“Gimme a ticket to Barbados, one way”

Funny, sad… and a little bit of de truth!

Avicii vs Nicky Romero: I could be the one.


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6 responses to ““Gimme a ticket to Barbados, one way”

  1. Alicia Osborne

    OMG!! This is so funny. But so much truth with a bit of over-exaggeration.

  2. Neco Ifill

    A lot of mixed feelings about this one. Let’s hope it brings the tourist.

  3. big bamboo

    It will bring a certain type of tourists to the boys on the beach. It’s been happening for many generations. Why the fuss and doubt? It is as much a part of the Caribbean vacation experience as the sun and the beach.

  4. mrcorrecto

    who else would touch such a ugly woman.excellent let us sell as we always have barbados as a place where a woman fat ,ugly,90 years old can buy a black boy to serve her needs .it is a wonderful place .if you are lacking of any morals,a atheist,a drunk,a pervert,a low class trailer trash tourist.
    well done. and sadly the exact truth.

  5. 142

    this ad is a whole heap of crap that does not promote anything about barbados it is trying to degrade barbados an its not helping in no way open your eyes stop sleeping does it not potrays bim as a sex sale destination?hmmm

  6. Klooae

    Drugs? Sex with strangers? Drinking until you don’t remember where you are? Come to Barbados!

    Who did this advertisement? What were they thinking? Tell me the BTA doesn’t have anything to do with this!