Beginning of the end for Harlequin Properties and Dave Ames? Court petitioned to freeze business and personal assets.

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Harlequin Properties stunner! SIPP-Pension investors advised to act immediately

Prior Updates…

URGENT: Barbados Free Press under attack!

Some folks want to discourage discussion about Harlequin

Wednesday, March 13, 2013   1am Bridgetown

Friends, the number of comments on this story is over 1,300 – a new record for Barbados Free Press. Combine those comments with our other news articles about Harlequin and Dave Ames and there are almost 3,000 comments here at BFP.

The Harlequin discussion is carried on primarily by two kinds of people… desperate investors hoping to understand and get their money out somehow, and people who see no wrong by Dave Ames and Harlequin. Some of the second group use different names to post, like Dave Ames’ head of security who got caught trying to infiltrate the discussion without telling his true identity.

Now some people are using techniques to try and block the discussion here at Barbados Free Press. They are inundating us with spam comments trying to sell everything from ice makers to japanese dating sites. Then we have people calling themselves “Yorkiepoo” going for volume to dominate the discussion with garbage comments. This “Yorkiepoo” has to be more than one person because they are here for so many hours. This is way beyond trolling – this must be an organized group trying to stop investors from talking here at BFP.

So who would want to interfere with the Harlequin discussion? (He asked knowingly.)

We’ll do our best to remove asinine and irrelevant comments – but don’t be discouraged. Just talk ya talk and nevermind them others. In response to the attacks, we’ll post this at the top of the blog for a few days so you don’t have to hunt for this very active article. The more they interfere, the more articles we will run and the longer we’ll leave this at the top.

Chickens do come home and we be working on it!

BREAKING UPDATED: Harlequin pays off investors who launched court action!

Saturday March 9, 2013  7:20am Bridgetown

Echo News reports this morning that the Birmingham High Court bid to freeze Harlequin’s and David Ames’ assets was dropped yesterday when a settlement was reached.

Apparently Harlequin paid off six investors represented by Gareth Fatchett of Regulatory Legal, who dropped the court case. Said Fatchett: “Our primary aim was for the return of these investors’ deposits. We now have 20 more investors seeking refunds due to missed completion dates.”

Meanwhile, the H-Hotel construction site in Barbados remains shut down after Harlequin laid off dozens of workers. We haven’t heard anything recently about The Merricks, but we’ll take a drive out of the city on Monday and let folks know.

Echo News: Harlequin Property freezing order bid ends after investors paid out

Here is BFP’s original story first published on March 3, 2013…

Will Dave Ames dodge SFO bracelets?

Will Dave Ames dodge SFO bracelets?

Financial Services Authority also investigating Harlequin and Ames

A high court action will start in Birmingham on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 against Harlequin Property and David Ames. This, according to investigative journalists Russell Myers and Sharon Churcher of the Mail on Sunday.

“Legal papers will be lodged at the High Court in Birmingham on Tuesday to freeze the assets of Harlequin Property and its directors in an attempt to claw back money for worried investors.”

The court could deliver a double blow to Harlequin and Ames: freezing all business and personal assets. Plus Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs pensions regulator will act – just as Barbados Free Press first reported several months ago.

As we say in Bim, de chickens coming home…  

“Now hundreds of financial advisers, who convinced investors to cash in their pensions, have been given just two days by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to confirm if any of their clients have SIPP investments in the Essex-based firm, and a further three days to provide all details.

SIPPs are a personal pension plan allowing individuals to cash in their pension to invest in schemes such as property abroad.”

from the Mail Online article:  Tycoon accused of taking £300m from British investors…

Guilty Carter-Ruck Lawyers share responsibility for Harlequin fraud?  

Harlequin’s law firm Carter-Ruck has been instrumental in attacking any worried investors over the last few years – shutting down websites, threatening lawsuits against vocal investors and negotiating payoffs in return for investor silence. It looks to this outsider that the lawyers probably bought another free year for Ames to carry on with his pyramid scheme.

And that brings an interesting thought… How many people ‘invested’ in Harlequin’s disaster over the last year who would not have invested had they been able to discover the truth about Harlequin on some of websites shut down by Carter Ruck? How many investors were taken in the last year because Carter-Ruck was so successful in shutting down news of Harlequin’s troubles and the stories of worried investors? Carter-Ruck did a cover-up job of disgruntled investors and made sure they wouldn’t tell others.

Should the Carter-Ruck lawyers in any way be held accountable for damages and losses caused because of their heavy handed suppression of the truth about Harlequin?

Guilty Governments

And what about the Caribbean governments that welcomed Harlequin and David Ames with open arms and continued to support the dodgy operations even when it became obvious that the whole thing was a house of cards?

With little regulation and no requirement that Harlequin put deposits in a trust account, Barbados and the other guilty governments were like executioners leading foreign investors up the scaffold. This wasn’t just ‘wilful blindness’, it was out and out betrayal of foreign investors.

How much did Harlequin/Ames give to politicians for ‘campaign donations’? Perhaps the UK court will get to the bottom of that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath because suitcases full of cash are seldom noted in dodgy business records.

Guilty Pension Advisors

The pensions industry jumped on board the Harlequin runaway train, or rather they threw their investors on the tracks in front of the train.

Harlequin sellers were paid 30% commission. For 30% many sales people would betray their own mothers – and some probably did.

Now the Brit authorities are moving to limit further damages to pensions. Better late than never. As one of our readers sent to us…

“Hi guys, have look at today’s issue of IFAonline.

The net is closing on dear old Dave. All of his sources of income have been cut off now – no more IFA business, no more SIPP business and hopefully no one else remortgaging their houses to the hilt.

The UK equivalent of Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford is about to hit the news….”

FSA probes pension providers over Harlequin Property holdings

Harlequin Property payment problems ‘now severe’


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1,467 responses to “Beginning of the end for Harlequin Properties and Dave Ames? Court petitioned to freeze business and personal assets.

  1. We have spoken to many investors over the weekend, some have terrible stories to tell. Some have invested their whole life savings, some re-mortgaged their homes,some SIPP investments – its awful, some of the investors have no idea what to do next or who to turn to…… If you can please visit our meeting next Saturday 9th March


  2. E

    They shut down my website by threatening injunctive relief.
    They will not shut down my meeting on Saturday in Manchester

  3. Harleconned

    I hope carter-ruck get what they deserve too, after protecting this Ponzi scheme for so long. They should hang their heads in shame. We will stand together and fight for what is ours!!

  4. BBaywatch

    An interview in The Guardian newspaper (UK) with Dominic Carman, Son of Sir George QC, suggested that his fathers reputation and involvement was sufficient to prevent injured parties from taking action when they were wronged. Most noticeably in the case of the sex offender Jimmy Savile Carman fils, accepted that his fathers action in representing Savile may have prevented him being called to book in his lifetime.

    The English legal system embodies the principal that barristers are like taxis, available for hire to anyone who hails them, but in the case of UK libel laws ( which are widely acknowledged to be archaic ) the role of pre eminent council appears to be warping and denying justice to the commoner. That the chambers of Carter Ruck are associated with what appears to be a major scandal should at the very least cause some introspection on their part, if not review of the law in general.

    As I have posted on another thread I expect the government of SVG to move rapidly to disassociate themselves from any connection to Ames and Harlequin as this scandal unfolds.

  5. If we stick to facts and the truth, no need to fear Carter Ruck.

  6. yatiniteasy

    Come on Harlisuccess, tell us about the latest wonderful review on TA of BB…as if it matters now.

  7. Anon - reasons unknown

    Or how Harlequin are saying everything is still OK. So it must be.

  8. New Stuff

    Harlisuccess is probably crafting a post to tell the world that the genius Mr Ames should be knighted by the Queen for services rendered to the legal profession.

    There is only one thing he will be doing at Her Majesty’s Pleasure and it isn’t having a sword touched on his shoulder.

  9. 216

    I think he is fighting the Queen for the imodium tablets right now so cannot be on here…….lol

  10. Rastaman

    How come the same cannot happen with CLICO?

  11. 73

    Bravo for drawing attention to this firm of lawyers and explaining this situation as perfectly as you have. I really hope that this element is appropriately examined in the fullness of time.


    Rastaman@ the dam crook lawyers in this all the way , 600 of the lawyers will fall , watch the count , They all cant be stupid , but those who know turn a blind eye and give lawyers talk like others on BU. We on to them, we not running and CLICO pays well to keep them and us at Bay ,All need to stop paying CLICO and watch them drop out of all things .
    investigative journalists is what we dont have , just people who report , dam lazy and chicken shit ,, We do the best we can to say what we see , More to come on all the Fraud ,,,DLP and BLP will watch them like a Hawk

  13. Yorkiepoo

    From my research this looks like a bit of a red herring. As far as I am aware all assets in buildings and cash are owned by a SVG company well away from the jurisdiction of the UK courts,
    I have a feeling the investors are being taken for a ride by a lawyer panicking them and promising recovery of money they have no ability to do so merely to generate fees.

  14. Still no reply to our ivitation to the meeting from Mr Ames…….

  15. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Still no reply from Waltonpaul AKA Grust Grust on why don’t you give the £45k you were offered by HP to the workers at BB when they cannot be paid due to frozen assets.

  16. If Mr Ames paid me in line with my contract……… not staged payments who knows……

  17. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorkiepoo, I’ve just posted this on another thread, but it tends to back up your opinion.

  18. @36.
    @36 come along and ask yourself if you are so worried. Pennone will also be there if you don’t like Mr Fatchett

  19. Yorkiepoo

    My comment was not based upon personalities or the like, my question was if the British Courts had the jurisdiction to make a ruling against a company that id based in SVG? If not then don’t waste your time spending money on a UK lawyer to pursue a company in the UK who has no assets.
    Some lawyers see desparate people as cash-cows, is this the case here?

  20. Well Well

    Hee, hee, hee

  21. 72

    Do not listen to Yorkiepo. There is assets in UK that can be frozen, then more action in SVG later.

  22. Yorkiepoo

    If that is the case then fine, what surprises me is that through the newspapers Harlequin have been forewarned of the legal challenge that is looming, I’m sure Ames is no fool and when you get to the UK cupboard it will be bare. All I am asking is are we sure there is sufficient assets in the UK to commence proceedings?

  23. ‘fatchett does not represent me’ – you should be ashamed! people have invested their life pensions and all you can offer is cruel comments??!!

  24. It depends on the type of investment, SIPP or cash there are options in the UK not always against HP.

  25. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Harlequininvestorsgroupnw (aka Grust Grust) No5/Pannone? that is a different choice. I think not! From the Free Library 2013
    “For 2013, No5 have put together a legal team with Regulatory Legal and national law firm Pannone LLP to develop an investor protection proposition. The joint venture has been called Risk Warning.”
    Come on, I thought you would at least be honest!

  26. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorkiepoo, What I dont understand how there can be a legal challenge in the legal team do not have a mandate. There has not even been a meeting yet. Who do they think they represent? Not 3500 investors thats for sure. Or perhaps its themselves to generate their own fees and commissions. As I’ve asked before without an answer “is this no win no fee”

  27. Yorkiepoo

    Fatchett doesn’t represent me – The answer is I don’t know the answer to the question. I was only stating what was said in the MOS article that legal papers would be submitted tomorrow. i have no idea if its no win no fee, I doubt it, there is usually a fixed fee plus a % of any recovery.In my opinion a UK challenge will be fruitless its the assetts in the carribean that is worth anything. I have to be clear I have no connection to HP, but I do know alot about what has gone on and we are only scratching the surface – infact the truth is better than the rubbish written so far in the Mail on Sunday!!

  28. E

    @Fatchett does not represent you, The Harlequin Investor group has been set up by me My Name is Erica Broughton @ Harlequin Property I am no longer afraid of the Carter Ruck gagging order

    There may not be 3,500 people at this first meeting but I am sure there will be a good turn out.

    Come and meet me and shake my hand

  29. Yorkiepoo

    Erica – I understand you suspended your website whilst you negotiated a settlement with Mr Ames – How did negotions progress?

  30. E

    They didnt after several email between Carter Ruck and myself I had to suspend the website as they threatened injunctive relief.

    I cannot sit back and stay quiet anymore.

  31. Fatchett does not represent me
    come to the meeting and find out?

  32. Well done to Erica Broughton and Paul Walton who refuse to be intimidated!

  33. If HP refuse to honour the contract regarding the refund process, and offer staged payments over 18 months and charge over 60% in fees what do they expect? Seems a little excessive? And a NDA….

  34. E

    Awww Paul hope your enjoying your holiday leaving me to all the hard work!!
    It is what Harlequin call business why not go for a resale lol and then you can pass on your wonderful investment to somebody else like 36 who would just love to take it of your hands!

  35. Yes, that too was mentioned in the meeting, as well as completing in April!
    Will be flying back soon…. see you Tuesday!!

  36. Mr Blue

    I hope you’re not holidaying at BB Paul!

    Erica, any plans to unlock your website again?

  37. @Fatchett does not represent me
    In the absence of any other groups or people who are prepared to stand up and be counted, what do you recommend investors do who want their money back?

    You lost £6k when you ‘apparently’ got a refund? Please correct me if I am wrong…. And did you not say something like, sign a contract and stand by it?

    Pity HP don’t do that. If they did we would have had our money back and that would be the end of it.

  38. yatiniteasy

    There is an interesting TA review from one Tackleupboss on March 1st. He says in it that they had just returned from a one week stay at BB, so his stay was mid to late Feb 2013…the height of the “high season”. The review was as usual, very positive,and I believe it to be an honest review from a guest, not an investor . However, this one comment caught my attention…”It was an all inclusive deal with 4 restaurants available. More are planned. Because occupancy was light during our stay 2 of them did not operate every night.”
    If occupancy was light in Feb, imagine how low it will be in the coming months? How can BB support what has been reported to be 351 staff, with that level of occupancy as reported.

  39. Yorkiepoo

    Well good luck – I think you will need it, I think most assets will be long gone, 40p in the pound may be alot better than when your a creditor to a bankrupt company, poor offer but might be the best you will get!

  40. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @E Now now Erica, just when I thought we were getting on, the sarcarstic comment comes out. No need for that.
    @GG, yes I did lose £6K and I’ve explained how and why. If HP pay your interest then you loose it off the payback. Quite correct.

  41. Yorkiepoo

    Fatchett – No thats not quite correct is it, the delays to the project have made investors incurr additional interest cost they would not have suffered had the projects been delivered in accordance with the contract. Non-completion should result in Harlequin paying for any lossess including interest charges for breach of contrat? Is that not reasonable?

  42. @Yorkiepoo
    many thanks….. but to be paid over 12-18

  43. Yorkiepoo

    Well that offer is poor because there is no way Harlequin willl be around in 12-18 weeks never mind months!

  44. Now I hope you know why I refused it, and any conditions that would have come with the offer

  45. 100

    How can anyone defend Harlequin? Some, like Fatchett/36, may have an investment in BB and want to protect that. But as we all know, all the “developments” are interlinked and funds co mingled. I don’t see how an investor in BB is protected from the stark lack of action elsewhere as Harlequin have to pay the piper at some point and come up with the money to fulfill their obligations to those people who invested elsewhere and whose money helped build the units at BB that people like 36 own (or not, if title has not passed) Harlequin clearly cannot build what they sold, as evidenced by the fact that have not even started to build what they have sold! 36, you would do well to come over to the Caribbean and see just what Harlequin have done with people’s money who invested in Marquis, Merricks and the three in DR. How can you defend their business practices knowing they took everyone’s money and did less than 5% of what they said they would?If 36 and others at BB get clear title to their property, then they may indeed have something for their money, and one day may get some return or value from the investment. Without title, they are in the same boat as everyone else and when Harlequin goes bust, as it surely will, they too will have lost out. Can people get clear title if they have not paid in full for their property anyway? Most people have “finance” from Harlequin, and if Harlequin own the land, and hopefully have got the necessary block and parcel numbers from planning, what is the hold up in passing title over to those investors?

    Not that it really matters now, but also noting the lack of clarity ever given about the all-inclusive aspect of BB – what amount is being taken from the room rate for the AI supplement to then calculate the share of revenue to the investor? Any BB investor getting regular statements of the rental pool numbers that they can share and advise on the AI supplement? That could explain why guests have to sign even though are there as AI guests, a question that has been asked many times on TA and elsewhere.

  46. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @100 Yet again you misrepresent me. I have not defended HP, only given additional information which does not happen to be the same as many other posters on here. I’m sorry if people have had a bad experience. I HAVE NOT. Now if you want me to make up some negative information just to fit in with the crowd, well tough. And by the way I have been to the caribbean, to BB which I was impressed with. But that is where my investment is. And the delays in the projects have meant no stage payments so no extra interest to come off the value of their property, depending what that value might be. And I have no clue what that is.

  47. homefront

    36/fdnrm is very annoying to some people which is no great deal,but if he was to turn up at the meeting in Manchester and had a similar effect this could look bad on any media coverage. agent provocatuer??

  48. E

    One thing is certain and that I will not be paid off I am aware that this is happening for some people today in light of my meeting! This has got to be a majority agreement not a minority.

    I have had so many private emails encouraging me to carry on and I will as my Husband said this is not now about the money this is about people!

  49. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @homefront, yes it would be interesting if a vote was taken to persue a freezing order. Oh I foregot that is already being done without any mandate from the majority of investors. Perhaps someone can tell me how that works. Its called autocratic not democratic.

  50. E

    Trading insolvently is a crime and if and I do say if that is what Harlequin were doing then this should be stopped it is not up to you to decide that a criminal offence has taken place it is up to the courts to decide

  51. Fathett does not represent me.

    Was that aimed at me Erica? I have not commented on whether a criminal offence has taken place or not. It is not up to an ambulance chaser to put employees from BB out of work. I suggest you read the post on the other thread re workers at BB. What’s more you do not know if HP is trading insolvent.if you get to freeze HP assets then I might counter sue as your actions might cause the loss of home. How would you feel about that?

  52. EddieLizzard2

    Well, I’d like to know how the financial advisors are going to acknowledge the ‘Beginning of the end for Harlequin Properties’. Here is Invest5Star still puffing the HP business model

    Along with a jerky video of Phil Spencer advertising Harlequin saying ‘Would you like to join Phil Spencer as an investor here?’

    Kim Whithey, who flogs Harlequin (dunno if she’s a bona fide Financial Advisor) posted a glowing review on Tripadvisor about her trip wiv hubby to Buccament Bay that was subsequently deleted. Her daughter’s post remains.

    Now really, would you like to join Phil Spencer as an investor here? And did he ever take his own advice? Nah though not.

  53. 100

    Point taken 36/FDNRM, however what would you do if, for example, you had invested in Marquis in 2008? With no construction started or looking likely, and if contracted completion date was past, and Harlequin were not paying/refusing to pay back the monies paid over in accordance with the contract, what are those investors to do? If as has been said this is people’s life savings or pension funds that they are relying on in their retirement, what alternative is there than taking action of the kind they are taking, and setting up an event for investors to compare notes and work out a way to get their money back? All funds were comingled going in, so afraid they may have to be comingled coming out, and BB could well be collateral damage. I would not blame the investors for putting people out of work as they try to get their life savings back, I would blame Harlequin for forcing them into this position. I am sure, whatever happens, a resort will operate on that location for many years and there will be jobs for many years, but due to the mess Ames has put everything in, there may (and maybe not) be short term interruption to the operation of BB.

  54. LB

    WOW – what a witch hunt!! We have invested and would like to see a return soon. however, there HAVE been hitches and we have to accept that. Why invest in this type of project and expect there to be no hitches? I think you should all have put your money into safe, low yielding ISA’s or the such? You seem to want it all – big returns AND no risk!! BB is up and running – the reason for the 2 year 10% payments is because it takes time to build a reputation and good customer base before these resorts start to perform to a good yield, yet you criticize the low up-take there at the moment. If this was a scam, then NO resort would have been built and Harlequin would be long gone with all our money!! All this negative press will only harm the company – and our investments with it!! Anyone realise what they are actually doing here!!!??

  55. Yorkie Poo, Foreign Judgments can be served and serviced in St Vincent and the The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is St Vincents highest court.

  56. E


    Trading insolvently is a crime and if and I do say if that is what Harlequin.

    As you can see I say IF twice I am not certain if that is what they are doing, but the fact remains the same any company which does not have any money is trading illegally and it is not up to you or me to decide whether to take any action it would be up to a court of law not this kangaroo one on here!
    As for trying to take any assets of mine be very careful intimidation is a serious crime also, plus of course I do not own anything anymore as Carter Ruck threatened injunctive relief and so all my assets are no longer my own:)

  57. E

    And more to the point why would you talk about freezing anyones assets if they had not done something wrong pray tell!!

    !!homefront, yes it would be interesting if a vote was taken to persue a freezing order.!!

  58. 100

    LB, you may be burying your head in the sand I am afraid (and by the way, Madoff and Sandford ran their scams for many years before anyone did anything, Madoff chairman of Nasdaq..) The issues at stake are not about returns and hitches, which are indeed normal in overseas property investments. You have put your money with David Ames – someone with no experience whatsoever in resort construction, management, Caribbean property, even running successful businesses having been bankrupt twice. He tried to recruit a resort operator, who scarpered, and has tried to use contractors who also have scarpered along with, it is alleged, US$13m of your money. Not well managed. You know he charges 30% deposits, and you know he pays large commissions to those that sell, as well as pays commissions to himself, as shown in UK filed accounts. You also know he has sold some 6,500 homes (he himself says he sold 1,200 in St Lucia alone back in 2009 which makes that 6,500 perhaps even on the low side) You know he does not have financing in place, you know he has had many legal battles that cost money, that he has purchased a couple of planes and that he has bought two hotels, one of which is costing huge amounts to rebuild. You don’t know due to the lack of accounts, but it has been said by Harlequin staff, that BB was losing millions when it opened. Based on what you know, and based on Ames’s recorded track history of lying and of poor communication, do you not think that building the 6,200 homes he has committed to is a real challenge and people may be forgiven for thinking it will not happen and just want out? It goes way beyond how well BB is operating.

  59. Anon

    Mr Ames said: “Harlequin has not been contacted by the SFO as part of any investigation.

    “This allegation stems from (St Vincent opposition leader Arnheim) Eustace and appears to be politically motivated.

    “As far as Harlequin is concerned there is no reason why the SFO should or would be looking at the company.

  60. Fathett does not represent me.

    @Erica: stop being so sensitive. The “your” was a collective term, not you in particular. More to the point the “freezing of assets” comes from your solicitor mates,not me.

  61. BBaywatch

    Concise and accurate analysis 100, pyramid schemes do have a momentum in the early stages which is a simulacrum of progress and growth; until growing concerns outstrip the ability of investors to turn a blind eye to risk assessment.

    Allying himself with a particular political element in St Vincent may prove to be an unwise move by Mr Ames; as we have seen recently Caribbean elections can be volatile affairs – and unpredictable in outcome. As I have suggested in another thread local intervention cannot be ruled out.

  62. New Stuff


    If one single investor has a contractual right to a refund which isn’t forthcoming then they have the right to seek a freezing order without reference to anyone else. I don’t know why you think the decision should be some kind of democratic process and I haven’t the first clue why you think anyone should come cap in hand for your permission to proceed with such an action.

  63. 254

    Perhaps because they’re not terribly clever, and prefer their general position of wilful denial and head-in-the-sand delusion and supposed optimism.

  64. E

    So true I am due my refund this month so I will be consulting with a independent solicitor Thanks for that chaps 🙂

  65. john Delhirro

    Hi Fatchett I also have my investment in ST Vincent I am almost 2years behind my completesion date . I have been there and yes it is beauitfull but all constructen stopped a long time ago .I also have not recieved my monthly interest payment for the last 3months.I have also found out that some of the Villas are finished put the owners can not close because Harliquin can not produce the deeds .I love the whole idea of BB in st Vincent but the money has to be freed to finish the project .I hope this project can be completed it is a wonderfull island and the airport if that gets completed next year it will be a complete turn around Well I believe it will

  66. anonymous37

    freezing the assets in the uk will be a relatively simple process if the courts decide in favour of the “case”. however i don’t believe there will be many assets to “freeze” per se in the UK. freezing those abroad and in all the various countries may prove more problematic.( and in all the various holdings/directors/ in different countries/caymen islands !!!! )- i’m assuming this can be done but would need a qualified and registered solicitor in that country to make the claim (if on a class action case- a uk solicitor could easily liaise with a SVG/Barbados/DR firm to take the case forward) otherwise you would need to do this on a individual basis and given the court backlogs would be “ages” before any actual outcome. as far as i can see the only viable option for “investors” to get a multi freezing on all assets abroad in the near future would be if the SFO investigation proves that an actual “crime/deception/fraud” has taken place and then under the proceeds of al crime act they have TOTAL power to freeze/ seize all assets. i am not a solicitor so please feel free to correct me if i am not correct in this assumption.

  67. 138

    Harlequin cannot produce the deeds?? Why is that not a surprise. Get real anyone who has any doubt that Ames has conned everyone. Started selling a small development in svg, then just kept selling and selling without any understanding or financial planning to ensure all was under control. He was taking off the top, so was happy to keep selling. Has come nowhere near delivering. Hoping is a waste of time, he is a bandit and a thief and you need to get real if you expect harlequin to build 6 more places let alone 6000.

  68. 138

    Would be a great shame after all this to end up with the wrong legal representation.

  69. E – Do you think that if they was going to freeze his assets they would publish to that effect – No that gives Ames the chance to move it around ,,, Thats not how it works .. total scare mongering !! in 2006 the economic climate was completely different then .. the last 4 years have been a nightmare for any business let alone Harlequins .. if Ames can open his doors to the SFS and win the case against the fraudster builder .. There is No case really to back all this fraud aimed against him..Too many people on here jumping on band wagons with no real idea that the real crooks at the moment are the ambulance chasers that are hawking money of vunerable investers .. Go ahead guys give them your up front fees and when they look at your case and Ames is clean – then you will LOSE money

  70. Anonymous – Harlequin have deeds covering all the land they own in there offices ..FACT .. Jesus where are you getting this crap from

  71. anonymous37

    @truth. time will tell. however, GF is more than qualified to take on this qualified and on the “sols reg board”. has proven track record, familiar with fsa after arch cru ( which by the way contrary to previous posts is different from this. those funds were invested in a “regulated uk” investment. and covered by the fscs to a certain degree.

  72. Terry

    @ivor have YOU seen the deeds and accounts with your own eyes. If the money is safe why doesn’t Ames produce proof of it and why aren’t interest payments being paid. You talk like £1500 is a lot of money for legal advice. I spent four times that on local solicitors before I found someone that knew what they was doing. You sound like a desperate Harlequin employee.

  73. 138

    Ivor, scroll up to John delhirro post which references deed issue. Harlequin still don’t have planning in st Lucia or merricks, not to mention have not started building. Your defense of them is flimsy, they have shown they cannot do what they told their investors. Agree that there will be no international freeze, but his model is obviously unworkable to even the most mathematically challenged person.

  74. anonymous37

    hello ivor-. you seem to be in the know. do they have some 1 billion or so in the coffers to build all the other as yes not started / unfinished units.. FACT they were selling this well prior to the “credit crunch”. FACT. in 2008 clients were already taking legal action for breach of contracts that were “then ” past their contractual deadline and are btw still yet to be built or indeed have full planning in place. get a grip . you have the fsa, sfo etc crawling all over this and STIILL some of you out there are” oblivious”.to the obvious risks

  75. Harlequininvestorgroupnw Ames will not attend meeting as he will have been instructed by Ruck solicitors to media ban until the builder case is resolved … I recommend have this user group meeting when the case is won and then invite him.. a kangeroo court wont help trust me .. another few weeks wont make much difference

  76. Yorkiepoo

    I know for a fact that Dave Ames will not be present at the meeting – I spoke with him today. He will have somebody there mingling in the background tho reporting back.

  77. Terry and Co – Go and waste your money with the legal vultures out there .. the only thing they have is breach of contract on finishing dates – Thats it – BUT that does not apply to everyone. Yes they will take your case and keep your money.. I have done my homework the proper way not looking at forums with no facts just angry investors – to which I am one of and not an employee as someone suggested….I dont want dave Ames found guilty as then we are all in the shite..I have visited his office a number of times and I am happy that our money is safe. The deeds are there to be viewed and my connections in the media world informed me that the News reporters where offered the chance to see then ,,,,the sfs and fsa will have nothing on Harlequin guaranteed…. there are issues yes but the caribbean building laws are tough and slow .. the problem is Harlequin keep making changes to development re size and scope and it needs to fit into all the eco friendly guidlines… As for the payments ,, there was a glitch in the system that has been fixed I was told by another investor back in Dec ,, he missed payments but is back inline again ….

  78. 138

    Deluded. Ames being not guilty in Ireland will not make us$1bn appear. Scotiabank in st Lucia and st Vincent have shunned them, said no chance they would ever lend to this due to…….it being unfinanceable. How can you seriously speak to Ames, or watch him on YouTube, and know all the facts, and still think things are safe? Mind boggling delusion. Time will tell, but I don’t think you have much more of that – and even if you do, you ain’t seeing anything like 6000 more homes built.

  79. Anonymous, Ames/Harlequin owns the land that the resort is built on. The only think fake on that resort is the beach as it is a black sand beach and not white sand. Also, as I pointed out before The highest court in England is also St.Vincent & the Grenadines highest court and any lawyer can service the judgment. This is not the 1920s, the greater majority of St Vincent senior Lawyers over 55 are either Cambridge or Oxford graduates, so wake up.

  80. Mr Blue

    Has anyone noticed the sudden increase in positive Harlequin posts suddenly? All from new posters and all repeating the same crap ad nauseum?

    Me thinks there’s a little panic in the Harlequin camp. The ship is sinking and the rats are getting worried.

  81. yatiniteasy

    @ Ivor12.22am Can you or anyone dispute the fact that a Mr Punnett in St Vincent owns much of the land at BB, and that he leases it to Harlequin? If this is so, title can never be passed to Investors whose units are on that land, or will be built on that land.
    You sound like another Harlequin employee, so I reject your claim that Harlequin owns all the land .

  82. yatiniteasy

    @Mr Blue…I noticed the same thing..It`s almost as good as TA!

  83. E

    Ivor Hadenuff

    March 5, 2013 at 12:22 am

    Anonymous – Harlequin have deeds covering all the land they own in there offices ..FACT .. Jesus where are you getting this crap from—————————————————————————————————————————-

    I and most people believe this statment to be true this is not the issue the issue is “What land do they own?” that is my issue also I would like proof that this land was totally unencumbered.Do they now own the land in Brazil?

    I have a email from K Manderfield APRIL 2011 saying they have planning permission on Two Rivers and then in a video clip published late last year Garrent Ronan says they are in the process of getting it.

    In the same video clip Garrent Ronan also says that Harlequin has “Court orders against all these alternative website and people running them”
    That too is not true a deal was struck with Harlequin that they would not come after my house and my assetts if I suspendend my website.
    Harlequin property problems

    I have always been led to beleive in freedom of speach and one of the main things that alarms me about Harlequin is there litigatious nature when they do not like the questions people are asking.

    Maybe because we were all possibly naive investors trusting IFAs this has been allowed to happen but I have never had to sign a gagging order in any other business deal I have ever made

    I will no doubt have more letters from Carter Ruck concerning my meeting and my comments so feel I should say the opinions expressed on here are my own and nobody elses and I now have no known assetts

  84. homefront

    the only undisputable guide to Harlequin health is the building of resorts I dont know so I ask how is that going

  85. New Stuff

    @homefront. You are right to ask the question about progress on the build programme. The question needs to have some bite because it would be easy to answer a question with platitudes that sound plausible and to offer apologies for delays that were outside the control of the developer.

    Harlequin now have to work extremely hard to win back investor confidence and so nothing less than a detailed construction programme with all the keys dates from now until the opening will be sufficient. The programme for each resort should be made available to all the investors so that they are able to properly check the progress in the future and to ask reasonable questions should any deadline be missed between now and completion. This would also give investors valuable information to help them plan their finances and retirement in the knowledge of when they may expect a return.

    If harlequin can’t, or won’t, do this then it is another worrying indicator that they are not fully in control of events or that some other key ingredient (such as funding or title issues) remain unresolved.

    So a request that all construction programmes be made available to investors would be my question.

    If any head-in-the-sanders come back and bleat that this is an unreasonable request I would simply ask what is unreasonable about providing valued investors with information about the progress of their resorts.

  86. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Terry, so you have paid Fatchett £1500 already? Ha Muppet.

  87. E

    And just to add according to Simon Terry Harlequin conveyancing solicitor at the time I spoke to him last year told me” I am no expert but it takes 18 months to 2 years to build a resort”

  88. Harleconned

    Like I’ve said in a previous thread. They won’t be built in my lifetime!

  89. yatiniteasy, do you live in St Vincent or is even Vincentian?
    Harlequin resort is on land once owned by the Punnets and there is a strong likelihood that the land was owned by two families of the Punnets plus other land owners, so get your facts right.
    You sound like a ULP operative trying to spread muck.Do you know the difference between people supporting Harlequin and people pointing out the facts or aspects of the truth?

  90. Who in their right mind builds a 5 star resort and then turns around and buys two small planes over 20 years old, one of which was parked (without use)up I believe in Holland outside in the elements for over 1 year?
    is anyone familiar with the weather in Europe? in the UK, summer is about 21 degrees with Winter averaging about 5 degrees.
    Isn’t the norm for 5 star resorts to have jets? after all, according to the Bajans, wifey did brag about having £300 million.

  91. Wow so many posts in one day!

    If all is well as some posters claim, HP has only built approximately 5% of what they have sold, had around £250- £300 million from deposits, how much should be left in the bank?

    Fair question?

    And if they have very little left, and very little coming in, how long can they go on for?

    Fair question?

    Or in order to build the remaining 95% how much would they need? And where will it come from as the product now is very difficult to sell via a SIPP?

    Even the most vigorous HP defenders must agree?

  92. New Stuff


    To add to your previous post. If the business model is sound then there should be no need of any new investors in order for Harlequin to complete their commitments to existing investors. They should be able to close down the sales arm and concentrate on building. I realise that in the early days when there were only a few investors this wouldn’t have been the case because you need a minimum number of sales to make a sustainable resort. According to Harlequin’s own information most resorts had well surpassed that level of sales many years ago and so they should have everything they need to complete the resorts to at least BB levels and probably beyond. If there are a few units left to sell on each resort then I’m sure these would be snapped up once the resort was operational and everyone could see for themselves how successful it all is.

  93. 90

    A simple land registry check with the planning office in St Vincent or with the chief planner Mr A Ollievere will confirm that Harlequin do indeed own the land Buccament Bay is built on and that Mr Ollievere himself oversaw the subdivision of the six parcels of land in order for individual title to be obtained for each unit thus enabling completion to now go ahead! Amazing how untrue and unsubstantiated rumours can be peddled by either sacked ex employees or contractors trying to lead a stampede away from their own guilt! Classic case of deflection hey Cliff, Paudie and Jeremy!

  94. Rainbow

    All these positive post on Harlequin are made by Harlequin to try to stop the freezing of assets and stop investors to go to the Manchester meeting.
    But, Ames is not going to stop me and many as we are going forward there is no more reverse.
    Regarding the case in Ireland, Ames cannot and will not win because of his negligence, no point dreaming the resorts are never going to be built…
    It’s better to try to save something than nothing although, time is running out!!

  95. LB

    Just for info – the SIPP problem is easing now – it affected the investor market as a whole very badly – not just Harlequin. After close scrutiny Harlequin have been approved by some major players for SIPP investing, so money will start flowing again. I don’t believe they would have been approved under such close scrutiny if the accounts and business plans were so dodgy as some people are trying to infer. Bring on DR – 18 months and counting…… I’m glad to see other positive posts on here – I have faith in Harlequin – as I am sure many more do.

  96. New Stuff

    Thank you anonymous 9.25am

    It’s good to get a flow of verifiable information coming. Can you also confirm that Harlequin is in possession of full title for all the land on which units have been sold (not just those that have been built as yet) at BB and other resorts.

  97. LB

    @Rainbow – I am not Harlequin – rather a sweeping statement from you when you have no real idea who is posting comments here!! Is this your way of trying to keep up the momentum with other complainers?? You may not believe it but there ARE people and investors out there who believe in the product and the company!!

  98. Rainbow

    Then they believe in Santa…I have passed that stage.
    @ LB does it really matter who is posting here? This is a Ponzi scheme and things are now in the SFO’s hands…
    Good luck

  99. Harlisuccess

    STOP PRESS : Please be aware that no petition of papers is to be presented to the Birmingham HighCourt today! Scaremongering , possibly by O’Halloran, Newman and Fatchett, the ambulance chaser. Fatchett trying to frighten you into attending the meeting on Saturday.

  100. E

    You are so wrong I will tell you all later at the moment I am talking to the Newspapers with reference to what has happened

  101. Harleconned

    Hardly No one is scaring anyone into coming to the meeting on Saturday everyone is big enough and old enough to decide for themselves if they want to attend.

    What’s up Ames? Scared the net is closing in??

  102. 90

    New Stuff you welcome and anyone who is an investor, as opposed to an agitator with ulterior motives, will have or if they did not but had an IFA through their due diligence have determined this. Simple for any one with genuine concerns or who does not know to check the truth with the official planning department in St Vincent instead of being led astray by spurious lies.

    My wife and I did our due diligence prior to investing as that is the point of a SIPP and our IFA’s leaflet said the following

    “More than three quarters of a million people have a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) and there is no sign of demand slowing. The most obvious reason for their popularity is in the name: self invested.’ They give investors access to a huge range of investments so they can run their pension themselves. For many people their pension will be their second most valuable asset after their house; so this freedom really matters.

    Remember that investments should be held for the long term as they do fall as well as rise in value. This means you could get back less than you invested. As you approach retirement you should normally reduce exposure to volatile and riskier investments in preparation for securing your retirement income.”

    Our investment in 2011 is based on a 15 year plan till we retire and we are comfortable with the progress and growth forecasts our IFA has provided and yes we have been to St Vincent, St Lucia and Barbados in September last year, visited Buccament Bay, Blu, H and the Merricks and went to their Carribean office and met their Project Director Mr Campion and I believe our due diligence and IFA’s advise, for us Harliquin was a fit for the investment vehicle we were looking for.

    I believe in multiple streams of income and not putting all your eggs in one basket, additionally with SIPP’s there is not one fits all! The whole idea of a SIPP is it should be personal and geared to the individual investor!

    My macro commentry for today is: After several weeks where the glass was seen as half full, investors are now having to digest an increasing flow
    of negative news. This is having a de-stabilizing influence on financial markets. The serene decline in the VIX Volatility Index (the market’s “fear” gauge) to multi-year lows has been replaced with a period of sharp spiking
    higher and lower. Increased volatility means decision-making is much harder for investors. A key reason why markets moved calmly higher in recent months has been the absence of bad newsflow from the Eurozone. An inconclusive Italian election has seen the return of that word “uncertainty”. Watching yields on peripheral Eurozone debt could once more become a key gauge for investors, with 5% an interesting watershed on the Italian BTP (10 year) yield.

    Be aware too with currency: After the UK’s Moody rating downgrade on the 22nd Feb from AAA the weakness of Sterling over recent weeks has been astounding. The pound has now overtaken the Japanese
    Yen as the worst performing of the major currencies in 2013. Having traded above $1.6000 just 6 weeks ago, Cable is now at a two and a half year low and is flirting with $1.5000. Rumours of, and subsequent confirmed loss of the UK’s AAA credit rating has impacted, while the mere mention of negative interest rates by Paul Tucker of the Bank of England appears to have resulted in investors heading for the hills. The Euro has suffered amid the uncertainty created from the Italian election. Without any stable government, Italy’s austerity drive is now being called into question and the Euro is being punished. The Dollar has been mixed recently amid the mixed views from the Fed over quantitative easing. Non-farm Payrolls are always a big impact on the Dollar.

    WATCH FOR: Mervyn King’s testimony to the Parliamentary Select Committee to influence Sterling, as could the Bank of England MPC statement. Any sign of an agreement over a new Italian government
    could strengthen the Euro, while Non-farm Payrolls will be the big standout for the US Dollar.

    I wish you all the best and every success with your investments and or SIPP’s. We live in interesting and momentous times folks! I am mindful of Richard Branson who said that for every business success he first had two failures but you are only a failure if you give up! Never give up on yourself or your endeavours!

  103. EddieLizzard2

    Queen’s Bench Division Court
    It is for an APPOINTMENT TO FIX A DATE FOR TRIAL, even if it doesn’t get heard today it doesn’t have any great significance. It can always be heard at a later date.

    TLQ/13/0055 Ames v Newman scheduled for 15.00 on 5 March 2013

  104. 90

    New Stuff you welcome and anyone who is an investor, as opposed to an agitator with ulterior motives, will have or if they did not but had an IFA through their due diligence have determined this. Simple for any one with genuine concerns or who does not know to check the truth with the official planning department in St Vincent instead of being led astray by spurious lies.

    My wife and I did our due diligence prior to investing as that is the point of a SIPP and our IFA’s leaflet said the following

    “More than three quarters of a million people have a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) and there is no sign of demand slowing. The most obvious reason for their popularity is in the name: self invested.’ They give investors access to a huge range of investments so they can run their pension themselves. For many people their pension will be their second most valuable asset after their house; so this freedom really matters.

    Remember that investments should be held for the long term as they do fall as well as rise in value. This means you could get back less than you invested. As you approach retirement you should normally reduce exposure to volatile and riskier investments in preparation for securing your retirement income.”

    Our investment in 2011 is based on a 15 year plan till we retire and we are comfortable with the progress and growth forecasts our IFA has provided and yes we have been to St Vincent, St Lucia and Barbados in September last year, visited Buccament Bay, Blu, H and the Merricks and went to their Carribean office and met their Project Director Mr Campion and I believe our due diligence and IFA’s advise for us Harliquin was a fit for the investment vehicle we were looking for.

    I believe in multiple streams of income and not putting all your eggs in one basket, additionally with SIPP’s there is not one fits all! The whole idea of a SIPP is it should be personal and geared to the individual investor!

    My macro commentry for today is: After several weeks where the glass was seen as half full, investors are now having to digest an increasing flow
    of negative news. This is having a de-stabilizing influence on financial markets. The serene decline in the VIX Volatility Index (the market’s “fear” gauge) to multi-year lows has been replaced with a period of sharp spiking
    higher and lower. Increased volatility means decision-making is much harder for investors. A key reason why markets moved calmly higher in recent months has been the absence of bad newsflow from the Eurozone. An inconclusive Italian election has seen the return of that word “uncertainty”. Watching yields on peripheral Eurozone debt could once more become a key gauge for investors, with 5% an interesting watershed on the Italian BTP (10 year) yield.

    Be aware too with currency: The weakness of Sterling over recent weeks has been astounding. The pound has now overtaken the Japanese
    Yen as the worst performing of the major currencies in 2013. Having traded above $1.6000 just 6 weeks ago, Cable is now at a two and a half year low and is flirting with $1.5000. Rumours of, and subsequent confirmed loss of the UK’s AAA credit rating has impacted, while the mere mention of negative interest rates by Paul Tucker of the Bank of England appears to have resulted in investors heading for the hills. The Euro has suffered amid the uncertainty created from the Italian election. Without any stable government, Italy’s austerity drive is now being called into question and the Euro is being punished. The Dollar has been mixed recently amid the mixed views from the Fed over quantitative easing. Non-farm Payrolls are always a big impact on the Dollar.

    WATCH FOR: Mervyn King’s testimony to the Parliamentary Select Committee to influence Sterling, as could the Bank of England MPC statement. Any sign of an agreement over a new Italian government
    could strengthen the Euro, while Non-farm Payrolls will be the big standout for the US Dollar.

    I wish you all the best and every success with your investments and or SIPP’s. We live in interesting and momentous times folks! I am mindful of Richard Branson who said that for every business success he first had two failures but you are only a failure if you give up! Never give up on yourself or your endeavours!

  105. 90

    New Stuff you welcome and anyone who is an investor, as opposed to an agitator with ulterior motives, will have or if they did not but had an IFA through their due diligence have determined this. Simple for any one with genuine concerns or who does not know to check the truth with the official planning department in St Vincent instead of being led astray by spurious lies.

    My wife and I did our due diligence prior to investing as that is the point of a SIPP and our IFA’s leaflet said the following

    “More than three quarters of a million people have a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) and there is no sign of demand slowing. The most obvious reason for their popularity is in the name: self invested.’ They give investors access to a huge range of investments so they can run their pension themselves. For many people their pension will be their second most valuable asset after their house; so this freedom really matters.

    Remember that investments should be held for the long term as they do fall as well as rise in value. This means you could get back less than you invested. As you approach retirement you should normally reduce exposure to volatile and riskier investments in preparation for securing your retirement income.”

    Our investment in 2011 is based on a 15 year plan till we retire and we are comfortable with the progress and growth forecasts our IFA has provided and yes we have been to St Vincent, St Lucia and Barbados in September last year, visited Buccament Bay, Blu, H and the Merricks and went to their Carribean office and met their Project Director Mr Campion and I believe our due diligence and IFA’s advise for us Harliquin was a fit for the investment vehicle we were looking for.

    I believe in multiple streams of income and not putting all your eggs in one basket, additionally with SIPP’s there is not one fits all! The whole idea of a SIPP is it should be personal and geared to the individual investor!

    My macro commentry for today is: After several weeks where the glass was seen as half full, investors are now having to digest an increasing flow
    of negative news. This is having a de-stabilizing influence on financial markets. The serene decline in the VIX Volatility Index (the market’s “fear” gauge) to multi-year lows has been replaced with a period of sharp spiking
    higher and lower. Increased volatility means decision-making is much harder for investors. A key reason why markets moved calmly higher in recent months has been the absence of bad newsflow from the Eurozone. An inconclusive Italian election has seen the return of that word “uncertainty”. Watching yields on peripheral Eurozone debt could once more become a key gauge for investors, with 5% an interesting watershed on the Italian BTP (10 year) yield.

    Be aware too with currency: The weakness of Sterling over recent weeks has been astounding. The pound has now overtaken the Japanese
    Yen as the worst performing of the major currencies in 2013. Having traded above $1.6000 just 6 weeks ago, Cable is now at a two and a half year low and is flirting with $1.5000. Rumours of, and subsequent confirmed loss of the UK’s AAA credit rating has impacted, while the mere mention of negative interest rates by Paul Tucker of the Bank of England appears to have resulted in investors heading for the hills. The Euro has suffered amid the uncertainty created from the Italian election. Without any stable government, Italy’s austerity drive is now being called into question and the Euro is being punished. The Dollar has been mixed recently amid the mixed views from the Fed over quantitative easing. Non-farm Payrolls are always a big impact on the Dollar.

    WATCH FOR: Mervyn King’s testimony to the Parliamentary Select Committee to influence Sterling, as could the Bank of England MPC statement. Any sign of an agreement over a new Italian government
    could strengthen the Euro, while Non-farm Payrolls will be the big standout for the US Dollar.

    I wish you all the best and every success with your investments and or SIPP’s. We live in interesting and momentous times folks! I am mindful of Richard Branson who said that for every business success he first had two failures but you are only a failure if you give up! Never give up!

  106. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @LB you have to get used to the insults and personal name calling if you disagree with the pack on here. Even BFP, who did not put a banner headline regarding DA denying bribes because of over exposure to HP insist on putting up the next bit of HP news they can drag up.

  107. Harlisuccess

    B Baywatch
    Oh dear , Oh dear. Yet more reports of robberies, in broad daylight at that, in Hastings. Reports of widespread animal cruelty. More tourist vowing never to return. Cause and effect?

  108. E

    I think you will find that I have paid with a bank card in my name for the venue. I am a lose canon and on my own so watch out!!!

  109. Harlisuccess

    Yatinkiteasy. You spend a lot of time in Hastings. Woudn’t know anything about the robberies, would you ?
    Yes, Yatinkiteasy, yet more excellent reports on Trip Advisor for beautiful Buccament Bay! Of course it still matters.

  110. 90

    Hi all sorry I posted twice in a hurry and then signed in as neither showed and reposted and all three came up, I have tried to find a way to delete two of the posts but no success. Apologies

  111. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Harlisucess. Your so right about the round in circles bit. The Arc Cru investors have received nothing as the “legal” people squable amoungst themselves.

  112. LB

    @90 – I meant “well said” to you!! So nice to hear a leveled opinion.
    @Fatchett does not represent me – Thank you – I will continue posting to give the other side of investors opinions!!

  113. If all is well as some posters claim, HP has only built approximately 5% of what they have sold, had around £250- £300 million from deposits, how much should be left in the bank?

    Fair question?

    And if they have very little left, and very little coming in, how long can they go on for?

    Fair question?

    Or in order to build the remaining 95% how much would they need? And where will it come from as the product now is very difficult to sell via a SIPP?

    Even the most vigorous HP defenders must agree?

  114. 90

    @LB thank you and Watch for:
    FX GBP/USD BOE Governor King’s testimony tomorrow! Outlook: A minor bout of consolidation appears not to have been enough to hold back the Sterling sellers as downward pressure on $1.5000 grows. After increasingly dovish rhetoric from the Bank of England it will be interesting to hear the views of Mervyn King tomorrow. Cable is oversold still, but as yet this is having little influence.
    FX EUR/USD Watch for: Non-farm Payrolls on Friday! Outlook: A new two and a half year low means Euro-Dollar is at a 2013 low. With supports being broken and momentum indicators deteriorating the outlook is concerning. This is likely to continue while the political situation in Italy remains unresolved and uncertainty looms. Strong employment data out of the States this week would pile further pressure on the downside.
    Stock markets are becoming increasingly range-bound. The strong and solid gains evident throughout January have been replaced by far more erratic investor sentiment. That is not to say that markets are boring though, as
    increased volatility is resulting in equities spiking higher and lower. The Sequester in the US coming into force will take around $85bn out of government spending this year, which the IMF describes as a “negative impact” on the global economy. The inconclusive outcome of the Italian elections has increased uncertainty within the Eurozone once more, which is in turn leaving a shadow over equity markets. Furthermore, with earnings season in the US drawing to a close, a significant factor that has helped markets higher will be removed. Bernanke insists that the benefits of the Fed’s QE programme outweigh the costs, however the minutes from January’s FOMC suggest that winding down is increasingly an option. Non-farm Payrolls and unemployment in the US this week are always a big influence on market sentiment.
    So will a bullish markert turn bear? Its been an interesting couple of years! Hope you loving it too!

  115. Anyone like to comment about HP refund process? Contract states 60 day refund – HP offer staged payments between 12-18months in my case?
    first offer 60% fees deducted?

  116. 90

    @Harlequininvestorgroupnw and E we are going to try and make the meeting on Saturday, it should be interesting as we were told it was going to be a meeting of like minded investors and concerned parties and yet from what I have been reading on these blogs it appears noone is like minded or able to agree on anything! Guys as investors we hope for the best for Harlequin so that hopefully this investment is secure but agree that if there are legitimate concerns they should be addressed.

    Has it been stated that people should bring their investment contracts/SIPP statements, both of which we have, with to ensure that all present are legitimate investors and not as some are suggesting agitators or stoolies? Are there going to be steps taken to ensure that attendees are legitimate?

    I do not want to drive all the way from London just hear people who are not investors ginding their axes or who have ulterior motives, it would not be productive for meI

  117. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Harlequininvestorsgroup. Care to put up the full details of your contract. How much paid, did you take out financing, what was the second offer? Or are you just going for the headline numbers?

  118. Investment 112k
    1st offer 45k paid over 12-18months
    2nd offer 71k paid over 15 months
    3rd offer 112k paid over 12 months
    My contract states 60 days
    no finance.
    clear enough any comments?

  119. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @90, well thats the press buggered then. Unless Russell Myers has bought into BB And good luck with your resonable attitude to HP and hope they pull through. There’s money to be made by the legal profession here so you will be whipped up like a lynching party.

  120. Yorkiepoo

    Would have thought the person who is Ames eyes and ears at the meeting would have had no problems obtaining a dummy contract to prove he was an investor! No option but to take people on face value!

  121. @Fatchett does not represent me
    not comments about the refund?
    how strange…….

  122. 90

    @Yorkiepoo the contract we have is legal and we have our Gaurdian SIPP statements and documents showing it was set up in 2011 and I assume all investors would have similar papework so it should be easy to weed out those who are not genuine concerned investors!

  123. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Harlequininvestors etc. So they offered to pay out all your investment over a 12 month period and you turned it down. For that you are willing to put hundreds of people out of work, ruin 3500 other investors investments and give money to ambulance chasers. I cannot see the logic in that one at all.

  124. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @harlequininvestetc. calm down Grust Grust you are not the centre of my world, 5 mins window to respond! My my you are impatient!

  125. 90

    @Yorkiepoo I thought the point was that Harlequin were invited to listen and speak to the investors!

  126. Why state 60 days in the contract then? if its causing such a potential problem for other investors, pay up? I do not see why not? unless they have not got the money? I do not understand HP’s logic

  127. New Stuff

    I don’t think it really gets us anywhere by declaring people to be pro, anti, investors, agitators, trolls, sock puppets…

    It doesn’t matter what anyone believes to be the case, all that matters is what actually IS the case. What would we find if we were all able to lift the bonnet of this particular car and take a look inside. What would we all find if the accounts were laid bare along with all other details that are so elusive.

    My suspicions start because any remotely flattering titbit of information, no matter how trivial, is usually the basis for a laudatory newsletter. So if the accounts were really that good I’m sure they would have been published. Nobody can say for sure. They may all be exemplary with everything in order and all ready to go.

  128. Yorkiepoo

    90 – After speaking to Dave Ames I think he feels his presence would not be treated in a productive way – justa lynch mob mentality, not prepared to listen

  129. Harleconned

    Yorkiepoo how can call any of us a lynch mob when you’ve never even met us???

  130. 90

    @Harlequininvestorgroupnw and E any decision on whether there will be resticted entry only to genuine investors as I do not have a lynch mob mentality! If we take the time to come all the way north to attend the meeting it will be because we have invested our hard earned capital and wish to ensure it is safeguarded!

    I read with interest the news reports in the Irish papers as they recorded court proceedings that substantiated what Harlequin have been saying about the ex contractor and likewise the only court proceedings I have been able to verify scheduled for today are in fact the court registering of D Ames against his ex accountant J Newman!

    This flys in the face of other sensationlised news reports about court proceedings as they are in fact being brought by D Ames against J Newman!

  131. 72

    Ames not coming because he has finally discovered that his business model cannot work and will not work…

  132. Yorkiepoo

    72 – I didn’t call you a lynch mob – I explained that Dave Ames considered there could be a lynch mob mentality which would prevent productive accurate discussion – its not my opinion, I don’t care either way how the meeting is conducted to be honest!

  133. Yorkiepoo

    Harleconned – BTW would you attend if you had had death threats delivered to your house – BTW I do not think for one min that it was anyone discussing the matter here!

  134. 72

    Your capital is not safe

  135. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @90 just to be clear, there is a current court case vs O’Halloran, but has been adjourned for 3 weeks, and another one vs Newman which will probably take place later this year. The Newman one may include Wilkins/Kennedy but not sure on that.

  136. Cliff

    Anonymous made a statement at9.25am.

    In it this brave but nameless soul states ” Classic deflection by Cliff , Paudie and Jeremy !

    Now Put up or Shut up Substantiate your claim and show My involvement.

    But then as a nameless and faceless minion I won’t expect a reply other than another anonymous and groundless comment.

    When the time is right, I Will make Mt opinion known and I won’t sell my story to the highest bidderMr Anonymous as You Did !

  137. Harleconned

    I’m pretty sure that non of the members of the group have sent death threats to Ames…Why bother doing that when you can hire someone to do it?? That’s just stupid.

    90 I can personally assure you that there will be no lynch mob, I have very good friends who are doormen in Manchester that will be attending so anyone who misbehaves or acts in a way that will jeopardise the meeting will be escorted off the premises.

    It’s obvious Ames is still hiding behind Katharine Manderfields skirt because he isn’t man enough to face the people who he’s took hard earned money from.

  138. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Who’s Cliff?

  139. 90

    @72 Spread betting in the investment world is a way for me of hedging the risk, I walked in with my eyes open and after doing what I considered, as I am sure most here did or at least their IFA if using one, reasonable due diligence invested!

    I have followed and done my own investigations into the various blogs and news reports including monitoring of the websites Singing Pig and Harlecon both of whom have been discredited and shut down and continue to monitor and filter all reports on Harliquin and try to keep an open mind, albiet a subjective one being an investor and hoping for the best for our investment.

    @72 Your capital is not safe! interesting observation and one I have been told before but then again we were looking for a higher risk investment due to the higher projected capital and income returns! Buying off plan is higher risk as you have to trust that the finished product is going to turn out as the CGI’s portrayed.

    My wife and I travelled to Cypress, both north and south, in June 2010 and viewed a number of projects but after investigation decided against investing, likewise previousily with Spain and Romania. We are invested in Las Canas in the DR and with an expected completion on our unit in 2016.

    After visiting Buccament Bay in August 2011 and then again in September 2012 my wife and I have been pleasantly surprised at the unfolding panorama that has brought to life the CGI’s we were originally shown and the caring staff and standard of service. Even more we were impressed with the Merricks in Barbados, a beautiful location with a view we fell in love with. In fact when we were being shown around the show village we even inquired if we could purchase one of the completed units as we fell in love with its location.

    I look at stocks! Banking results dominated last week, with a negative reaction to finals from both Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds putting significant downward pressure on the shares prices of the banks sector. In the current bull market where do you invest without risk?

  140. Yorkiepoo

    Harleconned – Its easy to make that statement when its not you on the receiving end of the threats! The threats show that there are some irrational people who are saying they have hired somebody and are waiting for the opportunity. Mr Ames has had to hire a bodyguard with your hard earned cash to keep him safe! Its Sean Ghent the ex-McCartney Mills bodyguard – not cheap I guess!

  141. Terry

    The business model is TOTALLY dependent on external funding to complete the resorts. IF external funding was made available they would require security. The only security Harlequin has is the freehold of investors mostly unbuilt units. Who is going to lend to a business that has no security, loses money every month and pays its monthly outgoings with new investor money?
    The side issues of the builder, accountant , deeds, accounts, and ambulance chasers are just distractions from the above stark reality.

  142. yatiniteasy

    @ Hardlysuccess.Yes I do spend a lot if time in Hastings, and thats why I can report accurately that there is little or no activity at H Hotel construction site…people sitting in their cold winter homes in the UK can not see this.
    BTW, where are you commenting from these days?
    BFP post:
    “North Somerset Council Harlequin supporter uses many identities to pump positive vibes about Harlequin, David Ames”

  143. Harleconned

    That’s not because of death threats Yorkiepoo that’s to make himself feel important. Let’s face it the only reason Ames has/had millions is because we gave them to him! It’s our money he’s spending.

    He should stand up and act like a man instead of saying “I’m not going because it will be a lynch mob mentality” What does he expect when he’s sat pretty with our money?? This is a business meeting which will be conducted in a business like manner nothing more nothing less.

    So far from the emails we have received from worried investors, not a single one has been angry or shown any mob mentality they are worried, upset about losing their homes potentially and need answers so they can sleep at night. I bet Ames is sleeping well at night in a nice lovely bed that we’ve paid for.

  144. Charlie

    What’s the reason no work has been done on the site for months? Why isn’t h hotel moving in Barbados? I saw a program on iplayer about Harlequin, very interesting listening to it. Did anyone else see it? The name the program is ferett and can be found on iplayer. It’s going to be very interesting what panorama have to say. Also wonder how Ames is going to sue all the press that are commenting on him at present. There is a lot of bad press about right now.

  145. Yorkiepoo

    Harleconned – Your miles off target there – the threats are real thats why he has employed a bodyguard – they are not a figment of Mr Ames imagination and thats fact! Your minimum wage dead heads at Manchester will protect him – I wouldn’t bank on it!

  146. E

    I have organised this meeting I have paid the Marriott for the room I have done this as Mr.Ames was approached and asked for a meeting with My Husband and Myself but he failed to respond to this to discuss issues I raised with the Panorama team. I have never recieved regular updates with regards our investment dispite speaking to both Katherine Manderfield,Simon Taylor and our IFA Debbie Stokes Tailormade Financial solutions. TM have in light of my website refused to discuss any issues I might have and told me to direct any questions to Harlequin. Harlequin will not/do not want to talk about these issues and as we are still unforunatley investors I have called this meeting as I want some questions answered does that sound unreasonable to you?
    I have sent a invitation to Mr.Ames and I have now sent him the Agenda to be followed.
    I have invited members of the media to the meeting and I have invited you so what is your issue?
    There are going to be a lot of development later on today

  147. Harleconned

    He can bring his own bodyguard if he wishes. There would be no need really this is a business meeting not a kangaroo court like I stated days ago!

  148. 99

    Land ownership in st.vincent? All owned by harlequin? Really? How come there are 3 plots of land owned by the rasta men? Who refuse to sell up and holding out for more money than there land is worth? Bernards sister owns land which again she is refusing to sell, Why is Bernard chasing money all the time? Why does he run the block plant and cement plant? How is he always having stuff and doesn’t have to pay for it? Dave Campion showing drawings along with Sean O’Conner of what land is owned, There was a 4 plots one which has been purchased, 3 which hadn’t been purchased. One the plots there is a. Rasta currently living on it. His field is looking like he has a lot growing in it. Questions need to be asked…. Truthful answers is what everyone wants….. I see there is a mention of mr. Ollievere, he’s not the same person who a certain Mr. Coggle arrange for his roof on his house to be changed using the same martials that are on cabanas? The matrials investors paid for? Interestings what you can get favour for a favour???? As for Ghent, not much really can say for him, I bet he is waiting to sell his story to the press if he hasn’t already done so. The guy is a rude and ignorant man…. He isn’t very much liked on the island…..

  149. Yorkiepoo

    Harleconned – Its not me that needs convincing!

  150. Good post Terry:
    The business model is TOTALLY dependent on external funding to complete the resorts. IF external funding was made available they would require security. The only security Harlequin has is the freehold of investors mostly unbuilt units. Who is going to lend to a business that has no security, loses money every month and pays its monthly outgoings with new investor money?

  151. Terry

    I agree Yorkie. Odds say out of the £300 million he’s scammed there will be a small percentage of people that did not earn their investment by legitimate means. Bluntly most likely some dirty money by very naughty people. My experience is that the naughty people don’t employ lawyers, they go after your family to get their money back. Which gives you the measure of the man really, he has no problem putting his family in the firing line for money.

  152. Yorkiepoo

    Terry – and if that what Ames has done I have no problem with it either! But from what I can see we are talking about non-delivery of projects, I don’t think anyone has lost any cash yet have they?

  153. Trev

    I notice it isn’t the first time pat cash has been involved in this sort of thing…..

  154. E

    I Have to say when I ran the Harlequin property problems website I had a lot of interesting email one was from someone who wanted to remain anonymous but said of sean ghent He scared me he told me “I can make you disapear boy” This was to someone who complained over not getting there wages.

  155. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Harliconned, sorry DA bodyguard would not be admitted as he probably has not invested in HP LOL

  156. Yorkiepoo

    E – well like Terry likes to point out about Mr Ames putting his family at risk for £300 million – but on the flip side is £300 million gets you some serious heavies if Ames requires them!

  157. anon73

    A lot of posts on here and very different approaches. Having no axe to grind or dog in this fight, and simply a Caribbean citizen, business person and property owner, I want best for this region and the best would have been a successful Harlequin development program. However, from very early on, when they kept increasing what they were going to build, without actually building anything, and changing plans, alarm bells rang and I am of the firm belief that they are very bad news and you can, quite understandably, dismiss this viewpoint and others like it, or take it on board, I give opinion as someone on the ground (I noticed a Bajan developer who I am pretty sure I know comment on here what is happening in Barbados and I would be warned by that certainly).

    90, you bought in 2011 – did the fact that they were supposed to have completed projects that had not even started not concern you? Did they show you the books on BB resort operation to give you some assurance? In basic terms, for these projects to work, even though funds are comingled, one would hope they have 6 sets of books for the different resort developments, or 8 now there is H and Blu. For example, if they took deposits from Marquis, Merricks etc to build BB, then there would be a payable by the BB leger to the Merricks and Marquis ones.

    Also, if as Mark Sawkins told me personally, BB was losing US$1m per month when it opened, that money was taken from Las Canas to cover that, then again there would be a receivable from Las Canas from BB. The same goes for the payment of mortgage interest. It is quite conceivable that everything has been piled in to BB from all the other developments, which means they must be paid back by BB, or money must come from new investments to make up for it. The basic maths of deposits less commissions and lack of finance would suggest the remaining pot cannot be very big to build with. If Harlequin are not running different sets of books, then the example is still the same – the money required/earmarked for those developments is being eaten up by BB. BB would have to start making many millions a year to begin to essentially pay back the other projects, and this is not likely until long after the new airport is opened (the margins on construction were tight to begin with with their low pricing, and huge/prohibitive infrastructure costs in some of them so they cannot afford to be loose with the money) Investors could just wait and be patient, but is it reasonable to wait 10 years for a small holiday investment to be built? (e.g. people invested in Merricks in 2006, and it will never be operational by next year, they don’t even have planning permission)

    Some people’s patience/acceptance of lack of any action has led them to demand money back and it has not been forthcoming, so they want to work out how to get it out. I don’t think any other investor can fault them for that, and if some investors want to contine to wait for what, from where I am standing, will never materialise, then they also cannot be faulted if that is what they choose to do. As New STuff has said, if the Harlequin machine is in good shape, the contracts are robust, then they can weather the storm of some owners wanting to get out – after all, they should be prepared and set up to build 6000 plus more homes, so refunding 100 or so should not be a situation that brings them down. Those owners who are so confident in Harlequin therefore have nothing to worry about – the press allegations will prove incorrect, owners who want out will be out, and you can carry on.

    If things are not in order, which I am convinced is the case from all I have seen and heard on the ground, then indeed 100 people pulling funds out could be the end. I do hope I am wrong and they have things set up, but I have met hundreds of developers in the islands over the years, from cowboys to billionaires, and Dave Ames was the least impressive of the lot of them I am sorry to say, and clearly the most out of his depth when it comes to this industry. He is not a man that can get you out of this mess, but he is absolutely the one to get you into this.

  158. E

    Trev. On my website I had a video clip of Mr.Ames saying there was going to be Gary Player golf courses on every resort.

    I have a email from Gary Player saying he is only interested in building with Harlequin in St Lucia.

    I told Gary Player in 2011 that they were various companies selling Harlequin and saying there was going to be golf courses on all Resorts, as far as I know this continued long after I told him.

    My IFA told me I was wrong and that there was going to be golf courses on every resort and that I was lying, I probably was but did not know it at the time as they will probably end up as something like a golf course when the land is sold to pay the debts.
    Members of the press will be admited dispite not purchasing a Harlequin Property.

    If Mr.Ames feels the need for protection personel he can either provide them himself or I do have a friend who runs a protection business we can recomend they will all be welcome and expected to pay on the door the same as everyone else.

    I have been led to believe that some of the post on here are coming from Harlequn employees and feel I have to say Mr.Ames if you want to do your dirty washing in public we will any coments you want to make to me or about me do so in a profesional way by either telephone or email I will not tolerate this abuse.

  159. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Annon73, some good points in that. IF BB was losing $1m per month thats aprox $25m since it opended. But as some posters say, whats the difference between $250 and $300m? So as some will write off $50m as being insignificant then BB loses are unimportant. Yes?

  160. Yorkiepoo

    E – I have said already Ames will not be present but am sure a set of ears and eyes will be there on his behalf

  161. E

    Well that is up to him all I can say is it is a shame he cannot/will not attend when so many investors would just like answers at the end of the day and we never get them at the update meetings do we?
    I can personally guarantee Mr.Ames will be safe this meeting if anyone even thinks of coming and causing trouble they will have me to answer to I will not tolerate bad behavior and anyone thinking of coming and causing trouble think again and stay at home.This meeting is for likeminded peole to get answers and explore option available

  162. As an investor $50 million is not unimportant, lets look at the accounts?

  163. Yorkiepoo

    E – So for people who are unable to attend because of distance, will they be excluded from the discussions?

  164. E

    We will send you the mins if you request them

  165. Yorkiepoo

    And did any papers get served at Birmingham high Court attempting to freeze Harlequins Assets?

  166. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @E so you believe some of the posts are HP employees? Well I believe that some are O’Halloran/Newman trolls. And what abuse? You need to grow some E, try Lying Harlequin Scum for one. Now thats what you call abuse.

  167. @Fatchett does not represent me
    can you confirm for the record you do not work for Harliquin in any capacity?

  168. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I can and I dont.

  169. Fatchett does not represent me.

    PS answered in 3 mins! good eh.

  170. E

    @Fatchett does not represent me. I have yours I know who you are! 🙂

  171. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Erica, you do not have a clue. Anyway what would John say? x

  172. E

    What would John say to what? I know who you are…..

  173. anon73

    FDNRP, I understand the point of your comment, fair play. For the record, I don’t think US$500, let alone US$50m, can be written off when a company has so many liabilities and needs to preserve as much cash as possible. If US$25m of investor money has been pumped into Harlequin, and was used to pay off BB losses, then that money is gone, but cannot be written off, it must be accounted for – am sure the money was taken to build more properties rather than pay off loans. The Harlequin team would be even better sales people than I thought if they managed to tell people that covering losses at BB was a good investment plan for their pension! I don’t however think BB can have lost that much though – Mark Sawkins struck me as someone who only had a vague attachment to reality based on some comical yet outrageous personal claims – and if they were losing that much per month at the beginning, am certain they would be losing less now.

  174. Dave Amesless

    What strikes me about this article is this
    “Harlequin said it specialises in luxury five star resorts in some of the best locations in the Caribbean.”

    They have only built 300 units in the Caribbean how does that make them a “specialist”??

    That’s a bit like saying I’ve managed to change a wheel on my car that now makes me a specialist to go and do other peoples…..

  175. Baje

    Harlequin Barbados has just closed its doors to business…

  176. 100

    A fair explanation from Eustace it seems and sums it up in a nutshell. People pay for a place, it does not get built, or even started, years later, so they want their money back. That is hardly a shocking approach or position to take.

  177. Yorkiepoo

    Baje – What does that mean?

  178. Fatchett does not represent me.

    OH DEAR OH DEAR OH DEAR. I quote MOS 24th Feb “Arnhim Eustace, a former prime minister of St Vincent, who has called in the SFO”
    I quote from Caribbean “Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace has denied asking Britain’s SFO to investigate Harlequin Property” BOOM
    So which is it? Does anybody out there know?

  179. @100 I agree.
    Its not an unreasonable request to ask for your money back and expect it in line with your contract or am I missing the point?

  180. @Fatchett does not represent me.
    Does it matter they are looking into HP and Mr Ames said he would be happy to speak to them….. Like he will have a choice!!
    When they are good and ready, the SFO will speak to him.

  181. @Baje could you give a little more information please?

  182. 138

    @Fatchett Your quote is completely made up, the article does not say anything close to that, unless you are quoting from the comments section?

  183. 100

    @Harlequinnw, I think if investor contracts were honoured smoothly, refunds given when due and in line with those contracts (or preferably the units built), then there would not be so much press, dissatisfaction, unhappy investors and Panorama sniffing around. So, I don’t think you are missing the point but I think othes may be. In some situations when a developer has breached the purchase contract, you don’t mind so much if you see things are moving, your place is going to be a few months late so you just live with it and you can work with the developer. In this instance, they have not even begun to build much of it, so the completion date is still an unknown – could be 2 years, could be 20 years, could be never. So, working with the developer is less appealing.

  184. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous 5.17 MOS 24th Feb. bottom of 3rd colomn, “Arnhim Eustace, a former prime minister (not even used capitals) of St Vincent, who has called in the SFO said,” Now if you would like a little bet with me regarding the accuracy of the quotation?

  185. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @harlequininvestor etc. Yes it does matter! The whole article was lazy cut and paste reporting and they can not even confirm the accuracy of the quote! What other inaccurate made up s**t is in there? Talk about a blinkered thought process. And you are complaining about HP getting the truth correct!

  186. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous. Thats the Mail on Line. Written by the same journalists, but different wording. Cannot even be consistant with 2 articles written on the same day! Who contacted these muppets? Question to Russell Myers “please explain”

  187. Fatchett does not represent me.

    33 minutes since my post. Where are the anti HP posters? Come on, been struck dumb?

  188. Yorkiepoo

    I love that you let Fatchett wind you all up something terrible!! When will you stop biting???

  189. LB

    Waiting for the next post from Baje? These anti HP posters are going to cause huge damage if they can and everyone is going to suffer as a consequence. Not good.

  190. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @LB, they don’t care about anybody else, just themselves, a small minority.

  191. LB

    It certainly seems that way. The “meeting” scheduled for Sunday will be horrendous – definitely NOT going to that!!

  192. Yorkiepoo

    What I don’t understand is why people waste their time bitching on here about Harlequin. They have an office in Basildon why not go and see Dave Ames – why don’t you pick up the phone and call Dave Ames speak to him?

  193. LB

    Too easy and they can’t bitch then!!lol,

  194. Contacts of mine in the News world told me that the Panarama team questioned HP over the phone regarding ownership of land and deeds, to which they was invited to see an look at them for themselves as all is in order .and they responded with that wont be necessary – Oh so NO news story there then , what does that tell you ,, This is all crap and to be honest I am sick of all you agitators who want to bring HP down … Then yes we all lose !!! And for those idiots on here that have refused money back in stages … FOOLS… Also HP are in line for a extra funding from investment backers and this will push all developments forward… Keep bashing them yo agitators and if they pull out we are all doomed .. Are you all so blinkered with hate you just cant see whats going on..
    Finally before I leave this joke of a forum….. ALL SIPP Providers are regulated and the do stringent DD before accepting any schemes .. Dont you think they would have checked to see if HP owned the land before they got on board………………..So Many dumb people on here !! and No I wont waste my time going Saturday.. throw your money away to the Ambulance chasers…..And of course with two pending legal cases Ames will not atttend or comment as half the agitators are linked with these cases .. Serious investors will dismiss all this garbage being written .. and to repeat if HP offer you money – take it say thank you and get out .End of

  195. LB

    Well written I H. These people are determined to prove that they are right, when, in fact they are wrong!! Too humbling to accept that, so march on causing maximum trouble, Glad Panorama did the calling tho – shows how gossip can cause things to potentially get out of hand, but they won’t cover a story if there’s no story to cover!! Excellent!!

  196. LB

    E – I think you are wasting your time on Sunday – you will all just sit around getting nowhere – there;s nothing to discuss really apart from your own gripes which amount to nothing. You have wasted your money. Oh – but the legal reps will love it cos they’ll be coining it in from you and your fellow moaners!!

  197. Yeah yeah, invest £112k get offered £45k back, ignore the T&C of contract…..

  198. LB

    No talking to some people – mind set in such a negative manner. Shame..

  199. E

    I have had enough”ALL SIPP Providers are regulated and the do stringent DD before accepting any schemes .. Dont you think they would have checked to see if HP owned the land before they got on board………………..So Many dumb people on here !!

    This is not true I invested with Tailormade in Brazil and it was unsippable and they did not own the land

  200. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Harlequininvestor etc. You said you were offered £112 back over 12 months. Which is correct? Now you say it was £45k. At least be consistant.

  201. LB

    Do you not know that the recent checks have been done and SIPP investments have just now (within the last couple of days) been approved for Harlequin? After the alert given by FSA – all is in order!! So what is the problem??

  202. Harleconned

    The only dumb people here are the ones that think it will work. WAKE UP and smell the coffee this will never work!!!!

    BTW the meeting is on Saturday….you really don’t pay attention when it comes down to it and you was making a big deal out of 50k LOL!

  203. @Fatchett does not represent me
    ( but he does himself :)… that could be your new name!!!

    Hi All,let me get shot down by the HP pro lobby.

    This is Paul Walton and I am working with Erica. I can only comment about Gareth Fatchett from my own dealing and experiences with him, I have no other interest other than telling it,how it is.

    I have several friends who are solicitors, but even on ‘mates rates’ it would take ages and a small fortune to get a solicitor up to speed with the HP saga, correct?

    Anyway, about a month ago I contacted Gareth. Since then I have received literally hundreds of e-mails or calls all times of the day and night including weekends, he always come back to me…. Something very rare indeed for solicitors in my experience? Agreed?

    I was aware of this Daniel Dalligan issue earlier, but its not my place post it, I am Glad Gareth has… It says a lot and what levels some people will stoop to.

    With my meeting with Dave Ames HP really did not want Gareth to be involved, for me that also speaks volumes. And before anyone says it I have not had any discounts or deals etc.

  204. 100

    I agree there is no conceivable way for this investment model to ever add up and such basic analysis of the numbers shows that. Of course, LB and co are welcome to remain in and hope for the best. Quite why anyone thought someone with a poor business track record and no relevant experience whatsoever could offer better returns in off the beaten track locations than highly experienced developers in mainstream locations is perplexing. What was it about Ames that people believed? He has never done this before, and is riddled with legal problems and bad press. Again, perplexing that anyone really does believe this could ever work out. Proof is always in the pudding and he has massively failed so far. I agree also perhaps that taking something now is better than nothing later. What do investors gain by complaining and making noise – could it be they are genuinely upset and want a way out, rather than are associated with anti-Harlequin people like O’Halloran?

  205. E

    The meeting is on Saturday so get your fact right.!!!
    If Mr Ames was not worried why do you think he tried to do a deal with around seven investors today???

    The truth is the truth and at the end of the day you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear, the locations are all wrong and they will fail.

    Think about this he has had however much money to build these resort and hasnt this is not about a recession. How come the recession affects any of this the truth is I gave Harlequin money to build me a property in D.R and for all intent and purpose they could possibly have used it to buy planes,hotels and houses, loans to themselves.
    Answer me one question. How can it be My Husband cannot obtain his pension until age 65 and yet Mr. Ames can go into this pension and borrow from it to spend on what he wants!!! we gave it to Harlequin on agreement that they built a property with it last year which they have not done, So I will carry on and Mr.Cameron will be discussing this in parliment before I am finished.

  206. Have you seen the new post re the court order? I rest my case, very naughty and silly……but it speaks volumes of the level some people will sink to…. did he act or was told to post this? naughty naughty Dan

  207. Fathett does not represent me.

    @harlequininvestor etc I asked a question at 7.04 re how much you were offered. £112k or £ 45k ?

  208. Fathett does not represent me.

    @E “around 7 investors” nice vague number. So was it 7 , more than 7 , less than 7?

  209. LB

    @E – sorry I was so dis-interested in the day of the meeting I said Sunday, instead of Saturday. I hope when it all fails – which you and your few followers seem hell-bent on making happen – when you have put your distorted arguments to press and anyone else who will listen – when you have totally discredited Harlequin to a point of no return – then you can say “we have done it”!! Well, thanks from me and all the other investors who would like to leave things alone and let H get on with their work and BUILD developments – instead of having to constantly battle bad press and bad-minded people. Cheers.

  210. Fathett does not represent me.

    So how the freezing order go today? Are the BB employees going to be paid this month?

  211. 100

    LB – would you really blame E and other posters/investors for Harlequin failing? Rather than Ames who has had many years to at least make a start on all projects, having taken hundreds of millions, and has failed to do so? If things are in good order, he will produce accounts, prove the bad press is wrong and carry on. He will pay out a few disgruntled investors, but if he has 100m sitting in the bank still, he can make reasonable start to the 5 unstarted developments, and would need probably another 900m to finish. It will all blow over. If things are not in order, then it will all go wrong and these unhappy investors are justified in their approach.

  212. LB

    The accounts have been micro-inspected – that’s why the SIPP investments have been given the go-ahead again. I’m sure he will carry on – then the disgruntled investors will whine because they are not getting the long term returns that we will all be enjoying!! Voila!! They will never be happy!!

  213. john Delhirro

    Hi Mr Ivory I really am confused by your comments.I know for a fact that Villas have been competed and no deeds have been produced for the owner so they can not close.I also have a apartment at BB and my completeition date is already a 18 months behind and now are saying completetion date june 2014 . I have been down there last month and nothing is going on at all.I wish this was not the case I love St Vincent and I love what can be done if the airport also can be finished.I hope Mr Aimes and Harliquin can figure out someway to finish this project but right now it seems maybe I might be wishing too hard

  214. homefront

    perhaps a monthly bar chart for each site.a normal construction type ,.published each month would put everyone at ease,then we can all see if construction is behind or in front of projected completion dates,even some minutes from the monthly site meeting or part of could be published ,may help all to understand any delays. all fairly easy and non contentious

  215. Anon - reasons unknown


    All resorts are years behind schedule.
    No funding obtained to complete any resorts.
    No investors have received legal title, and none are getting a return on their investment.
    No accounts published in the Caribbean, and heavily qualified previous accounts in the UK.
    What accountancy firm will publish the next set of UK accounts? Certainly not Wilkins Kennedy!


  216. 254

    LB I’d be curious to know how the accounts have been micro inspected and approved when they either have’t been filed for 7 years for one of the companies or filed late and highly qualified for one of the others. Also curious how rigorous DD sidesteps the issue of routinely broken deadlines, a staggering lack of progress, no published figures for BB income and expenditure and ongoing lack of backend finance (in spite of constant promises that an announcement is forthcoming). This has been going on for years.

    SIPP compliancy issues are far more complicated than you have suggested and the amount of attention that the FSA is paying to this product is for a good reason.

    I honestly can’t understand how anyone could claim to be happy with their “investment” — it’s surely either wilful delusion or disingenuousness. The attempt to lay the blame for any fall out at the feet of investors is disgusting — and the rhetoric of the clinically deluded. There’s only one person who took the money and didn’t build what he said he would when he said he would and it’s no one elses fault — and regardless of any of the sideshows, as with any big company, the buck stops at the top.

  217. Yorkiepoo

    I see that no papers were served on Harlequin today at Birmingham Crown Court – seems like that was a load of hot air too!

  218. comparing notes

    I see that the Barbados office shut down today, the press are on it already.

  219. Baje

    the staff at Halequin were asked to say goodbye to their offices, no more employment, only the Almagatmated Security Services (ASS) is on the compound.
    the Barbados Nation Newspaper reporter Ricky Jordan was on the site today, but they give him some bogus story.

    Harlequin is no more… next stop St. Vincent

  220. E – Tailormade are FA’s not Sipp providers … who was the sipp management company that dealt with Brazil ???

  221. E

    Total wealth managment based in sale Manchester but which I find strange Tailormade took the fee from the SIPP and gave it to TWM if they sold this product why not take the fee yourself why ask Tailormade to do it?

  222. E

    Tailormade Debbie Stokes actually asked if I had enough money for the deposit and that If I didnt she would lend it to me,

  223. E- sounds strange agreed .. The TWM website looks very flimsy not great for confidence ,,but they should have done its DD if they are kosha – They will be answerable to the FSA ..if there was any case of miss selling a product

  224. anon73

    Anonymous 9.11pm, agree with your post entirely – LB, it is not true to say the accounts have been microinspected for the reasons outlined in that post. IH, this product has been grossly missold on a large scale according to many investors who have posted here and elsewhere. David Ames is on record as telling what are open and blatant falsehoods, such as a marina being almost finished that was at the time, and several years later, not started. There are numerous examples of what must be either known false statements by him, or that show that he is completely and utterly out of control of all aspects of his business. Either way, it spells serious danger, andit is not fair to criticise investors who do have their eyes open to this and who want to get out no matter what. If others wish to back a person with the track record of lies, misrepresentation, zero experience and silence on key issues, then in turn, I am sure everyone would wish you luck with that also, as we must wish those luck who finally can see what to so many is blindingly obvious. If only people knew the sites he had chosen, knew the building industry here, knew the real status of his projects, knew the hotel industry, knew the challenges he faces in his locations, you would never have invested and would absolutely be running for the hills, perhaps with a large write-off of what was invested.

  225. @fatchettDNRM.

    My, my, we are impatient, I had a long and eventful meeting with Erica and family last night, hence my tardy response. Both figures are correct…I was offered 45K first, then others, then on the Friday before the MOS article 112k, but to be paid over 12 months I refused all of the offers.

    In Mr Ames follow up letter he said, ‘I was unable to pay the closing costs’ now that’s very odd as they were never mentioned! Maybe Mr Ames or the other three people in the meeting would like to comment on that?

    The last paragraph, he said, ‘take action in the Caribbean in line with your contract’ so I took that as bugger off and see you in court in the Caribbean…..

    And people wonder why we are running these meetings?


  226. @LB it would be a very brave IFA who sold HP now?

  227. Don’t forget Mr Ames said he would be happy to speak to them 🙂

  228. 83

    @Ivor they are real I have been to their offices

  229. Harle-la-la land

    No doubt Harlesuccess will see this as yet more evidence that the scurrilous and evil opponents of the great genius have managed to hack their way into the SFO website to further propagate their own devious agenda of lies and misinformation.

  230. 83

    Yes, yes its all lies, he has built the resort and we are all wrong HP are in rude health financially 🙂

  231. 83

    @Yorkiepoo I did meet Mr Ames and his ‘team’ very unproductive.

  232. Now the SFO have made public their investigation, we may need a bigger room for our meeting!. If you miss this even there will be others you can attend. We will keep you updated.

  233. Harle-la-la land

    And I’m waiting for 36 to tell us that it’s good that the SFO and Essex Police are doing thorough due diligence just so they can fully endorse the projects as SIPP compliant. Good to see the authorities giving the thumbs up to this investment.

  234. Yes even 36 and Harlisuccess will find it difficult to put a ‘spin’ on this…mind you Mr Ames did say he was happy to talk to them, so we need not worry.

  235. 90

    As an investor I have addressed the concerns raised by other investors with Harlequin to satisfy myself as to the condition of my investment, this morning I further completed the SFO form so that as an investor I too can have a say with the SFO.

    For me this is just business, my wife and I have invested in Harlequin and have no ulterior motive other than a wish to see a return on our investment. We have been to investor days at Harlequins offices and met other like minded investors, we have been to Buccament Bay and Blu and experienced the bricks and mortor of what Harlequin are delivering and for us our investment is tracking as we envisioned.

    There are a lot of commentators that to me appear to be illogical in their comments stating a desire to see Harlequin brought down, even if they lose their investment! There is a lot of ire in many posts but for me it is just business and not personal!

    For the other genuine investors on these posts look to the safeguarding of your investment and assist the SFO in a full open and honest investigation as Harlequin and Mr Ames are and should you not be in for the long term than address the return of your deposit.

    Harlequin is just an investment vehicle to us and we are not prepared to work with what appear to be agitators posing among you genuine investors. Paul and Erica I understand you both along with some others have not had the same experience I have and that you are entitled to take whatever action you individually and collectively wish to take but I believe that you have people jumping on your bandwagon who are attempting to hijack your efforts for their personal reasons.

    All investors have a right to freedom of expression just as I express the hope that Harlequin do well and are successful. I have tried to comprehend why these posts have been so heated and talked to my agent at Harlequin who shed light on why O’Halloran, Newman, Macdonald and others who are being persued by Harlequin in the courts for THEIR wrongdoing should be so determined to engineer the demise of Harlequin. The best form of defense is attack and that is what it appears they are doing, trying to close down Harlequin so they will not be held to account in court and have to answer for their actions.

    Paul and Erica you both might be prepared to to write off your investments but we are not prepared to do so! We will come to your meeting and talk openly with your group as I know other genuine investors are also prepared to do. I am happy to listen to you, learn from you and likewise share my experience, not only with Harlequin but all my investments in general as some commentators appear to be novices in the investment world.

    I have spoken to all the investors in Harlequin I have met and come to know, some having become friends, and we have decided to engage with you and your group to present our side of the Harlequin experience to add balance as there appears to be a one sided point of view being stirred up by devious aggitators who are not genuine investors.

    I have invested with Harlequin and if I need to invest more to safeguard my original investment I will. I see a lot of name calling and do not believe it is productive, I will now act reasonably and within law to ensure the longevity and safety of my investment against attack from those I now believe are trying to hijack your group and use it as a smokescreen to cover their wrong doing.

    Paul and Erica I look forward to meeting you both on the weekend.

  236. 147

    Again mention of the O Haolloran issue — as if that’s the only grounds under which anyone could have a bad word to say. Either you’re peddling the party line, or you’ve swallowed it: The SFO investigation would seem to suggest that it goes a little deeper than that, no?

    It’s beyond comprehension that an experienced investor could be happy here — there’s so little to be happy about. Where’s the finance? Remove all other issues (eg where’s the resorts, or even the planning permission) and concentrate on that. The model is predicated on third party finance and there isn’t any. How could you possibly be happy about that. After this amount of time — and with the whole Caldora thing thrown in — it’s pretty clear that that is not progressing well.

  237. E

    Mr.Ohalloran is counter suing ask your self why???

  238. @90 nobody is trying to hijack our meeting, to cover their wrong doings?? we will have some very very interesting points to cover.

    It would me nice if Mr Ames would offer the common courtesy of letting us know if he is willing to meet his investors? I have sent him and his team several request and had nothing back…. That’s quite rude is it not?

  239. @Anonymous March 6, 2013 at 8:57 am
    if you can come to the meeting with or without Mr Ames it will be very enlightening.

  240. E

    90 aka Sean Ghent, Keep us in the loop I think your boss will be to busy to reply to our invitation, are you attending with Mr.Ames? I also look forward to meeting you

  241. 90

    @ E we are investors with not only Harlequin contracts but will also bring our Guardian SIPP and RBS statements to prove we are genuine investors and when we set up our investment. We have a genuine vested interest and I am happy to meet you and Paul and anybody else on Saturday before the meetings to qualify ourselves as such. Unless anybody thinks Guardian and Royal Bank of Scotland are in cohorts with Harlequin!

  242. 90

    @147 An SFO investigation actually proves nothing other than a response to a lodged complaint. Once they have finished a prelimanary investigation they will decide if there are grounds for a full investigation. This is just the initial standard response which determines whether to proceed. Anybody can make any allegation, it thereafter needs to be determined if it can be substantiated.

  243. Its my understanding that the SFO have classed this as a category A investigation? I would say by definition its quite serious?

  244. Anybody can make an allegation yes, but how many do the SFO take up?

  245. E

    They wouldn’t of said that they are investigating if they wasn’t serious about it, This has been going on for months that no one knew about

  246. Pingback: Harlequin personnel infiltrating the ranks of disgruntled investors, spying on meetings | Barbados Free Press

  247. anonymous37

    hello @90 – seems like bfp have caught you out!!!. be clear the SFO and essex police would have been working behind the scenes for months and months gathering information / data/ statements, looking at financials etc etc etc. they would not have gone public unless there were some very serious concerns. you only have to look at how many cases they have gone “public”on in the last year to see that.

    hello erica/paul- please see BFP thread today regarding persons pretending to be someone they are not. good luck with your meeting on saturday.

  248. 72

    @90… From what I can see you are not a very good businessman because any one with a bit of common sense can read through the lines and see clearly that Dave Ames’ business model is a Ponzi scheme and if we, the investors, does not take action we shall loose everything if we have not already lost everything!!!
    My good advice to any investor is to take action now and waste no more time…

  249. @72 thats what we have been asking people to do, Gareth Fatchett will be at the meeting and shall be available for advice…..

  250. 72

    Everyone who has genuinely invested in Harlequin should come to the meeting in Manchester. You should at least try to save something…

  251. 25

    Does anyone know what will happen to BB?

    It seems likely to me this will come to a head soon – however there has been no court case (that was rumored to be on Tuesday), and I have not heard whether BB employees are receiving their wages?

  252. Anonymous March 6, 2013 at 10:48 am
    I dont know about the wages, maybe someone could comment as there does seem to be conflicting stories

  253. 90


    Paul as I stated before I can catagorically confirm that all the BB resort staff have been paid their wages for the past month as the months before!

    You may check directly with the resort by asking to speak to our local HR manager on resort who has the best interests of the staff at heart. She is a lovely local lady with a fine reputation on the island.

  254. @90 Thanks for that its good news

  255. Harleconned

    I’ve heard elsewhere that it is untrue that staff have been paid, I have it from a source in St Vincent they have not been paid since December.

  256. Yorkiepoo

    Harleconned – Did you try and contyact the Resort as 90 suggested or you think its a waste of time?

  257. Harleconned

    I did contact the resort and found out for myself. I wouldn’t lie about it so to save you the phone call don’t waste your time.

  258. Yorkiepoo

    Harleconned – so they confirmed they had not been paid their salary?

  259. Harleconned

    Yes since December

  260. Yorkiepoo

    Harleconned – So you called and they just confirmed that they hadn’t been paid? What else was said? What were they told? What are they doing about it? Why are they still coming to work? If its true the guests will soon find out thats for sure!

  261. 90


    I am on the resort still until 10:20 local time or 14:20 UK time, my local number is 1784 5332511 and if you wsh to call me I can ask a member of any department you like to confirm it to you or call the resort number and ask to be put through to me or our local HR manager and she can talk to you.

  262. E

    Hi Sean is this you?
    I am a fairly easy going guy, I like to travel and spend time with family and friends. I don’t drink so rarely go to pubs or clubs unless to meet family or friends. Enjoy people who are open, honest, caring and who enjoy the simple things in life.

    Favourite Quotes.

    “Evil succeeds when good men stand by and do nothing” Edward W Burke “He who causes you to lose your temper controls you and has already won” Yongi Cho Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame. — Ben Franklin. It is he who is in the wrong who first gets angry. — William Penn. “Anger is a choice, as well as a habit. It is a learned reaction to frustration, in which you behave in ways that you would rather not.” Wayne W. Dyer Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret” – Laurence J Peter “Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody’s power, that is not easy.” -Aristotle The single clenched fist lifted and ready,Or the open hand held out and waiting.Choose:For we meet by one or the other. Carl Sandburg “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.: Wayne Dyer “May peace be more than a season, may it be a way of life.” Author unknown

  263. E

    Sean I love this quote can I pinch it for the power point presentation.
    “Evil succeeds when good men stand by and do nothing” Edward W Burke

  264. E

    I should also have asked how many seats do you want? and which session do you want to book in for?

  265. Yorkiepoo

    90 – If you say that all is well then thats ok, we can chat on Saturday, has Dave given you my details? I’m more interested in understanding why HDStudio is closing to be honest – whats the story there – if you dont want to post here Dave Ames can give you my number

  266. 90

    @ E hi we would like two seats and happy to attend both sessons, thanks

  267. 100

    I find it amazing how Harlequin employees/associates, are being so vociferous in questioning investors who simply want their money back from Harlequin according to a contract, signed I presume by both parties. A Harlequin statement in the Echo yesterday says that less than 1% want their money back, so what is the big deal? If everything is in order, this is a drop in the ocean. Give them their money back according to the contract and move on and stop sending in associates to such forums to question the right to claim what they are legally entitled to. OPinions from all sides are welcome, but accusations that these investors are ruining it for others are very ill considered. I have seen very little, if any, unreasonable gripes by investors on this forum, but some fairly outlandish comments by associates who say they are investors (accept that 90 is an investor, but also a conflicted employee) Investors paid their money (in some cases life savings and pension funds) over according to an agreement to own property, and that property has not even started being built. If that were my life savings, or an amount that was serious to me, I would have pushed the panic button a long time ago, I think investors have been incredibly patient and supportive to date. 90, if you are in the region, you should go and see the Marquis Estate site, check out Merricks, look at progress at H hotel, go and see how many guests are at Blu and the rate they are paying. Head up to the DR and see how those sites are going – but you should let those who feel aggrieved and had their contracts breached just exit quietly and perhaps if they had been allowed to do so quietly, the PR storm now would not have taken place. In my opinion as a 40 plus year veteran of Caribbean businesses, Ames has spent the money and has absolutely no chance of building even another 5% of the existing 5% built.

  268. E

    Sean You can have the seats for the second session no problem but I am honestly struggling for the first and to be fair I cant let you have them for both as there are not enough seats and everyone wants answers and some may have to wait for the second session already so for you to attend both is a bit unfair sorry I will make sure I am more organised for the next meeting and book somewhere with bigger facilities. Hope this is okay with you

  269. Problem is now … who in there right mind will book a holiday in BB knowing at any time it could be shut down ……………. income lost

  270. Yorkiepoo

    I H – Thats the problem with publishing these sort of matters to the world, however, if the Harlequin Investment it is flawed then it will merely bring the conclusion to us swifter, if its not flawed then we are damaging ourselves

  271. E

    Hitched A wedding website will I spoke to them last week as Harlequin had advertised with them and they have said as long as they pay the advertising bill they will not get involved, and will still encourage people to book as it is ABTA boonded, so this sort of problem that you probably dont need before your big day is still being promoted today. I am totally disgusted this type of holiday is promoted as a honeymoon destination in a lot of wedding magazines also.
    I am just so glad that Britains got Talent listened to me

  272. E

    Would you rather more people invested in this…………………Yorkiepoo

  273. Yorkiepoo

    Not if the Investment is flawed, but if it was ever going to succeed you have made sure it never could!

  274. This would never of happened if Mr Ames stuck by the contracts he signed, he has only homself to blame. What should be do be bullied and say nothing? or OK keep my money for another couple of years?

  275. Yorkiepoo

    I know that Harlequin have and will give full refunds to investors who need to exit – saying that I’m sure he doesn’t make it too easy because people read this, then panic, request a refund and the business is damaged

  276. I can only comment on how I was treated and can prove it,

    Mr Ames, himself said ‘very few’ have been paid up front????

    Again, he only has himself to blame a contract is a contract.

    Would I be here if he had stuck to it?

  277. anonymous

    yorkiepoo. legal action was already being taken in 2008 by investors whose contract had been breached ( they had to resort to legal action) that development has still to receive planning permission.however, now the sfo are involved the good news is that nda’s/gagging orders are irrelevant as solicitors who maybe agreed a settlement and clients who agreed to sign an nda can break those i believe in the case of “criminal investigation” ???

  278. Yorkiepoo

    Harlequininvestorgroupnw – So how often have you spoken to Dave Ames to sort this out? Do you call him on his mobile? Do you have a series of meetings? what goes on?

  279. E

    I had a agreement for my hubands SIPP to be reinstated from last year and I am still waiting! and I didnt need to exit I wanted to……….

  280. 100

    Yorkiepoo, if you sit down and do the sums, this model never had a moment’s chance, it is utterly flawed. Harlequin made it sound simple when developing here is anything but. Throw in sites like Marquis, where US$20-US$50m in infrastructure alone is required, and it makes the maths even worse. Each resort will have pre-opening expenses and losses of US$5 to US$10m before they break even. Investors were paying 30% of a very low purchase price (expect US$200 per square foot build of the units themselves as a low estimate for quality in the Caribbean, but then have to add on a lot to that to cover common areas etc) making it impossible to cover costs of build and operation, before even thinking about all the other costs, both necessary and unncessessary, that Ames was incurring – 10% guarantees, loan repayments, enormous commissions and so on. Throw in golf courses, marinas and the whole thing becomes farcical in its fantasy as actually being a profitable business. Ames is not a businessman, he is a salesman, and quite possibly a con man. He sold well, the rest is staring you in the face. Do not believe that this ever had a chance, and that waiting will change the fundamental flaws.

  281. Harleconned

    When was this Erica?

  282. E

    Last July 2012

  283. @Yorkiepoo.
    Letters, emails, and a meeting with the man himself and his legal team also the company who set up the SIPP

  284. Yorkiepoo

    I’m not doubting any of what you are saying but my experience of David Ames is alot different to yours?

  285. Yorkiepoo

    Another thought -of the 300 units that have been build have any had title passed to the investor yet?

  286. @ Yorkiepoo, maybe that was when things were good I met him last month??

  287. Yorkiepoo

    Doubt it was good times – it was today, once this morning and again this afternoon?

  288. @Yorkiepoo
    So you work or are connected to HP

  289. Yorkiepoo

    I’m neither connected or employed by HP. I have known Dave Ames for alot of years and had business dealings with him in Dubai.

  290. Thanks for that Yorkiepoo……

  291. Yorkiepoo

    I know it’s no consolation but from my experience Dave Ames is no crook – and believe me in the business dealings I had with him he could have done something had he wanted to.

    I have always found him very honest and trustworthy and if he is a fraudster the most hard working one!!

    I have read this blog with interest because of knowing Mr Ames and if the investment has gone sour I would guess it it for other reasons than it being engineered.

    One thing I would suggest is that you try and work with Dave rather than hit him head on. Have a mass meeting but involve him and see how we can all help each other out.

    I know from speaking to him he does want this to work I can promise you that.

  292. E – Drummond is a known con man and does deals with ambulance chasers .. dont be miss led by any of his blogs

  293. @Yorkiepoo.
    Thanks for that Yorkiepoo, I note your comments.

    I did try and work with Mr Ames and gave him every opportunity to honour our contract terms, but simply put, I will not accept staged payments.

    The final straw was the follow up letter saying if I don’t like it, take action in SVG because that’s who my contract is with…….. and I could not afford the completion costs ( that were never even mentioned)

    All I ever wanted is a full refund, and no staged payments,

    is that really too much to ask? As I said before he has only got himself to blame.

    Also, why don’t we know if he is comming or not….. Thats not helping his case is it?
    Am I being unreasonable?

  294. LB

    I am glad someone here has faith!! I know for a fact that people working at the agents who we bought through have also got big money invested in Harlequin. These are people who do lots of DD and would not put their business’s reputation on the line by promoting/selling dodgy investments nor would they buy into it themselves!! I think the SFO investigation is good – I don’t believe they will find what a lot of you think they will. However, it will still have a short -term damaging effect for Harlequin as people will instantly assume that if there is an investigation, then something must be wrong. Lets hope it’s a swift conclusion for everyone.

  295. Yorkiepoo

    No I don’t think that you are being unreasonable, but you quite understandably are more interested in your own cash rather than the good of the whole scheme.

    Like I said I spoke with Dave twice today and one text and I can assure you and is wear this, Dave is wanting this to be a success for everyone and is working hard to try get things back on track.

    Dave has told me that he will not attend the meetings because he doesn’t think they will be productive. I have offered to attend and relay things to him because he is genuinely interested in a solution.

    Like I say, Dave has always fulfilled every promise to me and I am convinced working together for a solution is best for all parties rather than the Fatchett route.

    Just my opinion, take it or leave it, I will help if I can, I can speak to Dave anytime and suggest whatever you like?

  296. Harleconned

    Suggest that he should come to the meeting. Afterall he has OUR money and WE want answers. Is he too important to meet his employers???

  297. @Yorkiepoo.

    Yes after I decided I wanted out, my concern was to get a refund in line with my contract – that’s all. Mr Ames would not do that so this is the result…..and all could have been avoided.

    Well at least we know he is not coming and can plan accordingly.

    I do think its going to look like he is snubbing his investors and its going to have a lot of media presence.

    However, just a thought…. We have a evergrowing list of questions investors are Emailing us, how about we send them in and get answers?

    That seems fair? Otherwise lots of questions and no answers.

  298. @harleconned

    That’s a classic Cliff! Lol

    Since when have you ever been Dave Ames employer, in fact you have already admitted today that “he was your employer”!

  299. Yorkiepoo

    That seems fair I don’t mind calling Dave Ames and forwarding a list of questions – sounds reasonable to me.
    I can assure you he wants this resolved and sees that everyone will get through this. You seem to have encountered a different Dave to me because he has always done good by me year in year out?

  300. E

    It is a pity Mr Ames cannot reply to my invitation and has asked you to attend on his behalf, Can you tell me when the latest video referred to last week will be released please and will you post it on here as Harlequin and Tailormade do not want to send me updates or allow me to attend the seminars ironic really that a lot of them want to attend ours.
    I use the word seminars but it has never really been a seminar or a meeting as both of those include both parties allowed to participate and ask questions so I dont know what you would call them.Ours is a meeting where everybody can ask questions of each other and recieve a reply it is a great shame Mr Ames does not think that this is a good idea as a awful lot of people are wanting to participate in this and our other planned meetings maybe Mr Ames business model would of worked better if we had all been allowed to participate and discuss our investments but alas it looks like it is to late for that now does it not

  301. Mark Fenty

    Solution: Transparency, Accountability, Answerability, and Financial Reciprocity.

  302. LB

    If I were Ames, I would not come – there is too much hostility from everyone!! I have looked at getting out, but the exit strategy would not work for me initially as the stage payments would leave me short to discharge the personal loans we have taken out to cover the deposit for our first investment – the second is via SIPPS. Any investment in off-plan, overseas developments come with some element of risk, and that is why the returns potentially sound good. Everyone should have realised this when they put their money in? Now you are all crying about it because it’s taking too long and you want your money back – went in blinkered, I think.

  303. we are only 1% of investors 🙂 so please refund us our money

  304. LB

    Why should 1% get preferential treatment???

  305. E

    To be honest with you LB This is no longer to do with a investment I made this is about they way I have been treated Mr Ames knows exactly what I am talking about and so do Panorama all will soon be revealed

  306. Harleconned

    @ LB Because if rumours are correct then we are the only ones that are unhappy??

  307. LB

    @E – so you have a personal “principals” issue with Harlequin, and all this is created?? Everyone else is dragged down with you? Glad you are not my mate!! Dangerous!!

  308. Not preferential, its in the contract refund in 60 days if the unit is not completed a year after the date specified.

    When and if, you get your ‘guaranteed 10%’ rental return as per contract, then you are told sorry mate its 4% would you be happy?

    You can not change a contract when you feel like it, or inline with apparent company cash-flow problems.

  309. E

    Most people do feel sorry for my Husband !!

  310. 100

    It is frankly amazing that so many people believe 2 + 2 does not equal 4 because Ames or an Ifa said so. It is not possible for due dilligence to suggest this scheme works, and there is a very good reason it has not worked and never will, because it makes no financial sense. If somehow investors keep buying and Ames keeps it going a while longer, it simply is impossible for these devleopments to be built as sold under this model. I would urge anyone to come and speak to independent QSs and lawyers and hotel operators on the islands they invested and you will learn that Harlequin is seen as a joke and a big con due to its total lack of viability – and of course lack of anything getting built. The cost of a flight could save you a lot of wasted time and money. Ames is an absolute clown of the first ilk I am afraid to say, it is an impression widely held by all business leaders who have met him in the Caribbean, he is way out of his depth and has no idea what he is doing when it comes to managing construction or hotels. But if he has been taking commissions off the top, perhaps it does not really matter to him.

  311. @100

    So you freely call investors fools for investing!

    What is you involvement then and the reason for your diatribe!

  312. Having a structured Q & A document sent to Ames is a good idea .. if he fails to answer then maybe some of us have reasons to take things further.. NOW is a prime time for him to settle this once and for all.. So lets presume all is ok with SFS and the IFA and he wins court case with the builder.. Then we are all back to square one .. answer the Qs and make decisions based on that.. I would not recommend ANYONE sign up to any Legal Eagles at the moment….. I am actually more concerned if the HD Studio in Barbados really did get shut down ,, can anyone confirm this ?

  313. Yorkiepoo

    Yes HDStudio is closed that’s true

  314. Why would that be then Yorkie ? they are not effected by the SFS or IFA checks .. surely its BAU for those guys ?

  315. yatiniteasy

    And yesterday at 230 pm there were no workers on the Harlecon H site building “apace” and “redefining luxury in the Caribbean”.

  316. 100

    Mr Ghent, I would not say fools, I would say naive investors who were missold and did not do their own DD. Perhaps they were led to believe certain things by their agents and IFAs that were not achievable in reality – many have commented on how they were sold the product, so I am getting my understanding from what investors have said. Either way, there is plenty of evidence in the islands to suggest this was always a scheme that would not work and is being borne out in reality.

    I am one of several Caribbean investors (not Harlequin investors) that have posted here and elsewhere that is concerned about what effect Harlequin and Ames could have on our image. I have a lot invested in the region, and have spoken to many people at the highest level of government and business that believe Ames is running a ponzi scheme and he is doing nothing to prove otherwise. If he would only offer reasoned explanation as to why he is so drastically behind, and stop lying and making forecasts and predictions that are false and misleading, everyone could go about their business and wish them well. It is not in my interest or anyone else’s who has money invested in the region to see Harlequin collapse, but it is also at the same time not in our interest for our authorities to turn a blind eye to what is clearly a scheme with serious question marks hanging over it. I am sorry if this does not tally with what you believe about your investment, but I have been involved in successful Caribbean resort developments and operations for decades from the DR to South America, as well as other parts of the world, and Ames needs to deliver proof of funds or something or this is going belly up. It would give me no joy to see you or anyone lose their investment, and if Ames does have the fundamentals in place, then none of us has anything to worry about – so please ask him to show the region. And before you say people who are not investors in this should not get involved, this does involve many people way beyond the investors alone – Ames has a whole host of people watching him besides investors.

  317. E

    @Ivor this is the agenda

    We would like to invite you to Our Harlequin Investor update on the 9th March 2013

    Lunchtime Session Afternoon Session

    Registration 12:00 Registration 15:00

    Meeting Commences 12:15 Meeting Commences 15:15

    Meeting Finishes 14:15 Meeting Finishes 17:15


    Erica Broughton

    Please switch off all mobile phones. This meeting is for Mr Ames & Harlequin Properties to give an overview of investments around
    15 minutes*

    Followed by Q&A session of 35 minutes* Total of Mr Ames 50 minutes*

    Vivien Walden conducting

    James Golden will conduct proceedings and take minutes etc.

    Brief overview Paul Walton 10 minutes*

    General discussion

    Solicitors & Barristers

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Pannone LLP

    No5 Chambers

    50 minutes* Private meetings held at the back of the room. Summary of events discussed The room hire is £150 the entrance fee is £5.00 per person any money left over will go into an investor bank account to cover expenses i.e. stationary, travel etc.

    John Broughton and Mathew Cavanagh company Treasurers.

    Please ensure you have paid before entrance.

    Company Secretary Stephanie Broughton

    Please give all of your details to Stephanie.

    The Meeting will take place at the Marriott Hale Barns Hotel Manchester Airport

    Hale Road, WA15 8XW

    *Please note that all times are approximate.

    There will be a set of questions collated and sent to Mr Ames by 9AM Friday for his perusal.

    Thank you

  318. 100

    IH at 8.25pm, I think that is a good suggestion. If Ames knows lots of upset investors are going to meet, and all is in order, then he should have no problem answering questions before that meeting. If he answers well and provides proof of positive answers, then we can all go on our merry way. I would think build schedules, QS reports and EIA studies, and proof of funding for those schedules would go a long way to appeasing people.

  319. I am no expert but HP is nothing like a Ponzi scheme .. similarities maybe.. I dont think the Ponzi scammers had Assets and and HQ with staff an up and running travel agency etc etc .. I know the Ponzi scams where in different products but you see my point….

  320. anon73
    Good to see the IFAs are going to be looked into as I believe they are as guilty as anyone for misrepresenting products and claiming that they had done DD and were risk free etc.

  321. 100

    IH, perhaps not a ponzi scheme in the traditional sense I agree, but with very similar theories behind it. Madoff and Stanford indeed had buildings, offices and staff to create the right front and image – Stanford had his bank up and running and looking great, with some legitimate activity going on too, but it was all backed by CODs that were paid out with new investor money. Mr Ames, in the absense of profits from the resorts or financing, has to have been paying mortgage interest payments, and guaranteed payments (if they have been paid) using investor money – new money paying out to earlier investors. So it is very similar if he has no other source of revenue.

  322. anonymous37

    @E- just a suggestion but maybe you could ask some of the major FS companies/IFAS/networks along who sold this. ask them to bring their own DD which made them think this was such a “good investment” .(not just the figures supplied by H) ask them if they were aware of allegations/court cases etc as far back as 2007/2008. ask them if they requested a detailed breakdown analysis of costs to build/cash flow structure/funding in place to actually build/finance in place to cover the remaining 70% mortgage (advertised as gteed but in the contract just an endevour) ask them if when they carried out pension reviews on their clients as regulated advisers and presumably gave clients IDD’s THEY MADE IT TOTALLY CLEAR that this investment was unregulated and thus not under the umbrella of FSCS . actually just ask them if they carried out a factfind at all???did a reason for recommendation or just skipped all of this and just got their clients to sign on the dotted line and take around 30% of their pension pot invested.i asked all of this as an adviser and ……… i contacted the fsa in 2008 and again last year (i am not syaing that this is fraudulent or a ponzi as others would allege). what i am saying is that this was clearly high risk and as such should have only ever been sold/marketed to clients prepared to take that risk and i do not believe this to be the case. i believe this was sold and marketed on mass to anyone with a big enough SERPS pot/pension pot to invest . when the FSA get the figures from the SIPP companies and the SFO get the info from clients re who their advisers were we may then get a better picture.

  323. E

    ivor Hadenuff I have just been alerted to this you posted earlier, Andrew Drummond is a fantastic Journalist who unfortunatley has made some enemies, If you want to believe everything you see in writing go and look at a Harlequin sales leaflet.

    March 6, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    E – Drummond is a known con man and does deals with ambulance chasers .. dont be miss led by any of his blogs

  324. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, please stop referring to the 3 solicitors as separate companies. They are known jointly as Risk Warning. They will not give independent advice and are in cahoots together. Please make this point clear.

  325. E – Please !!!!!! I am disappointed with you .. Drummond is a Conman who makes money from other peoples horror stories.. yes he reports it to drum up trade for his matey legal pals… You defend him because he made a few enemies .. So he not much different than Ames then is he ?…. You cant defend one and not the other…. All your momentum seems to be aimed at solicitors – ambulance chasers and everything negative about HP… I dont disagree with a lot of your points however I think you need to see the wood through the trees or people will also lose confidence in what you and the group are trying to achieve

  326. E

    They are three different fims who work together at times I hope no one feels mislead by this also I will not allow anyone feel pressured in any way to sign with any companies on the day. They are just there to advise everyone of there options. I have set up this meeting as I was contacted by a person who was suicidal over there investment and to be honest that is why I decided to waive my rights to anonymity

  327. Yorkiepoo

    Ivor – I can confirm that HD Studio is closed for 1 month. I did not go into a lot of detail but the cutting off of the SIPP money while the FSA approved Harlequin is causing a cash flow issue – the same reason why interest payments are not being made. This is the reality of what happens when people get as much bad publicity wrongly assuming it is of benefit?

  328. 34

    If the cutting off of new investors money means that the current operation can’t finance itself… then that screams ponzi.

  329. Charles&eddie

    This sounds rather odd Yorkiepoo, where is the 250-300 Million that Harlequin have taken in?? Surely there should be plenty of that left??

  330. Yorkiepoo

    Seems pretty clear to me there’s plenty of works to build without spending more on a design studio. When you talk about cash flow you need to remember you are only funding part of the works (30%) land deals, build costs of infrastructure, building facilities, design etc needs funding.
    Anyway I wouldn’t worry too much as now you have cut the life supply off its only a matter of time until you have your way and Harlequin are no more.

  331. Yorkie so the good people of this group are really helping matters with all us investors ,,,, its been said time and time again .. WAIT for the results of SFS and FSA and the court case and then take stock .. this was a high risk investment and we are ALL frustrated with the timescales .. BUT anyone who was offered their money back albeit over a 12 month period – TAKE IT and leave the serious investors out of this witch hunt …Ames has a hell of a lot to answer for and one of his biggest failing is he does not relay enough details back to us or the media ? YES I am concerned and worried and annoyed .. BUT nobody has lost any money yet.

  332. anonymous37

    @yorkiepoo. exactly. if they cannot operate without further SIpp investment then the coffers must be well and truly low (not much hope of building the remaining 95% of units already sold but not yet built or indeed not yet got planning permission in most cases). cannot blame on bad publicity. they have openly took money, made promises. are you saying that this is either a pyramid scheme of a ponzi scheme?

  333. Yorkiepoo

    Ivor like I said earlier I speak to Dave Ames regularly, I spoke this morning and just after lunch. When he heard about the SFO investigation this morning he was ready to throw the towel in, he has been working hard behind the scenes to get a solution, felt he was getting somewhere only to be kicked in the nuts. To be honest I wouldn’t blame him if he walked out saying its not all worth the effort. Then what use would these little gatherings be like on Saturday?

  334. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, I’m sorry but what you said is not true. And I quote “for 2013 no5 chambers have put together a legal team with Regulatory Legal and national law firm Pannone LLP to develop an investor protector proposition. The joint company is called Risk Warning. ” you talk to one you talk to them all. And while I’m sure your intentions were meant to be for the right reasons, I wonder how many of the 3500 investors and BB employees might feel suicidal if you get all the assets frozen?

  335. 34

    I don’t know about nationally, but my experience of Harliquin was that the investment was sold almost on personal recommendation. The meetings were organised using multi level marketing principles where people already involved were encouraged to invite, and recommend the product to there close friends. That often involved both personal friends and communities (for example church communities). Then a Harlequin sales individuals would also attend the meetings to ‘close the deals’. My point is that a lot of people got involved because of this selling technique without doing a lot of DD. They were unsophisticated investors who trusted there friends and were out of there depth. The fact Harlequin sold this with promises of zero risk and guaranteed returns (this was stated in the meetings and on many web sites) is basically a cruel manipulation of innocent people. The fact that the IFA’s involved didn’t advice folks that this was actually an unsuitable and unregulated investment is just plain incompetence. There was a lot of greed involved, and I hope those responsible, and those who helped protect this scam (Carter Ruck included) end up being exposed and paying in some way for there actions.

  336. HP have big funding houses investing waiting in the wing ,, This bad press could kill their input ,, if it does – thanks guys. Let me tell you .. The deffence of that Irish builder are banged up to lose that case, the collapse of HP is their only saving grace ,, This is all a pre meditated attempt to discredit the brand and cause collapse.. When HP win that case they will get all costs returned and hopefuly any remains of the builders stolen assets – So then HP are back up and running – problem is will the finance investors still be ?

  337. E

    One of my main reasons for setting up the group was to help people find out what there options are, I am not a legal person and would not want to give people the wrong advice so that is the reason we asked these particular solicitors to come along as they know the product.

    Also at first when I booked the Marriott it was a Mothers day present to myself thinking if I can just help one person……

  338. 100

    Throw the towel in? He is looking for a solution to what? If he has been professional, he would have the funds set aside to fulfil the commitments he has made and this entire storm surrounding him would blow away. He has his millions already in commissions and fees, as evidenced by UK filed accounts. His investors have nothing to show for their payments to him, to even suggest throwing the towel in is not what anyone wants to hear. If he is on the up and up, he will be fine soon. If he is not, then he will not be able to throw the towel in, he will be facing some far more serious problems.

  339. E – seriously it would be best all round to cancel Saturdays meeting and advise all concerned to fill the questionaire as requested by the SFS … Its the best most professional way to go

  340. 34

    @Ivor .. another Caldora ? its been said too many times. Why believe it now ?

  341. Fatchett does not represent me.

    No Erica, they know each other, very well.

  342. anonymous37

    IH. you may have been aware that this was a high risk investment and thus have been prepared to lose all your investment/take the risk BUT i assure you that this was not marketed as such. if you were one of the lucky ones whom from the outset was told outright “this is def high risk, if it all turns out ok you may reap the benefits but it is unregulated, funds not not in escrow and can pretty much be spent on anything, no planning permission other than BB, no EIA studies, no proof of funding to build, no recourse to fscs bla bla bla. you may be a seasoned investor and were prepared to take the risks and if so you made that informed decision. but you will see fom many posters on here that they were simply not told all of this information ( that was available to ifa’s etc who sold this). not losy any money yet? you lost a third of your pension pot immediately!!! in commission

  343. Yorkiepoo

    Ivor – you seem to know a bit more than your letting on!! But I will confirm your right regarding securing bank funding – I fear that this may now be in jeopardy as a result of stirring up complains to the FSA SFO – people on hear don’t realise they are committing financial suicide here??

  344. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorkiepoo, when this is being driven by an investor who was offered his £112k back, but it was over 12 months rather than 60 days then don’t expect a rational thought process. I guess one mans piqué is another mans ruination. Or in this case 3500 people’s ruination.

  345. 34

    @Yorkiepoo and Ivor
    This talk of imminent funding sounds like an attempt to confuse and derail the investors meeting. Ivor and Yorkiepoo scheming to make it sound like they know something big is going on! Do you have any real evidence or facts to back up what you are saying? If so you should come clean now… to prove this isn’t just typical ‘made up good news’ as used so many times before to try and keep investors quiet.

  346. Yorkiepoo

    100 – you clearly don’t understand the investment that you bought!!! If you pay 30% deposit who do you think is funding the development of the resort? Your 30% doesn’t even cover your unit build costs hence why the resort also requires funding? How far did you think your 30% was going to go? Use your loaf your deposits have limited impact on the scheme hence why funding was always required? I think you just like blowing hot air!

  347. E

    I am not going to defend my self on here this is not the time or the place you will see some of the reasons for my actions on the Panorama program and the rest you will see in good time when all this is in the courts. The truth is out there the trick is finding it and then proving it. I am a fifty year old woman with a couple of kids who did not like the way her Husband was treated if you really want to blame me and me alone go ahead. But it was not me who stole your dreams and possibly your money.

    Just think about the poster who said they have had to close HP Barbados
    I only booked the Marriott last week. Where has all our money gone? I know one thing I have not had it and spent it have I

    I am charging everyone £5.00 any money left over will be put into a account and will pay towards paper,inks ect and the next meeting room will be £5.00 each again and so on when this has all been finished and there is no need for the group to meet I suggest we pick a charity and give them the left over money which if it was my choice would be Barbados Free Press but that will be put to a vote I hope this helps put your mind at ease

  348. Yorkiepoo

    Anonymous – I cannot go into detail but I can assure you it’s true. I have no investment and have no reason to give you hope? I have told you, I think your fooked as you have damaged your brand too much!

  349. Yorkiepoo

    E – your wasting your time I fear, your misguided crusade for bad publicity has fatally wounded HP bringing it down like a pack of cards. Saturday is a pointless event I’m afraid!

  350. Anonymous

    It’s really stretching credulity to imagine that a reputable source of funding would invest in a set of projects that have not filed any audited accounts for 7 years. Please don’t insult our intelligence by implying that a funder is about to sign up to this.

    Harlequin have been hawking these projects around the world for years and have repeatedly announced that interested parties are about to sign up to fund the projects.

  351. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, I’m sorry but don’t try for the sympathy vote. This is a very dirty business. The end result is all about money and sentiment does not come into it. And my guess, Panorama will not be the huge exposé people think it will be. Plenty of time for the editorial content to be changed yet.

  352. Anonymous

    @ Yorkiepoo
    The lack of detail… or for that matter facts and truth is the reason we have lost faith. Its been going on for too long and the only facts that are verifiable are very negative… a few of which are…
    Almost nothing has been built and everything is years late, and getting later.
    UK accounts are never delivered on time, and this years accounts (due Dec 2012) have been mysteriously pushed back to September (legal, but very suspicious).
    Last accounts (not wilkins kennedy but new accountant) were still incomplete.
    No BB accounts or reliable figures (last occupancy was about 18%!)
    I could go on… but too tired of all this.
    So as most people have said. Stop the smoke screens… and the hints and just give us all the facts and BACK THEM UP.

  353. Anonymous

    Yorkiepoo, earlier you were just DA’s mate and business associate now you are the font of all insider Harlequin knowledge, please explain?

  354. E

    Yorkiepoo aka 36 I think you are now sounding desperate calm down its only a meeting have you never wanted answers because I know I have there is no bad publicity with this its simple I want some answers and I want to get answers for other people what is so wrong in that show me where I have personally damaged the brand?
    I have tried so many times to get answers to concerns I had with this product and will produce evidence of this when the time is right think about it why does Mr Ames not want to come his own bodyguard is going to be here

  355. Yorkiepoo

    Anonymous – I know Dave he isn’t a close friend. I obviously ask about this issue and discuss it with him but beyond that what do you need to know? I can have an opinion you know!

  356. Yorkiepoo

    E – I’m not 36, what you mean? I only came on here to observe because I know Dave Ames – I have no interest getting embroiled

  357. anon73

    If there is funding ready to go, one must assume there are letters of intent from a financing instituion, or an outline offer. Could that not be presented at any investor meeting to perhaps calm investors down, and it may win some back over? I think also the point has been missed by Yorkiepoo. Some investors were lied to by IFAs. The SFO are investigating them as well as Harlequin – if IFAs misled investors, then investors have the right to go after them. Much of this investigation is about people who have lost money via IFAs misrepresenting a product. To try to lay the blame of any collapse at the feet of these innocent investors smells of the beginnings of excuses and blame passing if this does collapse. The fault can only be laid at the feet of David Ames – he has no planning permission, has not started resorts, has no finance, has built 300 units out of 6,500 over 8 years, and yet has taken all the money based on a risk free investment. How can anyone say this is a risk free situation? The only people that could possibly blame investors for this are those associated with Harlequin and are quite frankly as repugnant as the IFAs who chose to take commissions by lying to the faces of innocent people who worked hard for their savings and seeing those savings disappear with the flick of a pen. Yorkiepoo, it is obvious that financing was required for the extra 70% as you state above – why was this not in place many years ago, and before people invested in this risk free investment? That is the normal way of doing business.

  358. Yorkiepoo

    Anonymous – it’s not for me to provide facts I don’t work for Harlequin – go to Harlequins offices and ask the questions

  359. @Ivor Hadenuff … how many times has the offers on finance been said? please get real… who would invest at 70% LTV

  360. I asked for the document on finance options from Mr Ames and Co in the meeting…. never seen it…… how can anyone complete in April ??

  361. Nostradamus's mate

    Just speculation.. but wonder if Yorkiepoo and Ivor share an IP address ?

  362. E

    Yorkiepoo just between you and me ask Mr Ames what he wanted from me and while your speaking to him please remind him he should not be going around saying he has paid me off when we all know that not to be the case

    Sorry everyone this will all become clear soon enough and I think you will then all see things differently

  363. E

    This has become so sad for so many people I am going to have a word in the morning and see if the others dont mind staying late on Saturday and running a extra meeting we are really stuggling for space

  364. I am Ok staying late…..cheers Paul

  365. E

    We need to have a word with the press and the Solicitors

  366. Yorkiepoo

    Nostradamus no we are different people! Anyway I was trying to help – forget it I’m out – get on with it yourselves

  367. That’s a shame as you were a link to Mr Ames…..who should we send the questions to?

  368. E

    You blame me for all this wow……0.0…1ac.1.FZb1i_rj5wA

  369. @36
    One person damaged the brand…… Mr Ames.
    Its just beyond silly to blame me for refusing a staged payment ….little old me bring down a £300million company in a couple of weeks….. now that is very very silly.

  370. anonymous

    HMSSE “the main agents” did advertise 100% finance and have only recently changed this to say subject to status (all availabe on snaphots of their website). the contract says “we will endeavour” and we will not be held responsible for misrepresentaion by agents. HMSSE being the primary agent and owned by AMES family??. so HMSSE make all the promises of finance but the overseas companies with whom your contract is do not promise this. STINKS. AND has happened before. i think when the FSA/SFO findings are in you may find that a large proportion of sales were via the same SIPP providers and a very large amount of sales by the same FS companies/ or companies signed up to a wholesale network.( albeit sold via a different arms of an associated ltd company within that fs business). please do not tarnish all ifa’s and sipp providers as most steered well clear of this. look at and you will see just how may advisers are saying how they refused to sell this and that this is not the only “investment” that needs close scrutiny. thinking other overseas, forestry, carbon credits, etc etc.

  371. 145

    Well said!

    It does seem fairly extraordinary that finance would miraculously appear at the eleventh hour — actual finance that is, not “big, exciting announcement to come…” Strange little suggestions of something like this have cropped up in the past and lo and behold never come to anything — wonder why.

    If this business isn’t robust enough to withstand 1% of its investors asking for their money back where it is their contractual entitlement, it doesn’t say a lot for the underlying structure. Trying to blame investors for this is very cynical indeed — and grossly unfair.

    The talk of Ames wanting to “throw the towel” in is odd — are his investors supposed to feel forever grateful to him and to never dissent when they feel that they haven’t got what they thought they were paying for?

  372. 145

    Should also have said, worth pointing out too that only a day or two ago there were socalled insiders alleging that it was totally untrue that the SFO were investigating…

  373. Yorkiepoo

    Harlequin investment group- I was prepared to talk to Dave Ames and get him to answer questions I’m sure I could have got a response – but it would appear if you come on here and say – yes ok things aren’t all well but DA is no crook and we meed collective cooperation to get the best out of this then people turn on you and accuse you of all londs of ilterior motives it’s not my fight! As Sean Ghent to speak to Dave Ames or email him or call his mobile!

  374. I do not know Yorki or work for HP – I am just trying to stay positive in this forum… I have been told by someone senior in Account auditing that the HP books have been micro checked to every penny and all is ok .. So that is why Ames is welcoming the SFS with open arms !!!! However I agree that does not explain many many questions that still exist. Of course he needs investment help Yorkie is right .. and they are out there ,,For how long after all this crap – who knows. The DD from Sipp providers would never allow anyone to invest with land HP did not own .. if they did everyone will be covered with insurance …

  375. yatiniteasy

    @yorkiiepoo…you sound as ignorant and uneducated as DA….go back under your rock.

  376. Yorkiepoo

    Yatiniteasy – you prove my point about personal insults! DA can’t have been that stupid he got you to part with your cash – you would have given an ignorant uneducated man your cash?

  377. yatiniteasy

    Ivor you are nuts…”checked to every penny”..Harlequin have not filed financials inSt Vincent for 7 YEARS….and that is their only partially finished resort where Investors money from ALL of Harlequin`s projects has gone. Its also a nice Caribbean Island that has granted DA Citizenship…(wonder why?)

  378. Who cares

    @IH 6 March 11.46pm

    Silly me, now we know that someone told someone else that someone has micro- audited the all the accounts and everything is fine.

    The world’s biggest investment banks will all be forming an orderly queue just in case they miss out on this opportunity.

    A bunker mentality is developing. Has anyone seen Downfall? This clip might give some idea:

  379. @Anon73 – very good post,
    I am anticipating the blame culture of the apparent 1% of investors bringing down a big successful £300million debt free company and losing people their jobs…. Those comments will come for sure.

    Mr Ames.
    Get the finance, honour your contracts, build your resorts on time without all the BS….and keep your investors updated.

  380. E

    If there is only 1% that is unhappy why not just give us our money back it would of been a lot simpler for him and us if he just returned the money instead we’re now rebelling for what is rightfully ours….. Maybe he hasn’t got all these millions to build these resorts…..maybe he’s spent it all.

  381. Finance offer…lack of.
    @145 good points, I would like to add the following about finance, at the moment it would be fair to say getting a normal steady Eddie mortgage is more difficult that it was, say 6 years ago, so why would a financier back HP with just a couple of issues regarding:

    Accounts,or lack of
    Disgruntled investors albeit ONLY 1%
    High LTV, assuming the valuations stack up?
    Ability of the Chairman, or lack of experience in this area
    The rate needs to be about 8% for it to work for investors
    Occupancy rates in BB? What are they? Is it actually loosing money?

    Would you risk 70% LTV

  382. E

    Paul I’ve emailed you…

  383. Yorkiepoo

    The issue is 1% is creating a tidal wave of panic and damaging press

  384. @Yorkipoo.

    As a concerned investor seeking a refund I do find it a worrying, if indeed Mr Ames said he was ‘going to throw in the towel’, is he aware you made that comment on his behalf, seeing you are such a close friend.

    On the other hand, the recent strange behaviour of some HP employees makes now wonder if you actually do have his ear or you are so close business partner and friend??

    Maybe you would like to say who you are like the security manager at BB?

  385. E

    How have I panicked anybody?? All I want is a meeting with Mr Ames where I ask questions and he answers them and that is what a lot of of other people want too, If that causes Mr Ames to panick that is unfortunate….. The least he could do is answer a few questions instead of burying his head in the sand along with his completion dates.

    Yorkiepoo ask Mr Ames what he wanted off me and if your a decent person I don’t think for one minute that you would condone that sort of behaviour from your “friend” It’s tick tock time I’m afraid 18 more days until Panorama it will be 17 tomorrow…….

  386. E

    I really cannot understand why there are negative posts about our meeting. I am sure most of you would love a opportunity to ask one or two questions and what is wrong with that?? This attitude that by asking for a meeting is going to bring Harlequin to it’s knees is ridiculous in it’s extreme.

    I have not organised a lynch mob to go down to Harlequin with several coach loads of disgruntled investors yet……

  387. 72

    Look, this scheme is a Ponzi scheme and will never be financed by any financial institution, this is a fact and we cannot continue to believe that it is different…The meeting is absolutely necessary.
    Even if DA wins the case in the Irish court it will not bring him nothing and it will not change the above facts.
    To finance the old investors DA needs new investors and that in itself is the definition of a Ponzi scheme..

  388. I could not agree more, are you coming on Sat 72?

  389. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @HIGnw AKA Gust Grust, You were offered a settlement, you threw your toys out of the pram. you connected Fatchett, Fatchett decided to try for a freezing order on HP assets. Now do you see the connection!
    Also Fatchett has decided to try and protect his reputation through the courts. If he suceeds with his damages claim that will not be Dan Dalligan’s money, it will not be DA money, it will be YOUR money he gets. The legals are on the gravy train already. Thank you Grust Grust for obstanance.

  390. You are wrong on so many levels I can not even bother correcting you….
    silly sad deluded person

  391. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, its too late to start playing the innocent now. You set this up with your husband with Paul Walton (Grust Grust) If its only answers you wanted then go and see DA. He’s talking to anybody these days, Afterall he “offered money back to about 7 investors the other day” according to you. Or are you in too deep now? See my post above about DD and HP court case. Have you any idea how much Fatchett is trying to take out of the “investors” pot?

  392. 72

    See you there… And do not worry about all these negative posts they are made by DA friends, DA ex employees, DA employees and investors that do not have a clue. The only persone to blame in all of this is DA himself…

  393. E

    FDNRM, My Husband has had no part in this apart from giving me full control (I already had that but dont tell him) he has health issues and will not be bought into this!

    As for all this with Dan Daligher he is responsible as a individual for all he has said and done and that is another issue I have. why should investors pay for his inane rantings! I think if that issue costs investors then he should lose his job, There should of been a board of investors to oversee all of this it is a absolute disgrace.

  394. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, Because fatchett is naming “Harlequin Mangement Services” as co-respondent. So any damages paid, if any, will come out of YOUR and MY money. I think you should have a word with Fatchett to just accept an appology. Or is it all about the money?

  395. Beggars Belief

    To suggest that this whole sorry mess is being brought about by a few disgruntled investors who have the impertinence to ask questions about their investment beggars belief.

    Why shouldn’t investors meet and ask reasonable questions? Is there any wonder that they are slightly skeptical of people posting things like, “an accountants looked at all the accounts and says they’re fine”? Things have been “about to happen” for years and years and then nothing comes of it. This is the pattern that I have observed.

    1. Newsletter or press release on some great thing that is about to take place that will really boost the investment.

    2. Marketing materials and website go into overdrive promoting this great new thing.

    3. Silence

    4. Deadline passes and people ask, “what happened to that great thing that was spoken about?” They go to look at the website but the newsletter has disappeared and the page promoting the great thing has vanished.

    5. Nobody speaks of it again. It never happened.


    The Pearl galleon is about to arrive and happy couples can get married on it.

    We’re about to sign up a funder (Caldora)

    Trader Vic’s is about to open

    Waterfront apartments will be built by July 2010.

    Oasis Hotels and Resorts are the best operators to grow the business and they will be running Buccament Bay

    Planning permission is about to be granted at xyz and we will start building next month.

    So, fair enough, business plans have to change sometimes. Businesses that have good investor relations go out of their way to keep people informed even when it looks like something has fallen through.

    Why do Harlequin newsletters never give a transparent explanation of why these great things have not happened?

    In the light of this do you not think it is reasonable for investors to ask questions and expect more than marketing blurb in reply? Is it not reasonable for investors to expect more than “someone has said an accountant has said everything is fine” and perhaps see the things published at Companies House where they should be? Is it reasonable to expect that an investor might be given a construction programme so they can check how things are going for themselves? I could go on but what’s the point.

    If there are good answers to all these questions then why don’t HP get them published ASAP? If they send a representative to Manchester on Saturday with loads of documentary evidence for everything being fine then this can blow over and everyone can get on with their lives. If they can’t do this or are unwilling to do this then they only have themselves to blame in respect of whatever unfolds in the days ahead.

  396. E & Yatiniteasy – can I ask you a question … if before you set up this meeting your goal was to get the SFS involved and the IFA … You would have been more than happy .. NOW that they are you must be over the moon so there is no point in having a meeting with the vultures.. NOTHGING TO GAIN for any attending investor – As for the accounts I dont know the whys and wherefores re the 7 years I am not an accountant, but mark my word Ames accounts have been checked and approved to micro level and that is why he is not worried by SFS…and remember WHEN he wins Irish case he will get all his/OUR fees paid back to him as well as any of the builders frozen assets ( heresay ) 9M. Then HP have some cash flow to work with …. Carry on like this and bring HP down and you lose that opportunity … you are all so stupid.. Do it the right way and stop this witch hunt as I am getting sick of it .. Let the SFS and IFA do their job… .

  397. Anonymous

    “Approved to micro level” Have you read the published accounts (as in, the ones that were avtually submitted in the UK)?

  398. Yorkiepoo

    Harlequininvestorsgroup – I have already told you who I am previously, I am not employed by HP and have no financial interests in the schemes. I have known Dave Ames for 10 years like I have told you, and we speak regularly and this issue crops up. Theres nothing interesting I can tell you about myself.

    E – I did ask Dave what he wanted from you and he said he had no idea what you were talking about so you will have to be more specific for me. BTW i have no idea why your so excited for the Panorama programme, that will be the killer blow in this whole matter. Ames wont suffer thats for sure when his ltd company fails through bad publicity but you will be financially effected.

    The talk on here about the accounts being audited is correct I am told this was all part of the 2 court cases it had to be done for those and was undertaken by Grant Thornton.

  399. Anonymous

    B Baywatch/ Yatinkiteasy
    If it upsets you so much to see a Vincentian come in and refurbish the former Allamanda Hotel, Why did YOU not take on the project or indeed one of the many other hotels standing empty? If you can’t afford to fund a project, don’t complain when somebody else steps in to do it. Prior to Ames the Vincentian, backed by his loyal investors came along,the Allamanda was contributing absolutely nothing to the Barbados economy. Pity there are not another 30-40 like Ames the Vincentian who are willing to refurbish the other 30-40 hotels. But the again , why should they when they receive so much abuse and there is so much drug related crime on the island, which the authorities turn a blind eye to? Please don’t give me a lecture on crime levels in the UK. UnHlike the UK, tourism is by far the mainstay of the Barbados economy and much of the crime is committed against tourists. If it’s not safe to walk the streets at 11.30 in the morning, don’t be surprised if the tourists, who have travelled thousands of miles for an opportunity to get some relaxation, go elsewhere. Cause and effect?

  400. 72

    Ames’ dogs are barking…This will not change anything the meeting will happen.

  401. Yorkiepoo

    72 – You didn’t thnk that 30% deposits alone was sufficient to construct the resort and all its facilities – the scheme always needed other funding. People keep on talking about these deposits as if its enough to complete the whole scheme – How did you think it worked? Because schemes need funding from more than just the unit purchasers does not make it a Ponzi Scheme.

  402. BBaywatch

    ‘Ames the Vincentian’ ?? you owe me a new keyboard as I was drinking my coffee when I read that. Have you ever considered a career on the stage?

  403. Yorkiepoo

    72 – I know for sure Ames isn’t loosing any sleep over the meeting taking place!

  404. Harlisuccess

    B Baywatch/ Yatinkiteasy
    If it upsets you so much to see a Vincentian come in and refurbish the former Allamanda Hotel, why did YOU not take on the project or one of the many other hotels that are standing empty? If you can’t afford to fund a project of this cost, don’t complain when somebody else steps in to do it. Prior to Ames the Vincentian, backed by his loyal investors, came along, the Allamanda was contributing absolutely nothing to the Barbados economy. Pity there are not another 30-40 like Ames the Vincentian who are willing to refurbish these other hotels. But then again, why should they when they receive so much abuse and there is so much drug related crime on the island,which the authorities turn a blind eye to? Please! Don’t give me a lecture on crime levels in the UK. Unlike the UK, tourism is the mainstay of the Barbados economy and much of the crime is committed against tourists. If it’s not safe to walk the streets at 11.30 in the morning, after travelling thousands of miles for some rest and relaxation, don’t be surprised if the tourists go elsewhere. Cause and effect?

  405. Yorkiepoo

    BBaywatch – Anonymous does not owe you anything because Ames is a St Vincent Citizen and has been for quite a while!!

  406. BBaywatch

    @Yorkiepoo – maybe you two should team up as a double act?

  407. 72

    What makes it a Ponzi scheme is that new investors are financing old investors. No financial institution will ever touch that scheme.
    All what Ames has to do is to show a bank account with 1B£ on it to finish the construction of what he has sold.

  408. 72

    Them everything is fine if Ames do not loose any sleep. So all his supporters should stop writing nonsense!

  409. Yorkiepoo

    BB – afraid its a fact that he has dual citizenship or was you confused because hes not black!!!
    72 – New investors are not subsidising old on the schemes the schemes including your unit are funded by external means. Who do you think funds your unit construction until you pay for it?

  410. Most Ponzi schemes have no assets and the culprit does a runner with the money .. Think you will find DA is still at home.. with lots of assets.. Maybe he will do a runner before his assets are frozen, but lets not get to far ahead of ourselves…YORKIEPOO – I dont doubt the fact we are both wrong but I have a different name of account auditor, but they may have been contracted .. I dont know

  411. Yorkiepoo

    72 – you have answered your own question! Where would Ames have £1 billion without an institution providing funding – you sound like you didn’t understand the business plan from the go!

  412. Beggars Belief

    @Yorkiepoo, so who is the third party funder on each of the resorts?

    And, if I had a villa at BB which is built and I can fund the completion with cash, could I get title on it now? And, if so, why should I then have to suffer having a third party funder taking a charge over my property even though I have paid for it in full? The structure doesn’t seem right that people who own their property outright could still have it repossessed if someone else defaults.

  413. Anonymous

    All the money goes to the Caribbean, so it is the accounts there that matter regarding investor money. Anon @10.53, should antiguans be grateful for Stanford then? He did some good things for the island, but also was using other people’s money. When they wanted it back, it was not there. With Ames, 1per cent of the people want their unit built or money back, neither of which Ames is able to do, so same as Stanford. Clear as day his model is a scam. Tidal wave of bad pr? Damn right, where is what he said he would do? You are totally inexperienced if you think anyone would finance his business. If this is not so, prove it? You think a lender would not already have done its dd? Does not need people posting on forums to find out what it needs to know, lenders are more responsible than ifa’s when I comes to dd, ridiculous to think they had not considered already what people are pointing out now – these are the reasons why no one has financed this joke yet. E and Co, am afraid you are arguing with harlequin stooges, deluded or blind investors or Ames cohorts. They are not seeing what is in front of them.

  414. 72

    Happy to know he has lots of assets, so I might have a chance to recover what I have invested…

  415. 72

    Who is the institution and where is the contract ? Shoe me the money!

  416. 72

    Who is the institution and where is the contract? Show me the MONEY!

  417. anon73

    Correct anon @11.22.
    IH, I am afraid you keep posting inaccuracies. The most famous ponzi schemers did not “do a runner” with the money, and had no assets. Bernie Madoff was in his multi million dollar Manhatten apartment, had holiday homes and yachts when he was taken down. He was in NY, and not running and clearly had assets. Stanford has plenty of assets – mega yachts, homes, cash. When the SEC and police heat was turned up, he hid, but then turned himself in as there was nowhere really to hide. AS for the schemes themselves, they had money that was recovered, but it was nowhere near enough to pay the investors back. This all appears to have similarities to Ames’s current predicament, but he is able to disprove that qjuite easily by just showing people the money.
    I may be wrong also, but I recall Ames waxing lyrican in his inimitable rambling way, about the resorts not needing financing, being unencumbered etc. Of course he needs financing, but as has been stated elsewhere, it is inconceivable any institution would lend against his business. He should have had it all set up, as he should have had escrow accounts set up, and planning permission and all the normal things people do when they develop. It is hard to understand why anyone who is not an employee could think this model is in anything but mortal danger, and was from the start, but as also has been said, Ames is being given the opportunity to prove the doubters wrong – and don’t say investors are changing things, as this road has been open for 8 years and Ames must have had things in place before the storm of the last month was whipped up.

  418. Yorkiepoo

    Beggars Belief – As I have said before I am not financially involved so I am only repeating conversations I have had. I am told that you can transfer title a solicitor in Manchester is undertaking the legals for purchasers. When title is passed no 3rd party can take charge of the property.

  419. Anonymous – The market was a completely different animal in 2006 .. what was promised by lenders then has changed since 2009.. Are you not aware of the global financial state we are all in .. nothing to do with Ames .. Of course it is not easy to get finance houses to part with their money but it now needs re modeling to suit todays economic climate. Ames is guilty of letting this go by without informing us all totaly agree and he MUST change the way he communicates, Just a thought ,,,How much do you think BB is worth ? More than enough ? and do you think it would be snapped up by one of the the big Hotel chains – remember this resort has had glowing awards ……………………. THINK

  420. Anon73 – The assets you talk of was his personal ones taken from investors money … BB and the hotels are with HP

  421. Yorkiepoo

    72 – You must realise that dealing with the Banks would be confidential and not made public.
    If your right in what you say, and I hope your not, all this publicity and investigation is going to bear no fruit your cash will be gone – but I do not think it is the case.
    I would not be worried if Dave Ames owed me cash, as he has in the past, and has honoured his obligations.

  422. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @anonymous 11.22, how do you know investors who wanted their money back have not been offered it. I did on 2 Rivers and got mine. Paul Walton (Grust Grust) was offered his back and refused it. Don’t make assumptions which are not correct!

  423. Yorkiepoo

    72 – I must add that these damaging forums, newspaper articles, Panorama have seriously damaged the funding deal – carry on like this and it will be all over for you.
    Mind you E has the biggest mouth on here and can unravel the whole thing single handedly!
    I sit back and watch with interest!

  424. Yorkiepoo

    FDRM – I have a suspicion that Paul Walton could have transferred title of his property but was unable to find the funds to complete (5% purchase tax to Government). Now its everyone elses fault?

  425. E

    Thanks for that My friends have started calling me Erin Brockovich!!!

    At the end of the day if I stop one person more from investing in this my job is done.

    Mr Ames knows my telephone number so why not tell him to ring if he wants to discuss this….

  426. Yorkiepoo

    E – Simply because he doesn’t because he feels your a crank I guess only interested in bad publicity not solutions. You have Mr Ames number too I assume?

  427. 72

    If the financing is already in place then there should not be a problem in saying who is the institution. I used to manage a bank and there was no secret in saying that we were financing such and such project or projects…
    Again show me the MONEY!
    And it’s not with 9 M from O’ Halloran that the project will be completed.
    Ames needs £ 1B to complete where is it?

  428. Fatchett does not represent me.

    So what has happened on the freezing order? 3500 investors are waiting, employees at BB are waiting. Any news yet?

  429. Yorkiepoo

    72 – I just told you that discussions were advanced but this action was putting the deal in jeapordy – I cant say it clearer

  430. anon73

    IH 11.40 – where do you think Ames got his money from to live his luxury lifestyle? Whether yuo define his lifestyle as luxury or not is not relevant really as dividends were paid by HMSSE, and were not from any operating profits, but from commissions, namely from investor deposits – so he has ammassed his assets directly from your funds, same as Madoff and Stanford. BB is an HP asset, but he has sold all 300 homes built, and another 1000 or so unbuilt. Therefore, he owns only common areas, and not even all the unbuilt land in practice as he has commitments on there to fulflll/ What are common areas worth in a resort that does not make money? Not a lot, and a management contract is not worth a lot in that situation and with poor airlift. It would be worth more when the airport is built, granted. Either way, whatever assets he has left after transferring titles are a million miles away from being enough to fund the buildout of the rest. The land on other devleopments could be put up as security, but also not worth enough to borry enough to build out. That is before having to fulfill all other requirements that have not changed since 2006, such as providing clear auditted accounts, clear business plan, planning permissions and so on. He has not done a single thing that a normal developer would have done during this entire debacle.

  431. Yorkiepoo

    FDRM – The freezing order didnt happen cause Fatchett was trying to freeze the whole operation but because thesums are relatively small in comparison to the assetts he realised he would fail but E doesn’t tell you this!

  432. BBaywatch


    “BB – afraid its a fact that he has dual citizenship or was you confused because hes not black!!!”

    Oh dear you must be related to 36/FatChance – more adventures with the English language. Of course I know that Ames has dual citizenship – no one who has taken an interest would not. And I know of the controversy on St Vincent surrounding the granting of his citizenship.

    In the context of that original post it was comedy gold though!

  433. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Is this true Erica? Please elaborate. Dont be shy now. Tell us the truth. That would be the truth that you keep wanting to know.

  434. Yorkiepoo

    BB – Glad your getting a laff out of this situation – hope it makes it worthwhile

  435. 72

    So all the 300 M allegedly collected are gone? Just to build 300 units?
    We are not completely stupid. To build 300 units will cost approximately £80M + an additional 10M allegedly stolen by O’ Halloran= 90 M
    300M -90 = 210 M where is it?

  436. Yorkiepoo

    72 – who says £300m has gone?

  437. anthony75

    I see a lot of people making a stand especially E who i back 100%. I for one asked for a refund 2 years ago and got threatened by Carter Ruck that i would be counter sued if i proceed. I’m gutted that i may lose my money but a bit relieved that the con-man Ames and the rest of the scumbags at harlequin will be banged up for a long time and have to look over there shoulder for the rest of there lives. they have ruined peoples lives, especially the elderly that have cashed in there pensions. when are the meetings coming south of UK??

  438. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @72 let’s just make up some numbers eh. £300m or £250m? Cost aprox £80m? + O’Hallaran, £10m or £13m. Why bother posting if you have figure in the air figures?

  439. E

    Fat chett is what true?

  440. Charles&Eddie

    @ Yorkiepoo Aka Carol Ames are you attending Saturday’s meeting? WHEN Harlequin does fail it’s nothing but yours and Dave’s greed that has done it, Sitting comfy in your £5m house?? Not for long I hope. Tick Tock…..

  441. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – As far as I am aware Harlequin are open and trading today – who has told you your money is going to be lost?

  442. Yorkiepoo

    C&E – I am not Carol, or Dave or Dan. Why if anyone has a different opinion to yours does it always decend into this? Charles&Eddie AKA Mrs E Henpecked husband?

  443. Charles&Eddie

    @Yorkiepoo Aka Carol I think you will find I am female so not Erica’s husband. I just don’t like the way your spouting utter bile about Erica when she has done nothing wrong to you? You don’t even know the woman!

    @Erica what did Ames ask you for? Do tell!

  444. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, the freezing action has been dropped, turned down. What is the position.
    Also I cannot find an answer to my question regarding the court appearance on Monday against Dan Dalligan/Harlequin by Fatchett. Is he going to accept any apology or is he just after the money. That’s your money, my money and every else’s money?

  445. anthony75

    @Yorkieshit i mean Poo, you know your about to get rumbled,still deluded as ever. momentum is building and as soon as the 1000’s of people have filled out the SFO forms its all over for you scumbags.

  446. Yorkiepoo

    Charles&Eddie – Mrs E’s Henpecked other half – Your right she hasn’t done anything to me – Infact I would love to come to this meeting now but unfortunately I am not an investor!

  447. E

    Yorkiepoo, I did contact Harlequin several times and asked for a meeting with Mr Ames and got no response, I have contacted Tailormade and they do not want to speak to me in fact they accused me of recording seminars and posting them on you tube. I contacted Total Wealth Managment and they tell me to talk to Harlequin/Tailormade. I contacted Guardian SIPP they do not want to talk to me, I also contacted Openwork who oversee Tailormade and they said go to Harlequin can you see a patern emerging? And then Panorama contacted me…………..I have sent several email to Mr Ames and Harlequin and Mr.Terry but all go unanswered so you tell me where I have damaged Harlequins reputation? Is it so totally unreasonable to want answers to questions when I have never recieved updates?

  448. Anonymous

    Yorkiepoo you have said repeatedly that if this fails all the investors will lose their money, now you suggest all the money is safe, although you haven’t actually seen the accounts and its just an opinion. Why is it so difficult for HP to actually back up what they are saying? Also may I ask as you have known and trusted DA for 10 years, why didn’t you invest?

  449. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorkioo, the female sisterhood are joining forces. We will all be doomed.
    @ Carles&Eddie, as you dislike utter bile, can you have a word with Terry and Annon-reasons unknown for the discussing comments aimed at me. Thanks for your help with this it is much appreciated.

  450. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony – I cant get rumbled I have no financial stake in the projects and am not employed by HP – I am only observing because I have an interest in how this will turn out because of my past business dealings with DA

  451. E

    Yorkiepoo You can come to a meeting if you want I have nothing to fear and nothing to hide, Honesty is the best policy you cannot get caught out in a truth can you.
    My Husband should be at work? do you know differently?
    Where are you both?
    I think you should come to the meeting and tell my Husband you think he is henpecked, I am so lucky to have him he has made me the woman I am.

  452. anthony75

    I can see some fear arising, the realization that the Harlequin bubble is about to burst .the people that work for the conman Ames sound worried, they could leave the country and run from the Law but they realize their property has also not been built yet. : )

  453. E

    The six degrees of separation theory I need you all to pass this on for me come on guys we really are all on the same side so.I need you all to tell everyone coming to the meeting to bring with them there contract and there risk profile questionaire,

  454. Yorkiepoo

    Anonymous – what I said is that if this bunch on here keep up the bad publicity it will fatally wound Harlequin. I havent studied the accounts thats true I havent got the inclination but I have had site of the accountants summary that confirms all cash is traceable and correct.
    I didn’t invest because I invested in Dubai on Palm Jumeirah shortly prior to this venture or I would – DA never tried selling to me and I never suggested buying – I may buy one at Buccament Bay though if I could still get the off plan price and it was ready to transferr

    E – I believe you are having communication problems with Harlequin, I dont know why, it seems relationships have broken down, but thats not my experience, if I was to call Mr Ames right now he would return my call – infact I havent spoken to him today but he has text twice.

    Can I come to the meeting on Saturday? Im only 50 miles away as my name suggests and I have offered on your behalf to personnaly hand your questions to Dave Ames

  455. Yorkiepoo

    E – OK sounds like a plan, like I said before in all seriousness I do understand that you all do want answers and I would be happy to speak with DA and try and get a response

    I think it will be worth going to the meetingjust for the Ghent v Jones heavyweight match up!

    Dave Ames will be able to see the fireworks from his £5m home in Brock Hill!

  456. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony 75 – If Dave wanted to do a runner he would have been long gone!

    You seem resigned to this being a failure!

  457. 100

    Why would people complaining fatally wound Harlequin? If things are as robust and cash traceable, then he should be able to carry on without any new investment. If he cannot, then it is a pyramid scheme. Yes, we know he needs financing, but banks look at numbers and business plans, not forums. I believe that the model was fatally wounded the moment it was conceived. When finance was not forthcoming, or planning, he should have contained his business until it was, rather than take people’s money in the hope he would get finance one day, and planning. It is not the way business is done. I also know he made sales on land before he even owned it, which is not legal. He should have kept BB as a small resort and not started selling anything else until he had proven himself with one. He has failed spectacularly to date, but anyone with any credible business knows it was set up to crash, like all such schemes. I am sure investors are delighted with Ames’s recently found wealth.

  458. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica. You are constantly avoiding my questions, again asked at 1.15
    Answers please!!!

  459. anthony75

    @100 do the maths, there is no money or hardly any, thats why me and so many people haven’t had the interest payments to cover our dept. @yorkieshit Ames is mentally sick, he must be or how does he think he can get away with it. a crook usually carrys on the crime until caught.

  460. anthony75

    *i mean debt

  461. Charles&Eddie

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    March 7, 2013 at 1:19 pm
    @Yorkioo, the female sisterhood are joining forces. We will all be doomed.
    @ Carles&Eddie, as you dislike utter bile, can you have a word with Terry and Annon-reasons unknown for the discussing comments aimed at me. Thanks for your help with this it is much appreciated.

    There is nothing wrong with the sisterhood joining forces. I just don’t think you lot ganging up on one is very fair. It seems that Erica has tried to play fair from her postings on here it looks like she has tried to speak to DA get a meeting (please correct me if I’m wrong) she’s had no response so set up a meeting where DA can attend and answer the questions that need answering and hopefully get her money returned?? It’s through DA’s pig headedness not responding to her that she has had to do this??

  462. Yorkiepoo

    100 – This is like groundhog day – Spurious newspaper articles and tv programmes damage the brand you are investing in – yes you need answers, the meeting is a good idea but not airing your laundry in public.
    I have told you before 30% deposits that dont even cover the cost of what you are buying is insufficient to build a resort – the whole model relied on further external funding – this does not make it a scam, its the model that was explained to you when you purchased.

    What wealth does Dave Ames have out of interest?

  463. Yorkiepoo

    E – out of interest, when you emaile DA what address did you use his or a general one?

  464. Yorkiepoo I think you have just dropped a clanger!

    You must be very close to Mr Aims because in his reply to me after the meeting he did say I could not complete because quote
    ‘I was not able to pay the closing costs’ this is a lie they were never discussed and I can prove it.

    So either you are one of the four in the meeting, Mr Ames, Mrs Ames, Mr Regan or Kim Fry?

    Either that or Mr Ames and or someone is discussing confidential things with a stranger not linked with HP

    Who are you?

    BFP have we found another HP …. Don’t know what to call them?

  465. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – I hope this isn’t your age because from your rants your heading for a thrombosis – what use will your pension be then!!

  466. BFP can you have a look who Yorkipoo is this information should have been confidentail…. Yorkipoo must be connected to HP…. how would he/she/ it know?

  467. Yorkiepoo

    Harlequininvestorgroup – I have explained 3 times who I am, I do not work for HP and am not one of the people listed – so now you believe I am not making things up because I know too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG what do you want me to do???

    You lot asked me to find out some answers from my contacts and now I’m wrong for doing it.

    I have offered to attend Saturday to assist you – not assist me, not assist anyone but I thought I may have been a useful link!!

    I almost walked away from assisting yesterday but changed my mind – what do you want? me to butt out or help?

  468. 100

    Yorkiepoo, don’t you think he should have had all this in place 8 years ago? I have overseen businesses much larger than Ames’s and we put things like planning permissions, escrow accounts and yes, lending commitments from financial institutions BEFORE we start taking people’s money. It is incredibly disingenuous of you to suggest people 8 years later are now to blame for SFO, tv shows and whatever to be mucking this up. It is just too late, he was given a chance to show people he was on the up and up and he has not done it. It is my view Ames is a criminal, but that is my view based on vast business experience and having seen first hand what people like Stanford did, and am open to being convinced otherwise – investigations will show whether he is or not.

  469. Yorkiepoo

    BFP – You have my email address if you want to drop me a line I can clarify in confidence who I am

  470. Yorkiepoo

    100 – I am not getting involved anymore I have tried to help but now it would appear you are turning against me and I have nothing to do with the project I was trying to find out answers for you all

  471. It seems HD Studio is not shut ,,, This forum is full of crap

  472. Yorkiepoo

    Ivor – One last word from me, I cant help replying tho! HD Studio is closed for 1 month

  473. @Yorkipoo
    Come along please, now we know who you are not! You seem to be the best link we have with HP… What should I call you at the meeting?.

  474. 100

    Yorkiepoo, my comments are entirely reasonable based on normal business practises and I am afraid there can be no explanation for him not following normal business practises. Both sides of an argument are always welcome in my view, but if they are not substantiated then of course counter arguments will pick them apart. Also, I think it was you that said HD studios are shut, so perhaps you can advise IH if that is the case or not.

  475. anthony75

    haha@yorkieshit. fortunately that is the year i was born so Ive got plenty of years on your old ass. unfortunately the elderly people who you and your ‘clan’ have conned will suffer most and i hope you rot in Jail for it.

  476. E

    Hey Guys will you all come out on Saturday and wear badges in both your real names and of course your pseudonym.:)

    And dont bring my Husband into this he has ill health and I will not tolerate anybody upseting him, That is what got us here in the first instance along with a whole other heap of stuff!

    Yorkipoo you can come how many seats? and what time? Mr Ames will be sent all the questions that I have collated by 9am tomorrow and if he can come and answer them that would be great. If he does come I would like a few minutes on my own with him.

    I know he knows exactly what I am talking about.
    Mr Ames will perhaps feel it would be best for Harlequin and investors to have this sort of meeting so that people get answers to questions.

    If he is scared of anybody giving him hassle I can assure Mr Ames that that will not be tolerated he will be treated properly, His Security personel Mr. Ghent has already booked in and I have been told Mr Jones his previous security personel is also attending so I feel that as Mr Ames is familiar with the location he should feel at ease

  477. anthony75

    hahaha @ivor & yorkie. you need to get your story right because the net is closing in.

  478. Yorkiepoo

    Harlequininvestorsgroupnw – I havent been invited to the meeting, I seem to be the only one here who can get hold of Harlequin so I dont understand why your suddenly turning on me – how can I contact you not on a public forum?

  479. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, still waiting! Are you washing your hair now?

  480. Charles&Eddie

    Yorkiepoo you can email them on

  481. E

    @yorkiepoo email me on and I will give you my phone number

  482. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – 3 years on me tough guy!

  483. Eddie Lizzard2

    There’s a saying on Barbados that could be used to illustrate the Harlequin shambles:
    ‘De higher up de tree de monkey climb the more ye see his tail.’

  484. Sorry the dont come was directed at Ivor – that is my mistake.

    Please come to the meeting, I am happy to talk to you or email me…. HP have my details and they can give them to you …. call me anytime you wish

  485. anthony75

    @yorkieshit. lets see how tough you are in Jail.

  486. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorkiepoo. Just get used to the pack mentality. Anyone who askes awkward questions is a HP employee/troll, but try to get the HIG to answer any questions, well that’s impossible. now Erica expects everyone to wear name badges with their forum names. Beginning to sound like a dogging convention now!

  487. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – Get it in your head Im not involved in the schemes just someone who knows the Ames’

  488. @Fatchett does not represent me….

    Why are you so condescending and such a wimp? Hiding behind a silly name, I recon you would be the type to attend a meeting and say nothing until you got home and hide behind your keyboard.

  489. Yorkiepoo

    Harlequininvestorgroup – I have emailed you direct

  490. anthony75

    yeh yeh @yorkieshit

  491. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Grust Grust, very immature! (Talk about a silly name) now go along now, if you cannot/ will not answer my questions butt out.

  492. Yorkiepoo

    FDRM – What gets me is that one minuite I know nothing – then when i throw a snippet of information only 5 people could be privy to then I know too much!!
    What do these people want – they look for answers I get them and then thats wrong too!!

  493. E

    I cannot see a question at 1.15?

  494. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – Your putting me of helping you lot out now – just when you realise I may know something!

  495. fatchett
    I would not expect you to understand

  496. E

    @Fatchett does not represent me.

    March 7, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    @Erica, still waiting! Are you washing your hair now?
    Are you spying on me??
    What is the question

  497. Yorkiepoo – Ok so HP tell me that as far as they are aware ? HD Studio is not shut ……. If that is the case .. Do I believe them or nameless agitators on here … i WILL be meeting HP for a one on one very soon date tbc .. If you are interested I will keep you updated if not .. then join the witch hunt on Saturday and get brain washed into parting with your money by the legal vultures – Mugs.. I will say again and again you have all got your wish .. HP are being investigated now …. NOW ffs let it be and lets see what they can find …………… Are you all morons

  498. yatiniteasy

    Yorkiepooshit…you said this….Yorkiepoo
    March 6, 2013 at 11:57 pm
    Yatiniteasy – you prove my point about personal insults! DA can’t have been that stupid he got you to part with your cash – you would have given an ignorant uneducated man your cash?

    Thank you…I never invested with the uneducated ignorant man, nor did I ever say that I did. You just proved my point!

  499. Yorkiepoo

    Ivor – HD Studio isn’t shut as in closed for ever, its that all their staff are on unpaid leave for a month. I cant waste my money on legals because I have financial involvement in all this

  500. yatiniteasy

    @Hardlysuccess.. I would gladly welcome a TRUE Vincentian to invest in the hotel and Tourism product in Barbados. I`m just not so keen on an uneducated ignorant englishman, twice bankrupt, who obtained Vincentian citizenship under strange circumstances (St Vincent and the Grenadines does not offer economic citizenship, like St Kitts and Dominica)
    The Alamada hotel was a charming, small , operational hotel with high occupancy rates…now it is an abandoned eyesore…..”redefining luxury in the Caribbean”

  501. Yorkiepoo – Shut – Closed call it what you want I will endevour to find out more…. I thought you was not an investor ? So how come you now say “I have financial involvement in all this “

  502. Yorkiepoo

    I meant to say no financial involvement!!! – what I told you I was told by Dave Ames earlier this week

  503. Yorkiepoo

    Ivor – I wouldn’t mind being an investor either!

  504. Charles&Eddie

    @Yorkiepoo why not buy Erica’s property off her, Where has she invested again?

  505. 100

    It is vultures like invest5star that have caused so many people so many problems. This from Invest5star website: “We understand the risks associated with property investment and, more importantly, how to minimise them. With years of investment experience, we’ve designed our own strict due diligence procedures” What utter rubbish – they have done no on site due dilligence, simply followed what Harlequin said and responsed to the 100k per month appeal by Harlequin for sales agents (referred to on another thread on BFP) It is hoped that these people are investigated as thoroughly as Harlequin. I would never allow an agent to make false promises on my behalf.

  506. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica 1.15@Erica, the freezing action has been dropped, turned down. What is the position.
    Also I cannot find an answer to my question regarding the court appearance on Monday against Dan Dalligan/Harlequin by Fatchett. Is he going to accept any apology or is he just after the money. That’s your money, my money and every one elses money.
    Now can you answer?

  507. Yorkiepoo

    C&E – maybe thats not a bad idea – do HP do resales or not?

  508. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @HIGnw/Paul Walton/Grust Grust, understand what? Your right I’m not a mind reader, certainly the mind of someone who now has 3 different headings. Jesus, your name badge at the meeting is going to resemble Idi Amin’s medal ribbons!

  509. E

    FDNRM @ How would I know I am a woman who has organised a meeting for Saturday why not telephone Harlequin and ask after all you should be kept informed as a investor, then come back and tell us

  510. E

    awww He deserves a medal to !!!! awww its great you acknowledge it to!!

  511. homefront

    So much aggro,but I did predict such.HP your biz. is building stop wasting man/women hours on pointless bickering and get cracking, give investors an honest update ,most people accept that things go wrong .just put your hands up , say sorry and keep building,It seems to me you need a good contract manager ,get a phase finished ,get paid do next one.simple,dont forget time is money ,delays have hidden costs, I know a man who can do it

  512. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Its your solicitor cartel at the meeting. I would direct it at HIGnw/Paul Walton/Grust Grust but who can ever get a straight answer from him.
    OK I’ll try
    @HIGnw. Pease refer to my question to Erica @3.25. Could you please answer the 2 questions?

  513. Eddie Lizzard2

    FatChump 36
    Give the woman a break will ya! She doesn’t know the answer.

  514. E

    fdnrm How/ why should I know, Solicitors will not tell you anything unless you are there client at this time I am still on my own trying to get the SIPP back. But there is a awful lot more to my case and probably never will. I just wish I had not talked John into investing:(

  515. Yorkiepoo

    So who was Fatchett representing when he was quoted in the Mail on Sunday as going to submit court papers in Birmingham on Tuesday?

  516. anthony75

    I invested in merricks in 08, does anyone on here have a place in buccament bay? is work still going ahead? whats the progress?

  517. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorki, very good point. Mind you MOS have already been shown to have got their editorial wrong. Perhaps Fatchett is just a loose cannon. He reads BFP so common Mr Fatchett, update us please.
    @ Eddie Pisshard2 ( easy this silly name calling isn’t it) if someone doesn’t know then just say ” I don’t know” Easy that isn’t it.

  518. homefront

    three simple questions for HP 1 are funds in place to build the next planned phase ,or to complete any of the projects started, 2 are you happy with your current contractor/site management,it appears from posts they dont even know how many people are on site at any given date, 3 why are you not allocating all available money and labour into the most advanced project That .takes us back to question 1 .any chance of an answer without insults and aggro,

  519. Yorkiepoo

    FDRM – I think Fatchett may have been using it as an advertisement to get as many investors signed up with him as possible.

  520. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, do you know who would know!

  521. homefront

    @anthony75.they all seem to busy fighting to answer ANY questions ,everyone has lost sight of the objective ,to build resorts and get an investment return.

  522. Yorkiepoo

    I would have answered if Anthony75 hadn’t been such an arsehole earlier – So he better phone HP himself

  523. yatiniteasy

    @yorkiiepoo do you even know what “poo” means?

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Poo or Pooh may refer to:

    Feces (excreta)

  524. homefront

    One last word .is there any building type person out in the carrib who can tell a fellow building contract manager the true state of progress and workmanship on any halequin as tech as you can to try and filter out some of the replies I expect ,

  525. Charles&Eddie

    Why are you all arguing among yourselves? You lot need to seriously grow up you’re supposed to be adults!!

  526. @Yorkiepoo why not ask Mr fatchett?
    if you want to speak ask DA for my number of email on
    @ Fatchett does not represent me, why not call him as you are so keen to know his clients affairs?

  527. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @C&E, could not agree more, I’m just trying to get some straight answers from the HIGnw but no such luck. I’s funny how the anti HP group resort to petty name calling, I e “f***ing twat. No one can explain the MOS in accuracy, no one can tell me how the freezing of assets went, no one can tell me if Fatchett will be satisfied with an appology or is just interested in taking investors money.

  528. Why would anyone tell you as fatchett does not represent you!
    Joking aside call him and ask? but he may not wish to speak to you….
    Also, have you asked the MOS?

  529. Charles&Eddie

    FDNRM Perhaps they don’t know the answers? Maybe Mr Fatchett are keeping things to himself?

  530. Or maybe between him and his clients?

  531. E – All this hate and witch hunt seems seems to stem from a huge guilt trip by YOU ? quote – I just wish I had not talked John into investing:( ——–
    Deal with it and move on…. I am struggling like hell here to understand your motives…. I think as long as you get paid back in full you dont give a toss to the damage you may be bringing to a few thousand other investors who have not joined you with this daft kangeroo court;; If YOU hava SIPP you are totally covered ..if You are like me with cash investment its not so clear cut .. So please do me and many other investors a favour and stop trying to bury HP … Can you not see we need HP to be up and running .. You are all stooges for the Irish builders defense as thgis is just what he had planned you fool.

  532. Just interested – Exactly SEVEN selfish investors that have caused more harm than good …You watch when they get paid off and everyone drowns in the mess that have caused …they will be laughing at the rest of us , Sleep well E

  533. Charles&Eddie

    @Ivor you really do not have a clue do you! Why is Erica only bothered about herself, she has put out a nationwide invitation to investors to come to the meeting to get answers…..Yeah that’s really caring about herself!!

    Get real and start blaming the people who took your money not the people who are trying to do something about it!!!

  534. Charles&Eddie – E got offered payback ok in this environment it not great 45K and rest spread over 12 months but SHE turned it down OK .. Next she could have got legal advice and done this on her own like the scottish woman did and won .. that takes guts and money .. So NO she gets everyone agitated and scared causing loads of issues.. OH nationwide invitations and the link is talking of SEVEN people – YOU get real and dont be a friggin sheep

  535. E

    @Ivor I was sleeping well last night until someone rang at 3am and then didnt want to talk!How has my setting up a meeting affected your investment? Do you never want to ask Harlequin questions? what is so wrong with wanting answers?I have not been paid off. Harlequin wont take my calls! Tailormade wont take my calls! Openwork wont take my calls! Guardian wont take my calls! Total wealth Managment wont take my calls!
    Do you get it now? Did people think I would just let them take my husbands money? wrong I will not sit back any longer they have got to answer questions. My first question is Mr Ames why are you not answering the invitation? what do you fear? where is the money? where is the build? do you own the plot of land you are suposed to build my husbands unit on?

  536. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @HPIGnw, no need to ask the MOS. They are discredited, cut and paste journalism, cannot even be consistant between MOS and Mailonline. Joke. Fatchett really has got you on a hook hasn’t he. Prepared to pull down the
    interests of 3500 investors and close BB for 7 people.
    @Erica, stop insulting our intelligence with this, I am only a housewife/I only booked the room. You devised a web site not so long ago to discredit HP. You are in this up to your arm pits.
    If Fatchett is so good at securing back payments then why does he need to apply for a freezing order?

  537. Charles&Eddie

    @Ivor you think Erica is 1 of the 7??? If she was why would she be having this meeting???

    I think you’re getting mixed up between Paul and Erica they have invested two different amounts that I’ve read. She hasn’t got everyone agitated she’s let people contact her she hasn’t contacted them so really they must have worries of their own??

    Everyone has their own opinion on what is going on…..Not everyone has to have the same one as yours.

  538. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @erica, you really are getting desperate now ” phone call at 3pm” ever heard of overseas call centres? You are getting paranoid now! Try 141 or BT if you are really that worried. Perhaps it was Dan Dalligan worried about Monday and wanted to chat!

  539. Charles&Eddie

    @Erica, If I was you I would stop replying to these nonses they don’t want to listen. They are trying to stop you getting on with your stuff for the meeting! Ignore them they aren’t worth it!!

  540. E

    I did set up the Harlequin property website I have always said that I was also threatened by Carter Ruck I guess you did not read the website as if you had you would have found answers you are looking for? I have promissed the Panorama team that I will not talk about the program contents so can you please wait? I was promised a refund last July and have never recieved it.I have never spoke to Dan D. I am really busy now sorting out things for Saturday so will not be here for the rest of the evening so I just hope those who want to come to the meeting come and are not worried because of this pack mentality that has nothing to do with me, why not reread all my posts?

  541. 100

    @homefront, this is what I have seen with my own eyes and heard from contractors:
    H hotel – contractors have told me ambitious and lovely plans, but very complicated and costly. I have seen it about 10 times in the last two months, and have seen from 0 to 6 people on it at any one time. I have seen it from the sea and from land and it is not progressing. Contractors have told me there has been no meaningful progress for months and people that have supplied materials to the site were late in getting paid and foresee major problems with the build.
    Merricks – I have seen this in the last couple of months and there is no activity on the Merricks Resort. Harlequin do not have full planning permission.
    Marquis Estate – flew over this only a few days ago, and have visited last year. Nothing has happened here other than a few trees knocked down maybe 18 months ago, nothing since. It is a site with no road access to the beach, which itself is very small and black. It has no infrastructure on the site and would be an incredibly tough site to develop, not to mention sell holidays on that coast line. Harlequin do not have full planning permission.
    DR – legal connections and contractors on island tell me no work has taken place on any of the three locations.
    blu St Lucia – has had licks of paint here and there and new furniture, contractor always late getting paid I am told, as are hotel staff. Hotel very quiet.
    Buccament Bay – lovely hotel, nice atmosphere in lush surrounding mountains, but when I went there there was no building work going on, but may have changed. Should be easy to verify.

  542. LB

    OMG!! I have spent an hour and a half catching up on this thread and have decided there are about 2 or 3 of you who are on this planet!!
    @E – have you never heard of how the stock market gets badly affected with MASSIVE financial losses purely through peoples “fears” that things may be going wrong – even if they are not???!!! Your innocent little meeting WILL CAUSE MASSIVE DAMAGE even if all is well at Harlequin!! The SFO getting involved is also REALLY DAMAGING – even if they don’t find anything!! It’s the perception of a company that is paramount and you and your little cronie followers having your little meetings and suppositions of the whole situation is absolutely rubbish for all other investors!! I hope that when/if this all goes down (thanks to you) you will get nothing and be at the back of the queue!! Thats all you and you fellow agitators deserve. You make me sick with your comments of your husband “who is not well” So bloody what?? Nor is mine!! You have no idea what you are doing. Best outcome – Harlequin get through all this crap and DONT give you your money back!!HA!!

  543. E – I have no idea why HP and others wont talk to you .. Maybe it is because of your approach and historical actions. I spoke with HP last year before I even new all about this .. They contacted me and asked if I wanted my money back due to the delays .. I refused and I am now talking with them again about a separate matter …. That is a different story than what you are telling

  544. 170

    Fear and Greed drive markets

  545. Give me my money back and others that want it in line with thier contract, then you will not need to get so excited…… Mr Ames can only blame himself.

  546. Charles&Eddie

    @ LB Aren’t you hard picking on a woman?? NOT! Why isn’t it thanks to DA? He has your money not E!!!
    You make me sick with your utter rubbish and bile.

    What will be funny is if Harlequin do go under and she is at the front of the queue and your at the back! HA! You horrible thing.

  547. LB – I couldnt put it better myself thank you …. They have no clue how finance works … and best rid to bad investors… I will not support these fools who put my investment in danger …advice to the magnificent 7 … join together keep the rest of us out of this.. do it the right way and get your money back and go .. expect a gagging order that is par for the course and leave my investment with half a chance or myself and others may well end up suing you for bringing HP down…. Food for thought

  548. anthony75

    LB you are a deluded arshole, nobody has mentioned the fact that harlequin are selling or sold another 2 hotels in barbados besides merricks, so anyone with common sense knows that don’t add up. why would you try and sell 2 hotels before the first one has even been started and make competition for merricks?? because they have no intention of starting merricks as they know its too costly and the money has run out.

  549. Thats all I wanted………;)
    My money back… no more no less….Mr Ames wont / can not do it.
    its his fault

  550. E

    After last year and the Carter Ruck threats I no longer own anything so go ahead sue me

  551. 72

    This is all completely false. No one has been damaging Harlequin & Dave Ames more than Dave Ames himself:
    -Not having a proper financial plan from the start
    -Setting up a Ponzi scheme that cannot work and will never work
    -Employing contractors that had no experience in such large projects
    -Misleading investors
    -Promising all sort of dreams
    -Refusing to refund money to investors according to their contracts
    E you are right and you are doing the right thing
    The meeting in Manchester is more than necessary….

  552. homefront

    @100 thanks.tells it all

  553. Charles&Eddie

    @Ivor &LB, E asked for the money back they agreed but didn’t do it. Wake up these are the sort of people you’re dealing with!!!!! You can blame E all you want but for one it won’t get you the money back! The only person to blame is Dave Ames, he has your money he hasn’t built the resorts like he promised!!! If he stuck to his promises there would be non of this!!!!

  554. @72 well put the meeting will be very revealing and intresting

  555. Beggars Belief

    @LB if you think the SFO enquiry has only just been set up because of the recent actions of a few investors pushing for their contractual rights then you clearly don’t understand how long it takes to get an investigation to this stage. This will have been the subject of an investigation for some time and so it is simply inaccurate to lay the blame for any future difficulties at the door of anyone who has posted on this or any other site over the last few months.

  556. Eddie Lizzard2

    You are one brave lady! Good for you for standing up to these bullies.

  557. anthony75

    Yes! hats off to Erica i support you all the way. ignore harlequin supporters comments they are clearly on the payroll or a very deluded investor.

  558. My understanding of why the boutique hotels was bought was to have an asset that can generate revenue and drip feed money in other areas..And again to buy and sell one and make profit adds benefit .. But I agree that is not what I signed up for

  559. 100

    LB, I have a very good idea how finance works having financed well over $1bn in resorts, and have investments as the principle in numerous commercial properties in various countries, including resorts. It is not fair to get upset with E or anyone whose contracts have been breached and they are seeking their money back but not getting it in line with their agreements. If the SFO and FSA are making noise, they will have been looking at this for at least a year. This forum and those misled investors cannot be blamed for lack of financing, nor the lack of appeal of a lender. Let them fight to get their money back, if Harlequin is as robust as you say and all is in order, then very soon this will be over. You cannot sue a fellow investor who is holding a breached agreement, that is just absurd, but you can try to sue authorities who have damaged your business with false allegations and the bad PR that arises from those. The problems and blame lie entirely at the feet of Dave Ames, and those people who sold to you having lied to you abhout what DD they had done. I am certain you will not believe this and not see reason and that 8 years is more than enough time to have put financing in place (as I have said before, should have been in place before he began), so I can only see two sides not agreeing, and Harlequin collapsing anyway as indeed it always wsa going to. The question will be and has been for some time, who can get some money out of whatever assets can be liquidated.

  560. 100

    IH, the two boutique hotels consist of one that was heavily overpaid for (I had looked at buying this at one point, but was really nothing that could be done with it to make it work unless it was given away, and I found out Harlequin overpaid by about US$2m) and currently is always quiet and losing money. The other is already a year late in opening and not likely to open any time soon. Ames has demonstrated he has no idea what he is doing, at what point will all investors realise this?

  561. Eddie Lizzard2

    People, please listen to 100…
    who speaks volumes of good sense.

  562. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – grow up you clown, I have no place at the meeting as I hold no investment, as for fronting you that’s not the reason for me not attending, I’m happy to meet you anytime – stop acting like a big soft girl!!

  563. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anthony75 I suggest you go and sit in a dark room and think about your language. It’s not funny and if you have to swear its a sign you have lost the argument.
    @C&E. stop playing the Erica’s a woman card. It doesn’t matter what sex you are on here, everyone is equal and gets equal praise/critism.
    @Paul Walton, yes thank for the update. Pity it had to be like pulling teeth though.

  564. Yorkiepoo

    FDNR – just spoke to Dave Ames on way home – really positive but finding this all a distraction from what he should be doing!

  565. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorkie I bet he is. In court this week about freezing assets, defending HP from Fatchett on Monday, back in court withO’Halloran poss next week. I suggest you don’t respond to Anthony 75 until he grows up and stops his discussing language. Just my thoughts.

  566. @Yorkiepoo so, no Mr Ames and your not coming, just so we know on the day? Did you contact E via email? not had chanceto speak to her for a bit.

  567. One thing that I can not work out, why will HP not give money back in line with your contract?
    If you take a faulty product back to the shop you don’t expect a staged payment refund? Or referred to the manufacturer in another jurisdiction.

  568. Yorkiepoo

    HIG – Yes I emailed E so you can contact me directly now. I’m not sure it’s my place to attend the meeting as I have no financial stake in all this. I did offer to speak to DA about gettingbyourvquestions answered – I can’t see him attending but I haven’t asked again

  569. homefront

    @100 You gave me a very concise report on progress at you believe if all remaining funds were put to the best site something could be saved?your in the know in that area .is it past help .can you help? .can I help?

  570. yatiniteasy

    Yorkipoo…thanks for the correction…now I know that you are a bitch.LOL

  571. homefront

    It seems to me after a long period of looking at all aspects this project has been sold to the wrong people by the wrong people,I have total disgust for invest5star and others who have put this foreward as a total safe investment .its not,Its a total punt for people to bung in a couple of grand and hope for the best ,its poss, it always was ponzi .if it was not the pressure from people who heid this SAFE investment was no help to HP.if one project at a time was worked on maybe just maybe.But if it was allways ponzi the truth will out as pissed of former employees turn Queens evidence. only reasoned replies please

  572. yatiniteasy

    Nice denial from DA about legal problems in UK…H Barbados project has stopped and workers sent home..Just some more nice news for Harlequin to show how well they are doing …

  573. yatiniteasy

    @100 sure that the sale of Amaryllis is a done deal? They claimed a purchase 6 months ago, but nothing more has been heard of it.

  574. Yatiniteasy – Like I said in an earlier post DA confirms accounts have been forensically checked and approved with all investors money accounted for .. So no doubt no case to have assets frozen from the legal vultures ,, However we now all own a plot of wasteland with no investors to build – Again we need to make sure this group does not do any more damage to the brand and hopefully we can all end up with no losses. The authorities are on the case so just wait and see.. dont jump on board with any solicitors just yet

  575. Charles&Eddie

    Dave Ames also said that resorts would be built and open by now….He lied…..It’s up to you if you want to believe him but please just look at the facts before you make your mind up. It’s been proven that no land was bought until 2009 I don’t know when you invested but I’ve seen online posts from people who had bought in 2007 they technically bought nothing…..The choice is yours in what you want to believe

  576. Yorkiepoo

    Who has proven that no land was bought by HP u to 2009 – I have never heard that before?

  577. BBaywatch

    @ homefront -‘do you believe if all remaining funds were put to the best site something could be saved?’

    Very unlikely I would say, the only three sites with any remote chance of a viable future are Blu in St Lucia, H in Barbados and Buccament Bay SVG. Blu can be discounted as being far too small, H as being too incomplete and not big enough (although possibly geographically the most suitable) which leaves Buccament Bay. This is 20-30% complete depending on whose estimate you read, but even here many otherwise complimentary reviewers have mentioned that it will likely be spoilt when fully completed and that the facilities and beach will not be able to cope with the projected numbers of guests. Even if there was sufficient money left to complete (which seems unlikely) it would then have to carry the weight of all of the investments – which is even harder to imagine.

    With all of the investors in other resorts understandably clamouring for repayment I can only see that scenario as being a lawyer fest with very small chance of any return or even continued operation.

    I did speculate in an earlier post that one possible eventuality might be that SVG seized the property and nationalised it, removed the toxic Harlequin brand and replaced the management with either a competent team from local hoteliers or invited management from a company within the Caribbean who have a proven track record – I mentioned Sandals in that connection. Investors would have to agree to relinquish any freehold claims in return for a share in the operation and possibility of a dividend at some future point.

    Speculation as I said and very unlikely to happen either and unfortunately I think that investors will have to accept the reality that at best they will only get a few pence in the pound back. However if Dr Gonsalves returns from Venezuela recharged with revolutionary zeal and wants to distance himself from tainted acquaintances who knows? Clearly as SVG was very closely allied to Venezuela there will changes following the death of Hugo Chavez – Kenton Chance writing on his I Witness News blog looks at the implications and is well worth reading.

  578. Terry

    Just like to say WELL DONE at staying straight and strong through this battle. “The truth shall set you free”

  579. BBaywatch

    @yatiniteasy – well of course they claimed that the purchase of Petit Nevis was a done deal, all completed back in 2008 – even called it the Harlequin Island Resort – and at some point I think that they even claimed to have bought Sam Lord’s. There was a time when a new deal was announced almost every month no trace of them now though.

  580. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yes, very well done E. I’m in total admiration at your ability to be able to converse with the ignoramuses spouting their pathetic nonsense here whilst continuously maintaining your composure.

    The professional public representation of Harlequin on here is truly embarrassing – their top PR guru apparently also being employed as head of security? The Harlequin legal reps must be over the moon with his public campaign!

    Anyway, E, I think you will help to stop at least one more person investing, and you are also selflessly helping those that have invested and have realised that they have made a huge mistake.

    Thanks to you (and the SFO at long last) Harlequin will be rapidly grinding to a halt in terms of future investment.

    And 36 – I know you’ve been desperate to hear from me again, since you keep referring to my comments to you (at least I think that’s what you’re referring to – not absolutely clear due to your hideous grammar and spelling).

    Don’t worry, 36 – your investment is as safe as you deserve it to be. All resorts are sold out and planning permissions and investment are imminent as promised by Harlequin (since around 2008). So you will have your resort.

    So, run along now and let the unhappy few communicate with each other on the one forum Harlequin don’t seem to be able to touch. Your constant, tiresome, unintelligent input merely pushes the thread up the google search results. I think that is contrary to your motive, isn’t it?

  581. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Annon ru, how you can comment on my grammar and spelling, pathetic, when you use the expression f****ing twat is beyond me. There. Is an old argument that when you resort to swearing you have lost th e argument. You have proved that to be correct.

  582. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Referring to the link by Yatineasy Nationnews, then no freezing order application has been received by the courts. Was this a Fatchett bluff which has been swallowed by the press?

  583. Anon - reasons unknown

    Just completed my SFO survey.

    I hope all other investors (and previous investors) will do so too.

    No Fatsy. I actually know I haven’t lost this argument. I do hope you’ve completed your survey? Would be good to know that the SFO are also hearing from happy investors (and previous investors) just so that they have the balanced picture.

    Please do promise me you won’t try to educate yourself by reading Shakespeare or Chaucer. You may find the language quite offensive. Bless.

  584. anonymous37

    FDNRM and others. i did my own DD into this in 2008. there were court cases then for breach of contract, there was not planning permission except for BB , not escrow bla bla bla as numerious others have mentioned. i could not be provided with EIA studies, cash flow forecast/ cost to built the resorts ( which i can see would be difficult if you don’t have a clue what the eia studies show). 4.5 yrs later and still no progress. this cannot be blamed on E, paul etc. basically all investors were sold a very high risk investment (were they told this ???)that had no previous track record, limited accounts, no proof of funding to be able to actually build, disparancies between agent spiel and actual contracts. i contacted the fsa 2008 and again last year. if you look at citywire/ ifaonline/ moneymarketing you will see various commentators who say they have been warning/highlighting this to the fsa for many years. ( will add that i could not and would not say this is a ponzi scheme- i don’t have all the facts. BUT this was most certainly high risk.

  585. Yorkiepoo

    FDNRM – papers were submitted today in the courts in Birmingham in an attempt to freeze assets as I understand it. The attempt failed and has been adjourned, I know little more than that.

  586. Anon - reasons unknown

    Here you go Twatsy, sorry, Fatsy

    Now don’t get over excited again. The case has been adjourned until next Thursday, so let’s all be patient and wait and see what happens.

    How many court cases, by the way?

  587. 145

    Anybody else think that it speaks volumes that a character called Yorkiepoo pops up on an internet forum claiming to have the ear of the MD because he texts him/her from time to time — and expects to be taken seriously as the conduit to the top? The worst thing is, I’m happy to believe that he/she is telling the truth. Can you imagine any other credible company of this scale conducting their affairs like this? Unbelievable.

  588. Anon - reasons unknown

    I know Anonymous @ 12:29am!

    I was avidly following the thread yesterday as I was gobsmacked at the public argument between the Harlequin head of security / head of internet PR and the former employee / not-investor. Jaw dropping behaviour at this stage in Harlequin’s demise. But absolutely typical of Harlequin. Rotten to their dirty-tricks core!

    Put all that together with BFP’s exposure of multiple identities from the pro Harlequin people (person) and it’s, well, as I said, embarrassing!

    To think that Essex Police and the SFO will be observing this site now (since it’s one of the few left with the balls to stand up to Carter Ruck / Harlequin threats); it is truly amazing how they are behaving – and continuing to lie and misrepresent.

  589. Yorkiepoo

    Any comments I make here are my opinions Harlequin Property do not influence my statements and are not aware of my postings – do you think I go and ask prior to writing? No – these comments are mine and HP have no input into them, how strange you thought differently!!

  590. Anonymous

    Not that strange as you were offering to get direct answers to direct questions from the man himself…

  591. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yorkie – You also said that you knew about a proposed, massively imminent investment and said that what people here were saying was jeopardising that investment. So did Harlequin / Ames tell you that, or was that just something you made up?

  592. yatiniteasy

    Signs of problems:
    Bad press reports
    Investigations from several authorities
    Construction sites empty of workers
    People like suppliers, contractors not being paid
    Agressive legal action against anyone who speaks negative about their operations
    Misrepresentations on Blogs, using various names
    Lack of real financial information on the health of the company (“take our word for it, every penny is accounted for” does not cut it )
    Having to travel with a security bodyguard.
    No start ups of construction on projects sold years ago
    Blaming Government for not approving plans, providing “concessions” etc
    Lying about the status of projects (many on You tube)
    Lying about financing for investors
    Buying Hotels with investors money from other projects.
    Non payment of Investors interest on loans, as per contract (bank`s fault)
    It is just amazing how long this has gone on.
    Im sorry for the 3000 or so Investors who were sold a dream Caribbean Investment. Their dream is turning out to be a real nightmare.

  593. Yorkiepoo

    Yes I did offer to get the investors questions to Dave Ames, yes I am aware of finance discussions but I am not relating messages on behalf of DA or HP – just letting you know what I am aware of,
    These comments are mine and I am aware of things I am keeping my own council on and do not feel is appropriate to discuss what I have heard,

  594. yatiniteasy

    Yorkie…in other are like the Spaniard in Faulty Towers..”I know nothing”

  595. Mr Blue

    @yorkiepoo, there is no financing and you know it. Not even Dave’s mates over in Pattaya would let their ill gotten Caldora fund be squandered on this mess. The only people putting money into Harlequin are ill informed personal investors, and with all this media exposure there can’t be many of those left. The gravy train is about to be derailed and I can’t help but think you’re sitting very near the front. Your attempts to sound like a distant ‘friend’ are not at all convincing, you just sound like another Harlequin troll spreading disinformation.

  596. anthony75

    @yorkieshit, we don’t want or need your help, we wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of your bum buddy Ames fat little gob so stop trying to make out your a good person. he has been spewing bullshit for years so why would he start telling the truth. your on the payroll and you know it. the noose is tightening and you are going down with the rest if the harlequin con artists.

  597. Beggars Belief

    This is like watching a car crash in extreme slow motion. How does this situation come to a conclusion? Would anyone like to comment on the possible scenarios?

    1. The Happily Ever After Scenario
    A credible funder rides in on a white steed, provides completion funding for BB investors who take legal title, construction goes apace at all the other resorts that are completed in reasonable timescale. The unhappy 1% of investors are given full refunds as per contracts.

    2. The final bow scenario
    Directors and senior staff realise that liabilities exceed assets and third party funding is not forthcoming so they decide to bow out and call in administrators to sort things out. If SFO/FSA/Essex Police reveal evidence of trading while insolvent they may be more lenient and judges may reduce custodial sentences on the basis of voluntarily calling in administrators.

    3. The dawn raid
    Harlequin try to keep things going on whatever remains of liquid assets. SFO/FSA/Essex police amass enough evidence to close things down and mount a prosecution. Judges likely to be more severe in sentencing.

    4. The midnight flit
    Things get so desperate that the directors take up residence in a country with no extradition treaty with the UK and leave others to sort things out.

  598. Yorkiepoo

    Mr Blue – ok but I have been corresponding with the investor Group running the meeting and they are full aware of who I am and they will confirm I am neither a HP employee or investor

  599. Beggars Belief

    @Yorkiepoo, would you like to use your close connections to ask which outcome is most anticipated.

    If it’s scenario 1 could you ask when documentary evidence to support that outcome might be put in the public domain?

  600. Yorkiepoo

    Beggars Belief – I can only tell you what conversations I have and all have been positive, with HP confident that they will complete the projects. They would admit it has been a much tougher road than they ever anticipated,
    I think that they feel there is a lot of untruths on here like land not being owned but built on, staff at BB not being paid. I have been told that funding discussions are advanced and I also know the sum being discussed,
    Now I have no idea if this will all come good or not but if it doesn’t I know for sure it wasn’t all planned to be a failure.
    I actually welcome the investor group meetings, the reviews by the authorities, what is damaging your investments is MOS articles and Panorama if it gets broadcast

  601. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I HAVE A STALKER. Yes Anon Reasons unknown thats you. Stop your very silly name calling and comments. If you had bothered to follow the threads on here rather that try and antaganise me, which will not work, then you would known I was interviewed by the SFO over 2 months ago. As for reading books, Winnie the Poo is about your standard, that is playground standard.

  602. 72

    @FDNRM & Yorkipoe
    It will be scenario 4 and my best advice to both of you is to stop helping Harlequin with your comments because Ames will not have enough rooms in his villa at BB.
    There is absolutely no financing in place because simply no financial institution is going to invest a cent in that scheme.
    The only other posible scenario is that Dave Ames transform his Ponzi scheme into a washing machine (laundering money machine) in which case an honest investor like me would not want to be associated and just would like to get his money back please. If you can convey that message to Ames for once you will be useful.

  603. Dear All,

    I wont be posting much today, as the meeting preparation for tomorrow is our priority.

    Unlike maybe 99% of people posting here, Mr Fatchett and Pannone LLP do actually represent me, and as such I am in possession of perhaps more FACTS than most.

    I will not reply to some posters attempts at provocation, I shall simply cut and paste this message.

    I would urge you to come along to one of our meetings, you will be told only facts that will be backed up with evidence from investors who may have been in discussion or negotiations with Harlequin.

    Gareth and his team, from Regulatory Legal will will be available to explain from a legal view point what has been going on, and what your options will be.

    This is not a sales promotion for Gareth Fatchett, you will be given information and options, what you choose to do with this is your choice, but at least you do have some.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Walton

  604. 250

    Hi All I am an investor with Harlequin I have stopped reading the absolute rubbish here, you all need to take a step back and look at the world and what is happening, We all invested in an alternate higher risk investment, yes there are delays but if you bother to listen and understand why it is very clear that this is the best way to proceed. I personally am not worried and think this is clearly a few investors who have lost their nerve, do not understand the current financial climate and want to spoil what can be a very good investment for the rest of us. I would encourage no-one to go to the meeting on Saturday, I can promise you the press will be there and they will exagerate the numbers. I have phoned the SFO and FSA and Harlequin is NOT being investigated by either they have a few (and I re-iterate a FEW) complaints that they are looking into. I think these FEW people need to stop this, if this is a scam or fraud having meetings with a few hysterical people will not help the situation – TIME WILL TELL AND NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE DOING THIS – I ENCOURAGE ANYONE READING THIS WEBSITE TO STOP AND WAIT. From a ‘normal’ everyday working person who has invested in Harlequin.

  605. 72

    All,investors should go to the meeting. It is very important to be informed do not listen to all the posters that want to drag you into Dave Ames Ponzi scheme.

  606. Beggars Belief

    @ Anonymous 9.31am

    Time has told already. This has run and run for years on the back of promises that are continually broken. Until someone can present some evidence that a robust solution is just around the corner, further pleas for a bit more time just sound hopelessly misplaced.

    To say that the SFO are having a casual glance at this on the basis of a few angry investors knocking on the door is absolutely ludicrous. The SFO respond to thousands of leads every year and how many make it to the point of them setting up a dedicated webpage to update people and seek investor views using a survey? Why would the SFO be working in conjunction with Essex Police if this was a preliminary investigation?

  607. Beggars Belief

    To answer my own question I went to the SFO website.

    The SFO say that they only take on about 20-30 cases each year and will only elevate an investigation to the status of a “case” once it has been established that the impact of this to investors and the UK economy warrants such action.

    The stages of making this assessment are, in the words of the SFO:

    “Our approach is tailored to each case and its specific details. Each case of fraud or corruption varies and requires different specialist experts and, sometimes, different investigation techniques and prosecution tools.

    However, there are several key stages that each case goes through. Click on the links below to find out more about the stages in the lifecycle of a case.
    3.Case team
    4.Investigate and prosecute
    6.Wrap up”

    This has now clearly reached the stage of being a “case” because it appears amongst the select few on the website as such so it would be safe to assume that this is now in stage 4. This does not necessarily mean that it will proceed all the way to prosecution.

    If anyone is still in any doubt that this is anything other than a serious investigation by the SFO, here are their own words about what the Director of the SFO uses as criteria before even assigning a case team to the investigation:

    “The SFO investigates and, where appropriate, prosecute cases of serious or complex fraud (including cases of domestic or overseas bribery and corruption) which, in the opinion of the Director of the SFO, call for the multi-disciplinary approach and legislative powers available to the SFO. In deciding what cases to adopt, the Director will consider all the circumstances of the case including:
    •the scale of loss (actual or potential);
    •the impact of the case on the UK economy;
    •the effect of the case on the UK’s reputation as a safe place to do business;
    •the factual or legal complexity and the wider public interest.”

  608. E – did you ever try the selling option of your units ,, all talk of money back – Just wondered what that route may have turned out with HP as a solution

  609. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ 250,
    I don’t where you got your information from but I suggest you go to the Serious Fraud Office website to read the statement dated 5 March 2013.

    “The Serious Fraud Office (SFO), together with Essex Police, is looking into complaints in relation to the Harlequin group…”

    You might also want to look on the FSA’s website re Harlequin.

    Click to access alert-harlequin.pdf

  610. 250

    I work in the industry and I would encourage anyone who is reading these ludicrous entries to stop – and I re-iterate I am a everyday normal investor. You obviously do not understand how the financial industry works! and need to go away and sort your own financial problems out and stop scaring people when it is not necessary.

  611. Yorkiepoo

    The SFO have yet to talk to Harlequin. The first they knew about it was off the SFO website. It was explained to me that the investigation is preliminary at present but when all the information is collated then a decision will be made as to whether a full investigation will take place. This has been triggered by the investors contacting the police who have a duty to follow up. If the fraud potentially involves thousands then a web page is normal as its the best way of reaching the masses. I can assure you nobody is panicking at HP since they have the Grant Thornton forensic audit – that’s one of the reasons Fatchett was unsuccessful yesterday in freezing assets.

  612. Interested Investor

    I invested in Harlequin twelve months ago via a SIPP. At that point, there were negative comments on Harlequin as well as the very positive ones that were given out by Harlequin. Subsequently, I have read with interest a lot of what is posted on here and elsewhere and although admittedly, I am more concerned now than I have been previously, there seems to be a few balanced people trying to look after their own investment but also some people who have no money invested in Harlequin but it serves a purpose for them to whip up a media storm.

    Ultimately, if it is done in a balanced way, the additional scrutiny is a good thing, but it appears a lot of the criticism is not balanced. I am not saying the Harlequin press releases are balanced either, as they tend to avoid detail and at this stage, with the amount of money invested, it would seem logical that building work should have progressed more rapidly and there should not be any payment problems. I have not heard an explanation as to why the payment issues are happening.

    The other thing that puzzles me, is why Liverpool Football Club, Andy Townsend, Pat Cash, Gary Player and all the other ‘celebrities’ involved, have not distanced themselves from the Harlequin brand if all the horror stories are true. I know they will be getting a payment from Harlequin, but surely their brand image is worth more than the sum they are receiving.
    I will continue to watch developments with interest and hope the additional scrutiny leads to a positive conclusion.

  613. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ 250,
    I don’t where you got your information from but I suggest you go to the Serious Fraud Office website to read the statement dated 5 March 2013.

    “The Serious Fraud Office (SFO), together with Essex Police, is looking into complaints in relation to the Harlequin group…”

    You might also want to look on the FSA’s website regarding their concerns about Harlequin and its Financial Advisors’ business practises.

  614. E

    Interested Investor – Gary Player has stopped promoting the Marquis Estate on his website. Harlequin are only allowed to use his name for so long, not sure how long this is exactly?

  615. Yorkiepoo

    Talking about the celebs – are you aware that more than a couple have invested in Harlequin? I know who and how much but this is confidential. That should say a lot about their trust in HP! Like I say there’s a lot more than meets the eye!
    And also don’t forget I was so accurate on a certain fact that Paul Walton only thought he and the inner sanctum of HP knew he thought I was Dave Ames! Look for yourself mid afternoon at his post!

  616. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Anonymous March 8, 2013 at 10:13 am

    If you are ‘a everyday normal investor’ then surely this high-risk, unregulated product is not for you.

  617. Yorkiepoo

    250 – the FSA alert is exactly the same as the guidance to IFA on harlequins legal page and was written with harlequins input.
    SFO is exactly as I stated.

  618. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorkie, thanks for that update above. Have you noticed how anyone who does not follow the pack mentality is personaly attacked? You have Anthony 75 and I have Anon-reasons unknown. Wonder who is putting them up to it? I feel quite proud I have my own stalker!

  619. Yorkiepoo

    FDNRM – yes but my stalker wants to meet me in the playground after school to hit me with his handbag.

  620. 72

    Just tell Ames to pay me back my Money… I do not want to be next to Ames’ celebrities he can have them all for himself.

  621. 27

    So is Gary Player golf course going to happen?. GP has removed it from his website but HP still seem to advertising it.

  622. Yorkiepoo

    72 – tell Ames yourself he works from a business park I Basildon not somewhere faceless.

    If Dave owed me money, as he has, he would pay me so why not you?

  623. 72


  624. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorkie My stalker wants to meet me in the playground and give me an English lesson. Wonder if it will be in the same playground.

  625. Yorkiepoo

    I dont know about Gary Player I have never asked – why out of interest don’t you call HP sales team and post the answer on here???

  626. 98

    Normal investor – I am intelligent enough to make a decision as to what I invest in – I have spoken to the FSA and they confirmed they are not investigating Harlequin they are simple trying to make the public aware of what products ie SIPPs are regualted, I have also spoken to the SFO and they ARE NOT investigating Harlequin there words not mine!! Like I said you need to go away and sort your own finances.

  627. Yorkiepoo

    BBelief – No its still at the intelligence gathering stage and has yet to be assessed. I know HP were goint to approach SFO and ask if they could assist or send them information but not sure where that ended up?

  628. 72

    @ anonymous. You are pathetic…

  629. Anonymous

    Perhaps, Yorkiepoo, because it’s the same sales team who said that the SFO wen’t investigating and that Merricks would be open years ago. Not exactly the most reliable people you could say.

    Anonymous at 11.11am have you not read the SFO website? Do you not think it’s strange that the FSA haven’t flagged any other similar products like this recently? Unbelievable.

  630. Yorkiepoo

    Lizzard – I think your getting ahead of yourself. Looking into something is not the same as bringing a prosecution.

  631. Yorkiepoo

    Anonymous – So you would rather ask here than HP? I didn’t say you would get a yes or no answer but would have been interesting to see what was said? You want me to pick up phone? Too shy?

  632. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @yorkie, re the SFO, you are quite right. They are conducting an investigation into whether it is worth carrying out a full blown investigation and prosecution. Even then it might be aimed at the IFAs rather than HP.

  633. Anonymous 301

    Paul Walton Erica and the other stooges of O’Halloran, Newman And Fatchett ( the ambulance chaser).
    Have you any idea what your stupid actions will mean for the 99% of investors who do not support your lunatic policies?
    If you should ever succeed in bringing Harlequin down, no one will get a penny from their investment. Many people will lose their homes.No one will benefit from investing their SIPP for a comfortable retirement. Yes, you and not Ames will be resposible. I hope you can sleep at night.Why can’t you see you are being used by O’halloran, newman and the ambulance chasers? Fatchett will do nothing for you, apart from relieving you of a lot of money. MARK MY WORDS!
    The SFO will not extend their enquiries beyond the preliminary investigation. why should they?
    You are doing damage to all those lovely people in St Vincent, who looked after those of you who have been to Buccament Bay. You will make the new airport obsolete. This is exactly what O’Halloran, Newman, Eustace and others seek to achieve. O’Halloran and newman are doing their damndest to bring Harlequin down before they,O’Halloran and newman, are found guilty and put into prison.

  634. 145

    @Yorkiepoo I’m not quite sure why I’d need you to pick up the phone. To be honest, I find your role in all this a bit odd. You know DA, but you’re not a friend. You’re not an investor, but you want to be involved. You’ll relay messages, but you don’t speak for him.

    It just all seems a bit weird — and the notion that your contribution should somehow be considered an appropriate way for an investors’ group to correspond with a company with whom they have thousands of pounds invested is just peculiar.

  635. Beggars Belief

    Whatever anyone says it is clear by looking at the SFO website that the investigation into Harlequin Property has been escalated to the status of a ‘case’.

    The SFO only escalate 20-30 such investigations to cases every year.

    In order to be escalated to a case the Director of the SFO needs to be satisfied that the situation represents a demonstrable risk to investors or the UK economy.

  636. 72

    @ anonymous 301. The SFO is carrying a full blown investigation . We honest investors have nothing to do with O’ Halloran we just want our money back simple.

  637. Dear All,

    I wont be posting much today, as the meeting preparation for tomorrow is our priority.

    Unlike maybe 99% of people posting here, Mr Fatchett and Pannone LLP do actually represent me, and as such I am in possession of perhaps more FACTS than most.

    I will not reply to some posters attempts at provocation, I shall simply cut and paste this message.

    I would urge you to come along to one of our meetings, you will be told only facts that will be backed up with evidence from investors who may have been in discussion or negotiations with Harlequin.

    Gareth and his team, from Regulatory Legal will will be available to explain from a legal view point what has been going on, and what your options will be.

    This is not a sales promotion for Gareth Fatchett, you will be given information and options, what you choose to do with this is your choice, but at least you do have some.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Walton

  638. Yorkiepoo

    Anonymous – Why the confusion? I know DA, I wouldn’t invite him to dinner but I have known him a long time. Whats wrong with being interested in seeing how this works out? Its comedy gold some of it, how you have a pack mentality, how you worry each other. When all you are doing is hurting yourselves. I do not speak on behalf of DA but when we chat we do talk about this issue and if someone asks a question I have discussed I sometimes answer. There is other stuff I cant post.
    But be clear I am not relaying messages to and from DA for your benefit.
    The other reason I’m on here is one or 2 of you might want to sell me your units at a discount price?

  639. Anonymous 74

    Well said , Anonymous 301. Fortunately, these fools will never succeed In 4-5 weeks time, when O’Halloran is sent down and the Panorama programme proves to be a damp squib,we can all look forward to Dave Ames raising his finance and moving forward.Lets hope the likes of Paul Walton and others involved in this stupid call to arrange the meeting tomorrow are rewarded with having less money in their pockets after wasting their time trusting in the ambulance chasers.

  640. Anonymous

    Well I suppose because based on the information given, it’s got basically nothing to do with you.

    If you want a unit at a knockdown price, I suspect you’ll find it pretty easy to find one.

  641. anthony75

    @ beggars belief, i like your earlier post and its definitely no 3 the dawn raid, as they are so deluded they think they can carry on conning us good honest citizens.

  642. anthony75

    @yorkishit, ill bring my handbag if you bring your bum buddy Ames!!

  643. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – Bring it because I may very well be there!

  644. anthony75

    you know you wont.

  645. Yorkiepoo

    Its almost certain I will!

  646. anthony75

    I’ve got no time for you so don’t bother

  647. Yorkiepoo

    I’m not going for your benefit but while I’m there I’m sure we can resolve our differences?

  648. anthony75

    Thats fine, face to face man to conman.

  649. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – If you mean I’m a conman I can assure you I’m not, and I certainly have caused you no issue

  650. 100

    @yatiniteasy – I was also told the Amarylis deal did not go through, but I could not say 100%.

    @anon 10.42 – there is no way a Gary Player, or any other golf course, is going up on Marquis Estate any time in the near future, or possibly ever, as much as it would be most welcome to have. The site is not suitable or viable for the development plans. There is no planning permission either for Marquis.

    @homefront – it is very hard to know whether a business is recoverable without knowing the liabilities. I would think the first thing that would need to be done is remove the person who got you into this, namely Dave Ames. When it comes to getting investors to part with their money without doing DD, Ames is superb. When it comes to business, he is a dunce (that is not name calling, it is a definition that suits his business ability and has been evidenced by what has transpired to date) But some free tips…You need to see what is viable. BB is nice and operating, but I suspect losing money. Without the airport, 300 units is too much for now. Perhaps close a lot down, and staff up for 100 keys, with more available to go if bookings pick up, or keep 50 pure investor keys, and they pay a fee when they come so they get some benefit from the investment and also don’t burden the resort. Stop the whole celeb weeks and broadway nonsense, that is money that does not need to be spent – St Vincent is a lovely island and there is no other resort for people to stay other than Young Island really. Set up twin stays with hotels in Bequia or Palm Island or wherever. People do not go on holiday to the Caribbean for football coaching or singing lessons – football is just as fun to play amongs the guests, the pitch is already there. then just market it for what it is, which is good enough. Set up a rental scheme where all profits are paid out to investors, with a reasonable fee for the management company. Blu is viable if debt free, just needs to be marketed better – again, a proper management company will be able to market this hotel better and for what it is. Crazy to say it is a 4 star or 5 star – just a friendly, comfortable affordable alternative in a very convenient location. Should be able to make some money as it has no bank finance on it presumably.

    H Hotel, the plans as I understand it make for a lovely hotel but the build is tough. But, as it is underway, would focus on that and get it finished. Good location, should do well. But then scrap Marquis – that is not a site that can be built and it is hotel that will not make money for a decade – wrong part of the island with too much competition. If they must do soemthing in SLU, then sell that land for whatever you can get, and try to get involved perhaps in the old Raffles/Nicklaus site which is more suitbalet for what he wants to do and a golf course would go there nicely. Merricks – scrap that for the time being, focus on what can generate revenue, namely the three other hotels. DR, too many resorts there, just do 1. I say scrap, but as they have not started yet, would just keep it that way. But, as I said above, who knows what the liabilities are – you have 6,200 creditors, which makes, until the units are handed over, the liability essentially the deposits people paid as Harlequin have to pay back the money if units not build (I presume) Until units are built, they remain a very heavy liability. I am sure the contracts would not allow such drastic changes, and would have to scrap also the 10% guaranteed returns as that will cripple any operation, but something is better than the nothing where investors are currently heading. homefront, just some thoughts of the top of my head and sorry for long post, as there is no PM facility here would not have bored others with this.

    Finally, just like to repeat that it is absurd to think Paul Walton, E and whoever else is responsible for bringing Harlequin down. They have not started to build 95% of what they sold years ago – THAT is what is bringing them down very clearly and if you are not able to see that, then I fear you will always struggle with investments. If I am building 100 condos, and have sold say 80 (80%) and 1 person (1%) wants out according to his/her contract, I refund and my business is not affected. If I delay refunding, and the press kick up a fuss and so on, my business is fine as the business can withstand no sales for a while – in fact, I already have all my costs covered anyway and the last 20% is profit for me.

    Ames has sold out all his resorts according to him, so really his business should be fine and able to withstand this – the numbers should be rock solid due to such a strong sales program and a lender will laugh at the nonsense being written here and be looking forward to faster payments after a successful law suit against the FSA, MOS and others. The lender will not be put off if the numbers are right – maybe he will delay until court cases are concluded, but as previously stated, there should already be commitment letters on file. If there is a storm going on, it is the fault of Ames and his repeated lying that has left some investors with no option, they cannot wait any longer as enough time has gone by and life, put simply, is too short. But, there is no lender on the planet that would lend against a business that includes 5 unstarted resorts, liabilities as large as they are and loss making hotels and of course no planning permission on those unstarted resorts. If however, he has 100m of the deposits safely banked, and a solid building plan with all relevant permits, accounts all in order in SVG and UK, and 70% due from all those investors, then he has a chance.

  651. Thanks 100, pity you were not running the show!
    all the best,

  652. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yorkie, don’t bite, it’s the usual wind up merchants. These forums are full of them. When the O’Halloran trial starts again they will go quiet again.

  653. Anon - reasons unknown

    With any luck, HP will go into receivership and 100 CAN run the show.

  654. Fatchett does not represent me.

    If HP goes into receivership there won’t be a show. Or have you not looked that far ahead?

  655. anthony75

    @Fdnrm , you are still deluded and scared as the net is closing in.

  656. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – whats your unit number at Merricks?

  657. anthony75

    wouldn’t you love to know so you can go and tell your bum buddy Ames to get Carter fuck on my case.

  658. Yorkiepoo

    No I was going to look at it on plan and offer you a bag of pick and mix and 2 rusty washers for it

  659. anthony75

    hahaha your so funny! I’m sure all the good honest people who have put there life savings and elderly who have put there pensions appreciate you being such a nice honest person. also tell your bum boy partner Ames that at least he will have you to write to him from jail.

  660. anthony75

    also see you at the meeting and don’t forget the pick & mix because thats all the place is worth.

  661. Yorkiepoo

    Anthony75 – Just offering what you appear to be saying its worth thats all – carry on with this bad publicity and I will have over offered!

  662. anthony75

    the truth hurts.

  663. 100

    Thanks Paul, and I wish you and E and others who are having their contracts breached the best of luck. A quiet resolution always is better, but obviously was not possible, and it is clear you are dealing with an unscrupulous person in David Ames. Whilst I am looking for resorts, I think the locations owned by HP are very challenging and not many would get involved. H hotel is a prime spot, BB could be when airport built and operating, DR would stay clear of, Merricks too risky and I would not develop Marquis if given the land for free. FDNRM, if a receiver is appointed, either privately or via a court order, he has to still secure and manage the asset as best as he can, and realise whatever value he can for the creditors, which would be the investors primarily. A receiver is sometimes a better option than an insolvent and incompetent developer going nowhere. It is a game changer of course and a last resort as you are basically accepting that a few cents in the dollar is the best outcome.

  664. yatiniteasy

    The pro Harlequin brigade are really ratcheting up their on. line campaign…they must have that cold feeling down their spines that the gig will soon be up…denials, promises,insults…all tools of the trade for spin doctors paid by Harlequin.
    Does not change FACTS…H Barbados closed, no construction.
    Merricks…nothing going on.
    Marquis St Lucia…nothing going on
    Dominican Republic…no start to construction at all.
    Investors have a right to know why this situation prevails.
    This was a scam from the start…just as Harlequin in Thailand was.And who was the person behind that grand scam?
    See video for the answer.

  665. confusedone

    I have been reading your posts from the beginning and consider yours the most competent and logical analysis of the entire Harlequin situation. If I
    won lotto and had $US 2-3 Hundred Million to invest I definately would
    want you on my team. However for the 1st time I have to differ with you.
    As the plans exist i don’t blieve the H-Hotel will ever be viable for several
    1 – The location stinks. Unfortunate to say but it is located in the middle
    of urban blight. There is nothing attractive to the area.
    2 – I have been privy to the finish schedule for the public areas and the
    individual rooms/suites. They are absolutely world class but at a cost
    that would make it impossible to rent the rooms for anything less than
    The Sandy Lane. In fact I supplied material to Sandy Lane and believe me
    H-Hotel costs more per room.
    This is very sad – but it is reality from my perspective

  666. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @confusedone, what lotto are you playing that pays out $us 2-3 hundred million. Can I get on it in the uk?

  667. A quick update no news from Mr Ames if he is coming to meet investors……..

  668. confusedone


  669. 100

    @confusedone, thanks for comments, I think my reference as prime was more in relation to the other locations chosen by HP- it is in a mature tourist destination with solid airlift (Barbados), and on south coast on the water, it kind of reminds me of what Ocean two were doing and apparently, that is going ok. It is not a hotel or location that interested me when doing DD on investing in Barbados, but felt that is has more of a fighting chance, but never went into more detail regarding neighbourhood, so defer to you on that. I had also heard that the finishes were pretty extravagant, and if they are as costly as you say, then again Harlequin, or new developer, would clearly need to change the plan quickly to make it viable. It would again show the level of business planning and research that went on at Harlequin if they thought they could make such an extravagant plan viable – I think even getting half of what Sandy Lane gets in that location is notever going to be achievable. Needs to be cheap(ish) and cheerful there perhaps. Margins on Caribbean hotels are so tight and getting tighter, with high operating costs, especially utilities, that you simply have to get in for the right price of land and build – get that wrong, and you will never make it a profitable business. If you can pick the project up cheap, maybe it could work – but for the level of investment their plans require, I would agree with you that it makes it a real challenge.

  670. 100

    I should perhaps qualify a statement above relating to making it a profitable business, I mean viable/worthwhile. A hotel can of course be profitable if you buy it in cash (perhaps using thousands of investors money) and therefore have no financing to pay for, but normally hoteliers raise the money via debt and equity for a variety of reasons. It is only worthwhile if you can see an ROI that makes business sense.

  671. 100 – You make sense however – I dont believe anything on here and I advise everyone to do the same ..NOBODY knows what will happen and that includes HP…I have done my DD and some things I have found out that are FACT despite what people say on here.- as follows

    HP DO own all the land they are claiming.
    Full cashback has been offered to one of the main agitators in this forum by the terms set out in the contract.. over a 12 month period..
    HP accounts have been fully audited and approved
    Fatchett has orchestrated a lot of this with HP to hinder the Irish builder case.
    Panorama do not have anything to go on …only rumours.
    There is to much mud slinging and everyone needs to back off and calm down .. and DONT hand over any cash to legal vultures on Saturday.. I dont know what will happen, but lets see what the SFS find … and we can make decisions from there…Lets be honest …. If HP are clear and can start selling and moving on again however long it takes .. we maybe able to sell, if thats what you want .. and who knows make a bit of money.. IF no investment houses are to be seen then yes I will be joining the Q with you guys..This is last chance saloon for HP ….. lets see how resilient they are .. We have all waited for so long .. another month or two wont make much difference

  672. Anonymous

    Out of interest Ivor, how do you know these things as “FACT.”

  673. Beggars Belief

    Is someone going to post the key findings from the investors meeting tomorrow?

    I understand that some issues may be confidential and so not appropriate for posting to a public site but there are many people who read these posts who would like to know the general points.

  674. @Ivor Hadenuff

    Interesting ……

    This is Paul Walton, if it’s me you refer to as the one of the main agitators, you need to be put straight.

    At the time of posting this around 5.40pm I can categorically state that I have not been made an offer in line with the contract Myself and Mr Ames signed.

    When and if I do assuming I don’t have a NDA I will let everyone know.

    I take it you have been in direct contact with all the other parties collating your DD :) or was it just me you failed to ask?

  675. I am sure will will do something BB….all the best

  676. anon73

    IH, I cannot say what Panorama would find worthwhile making a program over, but the following are not rumours and make for an interesting story, and certainly are reasons to be concerned:

    1. A UK company sold 6,500 or so holiday homes to Brits, the majority through SIPPs. This started in 2005/2006.
    2. To date, they have completed around 300, and not started on any of the other original projects sold.
    3. They do not have financing in place to carry out the massive works required.
    4. They purchased an old hotel to remodel in Barbados and work has now stopped on that site.
    5. When Brits were allowed to take pension funds out early to self invest, the scoundrels came along, and many people lost their pensions on bogus schemes. DAve Ames hatched the biggest scheme to date to get hold of people’s money. For an update as to how that has gone, see point 2 above.
    6. Ames bought two planes, has bodyguards, does not answer mails or calls, does not pay investors back according to their contracts, uses Carter Ruck to silence any online activity or angry investor, uses celebs to give credibility to his business plan, does not file accounts in SVG ever.
    7.Bottom line is – thousands of BRitish people’s life savings are in jeopardy and looking like being lost, or at best completion of projects delayed by about a decade. FSA took years to do anything, and people were openly misled about the risk levels they were buying, and those selling them were paid huge commissions to do so.
    None of this is rumour, and all combined could make for nteresting – and paints a very bleak picture, the kind panorama like to expose.

  677. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @paul Walton, Ivor Hadenuff qualified what he said, “terms set out in your contract …..over a 12 month period” I don’t think he is implying your contract was over 12 months.

  678. @ fatchett,
    just to confirm, my contract says I should be refunded in 60 days not 12 months.
    You do sound like a solicitor are you?

  679. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @paul, I know what your contract said, you have confirmed it before. I am not, but if I was I would not be an “ambulance chaser”

  680. Fair comments….FatchettDNRM….I will keep guessing!

  681. @Paul so you are saying 100% that DA never met you and offered you the cashback in the terms stated earlier ???? … You turned that offer down .. How was it presented to you then and by who then ? Stop playing word games … Was you or where you not offered all your money back from DA ?

    @Anon I cant argue the fact – Yes bad management and failed contracts which need to be addressed.. does not make HP frauds.. The airport build and delay was out of their control – You cant complete BB while this is so. the infrastructure cant handle it … it goes on and on.. I want results and answers as well ..

  682. I did meet DA in February 21st 2013 in his office that is 100% correct, in that meeting I was NOT offered a 100% refund.

    That came the day after, 22nd February via the company that converted my SIPP based in the North West, It was a 100% refund but to be paid over 12 months this was not what my contract stated, and therefor I refused it.

    So, whoever told you this is mixed up or got their wires crossed, I have all this in writing.

    Regardless of what people are saying about my motives all I ever wanted was to have my money back inline with the contractual obligations.

    I hope this clears up the situation?

    I think that is fair enough?

  683. @Harlequininvestergrouppnw … I wish I had that offer made to me. This could drag on for ages and you could have 45K in the bank and £5,583 every month .. NOW when I ask for money back because of the crap you have caused I dont get that chance as nobody can now get cash back…. It now may take you years of legal wrangles to get the same result ………. Proves to me you have another agenda with Fatchett and and the other crooks ….

  684. Yorkiepoo

    Harlequin investors Group – I understand you have a statement from Dave Ames regarding tomorrow’s meeting – Care to share it?

  685. Beggars Belief

    @IH, can you explain why this situation has been caused by someone holding out for what they are contractually entitled to? If the contract states that they can have a refund under certain circumstances and then they are refused that refund it is quite reasonable that they pursue it.

    If this then causes problems further down the line for other investors then the blame must be laid at the door of HP who have failed to comply with the contract that they themselves wrote!

  686. @Ivor Hadenuff ….. You are hard work this is my last reply to you.

    I was offered £45k as the first refund figure to be paid over 12-18 months out of an investment of over £112k so £67k in ‘charges’

    The full refund did not involve a up front payment of £45k

    it was £112k divided by 12 = £9333 a (month if I got it)in view of the recent published banking errors and no accounts, and it breaching my contract terms I declined it.

    I did meet DA in February 21st 2013 in his office that is 100% correct, in that meeting I was not offered a 100% refund.

    That came the day after, 22nd February via the company that converted my SIPP, It was a 100% refund but to be paid over 12 months this was not what my contract stated and therefor I refused it.

    So, whoever told you this is mixed up or got their wires crossed, I have all this in writing.
    Regardless of what people are saying about my motives all I ever wanted was to have my money back inline with the contractual obligations.

    I hope this clears up the situation?

  687. Yorkipoo, It was my understanding Mr Ames wants Mr Fatchett to read the something tomorrow – so why ask me?

  688. @Beggars because now the escalation of legal eagles and MOS etc everything isnow on hold… YES HP got duped with the Builder and the crooked accountant which means 13M of funds have been lost so paying back investors becomes a bit more of an issue…I little understanding of the situation and a few months down the line – said investor would be well on the way of getting fully reimbursed by now…. Please dont tell me he never accepted due to contract 60 day detail or wanting to help other investors .. Crap. Just wants to stir it up

  689. @ Ivor Hadenuff , I nor gareth Fatchett are crooks saying silly things like that will get you into trouble and can cost money…. I think you are just getting yourself far too worked up.

  690. Beggars Belief

    @IH, if HP got duped it was because they didn’t have the required experience to be operating in this market and failed to put sufficient safeguards around the construction project.

    And why should someone accept payment over 12 months when their contract says otherwise? Even well run companies can fail over a period of 12 months so why should anyone risk being paid over that time period. If you had been offered a staged refund over 12 months by Comet last year I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy now.

  691. Ivor you are deluded and need to meet our Mr Fatchett
    good night

  692. Beggars Belief…. well put all the best

  693. Paul – I would not give that man the pleasure of any up front fees – WHEN and IF it gets to that stage I will be guided by the FSA and SFS as to the way forward .. NOT run to an ambulance chaser who has a record of doing the same thing with another company in similar circumstances …. fear you will not get your money now for a long time… and Paul I am in the same position as you ( actually worse ) I just have a different approach as I can see the bigger picture … I just cant understand why you didnt just use Fatchett and go fight your case .. No doubt Fatchett saw an opportunity to make more money and now see where we have ended up .. Good night Paul .. If as I predict we will all wake up Sunday morning to more bad press I think me, you and hundreds of others are in digging our own grave

  694. Where is mr Ghent?

    Hi, any ideas where Sean Ghent is? Been very quiet since he left Barbados. Also can HQ confirm they own all the land which is plan for building in SVG? I’m sure there are a few Rastas digging there heals in and refusing to sell.

  695. Beggars Belief

    And another thing IH, the public admission by a developer that he was duped by, not one, but two building contractors must surely make him an univestable prospect by any credible source of third party funding.

  696. Beggars – DA was dupped because of the company accountant he trusted turned him over as he was in cahoots with the builder .. Hense the court case .. He is guilty as charged for trusting the accountant.

    @whereisGhent there is a small pocket of land that the Rasta you call still own …. It is as far as I am aware very small and will not effect the overall project

  697. luckyescapey

    fuck me, it’s like mass hysteria on here. Let’s just assume for 1 min that this ‘investment opportunity’ is 100% legit, It’s now completely doomed from all the bad press out there. However, if for 1 further minute we all opened our fucking eyes and saw what is actually unravelling in front of us, we would see that it’s just one big ponzi scheme. the beauty of this is that investors were never going to start getting returns quickly. their money was ‘tied up’ until completion. investors wouldn’t even start getting worried for at least 18 months and questions wouldn’t even start getting asked for ages. A lot can happen in that time (or unfortunately in this case, very little). Ames obviously has a great talent (he probably didn’t even know how good he was at this when he first set out) but it’s not one that he should have explored as it’s going to have ruined many thousands of lives.

  698. Yorkiepoo

    HIGnw – I think Fatchett is going to read it so maybe wait your right leave it until then, only ask because you said Dave Ames had not confirmed if he was attending

  699. Beggars Belief

    @ IH. An accountant is not qualified to trigger the payment to the building contractor. Only a well qualified and experienced QS working for the developer on the site can make that decision. This trigger must then be acted upon by the in-house head of finance who authorizes the payment transfer.

    Blaming the accountant for this is very strange logic. It would be like me complaining to my bank manager that my doctor had misdiagnosed a case of tonsillitis!

    Or are you trying to say that an external accountant had been given that kind of responsibility? If so it is another sign that the developer didn’t have a proper grip on the project.

  700. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @HIGnw, can you confirm if Fatchett is representing 6 or 7 investors in negotiations with HP.

  701. @Beggars All I know that said accountant and Builder skimmed off millions in a planned scam or…. The resulting court case will prove who is in the wrong ..But do you see my point it happened – How god only knows .. The only way the builders can win this case it seems is if HP go under ..And at this rate they will ,,, and guess what the builder and accountant run off with all our money ….. WHO wants that

  702. Yorkiepoo

    FDNRM – Fatchett was representing 6 investors on Thursday when he attempted and failed to freeze Harlequins Assets – his aim tomorrow will be to drum up business

  703. Actualy thinking about it – Do I want to carry on with a company that can lose 13M through incompetence – But then again Bearings lost a lot more with the rogue trader so it happens to the best… Sick to death with it all tbh – all any of us wanted was an investment not this bloody mess. I really dont know what to do for the best…… Sleep first – Goodnight

  704. Beggars Belief

    @IH, nobody wants anyone to run off with money to which they are not entitled.

    There is no dodging this however because it is clear. If, between them, the accountant and building contractor were able to access investor funds to which they were not entitled (presumably because work had not been completed or it was faulty) then the developer must have allowed that to happen. The developer (in this case HP) is entrusted to look after investor funds and it turns out that these fund have ended up misappropriated. It follows that the developer failed to put adequate safeguards in place to protect investor funds from being handed over to the building contractor for work that had not been satisfactorily completed.

  705. Yorkie – Before I sign off – I believe it is against the law to go public about trying to freeze a companies assets – If that is the case and will come out in court …. what does that tell you about said solicitor … comedy gold.

  706. Yorkiepoo

    Ivor – I don’t know if going public is illegal but it was reported in the Liverpool Echo plus it has been confined to me from my source.

    To be honest I think we need to be resigned to the fact that the damage to Harlequin is now done – tomorrow will only serve to get Fatchett some fees. That’s a fact!

  707. Beggars – Your are right ..should never have happened – The reason it did is because HP are not experienced developers !! Construction companies have penalty clauses, stage payments, blah blah blah ,,, all set up to stop this type of thing from happening.. I am guessing DA knows this now but it may be to late now…. I dont believe for one minute HP are scam merchants – just very niaive and in experienced …No good to us I know. Maybe its best if they are taken over by another hotel chain …..but how that affects us god only knows

  708. homefront

    @100 thanks again ,I am not an investor .just helping someone close to me,I was away when they were talked to by invest 5 star.I have read all your posts and I can see we are not far apart in how we see it.Fairly plain to see HP totally out of control of situation.just one final question before I sign off.HOW DOES KIM WITHEY SLEEP AT NIGHT

  709. yorkie – If had a solicitor on my case that went public that he was going to freeze 3rd parties assets ( and then fail ) I would be fuming ? 3rd party then has time to move cash and do a runner … Brilliant – Is that how Mr F works

  710. anon73

    IH, I do wish you good luck, it seems like you are an honest investor, but I doalso think you are giving Ames and Harlequin too much leeway. This has been doomed from the start – a completed resort can take on average 3 years to hit break even. How many years away from break even does that make the unstarted resorts? How were they ever going to honour their comitments to you? Maths were always all wrong, and given that Ames has paid himself handsomely in commissions from your deposits (essentially taking off the top), he has always only had himself in mind. Developers take their profits at the end, when the last units are sold. Yorkie – you are clearly already making excuses for their downfall, ludicrously blaming E and HIG nw etc for the fact resorts are several years late being started, but I am afraid when the receivers and forensic guys come in, acounts in SVG will show just how bad this was and how long ago he knew the game was up. Ames has been taking deposits from people and using it to plug the hole of losses at BB – you never had a chance IH. All indications suggest he has been scamming you and others and lining his pockets from your deposits. Any time the developer makes up front, run – simple rule of investment.

  711. homefront

    @100 ps can I come and work for you?

  712. Anon .. I do believe the business model may have worked ..but investment is needed .the only thing that would have put it in jepardy is if the occupancy levels fell … either way I guess we will never find out now ..