Who was charged for photographing their ballot? Who paid them: DLP or BLP?

Barbados Election Corruption

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by passin thru

Early afternoon on February 21, 2013 – Election Day – the news media in Barbados was full of stories of vote buying triggered by the arrest of a voter for using a cell phone to photograph their marked ballot. The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation called their original story “Arrested for photographing ballot” but that’s the last we heard of the arrest from the news media.

We see all sorts of news stories and editorials criticising the concept of vote buying, but no specifics with names and details of the event. It looks like the powers that be are allowing general stories about the practice but no specific proof can be shown the public. That’s because it is bad for business if the party that bought the vote is revealed. What if it’s the guvment? Woaloss!

You can still see the original CBC news because Barbados Free Press copied it into their own story Cash for votes scandal in Barbados election: BLP, DLP… or both? Good move, BFP!

Voters take photos of their ballot so they can prove how they marked their “X” to the person who is paying them for voting a certain way. It’s a crime because it totally destroys democracy. Some of the election contests are so close that only a few votes purchased can make the difference. This time around one of our Members of Parliament was elected by a mere 10 votes over the rival. A few more close contests like that and a few more votes bought and the BLP would be forming the government now… or maybe the votes were bought and the DLP bought more?

You see how destructive it all is?

Vote buying is destructive not only because it corruptly changes the results of democratic elections, but because it undermines public confidence in the democratic system, in our government and ultimately in our country.

We know one thing: a voter was arrested – but we were never told their name!

Will this be another one of those disappearing news stories that Barbados is so famous for? Patriotic Bajans of all political colours cannot, must not, let this happen!

Who was charged for photographing their ballot? What is their name?

When do they appear in court?

When can Bajans hear the evidence against them?

This is much too important for Bajans to let the news and the political parties let this story fade away. We can’t depend upon the news media or the political class.

Bajans should demand to know the truth.


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    by passin thru @ Bajans should demand to know the truth@
    Here is the truth http://bajan.wordpress.com/?s=violet+beckles+v,,,,
    I hope you all can take the truth or do you just love stories? The little people is who they pick on and the Big Rats get away or never charged . Soon all of that will change and the people will know , Love to hear the spin on how they rewrote history for Barbados with lies and made laws to cover the lies after and before the massive set up for Fraud. The IMF and other Nations will be here soon for defrauding their People and the police turn a blind eyes, Gods not sleeping and the World is watching . They will be here soon and the others who is undercover right not watching and gaining Info to put a massive lien on the Crooks , The World is being Audited right now and we all will see more Madoff and Standfords , Sir COW, Sir HAM next

  2. Well Well

    “A voter was arrested for taking photos of the ballot, but we do not know their name”………..that says it all.

  3. Sims

    Don’t care so much about the name as the which constituency and which name was the photographed X next to.

  4. Sims

    Pesky “the”!

  5. just want to know

    What about the container that was brought in, with numerous items of electronics item and distributed with ipads, iphones, TV’s, etc, for their constituents before the election. Does that count as buying votes? Just asking.

  6. Marvin Bareback

    What about the PM saying he was offered his money back from his CLICO policy more than once. Who was the person who offered him the money? That person should go to Jail. But of course we’ll never know. Except we know that the PM knows who it is.

  7. Aliciaosborne

    If this is the photograph of the person at the actual time caught in the act, it is very clear to see that he is using a light app to see and not his camera to take a photo.

  8. BFP

    Hello aliciaosborne,

    This photo was borrowed from the original CBC story and is probably just a staged photo for journalistic purposes. Can’t see them releasing a real photo if there is one.