Harlequin, Barbados Free Press hit with Court Order

Charles Ponzi never worked for Harlequin... but he could have!

Charles Ponzi never worked for Harlequin… but he could have!

“By the look of this latest court order BFP presumes that Daniel Dalligan and Harlequin have been caught with their pants down (so to speak) spewing untruths about Mr. Fatchett and Regulatory Legal Solicitors.”

BFP receives email from Gareth Ward Fatchett and Regulatory Legal Solicitors

If we at Barbados Free Press read the documents correctly – on Monday, March 4, 2013, His Honour Judge Seymour of the Queen’s Bench Division in the High Court of Justice did a court order against Daniel Dalligan and Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited, prohibiting Dalligan and Harlequin from publishing words claiming that Gareth Fatchett and Regulatory Legal Solicitors are not legitimate, licensed lawyers.

Mr. Fatchett sent us a copy of the court order and a copy of his Practising Certificate proving that he is a solicitor in good standing. At the end of this article we publish the court order and Mr. Fatchett’s certificate. It sure looks to us that Mr. Fatchett and Regulatory Legal Solicitors are legitimate, hard working lawyers.

Mr. Fatchett alerted us to a couple of comments on Barbados Free Press where a person wrote that Fatchett and Regulatory Legal Solicitors were not legitimate and had linked to another website where someone had uploaded a little diatribe about Mr. Fatchett. We’re going to take down those comments and any others like that when folks inform us, just like the order say. But don’t forget Mr. Fatchett: this is a part-time do-as-we-can blog so it can take us a day or two to check the email and clear the comments. With over a quarter of a million comments on this blog plus thousands of spam comments every month it takes us some time to sort through things. So doan be too quick on the draw when you fire off those legal bullets, okay? Sit back, have a shot of Mount Gay an give us some time to sober up and check de email.  🙂

Regulatory Legal Solicitors

It looks to us that lawyer Gareth Fatchett and Regulatory Legal Solicitors are representing some disgruntled Harlequin investors and that some persons who support Harlequin started to attack Mr. Fatchett by leaving comments at forums on the web and here at BFP. 

Not too long ago BFP exposed a Harlequin supporter who was posting under many names, attacking people critical of Dave Ames and Harlequin. See our article North Somerset Council Harlequin supporter uses many identities to pump positive vibes about Harlequin, David Ames

This person called themselves “Harlisuccess” and we wondered at the time:

“Is “Harlisuccess” a David Ames employee group or one person?

Is “Harlisuccess” a customer pumping up the Harlequin organisation so they can offload their “investment”?

Whoever they are, all the comments left by “Harlisuccess” share one trait: they come from the same internet number belonging to the North-Somerset Council in Woking…”

… from BFP’s article here.

With thousands of Harlequin investors at risk, there is bound to be some discussion and nasty business on the internet. Harlequin and David Ames have led the way in sending in their Carter-Ruck lawyers to attack anyone who asks questions about where the money went and why only 300 units have been built. The Harlequin lawyers have been very aggressive and it doesn’t surprise us at all if some folks at Harlequin have also been attacking Mr. Fatchett on the internet.

By the look of this latest court order we presume that Daniel Dalligan and Harlequin have been caught with their pants down (so to speak) spewing untruths about Mr. Fatchett and Regulatory Legal Solicitors.

If Daniel Dalligan and Harlequin want to share their side of the story, we’d be happy to bring it to BFP’s readers as we have done before for Harlequin and Dave Ames. They know how to get in touch with us!

Marcus, Editor BFP

Fatchett v Dalligan – Order 04 03 13

Gareth Fatchett – Practising Certificate 2012-13


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21 responses to “Harlequin, Barbados Free Press hit with Court Order

  1. Hi All,let me get shot down by the HP pro lobby.

    This is Paul Walton and I am working with Erica. I can only comment about Gareth Fatchett from my own dealing and experiences with him, I have no other interest other than telling it,how it is.

    I have several friends who are solicitors, but even on ‘mates rates’ it would take ages and a small fortune to get a solicitor up to speed with the HP saga, correct?

    Anyway, about a month ago I contacted Gareth. Since then I have received literally hundreds of e-mails or calls all times of the day and night including weekends, he always come back to me…. Something very rare indeed for solicitors in my experience? Agreed?

    I was aware of this Daniel Dalligan issue earlier, but its not my place post it, I am Glad Gareth has… It says a lot and what levels some people will stoop to.

    With my meeting with Dave Ames HP really did not want Gareth to be involved, for me that also speaks volumes. And before anyone says it I have not had any discounts or deals etc.

  2. That would be Daniel Dalligan Network Sales Director Harlequin rather silly of him….. If you are going to post something about a solicitor of all people make sure you can back it up!

  3. Fathett does not represent me.

    I can understand Fatchett defending his professional qualifications, but I hope I have not read that any links to 3 rd part articles are being deleted, censored.

  4. john Delhirro

    I need to get MR Fatchett phone number can anyone help me.Thank You

  5. Fathett does not represent me.

    If anyone calls me “lying Harlequin scum” or any other name I’m off to see Judge Seymour sharpish.

  6. Anon - reasons unknown

    I recommended that a distressed Harlequin investor contact Gareth Fatchett and I was so glad I did, despite the libellous rubbish being posted here.

    He has performed for, and communicated with, that investor outstandingly – the best shot they have at this stage.

    He also communicated with me with queries I had relating to rubbish posted here, with full substantiation, well into the night at various times. The guy (and his firm) are plunging all resources into this, and I’m very happy I recommended them to my investor friend.

    I have no doubts regarding their integrity.

  7. Anon - reasons unknown

    You’re a f**king twat, 36.

  8. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Tut tut Annon. That’s not very nice is it.

  9. BBaywatch

    Well done BFP – if only more people stood up to the neo-colonialist bully boys!

  10. anonymous37

    i have met with various ” harlequin employees” in the past as and “adviser” within a FS company that sold this was asked why i was not “on board” so to speak. i answered “i have done my own DD and referred the contract to a soliciltor” . xstony silence and no comeback whatsoever….

  11. Mr Blue

    BBwatch, “neo-colonialist”………really? I thought we were on the same page. Don’t blame all your problems on the white man.

  12. 83

    I would like to think Mr Daniel Dalligan is having disciplinary action taken against him, I wonder what would make Harlequins network sales director do such a thing?

    Quite embarrassing for Mr Ames??

  13. Thats odd, I posted the 83 comment?? anyway
    SFO involvment now public……. court orders against sales directors of HP not looking good is it?

  14. BBaywatch

    Mr Blue – with the very greatest of respect, be very careful of your assumptions. Just because I am opposed to Harlequin in every way does not mean that I unconditionally support the “investors”. From the very beginning the business model was predicated on keeping as much money as possible away from the islands where development was going to take place, provide little local partnership beyond servitor level and ignore ecological considerations relevant to the developments.

    In my opinion the ethics of the way that they were doing business were simply unacceptable and the object unsustainable.

    A simple test – in the beginning Harlequin planned to make the beach at Buccament Bay private – is this a problem? Answer yes or no.

    If the answer is no then can I suggest a little re-education in Caribbean history and law?

    A Vincentian national was the first to draw attention to the issue of privatisation of the beach on TA and was the first of the public whistle blowers. There has been plenty of information about Harlequin in public forums since 2005/2006 which should have flagged up concerns to anyone contemplating investment. Yes, I know many of you were mislead and no doubt some were lied to and now many find yourselves in a very desperate situation and have my sympathies. I do wish you all well in resolving these issues.

  15. J chalmers

    The investors are not the only losers in this sad tale the people of St Vincent will lose jobs and revenue if BB collapses and what of the money invested in the airport without BB visitors and imagine the headlines St Vincentian citizen guilty of fraud it’s not going to do the islands reputation any good that’s for sure.Someone has got a lot to answer for besides Ames and co.

  16. Harleconned

    Oh right, so you would rather people just carried on handing over hard earned money, pensions and re-mortgaging their houses. Well clever!

  17. New information about our action against Harlequin Property.

    We, CPC Worldwide Ltd, have organised 3 meetings next month in London to help the investors with the Harlequin.
    The QC, a top UK lawyer ( with a track record in Civil Fraud) as well as a top[ insolvency practitioner will be present at the meeting to give individual advice and guidance to each client’s case.
    The initial meeting is free of charge and if you decide to stay with us the cost will be kept to a minimum. If you can’t attend our meeting we can still represent you.

    Contact us:
    Email: cpcholding@europe.com
    Tel: 0191 386 2487

  18. Kevinp

    As an investor trying to get my money back to find out that th UK HO has applied to go into administration with the high court all the limbs of this grand con that have already been fleece will disappear along with mine and everyone else’s money. It’s always the way when after hearing a flurry of good news BS from Mr Ames that the bitter reality follows and all implodes. This is the start of what we all knew.

  19. Harlisuccess

    I am not the least bit desperate, since I have no invo;vement with Harlequin whatsoever. I just do not like to see interfering troublemakers trying to boost their economy at the expense of other island communities. You do nothing to sort out your own island’s problems, choosing to bury your head in the sand. Truth and reality are not wanting to be heard by you.YOUR situation is getting more desperate by the day and YOUR response is pathetic.

  20. Harlisuccess

    St George and the Dragon
    Seeing as you put yourself forward as an expert on statistics, please let us know your view on the following: Why is Barbados infection rate 50% higher than on other Caribbean islands?
    Quote from another thread: ” Growing up in Barbados, things that have happened to visitors and locals that tourists would not know2 BFP/TA
    Comments please!

  21. Yatinkiteasy

    And I don’t like to see crooks coming to the Caribbean, buying real estate and carrying out massive frauds by promising developments that they are totally incapable of and leaving eyesores of unfinished hotels, leaving suppliers and employees unpaid, and robbing pensioners of their life savings.