Buccament Bay Resort staff member asks: March 1, 2013 a tipping point for Harlequin?

Harlequin Resort

Some local Buccament Bay staff haven’t been paid for December or January!

by BB Staffer to Barbados Free Press

I think tomorrow will be a tipping point for Buccament Bay and Dave Ames. You might call it ‘Desperation for Dave Day’.

Harlequin has staff to pay and all the loan interest for the ‘investors’ that should have been paid earlier this month. If they don’t make those payments, I suspect there will be a lot more people will talking to the Mail on Sunday.

“There are staff at Buccament Bay Resort who are yet to be paid for December and January.”

Will these local people be paid? All the expat staff have been paid! Why not the locals?

I’m not even talking about how expat staff members are paid many times what locals are paid for doing the same jobs. Will Dave Ames and Harlequin ever show these wonderful local staff the same loyalty they demonstrate to him on a daily basis? Simply paying the local staff would be a start!


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  1. Its very sad for all concerned, but he is running out of money and fast.

  2. BBaywatch

    Very sad – but somewhat inevitable, this kind of development is notorious for producing little or no benefit to the nation that is exploited.

  3. EddieLizzard2

    Well I notice this thread has only the one post at 17:45 GMT.
    Am I right in thinking that the baying pack that’s now posting all over BFP threads moaning on about their potential financial losses can’t be bothered to even think about the local Vincentian people who have not been paid?

  4. homefront

    you are right Eddie,its not nice working for no pay.and i guess the staff need every penny;i for one can only send my best wishes to you and to them GOOD LUCK

  5. If I could help in anyway, I would? can I?. Could you let me know if it all work out OK,
    Kind regards and best wishes Paul

  6. anonymous22

    totally agree. hoping all at svg staff, contractors, utilities etc all get paid . if harlequin are not in financial troubles what possible explanation can there be for staff at BB et al NOT be paid. on a personal note BBaywatch thank you for starting threads all those years ago on different sites that alerted me to potential problems and and resulted in me carrying out my own DD on the product/investment – speaking to contractors/solicitors/checking land title/ funding etc etc. after my own dd i pulled my clients out of this with no losses to them AND no commission earnt by me. THANK YOU. i can sleep easily at night and so can they

  7. Do you want to come to the meeting Anonymous @7.28?

  8. 100

    To not pay the people who turn up every day and put in long hours, and by all acounts, very friendly and proud service, is awful. In the hotel trade here generally, they are always the first to get paid. If they are not paying the local line staff, and are paying themselves fees back in Essex or elsewhere, then they really are worse than I thought.

  9. Anon - reasons unknown

    I’m very sorry for the staff too. It is not as if they can afford to work without being paid whilst Ames has his millions to spend on himself and legal fees. It’s disgraceful, the man has no soul.

    I would advise that people who are owed a couple of months wages simply stop turning up for work until they are paid. I of course know that they desperately need the money, but they’re not getting paid. Of course, it’s up to them, but turning up for work whilst not being paid is why HP can continue to give paying guests good holidays there. Most of the reviews mention the wonderful staff. Do these guests realise people are not being paid? I’m sure they don’t.

  10. 145

    Eddie, you are so right to flag this issue. It’s an embarrassment to anyone who shares a country with Harlequin — as I do — to witness such a bias of prioritisation of payment (particularly where protestations re the benefits to the Vincentians of the resort have been made so vociferously in the past). It reeks of something enormously distasteful, presumptuous and exploitative.

  11. anonymous22

    @waltonpaul. sorry i cannot attend.i can say that i used to work for an FS company and had major reservations about this investment and the structure and highlighted them to the directors of this company in 2008.( on deaf ears). i also contacted the FSA but as “unregulated” did not want to discuss in any detail. i contacted the fsa again well over a year ago when they issued a general alert re ucis and did get a “response” that they would pass to the relevent department for review. however, i have not been gagged as of yet , was threatened with a libel case unless i settled a pending court case BUT did not cave in and court case is going ahead. will be contacting all fsa, paul kenyon, jon ausin etc when i get a chance to do so.

  12. walton.notlaw@gmail.com
    if you drop me a quick note I may be able to put you in touch with someone who could help you?

  13. Regarding the ‘investors’ meeting 9th March at the Marriott hotel Manchester airport, things are moving ‘at a pace’ a new email account is being set up specifically for these type of meetings and an invitation template is underway, various professionals will be on hand to give you advice on your options available to you.

    We are working on more ‘Investor road shows’ possibly the Middland’s area and south…… We will keep you posted

    All the best,

    Paul Walton

  14. Dear Investors & Harlequin,

    As discussed on Barbadosfreepress. The Harlequin Investor meeting in Manchester will be at Manchester Airport Marriott Hale Barns on the Saturday 9th March we have booked the room for the day with several short breaks for everyone to buy refreshments.

    I think some of you will be familiar with this location. If you could attend please let me know. There will be a small admission fee as it is £150 for the room I did negotiate this at a special rate.

    We will be asking Mr Ames to attend so we can get the answers we require. We would ask everyone to send in the questions they would like answering so that the same question is not repeated the email address to send questions and replies to invitation to HarlequininvestorgroupNW@gmail.com would ask you to pass on the details of this email to any third parties you may feel will be interested in attending.

    If you have any other suggestions please email above.
    I will look forward to your response.

    Kind Regards


  15. BBaywatch

    There is a certain irony in Dr Gonsalves railing against the BBC, David Cameron and Britain’s colonial past (http://i-witness-news.com/2013/02/27/bbc-producer-totally-out-of-place-pm/) while welcoming Dave Ames and Harlequin to St Vincent. To be fair to Dr Gonsalves his administration isn’t the only one, but in Harlequin they seem to have picked the short straw out of a bad bunch. With the whole Harlequin business predicated on making sure that as little of the money as possible reaches the islands this is the worst example of neo-colonialism by foreign companies.

    The Caribbean in general has a very bad record on ‘leakage’ of tourism industry monies received (http://www.unep.org/resourceefficiency/) with an average of 80% of tourism spend never reaching the destinations. A I hotels ratchet up this ratio and when coupled with massive tax concessions demanded by foreign investors have a negative impact on local economies.

    It is interesting to note that in the response by Harlequin to the MOS piece they site one of the reasons for the delay on The Merricks project as “we await approval on the extension of standard concessions from the Ministry of Finance.”

    It is usual throughout The Caribbean for these concessions to mean exemption from most forms of taxation, loosing local economies very large sums, and as the revelations surrounding Harlequin and other failed developers continue it would be appropriate for governments throughout the region to make proper cost/benefit analyses of the various plans and either rescind or modify concessions to be less one sided. Development should be partnership, not dictated by foreign investment.

  16. BBaywatch

    There is a certain irony in Dr Gonsalves railing against the BBC, David Cameron and Britain’s colonial past (see i witness – ‘bbc producer totally out of place’) while welcoming Dave Ames and Harlequin to St Vincent. To be fair to Dr Gonsalves his administration isn’t the only one, but in Harlequin they seem to have picked the short straw out of a bad bunch. With the whole Harlequin business predicated on making sure that as little of the money as possible reaches the islands this is the worst example of neo-colonialism by foreign companies.

    The Caribbean in general has a very bad record on ‘leakage’ of tourism industry monies received (http://www.unep.org/resourceefficiency/) with an average of 80% of tourism spend never reaching the destinations. A I hotels ratchet up this ratio and when coupled with massive tax concessions demanded by foreign investors have a negative impact on local economies.

    It is interesting to note that in the response by Harlequin to the MOS piece they site one of the reasons for the delay on The Merricks project as “we await approval on the extension of standard concessions from the Ministry of Finance.”

    It is usual throughout The Caribbean for these concessions to mean exemption from most forms of taxation, loosing local economies very large sums, and as the revelations surrounding Harlequin and other failed developers continue it would be appropriate for governments throughout the region to make proper cost/benefit analyses of the various plans and either rescind or modify concessions to be less one sided. Development should be partnership, not dictated by foreign investment.

  17. anon73

    BBaywatch, I hear you and agree pretty much entirely. It is a bit of a quandry some givernments find themselves in and not always so cut and dried. Take for example Sandals recently – they had a fund set aside for development, and they first were looking at Antigua, then looking to start work on a site they already own in St Lucia and both governments delayed on concessions. So they took that fund, and bought La Source in Grenada. The concessions the Grenada government gave out were very attractive in terms of length, they did it quickly and so Sandals acted. All governments do as you say tend to give out the same form of concessions. What Sandals will bring to Grenada is highly valuable – bringing many construction jobs as they add on extra rooms and rennovate, more resort jobs when they open the larger hotel, training as Sandals have a training program, hotel taxes, airport taxes for arriving and departing guests, and they will bring more airlift to the island, a massive bonus for the island. I believe the island will greatly benefit, even though it is an AI and Sandals do tend to keep as much of the money inhouse as possible.

    DEspite what Ames and Harlerquin try to make people believe, making money in Caribbean resorts is not easy at all, especially since 2008 (all the more reason to suggest investors are done for, imagine still having to start 4 massive resorts and cashflow pre-opening expenses and then cashflow the losses in those very poor site locations….horrendous). Hotels have been hurting. Without concessions, it is not worth doing so governments have to offer incentives. The islands desperately need tourism, and it is better to give concessions to get the right developer/hotelier in than to not have them in at all – for all the reasons I outlined above in what Sandals will bring Grenada. I stress the word “right” though. The PM of SVG made a massive mistake in Ames – Ames did nto tick one single box when a govt should look at who to support/partner with and who they should not. He has no Caribbean experience, no resort experience, no construction experience, no experience in running large businesses, no hospitality experience, does not have any sufficient experience and was twice bankrupt. He was nto putting his own money in, but money of thousands of investors, taken from investments made in other islands even.It was a recipe for disaster for so many reasons that you and I have been highlighting for 6 years plus now on various forums.

    It is tough, the islands are not in good financial shape on the whole, need assistance from inward investment and need to incentivise, but therefore need to be smart and strike the right balance. Do not be desperate and bring anyone in or there could be more Ames type people.

  18. BBaywatch

    anon73 – a difficult position for all governments, needing to balance job creation and economic growth with the amount of concessions granted, attract inward investment without allowing unregulated over development and try to protect the value of the ‘brand’ of their nation. The desire to show demonstrable short term improvements and have instant results is warping the decision making process and often driving the governments into the arms of these developers who on the surface seem to be able to deliver. Unfortunately in many cases this means very large scale developments as the companies involved scale them to suit the levels of investment that they can attract. With a company that has no track record of delivering completed resorts inevitably the major investors will shy away and they will only be able to interest the small investor who does not fully appreciate the issues but can be swayed by impressive marketing material.

    It is possible to have successful fractional ownership funded developments if the investors are willing and able to invest realistic amounts; necessary because development in The Caribbean is expensive as has been frequently pointed out. It could be argued that it is too easy for foreign investors to wring concessions from governments without any proof of their ability to deliver and that it might be an idea to link the concessions offered to the delivery schedule, keeping the cowboys out.

    Small is often good, but does not of course generate headline grabbing news about large numbers of jobs created etc. It has to be said that making a certain amount of political capital where possible isn’t unappealing to governments – would the La Source deal have been concluded so rapidly if the election hadn’t been looming? – and yet the Barbados government in a similar situation missed the deal but were re-elected – funny old thing politics, the world over, isn’t it?

    However, that aside, Sandals is an operator with a proven track record and certainly not the worst option by any means. Their plans for development are also sensibly time framed and the scale not over ambitious. It will also attract the increasingly important North American market which has very different demands than the traditional UK/European guests.

    I do believe that a major problem is lack of long term vision or planning, but breaking the vicious circle of short term-ism is very difficult. Lessons must also be learnt from markets elsewhere that have allowed the success and popularity of a destination to lead to massive overdevelopment and devaluing of the ‘brand’, which then becomes even more vulnerable during recessionary times and leads to cut price selling in a downward spiral chasing the volume market to the bottom.

    One thing is for certain, whatever the question was, Harlequin certainly isn’t the answer.

  19. Harlisuccess

    I cannot believe the local staff at Buccament Bay have not been paid since December. The wonderful staff at this resort,some reportedly getting up at 3.30 each morning, having to meet the cost of getting to the resort etc.etc. would simply not do this without getting paid for several months. Would you? Nobody would continue to work in that situation, let alone attend to the guests with such charm and dedication. This post is absolute rubbish and yet another example of spreading malicious lies.. Why post on a Trip Advisor forum if not to try and dissuade holidaymakers from going there?Why do people fall for this obvious fabrication?
    With regard to Mayer’s visit to Eustace’s home in the MOS investigation into Harlequin,did a bag of money change hands? What dreadfully poor investigative journalsm to speak to the ousted EX prime minister. Did he give a balanced view? I think not. This was his opportunity to make political capital. No concern whatsoever for the people of his country,the country itself or for the the Caribbean community in general.
    Mayers posted under “Anonymous” when asking investors to e-mail him. If this was genuine, he would have posted under his own name.One of you slipped up there. Yet more deceitful practice.
    There is a saying ” Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers” This certainly applies to both the MOS and the BFP!

  20. EddieLizzard2

    @ Harlisuccess
    February 28, 2013 at 3:28 pm
    I cannot believe the local staff at Buccament Bay have not been paid since December…

    So don’t believe it then! There have been plenty of allegations for months on end now, that staff at BB are not being paid on time. I wonder if those workers will be paid tomorrow and if they’ll receive their tips?

  21. yatiniteasy

    Just a bunch of rumors and lies from “green eyed” people who want to discredit Harlequin.So why are all these reports coming in from independent sources ?Here is another:

  22. Harlequin is a very unfortunate name…

  23. HarlequininvestorgroupNW@gmail.com

    A update regarding the investors meeting in Manchester on the 9th March 2013

    The interest has been amazing, we are planning other locations throughout the UK
    Two legal firm will be supporting us, they specialise in different areas
    You will be able to ask them questions they have a very good knowledge of the challenges we face
    The even will be covered by the media.
    We are compiling a list of questions for HP
    HP have been invited and we await a reply
    You really should come along and get some facts, the Internet can be very helpful, however they are not always balanced. We will be presenting facts, not opinions…… And its only a couple of pounds to get in!!!

    I shall keep you posted, but I am actually out of the UK until Monday PM so it could be less than normal.

    All the best,


  24. homefront

    seems unlikely these guys will be paid ,would like to make a donation .how can I do this without appearing crass?

  25. 36

    So how is it going to help the people of SVG if Harlequin’s assets are frozen? Has the anti Harlequin band waggon thought through the implications of their actions? When interviewed by the SFO their parting comment was “dont make details of our conversation public, peoples jobs and livelyhoods could be at stake and the investigation comes to nothing”. Think about it!

  26. New Stuff


    I presume that a High Court judge would only issue an order to freeze the assets if they had reasonable concern that the people in charge are in danger of misappropriating them. In which case how would that help the people of SVG.

    Once again 36 you reveal your only personal self interest under the thin veil of concern for the welfare of others. You really do yourself no favours on here and as each day goes by you are being overtaken by events .

  27. Sorry I posted the wrong email contact details the correct one is

  28. BBaywatch

    With unpaid wages, unpaid suppliers and contractors, issues with utility suppliers and no doubt tax liabilities with government departments one does wonder how long it will be before the SVG Government considers intervening to freeze the assets at Buccament Bay and protect the interests of the nation and its citizens?

    As it is generally accepted that the company controlling the resort is SVG registered this would be an entirely proper action in the circumstances. If Buccament Bay was taken under state ownership it might even be a lifeline to UK investors as once the toxic Harlequin and Ames connection had been removed and a fresh start made every aspect would be made easier, especially financing. The management would have to go of course, but there are SVG companies who would be completely competent to run such an operation – perhaps even bringing it under the Sandals brand would be a good move as it would benefit enormously from association.

    Demolish and landscape the uncompleted areas and buildings after salvaging anything of value and keep the resort at the size that it is now – which many guests seem to think is good. It could even be expanded in the future if there was sufficient demand.

    Investors would have to be willing to reconsider their status of course, but as shareholders in a new company or as beneficiaries of an associated company whose sole purpose was to oversee the restitution of funds invested they might actually get something back.

    Only one fly in the ointment, Dave Ames controversial relationship with Dr Gonsalves – and surely by acting in the interests of the nation Dr Gonsalves would demonstrate his independence?

  29. 36

    @New Stuff, you do speak a load of c**p at times. I have asked a question regarding the well being of people in SVG, people incidentaly who I have met, and you say I’m only interested in myself! Unbelievable. Ok let me ask you this: there are 3500 investers in HP, many who would have no chance of getting their interest payments made, by the actions of a very small minority. And that is justifiable is it? How selfish of you! By the way HP do not pay me interest payments!

  30. New Stuff


    Ok, so please explain how either of these two outcomes would be detrimental to the people of SVG.

    A high court judge, in possession of all the available evidence, concludes that the directors of this company are not likely to misappropriate funds and therefore turns down the freezing order.

    A high court judge, in possession of all the available evidence, concludes that the directors of this company are likely to misappropriate funds and therefore upholds the freezing order.

  31. New Stuff

    Also, email addresses are not case sensitive so it doesn’t matter if people email to the address with NW in capitals or nw in lower case.

  32. homefront

    I did warn you that 36 would lash out with abuse ,Its all in the hands of the court now let them make a judgement and all will have to deal with the verdict

  33. 36

    @new stuff, a freezing order is as it says, assets and any income are frozen. BB would not be able to operate, the operation would grind to a halt. And you have not answered my point about interest payments being paid. Again a small minority are trying to dictate to a larger majority, with no mandate! A previous poster on here, not sure which thread, mentioned potential suicides due to financial ruin. Be careful what you wish for.

  34. BBaywatch

    “BB would not be able to operate, the operation would grind to a halt.”

    – all the more reason for the government of SVG to consider intervening to protect the interests of the nation and its citizens.

  35. 36

    @homefront, Lash out with abuse! So a small minority can dictate to the majority. No chance that this is being driven by the O’Halloran/Newman supporters to try and break HP before the trials are concluded then? I would think this has been anticipated by HP and will answers, although I do not have any inside information on that one before you ask!

  36. New Stuff


    Lots of (all?) investors who are entitled to have interest payments have not received them and this was without a freezing order. So if Harlequin are willing to deprive investors of funds that they are contractually obliged to pay how exactly would a freezing order make matters worse?

    Is it preferable that we all pretend everything is fine so that a few more folk can hand over their life savings so that the whole operation can limp on for another few weeks before the edifice comes finally tumbling down?

  37. New Stuff


    You talk about a small minority dictating the events that are unfolding. This is a very strange way of looking at it. It doesn’t really matter about what the opinion of the minority or majority believe to be the next best step. All that matters is the financial health of this company.

    If the company is on a sound footing with coherent and deliverable plans to build everything that has been purchased then all they need to do is publish the information and get on and do it.

    The endless hiding behind lame excuses that various people and organisations have let them down is not sufficient to satisfy the demands of investors who have very reasonable concerns.

    Even if this is not a scam, by their own admission Harlequin have not had the experience or skill to place adequate controls around these projects and the result is that they have been duped (their words not mine). Well how fantastic is that! They have been duped using investors money and not their own.

    What is your suggestion for the best way forward? All go away and pretend the whole thing is simply great? Maybe we should all hit the streets with publicity material and see how many more folk we can get to invest and then we might just scrape together enough money to get the money back for existing investors?

  38. 36

    @New stuff, of course it matters what the minority or majority believe. How do you know what the 3500 investors want. Perhaps the majority are prepared to give HP the benefit of the doubt and have made their own decisions on whether this will/will not work. Looking to go to the court even before a meeting of interested parties has taken place shows this has got no mandate from anyone. I bet this was Regulatory legal’s idea.

  39. New Stuff


    Herein lies the fundamental difference between you and most other posters here. You, I think, are of the opinion that this business is still in fair shape and, given a further period of grace from investors and the media, they would go on to honour all their commitments. In your opinion, I think, anyone posting negative things is only going to bring down what is otherwise a healthy and sound investment opportunity.

    The counter view is that this is not a sound business and that if it doesn’t fail tomorrow then it will do so in the future causing lots of people to lose money. The longer this continues the more people will be caught out and so the number of people who will have misery inflicted on them will increase.

    Harlequin have had years and years to provide evidence that their model is sound and have, this far, failed to make the case a convincing one. Add to this the constant lateness or non-publication of accounts, the auditors qualifications and their own admission as a company that they failed to adequately control two construction companies. I have to then ask, what evidence can you place before us that makes your optimism is well founded?

  40. Mr Blue

    I’m not quite how to take 36. He’s either a completely disillusioned investor totally blinkered to obvious facts, a troll with no connection at all, or (more likely) a Harlequin muppet trying desperately to keep their scam going.

    Staff at BB haven’t been paid for 3 months, so even though they’re working, they technically don’t have a job do they? So how would BB’s collapse hurt them? They’d have nowhere to go and work for free every day?

    Good luck with the meeting all. We’re all behind you (all except 36 and all the other Harlequin people who will soon see their day in court).

  41. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I have changed my ID from 36 to:
    @Mr Blue, don’t come on here trying to denegrate me. Read the history and you will know my background on this. MUPPET.
    @New stuff, if you are an investor, not just an agitator, then you will have received the following:
    “we can inform you that Harlequin appointed an accountancy firm to carry out a thorough forensic accounting audit on the company several months ago.”
    “The process has now been completed and they have confirmed that all investor monies received by Harlequin can be accounted for. It has also been verified that after the commission taken by Harlequin Property, as shown in its UK accounts, all further monies are designated for the construction, development, land acquisition and operation of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts projects.”
    So I think your freezing action is somethat premature. Just ask for the accounts.

  42. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Walton paul, AKA Grust Grust 27th Feb, 7.23, How about taking the £45k you were offered and give it to the employees of BB whose jobs you are about to destroy?

  43. New Stuff


    When the accounts are lodged with the appropriate Companies House and so fully available to public scrutiny then we will be able to comment. Until then it remains yet another pronouncement from a company that has a long history of declaring things that prove to evaporate on closer inspection.

    How many times has it been announced that funding for completion mortgages are just around the corner. Promises around funding have been bandied around for the last 3 years or more. A fanfare was sounded for the funding that Caldora were going to provide and where are they now? I’m sorry but your evidence is going to have to be considerably better than this

  44. Anonymous

    36, any clear thinking person can see this company is doomed, so massive are its liabilities that they are demonstrating they cannot meet. You nor anyone can change the fact that ames has conned everyone, he cannot deliver what he’s committed to.

  45. New Stuff

    And your use of the term “agitator” also reveals that you are promoting the harlequin product. My comments would only agitate someone who put the continuation of this farce above the best interests of the wider public.

    One person’s agitator is another person’s saviour of their peaceful retirement. It all depends on your perspective.

  46. BBaywatch

    @36 If we could keep just one thread on topic it would be helpful – there are more appropriate threads to discuss accounts on.

    Mr Blue’s comments reinforce just what a negative impact the running of this business is having locally, which must be focussing minds in the way that I have previously suggested.

    That’s the problem with ignoring the elephant in the room – before you know it there’s a two ton pachyderm tap dancing on your face!

  47. Harlisuccess

    The ambulance chasers, pseudo solicitors, are not being magnaminous in” giving up their weekend”. They will be at the meeting, if ever it takes place, to drum up business from the gullible. If you think they are going to help, you are sadly mistaken.Fatchett has a chequered historyf failed businesses, one after another.You say you are going to hand money over to him. you must be mad!Save on the expenditure and take your mother out to lunch instead.
    The MOS reports investors meetings have been taking place up and down the country. We all know that’s a lie, so how on earth are we expected to believe anything else these amateurs have written?

  48. yatiniteasy

    @New Stuff 1.44 pm….here is such a pronouncement from DA in his Newsletter dated Sept 2012 (6 months ago)
    “However, at this time I am
    pleased to confirm that we have a Letter of Intent from one financial institution that
    is offering to fund the cost of building a new hotel for Harlequin to operate, and
    another lender that is on the verge of offering us finance to build in the Dominican
    Republic. ”
    In the same Newsletter he states that they were in the process of delivering titles to properties at BB.

    Its called buying time.

  49. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @New stuff, everyone saw through Caldora. I was at the presentation. His financial credibilty was not viable.
    My use of the word “agitator” does not prove anything. Are you an investor? yes or no? If not then you are an agitator. Simple as.

  50. 216

    Hardly success
    I have paid for the room hire
    I have organised this group
    I have organised everything Paul has agreed to help me with the group and promoting it,

  51. New Stuff

    Wrong again Harlisuccess.

    Your post says that the MoS report states that “investors meetings have been taking place up and down the country”.

    The report says no such thing.

    In fact it says, “Harlequin property investor groups have been organising meetings up and down the country”.

    This is a true statement. The article says absolutely nothing about any group having met already. A NW group has been organising a meeting in Manchester with further plans to hold meetings in the midlands and the south.

  52. New Stuff

    More accurately still it says “Harlequin Property investor groups have been organising meetings across the country”

  53. Mr Blue

    @36, I have read this. All of it. I’ve read pretty much everything there is to read about Harlequin. You claim to have been refunded for the Two Rivers project as it wasn’t to your satisfaction, yet you still blindly spew Harlequin’s BS. And now to claim that their accounts are all in order and there’s nothing to worry about? No investor could be that naive. When Dave Ames moves his hand, I see your mouth move, thus the muppet comment.

    I do agree with you re: Fatchett though. He’s not the best candidate, however I suspect your concern lies more with not inviting any legal scrutiny than it does with his history.

  54. Who cares

    The statement from Harlequin says that their accounts have been independently audited but do they say who has carried this out? Can they publish the statement from the accountants on the headed notepaper of the firm in question?

    They go on to say that all the money, after commissions, is set aside for construction but they are silent on the issue of whether the money is sufficient for the task.

  55. no investors meetings have taken place, the mos article gives the impression that thy have .

  56. New Stuff

    The MoS article gives no such impression unless you have difficulties with English comprehension.

    It says nothing about groups having met. It says that investor groups have organised meetings. Just because a meeting has been organised does not meet it has taken place!

  57. New Stuff

    * does not mean it has taken place

  58. 216

    Quiet right they have not yet taken place, This week we will be aproaching several media outlets to advertise the meeting we have already organised in Manchester.

  59. Harlequininvestorgroupnw@gmail.com.
    The the legal team for the Harlequin Investor Group is Regulatory Legal Solicitors, Pannone LLP Solicitors and No5 Chambers.
    so you have a choice – either way what have you got to lose?

  60. EddieLizzard2

    Please may I remind you ALL that the subject of THIS particular thread is about Buccament Bay worker who raised a concern that Vincentian workers have not received their wages since December 2012.

    Barbados Free Press reported on 27 February 2013 the following:
    “Will these local people be paid? All the expat staff have been paid! Why not the locals?”…

    Some of you here are arguing over-and-over again about who said what about the MOS feature and discussing who’s going to which meeting. I know that many investors are extremely worried about HP, but, there are plenty of other threads you can all comment on, so why not leave this one to its original subject ?

    Please think about the Vincentian workers.

  61. 138

    If investors have had their contracts breached, have asked for refunds according to those contracts, and harlequin have not honoured the contracts then what choice do they have, and as Paul says, you really have nothing to lose and well done to everyone finally taking a stand and taking action. Aside from that, harlequin will never start some of the projects,never mind finish – when real forensic audits are done, the real size of this scam will stun many investors. Was talking to a farmer at Marquis the other day in st Lucia, he was laughing at the plans harlequin had for that site – just ridiculous. Said a white guy had come to him two weeks ago saying he has invested in some land here, and asked the farmer if he knew where it was. He could not believe the guy had invested in this land and scheme, and the investor tried to get to the beach but it is virtually inaccessible, and further, it is barely a beach. The concept of trying to develop that site (starting infratsructure from scratch) and then try to run a profitable resort there is indeed funny because it is simply bizarre. But to the main point, get your money out if you can now, svg govt needs to take over the bb resort and get a proper operator in and keep the staff employed and PAID.

  62. @Eddie Lizzard 2 good comments and noted – a new post has been started by BFP
    good luck

  63. We still have had no reply from Mr Ames or his in-house solicitor Mr A Regan who if anyone will attend the investor meetings, we have asked again today for a response.

  64. 138

    Sorry to ask on this thread, but in reply to Paul, does anyone know what happened to simon Terry? He was an odious character.

  65. Sorry I have never had any dealing with him.

  66. homefront

    well said Eddie ,as these guys have invested time and effort and it has to be said loyality could some kind person be rep. for them at the meeting next week?

  67. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @waltonpaul AKA Grust Grust 5.00pm, “The the legal team for the Harlequin Investor Group is Regulatory Legal Solicitors, Pannone LLP Solicitors and No5 Chambers. so you have a choice ”
    I quote from “thefreelibrary” Jan 2013
    “No5 have put together a legal team with Regulatory Legal and national law firm Pannone LLP to develop an investor protection proposition. The joint venture has been called Risk Warning. ” LOL
    Some fricking choice that is then. All part of the same “team”

  68. Buccament resort worker

    As a worker at Buccament Bay Resort I find it rather disturbing that BFP would post a story from a source without first investigating the truth of the allegation! All resort staff have been paid this week for the month of February as they were paid last month and the month before! Why not check with any one of the 351 local staff before attacking with false stories!

  69. 36

    @Buccament resort worker. Thank you for updating us all with FACTS. Unfortunately you will probably be called a Harlequin puppet now. BFP do not investigate, only publish banner headlines. How will you feel if HP assets are frozen and you are not paid at all? But who cares about you. Not someone with a grudge and an ambulance chaser that’s for sure.

  70. just ask

    ask the barbados workers if they have been paid yet

  71. E


    March 3, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    @homefront, Lash out with abuse! So a small minority can dictate to the majority. No chance that this is being driven by the O’Halloran/Newman supporters to try and break HP before the trials are concluded then? I would think this has been anticipated by HP and will answers, although I do not have any inside information on that one before you ask!

    I have never actually met O”Halloran or Newman so how / why would this meeting I have arranged have anything to do with them? I suppose I can invite them if you want?

    I have yet to go to a meeting with Harlequin and been able to ask a question what is that all about? According to Wikki; In a meeting, two or more people come together to discuss one or more topic.

    There is so much I could tell you about Harlequin and there treatment of myself but will leave it to come out on Panorama and in the courts.

    The truth is if they had conducted themselves as profesionals it would never have come to this

    This meeting has been arranged as I am sick of reporting this fraud to the authorities and them not doing anything


  72. E

    I posted earlier as 216 I dont know how that happened !

  73. Dave Amesless

    Quick ITV+1 @ 11.15

    Welcome to your world

  74. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @E/216, so you have arranged the Manchester meeting then? Just because you have not met O’Halloran/Newman does not mean you no connection with them. How do you know its a fraud if you cannot be bothered to meet with the people who are supposidly defrauding you. Very nieve.

  75. Mr Blue

    Come on @36 (Fatchett does not represent me), if you are suggesting that meeting Ames and co would help, it appears they are ignoring requests to attend. If you are suggesting O’Halloran/Newman are to blame for all of this then you are naive. How can a missing 13 million bring down a reported 300 million dollar company? That’s reported, I can’t wait to hear the FSA’s SIPP figures next week. I suspect the number will be far larger than so far reported. And remember, this will only be the SIPP numbers, only Harlquin have the total numbers, and they’re not telling (I wonder why that is?). Maybe the new accounts will clarify, the magical accounts that say “everything is a-ok in Harlequin land”

    Give me a break!

  76. E

    I have been told numerous inaccuracies by Harlequin with regards to Land ownership,Planning permission,Golf courses,progress of resorts ect
    I have met Mr Ames once, I have not met the rest of the Ames family that does not mean I could not be bothered that just means the opportunity has not yet arisen.
    I have no reason to meet with O”Halloran or Newman I did not have a contract with them to build properties on my behalf. My contract was with Harlequin Properties.
    This is not a kangaroo court and I will save my evidence for when the real court case dealing with these matters is in session.

  77. @36 you mentioned everyone could see through the Caldora finance, question, how could Mr Ames and invited him to ask for investments for the ‘fund’ I was also and the presentations.

  78. New Stuff

    I agree with 36 regarding the reporting of facts in here or any other published account. It is not good enough to publish information when the source of that has not been verified as accurate. I don’t think that kind of reporting does anyone any good in the long run.

    Going back to Caldora. If the lack of credibility of the fund manager was that obvious it does beg the question as to why it ever found its way into a newsletter. A quick look at the Caldora website and a moment of due diligence reveals everything that anyone would want to know before sending Caldora any money so why were they heralded as a realistic source of funding? It is this kind of behaviour that makes people think twice about the experience and capability of this development company.

    I see there is yet another promise of third party finance in a deal that is on the verge of being signed (why is everything always just around the corner?).

  79. Like the St Vincents mortgage broker contacting clients, ‘many next month should have an update’, after Christmas, even a 12% deal was available,anyway in a recent meeting with Mr Ames in February 2013 apparently we could complete on one of my units in BB – I asked for details of any documents to back this up the finance….I am still waiting.

  80. Is it just me? or not being in possession of any documentation regarding, finance, solicitors, an alien licience? a completion in Buccement Bay for April could be classed as impossible?

    Maybe someone could correct me?

    I doubt it would be done in England so quickly?

  81. @Buccament resort worker

    I am delighted you all have been paid and all of the comments have been unjustified.

  82. DA what was the program called and can we see it on catch up TV?

  83. @36 come along and ask them anything you like… we will be coming to a venue near you very soon. Would this not be a more suitable why to carry one? Mr Ames my even be there.

  84. homefront

    going to the start of this item. have the workers been paid..anyone know for sure.,had one post but more would be nice

  85. 90

    Yes! We have Vincy managers and directors who can confirm if some one had checked before rushing out a false report! I am working on resort and can confirm that this is a false report just designed to cause trouble between people here and the ex pats. Our director of security, director of engineering, head of HR, head of finance among others are all Vincy born and bred! Our head of HR is a former Vincy carnival queen and our director of security was previously the local police divisional commander who joined us after 36 years police service and getting to the rank of Superintendent! All well known here and reputable but no reporter checks with us here!

  86. 90

    A simple land registry check with the planning office in St Vincent or with the chief planner Mr A Ollievere will confirm that Harlequin do indeed own the land Buccament Bay is built on and that Mr Ollievere himself oversaw the subdivision of the six parcels of land in order for individual title to be obtained for each unit thus enabling completion to now go ahead! Amazing how untrue and unsubstantiated rumours can be peddled by either sacked ex employees or contractors trying to lead a stampede away from their own guilt! Classic case of deflection hey Cliff, Paudie and Jeremy!

  87. Harlisuccess

    I am so pleased to learn that the hard working local staff at beautiful Buccament Bay are being paid on time as I said they would be. Just another malicious lie from the troublemakers and unchecked by the BFP. Shame on you!

  88. Hard done by

    Yes it is brilliant that Harlequin are such brilliant employers but a shame Ames still calls St Vincent a “Third world country” is it not!

  89. 85

    Liar, Liar, pants on fire. Every worker has been paid. And they are bragging. How do you think I know. My husband is not expat he is 100% vincy, he got paid for December, January and February. Please vincentians stop telling lies, this is your country, dont get involved in this nastiness. The project is in our country. I can put my hat on that my man gets paid every month, we are able to pay our bills, like the other 400 vincentians working at Buccament Bay.
    Workers at Buccament stop telling people and guest that you are not being paidyou gett more money thatn a public service worker beginning stlary.

  90. 85

    Buccament Bay and Harlequin is here to stay. Regardless to what the scamps who pulled the first scam on unsuspecting Mr. Ames try to do. This is our bread and butter. You took the man’s money, but you want to be bombastic about it and trying to say , that he took it. We all know in St. Vincent about your jet and big house in Barbados. Pay back the man his money so he can pay back his investors and finish the project in our beautiful island. Mr. Ames we are behind you 100%. Let the nay sayer put their money where there mouth is.

  91. 85

    One of the things that irks me on this matter is the fact that the truth will not be told. why cant they come forward and say that they took advantage of Mr. Ames?? why cant they come out and say all the wrong that they did him and how much faith he had in those that disappointed him that have him in this dilema?? there are people are are saying that they havent been paid. they are the ones that are eating because of the Ames family. they didnt have to go to the little island of St vincent and build a multimillion dollar project which provided jobs for over 400 people and counting…. he didnt have to do these things and from what i understand the rate that Harlequiin is paying their workers, no other business pay that much. Vincentians, think about these claims that you are making. if the bbr resort were to shut down, how many of you will be able to buy bread ther next day?? knowing the economy is slow, how many of you will be able to pay your bills on time?? come on man. these accusations you are making can cause a lot of problem for the Ames family. STOP THESE DEROGATORY CLAIMS and think about what will happen to you in the long run. the BBR is bringing in money to the island,what will become of the 400 plus people who are under the Ames employ??? THINK ON YOUR WORDS!!!!

  92. 100

    Anon, but what if between 3000 and 6000 people are losing their life’s savings because Ames took their money and promised them something that has not happened? What does that make him? Yes, you have a 250 or so room hotel in St vincent, but these people bought rooms in resort in St Lucia, three in the DR and one in Barbados, none of which have even started yet, and may well never happen. People’s life savings, they were relying on them for their retirement, but Ames lied to them about what he was going to do with those funds and they could lose out completely. If the worst happens and BB closes for a while, (I agree that BB is there to stay), workers will be able to work again. But these people will not have their careers again, the money is gone. It is Ames’s fault he did not control their money – you say it was stolen by the man with the house and jet in Barbados, but he should not have been able to steal it if Ames was in control of the things properly. I agree that thanks to Ames, you have a hotel there to stay – but also thanks to Ames he is ruining thousands of people’s lives back in the UK. He has not put any of his own money in, but the money of people who gave him money for investments that have not even started. Don’t worry, BB is there to stay and SVG will benefit from that, this issue goes way beyond SVG.

  93. 85

    You dogs, try and close this Resort. No to Sandals or any other big hotel francise because they will bring in their own management people and kick out the vincentians. Ha, ha, ha, the joke will be on all of us. All of you have your axe to grind. Don’t make it political. It will only come back to bite you in the long run. Check first before jumping on the band wagon. What do the persons who are perpetrating all this have to gain. Pure sour grapes, guess what they are expats with no allegiance to this St. Vincent.

  94. 100

    Your resort is safe anon, noone is going to knock it down. It may be than another operator does come in, but vincentians will keep the jobs there I would think. It is reported that they are doing a good job, delivering good service, so no reason they should not continue, whoever is the management company/owner. My points were entirely separate relating to what it has cost innocent investors to get it where it is now. Good luck with BB, am sure over the years it will work one way or the other. Cannot say the same for the unstarted resorts elsewhere.

  95. 85

    @10. Are you saying that Mr. Ames is responsible for the dishonesty of his team?? are you saying that you have never been hurt by the ones you trust?? yu say Mr. Ames lied to the investors, what did he lie about?? he told that about BBR, isnt it a reality?? he told them that he is building one in Barbados, isnt it starting to build, it might not be finished yet but isnt it started?? When doing business, you lose some and you win some. you dont always stand to gain. these investors should leaver oom for some disappointment. its just business. its not his faut that he believed in his team when they told himn that the deadlien will be met. its nott his fault that whenever they were aske dto give an account of everything they were all lies.. how is it his fault???!! yes, i agree that he shoud hve been on their backs more to ensure that the work is done, but cant you see that when he realised that he is not getting hwat they say he is, he turned over to another company. two companies swindled him and the investors. Ridgeview and ICE. I am truly sorry for the investors, but they should stand with Mr. Ames and let Paul or whoever he is, oay back the millions he used for own personal use. Monkey see money and monkey play d fool wid money. HhahaHhaha

  96. Anon - reasons unknown

    Oh dear, oh dear.

    I’m afraid Ames is totally responsible, and I’m perfectly confident in saying he is a LIAR.

    I have all documentation published by Harlequin since 2006 to prove that.

    How on earth can you defend him when he has absolutely nothing to lose but everyone else’s money? People lives are being ruined. Totally ruined.

  97. BBaywatch

    from a linked post on Trip Advisor

    quote –

    “Harlequin Property buys Caribbean Island

    29 January 2008

    Harlequin Property are pleased to announce that they have recently bought Petit Nevis island in the Caribbean which will offer discerning clients the chance to have their dream property designed by a renowned architect, offering them total privacy.

    Harlequin Island Retreat, with approximately 25 plots of land available for development, will become one of the most prestigious addresses in the world; synonymous with wealth and success, this investment is not for everyone as plots of land alone start from over £1 million.

    Dave Ames Marketing Director for Harlequin Property says, “Our continued success in property development in the Caribbean has paved the way for our biggest acquisition to date, Harlequin Island Retreat (HIR). The start of the new millennium saw us focus on property investments that offered the highest specifications but at affordable prices, backed by investment packages that suited individual investor’s needs. Whilst this marketing strategy continues and has proved to be extremely effective and rewarding we were constantly reminded that there was also a market for unparalleled luxury, offering utmost privacy. It was this understanding of the market that led us to invest in HIR, in what will ultimately become one of the worlds leading postcodes.”

    HIR in the Grenadines, near Mustique offers 71 acres that will ultimately provide approximately 25 plots of land available for development with the help of the internationally renowned architect Lorenzo Bellini. Each villa will be unique providing buyers with their own signature property. The island will further benefit by the construction of two private beaches along with a hub consisting of the island management company, bar and restaurant.

    Prices for building plots start from over £1 million for a minimum of1 acre rising up to £5 million for larger sites. For further information on this exclusive opportunity contact the Harlequin management team.”

    – and at that point any remaining credibility that Harlequin had as a developer was gone. It was stated as fact that the deal was done, Harlequin were the new owners of a piece of rock that no sensible person in their wildest dreams would ever have considered suitable for development – and no one who had done any research at all would have invested in.

  98. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Annon Reasons Unknown,
    You really do yourself no credit with your vitriolic language. You need to calm down.

  99. Anon - reasons unknown

    What vitriolic language?

  100. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon-ru, did you not call me a f***ing twat?

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  102. Anonymous

    ask them!