Two cheques prove it doesn’t matter if DLP or BLP win Barbados election

"Campaign Donation" deposited to Prime Minister Owen Arthur's personal bank account. Barbados political elites break laws without fear.

“Campaign Donation” deposited to Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s personal bank account. Barbados political elites break laws without fear.

During the 2007-2008 election campaign, then Opposition Leader David Thompson produced a cancelled $75,000 cheque proving that Owen Arthur deposited a ‘campaign donation’ into Arthur’s personal bank account.

In other words, at best Prime Minister Owen Arthur stole $75,000 from his own party’s political donations, and at worst that the $75,000 was a straight bribe to the Prime Minister – disguised as a ‘campaign donation’ that was never intended to make it into the BLP’s bank account.

David Thompson jumped all over this, and ran the DLP election campaign on promises of personal and party integrity, and to implement ITAL: Integrity Legislation, Transparency and Accountability Legislation. Thompson promised Freedom of Information within 90 days and Conflicts of Interest Rules immediately.

David Thompson and the DLP lied.

Then we had the CLICO mess where it was learned that Thompson had performed all manner of unethical acts when he was CLICO’s lawyer. After being elected the corruption continued with Thompson and the DLP using the CLICO business jet for free and money-laundering for his old friend Leroy Parris.

At the time of the big collapse, David Thompson issued a phoney invoice from his law firm to CLICO – without the knowledge of Thompson’s law partners. His friend Leroy Parris approved the cheque $3.3 million dollar cheque to the Thompson law office – but that cheque went straight back to Parris through David Thompson on January 16, 2009! That’s right folks… while David Thompson was the Prime Minister of Barbados and within days of the CLICO collapse.

Clico Parris Theft

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It’s called theft. Stealing. Money Laundering… and Prime Minister David Thompson did it!

Owen Arthur and the BLP are thieves. David Thompson, Freundel Stuart and the DLP are thieves.

Two cheques – two corrupt political parties.

So tell it true, folks: does it really matter if either the BLP or the DLP form the next government?

I think not.


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10 responses to “Two cheques prove it doesn’t matter if DLP or BLP win Barbados election

  1. Rastaman

    Piss poor media coverage. Another 5 years of hardship.Bajans prepare for a devaluation of the dollar.

  2. 197

    CBC at it worst…if you watched CBC last night, I am sure you would agree. I took up my phone twice to call them and piss all over them, I did not as I thought it would have gone over their heads

  3. Freundel Hired?

    BREAKING NEWS: Fire Freundel is now like Mark Stokes and off the face of the earth, there is a “firefreundel” website but that is Under Construction – all of the youtube videos get pulled!

  4. just want to know

    The Clico people will never get their money now, and if they do it will only be a percentage. The only improvement we will see in Barbados now,is more thieving.

  5. helpless

    the cheque to Arthur was processed by a Bank. The one to Thompson was not processed on the face of it. Which was genuine?

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  8. Party Animal

    Can anybody get a copy of the cheque or trace the sixteen Million Dollars a Company or person put up in the last Election ? I understand that another Company was giving one of the Parties two or three Million and they told the Company they could do better than that, I would have taken back my cheque and tell then to stuff it.
    I will continue to say that the Private Sector has us in the mess we are in now, I hope they don’t screw up in the next Election, if they ain’t got no money then don’t run.
    Why would a Party want twenty Million dollars to run an Election ? and that is by two. (Parties)
    All those that were giving out the $100.00 bills and the $ 250.00 dollars should be found and put behind bars.

  9. Jonathan E Rochester

    Freundel Stuart continues to fool the whole of Barbados when he got into Parliament and said that Leroy Parris is his friend and he cannot treat him like a leper that was because Parris was paying him to hold fast on any civil matters that he had against CLICO..Freundel Stuart also approved the payment of 400.000 to Hal Gollop and Pat Cheltenham as legal fees in the case of the man disabled in the accident with Transport board and they only work on the settlement…Freundel walk around telling everyone that he had nothing to do with David Thompson when he had a direct line to Thompson as leader of the opposition and they decided that Mascoll had to go as he was too honest and was a stumbling block to their corrupt practices..they never wants him around in their administration so they had to bury him politically…

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