All Sugar Hill Resort staff to be fingerprinted by police. No refusals allowed.

Barbados Police Fingerprints click image for police letter demanding staff fingerprints

Dear Barbados Free Press:

The police are requesting that all staff and contractors at Sugar Hill voluntarily submit for fingerprinting in relation to some break-ins at the resort. Is this legal? Will they also be fingerprinting guests who stayed at the resort? What about friends of owners? People eating at the restaurant during that time?  What will happen to the fingerprints?

This seems wrong and a bit racist. While it appears voluntary, there seems that there might be consequences if you refuse.

Has this fingerprinting been done before at other crime scenes? If something was stolen at a school will the police now be fingerprinting all students and all teachers? If something was stolen at Parliament, will Miss Mottley and Mr. Stuart “be first in line” like Sugar Hill Resort’s operations manager volunteers? Where is this going? Is this the new normal for the Barbados Police?


The email from Sugar Hill Resort management…

From: sugarhill
Date: 6 March 2013
Subject: RBPF Finger Printing Staff at Sugar Hill

Dear All,

As you are aware our file was passed to the Major Crimes Department in the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF). They have requested that all Staff with access to the Estate be finger printed as they are in possession of some forensic evidence, finger prints, from properties that suffered burglaries. See attached their letter of request.

The program will be on Tuesday the 12th March through to Thursday the 14th of March in the Members Lounge from 9am to 11am.

Therefore I ask You and or Your Villa Managers to comply with their request and advise all the staff and regular contractors accordingly.

In order to control this process the Sugar Hill Reception will be taking the names and dates preferred for staff to be finger printed.  Also be aware that the RBPF have the names of the staff working on the Estate and may be questioning why someone does not turn up to be finger printed.

Ps I will be the first in line.

Adrian Gale
Operations Manager
Sugar Hill Resort


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12 responses to “All Sugar Hill Resort staff to be fingerprinted by police. No refusals allowed.

  1. The Watcher

    What do you think will happen to those fingerprints? The RBPF believes that they are an Information Collection Agency so they have the “rights” to access whatever they deem necessary about citizens without any oversight, Regulatory or Compliance frameworks or Governance structures in place. How do you think that they will protect that information? With some padlocks that they acquired from their last raid?
    Check with your legal representative and see if its within the confines of the laws of this country for them to attempt to intimidate you into some act that they cant justify in a court of law. Police tend to use lots of underhanded methods in attempting to gain information on crimes or other sensitive matters. They do this under the guise that its is for the public good.
    Truth be told, I don’t really see any “good” coming from them as a member of the public. So go figure!

  2. sue

    If you have nothing to fear go and get it done when you want a visa or a police certificate of character you go because you want it for a purpose. Well the police are doing there work and everyone is innocent until proven guilty.


    sue@ that is not police work.They Lazy.
    Case , Davis v. Mississippi. Untied States Supreme Court
    394 u.s.721,89 s.ct.1394,22 L.Ed.2d 676.
    Short , a white woman was raped December 2 1965. and it was side to be a Negro youth? , so they took up ALL then Negro youth and took there prints , With out warrant .24 Negro youths . and question another 40 or 50.
    Might as well do the entire island of Barbados.
    We all have Rights and not rights or RIGHTS.,, WAIT , until its your turn .
    We must as well skin you up at the airport to see whats inside of you with out cause to you.

  4. Neco Ifill

    Kudos! This is a step in the right direction. If I was AG my next step would be to build a fingerprint database of every single Barbadian. Don’t like it? Migrate.

  5. Good Luck

    If the police can’t even bother to give drunk drivers breathalyzers and do not do any proper paper work, what do you think they will no with fingerprints?


    Its much cheaper to buy some intelligence than go through an exercise that
    wastes police administration money and denies people their rights to be presumed innocent.

  6. Does the Barbados constitution allow for such behavior by the police ? Why cant the culprit be apprehended through proper investigative techniques? Why subject all of these employees be subjected to this humiliating exercise?

  7. Saltbread

    Not sure where that “no refusals allowed” bit came from. We’re not North Korea, Neco Ifill, and you’ll never be AG.

  8. coconutwater

    got me thinking if they are only willing to fingerprint the staff which is bajan mostly then what else they planning for us???

  9. Anita

    This is lazy police work. This is wrong on so many different levels, this is an abuse of workers rights. Why is the employees union silent on this? What happens if an employee refuses to be fingerprinted, will he targeted by the employers and police. Will he/she lose their job? In the U.K and the U.S.A the police could never get away with something like this. Are we now becoming a police state?

  10. Aliciaosborne

    When the police isnt doing their jobs properly they are insulted. Now that they are trying to do something in a logical way they are insulted. They cant do anything right. They already have fingerprints from the crime scene it states and wants to be able to match these by the process of elimination. That is how most or all crimes are dealt with. The persons closest to the crime scene with access to that area are e,iminated firstthen they look elswhere. This appears to be what a normal crime scene management would be. That is if the fingerprints are not already on the police database. We cry out for more transparency and then when it is coming we cry out for our rights. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. Make up your minds.

  11. 219

    The place is a Gated Community. It is likely difficult to enter it other than thru the Main gates? If there’s been a spate of robberies there and access to the complex is limited or controlled then it seems reasonable to check the forensic evidence the Police have clearly advised that they have worked to gather and then compare to the Staff and contractors that work at Sugar Hill daily. I am one such contractor and enter there from time to time responding to my clients’ calls. The Police are working to break the cases by requesting that all who work there, including Management and Supervisory staff provide their fingerprints. Where do some of you get off by asserting that the Police are lazy, etc.? This is just another part of the ongoing WORK they are doing to bring the case to a conclusion. If anything, one should be glad to be fingerprinted so ther prints can be matched against the ones the Police have found at the robbery sites and therefore eliminated as a suspect. I for one and any other reasonable thinker would be happy to be eliminated from suspicion, wouldn’t you? Emotions aside, why do we quietly acquiesce when we are fingerprinted and photographed every time we enter the USA or are asked to submit a Cert. of Character but now balk when it involves a crime scene? Would you like your valuables, some worth more in sentiment than money can buy or replace, to be possible recovered or lost forever? Aren’t we being hypocritical about this?
    At primary school I remember all of us being fingerprinted by the Police under the innocent guise of the Police getting to know us and/vice versa and explaining what a Policeman’s job is. So why now as adults is it a big deal? I don’t follow the logic of Bill Clarke, coconut water et al. The Barbados Constitution does not specify against fingerprinting. Staff there are Bajan (so what?) but there are also Contractors and Real Estate companies (Villa Managers, Property Managers) with offices located onsite so it’s not exclusively the staff but everybody who frequents the community who need to be eliminated as the suspects.

  12. just want to know

    if one does not have anything to hide, don’t see why having your finger prints done is a problem.