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Barbados Government withholds hotel’s VAT refund for two years. Punishment for owner’s activism or Barbados lacks money to pay?

“As a frequent writer on tourism matters, I have become used to attracting a high level of attention in Government circles with all the negative consequences this has brought over the years, but this is another matter.”

Government’s revenge on a foreign investor and business owner?

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

On or before the 15th March 2013, we will be expected to pay over to Government the amount of $37,526.60 in Corporation taxes due for the last financial year. If we do not pay on time, then there will be an immediate fine of 5 per cent of the amount due, which equates to $1,876.33 plus interest accrued of 1 per cent per month or 18 per cent annually, which is 3 times the latest rate of Government borrowings to sustain a bloated public service and pay for dismally failed projects like GEMS (Hotels and Resorts Limited) and the chartering of Carnival Destiny for CWC2007.

As a small business that has operated on Barbados for twenty five years and that is fully paid up with all our statuatory obligations, it is a significant amount of money. Yet the same Government has owed us outstanding VAT refunds of nearly $30,000 for up to two years. Of course they have not paid us any late penalty charges or interest.

Before going public, I have written personally to the Ministers of the various Government bodies involved, but up until today, not received any form of response.

It appears they feel they have no obligation to businesses that are successful, sustainable (through there own efforts) and those who have demonstrated viability over decades of operation.

Yet week after week, it is almost impossible not to read or listen to endless rhetoric about the importance that small businesses will play in the recovery of our economy. Continue reading


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Problems with Digicel’s Love Hunt contest?

Digicel Contest

Anonymous Letter To BFP Outlines Concerns With Contest

The letter below is from an anonymous source with a temporary email address. Like everything anonymous (including BFP), it is suspect unless other sources provide the same information – and even then it might be false. Or a setup. Or someone out for revenge against an individual or a business.

So… let’s look at this letter as it is – rumour, unattributed.

But let’s tap into our readers’ knowledge to consider a few questions…

1/ Is there anything in this letter that can be verified?

2/ Are there any indications that the Digicel Love Hunt contest was not straight up?

3/ The letter writer says that the contest promised $2500 to the winner, and that there has been an ‘interim’ winner and no Final Draw yet. The Digicel website says that somebody won $500 cash and two Blackberry 9300 phones. The Digicel website sells the 9300 for $499, so the total prize awarded looks to be about $1,500 and not the $2,500 that our reader says was advertised as the prize.

4/ Was a $2,500 prize awarded? If so, who won the $2,500 prize and why wasn’t their name announced?

Hmmmmmm… wonder what’s going on here?

We invite Digicel to have a look at the information and, if they choose, we will print their reply here – totally unedited.

BFP reader complains about Digicel Love Hunt contest…

Do you remember when Digicel messes up not once but twice with their Fugitive campaign? Once when they gave an Answer before the question and had to honour many SMS winners since they were literally forearmed in 2006, then in 2009 when it seems the Fugitive was “caught” in weird circumstances at Sheraton as covered by BFP?

Now they have a new SMS Valentine’s contest of $2500 at stake where the end was Feb. 28 and they had an Interim winner and no Final Draw yet, but they already started an Easter Hunt contest to run ’til April?

A concerned Digicel customer

Here’s what Digicel says about the winner of the contest:   Continue reading


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