Government Minister in the family makes dog abuser ‘untouchable’ ???

Barbados Dog Abuse 2a

Abuse of dogs: Holders Hill, St. James, Barbados

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Once again the relevant authorities are not responding as it appears that the owner of these pups might have a government minister in the family hence “untouchable”. The Nation and the Barbados Advocate refused to follow up on this story. They know about it.

For over a year people have been calling on the RSPCA, Animal Control and the police to put an end to this neglect and abuse. We know that they responded but for some reason it continues. These people breed the dogs before they are mature. They don’t feed them and they curse the outsiders that try to feed them. They physically abuse them. Puppies that came before these would disappear and then weeks later more puppies appear. It is alleged that they are being bred for fighting. What else can be done to save these dogs????

More about this at Facebook: Barbados Votes for Animal Rights


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23 responses to “Government Minister in the family makes dog abuser ‘untouchable’ ???

  1. 134

    If this story is true, why no names or location? Come on, name some names and shame them in conforming to the basic norms of a civilized society. Do animals still have rights in Barbados? How will the rest of the world view us because of the callousness of a few? Minister of no Minister in the family, if you don’t care about animals you probably don’t care about people.

  2. Neco Ifill

    Only in Bim! And people wonder why we’re nowhere near being a developed country. The time has come for Barbados to take the stance of a developed country, and not only in its economic policy. No where else around the 1st world could this happen, not in Europe, not in the United States! Our citizens need to take a bigger stance on these issues!

  3. BFP

    Hi 134

    We received notice that this story was up on Facebook and so featured it and connected with the original piece. So we are told, none of the local news media will touch the story. We know the names but haven’t confirmed them so we are reluctant to post them for now. Let’s see what develops…

    Marcus BFP

  4. Carl j

    Something needs to be done NOW. These poor creatures are suffering, and no one is helping !!

  5. Anonymous

    Give me a location and I’ll go there now and take care of this…if it is true, something needs to be done today.

  6. Name.

    “Do animals still have rights in Barbados?”

    Animals are animals. Humans are humans.
    -that’s the local mindset

  7. Peter Reece

    PLEASE GIVE NAMES AND ADDRESS> That is the only way that we can take care of this matter. Until this is done, its just a rumour.

  8. 134

    Thanks for your assurance that you will stay on top of this story BFP. I appreciate your professionalism in checking the authenticity before publishing names.

  9. Mark Fenty

    This kind of egregious behavior really test the hypothesis that Barbadians are amongst well lettered in the Caribbean. I really question the collective conscience of the Barbadians people when I see incidences such as Mr. Garcia’s and the unpardonable neglected of these two dogs. Barbadians are audaciously ostentatious in their efforts to prove to the rest of the Caribbean that their academic outlook is second to none, but their conduct surely undermines this thin veil of deceit that their so often project to the rest of the Caribbean. It makes one wonder if there isn’t some paralysis that continue to retards their collective awareness as a people, who are thought of the luminous crystal with respect to academics in the Caribbean. Now, the more progressive a country is in terms of its social, political, economic,and academic development, the less likely incidences of this nature will occure.

  10. 61

    To avoid any legal problems, could you not just post an article saying that you understand that some dogs at such an address, supposedly owned by x, are being well treated and cared for…we would then all know what it is about, and who is involved, and you would not have said anything libeous.

  11. millertheanunnaki

    If the writer really cared about these animals he or she would be more forthcoming with information to ensure opprobrium is brought on the owners and the authorities to save the animals from abuse. At least give us the name of the street and some idea of the specific location; or else the writer is no different from the animal abusers.

    “The time is always right to do what is right.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Now please help these hapless animals.

  12. google map link

    Whoever knows where the home is simply locate it and send out the link
    Then anyone can figure out where it is for themselves.

  13. 32

    Garcia is an apt comparison to these suffering dogs…except I rate the dogs higher.

  14. 54

    Gotta admit that bajans do talk a good game, when it comes to morality, erc, etc, etc, but throw a politician and their relatives in the mix and you get stuck with a lot of gray areas

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  16. just want to know

    Barbadians have no respect for human life, do you expect them to have for animals? I go to the beach nearly every day, and one see these young men with horses,running up & down the beach, regardless who is on the beach, and what they may be doing, you just have to get out of the way or get hurt. And another thing the dogs let loose on the beach, defecating, &tourist on the beach,no wonder the tourist are going to other places that are more accommodating & cheaper, and I do know a few of them.

  17. 133

    ‘high ups’ are involved in dog fighting and until this is exposed it will carry on

  18. ExBajan

    God Dammit
    This is beyond redemption. I lived in Barbados for many years and it made me furious how Bajans treat animals. All this Christian God fearin bullshit and no recognition that God himself and his messengers (St. Francis of Assisi) teach us to love and respect all of God’s creatures. Bajans are the worst hypocrites on the planet, in oh so many ways. Dogs are the most loving and “attached” creatures to mankind. They love their masters unconditionally and because of that are at the mercy of the same masters they love. Black people in particular should pay some mind to the effects of homage to their masters. As a race, black people should have more understanding of what it is to be treated like sh*** for who or what you are.

  19. millertheanunnaki

    @ ExBajan March 2, 2013 at 5:01 am

    Well said!
    I am totally with you. Just a bunch of vicious violent people when it comes to animals.
    A despicable lot of hypocrites when it comes to God.
    But you must forgive them. I am willing to be that 99.9% of those that visit those religious houses of iniquity and money gathering for the owners and managers called churches never ever heard about St. Francis of Assisi far less what he stood for.

  20. 89

    It not true to say “..only in Bim”, animal abuse is worldwide, so is officials gettin away with breaking the law. I agree, name the bastards, as long as you are right on the person responsible for this, I totally agree with his name being out there for all law abidding persons to know, we pay taxes, too much to have this kind of s**** being done to innocent animals.

  21. millertheanunnaki

    So come on and let us know who is that Minister of Government aiding and abetting in this cruel and degrading treatment of some of Man’s best friends.
    Is that person a member of the recently named list of puppets to a wooden cabinet?
    If you know, just say Yes or No and we will go from there.

    If you do not say anything more you will be considered as part of the animal abuse problem and not part of the solution.

  22. The “other” Barbados, mostly ignored by the locals. The usual reply would be shrugging their shoulders. If isn’t my business……………….

    Nobody wants to get involved for fear of being harassed and become the subject of gossip.