Harlequin Barbados H Hotel – latest photos show stopped project, no workers

2013March H-Hotel 2

(click photo for large)

Sign still says “Harlequin Hotels & Resorts – H Hotel Opening 2013”

Barbados Free Press has been posting H-Hotel project photos since February 2012. The sign used to say “Opening 2012”, but they changed that to 2013 earlier this year. If Harlequin intends to open its Barbados H Hotel this year, the invisible construction workers at the site had better get cracking!

Here are the most recent two sets of photos with the dates imprinted bottom right corner – 8:45am Thursday January 31, 2013 and 2:30pm Monday March 4, 2013. The only difference seems to be that the earlier photos show a worker or two, whereas there were no workers visible at the site on Monday, March 4th at approx 230 PM.

Remember folks – these photos were taken during working hours on working days – on a Thursday at 8:45am and a Monday at 2:30pm. Where are the workers? Where are the trucks coming and going? Why are the gates closed? Where is the machinery? Where is the construction noise, foremen with drawings and teams of masons, welders, concrete finishers?

This doesn’t look like a healthy, vibrant construction site to us – it looks more like a project that has run out of money.

To be fair, Harlequin posted a blog that shows some work happening at the site and in our photos we see some new columns and changes here and there. But look at the photos starting in February 2012 and now 15 months later – We don’t see healthy progress or the kind of activity necessary to open in 2013.

Harlequin: You tell us if we’re wrong and we’ll print your side of the story. Were our eyes deceiving us with not one man on the site last Monday?

And here are photos from a year ago. Is this really acceptable, vibrant progress? Harlequin… over to you!

Barbados H Hotel 3

BFP’s H Hotel Photo Articles – You be the judge!

March 23, 2012

August 3, 2012

October 13, 2012

January 26, 2013

Full set of recent photos  

Click on photos for large size…

Barbados-H-Hotel-26 Barbados-H-Hotel-27 Barbados-H-Hotel-29 Barbados-H-Hotel-30 Barbados-H-Hotel-31 Barbados-H-Hotel-32 Barbados-H-Hotel-33 Barbados-H-Hotel-34 Barbados-H-Hotel-95 Barbados-H-Hotel-96 Barbados-H-Hotel-97 Barbados-H-Hotel-98


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91 responses to “Harlequin Barbados H Hotel – latest photos show stopped project, no workers

  1. Mr Blue

    Let me save all the Harlequin trolls the hassle of explaining this. The official (and unofficial) line from Harlequin will be:

    We’re concentrating our efforts on the O’Halloran court case at the moment. Once that is concluded everything will be ok. We will recover the missing $13 million wich will magically fix the predicament we find ourselves in. Once we have our $13 million back we will re-open our Barbados offices and finish H hotel. We will also finally start and finish Merrics, Marquis, Two Rivers, Las Canas, and the Brazil resort. We’ll finally finish Buccament Bay and build ALL the units we have sold…….and we may need a little more land for that, but we’ll have $13million. That should be plenty. Everything is ok, we just need more time……and maybe a few more investor deposits.


  2. Anon - reasons unknown

    You forgot that they’re also seeking legal advice on the malicious and defamatory photos posted on BFP by a handful of disgruntled investors.

  3. yatiniteasy

    @Anon…sue for photos taken of a construction site from across the street? There is no law in Barbados against that. And why would a photo be called “defamatory” or “malicious”…they are what they are..photos of what everyone sees every day from the road .
    Go back, spin, and come again.

  4. A policy holder

    $13,000,000.00 = Thirteen million! That wont go too far. With the appalling publicity and the business plan envisaged, new investors may be hard to come by. We shall see. Winning a court case and even obtaining a judgement against O’Halloran does not mean the money will be quickly to hand. Old saying NOUGHT FROM NOUGHT IS NOUGHT! Can’t get blood from a stone!

  5. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yat – I was taking the piss and adding to Mr. Blue’s post. Keep up mate.

  6. yatiniteasy

    @Anon…I believe your remarks were tongue in cheek..sorry, please ignore my response,( last words.)

  7. Anon - reasons unknown

    No problem Yat.

  8. MR BLUE, you missed this

    Article: Aquarius Nieruc Homosci ; ‘HATS OFF TO PANAMA’

    Harlequin at ‘The Parks, Development‘, Panama.

    “I’m proud to bring Panama to the attention of UK property agents,” admits Dave Ames, Harlequin Property’s marketing manager. “It’s a country that offers a wealth of opportunity and we’ve been delighted with the support we’ve received from the Panamanian government in relation to The Parks development.”

    Indeed it was Ruben Blades himself that confirmed Harlequin Property would receive government endorsement, awarding it IPAT (Panamanian Tourist Board) accreditation 12 months sooner than expected. The Parks is just 21 miles from the heart of the Gucci stores and salsa bars in the metropolis of Panama yet boasts a spectacular location in lush, green countryside just seven miles from Gorgona Beach.

    “It’s well served by Panama’s Tocumen International Airport by direct flights with Latin America. There are also excellent links with the UK via the USA in a journey that’s comparable to the Caribbean,” explains Ames. “The project is also just five miles from the Pan-American Highway, which begins at America’s Tex-Mex border and stretches from one end of Panama to the other.”



  9. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @a policy holder, 13m £ or $?

  10. Mr Blue

    “Sorry, we forgot about The Hideaway, we’ll build that one too. We promise. We’ll just use a few less nails in the other resorts, that should make the $13 million stretch a little further”

  11. Anon - reasons unknown

    It takes a long time to think about how to start building all these 7 star resorts. And of course, it’s now become apparent that planning permission is needed. That takes years to obtain in the quirky world that is the Caribbean.

    Rest assured though, the interest on the loan you took out to pay us all those years ago will be added to the debt you have with us.

  12. Mr Blue

    @Peterbinose. Interesting. I wonder how many investors agreed to that?

  13. A quick update Mr Ames has not advised us if he will come and meet his worried investors…..yet……..

  14. Mark Fenty

    Yatinieasy,photos attached to disingenuous language amounts to lawsuit in any part of the world though.

  15. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Get Fatchett on the job, he will sue someone for something somehow.

  16. yatiniteasy

    @MF what “disingenuous language”?I read BFP `s post again and I don`t see anything like that..they ask questions, and invite Harlequin to respond….disingenuous means dishonest…what is dishonest about their view that nothing is going on at the site, and that compared to previous photos, nothing much has been built.
    DA will also have to sue Nation News for publishing a photo yesterday with “disingenuous” comments.
    Freedom of the Press is an essential benefit of living in a true democracy.
    Nothing reported or shown in photos above is dishonest.

  17. Mark Fenty

    @ Yatiniteasy
    I’m sorry to disappoint you, but l’m not here to engage you in a dick measuring contest. All I’m simply trying to convey is the fact that, photos attached to mendacious language equals lawsuit. And by the way Disingenuous actually means:falsehood or duplicitous.

  18. Mark Fenty

    Remember now my friend, a Word has more than one meaning. And you should also pay close attention to the contextualization in which the Word is being utilize.

  19. yatiniteasy

    Mark Fenty…you mean “being utilized” I assume. Grammar is important.

  20. Mark Fenty

    @ Yatinieasy
    Freedom of the press is the integral ingredient of a democracy, and you believe that lol. We obviously need to talk ,because you have been misled my friend.

  21. Mark Fenty

    What a feeble attempt on your part stupid, to use insults to counter your opponent premise.

  22. A picture paints a thousand words…..

  23. yatiniteasy

    @MF..from Vocabulary.com
    “Disingenuous combines dis-, meaning not, with ingenuous (from the Latin gen-, meaning born) which was originally used to distinguish free-born Romans from slaves, and later came to mean honest or straightforward. So disingenuous means dishonest. Ingenuous is less common now than disingenuous, but we still use it for someone who is sincere to the point of naiveté. A good synonym is insincere.”

    Since you called me stupid , I think it fair to not respond further to any more of your insulting comments, which I certainly did not provoke with my comment at 4.00 pm.
    Also , instead of measuring your dick, measure your head….same thing.

  24. yawn!

    freedom of speech allows people like MF to pontificate without good reasoning skills even though they are not dealing with a full deck

  25. Croix Du Femur

    http://www.nationnews.com/index.php/articles/view/hotel-denies-claim-of-lawsuit/ THU, MARCH 07, 2013 – 12:01 AM

    LUXURY HOTEL PROPERTY chain Harlequin scaled back its operations in Barbados from Tuesday by laying off nearly 30 people, but has denied facing legal action in Britain.

    Stating yesterday that there was a British media campaign against the firm as a result of its lawsuit against former director Padraig O’Halloran for the misappropriation of US$13.5 million (BDS$27 million), a Harlequin spokesman said: “We’ve been made aware that a solicitor in England spoke to the Press claiming that he intends to make an application to a British court for an order to freeze the assets of Harlequin.

    To date no papers have been served to support this claim.”

  26. Mark Fenty

    @ Yawn
    Freedom of speech is a concept that falls within the juristic mandates of a given government. True freedom is a metaphysical concept that is found within the agency of self.

  27. Mark Fenty

    @ Yawn
    When the collective human organism, relinquished it’s rights to the entity of human government. It in essence, undermined the indescribable rights, God and nature has bestowed upon it n

  28. Mark Fenty

    @ Yatiniteasy
    l have now realized that modesty, intelligence, and common -sense has abdicated your mental-resident. You appears to be one of those egotistical nincompoops, who thinks he knows it all. Where have you gotten your fairy-tale logic from my friend?

  29. Mr Blue


    He’s proving your point rather well. What further gems will follow? I can barely contain my excitement.

  30. Mark Fenty

    @ Yawn
    The Unitarian Jeremy Bentham asked the question,” Isn’t liberty to do evil liberty, society of course must restrain the bad man from abusing liberty. But in so doing does not society takes away liberty from the bad man who abuses it”?

  31. Mr Blue


  32. Mark Fenty

    @ Yawn
    Come on fellow, these are philosophical questions that require the inventive intellectual insight,that you appears to have.

  33. Mark Fenty

    Mr. Blue, you really need to go to bed, because you haven’t contributed nothing to the discourse that is worth listening to.

  34. Mark Fenty

    @Mr. Blue
    I have no time for small talk, gossip, and speculation, thats beyond what I represent as a man.

  35. Gingerbread Girl

    Mark Fenty

    What part about Harlequin ‘is doomed’ don’t you get? It’s a blasted Ponzi scheme which has run out of ‘new’ investors and we all know what follows that situation, the point of the pyramid crumbles upon itself and base gives way.

  36. Gingerbread Girl

    The staff in Barbados have all broken for the Hills (UK) knowing full well that the long arm of the law is closing and some innocent people may get some jail time before the real masterminds are cornered and jailed.

  37. 74

    Simple Maths! Lets create an Investors Appraisal. 100 – Understand?

  38. yatiniteasy

    @Mark Fenty…do you mean “you haven`t contributed anything”…..or.”you have contributed nothing”..
    Lets go back to school shall we?
    “You appears to be” 11.06 pm….what school did you go to my friend?

  39. Mark Fenty

    @ Yatinieasy
    Oh please, who care about your eloquence of speech, I’m taking poetic license here. Only someone with your cognitive insufficiency would resort to such childless tactics.

  40. 158

    …… and the Investors Appraisal?

  41. Mark Fenty

    @ Yatinieasy
    I’m well read my friend and that’s not an understatement. What difference does it make where I attended school? Listen my friend, education is the progressive discovery of your own ignorance. The scope of your understanding prevents you from understanding, that the true purpose of education isn’t the acquisition of fact. But learning how to make fact live.

  42. 158


  43. Gingerbread Girl


  44. Mark Fenty

    Yatinieasy, when are you going to grow a pair of Balls and face me like a man? You make your little comment and then you run the blog like some punk in the school yard.

  45. 145

    This is OT, but Mark, Jeremy Bentham fostered utilitarianism — quite different from unitarianism (education taught me that, and lots of things like it, incidentally — as opposed to my “own ignorance” I mean).

    Your glib, nonsensical, cod-philosophising contributes nothing to any of this — and betrays a fairly rudimentary and flimsy grasp of some of the ideas you think that you’re alluding to. Probably best to stop that.

  46. 74

    Lets start with Revenues… ( 100%) – (not 30% deposits) – 6500 units at an equated average of 150,000 GBP = 975,000,000 GBP…. ( Bear with me)

  47. Mr Blue

    @Mark Fenty, you’re clearly just trying to sound cleverer than you actually are, and you are booring the sh*t out of everyone here. Your poor grasp of the English language gives you away. Go and find a nice chat room somewhere where you can masquerade as a 12 year old school girl and leave the Harlequin discussion to the adults.

  48. Mark Fenty

    Anonymous I understand what you’re saying and your point is well taking my friend. With that being said, I meant to use the word utilitarian with respect to Jeremy Bentham, my miscalculation is just a reflection of my cognitive decline. Now,I understand Jeremy Bentham utilitarian concept of ofquite well, I took philosophy in college and it was my favorite sub ject.

  49. Mark Fenty

    I’m writing on a new phone so please excuse my many mistakes sir.

  50. Fatchett does not represent me.

    “your poor grasp of the English language” BOORING lol. If you are going to criticise someone elses spelling you have to get your own right first!

  51. Mark Fenty

    @ Fatchett
    Please! Where have I criticized the writing of anyone here? You obviously need to work on your comprehension sir, because it is greatly lacking.

  52. Mark Fenty

    @ Fatchett
    Poor grasp of the English language lol, I don’t think so brainfart. You’re acting as though the English language is as difficult as Quantum physics, or the concept of thermodynamics.

  53. Mark Fenty

    @ Fatchett
    You have obviously allowed your education to get in the way of your shooting lol.

  54. 74

    6500 units at a conservative, approximate (average) size of 1000 square feet = a total build (excluding Common Areas) area of 6,500,000 square feet

    Multiply this by the BCQS Hotels/ Condos 5 star urban avarage rate (between 180-220 USD per sq ft)
    = 6,500,000 X 200 = 1,300,000,000 USD
    add common areas @ 10% = 130,000,000 USD
    add Architects/ engineers at a market average of 10% = 130,000,000 USD
    Add land/ property purchase costs of say 3% = 39,000,000
    Add Agents commissions of 10% (of sales) = 100,000,000
    Add Harlequin overheads of 5% (of sales) = 50,000,000 USD
    Add all other losses/ legals/ aeroplanes etc = 50,000,000 USD

    we have a grand total of costs of:-
    1, 539,000,000 USD
    Do I really need to carry on!!!!!!!!

  55. Mark Fenty

    …” You have obviously allowed your education to get in the way of your schooling.” … I meant schooling, not “shooting”.

  56. 74

    Sorry – even worse. too big a loss to add up properly. Total costs of 1,799,000,000 USD

  57. 138

    Fenty, what are you doing on here? You are a weirdo, and not a smart one. Interesting business model anomaly, doubt Ames wen that far in his planning. Would have looked at commissions, and stopped there.

  58. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Mark Fenty, it was Mr Blue’s English. Stop shooting from the hip and read.

  59. Pingback: Beginning of the end for Harlequin Properties and Dave Ames? Court petitioned to freeze business and personal assets. | Barbados Free Press

  60. Mr Blue

    Ok, I missed a spelling mistake. Can we stop the pissing contest and get back to the discussion? MF has derailed this thread with his pontificating.

    74’s figures make for some interesting reading. Purely speculation, but reasonable. Harlequin never stood a chance, it was sales driven from the start, purely designed to generate commissions.

  61. 100

    @74, on the right lines, just add in 10% for guaranteed returns which cannot/will not be paid from operating profits. It shows a dire business model which of course was obvious from day 1. The cashflow analysis would be interesting for the short term as it has been entirely reliant on new investor money to keep things going and build up more debts, which is not only a very risky thing to do, it is illegal to trade insolvent. Insolvent means being unable to pay debts as they fall due, but in practical terms it means unable to pay creditors, taxes, file accounts on time etc. In this case, it is also a failure to deliver on obligations to people who have purchased from Harlequin. If they are not able to pay back all investors in line with their contracts, or are not able to build the developments in line with their contracts, and of course not pay all the suppliers that are owed money, and not able to pay mortgage payments in line with contracts, or guarantees, or convey title in line with contracts, or file accounts in SVG on time, then they are trading insolvent and the directors risk being made personally liable – the penalty for which can be prison. The directors should enter voluntary liquidation to avoid facing personal liabilities, or they should settle their creditors.

  62. 74

    @100 – …….. plus all the investors interest payments paid on their behalf by Harlequin.
    Voluntary liquidation would be best all round. At least there might be some hope of getting a few pence in the pound.

  63. Mark Fenty

    @ Mr. Blue
    How have I derailed this discussion sir? Yesterday, I merely stated the a photo attached to disingenous languare equals lawsuit. Then I came under attacked from the Right, Left, and Center, by some of the individuals here. Listen! I’m happy to join your discussion, as long as I’m able to contribute something meaningful. I’m certainly not here to cause any discord on the blog , so I beg you not to misconstrue my honest intentions sir. Now, let me get this final point out in the open as means to shed some luminosity on the pertinent issue at hand. I’m definitely not here to challenge the intellectual stance of anyone that is party to this discussion, and I rather you all do likewise. Let’s focus our energies on the discussion at hand, and cease from our childless squabbles which merely invites division in the camp .

  64. Gingerbread Girl

    Mark Fenty is a fraud, coming here to take the discussion off of Ames and Harlequin. Mark Fenty is a bajan poor white with not a lot of education.

  65. Mark Fenty

    @ Gingerbread Girl
    What is your definition of a lot education?
    Gingerbread Girl, you actually sound like a poor white Bajan with no education at all. If I’m talking to someone who is presumed to be educated, then obviously, the Barbados school system is in serious peril girl.

  66. Mark Fenty

    @ Gingerbread Girl
    You sound like a bona fides nincompoop girl, better you cease and desist before you reveal the magnitude of your stupidity.

  67. yatiniteasy

    Folks, do what I have done…just ignore Mark Fenty and his stupid, grammatically poor remarks..He contributes nothing and ends up insulting everyone.
    Ignoring him is really the only response…otherwise, it is a waste of time.

  68. Mark Fenty

    We seriously need to pensively contemplate the profound words of Arthur Schopenhaur, the eminent Germany philosopher. And immediate successor to Emanuel Kant, when we feel the need to criticize others for their efficacy. Arthur Schopenhaur said that, ” It is much easier to point out the “Faults” and “Errors” in the work of a great mind that give a distinct and full exposition of its value . For the faults are particular and finite, and can therefore be fully comprehended; while, on the contrary, the very stamp which genius impresses upon its works is their excellence is unfathomable and inexhausible.”

  69. Mark Fenty

    Yatiniteasy, what a sad case, your education is as small as your mind buffoon .

  70. Mark Fenty

    Your childish pronouncements has had zero impact thus far, I wonder what you’re going to try next, perhaps summons help from your Genie in a bottle? lol. Stupid, your empty words said zero about me, there only reflect the magnitude of your embecility.

  71. Mark Fenty

    Yatiniteasy, you’re the prime example of the infamous quote, ” You can take a man to university but you can’t make him think.” Sir, Education has more to do with one’s critical thinking skill, rather than the obsessive preoccupation with the proper use of Grammar. Come on now, you’re talking to someone who has been inside the walls of academia, my lettered friend.

  72. Mark Fenty

    @ Yatiniteasy
    I’m willing to challenge you to a one on one debate, involving any subject of your choosing. I would love to see what you’re made of beside your fixation on Grammar.

  73. fruit cake spotter

    Will someone please do the world a big favour and have MF sectioned ASAP?

  74. Terry

    @MF. You need to lower the dose dude. Lol

  75. 95

    Ah Mark, but you don’t demonstrate any critical thinking skills — just an ability to cut and paste anodyne remarks from established philosophers.

  76. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Bit like a MOS reporter then.

  77. 95

    Not really. I can’t recall them citing philsophers.

  78. Mark Fenty

    I guess with your kinda of IQ, it would be impossible to convince you of anything. And for your information, I’m from the old school, and therefore ascertain most of my knowledge the conventional way.

  79. Nice

    Mark fenty you go man tell it like it is.
    God bless you.

  80. Mark Fenty

    @ anonymous
    I don’t really want to elevate your congenital blood pressure problem any higher. But I’ve read and studied some of the great philosophers, both ancient, medieval, and modern.

  81. Metro

    Oh Mark Fenty, you are entertaining to say the least. I’m not sure why the others are wasting their time replying to your comments…I would have just told you to STFU! No big words necessary… dictionary not needed!

  82. Mr Blue

    …….so what does any one think about the H hotel project stalling? Any thoughts? Maybe Dave’s $5 million loan needs to be paid back. $5 million might help.

  83. Mr Blue

    (@ Mark Fenty, you can get pornography online too now. Might I suggest Redtube.com. That should keep you busy for a while. You clearly lack social interaction……and we can all see why. Redtube will help. Trust me on this one)

  84. Dave

    74 who are you?

  85. Mark Fenty

    What are you,some kind of a sex therapist now? Thanks for your offer but no thanks, I’m not interested in your perverted sexual practices.

  86. Anonymous

    @Dave – Who wants to know?

  87. Dave

    I’m asking who you are, you just seem to know quiet a lot and seem to enjoy winding up everyone with your calculations.

  88. All,
    We have had a team working on the technical rules around SIPP.
    We have already sent letters of claim to SIPP providers inviting them to explain why they did such little due diligence on Harlequin investments.
    From our review of the pension transfer advice we have seen :-
    – most SIPPs invested 80%+ of the available fund. Some as high as 100%.
    – all rely on the value of the property to increase to allow the 70% loan at the back end.
    – we see no evidence of any 70% loan to complete.
    – movement of final salary schemes losing very valuable benefits.
    – pension liberation
    – no consideration of what would happen if the member dies. Remember after 2 years HMRC require the estate to transfer the assets out. If not, a 55% tax charge.
    – not one single piece of advice actually tells you that the Harlequin investment is high risk. Most say nothing.
    – it is clear that some advisers have allowed their authorisation to be used to put through any transfer. They will rue that decision.
    – it is clear that some of the biggest IFA firms have been involved. Where was the compliance oversight ?
    – All SIPP contracted with a Caribbean company and paid the money to the UK company. We are waiting an explanation of this with interest.
    We know from the FSA rules most advisers will have £1.5m – £2m of Professional Indemnity Insurance. This will be inadequate. Therefore, the early claims will have the most chance of receiving redress from the professional indemnity insurer.
    All in all, a complete pigs ear. Regulatory Legal Solicitors and Pannone LLP are making precautionary claims for investors with pension based investments.
    The writing is on the wall for IFA’s / SIPP providers. They know, we know and we suspect pension investors know. Time to protect yourself.
    We can turn round pension letters of claim in under 24 hours. Better to act with caution is our strong advice.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

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