Serious Fraud Office confirms Harlequin investigation, asks for investor stories

Harlequin Fraud Office

Serious Fraud Office and Essex Police: Harlequin Property

5 March 2013

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO website), together with Essex Police, is looking into complaints in relation to the Harlequin group.  The business activity of the Harlequin group includes the marketing, sale and construction of luxury off-plan property developments in the Caribbean and other resort locations.  If you have invested in Harlequin schemes, we would welcome any information you can give us.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who invested in the following resorts:

(1) Buccament Bay in St Vincent & the Grenadines;
(2) Merricks in Barbados;
(3) Marquis Estate in St Lucia;
(4) The Hideaway in the Dominican Republic;
(5) Las Canas in the Dominican Republic;
(6) Two Rivers in the Dominican Republic and
(7) Garapua Beach Resort in Brazil.       

If you have invested in one of these or indeed any other Harlequin schemes, please complete this online questionnaire:

We recommend that you draft your answers in a Word document and then copy them into the questionnaire when you are ready to submit it.  This is because, depending on your computer settings, the questionnaire may not automatically save your draft answers if you do not complete the questionnaire in one session.

Your answers will help us to understand the general nature of your evidence. We may then contact you to obtain a full witness statement for potential use in a criminal prosecution. We do not generally comment on investigations but may from time to time issue updates in general terms. You can check for news and other developments in the investigation by checking our website.

If you have any queries about this questionnaire, please email us at:


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104 responses to “Serious Fraud Office confirms Harlequin investigation, asks for investor stories

  1. Yes I have said it before,and will say it again, please come to the meeting we are organising and see what options you have from our legal team who know the harlequin model and have a detailed understanding what your options are.

    The SFO do not ‘go public’ for the hell of it


    1) Buccament Bay in St Vincent & the Grenadines;
    (2) Merricks in Barbados;
    (3) Marquis Estate in St Lucia;
    (4) The Hideaway in the Dominican Republic;
    (5) Las Canas in the Dominican Republic;
    (6) Two Rivers in the Dominican Republic and
    (7) Garapua Beach Resort in Brazil.
    (8) Sir Cheltenham QC.,, First Caribbean Bank < Barbados
    (9) Sir C.O Williams ,Barbados

  3. Eddie Lizzard2

    10) Emerald Palace, Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya, Thailand
    11) Lake Villas Resort, Mabprachan, somewhere in Thailand
    12) Phoenix Grove, Pattaya, Thailand
    13) Golden Mile Apartments Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
    14) Little Baga, Goa
    15) Snotbuilt – can’t remember the name, Bulgaria
    16) Harlequin Island, Petit Nevis, (a barren rock) SVG
    17) Nirvana, Koh Chang, Thailand
    18) Forest View, Pattaya, Thailand


    Eddie Lizzard2@ you made me smile , love it to know that is bigger than the list printed and more will be and need to be done. Others need to add to what they know .
    Barbados Free Press keep Pressing them .

  6. mark fenty

    We might as well face the fact that Barbados has been out fox by St. Lucia and the likes, as far as tourism is concern. Poor advertisement couple with exorbitant accommodations has probably done the industry in once and for all. Surely, inquiring minds has figured out by now the etiological reality behind this novel phenomenon, that is so uncharacteristic to our prosperous island. I think a lot of Barbadians took for granted the reality, that one day we would be in this very unfortunate position, I know that I certainly did. But, we must ask these rather important questions though, is the current crisis we are experiencing in the tourism industry today, can be attributed to the economic vicissitudes of our times? Or are we witnessing an industry that has seen better days? We could only hope and prayer that the Barbados Tourism Industry regain that can do spirit, and know it how attitude that once drove the tourist to our shores. I`m I hugging the delusive phantom of hope? Who knows? I probably am.

  7. 250

    Who is running/organising the meeting in Manchester on Saturday?

  8. Eddie Lizzard2

    19) Harlequin at ‘The Parks, Development‘, Panama. Tknx PBNose
    20) Harlequin Air Fleet (two grounded 9-seater old Piper planes circa 1980)
    21) Harlequin “5 Star Mega Resort”. Jamaica (had Escrow problems)
    22) Harlequin H (the old MANDA), Barbados,
    23) Ravenswood Hotel and Resort, Perth, Australia. SOLD OUT allegedly
    24) Harlequin H (the old Amaryllis), Barbados

  9. Anon999

    Is Ames looking at prison time if the SFO do take this forward?

  10. Some questions on finance:

    If you were a financial institution would you lend money, possbly 100’s of millions ‘to a company’
    • Who have very poor accounting systems
    • Little experience in the area of investment
    • The chairman had gone bust, apparently twice
    • Negative international press
    • Disgruntled investors albeit apparently only 1%
    • One of the directors has been in the press for an unrealeted fraud incident and arrested
    • SFO investigation and the police
    • Court cases, for deformation of a solicitor
    • Sueing the former builder for millions
    • The builder counter sueing the company for millions
    • Track record of none delivary of projects
    • A history of banking errors regarding payments to investors
    • A 70% LTV on property valuations… risky?
    • An attempted freezing order by disgruntled investors to get their deposits back

  11. Beggars Belief


    I think it very much depends on what they find.

    They may find nothing wrong and simply let it drop.

    They may find that products have been mis-sold on the basis that dates were not met, risks under played etc. For this there will probably be a fine I imagine.

    If the directors are shown to have committed fraud or trading while insolvent now that is much more serious and custodial sentences would probably be dished out. The longer the situation has gone on for and the less cooperative they are the harder the penalties I imagine.

  12. Beggars Belief

    Well when you put it like that @Investorgroupnw, it sounds like a great deal! Where do I sign up?

    But I think they are facing legal action for allegedly defaming a solicitor not deforming him.

  13. Ooops….. who can I blame! 🙂
    I am having a team look it to how it happened.

  14. Anon999

    Has anyone yet stumbled across a satisfied investor who has taken delivery of their property and are seeing a rental income? Or, has anyone actually been out to BB? Is it real or is Ames a wiz on photoshop?

  15. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon99 I satisfy 2 of the above criteria and been to BB.

  16. Anon999

    Thanks for letting me know Fdnrm. Do you mind if I ask if you are happy with your investment and are seeing the return you expected?

  17. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 999, I am happy with my investment, apart from the .1% of investors who want to bring it down. I have been receiving my rental as per my contract, I have received compensation for late delivery, as per my contract and I decided to cancel my 2 Rivers contract and received compensation, as per my contract.

  18. 95

    Rental as per your contract?

  19. Fatchett does not represent me.

    The list of investigations on the SFO site makes interesting reading. Keydata, SFO investigation started July 2009, ended November 2012 due to unrealistic chance of recovering any assets. For any HP investors hoping to see a swift end to this, I would not hold your breath.

  20. 212

    FDNRM, if you are receiving rental income from a resort that loses money (and any basic level business person/hotelier can see it loses money) then that income is coming from new investor funds. That is a ponzi scheme.

    I have been reading these threads for a while, and I no longer believe you are an investor without connections to Harlequin – it is not possible to be so blinkered as you are to the very obvious failings of Harlerquin, and to say you are happy with your investment means you are happy with Harlequin. This simply can only be the view of someone who is either blind or connected to them, either because you are an IFA or for whatever other reason. Just an opinion, and I know you will discard it. Their failings and lack of progress to date is clearly not something anyone with a brain can be happy with. Remember, BB is connected to the other developments via the comingling of funds – they do not stand alone.

  21. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous, I was asked a straight question by Anon 999 and gave him a straight answer. Don’t try and spin my answer to suit yourself and make misguided assumptions that I am an IFA or something else. I am not. The size of my brain is not up for debate.

  22. Anon999

    I have to say FDNRM, I am surprised by your positivity about HP. If you have been taken care of by HP then you are the only I have come across to date and I have asked the question on numerous threads. But if you have and you are happy with your situation then I am glad for you, but you must still be very worried about the future of HP? You can’t ignore the recent interest from the SFO as they don’t involve themselves for fun. There is obviously no smoke without fire as far as the SFO are concerned. And if you have taken delivery of your completed unit(s) then you have more to lose than those of us who have only paid deposits as you will have paid up 100% of the buy price – which you will lose entirely if HP do disappear. Surely this would worry anyone?

  23. 212

    FDNRM, you are fooling nobody. You said you were happy with your investment. This is not word twisting, it is an argument put forward based on premises you yourself have laid out by saying you are happy with things. One has to conclude you are either a poor/naive investor or connected, because their performance to date, combined now with investigations underway by SFO, and putting aside media coverage, would worry the most amateur investor. Either way, I think we all know nothing else is going to get built by Harlequin, judging by their track record to date, so we shall see until what point you are happy with it all.

  24. anonymous55

    fdnrm- you are right the sfo investigation will probably take a while and even if there has been wrongdoings and jail sentences are handed down then it is another matter entirely for investors to try and get their money back. if there are any monies/assets left within the harlequin group then these will be seized BUT given the amount of investors/creditors etc in line they will may well end up with nothing. that’s why i would advise any concerned investors who invested via a sipp to not only employ a solicitor to act against harlequin but also the agents/ifa’s/ fs companies who sold this. otherwise all will just shut up shop and walk away.

  25. Lighthouse

    SIPP investors have been had over by IFA’s. If the above is true then a huge amount of money is stuck in limbo.

  26. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon999. I will tell you what I am not happy about. After Wilkins Kennedy stopped being HP accountants they still had records which included investor details. When a section 2 was applied by the SFO, my information became known to the SFO. This is why I was one of the first investors to be interviewed. I had no objection being interviewed by the SFO, but it made my wife very ill. I would have preferred my cooperation had been at my instigation. By the way I did not say I had taken delivery in the legal sense.

  27. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous 4.45 I don’t have to justify myself to you and have no intention of carrying on some knock about conversation with regarding the state of my happiness.

  28. john Delhirro

    I am very confused you are saying you are happy with your investment at HP? and that you are getting a nice return as your contract stated.I really want to know how you got your money back from your cancelation of 2 apartments ?I have been trying since May to get my deposit back because they are so far behind on completetion due date and now they are saying june of 2014 and that is just crazy that would put me 4years behind of my contract competetion due date .I would love to know is your apartment at BB .I really love the idea of BB and St Vincent but I really feel big trouble is here not coming here now .I keep hoping something can be done to finish this project.

  29. What does it take for people to realise they only have a certain amount of time to claim against the IFA’s… the finance will never happen because it just does not stack up!

    Even Yorkipoo must have come to the conclusion that things are not good – especially when TailorMade have dropped the harlequin brand?
    Please read:

    if you want further details email the

  30. 212

    FDNRM, no you don’t have to, nor would I expect you to. You are part of this scam, that has become clear, you are supportive of it, and if you do have an investment at BB, you will lose it. However, given that you are clearly connected, you will either already have made your money via commissions or will have Ames help you out. How else could you alone have had our contract honoured if you were not part of it all. I would suggest to all readers that you have been outed as part of Harlequin’s group of affiliates and that you should be treated in the same way as Yorkiepoo. Your tactics are disgusting, and I also don’t plan to knock about exchanging with someone who approves of the robbery of people’s pensions. For real investors, you need to act rapidly.

  31. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @JD I had an apartment at 2 Rivers and a Cabana at BB. It was the 2 Rivers which was refunded.

  32. Anon999

    I’m with you John. I would love to see BB complete and occupied, but I’d be stupid (even more stupid than I have been to date!) to not see the writing on the wall. Common sense tells me that the fact that BB is part of a much wider issue means that at some point it too will be picked up by administrators and thrown in one big HP melting pot, leaving us in no better a position than those who have ‘invested’ in other projects that haven’t even broken ground. I really hope I’m wrong but am still waiting to hear something positive from someone other than HP that things can work out.

    Fdnrm, I see no reason not to believe you, but you do appear to be the only one who is happy with their investment, and one happy investor really doesn’t do much to negate all of the other concerns. Thank you for sharing anyway, I appreciate you taking the time. If you are prepared to say more I would be interested to learn when you reached your settlement with HP. Was it recently?

  33. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous 5.01 yet again the anti HP pack are out. If you don’t believe me, fine, don’t. But don’t come on here making unsubstantiated statements about who I am and who my “affiliates” are. My answer was to Anon 999 so run along like a good boy and find someone else to annoy. Isn’t your tea ready yet?

  34. 95

    How are you getting rental if you haven’t taken delivery?

  35. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Anon999 no it was aprox 2-3 years ago. Too lazy to get the file out with the exact details. The only thing I would say is that there are aprox 3500 investors, so there are a large majority who don’t come on here, some of those could also be happy, but I could not resume to speak for them.

  36. If this helps you in any way, you will not get a refund from HP in one payment, and your first offer will be eye wateringly painful – I have been down that route – recently.

    If it was a SIPP investment you need to do something about it now.

    I will explain more if you want to e mail me

  37. Anon999

    Personally speaking, I am trying to remain as impartial as I can in the vague hope that a wave of happy investors come forward in the way that fdnrm has, which would give some hope that things could work out. However, the fact that only 1 has out of 6,000 investors speaks volumes.

  38. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous 5.14 (I assume you are not the other anonymous prat) My cabana is one of the 300 completed, but I have not taken legal title yet.

  39. john Delhirro

    HI thank you for the help,so let me understand this your cabana at bb is finished and you closed on the property and you have the deed? I really have not heard this from anyone .I am now 4months behind just in interest payments and like I said before I believe at least St Vincent if it can be completed will be a very good investment especially when and if airport is completed.I feel so strongly about St vincent that My partners and I have sent a Term sheet to Mr Aims about this project and was hoping to hear from him.I have not however heard from him or our offer so this has me worried because if everything is on the up and up than we should have heard something or like I said before maybe he has something else in the works .I woul stop all my project here in NY right now and move to sent Vincent just to finish this project myself if we can come to some kind of deal but I am hoping too much maybe we will see.

  40. Anon999

    Fdnrm, does that mean you have not yet had to pay up in full or take out a mortgage? But HP are paying you the renal income?

  41. Anonymous

    @FDNRM I’m fairly confident that I’m not a prat, so hopefully not. Just wanted to know the same as Anon999 has just asked — I don’t understand how you’re receiving rental from something that you don’t legally own>

  42. john Delhirro

    I would love to know does HP own the land on ST Vincent?

  43. Anonymous and Anon999

    You will just get yourself agitated trying to communicate with FDNRM.

    What does it take for people to realise they only have a certain amount of time to claim against the IFA’s… the finance will never happen because it just does not stack up!

    Even Yorkipoo and FDNRM must have come to the conclusion that things are not good – especially when TailorMade have dropped the harlequin brand?
    Please read:

  44. Anon999

    It’s worth noting that fdnrm cut a deal with HP 2-3 years ago, when perhaps things were a bit rosier in the world of HP which makes his case very believable. I just wish I had done the same as I don’t expect you would get the same offer today. In my opinion, I don’t honestly believe that Ames went into this wishing to scam anyone, but rather lost control along the way and has been digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself as time has gone on, and has now reached/ is reaching the point of no return. He probably still genuinely believes that the day will come when BB is fully booked with guests paying top dollar all year round and the business can stand on it’s own 2 feet. Which I am hoping for as I stand to lose a lot of money, but can’t honestly see. I’m just waiting for the bad news.

  45. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @JD/Anon 999/ Anonymous, I really don’t want to go into all my personal details here. However very basically I originally bought my cabana in 2006, the resort was opened aprox 2 years ago which included my property. I was offered to complete the legal process before Christmas which has not been completed yet.

  46. john Delhirro

    I also would love to know was Gareth Fatchette the lawyer who just won the case againist Hp for the six investors

  47. BBaywatch

    @john Delhirro – FYI – part of the BB site has been registered to a Harlequin company (based in SVG only) and my local Vincentian contacts tell me that the title to the rest is either unclear or disputed. The forthcoming Panorama programme may shed more light on this.

  48. john Delhirro

    Thank you for the help .

  49. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Paul Walton, I’m trying to have a sensible discussion with Anon 999 and Anonymous and you just have to butt in with your silly comments and links. I notice you are changing your approach now, don’t go for HP go for the IFAs. By the way these comments are your own and not the Harlequin investor group so stop hiding and use your own monicker or even go back to Grust Grust.

  50. john Delhirro

    Thank you Baywatch this could be helpfull if all else should fail .

  51. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @JD, I think you will find he has won Jack Shit apart from £6500 from Dan Dalligan. However Fatchett has confirmed that HP own 19 acres at BB

  52. Now, now FDNRM you have been quite polite until now, I am mearly telling people they have options especially if they invested via a SIPP – could you explain whats wrong with that?

    I am sorry I did not realise it was a forum only for you?

  53. BBaywatch

    Anon999 – reality check, BB fails to get anywhere near full occupancy (just read the more sensible reviews and there are numerous mentions of trips being cancelled etc due to low numbers) – and don’t believe the guff about it being impossible to fill it up without the new airport. BB isn’t the only luxury resort within SVG, and Bequia and other islands have been bucking the general trend in The Caribbean and doing outstanding business for the last couple of years. Villa rental companies are suggesting that to avoid disappointment in 2014 that bookings should be made now!

  54. No my process has always been go after all of them and I have and will continue.

  55. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Paul Walton. Yes it is! Now go away and let me have my moment in the limelight. 🙂

  56. john Delhirro

    Thank you, so my next question who owns the rest of the land at BB or is that all the land for the project

  57. FDNRM
    Opps sorry I will leave you alone 🙂

    can you shorten your name?

  58. Fatchett does not represent me.

    No it has a certain ring to it, and is accurate.

  59. 95

    Have you continued to receive your 10% guaranteed return for every month this year?

  60. Anon999

    I’m getting my 10% as regular as clockwork. 10% of sweet F/A of course.

  61. john Delhirro

    I am trying to understand this, you still are recieveing 10% on your investment and never missed a payment.I have not recieved a payment in 4months

  62. Max

    I am an investor in BB since early 2007, cancelled one contract with difficulty and they would only repay over 24 months only now they have stopped paying, so contract broken, also stopped paying the interest on my other. Told each year it will be next year, sorry folks I think the party is over we are all going to lose,

  63. @Max
    If it’s a SIPP investment
    Its my understanding that if you go down this route the claim will be to put you in the same position that you were prior to the investment, that said you would be much better seeking legal advice.& soon
    Kind regards.
    Paul Walton

  64. john Delhirro

    Max did you ever get payed in full for the canceled contract ?Max thank you for your help

  65. Anon999

    I wish I could disagree with you Max but am in a similar position to yourself. I’m hoping that the HP owner directors will feel threatened enough by the prospect of going to jail that they will offer some level of compensation. The fact that they are firing out emails telling everyone how wonderful BB is and apologising for missed payments makes me think they are taking the SFO threat very seriously and are trying to cover their arse’s.

  66. I have posted a comment awaiting the OK… were you SIPP investors?
    You may still have some options…
    Paul Walton

  67. Anon999

    Hi Paul. I was a cash investor…..which I guess leaves me screwed?

  68. john Delhirro

    Gareth Facette do you have a email to get in touch with you and discuss what is going on as far as you are concerned

  69. john Delhirro

    Yes I am the same a cash investor

  70. John, Max Annon 999

    Well the SIPP investors have a fall back granted, and are in a better position.

    However, the first batch of people Gareth got the money back for were cash investors.. I think they invested around 2007 ?

    It may be better for you both to email me on the gmail account and maybe we can speak or email – better than all this public stuff?
    All the best Paul

  71. Anthony75

    @HIVG, have they received the refund or is it in the process?

  72. To be honest the terms are confidential and I do not know, I did ask and thats what I was told.

  73. 212

    John Delhirro, ignore Fatchett, he is part of the Harlequin set-up and is here to paint a falsely positive picture of Harlequin.
    Listen to Harlequin Investor Group NW, or just look at what has been achieved to date and what is currently going on and draw what reasonable conclusion you can come to yourself. I think Max’s comment is accurate, but I would not give up, even as a cash buyer. If the directors have D and O insurance, you can sue them personally for insolvent trading, misrepresentation, you name it. You can go after an IFA if you bought through one, Ames and Harlequin have assets that have value – you may be able to recover something, but not if you delay. Contact lawyers immediately.

  74. Do not give up, drop me a line and if I can help I will, I am an investor and trying to get my money back.
    PS you refer to FDNRM not the ‘real’ Gareth Fatchett.

    It may for you to email me on the gmail account and maybe we can speak or email – better than all this public stuff?
    All the best Paul

  75. 212

    Apologies, FDNRM is the one that should be ignored, not the real Gareth Fatchett.

  76. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous7.20 wish you would change your name on here. I confused between the nasty anonymous and reasonable one. Perhaps I will just put you down as the O’Halloran/Newman troll?

  77. Lighthouse

    Saw this online

    Oh dear, dear. SIPP providers are up a gum tree now. I fear for the direct investors as they may be left holding the baby.

  78. Lighthouse

    Good news that some of our advisers mates on here will be able to pay some redress out to investors. I am sure with the commissions they earned this will not be too much of a problem.

  79. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @HIGnw I take it you are agreeing with the post above your comment. That would be mine then!

  80. anonymous55

    Erica and paul – i support you all the way. IMHO massive mis-representation and mis-selling. ( in all the presentations i have seen and born witness to NOT once was it made clear that this is and was an un-regulated investment and that hence not covered by the fscs- all the spin was positive and never about the “high risk elements” e.g unregulated, contracts abroad, non escrow, no funding as such,no planning, existing court cases etc

    ‘m not sure any investor will have a “fallback guaranteed”. as this is unregulated and the fsa have clearly said no fscs protection. you may be able to claim on sipp/ifa/fs pi insurance but given the level of investments we are talking about this protection may be limited in how much compensation available ( and if the vast majority of sales are by the same “companies” with the same “sipp” providers the money can only go so far.). plus quite often the FS/IFA’s acted as “introducers” . they then transacted the sales through their “overseas” “alternative investments” “sipp” arms of the companies (all set up as separate ltd companies). dot the dots. if the FSA do go after the regulated arm of the business (if they are still trading of course) there may be little money there. ( it’s all been banked under a separate arm of the business). thus FSA fines / retribution may only be possible by the fsa regulated firm? . please correct me if i am wrong

    for ease of reference will go by anonymous55

  81. Please all read and take note:
    We have had a team working on the technical rules around SIPP.
    We have already sent letters of claim to SIPP providers inviting them to explain why they did such little due diligence on Harlequin investments.
    From our review of the pension transfer advice we have seen :-
    – most SIPPs invested 80%+ of the available fund. Some as high as 100%.
    – all rely on the value of the property to increase to allow the 70% loan at the back end.
    – we see no evidence of any 70% loan to complete.
    – movement of final salary schemes losing very valuable benefits.
    – pension liberation
    – no consideration of what would happen if the member dies. Remember after 2 years HMRC require the estate to transfer the assets out. If not, a 55% tax charge.
    – not one single piece of advice actually tells you that the Harlequin investment is high risk. Most say nothing.
    – it is clear that some advisers have allowed their authorisation to be used to put through any transfer. They will rue that decision.
    – it is clear that some of the biggest IFA firms have been involved. Where was the compliance oversight ?
    – All SIPP contracted with a Caribbean company and paid the money to the UK company. We are waiting an explanation of this with interest.
    We know from the FSA rules most advisers will have £1.5m – £2m of Professional Indemnity Insurance. This will be inadequate. Therefore, the early claims will have the most chance of receiving redress from the professional indemnity insurer.
    All in all, a complete pigs ear. Regulatory Legal Solicitors and Pannone LLP are making precautionary claims for investors with pension based investments.
    The writing is on the wall for IFA’s / SIPP providers. They know, we know and we suspect pension investors know. Time to protect yourself.
    We can turn round pension letters of claim in under 24 hours. Better to act with caution is our strong advice.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  82. anonymous55

    HIVG. my point exactly. i feel for you all going through sleepless nights and it’s easy for people to give up in the face of legal costs/threats. i’m fighting a court action instigated by my previous employers and i’ve refused to settle their claim and sign and sign an “nda” . even if i lose and get a “judgement against me ” i will have the chance to “air their laundry” so to speak and for me this is far more important than looking after my own interests.

  83. anonymous55

    maybe just maybe some posters on here are just trying to make the threads so long with their pointless posts that it is very hard to follow all the comments/posts on here without going back to all the original headlines and then checking the threads/comments.(as only the latest are shown and easy access without searching). and some are just mindless name calling/bitching/pointless comments. perhaps BFP could delete all of the irrelevant posts so as just to leave those that have some actual factual comment/real reasons to post ( not hard to distinguish) and then investors may have a better idea of the real concerns that face them. i know difficult as an open blog but threads getting so long with pointless twaddle that the “real concerns” may get missed (maybe put an archive for other comments”. just a suggestion BFP

  84. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @anonymous55, thats censorship. Who decides what is irrelevant? You?

  85. casual observer

    All of your posts and Yorkiepoo’s for a start. That will thin the threads down to begin with, and we can all go from there.

  86. 95

    Censorship? So, say if I paid expensive lawyers to get any content I didn’t like removed from any website I could get to, would that be censorship?

  87. Anon55 good luck with fight
    all the best

  88. 71

    Paul Walton, I would be interested in contacting you as per your kind offer above. I will try and email later today.

  89. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous 55 and 95. EH BFP? Get it. Posters come on here because BFP will not be shut down.
    @Casual observer. You just prove the point, silly comment.

  90. anonymous55

    fdnrm. i did not say “censorship”. this is a free and open discussion and all are entitled to their opinion you included. what i said was to get rid of all the “spam” e.g name calling, i know who you are, bla bla bla, pointless comments that have no relevance to the actual debate and will clog up the system and make it harder for all concerned to this clarifies

  91. Anonymous

    Hear, hear annoymous55

  92. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @anonymous55. what constitutes a pointless comment? I understand your point completely. In fact I think the BFP need a new server to cope. However although I’m sure some people would like my contribution deleted, who decides what stays and what would go?

  93. casual observer


    “@Casual observer. You just prove the point, silly comment.”

    My my, we are touchy! That was a joke, in line with so many of your own posts.

    Seriously, this blog is run by BFP and they have every right to censor it, and even ban any of us. They have already explained that so far they been very patient.

    Internet threads may not be the best way to keep in touch with behind the mainstream media goings-on, but it is all we have got. It is a great pity this medium is abused.

    We will not get an anarchist society until we are all anarchists. Try William Godwin, “An Enquiry Into Political Justice”.

  94. casual observer

    “Enquiry Concerning Political Justice”, my apologies.

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