Reader asks about object in Carlisle Bay, Barbados

Barbados Carlisle Bay Wreck Diving

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I was just viewing Barbados on Google Earth and saw something quite peculiar, for which I could find no explanation. Can you what tell me what is that large circular object underwater, just offshore in Carlisle Bay?

It appears to be so large that it the catamarans around it, could fit easily inside it. If you go to Google Earth, and locate the area in Carlisle Bay and orbit around the object, you will see that there is a shadow which is cast from the object revealing its height underwater. Not a small object. Does anyone know what it is? Real Curious….Thanks


BFP Replies…

Hello Drew,

We cannot keep it hidden any longer now that you’ve spotted the #1 Bajan secret in the water near the Hilton Hotel.

Everyone ’bout hey knows that your mysterious object in the water is a flying saucer that was shot down off the coast in the late 1940’s. But doan worry, you can take a diving / snorkeling tour of Carlisle Bay with Andre Miller and his friends at Barbados Blue and look at it up close. Honest, that’s what it is…. a real flying saucer!


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12 responses to “Reader asks about object in Carlisle Bay, Barbados

  1. Terry Wilcock

    No you are wrong, it was shot down in 1952 !!!! It was carrying a group of Martian businessmen who wanted to build a new complex on the island.
    Another scam avoided, good shot whoever did the firing !!!!

  2. Stuck in time, way back in time.

    Wow, very nice impression Bajans, smart, very smart indeed!
    To the OP, I hope those replies has helped you to define more about the people here than the equally mysterious object you asked about.

    A handful of us, a very small population here and yes just a handful have evolved here OP. We “hope” that in 1,000,000,000 years, we will see an increased speed of evolution on the Island.

  3. Stuck in time, way back in time.

    @Terry Wilcock

    My message was not directed towards you.

  4. Mac

    It is a UFO as correctly identified in earlier posts, however it was shot down accidentally during a test firing of the Harp Gun, which lead to Gerald Bull’s unfortunate demise. The Brave New World Government had to cover up the accident so the alien Ambassadors never found out, as there was too much to lose. Officially they said it was technical/pilot error. Now they call it a sunken ship for pleasure dives. But the truth is out there!!

  5. Willie and Rib Bone

    Dis is one thing what me and Rib Bone don’t have nuffin’ to do wit!!!

  6. DickeyBird

    Wunna real funny doh……Bajans is de best…..lmao

  7. Well Well

    In all my years growing up on the island I have never heard of that underwater mass. The person who saw it on google earth is very observant.

  8. Metro

    @ OP
    It’s one of three ‘shipwrecks’. It’s a very popular snorkelling spot, hence the catamarans…
    Sorry to spoil the fun!

  9. John Everatt

    Actually, I believe that it is part of the sewage drain system that used to run from Bay St. down to the sea. The old pipes and supports were torn down about 10 years ago but it seems that still remains. Either that or it is indeed the missing UFO that folks are talking about

  10. Drew

    What can I say…..Thanks to all those who responded.

    To Terry Wilcox… Seriously……..

    To Stuck Way Back In Time…. Thank You, but Bajans will be Bajans, even wen ya trying to get ah real ansa. So I get the humour…Lol

    To Mac…… Cryptic Message…. Please decipher and repost …—…

    To Willie and Rib Bone…….. You sure?

    To Canadian Tourist, Close, but no Cigar. The VZ9’s diameter is 18ft. The circular object in Carlisle Bay measures approximately 72-75 ft. in diameter. But it looks like it though, so you get to go to the front of the class.

    To Well Well, Thank you. As a kid growing up in Bds. I hadn’t heard of it either. It caught me by surprise as I was looking on Google Earth for locations in Barbados that would be great to do some fishing. As I flew in over the South coast (Google Earth) I saw the object.

    To Metro. Thanks… I remember my Gran talking about a German UBoat sinking a boat (Cornwallis) in Carlisle Bay. But surely, when you look at it from the air, (Google Earth) and rotate the compass tool “N” over the object, you’ll see that it appears to be more than just a blown up piece of shipwreck, but I could be wrong. But, you take a look. Google Earth…

    To John Everatt, A plausible explanation, but the only problem with it is, the size of the object. As mentioned earlier, the diameter is over 72 ft. That would make for quite a pipe, wouldn’t you agree? Secondly, please take a look at the object in question on GE and then repost your impression. I would be interested to hear it.

    Does anyone out there in FreePressLand really know that this object, or geologic formation is?

  11. Crusoe


    interesting. at first glance it looks like a small crater, volcano like.

    Looking at the map, it is directly opposite Jemmott’s Lane traffic lights, (the T-Junction you see near the shore,

    That area is also home to an old shipyard. But, as you say it is too large for a mooring and the wrong shape for a wreck.

    Maybe it IS small crater….oops.