Harlequin replies to Mail on Sunday article: “highly defamatory disinformation, seeking legal advice”

David Ames and Harlequin released a statement in answer to the latest Mail on Sunday article about the holiday property scheme that has failed to deliver properties in the promised time to thousands of ‘investors’. (See BFP’s Serious Fraud Office asked to investigate Harlequin)

Fair is fair and we’ll let Mr. Ames speak for himself. Please take the time to get Harlequin’s side of the story…

Dave Ames Statement re press  (Download PDF)

David Ames denies bribing Prime Minister Gonsalves

In another recent press interview, Dave Ames also denied giving a suitcase full of money to the Prime Minister of St. Vincent in exchange for citizenship…

“The BBC has accused the Prime Minister of St Vincent Dr Ralph Gonsalves of accepting from me a suitcase of money in order to receive my citizenship. This is an outrageous lie.”

“Sam Commissiong, my solicitor in St Vincent, has attended each and every meeting I have had with the Prime Minister and will confirm the allegation is completely false.”

… read the full story at the Basildon Recorder: South Essex businessman denies bribe claims


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199 responses to “Harlequin replies to Mail on Sunday article: “highly defamatory disinformation, seeking legal advice”

  1. As I am not hiding behind BFP I will not comment.

  2. 100

    Ames was selling Merricks from late 2006 – is he really talking about planning permission being the problem 7 years later and the reason they have not started? What about St Lucia, and the DR? It is too ridiculous for words really as the whole thing is just such unprecendently bold faced nonsense that is consistently peddled to extend a terminal situation. What the MOS, SFO, FSA etc may have done is prevent more people being sucked in, but certainly are not causing the problems for Harlequin nor changing the outcome, perhaps just the timing of it.

  3. 145

    This response from Harlequin is so depressingly predictable it could have been written by most people who know their form before having read it. There’s certainly nothing much comforting in there — and the hubristic blindness to some of the very legitimate concerns raised is staggering.

    The headline info is that there’s someone else that they’re now out to sue — cos it’s always someone else’s fault.

  4. 134

    @Waltonpaul, how lame can you get? Surely you can comment and state your name, address, phone number and any other information you care to divulge so that you don’t appear hiding behind BFP (as you say) if you really want to comment. Lame!

  5. @134 come to the meeting 9th March Marriot Hotel Manchester airport & meet me in person.

  6. HP know who I am I met Mr Ames last week

  7. 36

    @Waltonpaul, Mr Walton a question, did you meet Mr Ames before or after you contacted the MOS?

  8. Come to the meeting and ask me then, not in some forum …. 36 dont you have a name?

  9. 36

    @BFP, can you tell me why the Echo report regarding DA and the reported “bribe” did not get a banner headline but was tucked away as a link on another story? You also did not answer why the MOS headline regarding Russell Myers disapeared. Is the “Free” in BFP only relating to free criticism not free responses?

  10. 36

    @waltonpaul, er yes I do have a name. Not much point you hiding yours as it was in the MOS. I have no intention to driving up to Manchester to sit in a lynch mob. Can you answer the question please?

  11. Harleconned

    @36 we do not intend this to be a lynch mob as you call it, this is for investors that want questions answering. It will not be a kangaroo court! We are simply finding out what we can do to get our money back.

    You are of course more than welcome to come.

  12. BFP

    Hi 36,

    I put the Echo report in there because it needed to go someplace and we have too many different Harlequin stories. But the news is breaking so maybe not.

    The Russell Myers story was took down becausse he asked for it to be took down but he put he email addy up again so I doan know.


  13. .@36 I have no intention in answering any of your questions they are irritating and not constructive.

    I will be inviting solicitors and Journalists plus anyone who wants to find out what options they have from professionals.

  14. 36

    @Waltonpaul, Oh dear, so now I am “irritating” am I. I’m not constructive either. Guess you must have something to hide if you cannot answer a simple question. Which two properties did you buy and in which resorts? Guess that is me “uninvited” then.

  15. 36

    @BFP, thanks for the reply.

  16. Harleconned

    @36 no one will be uninvited just for disagreeing with each other instead of arguing among ourselves we should be united together we’re all in the same boat

  17. Get your money back???


  18. Harleconned

    @ Get your money back??? I’m confused as to what your comment is about?

  19. If anyone wants to come along, you have nothing to lose. Its a constructive step and should very informative



    We have just over a week to confirm things, I will be speaking with harliconned tonight.

  20. Check-This-Out

    See page 41 of Harlequin Slideshare promo at http://www.slideshare.net/ThomasHoltRealtor/harlequin-investments

    We expect to receive full planning approval (of the Merricks Resort) by Summer 2009 and to complete the resort by Christmas 2012.

  21. lets wait 2 weeks til the latest court case is heard….

  22. 36

    @SandyGear, I don’t think the court case starts again for another 2 weeks.

  23. 100

    @check-this-out, that is just another greedy agent repeating the Harlequin line to generate commissions at the expense of investors. On so many similar websites of IFAs and agents, you see them say they have done extensive due dilligence to protect the investor etc etc when if they in fact had done any, they would have known no planning permission or finance in place etc meant it was a crazy investment. All these people are as guilty as anyone else and should face the same penalties as Ames most likely will, as he would not have been able to do this without these bandit agents and IFAs.

  24. anonymous22

    sorry but the latest court case will not make any difference . from the last agreed figures on the number of investors, this being some 6000 over the resorts and that only 300 have been built ( some in pipleline/half built) but will be more investors added since then. lets assume 6000 investors waiting for their units 1bed/2bed/luxury villas/luxury penthouses etc etc.hard to say split without any accounts or actual details in the open. BUT for arguments sake and leaning on the cautious side 5,000 are appartments and the remaining 1,000 villas.costs to build and furnish appartments 5,000 at £30k, villas1,000 at £50k. Thats £200,000 million ( and that’s leaning on the side of caution). you have infastructure, amenities, restaurants, golf courses,, etc etc etc. cost be added. i’m not a builder but if someone out there can give a more accurate cost e.g 2x, 3x, 4x then the figure needed is even more.

  25. 72

    Why don’t you offer to pay the staff at BB that has not been paid for 2 months? You should help Ames!!!

  26. 36

    @72 I don’t know if you have been to BB, I have I was there in December and the staff were superb. But you comment is childish.

  27. Harleconned

    @36 Do you work for Harlequin as I know you cannot book to go to BB in December as that is when Harlequin take all the staff for a christmas holiday.

    I’m not saying you do work for Harlequin I’m just asking.

  28. 36

    @Harleconned, I was on a Caribbean cruise that happened to stop at SVG. Took a taxi and just turned up. It pissed it down with rain!

  29. Harleconned

    Ahhh ok, I hope you didn’t swim in the sea at BB or you would be swimming in your own piss, Happy days lol!

  30. anon73

    Anon22, you have certainly erred on the low side there. I have a lot of experience in this area, and knowing the sites you really are talking a massive amount of infrastructure work, and price per square foot build is not cheap at all in the Eastern Caribbean if you are aiming for luxury finishes(cheaper in the DR) You are correct though that the court cases will make no difference.

    What is amazing about Harlequin supporters is that they keep supporting Ames and his business practices when there is simply no explanation for some of the clear lies Ames has told and that continue to be readily available on the internet, including youtube speeches and interviews. It is open season for any newspaper that wants to expose him. Now that they seem to have the bit between their teeth, I would expect plenty of more dirt to come out in the nationals, and Panorama, if it does air, will have plenty to expose. If you come to the Caribbean and do the slightest bit of digging, you realise they owe money all over the place. Owing small suppliers and staff money is a true sign of a business with no ethics and severe cashflow problems. One could ask what is the interest of the UK in a scam where only 6,000 people are affected, which wpuld be a fair question – a show to expose an obvious crook/scam may be a bit much. However, the fact that this has been allowed to happen in this day and age of Madoff/Stanford and the internet, despite the many warnings over the years, is a real issue for the UK authorities to look into and change. We are talking about people’s pensions, savings for their retirement that they will no longer have as Ames conned them in plain sight.

  31. anonymous22

    anon73. exactly. i deliberately erred on the low side. personally i think more like well over a billion needed to complete the builds and all the extras.

  32. Regarding the ‘investors’ meeting 9th March at the Marriott hotel Manchester airport, things are moving ‘at a pace’ a new email account is being set up specifically for these type of meetings and an invitation template is underway, various professionals will be on hand to give you advice on your options available to you.

    We are working on more ‘Investor road shows’ possibly the Middland’s area and south…… We will keep you posted

    All the best,

    Paul Walton

  33. Dear Investors & Harlequin
    As discussed on Barbadosfreepress. The Harlequin Investor meeting in Manchester will be at Manchester Airport Marriott Hale Barns on the Saturday 9th March we have booked the room for the day with several short breaks for everyone to buy refreshments.

    I think some of you will be familiar with this location. If you could attend please let me know. There will be a small admission fee as it is £150 for the room I did negotiate this at a special rate.

    We will be asking Mr Ames to attend so we can get the answers we require. We would ask everyone to send in the questions they would like answering so that the same question is not repeated the email address to send questions and replies to invitation to HarlequininvestorgroupNW@gmail.com would ask you to pass on the details of this email to any third parties you may feel will be interested in attending.

    If you have any other suggestions please email above.
    I will look forward to your response.

    Kind Regards


  34. 36

    @Annon73, you might find there are 6000 investments, not 6000 investors, big difference.
    Is BFP now becomming the Paul Walton, AKA Gusty, show?

  35. EddieLizzard2

    @36, Well at least Paul Walton is trying to do something about it. Unlike you, who has bitched and whinged all over BFP and denigrated nearly every poster who doesn’t agree with you. I find your attitude very hard to comprehend seeing as your own refund/investment has been arranged to your satisfaction. You some across as selfish and self-centred – perhaps you could have a little more consideration for others who find themselves in a very serious predicament.

  36. New Stuff

    I can’t imagine that any of the Ames’ family will make themselves available to go to Manchester but they should be there. At the very least there should be some senior management presence to answer reasonable questions.

    I think you still need to have a strong, independent chair so that Harlequin will know that the event will be orderly and appropriately run. It may be worth calling Harlequin to see if you could find a person acceptable to both the investors group and harlequin who could chair the day.

  37. @36 I told you I will not correspond with you, and wont.

    We have several journalists coming and media interest regarding the meeting, legal representation will also be there, you will come away with facts and some options to take action.

  38. 36

    @New stuff, I have been very careful not to denigrate anyone on here, apart from one minor instance after being called “Lying Harlequin scum” Give me instances, go on.
    @Walton paul aka Grusty, ha but you just did correspond with me. Now let me guess, would that be Regulatory Legal as the legal representation?

  39. Harleconned

    @36 What is the problem with Regulatory Legal? Atleast they are not scared of you know who and are going to stand up and be counted like some of us here. If you don’t want to attend any of the meetings that are being planned don’t but please don’t be trying to put other people off trying to get their money back. I think it has been a very lonely time for people with this with Harlequin and now by doing this everyone is seeing that they are not alone in this.

  40. 54

    Looks like a lot of people got thoroughly soaked with harlequin. Hope the politicians in the Caribbean who like to welcome these foreign scam artists with widely opened arms and even wider open pockets are taking notes.

  41. 72

    Why you all are wasting your time with 36 who is either an Harlequin muppet in an investor camouflage or a brainless investor.

  42. Newstuff and Eddielizard2 – Thanks for that, yes at least we are trying to do something constructive. I have no interest in anyone who just post things for the sake on whining or to provoke a reaction.

    We have created a lot of interest and questions are coming in fast and furious, Furthermore, we have been offered help and support from various organisations who are very interested in this meeting.

    Whether Mr Ames will turn up or senior management who know but we have some questions we are inviting him to answer at ‘our’ road show.
    Kind regards,

  43. New Stuff

    @36 I’m not sure what your last post directed at me relates to. Are you sure you meant it for me?

  44. anthony75

    I am an unfortunate investor in merricks barbados. they have just stopped making my payments. has anyone had the same?

  45. Harleconned

    Anthony75 you are not the only person to have contacted me on my email address harleconned@gmail.com about this.

    If you are local to Manchester come to the meeting on the 9th at the Marriott Hotel Hale Barns (at the airport) there will be a lot of people there in the same boat as well as legal advice on where we stand.

  46. Dave Amesless

    Walton paul are you the one who just had ameeting with Ames? was it at HQ? Was it busy? was there loads of staff working hard?

  47. rasta man

    Haven’t heard Garrett Ronnan comment on here for a while? I wonder where he has gone with all his positive comments?

  48. 36

    @New stuff, please accept my apologies, it was ment for Eddie Lizzard2
    @EddieLizzard2: I have been very careful not to denigrate anyone on here, apart for my reaction for being called “Lying Harlequin Scum”

  49. 36

    How come no one has commented on this tucked away on another BFP headline. http://www.basildonrecorder.co.uk/news/10250847.South_Essex_businessman_denies_bribe_claims/
    Thought this would have plastered all over the threads and should make the MOS this week NOT
    I do really feel for people who fear they are losing their investments, but open and balanced comments are good, pack mentality is not.

  50. Harleconned

    Just remember this http://youtu.be/7B-4Lsrx8IA

    Everyone who is in Manchester or local to Manchester come to the meeting on the 9th at the Marriott Hale Barns Manchester (Airport)

    United we stand….

  51. anon73

    How does Ames denial of bribery change the dire state of the predicament investors and Harlequin find themselves in? Whether he bribed the PM or not really makes no difference at this point to investors looking to get their money out, or will help start construtcion. I accept tthe point that things should be balanced, and I don’t think the MOS commented on alleged bribesm it was i-wtness news. I think that is a side issue to the big problems faced by investors.

  52. anthony75

    do you know how many people are expected as im in London? are there some legal experts there?

  53. 36

    @Anon, that’s where we differ, unwarranted negative publicity will just drive down the value of the business. Now I understand that the value of that business is in question, but what if DA just said, “I’ve had enough of this, I’m putting the company into administration” if he has his £ms then why should he care? Who has sold his properties? IFA and agents as opposed to direct sales from HP? If that is the case then the SFO will go after them not HP. Far better to try and keep value in the company than destroy it. That is why I am so against “ambulance chasing” legal companies. They don’t give a toss about the investors, only what’s in it for them. And I take this view as someone who has a lot invested in this, a lot more than Paul Walton, AKA Grust Grust.

  54. Harleconned

    Anthony75 we’re hoping for around 100 people to attend. But we are going to be setting up meetings all around the UK if you want to wait until then. If you drop me a email at Harleconned@gmail.com and I will update you when we have a date for a meeting near you.

  55. @Dave Amesless, Yes I did have a meeting with Dave Ames, and members of his legal team on 21st Febuary at their offices……
    all the best,

  56. @Anthony75, yes they will be, and we will have had more that a week to prepare, regards,Paul

  57. Dave Amesless

    36 You really dont know what Paul has invested it not just money. The truth is Ames sold everyone a dream! You do not know everyones circumstance and pension age and what the true cost is going to be you are on here saying these things but the truth is you dont know where someone is at and how upset they are, possibly suicidal (I to have done the same). He has now stood tall and revealled his true identity so I have total admiration for him so who he has called himself on here is not relevant and it makes you sound childish. Why dont you reveal who you are? give your privacy up for public scrutiny? No I didnt think so because like a lot of people who have invested you really do not want anyone to know how daft you have been investing in what will end up as just a dream.
    Good Luck I am really happy that you got what you wanted

  58. anthony75

    well said Dave amless, but please change that name as it makes me cringe even thinking about that fat little con merchant. all i can say is the people that have invested like myself have probably known for a while that we may never see our property finished. we are sick and tired of the bullshit the we are being told. if and when panorama show whats been going on we are all at a loss.

  59. Dave Amesless

    Awww When I post up I wear a mask with his face on. I also wear my wifes fishnet stockings but thats a whole different story 🙂 ……. As I imagine that is what he does when he gets home from work as his wife wears the trousers 🙂

  60. Terry

    I have never degenerated anyone on here
    36 on February 26, 2013 at 5:25 pm
    @Dave Amesless
    I’m on here because I refuse to see my investment hammered down by the pack mentality of about 30 negative posters, national press who just cut and paste other journalists articles, and an ambulance chaser who is looking to make a quick buck by stirring up political opposition in SV.
    I’d say say that covers just about everybody. Lol

  61. Harleconned

    You mean like this Dave Amesless?? http://youtu.be/cdrFBwwWJ44

  62. anthony75

    are the rumors true about FSA & SFO investigating Harlequin? has anyone got proof because we all know they will deny it?

  63. Harleconned

    Anthony75 Yes the rumors are true if you email me on Harlequininvestorgroupnw@gmail.com I will happily show you the proof.

  64. 36

    @Terry, Ah my stalker has raised his head again. An apology yet? No thought not. The post you have dug up is still correct, aprox 3500 investors and 1% post on here. The MOS article told us absolutely nothing which had already been published, apart from 2 yes 2 investors names. And as to RL, are they on a “no win, no fee?” Trips to SVG cost money.

  65. We will be running the road shows up and down the country, and will get better at it.
    The thing is now you don’t have worry about HP on your own, you may have options you didn’t know about, its worth coming along, nothing to lose?

    I have spoken to some people who this has affected in a very bad way.

    Initially I just wanted by money back, then It became a matter of principal, will it achieve anything?, I don’t know, I hope so, we have some good people on our side.

    But at least we tried….

    All the best and good luck

  66. Anon - reasons unknown

    Good for you, Paul. Strength in numbers, including psychological strength.

    I’m also impressed that you’re not biting at 36’s continued provocation.

    I agree with the other poster who suggested just ignoring 36. He’s all bluff. Merely a troll.

  67. Dave Amesless

    Harleconned Do I know you???

  68. New Stuff

    @36 “unwarranted negative publicity will just drive down the value of the business”

    Please don’t try to suggest that the architects of this shambles are the people who post negative things on here. I think the forebearance of the investors has been nothing short of saintly and any negative publicity is hardly unwarranted.

    By any objective standards of good investor relations this must be a textbook case of how not to do it. The only thing that has been consistently achieved is the missing of deadlines and objectives that Harlequin themselves have set. The non publication of accounts overseas and the late and qualified accounts in the UK are also good reasons for investors to be concerned. The constant changing of project objectives with the introduction of new schemes that take priority over existing projects also tests the loyalty of investors. The fact that Mr Ames thinks it is an acceptable excuse to say that “he was duped by a couple of contractors” is unbelievable. To my mind this is an admission of incompetence with money belonging to other people. To manage the company in such a way that a contractor is able to dupe them is nothing short of disgraceful. How they can go on public record and imagine that this admission makes everything ok again says a great deal about the arrogant disdain with which investors are held. Who would now willingly invest in a developer who has publically stated that they were unable to adequately control two completely independent contracting companies?
    How can anyone call these objections unwarranted!

  69. anon73

    @36, undersand your position of wanting to keep value in the business and if the CEO is seen as bribing officials, then that is not going to help the image and therefore the value. I also would want to ensure the image of my investment was positive. However, I do think though things have run far too far to reverse the course of what now seems to be inevitable, without a massive injection of finance, which is not possible without auditted accounts not to mention very little clear path to be able to repay that finance and also honour commitments to investors. The concept of a model such as this is that the finance actually comes from the investors and there is therefore minimal, if any, institutional financing. To have to have massive institutional construction and operational financing and repay loans to investors and other commitments is just not workable, and compounded further by the massive level of financing that is required (I have seen too many undercapitalised projects that rely too much on third party investor money and sales, and they all end up failing – the developer invariably must put his hand in his own pocket, and Ames has not only never done that, he has put his hand in other people’s instead consistently) They are so far behind, further behind than any development project that has ever been seen in these parts. The Four Seasons in Barbados is always slated, but we are talking several Four Seasons sized projects here, with deposits already taken from thousands, and no start even made. It could easly be argued that this was a scam from the outset, rather than a developer who got ahead of himself, however at this point it makes no difference to the actual outcome for the investors. Investors need to get their money out somehow. If the image is protected, then more people may invest to assist early investors get their refunds, but it is not making the business more robust or workable, just switching from one duped investor to another.

    Agree, Ames may pack it in, and people will then sue the IFAs and whoever because he has created various loopholes. I don’t however see a way out for Ames either as he is on record, as the de facto owner of all the businesses, misrepresenting his product, not to mention failing to file accounts, diverting funds, taking funds for personal use, lying and much more – a fraud charge could well lie in wait for him.

    At the end of the day, I respect though your effort to maintain the image and perception of Harlequin and clearly you will do so until the end. I also greatly respect the efforts of investors who want to wait no longer and listen to more lies and are taking action to bring themselves together and find a way to recover something. This in my view has always been the only way out for the majority and I wish every investor luck, no matter what current viewpoint.

  70. Grammar matters

    Can we all try to raise the standard of punctuation, spelling and grammar on this forum please? I am possibly the only one who sighs at the constant abuse of there/their/they’re on here but at the risk of teaching grandmothers (note this isn’t grandmother’s) to suck eggs, here are a few hints.

    There – indicates the location of something (he’s over there)
    They’re – is a contraction of “they are” (they’re very short)
    Their – indicates possession (their house is delightful)

    Example: They’re sitting in their car at the end of the road over there.

    Loose – means slack or free from restraint
    Lose – means to come to be without something (by accident or theft)

    Example – You will lose your dog because she has come loose of their chain.

    Can we at least use the verb “to be” correctly?
    Present Tense
    I am
    You are
    He/she/it is
    We are
    You are
    They are

    Past Tense
    I was
    You were
    He/She/It was
    We were
    You were
    They were

    It is never acceptable to say “you was”, “we was”, “they was”

    I know this is completely off topic but treat it as a bit of light relief.

  71. Grammar matters


    You will lose you dog because she has come loose from her chain.

  72. homefront

    Just a quick word of praise for Anon 73 and his superb post .easily the best so far ;and good luck to you sir

  73. Grammar matters

    Oops again!

    You will lose your dog because she has come loose from her chain.

    I wish I had never started this and so do the rest of you.


  74. Dave Amesless

    Well grammar matters I know you are NOT Ames !!!

  75. Harleconned

    Grammar Matters, You clearly have nothing else better to do this evening. If you have nothing useful to put about Harlequin then please refrain from posting rubbish.

  76. 36

    @Annon73, agreed, a very good post
    @New stuff, unfortunately you missed the word “unwarranted” from your appraisal of my post. No one is objecting to “negative” publicity if its justified, I am not oblivious to the truth. Howver you reply is not factually correct.
    @Grammar matters, should your name not have had a full stop after it, Grammar matters.

  77. homefront

    HP wind up ,IFA,s and agents take the flak. BFP MOS take blame ,celebs bank cash ,36 and his diversionary tactics are rewarded ,punters lose money ,locals lose jobs,,unfinished projects blot landscape.UK fsa have egg on face .can we all learn a lesson from this.it must not happen again ,let us hope SFO can find evidence to bring some justice to this total fiasco ,ashamed to be British,what more can IIsay

  78. Mark Fenty

    @ Grammar Matters
    You have made a great point by calling attention to the use of poor grammar on this blog. And therefore, I am not ashamed to admit that I’m also guilty of utilizing poor grammar from time to time. Nonetheless, this is my perspective on the use of poor grammar on this blog, but feel free to correct if you so desire. I’ve notice the importance of proper grammar since I have been living in the United States of America, for close to twenty five years. I’ve also notice how difficult it is for the majority of West Indians I’ve known in America, to articulate themselves through the medium of proper grammar. And I can only attributed this paralysis to an education system that has failed to emphasize the proper use grammar. In any event, I was quite surprise to have heard Rihanna, a young lady who has attended a school of national reputation in Barbados, engaging in a conversation using improper grammar. And there and then, I had came to the realization that this grammatical paralysis was systemic in nature. I’ve struggle with this problem for a great many years since I have been in America, and not even being cognizant of it when I used to resided in Barbados. Moreover, I can remember quite vividly my primary school teacher Mr. John Sealy, who is now one of the editors at the Nation Newspaper, emphasizing the proper pronunciation between the words “Three”, and “Tree”, and this has made a permanent imprint on my memory. In hindsight, I am greatly indebted to him for his efforts in impressing upon me the fundamental difference between these two words. Because I’ve since realized the difficulty the average West Indian experience, when use the words Three and Tree.

  79. Harlequininvestorgroupnw

    Dear All,

    We have been totally innundated with requests for a meeting in Essex for all investors. We will be arranging a meeting in the next week for sometime in the very near future. Please email Harlequininvestorgroupnw@gmail.com (Subject Essex) so we can see just how many people are interested in this.

    Kind Regards


  80. Dave Amesless

    I think there should be one big meeting so we can all hear what is going on and then smaller roadshows up and down the country what do other think?
    I know I for one dont mind travelling to Manchester to try and sort this out and just to get some answers at least if there is a Investor group running it we may get chance to ask questions and hopefully get some answers!
    I just want to know where I stand and I guess a lot of other people want that to.

  81. 36

    @HarlequinInvestorgroup. I understand why you want to do this, but factually some of your points are wrong.

  82. Anonymous

    It would be potentially more useful to furnish that post with clarification of what the actual wrong points are specifically — otherwise it could easily seem like you were acting out of a strange obligation to ensure that every single post that says anything negative about Harlequin has some sort of unconditional counterweight.

  83. 36

    @Anonymous, check the MOS article, the one they cut and paste from everyone else. Not 6000 investors, 3,000. £250m fraud, not £300m. Accuracy counts.

  84. Is this the same harlequin that tried to buy up all the properties on the land side opposite the property on stlawrence gap?

  85. anon73

    Whilst I think the posts about grammar yesterday were slightly misplaced on this forum, I think you should amend the spelling of “governement” on the petitiion to its correct spelling of “government” Great initiative though, because this does strike towards the heart of a larger problem, that the UK system allowed people to spend pension money on investments that were not within their risk profile, and as many are beginning to suspect (many also suspected a long time ago), were fraudulently managed. Hopefully some longer lasting good can come from all of this, however in the shorter term I know your goal is retrieval of your pension money, and am sincerely hoping you get something back.

  86. Anonymous

    Accuracy like “the resort will be open by the end of 2012”? Yes, I suppose that does count.

  87. Harlequininvestorgroupnw

    @36 I think you should see today’s article in the Essex Echohttp://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/local_news/10261650.FSA_demands_details_of_pension_investments_in_Harlequin_Property/ , it says estimated £300,000,000 and more than 6,000 properties sold so therefore my facts are correct. I will go and spell check the petition it was just a quick one this morning before work.

  88. EddieLizzard2

    Dave Ames is on record on a Youtube video telling the interviewer that Harlequin were “.. just putting the finishing touches to the marina* at Buccament Bay.” Yep, accuracy really does count!

    *The only marina that exists is the one in the cgi pics produced by Harlequin.

  89. 36

    @harlequininvestorgroupnw, yes 6000 properties, but not 6000 investors. The Echo says £300m, mos says £250m.
    @el2/anonymous. I’m trying to help you here in your reporting of facts and being consistent, Your comments are a bit smart arsed aren’t they.

  90. 145

    Not really. I think that getting hung up on the difference between £250 million and £300 million given the far more important instances of inaccuracy elsewhere is fairly moot — might even be characterised as grasping at straws.

  91. 100

    I wrote an e-mail to a person in authority in the Caribbean that said that if this scheme is supported, and people mortgage their homes to come up with the deposit and will rely on Harlequin and then the investment itself to pay for it, then the investor will risk losing their home and wil certainly be left holding a mortgage and no value in their investment. That mail was written in late 2006. The various authorities must get to grips as to why it has taken so long to deal with this.

  92. New Stuff

    @36 I can understand your concern that your investment is not negatively impacted by speculation. In a sense though are you not really saying that somehow the success of your investment is dependent on further investors coming along?

    If the business model is sound then the whole operation should be able to close to new investors and everyone who has invested so far will, at some point in the future, enjoy the benefit of their unit. If you look at in these terms why are HP so keen to pile in more investors at this point anyway? They clearly have more units to build for existing investors than they can cope with for the next few years. Besides, their own literature a few years ago made it clear that they had nearly sold out at some resorts so it seems strange that the sales arm of Harlequin is still open for new business.

    Ames is very bullish about the strength of his business model so now is the time to prove it by getting on and building what he has sold without the seemingly endless appetite for new money to be fed into the system.

    Why should you now care if these posts close down that source of new funding if the business is as secure as is made out?

  93. New Stuff

    And, if you really do think your investment is only secure if the next tranche of investors comes along, this shows that it is pyramid at best and quite possibly Ponzi.

    In turn this means that your concern over negative posts is really about you hoping that some poor schmucks turn up to be the last row of the pyramid so you can walk away with your investment in one piece. That would make you a not very nice person.

  94. 36

    @ Anonymous. Interesting, I would have thought £50m would be a lot of money to some people. Perhaps not you though.

  95. Dave Amesless

    New stuff well said some people are just out for themselves!!!

  96. 36

    @New Stuff @3.23, no my investment depends on the success of BB.
    @New Stuff @3.34 (are you the same “new stuff” ) You make some assumptions in this post which are incorrect. I am a very nice person!

  97. New Stuff

    @36 Then you have nothing to worry about because the operational side of BB seems to be one thing that is working fine. Sure, it might take a whole for the business to turn a profit but that is the nature of the hospitality sector.

    Very few of the posts are critical of BB as a holiday destination. You seem equally eager to jump all over posts that are related to the business model of the developments which is completely different.

    So you would be happy if HP closed to new business and simply got on with building the circa 5700 units that they have already taken deposits on?

    You are confident that the business model would allow this to happen?

  98. 36

    @new stuff, yes I would be happy. I want to see happy investors in other sites also. Am I confident? I have not seen the books either so I cannot comment re that. My interest is the speclulative posts which have no substance regarding the business model. A big point in BFP and Arnhim Eustace articles related to D Ames issuing bribes. He has denied it, there is no evidence, but no coverage of that in BFP and acknowledgment by AE (sorry BFP put a link up)

  99. Dave Amesless

    36 . “I am a very nice person!”
    You must of heard the saying there is no promotion in self promtion surley.

  100. Harlequininvestorgroupnw

    @36 You need to stop burying your head in the sand. This is never going to work, If Mr O’halloran wins this case Harlequin are finished. If Harlequin win the case they are still done for by being so negligent with investor money. If they still have money (which I doubt) where are all the other properties that they’ve promised to build, surely they should of got ALL planning permissions before selling the properties in the first place.

    I am only one person but I will be trying my hardest to make sure most if not all investors get something back. A glimmer of hope. Some people have remortgaged their houses for this if it doesn’t work where does it leave them??

  101. Dave Amesless

    It is becoming more and more obvious that all is not well at Harlequin next week we will know for sure and it will end this speculation once and for all ref citywire

  102. New Stuff


    I agree that the bribe allegation is a bit of a side issue. If it’s true then it points to deplorable morals on all concerned but if it’s false then it still doesn’t make the business model more robust.

    It is a bit of a sideshow we can do without.

    The big question is, why don’t they get on more speedily with their developments if they have the resources lined up to do so? It has taken something in the region of 5 or 6 years to build circa 300 units. That’s an average of 50 per year. At a similar rate (and there is no evidence of anything speeding up) it will take 114 years to build the ones that have already been sold.

    I know that people are living longer but I sure wouldn’t want to rely on this to fund my pension.

  103. Dave Amesless

    It will not be built in my life time

  104. Anonymous

    The substance in issues raised about business model is simply the lack of any building going on in what has been sold. What more substance do you need 36?

  105. We will be advising soon about the other location for the Investor meeting
    All the best

  106. The legal team for the Harlequin Investor Group is
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors
    Pannone LLP Solicitors
    No5 Chambers.
    Any questions please :


    You now have support.I would recommend you come along, what have you got to lose?
    Come along you are not on your own now.

  107. Terry

    6000 units or 6000 investors, £250 or £300 million they are all numbers from Harlequin. Therefore highly suspect. Looks like the FSA don’t believe harlequins figures either. It’s going to be interesting when the real numbers are revealed. Common sense always told me that BB should have sold out years ago yet today I can put a deposit on a unit. How is that possible ?

  108. Hi Terry, can you make the road show?

  109. 36

    @Terry, eh, they are not Harlequins numbers.

  110. New Stuff

    Paul, do you have an agenda emerging for the Manchester investors’ day? It would be good to know some details in terms of start and finish times and a rough programme for the day.

  111. 36

    And don’t forget to ask the all important question re the solicitors: how much are you charging? 15%?

  112. Terry

    Sorry Paul I can’t. I am working flat out on a number of projects that are at critical stages. I hope everything goes well and I will be following your progress.
    Regards Terry

  113. D



    Paul conflicting email mate which is it to be with caps or not.
    How many of you are there?

  114. New Stuff

    There you go again 36. Just as we were prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you really are a nice person you have to take a swipe.

    What’s wrong with professional people being paid to assist those who want to extract themselves from a contract (to which they are legally entitled I might add)? Is that less moral than HP taking a huge commission 5 years ago for properties he still hasn’t been bothered to build yet? You complain at other posters lacking balance but I think you beat everyone hands down.

  115. 36

    @new stuff, just asking a question? I cannot make a meeting, but I might need help, or am I precluded? You may accuse HP of hiding the truth so don’t be accused of the same thing. Open answer to an open question.

  116. New Stuff


    Do you think there is an exit strategy for an investors who have contracts with delivery dates for units that haven’t yet been breached? Do you think these investors just have to wait to their contract date is breached and then take action (assuming that there is a company left to sue)

  117. anon73

    A business model, as Ames keeps referring to it, can only be judged on the success of that which it sets out to achieve. This model set out to do the following, in very simply terms:
    1. Attract investors to pay over money to Harlequin to build properties in the Caribbean.
    2. Build properties to form various resorts in several islands and operate them.
    3. Pay down the financing of those investors from the profits of those resorts, and then continue to pay dividends to the investors from those profits, thereby giving them an ongoing return (that would be greater than their pension funds for those who did invest via SIPPS)

    Ames did achieve the first aprt of his model admirably – he sold (and lied to be frank) and the money came in.
    He has failed specatcularly with part 2, as he is about a third way through one resort, with I think 5 others not yet started (Barbados, St Lucia and 3 in the DR) This part of the model is so far away from being completed that even thinking about point 3 is a long way off. He has acheieved a tiny fraction of point 2, but he has failed to file any accounts in his only operating resort, so what does that tell us about how that tiny part of point 2 is being run?

    There is of course no time frame given to the model per se, however there are time frames in the contracts given to buyers which as I understand it are being breached and that presents a serious problem. What also presents a problem is that there is no evidence at all that point 2 can ever be achieved, and no construction or financing activity to give investors any reason to give Harlequin any more leeway.

    So, based on the above, I would suggest that there is more than enough substance to suggest that the model is not working presently and without any sign of it changing. This would indicate it has failed and disaster looms. The possible reasons for this have been outlined in many forums and by many posters, and they include paying out too much in commissions, underpricing, mismanagement of funds in relation to the contractors, paying too much out in legal fees, celebrity fees, not taking into account the large pre-opening expenses and cashflowing of losses, money being taken by the Ames family personally, buying of non-project related items such as planes and small hotels and so on and so on. It has been either an example of staggeringly bad management, or a scam – it must be one or the other. This of course is just educated speculation, but the evidence of the model not working is as transparent as you could wish for.

  118. anon73

    I should add that with regards to point 3 above, he did indeed pay people money for their mortgages, but without point 2 being completed, with what revenue did he pay those mortgages? It would follow that he used investor money to pay that mortgage financing. If there is no other explanation as to how he paid that financing, then he is participating in a scheme that can only ever end up one way without huge financing or personal investment by Ames himself, both which have not been forthcoming.

  119. Rendered Assistance


    I live on the island of Barbados, having been born here in the late 60’s. I am also involved, as an owner and chairman, in of one of the largest construction and property development companys on the island. I know both industries very well. I also know some local details about Harlequin, call it local knowledge.

    This Harlequin Group is just a lot of pretty glossy pictures and a shocking absence of substance. I would not put a penny into Harlequin no matter what the promises are.

    The H Hoel project in Barbados has tremendous problems and from reliable reports, those problems seem ever increasing. The Merricks Show Village as of two weeks ago when I visited with the wife and kids, was a stalled construction site only partially constructed with a mud track leading to it.

    Beware. T’ings with this developers don’t look good and are not stacking up to serious interrogation.

  120. Disappointed and don't care.

    This is not the fault of David Ames, for a scorpion or a viper cannot be blamed for what they are. This is the fault of the Barbados government that let the viper run free amongst our tourists and foreign investors.

  121. D

    With winter coming to an end, I feel the time is right to give you a personal update on all the good news surrounding Harlequin, so I will be recording a video message that will be sent out to you next week. In the meantime, here is a general update for you regarding all things Harlequin.

    In-line with Harlequin’s policy of transparency with our investors, we can inform you that Harlequin appointed an accountancy firm to carry out a thorough forensic accounting audit on the company several months ago.

    The process has now been completed and they have confirmed that all investor monies received by Harlequin can be accounted for. It has also been verified that after the commission taken by Harlequin Property, as shown in its UK accounts, all further monies are designated for the construction, development, land acquisition and operation of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts projects.

    We are delighted to report that our open projects continue to go from strength to strength. Recently, Buccament Bay Resort received its 200th 5 star review on Trip Advisor, which is a fantastic achievement, and just today it has had 10 bookings. Equally, blu, St Lucia has a growing reputation and we are seeing considerable increases in bookings for the coming year with 25 bookings today alone.

    Our other projects in varying stages of construction and development are progressing under the watchful eye of the hd studio team; we will be providing updates on them in the coming weeks.

    Please ensure you keep up to date with Harlequin by following our blogs:

    http://harlequinupdates.wordpress.com/ for development updates

    http://blog.harlequinhotelsandresorts.com/ for general and commercial updates

    Also, here are details of our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts:




    Also, please ensure you update us if your contact details change so we can keep in touch with you.

    Please note: Due to changes in requirements for advice on SIPP investments, it is recommended by the FSA that all clients have regulated advice by a qualified financial advisor as to the suitability of their investment for a SIPP. Full Circle is one such provider of advice from qualified financial advisors. For further information, please call the Sales Support Team on 01268 242460.


    Dave Ames

  122. yatiniteasy

    230 PM today Friday March 1st…not a worker in sight at Harlecon H project…looks like an abandoned site…sorry Harliesucess and 36…just reporting what I see…

  123. 145

    @36 you’re being made to look increasingly ridiculous by the momentum of events elsewhere.

    Re your question; of course £50 million is a lot of money — but only in a relative sense. It’s only 20% of £250 million, and a as such a mere detail versus inaccuracies elsewhere. To try and gain purchase from such details is an act of desperation — as I suspect you probably know.

  124. 138

    Criminals carry out crime until caught. Ames finally about to be caught, but took too long. Those that stuck by him, the ifa’s, celebs and others who fed at the teet of this scam should give their fees back to investors as they all had to know it was a scam.

  125. Dave Amesless

    In light of yet another newsletter coming out of HQ last night it leaves me thinking this is to try and reasure people that everything is okay in lala land well one thing is certain and that is I will still be going to that meeting next Saturday at the Manchester Marriott. Ineed answers and feel that the only way to get those answers is face to face.Lets face it if Ames does not attend it really shows what he thinks of the people who pay ALL his families wages doesnt it?

  126. Mr Ames has not let me know if he will attend or not, we await his reply.

  127. I am out of the country until Monday PM,so I can not answer things as often as I would like.

    @new stuff – we are working on the agenda and will post it very soon, regarding the contract question please email it to
    harlequininvestorsgroupnorthwest@gmail.com and I will try to find out for you.

    @Terry – thanks maybe you could attend one of the others.

    @36 – no you are not precluded – why should you be

    All the best Paul

  128. 36

    @Dave Amesless, can you confirm to Yatiniteasy that the news letter shows a picture of 6 men working on the H site. Just for clarifiaction.
    @Anonymous 1.43, a few people meeting in a hotel does not show momentum. I suggest you ask Paul Walton (as he will not communicate with me) what his agenda is, what he was offered by HP and why he turned it down. Also if the legal companies are working on a “no win, no fee” basis. And “only 20% of £250m”. So you have no problem if the HP accounts, which have now been forensicaly looked at, show £50m missing? How odd.

  129. 36

    Ah Timing is everything!

  130. EddieLizzard2

    @ 36,
    …can you confirm to Yatiniteasy that the news letter shows a picture of 6 men working on the H site. Just for clarifiaction [sic].

    Maybe they’re CGI workmen.

  131. Dave Amesless

    All the great men of the world do it dont they!! One of the first was Hitler there was Stalin more recentley there was Bin Laden and now there is Dave Ames,He never learns does he I mean come on Mrs Ames be a good wife and tell him the truth you and I and the rest of the world know that he does not look or sound good in film, or in real life actually!!! so we are to have the pleasure of him in video, What I dont understand is why did he not just appear on Panorama? or Question time? or his he going to attend this Manchester meeting on the 9th March and answer all our questions?
    One can only hope he does. If he does not shall we form a board and sack him I am sure that would be possible we could sack him for gross negligence couldnt we?

  132. Rainbow

    I will be coming to Manchester to attend the meeting as I have bought a unit at Merricks 3 years ago which I think will never be built in my life time…
    Mr. Ames is a champion!!

  133. 145

    @36 your facetious response does you no favours — likewise your selective reporting of events (some hypocrisy there, incidentally). A £50 million accountancy error (though do we really want to talk accounts when it comes to Harlequin) is not the same as reporting the level of exposure to investors as the article did — the point quite clearly is that whether £250 million or £300 million, it’s still an awful lot of money (with not much to show for it).

    The meeting in Manchester merely reflects events; it isn’t the sum total of them. The momentum referred to is the increased amount of noise from the authorities and concurrently the media. The latest info from the FSA investigation is quite clearly fairly serious.

  134. manchester meeting here i come
  135. yatiniteasy

    @ 36…I dont care what the newsletter photo shows…because I dont know when it was taken…but yesterday , March 1st at 2.30 pm, there were no workers visible on the site. Even if 6 were there, thats hardly a crew to complete the massive job that remains.It is quite obvious to anyone that sees it everyday on their way to work or walking on the boardwalk on the seaside, that this project is dead or very, very ill. Merricks, same thing…

  136. lee

    I have registered my interest for the 9th to attend in Manchester.
    But is there any chance we can arrange another solicitor as reading this https://anonfiles.com/file/cfad1c4fdd02ef17cc92a6832db40661 ,the present ones don’t bode well with me.

  137. Dave Amesless

    There are three different fims of solicitors at the meeting at this moment in time they have given up there weekend to assist all of us.

  138. Harlisuccess

    Re the so-called investors meeting inManchester. I suggest you ask Mr Fatchett of R Legal and any other Ambulance Chasers to meet the cost of the room ,food and beverages. They are the only ones likely to benefit from this meeting. I very much doubt if anyone else will.

  139. homefront

    Dont let 36 et al goad you ,they will become more insulting and desperate as time runs out,just concentrate on the the recovery of as much as you can, good luck

  140. Dear All,
    For the record I was initially offered around £45k of my investment back over 12-18 months, my contract states 60 days I invested £112k – I refused

  141. For the record I was initially offered around £45k of my investment back over 12-18 months, my contract states 60 days I invested £112k

  142. I will explain why I refused all the offers HP made at the meetings. I only ever asked for what I invested to be refunded inline with my contract.

    I have had many calls from people it would appear I am not on my own in this respect.
    kind regards

  143. Dave Amesless

    Hardly success aka 36, That is not a ambulance siren you can hear that is a police siren coming after Harlequin and co.

  144. anon73

    Paul, I am not so familiar with how the law works over there in these instances, having done almost all my business in the Caribbean, but if they are in breach of your contract and not refunding according to your contract, then over here you would seek to place a lien over their assets until you are paid – so that when they to sell/liquidate, you get paid unless there are so many people already before you that there will be nothing left. Once a lien is placed, you can then seek a court order for settlement of the contractually due sum. It is not as easy as that, but that is the general process – so freezing all assets in the Caribbean would be a way to go one would think. I know you don’t wish to comment here which is understandable, and it is also understandable why you did not accept the offer.

  145. Mark Fenty

    I’m in no way shape or form, endeavoring to be impertinent or insensitive here people . But, when are we going to put this issue behind us once and for all? It seems like this issue has occupied to much of our valuable time thus far. There are obviously, many more pressing issues that we could be discussing right now , like for example, when are going to find some justice for Mr. Garcia? Yes, I do agree that innocent people has been conned out of their hard earned money, but our constant venting does little to reslove this rather disturbing affair. Nevertheless, I’m quite certain that some here would agree, that money comes and goes, that just the economic vicissitudes of our present existence. But in Mr. Garcia’s case, a man’s life hangs in the balance, which obviously is of a fundamental importance.

  146. Dave Amesless

    Mark You are right Mr Garcia:s life is very important and it is really sad my heart goes out to him and his family, but the truth is exactly how much blood will there be on Mr Ames hands when this is all over, how many people are going to die from stress related illnesses and suicide

  147. Dave Amesless

    Doing nothing is now not an option
    Try and Fail!! or Fail to try?

  148. New Stuff

    Anon73, I’m no legal eagle but I think the problem is that lots of investors in the UK paid their money to the primary agent (Harlequin Management Services (South East) Ltd) which is a company registered in England and Wales but they signed a contract for the construction with a company registered in SVG (Harlequin SVG Ltd).

    I think this makes it legally complicated because technically they have paid money to a UK company which owes no contractual obligation to the investor and they have a contract with an SVG company to which they have paid no money. It is also thought (but not proved because the accounts have not been published in SVG) that the level of capitalisation of the SVG company is low so, even if an investor in the UK could successfully sue the SVG company, it would simply fall over with no assets to pay compensation and legal fees.

    Perhaps someone with a better insight or legal knowledge could provide a more accurate picture than this.

  149. Harlequininvestorgroupnw

    Can I please just clarify that our email address is Harlequininvestorgroupnw@gmail.com

    We wouldn’t want a email intended for us to fall in the wrong hands.

    Kind Regards


  150. New Stuff

    Are you suggesting that someone set up harlequininvestorgroupnorthwest@gmail.com to try to get people to send emails to someone else? That would be pretty low.

  151. yatiniteasy

    @New Stuff…you are dealing with some pretty low class people, so why would they not do that?

  152. New Stuff

    But that would make them w**k stains on the trousers of humanity

  153. 138

    Harlequin were already that when they started robbing people of their pensions, paying commissions to the other stains who were helping them, and fees to the celebs who were leading them up the garden path.

  154. Antony75

    The people who defend the scum of harlequin dave ames are either on the payroll or a deluded investor. I feel sorry for the latter as I was one of those people. I now know that I will be very fortunate to get a penny back from these thick skinned con artists. They believe their own lies and they think they can get away with it.

  155. Dave Amesless

    Antony, Not anymore we are a team all working together for the same goal
    United we stand!! see you at the meet mate

  156. Dave Amesless

    Can someone please help me i was just thinking about that guy from singing pig was his name phil Martin?/ well if Harlequin do go bust and it is proven to be a scam what happens to him???

  157. Harlequininvestorgroupnw

    @Newstuff, I personally set up Harlequininvestorgroupnw@gmail.com but Paul put the wrong email address I just wanted to make sure that everyone got the correct address just incase people were sending emails to a different email address I didn’t want emails getting into the wrong hands.

    @Yatiniteasy I am certainly not low class just trying to help everyone achieve the same goal. I ask you to apologise please.

  158. Harlequininvestorgroupnw

    Sorry misread (I should be in bed or put my glasses on!)

    On a lighter note what do you think of the latest MOS article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2287140/Tycoon-accused-taking-300m-British-investors-faces-freeze-assets-failing-build-luxury-homes.html

    Bet Ames will have a sour face enough to turn his milk on his porridge in the morning!!

  159. anonymous37

    think yatiiniteasy has been misconstrued. from various threads over the years and on many blogs you may find that they have been asking some very apt questions very early on on all aspects of this and other developments by “harlequin”. the question was actually in relation imho “low class” persons related to harlequin setting up a another gmail a/c to confuse the issue of which again i read as they agree something is amiss. btw paul etc have you asked agents/ ifa’s/ fs companies to attend. would be quite illluminating to see just why they though this was such great investment. maybe ask the biggest sellers of the north/south to attend the relevent roadshows and ask them to bring their DD into quite why this was such a great investment??? (other than the fact that a standard pension transfer would earn an adviser about 3% commission and this would earn in real terms more like 25-30% commission as based on purchase price and not the fund value transferred).

  160. yatiniteasy

    @Harlequininvestorgroupnw…I did not say that you were low class..whoever you are.I was referring to Harlequin people…sorry if the comment was badly aimed..no offense meant.

  161. yatiniteasy

    From above Daily Mail article it seems clear that the Harlequin Circus is coming to and end…I do hope the investors can salvage something from the ashes.

  162. New Stuff

    If the directors and senior management are going to do a midnight flit then this is the moment that it will happen.

    I think The last two set of UK accounts mentioned around £5m that had been paid out for houses that were in the personal names of family members but were still being treated as company assets. There was also some promise that the funds spent on these homes would be refunded in the future. Is anyone in a position to confirm or deny that this is a correct recollection of the situation?

    I wonder where in the world those homes are! Somewhere that has no extradition treaty with the UK probably.

  163. Regarding the recent article in the MOS, I urge you to contact HarlequininvestorgroupNW@gmail.com and come along to the meeting to find out what your options are, it is important to act quickly – legal representation will be available.

    At the time of writing, I have not had a reply if Mr Ames or his representative will be in attendance.

    We will be posting more details shortly.

    Kind regards,


  164. Dave Amesless

    Paul the email address is
    the only cap is H mate

  165. Dave Amesless

    Six degrees of separation

  166. Dave Amesless


    February 28, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Just remember this http://youtu.be/7B-4Lsrx8IA

    Everyone who is in Manchester or local to Manchester come to the meeting on the 9th at the Marriott Hale Barns Manchester (Airport)

    United we stand….

  167. as of today no investors meetings have taken place .

  168. 216

    This time next week they will have!!!!

  169. 216

    Flying into Manchester from London is costing roughly £100 each so probably worth driving!

    Can someone tell me did Harlequin use the Marriott Bexleyheath?? as if we book that a lot of you will already know the area.

  170. Reading all these articles and posts about David Ames and Harlequin, I have to say I have the up most respect for all the investors standing up for themselves and trying to get their investment back. Anyone who defends them, should be ashamed of themselves.

  171. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @1307 to anyone who thinks engaging with Regulatory Legal that it will result in anyone getting money back, I suggest you read the article link below.
    You have been warned!

  172. E

    Fatchet does not represent you aka 36 @ I take it Gareth does not represent you as he is a solicitor and not a Mental health support worker! lol

    The thing is it really is up to the individual to decide what they want to do about this mess and it is also up to them to decide for themselves if they want this group of solicitors to represent them or not, but at least if they come to the meeting they will find out exactly what options are available to them and where we all stand.

  173. @fatchett does not represent me. At least people are standing up for something they believe in and want to stop this fraud so it doesn’t happen to other people. Also what is wrong with pennone or no 5 chamber???

  174. STEVE

    I wiil be attending the meeting on 9th and fingers crossed i will get more answer then i did at Harlequin officies last month

  175. Fathett does not represent me.

    @1307. Supposed to be 3 independent companies, but all part of the same cartel.

  176. Guys – Please this is all about ambulance chasers,, dont be quickly conned by all this no win no fee tosh… In some cases 1500 quid up front fees to look at your case on the proviso that they win you will get your money back – maybe… Problem is if you stop panicking and read between the lines,, There is no case of fraud .. The SFO are only checking ? The FSA are only checking Sipp providers for numbers and nearly all the IFA’s I know are covered with the miss selling route.. So pay the ambulance chasers and you will lose more money …Andrew Drummond who is rallying up clients the same way in Thailand and getting his cut off the solicitors out there as well..The scam is the solicitors – wise up. I can tell you now Harlequins assets will NOT be frozen and I know for a fact all the accounts are up to date and the money is safe .. This panic spreading is crazy – sit back and let the Irish builder court case come to a conclusion – let the media hype die down .and see what Panorama can or cannot find out ( will be nothing ).and let nature take its course — NO investor has lost any money to date –
    Do you honestly believe Dave Ames would welcome the FSA if he was guilty of any wrong doings – NO ..Yes Harlequin are slow but that is not fraud ..Just dont be sheep and follow the crowd – step back and take stock of the facts.- There is NO case

  177. Terry

    Yes sure everything is fine and dandy in Harlequin land. Then comes the factual reality of the resorts not built and interest payments not being paid.

  178. 138

    What money is safe? There is none left. You have to be the worst investor in the world, or a harlequin employee, to think for a second harlequin’s ship is in order. But you do need to beware of ambulance chasers.

  179. yatiniteasy

    @Ivor…and I have a nice Bridge to sell you in Brooklyn New York.

  180. Mr Blue

    @Ivor Hadenuff, would Ames come out publicly and say he won’t speak to the SFO or FSO? Your argument doesn’t hold water.

    So it appears you support Harlequin, you think any lawyers interested in the case are ambulance chasers, you don’t like Andrew Drummond, you think once O’Halloran’s case is finished everything will be OK, the accounts are all sorted, and everyone’s money is safe…….hmmmmmm. This all sounds awfully familiar.

    The ship is sinking and the rats are scared folks.

  181. E

    In reference to the meeting I will be holding on Saturday 9th March at the Manchester Marriott Hale Barns
    I have the following to add, We need your questions in very soon as we have to pass the questions over to Harlequin First thing Friday morning and we have so many and have to keep collating them.

    Please can you advise which one of the two available meeting you will be attending as we are inundated with requests with no time allocated.

    Meet you all soon


  182. E

    Sorry I should of added the times are

    12 o,clock until 2.15 pm

    3 o,clock until 5.15 pm

  183. Harlisuccess

    Who do you think is behind the attempts to discredit Prime Minister Gonsalves and Harlequin on the upcoming BBC Panorama programme? You’ve guessed it. O’Halloran and Newman, along with up-to-no-good ambulance chaser Fatchett and EX prime minister Eustace with his own political agenda. Remember O’Halloran was thrown out of St Vincent!

  184. Terry

    Ooooh. The last 24 hours are getting busy. Ames propaganda machine stepping it up a notch or two.
    2 + 2 still equals 4 though.

  185. anonymous37

    for those that want to see what all the fuss was about re the harlecon website. this can still be viewed using the “wayback machine”.

  186. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Can you put a link up for this. I typed in Harlecon but no information.

  187. E

    I am Erica Broughton aka Harlequin property problems also appearing on Panorama and I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Ohalloran or Mr.Newman. I am a woman of fifty years old who has a husband who invested his SIPP in Harlequin. There is nothing sinister in that is there?

  188. Pingback: Harlequin, Barbados Free Press hit with Court Order | Barbados Free Press

  189. Mr Blue

    @36, the ‘wayback machine’ works fine for Harlecon. The last archive is 2011, google it. You’ll find it, just get the format right (yyyymmddhhmmss, aim for 2011 and you’ll get it) With the Newman case before the courts, adding a link may not be the best idea for the BFP. I’m sure you’ll dispute eveything on there anyway.

    I learned early on when reseaching Harlequin that I needed to copy and archive everything I read at source, as in a day or so Carter Ruck would have it removed. I have Harlicon, the Singing Pig, the missing Trip Advisor threads, Andrew Drummond, and even BFP archived. Strange that only BFP remains……..so far. I still archive all of this.

    Sadly, after a brief perusal, the comments are all missing from the Harlecon archive. The main site is there still there though. Have a look.

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