We discover Dominick Gravel’s blog – a creative feast for eyes and imagination

Cricket India Barbados

Cricket, anyone?

You know how it is surfing aimlessly on the web… you are reading something about Bristol Centaurus sleeve-valve engines and then about three clicks later you are someplace you never intended to go. Sometimes it is a treat, sometimes not – but it is all part of the adventure and fun of surfing.

And so it was that I discovered the photos of Dominick Gravel early Monday morning when I couldn’t sleep.

I’d say I “wasted” two hours at his website and blog, because I should have been sleeping so I could be human for work in the morning, but I couldn’t stop. Mr. Gravel’s photos took me around the world and every one of them was more than art. Playing lot cricket in India, school girls in Japan, riding bicycles in Nepal, a smile from the Dalai Lama, speeding across the plains of Tanzania, an alleyway in Hong Kong, releasing a captured bear somewhere. Who is this guy?

The photos draw you in. You are immersed in the colours, the stories, the action, the moment or the look in the subject’s eyes. I know that I could never do what he does no matter what training you give me. I have great equipment. Mr. Gavel has talent… No contest.


Tokyo, Japon 2011 photo: Dominick Gravel, http://www.dkgphoto.com

Have a look at his blog and website, but I warn you… be prepared to blow at least an hour. Well worth your time.

Dominick Gravel website

Dominick Gravel photo blog


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6 responses to “We discover Dominick Gravel’s blog – a creative feast for eyes and imagination

  1. Jonesy K.


    All I have to say is WOW!
    Thanks for the pointer. I only had time to “waste” an hour but I’m going back for more.

  2. 221

    Stumbling upon such genius websites always makes procrastination totally worth it.

    thanks for the blog.

  3. TK

    That is a dangerous website if you are at work!

    I barely had time to shut it down before the boss arrived. His photos are addictive.

    I’ll join the others in thanking BFP for the link.

  4. Greg

    Amazing. Thanks, guys!

  5. davidu

    Wonderful photos. You’re right I stayed for 30 minutes. Loved the sports photos.

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