Harlequin personnel infiltrating the ranks of disgruntled investors, spying on meetings?

UPDATED: Wed March 6 2013 6:30am Bridgetown

“Anonymous” poster thought to be revealed as Sean Ghent, Harlequin employee, bodyguard for David Ames!

“First the commenter claimed to be a Harlequin employee in St. Vincent…

Now they claim to be an investor in the UK wanting to meet and talk with other disgruntled investors.”

Harlequin Resort

The editors at BFP want to remind everyone that this is an anonymous forum and website where most of the articles and comments are published anonymously. Not everyone is who they pretend to be, and some folks like to pretend to be many people for all kinds of reasons – mostly to support their own opinions or to pretend to be different voices supporting someone else.

A few weeks ago we caught a Harlequin supporter (or maybe a group of Harlequin supporters) really working the web under different names and leaving several hundred comments on Barbados Free Press and other blogs and discussion forums.

Now we have caught someone pretending to be two different people, but this is serious because they are not just talking – they are setting up meetings with real people attending investor meetings in the United Kingdom.

First they said they were a Harlequin employee in Buccament Bay Resort and then they came back three days later using another name and want to meet with other people attending investor meetings in the United Kingdom.

These two comments were left by the same person…

Buccament resort worker

Submitted on 2013/03/03 at 7:40 pm

As a worker at Buccament Bay Resort I find it rather disturbing that BFP would post a story from a source without first investigating the truth of the allegation! All resort staff have been paid this week for the month of February as they were paid last month and the month before! Why not check with any one of the 351 local staff before attacking with false stories!

(See the comment here)

Then the same person left many anonymous comments, including this one below… AND they made arrangements to meet with “Paul and Erica on the weekend”. They caution to be careful about people “hijacking the group” when it look like they are spies for Harlequin!

“Paul and Erica” you be careful…  These persons be something else other than what they say they are! They are not some fellow concerned investors coming to the same meeting!

How do we know these two comments were left by the same person?

Any HTML coder can tell you a dozen ways we know. The commenter made mistakes and we saw their mistakes. End of story. 100% it is the same people in St. Vincent claiming to be 1/ a Harlequin worker and then 2/ a concerned Harlequin investor arranging to attend investor meetings in the UK.


Here is one of their other comments where they are going to go to the investor meeting on the weekend in the UK… 

Submitted on March 6, 2013 at 8:47 am

As an investor I have addressed the concerns raised by other investors with Harlequin to satisfy myself as to the condition of my investment, this morning I further completed the SFO form so that as an investor I too can have a say with the SFO.

For me this is just business, my wife and I have invested in Harlequin and have no ulterior motive other than a wish to see a return on our investment. We have been to investor days at Harlequins offices and met other like minded investors, we have been to Buccament Bay and Blu and experienced the bricks and mortor of what Harlequin are delivering and for us our investment is tracking as we envisioned.

There are a lot of commentators that to me appear to be illogical in their comments stating a desire to see Harlequin brought down, even if they lose their investment! There is a lot of ire in many posts but for me it is just business and not personal!

For the other genuine investors on these posts look to the safeguarding of your investment and assist the SFO in a full open and honest investigation as Harlequin and Mr Ames are and should you not be in for the long term than address the return of your deposit.

Harlequin is just an investment vehicle to us and we are not prepared to work with what appear to be agitators posing among you genuine investors. Paul and Erica I understand you both along with some others have not had the same experience I have and that you are entitled to take whatever action you individually and collectively wish to take but I believe that you have people jumping on your bandwagon who are attempting to hijack your efforts for their personal reasons.

All investors have a right to freedom of expression just as I express the hope that Harlequin do well and are successful. I have tried to comprehend why these posts have been so heated and talked to my agent at Harlequin who shed light on why O’Halloran, Newman, Macdonald and others who are being persued by Harlequin in the courts for THEIR wrongdoing should be so determined to engineer the demise of Harlequin. The best form of defense is attack and that is what it appears they are doing, trying to close down Harlequin so they will not be held to account in court and have to answer for their actions.

Paul and Erica you both might be prepared to to write off your investments but we are not prepared to do so! We will come to your meeting and talk openly with your group as I know other genuine investors are also prepared to do. I am happy to listen to you, learn from you and likewise share my experience, not only with Harlequin but all my investments in general as some commentators appear to be novices in the investment world.

I have spoken to all the investors in Harlequin I have met and come to know, some having become friends, and we have decided to engage with you and your group to present our side of the Harlequin experience to add balance as there appears to be a one sided point of view being stirred up by devious aggitators who are not genuine investors.

I have invested with Harlequin and if I need to invest more to safeguard my original investment I will. I see a lot of name calling and do not believe it is productive, I will now act reasonably and within law to ensure the longevity and safety of my investment against attack from those I now believe are trying to hijack your group and use it as a smokescreen to cover their wrong doing.

Paul and Erica I look forward to meeting you both on the weekend.

(See the comment here)



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98 responses to “Harlequin personnel infiltrating the ranks of disgruntled investors, spying on meetings?

  1. E

    Thank you BFP, you are briiliant!!

    I thought so earlier on, when I refered to them as Shaun Ghent I had it on good authority earlier. For anybody who is no aware Mr Shaun Ghent is Mr Ames personal body guard, I also have a comment from the Harlequin property problems website which i believe to be true a private message was sent to me saying “Mr Ghent threatened me and told me I can make you disappear boy because I had no money and no wages for so long” I have passed this information onto the SFO.

    We’re always one step ahead……

  2. More dirty tricks, first the slur on Gareth Fatchett, now pretending to be an investor, whats next?
    If Harlequin had even a little credibility left surly its now gone?

  3. BFP

    Hello E,

    This is Clive. Why did you think it is Shaun Ghent? And please remember if yu are not sure you should say so that you are not sure. We didn’t know the name of Mr. Ames bodyguard. Now we see a Ghent spelled “Sean Ghent” Head of Security & Risk, EMEA – HP. Is that him?

  4. E

    I wasn’t sure I was certain, I have my reasons that I knew the levels that Harlequin will stoop to. No one can fault Mr Ghent for his loyalty to Mr Ames he is more than welcome to come but I am assuming whoever his employer is will be disciplining him for this sort of behaviour.

    This is as far as I am aware somebody who’s wages we as investors pay and they are on the internet in our time shame on you.

    Thank you BFP

  5. 90

    Interesting observations BFP. I am in St Vincent on my way to Barbados today in transit to the UK, arriving this afternoon and happy to meet you to prove my bona fida’s. I am checked on Liat flight 760 arriving 12:30 at BGI.

    I have been honest in all my disclosures and able to prove them. I am both an employee and an investor and have vested interests as both which I am more than capable of declaring at Saturdays meeting.

    Unlike the unfounded lies of Cliff Jones and his co conspiritors who are adept at hiding the truth and hiding behind others!

  6. BFP

    Thank you for confirming who you are, Mr. Ghent. Are you still the bodyguard for Dave Ames?


  7. Harleconned

    I hope you’ve packed your immodium for your holiday.

  8. 90

    @E actually Erica it is 06:25 here in ST Vincent and since 04:00 I have been on my time. I am an investor and happy to talk to other investors as I can prove I have invested in a SIPP with Harlequin.

  9. 90

    @ BFP/Cliverton/Clive are you about this afternoon as happy to meet you at BGI where I arrive at 12:30

  10. The issue is posting as two people, naughty naughty

  11. 90

    @BFP Cliverton investing a pension built up over 15 years in a SIPP with Harlequin as an investor and being an employee does not make me two different people but rather I believe I have the right to speak in both capacities.

    BFP posted an incorrect post that I responded to but to which you are able to yourself check with other employees at the resort. You stated that the resort staff had not been paid wages for December to February whereas they have, speak to actual staff at the resort and they will confirm it!

    I have at no stage claimed to be other than I am, oh and happy AND able to prove it!

  12. 72

    90 you can be only a SUPER FOOL… Employed by Harlequin and an investor!!
    You certainly are not someone to listen to…I feel for you as you are going to loose your investment and your position at Harlequin…

  13. 90

    @ Harlequininvestorgroupnw

    Paul I have never posted as two people but rather in two capacities! I am both an investor and employee! Does my SIPP and investment somehow have less meaning or value than yours or Erica’s?

    I am likewise a hard working employee so where would either of you say I have been naughty?

    Happy to both meet BFP/Clive at BGI today and you on Saturday oh as one person in two capacities!

  14. So, we have two very naughty, naughty, people that work for Harlequin – this is a fact!!
    1) Daniel Dalligan who makes up things about our solicitor and ends up with a High Court order!
    2) Mr Mr Shaun Ghent who is Mr Ames ‘body guard’ or is he the ‘Buccement bay happy employee’, who says all is well.. and they all have been paid and all happy happy!!

    Mr Shaun Ghent will be very busy flying, as he has just arrived in SVG se he said he will be meeting us on Saturday in Manchester? Will this be with your boss Mr Ames?

    zero credibility now….

  15. @90 Yep, lets meet and compare notes Sat at Manchester? who are you coming as ….Investor or Employee with or without Mr Ames?

  16. 90


    I understand Cliff, I did not expect you to be prepared to meet me!

    Much easier to make unfounded allegations on a blog which without facts or DD is meaningless.

    I will however be arriving at BGI today at 12:30 on Liat flight 760 should anybody wish to meet me and at Gatwick South tomorrow morning at 08:25 on Virgins flight VS36 at 08:25 should you be able to instead meet me there!

  17. 90


    Paul I arrived in St Vincent on Sunday the 17th February, I depart today as above and look forward to meeting you again on Saturday.

  18. Yorkiepoo

    I’m confused now – are we saying that 90 is Sean Ghent? If it is why does it matter? Like 90 says he can be an investor and an employee? 90 if you dont mind me asking what is your role in the organisation is?

  19. 90

    @72 there seems to be a lot of name calling on here! A faceless blog!

    Hope you are at the meeting Saturday with the conviction to say that to my face.

  20. 90

    @Yorkiepoo Head of security

  21. Yorkiepoo

    90 – Ok well thats good then if your who or what you say you are! You may be able to clafify then if HDStudio is still open and operating, if the BB staff are up to date with salary payments and if works are progressing on any of the projects?

  22. 72

    90 is Dave Ames bodyguard… ready to defend his boss and attack any investor that try to recover his investment.
    I will be at the meeting and can repeat in your face what I said here. You are only a double fool…

  23. Yorkiepoo

    72 – 90 said he was head of security not Dave Ames bodyguard, let him answer himself

  24. 90

    @72 so who are you?

  25. 90


    I will be at the Barbados office this afternoon if you are here in Barbados? Happy to meet

  26. Yorkiepoo

    90 – Would love to but am in UK, I will meet Saturday if you like in Manchester, if your as close to Dave Ames as you say you are he will be able to tell you who I am. I was under the impression that HDStudio was closing for 1 month – seems a bit strange to me as theres alot of construction works ahead without having a delay of 1 month???

  27. Harleconned

    90 Can you please confirm that you are indeed Mr Shaun Ghent?

  28. 90

    @Yorkepoo see you Sat, signing off to travel

  29. Harleconned

    See you Saturday I’m looking forward to it!

  30. john Delhirro

    I really do not understand what is going on .Mr Sean are you trying to say everything is fine at BB and investor should not worry? I have been really doing my homework and it seems really bad.I have not gotten a interest payment on my money now almost 4months.I also have been told my apartment will not be ready for another 18months min.that would put me 3years behind on my completion due date .I have spoken to Terry in May and he was going to sell my apartment and I have never heard from him again,and now he retired.I have learned that Villas are done and there is no deed so closings can not happen.I have spoken to Vinny, Kim ,And I still really have no answer.I have asked for my money back now they are saying not much .I first was told 18 to 24 months to get paid which is silly so please explain all of this Mr Sean you have a job to do and that is understandable but many people who have invested are in trouble and worried.I would love to meet you and talk like gentlmen and really see you face to face it is easy for me to see what a man is all about when you are face to face.I also invest in many different deals in life .I sent MR Aims a email about how he might be able to get out of this mess if he is on the up and up .I have investor in NY right now ready to move because I still believe the BB can be a winner if someone like me runs the project lets see what happens.I still love ST vincent and the whole concept with the airport near completion.I still believe it can be something special and I am willing to move down there and do what ever it takes, so Mr Sean and Mr Aims take a look at the terms of my partners contract and if you are for real this can save you but if not than this must be the end coming .I hope we can save ST vincent and saving one project at a time slowly will gain back the confendense of the investors

  31. Cliff

    Mr Ghent ,
    How can I meet You in Barbdos when I am in UK.

    However I will met You when You are in the UK .

    As for the rest of Your pathetic and meaningless allegations , did Mr Ames sanction them as you are rarely able to think for Yourself.

    I look forward to our meeting as we have so much to discuss

    Unlike You Sean when You demonstrated Your loyalty to the Macartney Family. I keep my own Council.

    Have You planned Your Exit strategy Yet ? Which paper are You going to sell Your story to this time ?

    See You Soon . Oh and I will have things to say to Your Face . I noticed true to form You made threats on here ” Say that to my face” . You will never change Sean.

    Amazed Ames hasn’t muzzled You

  32. BBaywatch

    So Mr Ghent. if you hadn’t been caught by BFP, in what guise would you have attended the meeting as – a simple investor?

  33. I think at 6ft 8 we would know who he was 🙂

  34. BBaywatch

    Yes, he would stand out 😉

    Have you contacted Graham Norwood, the journalist who wrote the original piece in The Grauniad? I imagine that he would find the meeting of interest. FInd him on journalisted dot com

  35. @BBaywatch….I have now 🙂

  36. Where is Fatchett does not represent me?????

  37. Fraud

    “Fraud: 1. deliberate deception, trickery, or cheating intended to gain an advantage”

    Isn ‘t fraud a criminal offence in most jurisdictions?

    Are British legal counsel, defending their clients rights to legal protection or merely complicit in compounding the fraud?

  38. BBaywatch

    You could also ask Fred Mawer, the Caribbean travel expert, who did review BB – BUT qualified it by saying

    “And don’t believe everything you read about Buccament on TripAdvisor. Most of the gushing reviews posted on the website have been written by investors.”

  39. @Cliff

    So at last we have the unveiling of Mr Cliff Jones my former director of security at BB who since I terminated his services in March last year has ever since he lost his case for unfair dismissal and claim for US$72,000 has aligned himself with several other malcontents such as dishonest contractors, accountants, etc. what a fine bunch they make and obviously a reliable source for you Erica as you quoted the message from Cliff earlier!

    Cliff I know you are not an investor and other than a terminated former employee, oh I will bring your file with me for the record to shed light on the truth, in what capacity are you attending the meeting Saturday, other than as an agitator and accomplice of O’Halloran?

    Pass on my regards to Paudie, Jeremy, Mac and Dave Mann oh and happy to meet you all on Saturday!

  40. Cliff

    How arrogant Sean.

    I was never “Your Director of Security ” You pompous fool. It was Mr Ames who employed Me . But hey live in Your little bubble.

    Which looks like it will burst soon ..

    As for printing “Private And Confidential ” information on here that has just displayed your complete incompetence. HR Issues are confidential . Also factually You are wrong , but You have always been a stranger to the truth.

    What email or comment of mine did “Erica” print, as I have not had any contact with this Lady.

    FYI Sean I have relayed Your latest indiscretions to Mr Ames and also Harlequin HR oh and My Solicitor .

    See You Soon !

  41. Mark Fenty

    It may seems rather insensitive on my part with respect to the Harlequin issue,but simply put. We have to obviously do a better job in our efforts to safeguard of ourselves from the Wolves maskerating in Sheep clothing. Its sensiless crying over spilled milk now , our choices has already determined our course wont you say? The money driven mentality of our modern age has caused many of us to compromised those divine precepts which has been inculcated upon as children. It seems like many have allowed the moral decrepitudes so prevalent in our world today, to undermine our understanding of Right and Wrong.

  42. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @HIGnw 5.07 I’m still waiting for an explanation how the MOS got its report so wrong on the “who called in the SFO” why are you missing me?

  43. Oh Clifford I do get a kick out of you! Lol

    Denial and avoidance! Classic deflection!

    So all your commentary on all the blogs was in what capacity?

    Are you going to admit you are an agitator as I can state you are NOT an investor!

    Since I replaced you from your post at BB on the 3rd March 2012 more than a year ago besides bleating about it what actually is your role in an investor group and the true reason for the ongoing diatribe you have subjected genuine investors too!

    When will you develop a backbone?

    Spurious lies and smoke screens will only take you so far!

    Tell Paudie it is too late! See him in the Dublin court Tuesday! Oh and Jeremy in June! Don’t worry about Dave Mann I hear he is still hiding out in Saudi!

  44. Mark Fenty

    The most important lesson we can take from this Harlequen affair I would think. It to learn from the mistakes that has been made in the past and try our earness to avoid them in the future. Hatred, bitterness, and lashing out at others only causes uneccessary elevations of blood-pressure, which in essence serves no good purpose. So with this premise in mind, we obviously have to be more circumspect with respect to the choices we make in our daily lives, because let’s face it, there are real life consequences to the choices we make in our lives.

  45. Cliff

    Sean Ghent
    March 6, 2013 at 7:01 pm
    Oh Clifford I do get a kick out of you! Lol

    Denial and avoidance! Classic deflection! 

    So all your commentary on all the blogs was in what capacity?         (What Comments ? what Blogs Sean ?)

    Are you going to admit you are an agitator as I can state you are NOT an investor!          (Your at least ring in 50% of this comment , I am Not an Investor .  Thankfully )

    Since I replaced you from your post at BB on the 3rd March 2012 more than a year ago besides bleating about it what actually is your role in an investor group and the true reason for the ongoing diatribe you have subjected genuine investors too!         (17th March actually was when the contract was terminated by Mr Ames dear boy. Wrong again. )

    When will you develop a backbone?  ( I walk upright Bro , unlike You my hunch backed friend ! )

    Spurious lies and smoke screens will only take you so far!    ( You really do live in a fantasy world Sean .  )

    Tell Paudie it is too late! See him in the Dublin court Tuesday! Oh and Jeremy in June! Don’t worry about Dave Mann I hear he is still hiding out in Saudi!      (These are messages You can pass on Sean. Nothing to do with Me. )

  46. E

    Listen you two dont bother coming if you are going to cause trouble as I can assure you you will not be welcome. This is a meeting not a duel

  47. @E

    Erica from the start I have been restrained in my dialogue, think on who has been derogatory!

    I have been an investor thru One Stop and Guardian since 2011 with all the supporting paperwork from them and not just a Harlequin contract!

    Who is Cliff Jones other than an ex employee and what place does he have amongst investors?

  48. E

    I am unsure of your motives as I feel that there are people who would like this meeting to not be as orderly as I have organised I expect everyone to behave whether Mr Ames attend or not. I wil not tolerate abuse of any kind I understand tempers are high we all want the same thing and that is answers and to be able to explore options available to us all

  49. Charles&eddie

    Hi everyone I have been reading for a long time about this and just came across this article.

    What I am unsure of is why Mr Ghent are you attending Erica’s meeting if you are not concerned about your Harlequin Property?? Are you going just to cause trouble??



  50. confusedone

    I’m getting confused. Earlier today “90” said that he was in St Vincent and
    posted with an island Time. Then he became “Sean Ghent” still posting
    with an Island Time. The last two post from “90” are posted using GMT.

  51. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, I’m glad you cannot stand personal abuse. If you meet Terry and Annon- reasons unknown who’s true identities you may know, would you suggest they modify their ridiculas comments on here. Many thanks.

  52. @confusedone

    I left SVG this morning as I said earlier and am in Barbados currently, switched to my iPhone as my laptop is packed and in-transit tonight to the UK. I am still contactable guys but have switched from my SVG mobile to my UK one.


    Freedom of Information , Let us all know , If its lies also Freedom of Information to correct on line with words ,, Please no lawyer needed to let and tell the Truth ,,,,,, BFP ,, Keep Hitting them where it hurts ,,In the neck where the lies comes out lololol

  54. Charles&eddie

    @ Mr Ghent you did not answer my question earlier??

  55. john Delhirro

    I see so much nonsence on here but no true answer from Harliquin,I posted much earlier today but it seems Mr Sean or anyone with Harliquin even dare touch my post I wonder why ,it was plain and simple and true why no answers? I really wish that the smoke would clear so we can see who is still here.I hope and wish that something if anything can be done

  56. Trev

    Mr. Ghent can you just confirm as to why harlequin or H Studio has closed as of yesterday and all workers been put on non paid leave for a month, well so they been told… Is this true it is only a month or will it be a lot longer? Do H hotels own 2 hotels or is it just the 1? Your arguments between yourself and cliff are really not helping anyone, I don’t see what they are solving.



  57. Anonymous

    It’s really stretching credulity to imagine that a reputable source of funding would invest in a set of projects that have not filed any audited accounts for 7 years. Please don’t insult our intelligence by implying that a funder is about to sign up to this.

    Harlequin have been hawking these projects around the world for years and have repeatedly announced that interested parties are about to sign up to fund the projects.

  58. Yorkiepoo

    Trev – yes h studio is closed that is correct

  59. @ john Delhirro I understand how you feel, will you be able to make the meeting and I can tell you face to face what happened in my situation?

  60. E

    Maybe this will answer some of the quehttp://www.harlequinagents.co.uk/stions.

  61. E

    Sean Ghent

    March 6, 2013 at 7:33 pm


    Erica from the start I have been restrained in my dialogue, think on who has been derogatory!

    I have been an investor thru One Stop and Guardian since 2011 with all the supporting paperwork from them and not just a Harlequin contract!

    Who is Cliff Jones other than an ex employee and what place does he have amongst investors?
    Mr.Ghent, Perhaps Mr.Jones is thinking of investing and is just doing hi DD

  62. E

    Sorry his DD. If anyone want to invest please let me know at the end of the meeting and I will lock you in a padded cell until sanity returns.

  63. Well Well

    harlequin=clown=harlequinaphobia=you’ve been had by a clown, ha,ha

  64. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, your link above does not work

  65. BBaywatch

    @36/FatChance of seeing your money again –

    try this (it wasn’t difficult!)


  66. damannsvg


  67. 100

    E. that link says a lot – all clearly about the sale, and nothing about the substance as there is none. It must be upsetting to see how your pension funds were being spent – lining the pockets of referring agents up to 100k per month. Yorkiepoo, you had better tell Ames that throwing in the towel is not going to be allowed. Stanford also said similar things, but you can’t take people’s money, do 5% with it what you said you would do, and then try to walk away when people ask questions. He will be thoroughly investigated as Stanford was, and pay the penalty if he cannot justify every aspect of this business. If he has done nothing wrong, he has nothing to fear, and as others have done before him, he can sue the SFO or FSA if they have hurt his business with false and damaging investigations.

  68. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch. If only I was as clever as you. LOL

  69. Gingerbread Girl

    Dave Ames WILL end up in jail, either in the UK or the Caribbean. If its the Caribbean he will come out a broken man walking with a limp and unable to drink soup for a very long time.

  70. damannsvg

    Ames has a vincintian passport – so the UK jail is out – he also has interest in Australia – but there is a treaty with Australia – I think he will flee to either maldives or Dubai. Time to get that passport

  71. Gingerbread Girl

    The Government of Barbados in collaboration with the British High Commission in Barbados are waiting for him to return to Barbados.

  72. Beggars Belief

    Can you say why GG?

  73. Gingerbread Girl

    From what I hear, he is a person of interest to them.

  74. Gingerbread Girl

    In SVG he needs to be careful. If he’s going down and the Prime Minister there is threatened as a result then Ames should stay away, SVG has a lot of water between those islands and a fellow could easily go missing.

  75. Is Mr Dan Dalligan still employed by HP?

  76. anonymous37

    i said in jest a few years ago that i could see this ending like another property scam where the persons of interest apparantly went down in a plane over “brazil” (bodies were never found) so no-one really knows.has the plane, probably has lots of money stashed in cayman islands??and knows brazil…

  77. yatiniteasy

    @ gingerbread Girl…Are you sure the sale of Amaryllis to Harlequin is a done deal?…they claimed to have bought it 6 months ago, but nothing more has been heard about the deal.

  78. yatiniteasy

    @gingerbread..sorry the question was for 100 on another thread.

  79. Dear All,

    I wont be posting much today, as the meeting preparation for tomorrow is our priority.

    Unlike maybe 99% of people posting here, Mr Fatchett and Pannone LLP do actually represent me, and as such I am in possession of perhaps more FACTS than most.

    I will not reply to some posters attempts at provocation, I shall simply cut and paste this message.

    I would urge you to come along to one of our meetings, you will be told only facts that will be backed up with evidence from investors who may have been in discussion or negotiations with Harlequin.

    Gareth and his team, from Regulatory Legal will will be available to explain from a legal view point what has been going on, and what your options will be.

    This is not a sales promotion for Gareth Fatchett, you will be given information and options, what you choose to do with this is your choice, but at least you do have some.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Walton

  80. Max

    i am also an investor since 2007, the early days, told nothing and kept in the dark, I canceled one of my contracts with a refund over 24 months however that has now stopped being paid,along with the interest payments on my other unit, Every year they tell you the blocks will be built next year, if only he could have concentrated on BB it might have worked, instead buying the ‘Quin Hotels’ planes and a great life style for themselves, I hear the money has run out so we will lose everything.

  81. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @HIGnw, Re Dan Dalligan, why dont you ask him or HP? Why ask us?

  82. No Max you may not and you have options, go to the meeting

  83. Its in our questions to Mr Ames

  84. Gingerbread Girl

    Mr A will already be seeking a good plastic surgeon and a new identity so he can have a new like in Aruba or Maldives.

  85. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @HIGnw, “Mr Fatchette and Pannone LLP represent me” Why try and make out they are two separate companies regarding this. You mean Risk Warning. There is no choice on this at all.

  86. 72


  87. damannsvg

    If Ames show up – don’t be had by the promise and the smile. Demand your money back. D. Ames does not even own the land BB is built on, so the owner can demand it back anytime – and the SVG law is on his side.

  88. john Delhirro

    I wish that I could make the meeting but I can not .I really wanted to be there but since I have not heard from Mr Ams about my offer to get out of this mess I really feel we are in big trouble and what a shame .I really think that ST Vincent will be something special and if the airport can get done boy it would be wonderfull.I still hope to hear something. my partners and I in NY are waiting and like I said if BB and Harliqiun are for real we can make this happen but not hearing from MR Aims I feel like the end is near for Harliquin unless MR Aims has something else going on.

  89. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @JD. Yes he has got something else going on. Fighting freezing orders which have been rejected.

  90. john Delhirro

    HI Fatchett yes I did hear about this mess,I also know by not hearing from Mr Aims by now it is real bad .I still hope maybe something can be worked out.I really love this project in St Vincent.I know if I can make this deal happen I will stay there myself do make sure this project is completed.I am wihing and hoping something can be done

  91. Eddie Lizzard2

    Who is yorkiepoo?
    Is he Matt Ames?

  92. Anonymous

    Gingerbread Girl is Anthony da Silva of Innotech Services ltd in Barbados. Innotech were doing work on building associated with the new St Vincent Airport. Ran in to “difficulties” as usual. da Silva had a “relationship” with Cellate Caribbean …..Paudie!!. His frequent use of cocaine has affected his personality.


    Just have another read of the blogs EARLIER by GINGERBREAD GIRL…..who is…..none other than Anthony da Silva of Innotech Services Ltd, Barbados.
    see his blog above of March 7 at 6.10 and 6.27 pm ……threats !!! of physical violence;
    7.32, 7.36…….”walk with a limp”….”not able to drink soup”…..” a lot of water….man go missing”
    March 8 @ 10.32…..”need a plastic surgeon..and a new I.D. ” .
    da Silva is no stranger to physical violence and corruption himself……an expert. he uses violence to intimidate those dissatisfied with the jerry building of INNOTECH.
    he even threatened violence to a tenant of his house Hocus Pocus at Durants; the kitchen cupboards doors warped / bent ( like Da Silva ) Da Silva had built them!!! Da Silva held back $25,000 security deposit from the tenant!!!!!! DAY LIGHT ROBBER WITH VIOLENCE…..VIOLENCE AT ocean reef; at st james apartments. THIS IS THE MAN , THE COMPANY THAT SABGA MCAL MERCHANT BANK HAS FINANCED FOR THE CORRUPT CONTRACT FOR BARBADOS WATER AUTHORITY NEW H.Q.

  94. Dave - just leave

    PHIG no doubt