Barbados Detective Constable on Owen Arthur: “Give the man 2 bottles of Mount Gay and tell him go home and don’t come back.”

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Should police officers openly discuss politics?

by WSD

We have many sayings in Barbados and two of my favourites are mostly true: “Everything is political” and “Nothing is secret for long”.

Everything can’t help being political in a smaller society where everyone knows everyone else and knows everyone else’s business. You can sneak around on Bim with somebody’s husband or wife but sooner or later it will out. Sneaking around always does out in Bim.

No secrets when it come to politics either! Bees against Dems on election day and after election day too. In the public service when a supervisor position opens up, LOOK OUT! Watch the Bees and the Dems line up to support their brothers and sisters.

Our last Chief Justice – just the highest judge in the country that’s all – was a former BLP politician, attorney general and acting Prime Minister. Did something ever get judged one way and not some other way because the judge was a BLP and the accused was a BLP member too? That was always in the back of people’s minds and it shouldn’t have been. Whether David Simmons was a good Chief Justice or not doesn’t matter if it looked bad that he was a politician in charge of the courts.

When there is a possible conflict of interest based on family or friendships or business relationships it damages the people’s faith in the institutions. A big criticism of Chief Justice Simmons accepting the position was that it looked bad, and caused people to be suspicious that the highest judge might have conflicts of interest based on his politics.

So it can be with other government professions too, and that includes police officers.

“This tell me something about Owen Arthur, he pushed out Mia because he wanted to be prime minister if they won the elections, now they lost he put he back in, give the man 2 bottles of Mount Gay and tell him go home and don’t come back. My respect to Mia for taking things so cool.”

Posted on the BLP Facebook page by a Detective Constable of the Royal Barbados Police Force

Is it proper if a police officer discusses politics on the internet while identifying themselves as a police officer?     

That’s what one Barbados Detective Constable recently did on the Barbados Labour Party Facebook discussion page. If I’m a member of the Democratic Labour Party and I have dealings with a police I know is a BLP supporter, should I be worried? If nothing bad happens should Bajans be concerned that it just looks worrisome?

Many countries have rules against police officers belonging to political parties or engaging in public political discussions. A little internet research results in many news articles about this from around the world.

In Sierra Leone, the Superintendent of Police said “any police officer found in public support of any political party during and after the 2012 elections will be discharged of his/her duties.”

The Institute for Security Studies in Africa says:

“Success in maintaining election security depends upon the political neutrality and professionalism of the security personnel. Police officers should not belong to any political party or promote partisan views. They should do their job without any bias towards any of the contesting parties.”

Some states in the USA prohibit police from running for political office, and most prohibit police from political activity when working or wearing their uniforms.

Barbados needs to pay more attention to conflicts of interest by people in public employment and especially in positions of power. Our police officers shouldn’t be engaging in public discussions of politics or be seen to be supporters of any particular political party, be that DLP or BLP.


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9 responses to “Barbados Detective Constable on Owen Arthur: “Give the man 2 bottles of Mount Gay and tell him go home and don’t come back.”

  1. Name.

    Whether the guy is a Policeman or not, what he said is entirely true!! Owen is a drunk -everyone knows that! Big deal. So he’s another of hundreds maybe thousands of drunks on this island!

    Owen’s liver must be in disastrous shape, thoroughly compromised, bordering on Cirrhosis! Not fit to lead, sorry. MIA is a much better option!


  2. Rastaman

    Sometimes it is better not to say anything

  3. Mark Fenty

    ” Just food for thought”
    It is sad how the people who call themselves modern day politicians in Barbados, are making a mockery of the political institution, heroes like Barrow and the like worked so hard to established. It really sadden me to see how the money driven mentality of the west has permeated the mindset of the modern day politician in Barbados. obviously, ill-gotten gain seems to be fundamental objective of the new and improved politician in Barbados, there is an effort on their part to place the personal affairs ahead of the public affairs. Now, I’m well aware however, of the fact that there is no such as perfection within the scope human government. And that man’s faults and failings too often gets in the way of his ability to honestly prosecute the will of the people. To often many of us have this ill- conceived perception that the arbitors of our public affairs, can do not wrong. Doesn’t it seems though that we the people too often set ourselves up for failure, when we assume that the people who are charge with the public affair, are little more than human? Why is it that we are so surprise by the ill-conduct of our leaders, when we have before us the public-record,and precedent which validate their conduct? We ought to know better the to place our trust in the instrument of government, when we’re obviously well aware of the consequences of such actions.

  4. Konkieman

    Owen is a bought and paid for politician. I was 8 years old when Barrow took us independent and for all the PMs up to Owen, I can say I was proud of their integrity compared to TT and Jamacia ones of the same period.

    He thought he had stuck the dagger deep in Mia, but his past caught up. What goes around comes back twofold. I agree, give the man a 40 oz and let him take his tiefing self back into his St Peter crab hole.

  5. 54

    For years I have watched the process where politicians have succeeded, along with their supporters, in sealing the island and it’s taxpayers into a political trap, with no escape exits available. They have turned the smallest of needs of every individual into a political exercise. They will now have to pay the piper.

  6. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    And as all of you seek to hurl your insults towards Owen’s drunken state he and the rest of the thiefing politicians are rich beyond their wildest dreams. There is no ITAL or enforcement of the law against the officials to stop the continued plunder, schemes, plots and plans of those who receive hundreds of thousands of easy tax free dollars. There will be no change in the practice of pilifering . Crooks of both parties are free to do as their like because there is no ITAL, no declaration of asset laws; no proper accountability of enforcement of the law against these white collar crooks. So my thing to you all is insult Owen all like he can live a comfortable life with all the money he has over his 14 year plunder

  7. Disappointed and don't care.

    Bajans truly received the government they deserved this time around. There is no integrity legislation. There will be no integrity legislation.

    BLP or DLP does not matter.

    We will regret not putting one independent into Parliament to represent the people. Taan Abed could have been that man but Bajans went for the the corned beef and biscuits.

  8. The BLP’s Blog is also vanished as a Private blog now, while the DEM’s has been eradicated – the WordPress sub-domain name is now retired