a refund. hence interest payments stopped.
    There is Regularity Legal who have supposedly got refunds for clients but i very much doubt if they have received it yet, unless they can clarify?

  400. Sid

    @In the know, I know the investor you are referring to. He is close to Ames and a supported of his. He was expecting his money back from Ames and said that if he can’t get a refund, nobody else will. I was waiting on the outcome of that meeting. Not a good sign, but no surprise.

  401. Anthony75

    @sid i agree, we all got suckered into that one. but at least the net is closing in on the con artists.

  402. In the Know

    Well he hasn’t got it because Ames cant pay it – and your right he has always been a big supporter of Ames over the years!

  403. 100

    I am aware that some people are placing cautions on property Harlequin own, mainly the land they own. When the land is sold, then those who have cautions on the land should get paid out if they rank high enough on the list of creditors. You don’t have many options, so it may be worth trying that.

  404. In the Know

    Sid – If you know the investor, and I have only known him from the Marriot meeting,wouldn’t you say that there could well be some consequences for Ames not returning his cash?

  405. Mark Fenty

    It looks like your lack of foresightedness has led too far-reaching consequences that are probably irretrievable at this juncture.

  406. Sid

    @In the know, sorry, I should have said I know of the investor. I have met him as you have, but don’t know him personally. He has said clearly in the past that if he doesn’t get paid no-one will, and I believed him. What kind of consequences do you mean?

  407. In the know

    Well he never said but if you have met him there’s something about him that looks like he may not always use the legal process if you know what I’m saying?

  408. Eddie Lizzard2

    Didn’t Phil Spencer that well-known property guru (who didn’t take his own advice and left lots of creditors unpaid went his own company went tits up) make a film with Kim and Mike Withey from invest5star? I remember him waxing lyrical about what a fabulous opportunity investing in Harlequin presented. Well I just went over to Kim and Mike’s website to get you all a linkie and it’s not there any longer. The whole site is gone except for the front page with a contact email and phone number. Oh dear!

  409. Sam Spade

    @EL2 Many thanks for that. I found them,hidden in the Wood(land}s I see invest5star web site now blank other than some contact details.Also have an odd lead showing the Witheys leaving as directors invest5star LIMITED. in 2010.

  410. Anonymous

    maybe FSA have done the same to them as TailorMade?

  411. Sid

    @In the know, then it’s even more worrying that he isn’t getting paid! I suppose it’s only a matter of time before someone takes matters into their own hands.

  412. Charles&Eddie

    I believe this is what Mr Ames is going to look like after his surgery….;)

  413. GMcG

    @Sam Spade,
    “Can anyone tell me,(less insults and BS) where invest5star ltd are registered , cant find them on companies house,Im out all day, will thank you when I return”

    Strangely – or not – the Invest5Star website appears to have crashed or been taken down some time today. I had a look around it this morning after reading an earlier post and it was still live but now every link seems to generate a ‘Page Not Found’ error

  414. Sid

    So when people say there’s no money left, it’s starting to sound like the cupboards really are bare rather than being almost empty. Are HP hoping that they will be awarded $13m this week and it will go straight into the bank? It won’t happen. If they do win this court case it will probably be appealed and will drag on. He may never see a penny and even if he does, how far will $13m go to getting things back on track?

  415. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Well Mr Ames could always pay back the 5m he borrowed from all of us without asking

  416. Sid

    @Charles&Eddie, I liiiiike

  417. Sid

    Where are all the HP supporters today? Have they given up spreading the good news or have they not been paid either?

  418. In the know

    I don’t think that Ames is expecting to get $13m from O’Halloran but thinks that if its won then Wilkins Kennedy insurer will avoid the court case and settle – this is where he sees the cash coming from

  419. homefront

    I will not even bother with my usual question of who is on site working today.

  420. In the know

    I doubt anybody is working because there’s no funds to pay. I take it the design studio is still closed?

  421. In the know

    The supporters have disintegrated – FDMRM was caught in a lie so won’t show his face!!

  422. Anthony75

    @sid , very good point??

  423. Sam Spade

    Invest5star are still on twitter ,flogging oil and student digs

  424. Lighthouse

    “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”

  425. Sid

    @Lighthouse, what was the lie?

  426. Lighthouse

    Which one, there are so many !

  427. Sid

    It looks like the end really in nigh doesn’t it? Everything seems to be panning out just as we all feared it would.

  428. In the Know

    FDNRM – Stated he wasgetting an investment return on his oproperty but couldn’t provide the piece of paper to prove it – even though it would have been good news to us all!

  429. Sid

    @In the know, just out of interest, how did you get news that our investor friend won’t be getting the refund he was hoping for?

  430. Sid

    FDNRM has been quizzed over that for a while hasn’t he. It always seemed clear that he wasn’t telling the truth and no one in their right mind could be so satisfied with HP given all the recent bad news.

  431. Lighthouse

    Tailor Made – I am worried that they directors will have to return their Aston Martin’s. How will they cope ?

  432. In the Know

    Sid – I called him this morning (I have his business card) said he got nothing bu waffle and promises but no cash, no information that was tangible, just told they are working on a solution but couldn’t provide any paperwork to back it up

  433. In the Know

    Lighthouse – I bet the cars were leased. If you do a financial check on the company and compare asset to liability its abot £10k!!!
    Another set of jokers!

  434. Lighthouse

    We all know how this is going to end. Anyone thinking otherwise is deluded.

  435. Sid

    @In the know, apparently Ames was going to show him evidence today that would convince him things were ok and moving forward, and I believe if this evidence existed he would have shown him.

  436. Sid

    @Lighthouse, deluded=hoping for some sort of miracle!

  437. Sam Spade

    @EL2 dont understand why they {Witheys} claim to be ex directors of invest5star I did see a name claiming to be a current director,any ideas?? Is it possible reg. in Barbados??

  438. Lighthouse

    There is no evidence. If a rescue plan was in place, Ames would be all over it by now. He would tell everyone.

    Which dumb idiot is going to lend him bail out money ?

    What is it about the twice bankrupt individual that you would trust ?

    Nope, this is going to the wall.

  439. I could have told you that would happen…… been there. 21st Feb 2013
    He said they have no cash then….to pay me.

  440. Friends of UNESCO World Heritage St Lucia

    The Harlequin resort scandal is a wake up call for St Lucia as well as Barbados and St Vincent. Investor losses in the Marquis Estate/Harlequin resort in St Lucia are unknown. Investors in resort developments in St Lucia are commonly influenced by expensive PR campaigns, glitzy websites, fancy brochures, sales presentations, promotion by professional athletes and agents that talk them into investing in a resort property, as occurred in the Harlequin resorts fiasco. Currently, the UNESCO World Heritage status of St Lucia’s PMA is threatened by Robert Whitton’s Freedom Bay resort development while Freedom Bay’s land holdings, assets and liabilities are unconfirmed; http://wp.me/p39PnC-bS. St Lucia risks the island reputation and their World Heritage site on Whitton’s Freedom Bay. Until Freedom Bay confirms its land holdings, assets and liabilities, there is no proof that Freedom Bay is not just another Harlequin and Andrew Strauss just another Pat Cash. Freedom Bay company assets are likely safely tucked away in the Whitton’s St Lucian company the “Malgretoute Hotel and Development Company” in an offshore account. Sound familiar? Government ministers in St Lucia, Barbados and St Vincent must all read the same training manual…

  441. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Sam Spade. I don’t understand. How are the Witheys claiming to be ex-directors of invest5star? I suspect they are trying to distance themselves from invest5star to avoid answering awkward questions. However, it is merely a trading name, they have both been directors of Woodlands Project Management Services Limited since 13 Aug 2002. Kim Withey is also Co Secretary. The information I have given you comes via Companies House in UK and all annual accounts have been filed on time. I don’t know if they have any registered companies in Barbados.

    Any worried investors could try phoning Kim Withey on her mobile: 07775 666063 or Mike Withey on 07866 434665. I am sure they’d like to try and put your minds at rest. (not)

  442. Sid

    If there really is no money then they are trading insolvently. I’m sure the SFO will pick this up quickly, if they haven’t already, which will call a halt to Ames and family and shame the likes of Pat Cash etc…..but won’t get us our money back.

  443. Anonymous

    @ In the Know (not)
    where did you get your info from regarding TM calling on the administrators and them using up all their PI cover on the Cyprus property problem they had?
    They are both incorect, so maybe you should get a new informant or check before you post?
    Lots of diliberate mis information being posted.

  444. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the Know. right gobby, get in touch with RL now, give them £100 to pay my petrol and I will be there in 1 hour to show the evidence. Go on do it!
    @RL let me know when you have the £100 ready to give me.

  445. Sid

    I’ve got dibs on the Lambo…

    “Under wrongful trading legislation in the UK, if the company continues to trade while it is insolvent the directors of the company may become personally liable to contribute to the company’s assets and help meet the deficit to unsecured creditors if the company’s financial position is made worse by the directors continuing to trade instead of putting the company immediately into liquidation”.

  446. Anonymous

    @FDNRM, I’ll gladly pay the £100. Just let me have your bank details and I’ll send over now. It’s a very small price to pay to see evidence that people are seeing a return

  447. Lighthouse

    Bankrupt 3 times. That is an achievement.

    Leopards rarely change their spots.

  448. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous, dont be an arse. I’m really going to give you my bank details. Are you from Nigeria. Give it to RL. They can hold it. As soon as they can give it me I will be there with the proof.

  449. Fatchett does not represent me does not represent me

    @FDNRM, what happens to you if/when HP go under? Are you still liable to pay a mortgage, assuming you have one of course?

  450. Fatchett does not represent me does not represent me

    Do you like what I did with the name btw? You can call me FDNRMDNRM for short.

  451. Lighthouse

    FDNRM – RL are telling everyone that the land has not been registered in any individual investor names. It would be easy to give yourself some credibility by telling them the conveyance registration number.

    You may have been paid some return. However, that means nothing if you do not have the land ownership.

    If things went pop, you would be in the same boat as the rest of us.

    It would be really good if people were truthful. People have lost life savings and pensions. That is bad on so many levels.

  452. Just to make a point again, if you are a SIPP investor you need to register your complaint with the company now – for two reasons
    1. Once the PI cover is breached that’s it
    2. Even if they go bust providing your claim in is it does not matter.
    Do it now…….. I have said it for a long time now. Cash investors are more at risk and unfortunately have fewer options.

  453. @ in the know…earlier post…..
    @ In the Know (not)
    where did you get your info from regarding TM calling on the administrators and them using up all their PI cover on the Cyprus property problem they had?
    They are both incorect, so maybe you should get a new informant or check before you post?
    Lots of diliberate mis information being posted.

  454. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Lighthouse and anybody else. You want proof or not? The quiestion was “am I getting a rental return” The answer is yes. You people really do not have a clue do you.
    @RL your very quiet on this. Or do you think it is another “fairy story”?

  455. Anonymous

    @Harlequininvestorgroupnw – I think everyone’s at risk…….apart from FDNRM of course.

  456. In the Know

    FDNRM – Im sure Gareth Fatchett will give you some petrol money personally to see that information!

  457. Sid

    @BFP, is this the central and only forum now?

  458. In the Know

    HIG – FDNRM told me

  459. Anonymous

    @fdnrm, done. £100 transferred to RL.

  460. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the know, your the one who threw down the challenge today and now you are backing out. So just bore off and do not ever ever challange me again. I can put up the proof, you have backed out. Troll

  461. In the Know

    FDNRM – Your £100 has been deposited with RL! Now lets see your bottle go!

  462. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous, I await confirmation that RL have it and will pay it to me. I also need to know what time they are open to.

  463. @FDNRM
    is this correct? you told In the know TM called in the administrators and thier PI cover was exceeded?

  464. Anonymous

    Presumably if there are allegations that contractual interest payments aren’t being made because of issues regarding the company’s cash position, but FDNRM is getting paid “profit” this could actually be fairly bad news, not good news? Can’t really see why this would make anyone feel better – and can see why, in a certain light, it could be considered a good deal worse.

    I’m only commenting on the information as it has been presented on this thread and have no information as to the veracity to any of these claims.

  465. In the Know

    Sid – I forgot to say but I think the investor you met has called Gareth Fatchett to update him on the meeting, maybe he can confirm that no settlement was forthcoming? Or maybe its confidential?

  466. In the know you posted this:
    In the know
    March 16, 2013 at 12:00 am
    Tailormade is being dissolved – the issue is that the PI is in the aggregate per annum not an each an every claim. So even though they had PI of £2 million the claims from Cyprus have maxed it out and there is no room for Harlequin Property claims – so getting out and starting up Tailormade mark II – very bad news for us all

    and then asked your source
    In the know

    March 16, 2013 at 12:40 am

    Very good source – Steves point is valid in some instances but not this. If the PI is insufficient you can pursue the company but not the individuals as its a limited liability company – the company has no assets so nothing to pursue! I heard plenty of smugness there over this

    I dont know how FDNRM told you?

  467. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    FDNRM / In the Know –

    Investors would be very pleased to be re-assured. This makes great sense to us. We will facilitate and will put together a meeting later this week.

    Email – gail.taylor-cole@regulatorylegal.co.uk and she will send our client account details for the £100.00

    FDNRM – please supply Gail Taylor-Cole with your banking details. We will then make the transfer upon receipt.

    How you conduct yourselves over this very serious issue is going to be a measure of your honesty and integrity.

    We will report back .If this is a game of internet showmanship that it would be really sad as investors are really concerned.

  468. In the Know

    I was joking – its just the rumour in the industry that the company is on the wobble with plenty of letters of intent for legal action against their PI – I cant see them lasting to the end of the week now the income has gone.

    On another point Ames must have been lieing to you about not having the cash to settle as he had £500k last week to square up the freezing order?

  469. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Paul Walton, re your posts above I can assure you I have told no one any such thing. I would not know such information at all.
    @Anonymous, I am not being paid “profit” I’m being paid a return.

  470. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @RL, I have no intention what so ever of supplying bank details or my e-mail address. This is, I add no reflection on you. I will drive to your office in Stourbridge, show you the confirmation, and you can hand me the £100. I will of course not leave any information with you as I’m sure you will understand. You comment about “internet showmanship” is disengenuous and uncalled for. After all it was my suggestion to go to your office, I dont want to be out of pocket in doing so.

  471. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the know “I WAS JOKING” you muppet. You think this is something to joke about?

  472. @Fatchett does not represent me
    Thanks for that, I did not think you did.
    @In The Know – strange joke….
    You managed to panic a lot of people with your joke based on rumours, better keep things to yourself until you can back them up.

    Have you sent the £100 or is that a joke too?

  473. In the Know

    I joked about who said it not that it was said to me, there is a difference! muppets x 2!
    Thats your problem Walton you twist what peole say!

  474. In the Know

    HQIG – And if your as clever as you like to make out you will see its anonymous thats paying the cash!

  475. @FDNRM – we have had our fall outs – but on this I am 100% on your side & thats a first!!

  476. Anthony75

    @in the know, your a f***ing low life Internet troll scum. peoples lives have been seriously affected by this problem so why don you do everyone a favor and just crawl back into your little hole where you belong.

  477. In the Know

    Walton – if we stuck to facts and only facts the thread would be empty because HP dont supply facts do they? Is that ok with you blog policeman?

  478. In the Know

    Anthony – I have told you you retard I was told TM were wobbly, that wasnt the joke, the joke was too that we blame FDNRM gets blamed for everything so I would do the same!
    can you and your girlfriend walton work it out?

  479. Anthony75

    oops that was ment for annonymous

  480. Anthony75

    and less of the retard dick head

  481. In the know

    Anthony your right I apologise for the use of retard its disrespectful to people with learning disabilities I should have referred to you as a fucktard!

  482. Charles&Eddie

    Alright ladies put your handbags away. This isn’t the place for a slanging match. Now step away from the keyboard and have a drink and come back in a better mood eh!

  483. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Cmon everyone lets stop arguing among ourselves we need to group together

  484. Anthony75

    yeh lets just ignore the vermin and it might go away.

  485. Sid

    @FDNRM, just a suggestion but in this day and age, if you have a document that you want to show RL can’t you scan and email it? Or even fax it? I really don’t see why you would want to drive hundreds of miles to do something that takes 2 minutes.

    Sorry if there’s a reason you don’t want to email a copy. I’ve just picked up this thread.

  486. anon

    Just a quick comment it does look like things are not good but why is nobody posting anything on harlequin Facebook page? Surely on there everyone can see it.

  487. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @sid, I am quite prepared to show RL the document but not to leave or fax/ e-mail it. Please remember this is a confidential document which I am only prepared to show to prove doubters wrong. I have no intention of leaving a document which could be used for any other reason.

  488. 138

    FDNRM I’m not sure how you’re differentiating return from profit – either way, it seems strange that you’re getting a return (a profitable return) where others aren’t having their basic interest payments served. Don’t really understand how/why that would be the case – and not sure what it says about the trading position of the company if it is honouring these payments but not others.

  489. Sid

    @FDNRM, I respect your wishes not to give anyone a copy of your private paperwork – that’s obviously your choice. But the only other reason I can see it being used for is to help people that need and deserve helping isn’t it?

  490. It’s all pretty academic if FDNRM is getting an income or not its all going to end soon.

  491. Sid

    @FDNRM, if you are seeing a return and have become reliant on it, you must be terrified that the money will stop coming in soon, cos when the cupboards are bare you aint gonna get fed. If you genuinely are seeing a return surely you can admit to being worried? You cannot be 100% confident that everything will go to plan?!

  492. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ anon March 18, 2013 at 5:48 pm
    I would advise you all NOT to post on the Harlequin Facebook page. FB is very leaky and some of you might unintentionally ‘out’ yourselves.

    You can still post at:
    ifa online
    i-witness news dot com (shocking reading there).
    Tripadvisor St Vincent and the Grenadines (they need a blardy good shake up about all those gushing fake Harlequin reviews they have allowed).

    …and most important of all, here at BFP where we still have the freedom to air our views.

  493. @ In the know…
    Its pillocks like ‘in the know’ who make me think why bother & just look after myself.
    He clearly is thick, because he put his faith in his new mate who seem Ames today & got nothing…. The ones who business card you seem to cherish.
    He seems to have took a shine to me with all his complementary comments – Many thanks for that –much appreciated.
    Seems strange how you can be so big and tough online but meek as a mouse in the meeting in Manchester?
    You just fill up this site with stuff you have no idea is true or not… The TM and PI insurnace… just to name two.
    Whrn picked up on it have a little tantrum and start calling me Walton… now that’s really scary.
    With kind regards

  494. Sid

    It’s a shame we can’t all be on the same side and try to pull together. We are all supposed to be in the sames boat after all aren’t we?

  495. Sid

    Does anyone have any news on the Dublin court case?

  496. @sid
    Apparently so, but I will think twice about giving any more of my free time up for investor meeting in the future.
    Why bother?

  497. Sid

    @Harlequininvestorgroupnw, sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Are you saying that the meetings aren’t achieving much?

  498. In the know

    Ok mr Walton is that better seeing why your so precious – you seem to give yourself a little stuffy don’t you!
    Yoi seem to be able to pick up on anyone and say what you like but don’t seem to like any criticism the other way.
    I told you in good faith what I was told – time will tell!
    What did you want me to do on Manchester? You wanted to be the focus of attention.
    As for rough guy don’t make me laff you make Rylan look butch.
    Either put up or shut up – keep taking the glory disappear!
    Bye, bye!

  499. @Sid
    Quite the opposite, but when you get idiots like ‘ In the know’ being an idiot….. …why should I bother ?

    I have my position secured regarding my investment either way this pans out.

    At the meeting you get to meet other people in the same position & free legal advice for possibly the only couple of law firms in the country who know the HP inside out.

    He post things for a ‘joke’ and what he does post if rubbish, let him get on with it.

  500. Beggars Belief

    Stop Press:

    Harlequin funding solution offered by the Bank of Cyprus.

  501. Anonymous

    @Beggars Belief – a joke I presume?

  502. Beggars Belief

    Of course it’s a joke – sorry if people are not in the mood for black humour. I do appreciate that laughter is not on the menu for many investors.

  503. Sid

    @beggars belief, thanks for trying to cheer us all up. Hopefully I will be able to see the funny side of the whole sorry situation if and when I see my money again!

  504. Eddie Lizzard2

    I see Katharine Manderfield (Harlequin Network Sales Manager) and Matt Ames (ex- Harlequin Sales Manager) have taken down their own personal Facebook pages. The show-off posts and the bragging about fancy cars, holidays in Mustique, polo ponies and scoffing food at The Ivy doesn’t look quite as good now does it?

  505. Charles&Eddie

    EL2 – Katharine’s is still there, 4 hours ago she posted about a lovely baby hamper she got from work, I bet that has come from investor money…..

  506. Beggars Belief

    You’re welcome Sid. I hope one day people will be able to laugh again. Even if it’s only when a judge passes sentence.

  507. 71

    That baby will be a teenager before she comes out of nick.

  508. Sid

    @Charles&Eddie, it’s easy to tell if it was bought with investor money, it will contain diamonds and sports cars.

  509. Eddie Lizzard2

    Sorry no, that wasn’t right – she’s still warbling on about the gift pack baby hamper from the office.
    And he’s still bragging about the villa on Mustique.

    My bad!

  510. Canuck

    I hear another investor settled a deal with Ames today, so sounds like one did and one didn’t! Maybe there is hope!

  511. Charles&Eddie

    Maybe it was bought with the last of the kitty/investor funds all Asda smart price she must be a popular lass….

  512. Anon - reasons unknown

    FDNRM – did you miss my earlier question?

    I wondered how you completed the purchase of your units. Did you use your own borrowings for the remaining 70%, or was it provided by Harlequin Finance?

    I presume you have completed, else why would they be paying you your monthly rental return.

  513. Sid

    Villa on Mustique? Was that bought from Harlequin? Please don’t tell me that these people don’t even eat their own dog food!

  514. 71

    There’s always good old Vinny/Sunny (changes his name to suit)….http://www.facebook.com/vinny.stenning?fref=ts

  515. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    If FDNRM wants to come to our office to show us a document then that is fine. We are happy to hand over £100.00 for travel expenses.

    The whole point is that we want a fair and balanced picture for investors. Nothing more, nothing less.

    We can see the advice is shocking and we fully expect Agents / IFA’s and SIPP providers to be asked to explain themselves. However, although they provide some redress options, they are not the business people contracted with.

    It is that business we are keen to seek resolution with for our clients. Nothing more, nothing less.


  516. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U I did see your question earlier, if you don’t mind I would prefer not to answer that at present. No conspiracy theories it’s just a personal thing.

  517. Anon - reasons unknown

    FDNRM – OK, fair enough.

  518. Canuck

    Sid – the investor you met in Manchester who you think was seeing ames did he have a Liverpool accent?

  519. Canuck

    I can’t find an answer on here but there are a lot of posts, has anyone on here had transfer title of any property?

  520. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Harlequin Investor group nw @gmail.com (without gaps) Are holding to meetings on the 25th March one in the afternoon in London and one in the evening in Essex, Please email to reserve seats.

  521. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Panorama Next Monday

    The Great Savings Wipe Out
    Not currently available on BBC iPlayer
    Duration: 30 minutes

    Panorama investigates a series of financial scandals which have put at risk the life savings of tens of thousands of people.

    A twice-bankrupt, former double glazing salesman from Essex has collected an estimated quarter of a billion pounds from investors, which is now at risk. In one of Britain’s biggest ever pension scandals, he promised to build luxury rental homes in the Caribbean, some on the island of St Vincent, where the film Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. Wimbledon tennis champion Pat Cash and golfing legend Gary Player helped promote the property scheme. However, reporter Paul Kenyon finds most of the planned properties have yet to be built and there are disputes over planning permission and land ownership.

    A worrying number of savings scandals are coming to light as more than a million people chose to look after their own pension savings through Self-Invested Personal Pension schemes. In a second SIPP case a respected finance house failed to raise the alarm to investors before £100m went missing after clear warnings to the financial regulator from a whistle blower

  522. In the know

    Walton – my friend with the business card as you call him who got nothing as you put it appears to have got something….. Ask Gareth apparently he has been informed – an offer was made to settle! Maybe he was a better negotiator than you? Is it possible anyone could be?

    On a serious note its not 100% done deal but it gives me some hope the likes of me and you may get out of this not totally skint, what you think?

  523. Gingerbread Girl

    It’s a pyramid, that’s all it ever was or will be. The game is over, the money is GONE. Get good legal advice and remember, your first loss is still your best loss.

  524. Mark fenty

    I guess your worse fears has been realized right?

  525. Gingerbread Girl

    Mark Fenty

    I have no investment or involvement in Harlequin. I have no axe to grind.

    I resisted the invitation based on a number of factors, one being that having met and listened to Dave Ames I was convinced he was a trickster and Harlequin would fail the moment NEW money stopped coming in.

  526. Mark fenty

    May I suggest a book written by the eminent Jewish philosopher Moses Miamonide called, “The Guide To The Perplexed. “

  527. Anthony75

    did fdnrm reply to Regulatory legals offer? or did i not see it?

  528. Matt

    Has been very quiet on here – are you all loosing focus and momentum?

  529. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @ Matt would that be Ames?? No we have not lost anything yet we know exactly where everything and everyone is! The trolls just do not have as much time on there hands to keep posting the rubish on here do they?

    We are all super strong and joining together we will all be at the meetings in London and Essex on Monday 25th March email for more details
    Harlequin investor group nw @gmail.com (without the gaps)

    Really looking forward to meeting you all then Erica

  530. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

  531. Matt

    Erica your right the key word is yet. Is the Matt Ames your asking about the one that has been lied about on here and is one of the few of the family that is not involved in the business.
    A lot of investors parted with their money because they were blinded by greed and status and did not consider the risks involved ?

  532. Anthony75

    @Matt , so your the newest troll! or have you just changed your name from something else?

  533. Matt

    Just been observing and not contributing to all the panic and mayhem not to mention your foul language!

  534. Charles&Eddie

    I think we all wondered when you would rock up….It doesn’t surprise me. Have you come here to defend your family or have you come here just to cause trouble?

  535. Matt

    I’m not an Ames – I wonder if TM will be trading today and if they are what will they be selling???

  536. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    We were not all blinded by greed we were blinded by lies told by sales agents and IFAs and of course Harlequin properties.
    But dont worry I think most of us have learned our lesson and now it is time to teach a lesson to all of the above!

  537. Anonymously

    Yawn Matt. I’m just a casual observer and its the investors fault that Ames used greed to rip them off. Etc etc. Now which other poster spells losing wrong.

  538. Matt

    Anonymously – I’m not saying its all your fault but I don’t know anybody on here that has said they did their own DD – anyway attack me now for daring to question you!

  539. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @Matt you just called us all greedy!!!! well it is simple we paid IFAs and agents to do there DD so we didnt have to that does not make us in anyway to blame the blame lies with the liars doesnt it, Dont you dare say anything more to people who will probably lose there homes,savings and pensions.What is there to question matt??

  540. Matt

    E – fair point but you should have done your own checks too!
    I note from last nights post there are still people doing their own thing and making settlements – compromise don’t be obstinate

  541. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    There is no compromise I have a contract with Harlequin to refund last June and I am still waiting…………. Panorama looks interesting…….:)

  542. R. Telling

    Matt Ames has definitely been working at Harlequin Property since at least December.

  543. Matt

    There’s always a deal to be had? Your playing high risk strategy! Panorama is of no interest to those that have negotiated an exit

  544. @ in the know

    That depends on what you think is a good deal – the last one I was offered was a full refund over 12 months, some people say that’s a good offer – I don’t.

    So unless you ‘mate’ has done better that that its not a good offer in my book as HP will not be around long enough to pay him……and of course the offer will be ‘confidential’ so we will never know will we?

    I have no doubt that in the long run I will do better, I have several options I am persuing.

  545. Harlisuccess

    Yet another robbery and gunshot wounds suffered by two elderly tourists in Bridgetown. Know anything about this? Care to pass any comment? ( apart from your usual resume about UK crime)

  546. Matt

    Its matt your answering? Hope you do get everything back and so you should – believe me Ames will have plenty of Plan B’s/ exit strategies.
    One thing for sure Ames will never need to worry for his pension like we will.
    And your right HP won’t be around to fulfil stage payments so its a worthless deal.

  547. Harlesuccess

    B Baywatch
    You consider yourself to be an expert on all thing Caribbean. In the light of yet more horrendous attacks on tourists in Barbados and the continuing downward spiral of tourism on the island, can you tell me if you believe the Harlequin Hotels and Resorts in Barbados are being built in the wrong place at the wrong time?

  548. Harlisuccess

    Pawn Walton
    Well, well, well! Here you are,you and Freebie Erica, rustling up investors to attend meetings with the ambulance chaser Fatchett. He is giving you so much good advice on how to reclaim your deposits that, after only 2-3 weeks,you are asking Eddie Lizzard 2 for his ideas on how to get a refund! Eddie Lizzaard 2 of all people! This is an admission on your part that Fatchett, he of the Stourbridge industrial estata portakabin, has led you on and is not able to help you. Is he any closer to getting your money back? I think not! How many fees have been handed over by those you encouraged to attend Fatchett’s sales drive in Manchester?
    Freebie Erica, why are you advertising every day on BFP for people to attend more fantasy presentations by the Risk Warning Group, when Fatchett and his pals, by Walton’s admission, have clearly demonstrated they have nothing to offer?
    Information is readily available on the web on Fatchett’s past performance in dealing with similar situations. Everyone should read this before attending any further “Harlequin Investor Meetings”and parting with any money. By the way, is it fair that all other investors, apart from you and the other pawn, have to pay Fatchett for his “advice”?

  549. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @RL on my way, be there about 12.

  550. In the Know

    Harlisuccess – Even though Paul can get up my nose with his matter of fact approach that post is well wide of the mark.
    If it wasn’t Thatchett it would be somebody else pursuing Ames, anyway its none of your business, how people wish to deal with this, which ever way you look at it HP have failed to deliver so people have every right to exit.
    Right now a portakabin would be better than we have at present from Ames!
    Your post has made you look an arse!

  551. In the Know

    Paul – the investor who made a settlement in full on the day was not asked to sign an NDA he tells me? No solicitors present just himm and King Dick himself! Seems everyones getting treated differently to me!

  552. Harlisuccess, you need to seek medical help for your Psychological illness

  553. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @ Hardly I am not a client of Gareths, I have allowed him to attend my meetings and give free advice!
    If you would prefer another solicitor to come to my meetings let me have there details.

  554. @In The Know…..
    So a full refund made on Monday? or next week or the week after?
    I find that intresting……… is he happy for you posting this here?

  555. Charles&Eddie

    It is amazing what you can find out with a little digging isn’t it…..I know who Yorkiepoo, worried investor and confused.com is before you all start to think it’s three separate people it isn’t.

    It is infact Mr Rob Shaw from Tailormade trying to offload his ill advised IFA investment or was it a freebie from Harlequin??

  556. Lighthouse

    Charles & Eddie – are you sure ?

  557. BBaywatch

    @Hardlysuccess – quote”In the light of yet more horrendous attacks on tourists in Barbados and the continuing downward spiral of tourism on the island, can you tell me if you believe the Harlequin Hotels and Resorts in Barbados are being built in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

    errr – have you changed your meds recently? Quite how the attacks on tourists relates to the activities (or lack of them) of Harlequin on Barbados I’m not sure, but I guess this was the preamble to some further trolling.

    Your use of the phrase “being built” is also a little contentious as it is generally agreed that there is no activity on the sites. With regard to those sites, The Merricks was always an absolutely disastrous proposition, there was never ever any possibility of building a resort of the size proposed at that location. Definitely the wrong place and wrong time – lack of water availability being just one obvious problem. The Crane and the old Sam Lord’s Castle hotels are further south, have much better accessibility, good beaches and the right scale. (but note – no one is rushing to purchase and refurb Sam Lord’s!)

    The H hotel might actually have worked, it’s not a bad location for a 3/4 star and if it had been turned around quickly and efficiently it might even have been earning some money by now. Of course Mr Ames had to let his ego get in the way again and specified work and finishes which could only be justified if it was able to command Sandy Lane prices, and there’s a small problem there – it isn’t Sandy Lane and it isn’t even on the West Coast. It is yet another example of the lack of competence of this company and the total lack of any research into what the market demand and return might be.

  558. In the Know

    I cant speak about others but I’m not the same as the other two and am not employed by TM, iI’m in this mess balls deep.

  559. In the Know

    HQIG – I dont know the detail because he wouldn’t be drawn on it, so i would only be speculating. I know he called Gareth to discuss the offer but I’m sure Gareth cannot disclose the details, but maybe he would be prepared to confirm an offer of settlement was made to somebody yesterday?

  560. mark fenty

    Throughout this blog you have demonstrated great poise and equanimity, in your articulation with attitudes of impatience and impetuosity. You have kept intact your professional integrity, and must be commended for your rare display of the appropriate social decorum. You are the voice of reason on this blog sir.

  561. Anonymously

    @Matt. I didn’t attack you. I was just pointing out your warped logic. If I forget to lock my front door and my house gets burgled that would be my fault in your eyes not the burglars

  562. In the Know

    Mark Fenty – do you chat in conversation how you write in here?

  563. Regulatory Legal Solicitors


    £53m N&P settlement for Keydata claims
    £54m CF Arch Cru funds Capita Payment Scheme

    to name but two !

  564. @mark fenty
    Many thanks for that one of the few compliments I have recieved
    kind regards

  565. Matt

    What are Tailormade selling today? They still limping along?

  566. Matt

    Paul – did that compliment get you in a Firenze??

  567. yatinkiteasy

    Harlie…this is just a small town called Basildon in the UK… home to Harlequin and Co..I think this happened on the same Sunday of the attack in Barbados, which we all regret and condemn.

    “Basildon RSS Feed Send your news, pictures & videos
    Man charged with murder following assault outside a Grays nightclub

    11:11am Sunday 17th March 2013 in Basildon

    A MAN has been charged with the murder of a man who was killed outside a Grays nightclub.

    Liam Holden died after being attacked outside the Euro Lounge where he had been spending a night out with friends.

    He was taken to Queens Hospital, Romford with a serious head injury but died in the early hours of Sunday, March 10.

    Owen Wood, 23, of Godman Road, Grays has been charged with murdering the 35-year-old.

    He has been remanded in custody to appear at Southend Magistrates’ Court on Monday, March 18.”

    and….because of the crime in Barbados, Harlequin will no longer be developing hotels or resorts there….(Your next claim?…. we are waiting}

  568. Matt

    Invest in Rice & Receive 20%

    I hear there may be some investors here with money to invest in the near future once RL have got your cash back.

    If your looking for a better investment next time see attached link.



  569. Matt

    Yankin it easy – Since when has HP been proposing a Resort in Basildon?

    Mind you Anthony75 would put his name and deposit down for it looking at his posts!!

    Anthony = Daft Lad

  570. yatinkiteasy

    @Matt..how is the Forestry business these days?

  571. 48

    If I worked for HP or as an agent selling the dodgy stuff I would be worrid, cos when HP goes south and I will you will have no job. Then all the people who have lost money will chase in legally or otherwise.
    Once HP has gone you, especially ifas and pension people are in the firing line – it’s a fact, and u wont be able to hide behid companies or no PI insurance …. Comin after your asetts

  572. Matt

    Yankin it easy – moved on from forestry to rice. Business going well, plenty of holidays in mustique, Lamborghini, office girls to shag – it gets no better!

  573. Anthony75

    @Matt the pratt, people like you just make me laugh. just read your comment –

    March 19, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Its matt your answering? Hope you do get everything back and so you should – believe me Ames will have plenty of Plan B’s/ exit strategies.
    One thing for sure Ames will never need to worry for his pension like we will.
    And your right HP won’t be around to fulfil stage payments so its a worthless deal.

    classic troll symptoms, and your right about Ames not worrying about his pension. he, you and the rest of your mob will be banged up for a long long time. hope you like a plastic mattress. hahahhahahahaa

  574. Matt

    Anthony75 – Theres two people using the name Matt! Me and another person

  575. Matt

    Anthony75 – Thats right, I hope you like your plastic matress in your state run nursing home now your pensions gone!
    White collar crimes go to a nice comfy open prison, drugs, birds, booze, let out all day – well worth it for blowing your cash big boy!

  576. Following on to Anon post 12.52.

    I have been advised if, HP goes bust and an IFA has sold a ‘investment’ to a cash buyer.
    Action can be taken against the IFA as an individual and their assets, if they do not have PI cover.

    If they have PI cover go for that.

    If the IFA worked for a company, then the company could have action taken against it, and or the directors as individuals.

    Regarding SIPP investments, a claim for bad advice against the SIPP tranfer company, or the SIPP provider is favourable.

    I think action againt IFA’s will increase when HP go into administration.

    SIPP investors act now………before the PI cover is breached.

    All the best Paul

  577. Confused

    Paul – HP haven’t gone into administration how can you be so sure they will?

  578. Anthony75

    fortunately for me it was not my pension and i can get over the loss as im only 37 years old. i feel very sorry for the people who could lose there pensions and life savings, no doubt you don’t. and let me tell you, in any prison people don’t like con men who rob the elderly, so good luck.

  579. Matt

    I think your going to be very disappointed if you think that anybody will be going to prison – there’s a plan!

  580. Anthony75

    This is my last post to you as you are clearly spam/troll/scum and not worth of another thought.

  581. Matt

    Anthony75 – pity that I enjoy winding you up

  582. Sid

    @Canuk, sorry for taking so long to come back to you. It turns out I have a job to do as well! He was Mancunian I believe, or something very similar. Not Liverpudlian. Why do you ask?

  583. Charles&Eddie

    Clink Clink Clink http://youtu.be/rXgDcukvEC4
    Matt I believe you are a pretty boy they will love you in there, mind the soap it can be slippy 😉

  584. Matt

    C&E – thanks for the commitment sweet tits xxx
    I can afford liquid soap thanks after all you kind people were so generous!

  585. Canuck

    Asking to see if its the same person – it was a NW accent like Warrington type accent – was he a big bloke blonde hair over 6ft
    If it was he has had a settlement!

  586. LB

    There are people who are desperately worried about the outcome of all this – we will have a massive loan payment to meet each month for the next 5 years should harlequin fold, which we will probably have to default on as we cannot afford to pay it – therefore credit score crushed – no prospect of a mortgage etc. etc. consequences unthinkable, and all you lot here doing is playing head-games with each other?? My god!!

  587. Matt

    C&E – *compliment

  588. Charles&Eddie

    Matt – It’s wasn’t a compliment love it’s what I’ve heard doesn’t mean I agree with it…….

  589. Canuck

    LB – too right! Out of interest have you spoken to Harlequin about a settlement and what did they propose?

  590. Matt

    Pity that C&E – I love a bit of ruff!

  591. @ confused with nothing coming in by way of sales how long can they last?

  592. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @LB, I totally agree with you there are so many sick individuals it makes it impossible to stop yourself from thinking of setting up a lynch mob, but you have to they want a reaction well they will get one soon BBFP will soon out them and their IP Address. So dont rise to them they will go away soon enough to see if they can see themselves on TOWIE lol

  593. Sid

    @Canuck, that’s the one. So it seems Ames will settle if asked ‘nicely’.

  594. LB

    I haven’t spoken to them – the figures won’t stack up whichever option we were to look at. As we took out £43k in personal loans, the repayments are for capital and interest. So far Harlequin have met all payments to date (bar one) a total of circa £28k. The balance to clear the loan stands at £27k. So we will be £12k adrift which ever way you look at it. I am just praying they can carry on meeting the payments and somehow find a way out of all this otherwise it will be devastating for us. Living a nightmare daily.

  595. 13

    EVERYONE. Please can you not react to Matt. He’s boring the sh1t out of me and not helping anyone. I don’t care who he is or who he claims to be. He’s more of a joke than a joker. If he says anything to you can you please not reply at all. I want this forum to be productive. Thanks

  596. Canuck

    LB – have you had any missed payments yet? When’s the next due? Have you called to check yours isn’t one affected by an error?

  597. Canuck

    LB – fDMRM was supposed to be at RL at 12pm with a document proving he was paid a return and paid up in full! Does anybody know if he ever turned up?

  598. Sid

    @Canuck, if he doesn’t I don’t expect we’ll see him on here again!

  599. Anthony75

    I think he must of changed his name, what a coincidence!!!

  600. LB

    We’ve had one payment missed – January – which was apparently a banking error that affected a lot of investors. Before that it had gone like clockwork for 41/2 years.Since then payments have been received, but haven’t been paid the extra for January so have had to cover that one ourselves. Just hope they keep coming…………….

  601. Canuck

    LB – that’s interesting, so they missed a payment but have made another, but not paid the missed one

  602. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Canuck & Sid, document delivered, scrutinised and passed as genuine. RL will post as such when they are ready. £100 received with thanks.
    After RL have confirmed my genuine position I expect appologies from all those who turned up the volume, if you will be big enough to post them here.

  603. LB

    Yes – made two payments since – just hope they carry on. With all this going on now I am feeling very scared about the future. We have a second investment and it’s a SIPP so not of a great worry month to month, but we have put our whole retirement plan in the hands of Harlequin believing it would provide us with a comfortable life during our “golden years”.

  604. Canuck

    It must be the quietest day ever on here for pro-harlequin bloggers!

  605. 48

    Even Ames himself must now see its all turning into an embarrassment

  606. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Canuck My post a 3.22. Any comment or are you ignoring it?

  607. Canuck

    Doubt it hes totally deluded about the whole thing I’m told! He will be putting his exit strategy into action and sorting out the people he wants to!

  608. Canuck

    FDNRM – Once RL have confirmed evertything you have said is correct I will apologise no problem

  609. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    RING FENCING!!!!!!

    From: Katharine Wooller [mailto:KWooller@harlequinproperty.co.uk]
    Sent: 11 April 2011 16:30
    To: Debbie Stokes
    Subject: RE: Harlequin

    Hi Debbie

    Answers as below:

    We are not currently doing resales in Brazil; she is welcome to find her own buyer in which case we will charge 1% for this.

    1, Can we bring a friend along to the meeting?

    Yes – we encourage this – our business has grown by recommendation and referral.

    2, Where is our money?

    It is held by Harlequin Hotels and Resorts – the company in the Cayman Island that holds all of Harlequin’s assets.

    3, Is the Brazil Resort SIPP approved?


    4, If not why not?

    Brazilian law does not recognise UK trust law – there are only a small number of countries that it is possible to put in the UK SIPP.

    5, What is the Resorts planning status?

    Two Rivers has planning; Brazil we are currently working through the planning process.

    6, What time scales are we looking at for the build process?

    Two Rivers we expect to be 24 months; Brazil has always had a longest completion date of 2014.

    7, Are you still promoting the Brazil Resort?

    Yes, however because it is not SIPPable this is not our prime focus.

    8, If not why not?

    As above.

    9, How do Harlequin intend to get the utilities to the Island?

    All of Harlequin’s resorts are self sufficient in terms of water and sewerage. We have managed this on Buccament Bay, and have extensive environmental impact analysis studies on each site, particularly as all the planning depends on Harlequin in no way damaging the local ecology.

    10, What problems do they see in doing this?

    As above.

    11, I noticed I could not get prices, if this is ongoing why?

    Current prices for the units purchased are:

    Brazil purchased for £50,000

    current list price: £75,000

    Two Rivers purchased for £105,000

    current list price: £215,000

    12, Is our money tied to the Brazil Resort?

    There is no legal requirement in the Caribbean for ring fencing, however because all the sites are owned across the Harlequin group all the sites are worth more than the clients deposits that we hold which is the investors protection.


    Katharine Wooller

    Network Sales Directoristen Guys According to Katherine Manderfield we all have nothing to worry about!!!

  610. Anonymous55

    Financial crisis hits. Lots of FS businesses,IFA’s can see harder times coming.may have to work twice as hard to earn less than previously. Hurrah,along comes the harlequin proposition that they can sell via sips. Set up a seperate company for the alternative investment, make sure it’s ltd. get all your advisers to see their clients on the basis of a financial review using existing advisers. Then when you see them stress how rubbish Existing pension is performing and blow them away with the harlequin figures and how low risk,an opportunity not to be missed. And maybe target all those old serps contributions too. Forget about the full fact find process,attitude to risk,r4r. After all you are not advising you are just introducing to the sipp facilitator. Collect your lovely commission, expand the business maybe by getting more FS,IFA’s on board via your wholesale arm and take a cut of their commission too. Ignore any people who may raise concerns, ignore the DD process , ignore any negative press. Then make sure you close the companies down before so that in the event of redress you are no longer trading.Sound familiar?

  611. anon

    LB so u had one missing payment only for January. You got February payment ok for your loan repayments? I had January’s missing and they have not paid February’s either. But again I hav had no issues for 3 yrs till now. Are u xpecting march to go in all ok? LB please reply.

  612. Mr Blue

    “…..all the sites are owned across the Harlequin group all the sites are worth more than the clients deposits that we hold which is the investors protection.”

    She has to have known that was a blatant lie. If HP’s assets were worth more then the investor deposits there would have to be a main investor, or start up capital from somewhere. Clearly there wasn’t. That statment could come back to haunt her.

  613. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    Along with the comment that” Two Rivers has planning”

  614. john Delhirro

    I would love to know who really owns the land at bb?Mr lars does he work for the govt of St Vincent.?I really like his approach lets see if we can take over this project some how,some way .it will not be easy but maybe the govt will realize now how bad this is going to be for st Vincent .I still think maybe with the right people we can turn this around at least at BB so MR lars you are a smart man you realize how bad this is for St Vincent so lets get the Govt to do something now and if everything is on the up and up I have investor who will really be interested in this project,,but by now we know David Ames has to go for this project to have a chance a nd a new start

  615. 100

    Only skimming through so many comments, but that e-mail is shocking if that is the level of detail being given to agents. “How are utilities getting to the island? All our resorts are self-sufficient in terms of water or sewage” What a terrible reply. Not only has she ignored the largest and most important utility cost item, namely electricity, how is it enough to just say the resorts are self-sufficient. Present tense not accurate as resorts are not built – perhaps should have qualified by saying the resorts on our CGIs are self-sufficient as drawn on our CGIs. No apparent need to mention whether there is back-up water in terms of desal plants for example, or whether sewage is connected to a main sewage line or there is a sewage treatment plant, back up generators etc pretty fundamental questions about Caribbean developments that investors should know about. An IFA or agent should know these things anyway before they sold them, and not have to go back and ask. It is clear that the IFAs and agents, as well as Harlequin, could only think of the commissions, not about the buyer and clearly also not about the resorts, which is understandable in a way because they never had a chance of getting built based on the astonishingly poor level of financial planning, or any sort of planning. Not even having planning permission is a bit of a giveaway as to where actually building came on their list of priorities – building came after buying small aircraft, Ames paying himself commissions, agents filling their boots etc etc. True bandits these guys in every sense of the word.

  616. john Delhirro

    I am reading some of these post I have not recieved my interest payment for 4months now and they are saying maybe soon.I see some people posting they only missed 1month than they recieved there payment the following month. I find this very strange?

  617. john Delhirro

    I also have been trying to get some answer on a refund but they seem to be playing gamI am sure most of us are

  618. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    I cannot wait until Friday….The court transcripts should make for very interesting reading!!

  619. Charles&Eddie

    John D – I’m really really confused by your posts in one post you say we can turn things around and then in others you seem to think that things are really bad?? It’s either one or the other. In my personal opinion it’s all dead in the water and it’s just a matter of time it doesn’t matter how much money you plough into it now it will just be throwing good money after bad.

  620. @Fatchett does not represent me

    I see you turned up today with your documents, strange, regardless of our past disagreements I had a feeling you would, and I have to say fair play to you.

    Was Gareth what you expected? Or do you still think he is a bad guy?

  621. LB

    @anon – We have received March payment too from Harlequin. We get the payment the 1st of the month, approx a week before the loan payments are called for. So just January that is outstanding to date. There seems to be quite a variance where some investors have not been affected, some not been paid due payments for months – I don’t understand why!! Just hoping that April arrives. We have no long-term way of paying the loan ourselves!!

  622. Sid

    My payments stopped in Jan and I know I will never see another penny, but am confident I will come out of this ok.

  623. anon

    @LB I am glad u hav had ur payments. I normally get mine last week of the month. Not had it for two months now. I will struggle without it. Nearly 700 quid a month in repayments for next five yrs. Maybe I will b lucky get mine this month. Do u know others that hav invested.

  624. LB

    @anon – I hope you get your payments too – it’s so worrying every month not knowing. I’m on a count-down to 1st April already!! No we don’t know any other investors other than the employees at the agent we went through – I know they have invested too.
    @Sid – you may get the payments re-started -have you called them? I did and I don’t know if it helped or was coincidence that the payments were made but worth a go!!

  625. Gareth Fatchett - Regulatory Legal Solicitors


    FDNRM – he did come to our office. I saw a cheque payment for rental on this BB property. Looked genuine enough to me. FDNRM confirmed that he had not taken title to his property. It was an option, which he had not taken up.

    We explained the land position at BB in a bit more detail.

    £100 for expenses passed. ITK – when are you coughing up !

    Meeting very sensible etc. I think he thought we were open about things.

    He may even become FDRM ! Who knows.

  626. Shell shocked

    Has anyone stopped to look at Ames’ mug or watched his video’s on youtube? How can any one person have been impressed by him to the extent that they would trust him with tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds, let alone 6,000 of us?! It seems unbelievable doesn’t it? He’s about as dynamic as a toilet brush….and has the same hair as one!

  627. LB

    Some of it seems to be working then? I still want to believe that they WILL continue to build – just very, very behind the original time scales

  628. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Land title documents are on http://www.harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk

    – there are some parcel of undated and unregistered land in the name of Harlequin Property SVG Limited.

  629. Sid

    @FDNRM, I sincerely apologies for ever doubting you. It seems as though you are seeing a rental income after all. You kept that very quiet though, how come you’ve never mentioned it :o)

    Seriously though, you must be worried that your cheques are going to stop soon? Or you really do know something we don’t. Seems odd as well that you have the cheque in your possession. I would bank it within a heartbeat.

  630. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    @sid – it was a cheque payment slip. The cheque had been banked.

  631. 242

    Was it guaranteed rental income, or income from the resort? Was there a rental pool statement to show how the income was calculated? I don’t think this proves a lot if guaranteed rental income as it clearly seems Ames pays those he chooses to and not others – this would just prove that FDNRM is better connected than others. If not guaranteed return income, then would be great to see how the returns are calculated and see some financial statements from the resorts. OF course, if not in profit, then not sure how they are cashflowing that rental income being paid out.

  632. LB

    Maybe, after all this panicking, things are not as bad as people are saying? There is so much at stake for so many people, somehow it has just got be worked out. I believe that somehow it will be sorted, but things will be very bumpy for a while yet.

  633. anon

    @LB I tried ringing a few times. They said it shld b sorted end of Feb but it wasnt. Then said it wld end march. Hope it is sorted soon. Its all looking doom and gloom though. Seeking advive though now.

  634. Sid

    @fdnrm, sorry again.

  635. Sid

    @LB, I like your positive thinking but can’t overlook the SFO involvement and the Panorama exposé ….amongst all the other crap. Ok, so fdrnm is being looked after but I’m not. There must be a reason.

  636. anon

    @Sid how do u know u will not see anymore payments. @LB has had hers. I hav not for same as urs. Two months now. You never know. Try and ring them @sid. But is strange that some are getting payments and some are not.

  637. anon

    @sid @LB I hav got a bad feeling that panorama next wk could put the final nail in the coffin for all of us.

  638. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @Sid, Whatever happens next week and whatever Panorama uncovers has got to be there in the first place to be exposed, I think we have all got to realise what will be will be the only people to blame in all this are Harlequin,agents and IFAs and at the end of the day if Panorama stops one more person becomming involved in this that has now got to be a good thing has it not,

    I asked a question to the investors at the meeting in Manchester Would you recommend this product to anybody now? I think you can guess the answer

  639. Charles&Eddie

    Everyone come and do the maths with me. Harlequin have taken 300 million lets say the builder had 13 million that still leaves 287 million?? What have Harlequin done will 287 million????? It’s not built the resorts we paid for.

  640. LB

    I don’t think Panorama will expose anything – they will be reporting on the situation as it stands – lack of continuity with payments to investors, being difficult over breaches of contracts etc – there won’t be anything we don’t already know about. The SFO are following up complaints as they are required to do. It doesn’t mean the outcome will be all bad – but won’t be good for the reputation of Harlequin.

  641. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @sid, very gracious of you and accepted. It’s just unfortunate that some of the earlier rhetoric was so nasty. Not from you I hasten to add. The scariest part of all this was seeing Mr Fatchett today in his shorts before he went for a run!

  642. Anonymous55

    @lb the fact that the Fsa and so are involved is of grave concern. As previously reported the sfo would not go public unless they had some real concerns. Not just a few disgruntled investors complaining. I think we may be surprised at the panorama programme. These are experienced investigative journalists who will have contacts and will know exactly how to look for those things that the average jo public could not find. Likewise the sfo.But not long to wait now. Guess we’ll have the Irish court findings first.

  643. Regulatory Legal Solicitors



    We need the Irish court case to finish, the banking error payments to be brought up to date, those who want to leave to be repaid.

    The next move in this has to come from Harlequin. They know whether they have any money or whether any external funds are coming,

    We are proposing a period where Harlequin can set out in detail how they expect to deal with the above issues.

    We are going to suggest deferring the investor meetings until after Easter. Until that time, everything will be up in the air. This means that any meeting will not provide the balance investors so desperately need.

    In the last few weeks, we have seen people at each others throats. This is a serious situation. Therefore, lets not lose sight of the aim, which is to get the best out of the situation.

    For us, we will diligently provide advice to those who want it. We will put meetings on in the week commencing the 8th April 2013. We will lay on Manchester, Birmingham & London. This is our suggestion and we hope that people see sense in it.

  644. Mr Blue


    As of 31 March 2010 (the only accounts), total investor deposits £184 million

    -£86 million Agent’s commissions, Ames family dividends, HPSSE operating costs ,leaving £98

    -£5 million director’s loan to Ames, further £11 million loaned to HP SVG, and spent by Ames on personal investments (property). £1 million bonus to Matt – now leaving us with £81 million

    -£81 million land purchase and construction, leaving £0

    That was as of 2010. Who knows how deep the hole is now
    (Source: the now shut down Harlecon.com)

  645. anon

    @regulatory legal solicitors filled in questionnaire and scanned all documentation over today. Hope thats ok. Would like to attend nxt meeting. Would b a relief to chat to someone. Not great situation for any1. Will panorama make a big difference to anything.

  646. BBaywatch

    @Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Sirs, with the very greatest of respect, even if Harlequin still have monies available, even if there are external funds about to come in, even if HP win against O’Halloran and other parties – even if all of those events come to pass, where is the proof that they have a concept that is sufficiently attractive to get occupancy levels and rack rates that will not only make the business sustainable but also return sufficient profit for the investors to be paid without those payments requiring ‘topping up’ from other sources?

    I am very aware that at the moment all of you are focussed on finding out about how you might get either some or all of your money back, but like any business if the product does not sell successfully then you don’t have a business, and all of the investment into the resorts will be worth very little or nothing at all. Where for example is there any proof that it will be possible to fill a1200 unit resort on St Vincent to the levels that will make it profitable?

    This is a very serious question that no one seems to be addressing.

  647. Canuck

    FDNRM – looks like I owe you an apology and you were telling the truth, do I apologise for calling you a liar.
    Seems no consistency here, some getting paid something, some getting paid nothing, some getting paid a return.
    Has anyone received title/ deeds for a property?

  648. Angry-investor

    And to think I thought Fatchett had some balls I guess I was wrong!

  649. Anonymous55

    @ai makes sense to me. The Irish court case will no doubt be illuminating,either in favour or against harlequin, the results of this and the transcript will give all a better idea. No harm in waiting for this,if you have lodged complaint etc. then when the meetings take place all will have a better idea .otherwise will entail another set of meetings to go over the new news.

  650. Angry-investor

    More like he’s cut a deal with Harlequin to give them some slack…….I wonder what Erica will do now will she employ another solicitor as she hasn’t signed with Fartchett…….Seems that Fartchett is closer to Harlequin than we first thought.

  651. Regulatory Legal Solicitors


    A period of calm allows us to do what we need to do.

    Be under no illusion this is not a period of inactivity.

  652. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @Regulatory Legal,If we are waiting for the Irish court case to finish the outcome of that will only be decided in Ocober/November and so I dont think many investors are willing to wait anywhere near that long, I can understand your motives for your recent post but I have to look after a majority of investors whilst you look after a minority of investors but as I have a awful lot of people already booked into the two meetings on Monday 25th March at this moment in time both of these meetings will still go ahead and we will ask another legal firm to step into the breach and assist us in our meetings

  653. Angry-investor

    I’m glad to see your carrying on Erica, I can’t wait until Panorama is out on Monday to put a face to the name as I couldn’t attend your meeting in Manchester. I will email you now to book in for the London meeting your email address is harlequininvestorgroupnw@gmail.com ??

  654. Canuck

    Can I ask again because I cannot get an answer – has anybody or does anybody know if any deeds/ titles have been issued on any units?

  655. Canuck

    LB – do you know if your unit has been constructed yet? I assume its at BB?

  656. 74

    @RL –

    Have Carter Ruck been in touch with you by any chance?

  657. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Erica, we are thinking w/c 8th April 2013 to allow the Finance Payment payments etc become clearer.

    We will be guided by you on this after you have listened to investors.

  658. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Carter Ruck – no . They seem to have disappeared. We are dealing with Harlequin’s inhouse legal team.

    We have no problem doing the London venue. We were simply suggesting a few weeks to allow the regular payment position to become clearer.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  659. 74

    seems very strange that the all out “aggressive stance” has been diluted to a stand off period

  660. Anon - reasons unknown

    Very disappointed with RL’s suggestion. What are you waiting for? Resorts to complete and for HP to start generating an income to be able to honour contractual refunds?

    I really don’t think advising your clients to wait is a good idea.

    Well done Erica. From the last handful of posts you’re proving yourself to have investors’ interests at heart and that you’re not just an RL fee generator.

    Hmm. I had great faith in RL to do the right thing. I’m not saying that faith is totally eroded now, but I do not understand why RL would advise people to calm down and defer meetings when HP are going belly up.

  661. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    @74 – we cannot win. We want to give investors the best possible advice and options. We are criticised when we are overly aggressive.

    This board has seen a huge amount of nastiness between ordinary people.
    We met with FDNRM today. Normal chap with a normal story.

    We continue to assist an every increasing number of investors. We have over 850 people on our http://www.harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk site.

    We were suggesting a period of calm to allow a proper explanation by Harlequin. It is an odd situation when suggesting calm is a matter for concern !

  662. 74

    @RL –
    for sure it is when you have a company with sale revenues (100% ( not deposits)) of 1.5 billion USD and costs to complete of 1.9 billion USD.
    i would suggest acting as quickly as possible

  663. Canuck

    I agree with RL everybody on here has written off Harlequin so what do you think will be achieved by rushing things through rather than gathering the full facts? Imagine if HP are on the brink of funding and the whole thing is ruined by your impatience?
    RL are the experts, they give the expert advice and you should take it!

  664. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @Canuck well one thing we would achive is stopping anyone disposing of assets that are investors or assets purchased with investor funds

  665. 74

    …… “on the brink of funding”- from who or what financial institution? all the numbers are negative. No funder will even meet Harlequin!

  666. I am really confussed about the recent statement by RL. All along they have been sayinf act quickly but now they are saying stay calm and wait,

  667. Canuck

    74 – it’s not what you know it’s what you don’t that may be important in this instance. You don’t know the facts, you can’t because HP never have issued any!

  668. anon73

    @RL – there is no benefit in waiting – appreciate your job is to give advice, but this is wrong advice in my view. Panorama will have either the effect of stopping sales, or having no effect, it will not have a posiitve effect. They win the court case, they are shown to have no control over their construction, and the US$13m, which would not even put int he basic infrastructure at Marquis, will be appealed anyway and the money not forthcoming for months. Everyone is arguing about whether Harlequin can pay back deposits or pay mortgage payments. What is the point of a mortgage on something that is not being built, or cannot be built? The issue here is where are the hundreds of millions of pounds required to build what they have sold? The inactivity after 8 years shows they cannot deliver, there is nothing more to be proven there, nothing more to wait for. If it were me, I would be suing agents and IFAs and placing cautions on property in the Caribbean, as several people have done already. Waiting will not change any of the above, I would be trying to get something out whilst there is still a faint chance – why give IFAs, agents and Harlequin more time to liquidate, asset strip, and manoeuvre? Harlequin is in as involvent a position as any company cab be in, and can only fail now. Even if they could build, I agre with BBaywatch, Caribbean experts will confirm that the resorts are ill conceived int eh locations selected – they most likely will never be able to make profit as planned, and if they were, they would not be profitable unti several years after completed. There is no way to cashflow that kind of losses. I think waiting now is pointless for investors, but they must all make up their own minds.

  669. Gingerbread Girl

    RL aka Fatchett

    Don’t let your kindness be taken for weakness.

  670. 74

    @Canuck –
    Oh I believe I do know the facts.

  671. anon73

    CAnuck – the facts are they have not been able to even begin several sites for several years despite selling huge numbers of properties, nor even get planning permission, and have come nowhere near finacing. Regional banks have kept a guarded distance from them. This is not going to change – RL are not experts on Caribbean resorts, although appreciate they may be experts in recovery of funds in this kind of investment. I can just tell investors that the facts in the Caribbean point to a company that will never deliver what it has sold, so waiting will not see units built, but may see more assets disappear. That is why it is curious advice.

  672. Canuck

    74 – and I know you don’t know everything thats for sure

  673. Canuck

    Anon73 – if the whole thing is as shot as you say then timing is irrelevant

  674. 74

    @canuck –
    I know enough. Ask me a question?

  675. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @Regulatory Legal, So you can confim that FDNRM has been receiving a income from their unit? Does this not make this a PONZI? I do hope that this information is being passed onto the SFO?

  676. anon73

    Canuck – timing is important as when creditors build up and cautions are registered on assets, then the nearer you are to the top, the better chance you have of getting paid in a situation where assets are sold off by a liquidator. That’s how it works in the Caribbean anyway. Also, you can bet the IFAs and agents are putting assets into wife’s name, dog;s name, children’s names in case the law comes calling. Ames will also be putting his plans in place to get out of this. It cannot hurt to take action now, but it can hurt to wait. Some of us have been saying this for many many years, but now really would be an odd thing to wait and hope Harlequin can turn things around.

  677. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Canuck, you appology is received with the good grace with which it was given. Many thanks.
    @Erica, The SFO are fully aware of my income. If you recall I was one of the first people interviewed. With due respect I think you are becomming a little bit hysterical regarding this. RL saw the evidence, does not mean they can produce the evidence.

  678. E @Gareth Fatchett will represent me. wow

    @FDNRM,When was you interviewed?
    As long as the SFO have knowledge of it………

  679. Canuck

    74 – how many units that have been completed at Buccanent Bay have had title /deed passed to the investor?

  680. Charles&Eddie

    Canuck – Non have been passed over of the 300 units that have been completed I’m sure this was answered before.

  681. Canuck

    I can see some of your points from what I can tell Ames is making plans and also sorting out his most important/ dangerous clients. In that case there will be less and less left – but in all likelihood there’s insufficient to go around already.

  682. Anonymous55

    All a bit academic.simple fact .they need more money to complete the resorts than they have taken in deposits, less the commission, less all the admin costs e.g staff salaries, admin, legal, advertising, interest payments etc etc etc. unless there is an investor,bank, 3rd party willing to put up a billion or so to fund the cost of the remaining builds, assuming they ever get the planning permission, complete the eia studies etc etc !. All parties harlequin agents and ifa’s must have known it would cost more to build than the 1/3 of the deposit monies once commission,costs taken out of the equation????

  683. Canuck

    C&E – I think Gareth Thatchett will be able to confirm that this isn’t the case and titles have been passed to certain individuals at BB

  684. Canuck

    FDNRM – if you we’re offered title why didn’t you accept it and how many others were offered title and took it?

  685. john Delhirro

    Yes Charles and eddie it did seem confusing let me clear it up.I have been trying to get refunded for a while now when I started to do some research on Harliquin I do not believe at the present time anything can be turned around with Harliquin now unless some how the govt can some how step in.I do have investors who are very interested in the project at BB in ST Vincent but it will not be easy if it can be done many bumps in the road to overcome but I know that if the right people run this project it can turn around.I am in NY I would go down myself if I can some how get this deal done someway some how but it might just be wishing

  686. Mr Lars

    So many things have been said in this forum and I do understand that you are all concerned in one way or another about your investments. I truly believe as an alternative to UK actions, all of you who have invested in the sold units at Buccament bay should focus on how to secure full ownership of your properties as private deeds, or secure ownership of the property as one investment to be owned in a local company. This can be structured in a number of different ways legally,. Your best friend would be the government and the private business sector as they are in favor of a successful operation at Buccament bay,but do not be naïve about how things work in St Vincent and the Grenadines

    Whatever it takes, you as owners of the sold properties at BB should try to identify all the investors at BB who has paid a significant sum to Harlequin property and has been registered as an owner of a property at BB. Appoint a strong and active board of directors who together with locally appointed advisors can guide you into a potential deal how to take control of BB and your investment. It will most likely be a tricky and difficult road in order to succeed but the sooner you acts the better it will be. Unfortunately such an action would cost more money than already invested, but it is the only way out of your present misery.

    Any solution to secure the future operation of BB would be welcomed by the entire population of St Vincent and the Grenadines as it is a very important factor for tourism. As the situation is now, the resort will most likely die out in the near future and close down with tremendous damage, first to the tourism of our country and second a total disaster for you who have invested money in the resort.

    You need to take control of your investment before it is too late, the legal actions that have started in UK will not assist all of you in the near future as it involves Harlequin property’s entire scheme of developments. But if you start to think out of the box, you will understand that Harlequin has totally lost control of the situation, are short of cash, and the only asset with any value whatsoever is BB, the rest of their assets have very little value as nothing has been built and the hotel in Barbados is a construction site with no significant income to be seen in the near future.

    To BB investors, do not believe that you will have any return from your investment within the near future, negotiate a deal with government that you will support future tourism and take control of the operation of the resort once you have the support from them . To operate BB as it is done now will only bring further losses, the business plans and organization must be restructured at the resort to save the financial situation you are all in. If you can succeed and take control of ownership and operation you can look at the future with a positive view, and in addition to the possibility to enjoy yearly stay in your resort free of charge in the years to come, you might get part or all your investment back in the future.

    Don’t sit back and wait any longer. As we say in St Vincent and the Grenadines “YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT”

    Mr Lars

  687. 74

    116 cabanas and 50 apartments (total 166 units) are fit for occupation at Buccament Bay. (Not 300). As far as I am aware, no title has been transferred to date.

  688. BBaywatch

    Very interesting if true (I don’t doubt you 74, but I think that we have to append that to every declaration where HP is concerned) I wonder how many investors own those 166 units? It could be a fairly small number which would make any takeover much easier to implement and make any phoenix operation much more likely. And as IFA’s are reported as also being investors adds another murky layer to the dealings. BB hived off to a select few with the rest left to go hang? hmmm

  689. Canuck

    74 – seems odd no titles passed because I know people have been title FDNRM so somebody must have accepted – if this is the case aren’t assets diminishing?

  690. Erica Broughton

    This thread seems rather interesting watch the little video


  691. Spud

    There is a lot of mention of IFAs and their role in all of this.

    If people were advised to invest into one of the HP projects then the IFA firms should be named on here.

    Clearly, with the caveat that the information is correct not libellous- I should add.

    I think the public that have not invested in this, and who want to take out a SIPP for normal retirement planning, need to know which IFA firms are tangled up in this.

  692. Erica Broughton

    @Spud Your not really going far enough with this idea the IFAs can change companies lets name and shame them with the IFA who sold you this product, I believe that for pension advice they should recieve a set fee so that the product they recommend is right for you and not just right for their pockets.
    Tailor Made Debbie Patricia Stokes now works for Maple Leaf financial solutions LTD IFA no DPS01139

  693. Spud

    @ Erica,

    I cannot fault what you are saying about the individuals, but the firms have to have some compliance oversight and an officer of the firm ( it might not be the IFA individually ) has to take on responsibility for this.

    Fee based advice is now set in stone by the FSA this year. I am sure a lot of perfectly respectable IFAs and SIPP providers are throwing their hands up in despair as they watch things unfold.

    By the way, I notice that the individual you mentioned is a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Have you considered contacting the CII?


  694. Crazy Horse

    Erica, with respect RL are the professionals here and possibly been in this situation many times before? They will be privy to information you do not know – and suspect they are acting for the benefit of their paying clients?
    You have become obsessed and your views are tainted by this.

  695. Anonymous55

    @ erica and spud. I think the problem may be that the ifa’s and fs advisers saw their clients on the basis of a review with their regulated Fsa hat on. Then they switched to the unregulated hat in selling harlequin. Maybe the clients were not even aware that this was an unregulated product not covered by the fscs. The sales may then have been processed via the unregulated overseas/alternative investment arm of the firm as an unadvised sale. There may not even be fact finds,attitude to risk, suitability letters etc. if this had been done as a true advised pension transfer then certainly the compliance officer would have seen this. Likewise for advisers within an AR network e.g open work,intrinsic etc if they had processed as pension transfer with all the documentation required they would have had to send all their paperwork e.g fact find,suitability etc to the network for checking compliance and suitability before they would be able to enact the transfer. Hence, I would be surprised if this had been done as advising clients to invest all their pension in an unregulated scheme such as this would have triggered alarm bells if in massive volume. I guess when the Fsa have carried out their reviews into the ifa’s and fs firms who sold this we will have a much clearer idea. Perhaps, some of the investors on here who have invested via sips can advise whether they did have a full fact find completed,attitude to risk,comparables,suitability letters etc???

  696. Getting more worried by the day

    I do find RL’s current stance very odd and contradictory. RL themselves advised only last week to act now as in their opinion HP would start to disintegrate within 2 months, so 8 weeks. Now they’re saying we should sit back and wait for 2 weeks. Why? What’s changed?

  697. Spud

    @ Anon 55,

    In my own naive little world, I had thought that this would all be properly documented as an advised pension transfer with investment advice.

    What you are suggesting adds an extremely sinister angle to the actions of IFAs. This would completely undermine the FSA core principle of TCF ( Treating Customers Fairly ) which, I would guess you would know, would land the IFAs in very hot water indeed.

    So, did the compliance officers at these networks know what was going on? If they did not, then they need to take action against those members involved. I would imagine that the other network members that were not involved will want answers from the networks.

  698. Getting more worried by the day

    Did anyone buy through Property Club International?

  699. Canuck

    GMWBTD – Take RL’s advice, they atre the experts and know what they are doing! Erica has her own interests in the front of her mind and how she would like to deal with the situation, but she is not the expert, just the co-ordinator (please dont take that as criticism Erica!
    Don’t annoy Thatchett too much because when Ames comes at you for defamation/ liable etc he may not be willing to assist for free anymore!

  700. Getting more worried by the day

    @Canuck, thanks for the reassurance. I wasn’t trying to put RL in a bad light, but was genuinely surprised by the apparent change in approach. I do have faith in them and have been very impressed by how they have conducted themselves.

  701. Canuck

    I thin k Gaareth is a decent competent solicitor – whetre have you invested BB? Do you know if your unit is complete? Have you contacted HP?

  702. Crazy Horse

    @Erica nobody can fault the hard work you have put it over the years, but you, especially need to have a period of calm & work out what actually is it you want to achieve? Ames in prison, IFA’s in prison, HP goes bust , more TV– what is it you want to achieve? ???
    Have you taken steps to get your money back? And if you get it what then? Please calm down you are getting more erratic by the day.

  703. Getting more worried by the day

    I’m well down the legal road. I contacted HP long ago but could tell very early on that there is no point pursuing anything with them as it will just waste time and get me nowhere.

  704. Canuck

    The other thing that i have noticed is nobody is interested in closing their part of the bargain out and closing the deal and taking ownership of a property – this is due to a few making the rest hysterical

  705. Getting more worried by the day

    Strangely, over the past few days the posts on here seem to have become much less aggressive even though the obvious HP supporters have gone quiet. Why do you think that is? Are we moving back into ‘things could still be ok’ territory?

  706. Canuck

    GMWBTD – But where have you purchased?

  707. Getting more worried by the day

    BB, many moons ago. It feels like a lifetime ago since I was stupid enough to sign the paperwork

  708. Canuck

    GMWBTD – And has it been constructed?

  709. Getting more worried by the day

    It’s very quiet on here today. My spider senses tell me that some people have had their silence bought.

  710. homefront

    Every company has stand still cost i.e. rent, wages rates etc ,each week this cost comes out of the pot ,hopefully to be replaced plus with any income.Is it reasonable to assume income is short of stand still costs in HPs case,is it also reasonable to assume that as no building appears to be happening ,.some agents appear not to be selling HP productsat this time ,any income or funding will have to come via 3rd party,is this likely .dont need details but an indication would help.Of course in HPs case costs include payments to investors for contract obligations.Is time to wait and see an option?,I dont know I ask

  711. Getting more worried by the day

    No. It’s now 5 years late and “won’t be built for another 2” = Will never be built.

  712. Getting more worried by the day

    @homefront, does BB have any paying guests? All the pictures I’ve seen are of any empty resort.

  713. Canuck

    I was going suggest that if it was physically there you could have got title, then its yours and at least nobody can take it? At least you would have something?

  714. Crazy Horse

    @GMWBTD Maybe some have had settlement and dont need to come on here, maybe they have given up trying to reason? I’ve been reading these threads from the start and the more i read, the more desperate you start to sound. Are you on a crusade to bring down Harlequin with or without getting your investment back??????

  715. Getting more worried by the day

    @Crazy Horse, is your question aimed at me or the collective? I’ve only been posting today so don’t know how I could have given you the impression I am looking to take HP down. I hope they don’t go under, I hope everything works out and we get some evidence soon that our investments are safe and we will see a healthy return one day. But I’ve seen nothing yet that suggests it will, unless I’ve missed something?

  716. Crazy Horse

    Well your writing style and post are pretty much like Erica’s. So I have to wonder why you of all people changed your name and why now you are hiding?? You have criticized people doing this?? I

  717. Getting more worried by the day

    @Crazy Horse, I can assure you I am not Erica. I don’t really know who Erica is, but assume she is a very articulate and thoughtful lady!

    Really, I am not Erica and am not on any crusade. I do have money invested in HP and do want to see some kind of positive outcome, as I’m sure you do.

  718. Getting more worried by the day

    @Crazy Horse, can I ask you what your general opinion is on the current status of HP?

  719. Crazy Horse

    @GMWBTD In my opinion, HP should be very worried. I dont believe they will be here in 12 months and all the people who have invested should be contacting solicitors and putting their claims in ASAP.

  720. In the Know

    Crazy Horse – your opinions are valid but they are no more than that,the trouble is us investors know very little, you have no idea how long HP will exist – RL are liasing with HP lawyers and we have to put our trust in them being professional

  721. Getting more worried by the day

    @Crazy Horse & In the Know. Both very valid opinions.

  722. Sid

    Are Monday’s investor meetings still happening?

  723. Charles&Eddie

    I know that GWBTD Is not Erica as I have spent the morning with Erica planning Monday’s meeting. I hope that this helps things Crazy Horse……

  724. Erica Broughton

    @Crazy How/why would Harlequin try and sue for defamation? I think you will find that I have never defamed anyone, I am different than Harlequin and no longer want to do business with them is that okay??

  725. Canuck

    Is any representatives from HP attending?

  726. Canuck

    Erica – its not us you need to convince its HP and I’m sure they will have a different view of things possibly

  727. Sid

    Have I missed something. Who has been defamed and how?

  728. Canuck

    Nobody has been defamed – I am saying that Erica needs to be careful as HP seem to use Carter Ruck out of pure spite if anybody dares question them

  729. Sid

    I think even CR would have tough time suing anyone for telling the truth wouldn’t they?

  730. Sid

    If they sued everyone that had called HP con-men they’d have to build some new courts to handle the mass.

  731. Canuck

    Sid – thats the problem, nobody knows what the truth is but is quick to be dishing out opinions, CR may get our IP address and decide we have damaged the company talking like this – but the issue is its expensive defending with these spurious cliams

  732. Charles&Eddie

    Canuck – Erica has already had letter off CR because of her website.

    Sid – Very true ha ha! Maybe the reason CR haven’t done anything is because they know it is the truth. I’m suprised that Harlequin have any money left to sue anyone!

  733. Sid

    Then here’s hoping that BFP keep our IP addresses private!

  734. Canuck

    Sid – thats the whole point, its if HP think there is a focal point then they are handy in starting legal action

  735. Canuck

    C&E – I hope your right, but I think theres a always a sting in the tail from HP.
    Cash is tight thats for sure but they aren’t shy in spending whats left, when I say cash is tight I mean in the business not in the Ames family – they are living the life of luxury we can only dream of

  736. Sid

    My understanding is you can only track an ip to an ISP, not an individual. In order to locate an individual from an ip you would need a court order, and I don’t think anyone’s said anything that could remotely justify that.

  737. Anonymous55

    Well well..Andy Townsend video presentation no longer on harlequin website. Wonder what that’s all about..

  738. 100

    Truth is, HP sold thousands of homes. During the good times of solid cashflow, they were unable to start all bar one of their developments, unable to get planning and unable to get financing. This will not get easier with slowing down of sales. Each sale represents a further liability. These are facts, you really don’t need any more truth upon which to make any decisions. If a company is not building 95% of what they are selling, and peddle the product as a great investment with strong returns, when their only quarter built development is losing money hand over fist, then are these people on the up and up, or are they lying about the product to make you part with your money? In the latter case, conning you. What is possibly good about that product? Yes it takes time to make resorts profitable, but they have to be built first…The truth that you need is staring you in the face.

  739. Canuck

    Sid – Well Thatchett did it to Dan Dalligan at HP when he slagged him off to the world. Don’t you remember, he took £6.5k of Harlequins (otherwise yours and mine) and gave it to the local God Botherers, didn’t reduce our legal bill with him with that cash!

  740. Sid

    @Canuck, he tracked him down solely from his ip address?

  741. Canuck

    Anonymous 55 – Your wrong on that plus he his still doing the football coaching over easter

  742. Canuck

    Sid – dont know but he tracked him

  743. Canuck

    100 – you give your opinions like you know they are fact, they may well be true, but seeing as Harlequin have never issued any audited accouns in the Carribean then we don’t know the facts

  744. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, Re IP address. Newman and Harlecon used an IP address based in California and a server in Hong Kong, I believe. Anybody can track an IP address if they really want to.

  745. Canuck

    FDNRM – Seeing as your back and 100% credible, have you been offered title on your property as well as getting a return?

  746. Sid

    @FNRM, yes, if they really want to…and gain permission from the court. I think there has to be sufficient justification and that’s not just someone suggesting HP are failing to deliver against their contractual obligations.

  747. Canuck

    Sid – Its irrelevant anyway because Erica is making no secret of who she is – all HP will state is that individual are stating things as fact that are opinion causing damage to the company

  748. 100

    Canuck – auditted accounts won’t show developments to have started. They have not. This is the main truth I think investors need to just bear in mind. If they could not start when cashflow was excellent, then they will not now. I have raised finance on many projects in the region, and the criteria is tough, and the liabilities and ability to pay those off without incuring more liabilities will preclude any financial institution from looking at it seriously. I assume the fact statement I made that you are questioning is that BB loses money and you await the auditted accounts to show this. That is a fair comment if, but I was personally told by Harlequin senior management they were losing US$1m per month, again no back-up audits. I do know resort operation in the Caribbean very well however, and I would think that number would have been about right at the time. Occupancies have been low, rates have been low and operating costs there are very high from what I saw, and that is not including whatever fees are paid to visiting celebs and so on. If the accounts have not been filed in 7 years, whatever accounts come out now will be heavily qualified, so really you may just have to look at what the factual physical evidence is about the state of the business and that reverts back to my comment at the top of this posting. We shall see I guess, and hope recovery of funds works out for the honest investors who have been posting and are in distress due to the wilful misleading by IFAs etc.

  749. Canuck

    Sid – Thatchett didn’t get court permission it was all done and dusted in 48hrs with breakneck speed – infact the opposite to his tactics in pursuing HP for our cash!!

  750. Canuck

    100 – yes all supposition and hearsay, but likely true. If what I hear is true in that HP are signing title to the chosen few, then the asset of BB is deminishing for the rest of us isn’t it?

  751. Erica Broughton

    @ Canuck, It would be a very interesting court case

  752. Canuck

    Erica – probably would and I hope it doesn’t happen but they will put you through stress and expense out of pure spite. Weren’t you the person that said they had put a lady under so much stress she was suicidal?

  753. Matt

    Erica – Theres a little surprise on its way to you!

  754. Sid

    I’m sure if anyone from this forum was dragged through court they would be well supported. I for one would definitely want to be a material witness.

  755. Erica Broughton

    At the end of the day we are investors who possibly for whatever reason do not want to do business with Harlequin and there are lots of us and from what I can see and a lot of them are scared of Harlequin

    (I personally thought that it was going to be a fun investment where hubby could play golf and I could soak up the sun as well as make us £28,000 a year from each investment) and instead we have this,It is time now to stand up and be counted!
    I have to ask have any of you ever been threatened by any other firm that you have invested with?

    Have you ever been threatened by the bank when you wanted to withdraw cash because it was not performing as you expected?

    No I thought not

  756. Canuck

    Sid – i would help but the issue is that legal aid is no longer availible for civil cases so you bankrupt yourself proving you were correct if some spiteful individual takes you to task! Theres no lawyers more aggressive than Carter Ruck

  757. Erica Broughton

    @ Matt There is also a suprise or two for you on Mondays Panorama!!

  758. Canuck