Marva Cossy: your vote doesn’t count for anything (But would she vote independent?)

“I don’t intent to vote.” 

Marva Cossy Barbados

Vote for whom… Vote for what?

by Marva Cossy of Caribbean Marvel blog

Voters in Barbados will choose a government on Thursday, February 21 but I don’t intent to vote.   I said so months ago and my friends behaved as if I was committing treason.

To vote or not to vote is a right I have to exercise, but when I made my declaration, my friend instantly shifted their heated debate about the performance and potential of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) – to the value of an ‘X’.  Six or seven of them against one, me! Unity was achieved as they tried to sell me the importance of vote.

They eloquently painted the road to enfranchisement taken by working class Barbadians; verbally re-enacting the 1940s struggle with as much drama as if they were present. They were delighted that I matched them with equal passion on the historical issues as well as the significance of having the right to vote. But they were disappointed that I was (and I am) resolute about my position not to vote.

I was accused of selling out those Barbadians of yesteryear who fought to gain that right to vote for themselves and future generations; I was chided for wasting the money tax payers spent on my 20 plus years of education; some of their ‘friendly’ criticisms are too harsh for public ears.

“I am unmoved. What difference will my voting make? That is the question, I’ve asked myself countless times and I’ve searched my soul for an honest opinion. I’ve examined the parties and see no philosophical divide; no major difference in programmes; no vigour, all status quo.”

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16 responses to “Marva Cossy: your vote doesn’t count for anything (But would she vote independent?)

  1. John

    I would vote for a dead cat if it ran as an Independent in my constituency.

    There are none running unless I am pleasantly surprised when I go on Thursday to vote and see a third name on the paper.

    I am left with a choice of B or D,

    I don’t even look at the candidates as one proved he is a complete waste of time in his sojourn as a minister, the D man, and the other is a complete unknown to me.

    For me, the overriding consideration is that the Bees are bringing back the same hierarchy I have seen operate already to the detriment of Barbados and I ain’t supporting their return.

    So, I am going to hold my nose and vote D on Thursday.

    Next time, if I live, I might consider running as an Independent so I know for whom I am voting …. that looks to be the only way I can avoid being in the situation I am in.

  2. 92

    @ John: one is a complete unknown to me. So if you don’t vote for him/her then how will these newbies ever get in and take over from the hierarchy when it is time to do so? You would vote fro a dead cat because the D man was ineffective. OK. But then you say you’ll vote for the D man again, albeit holding your nose? So many contradictions John!
    @Marva. You have never lived in a country where you can’t vote or are intimidated into not voting. You have never lived in a place where the inhabitants fought a war of Independence from their colonizers. (We got ours the soft way!) You have never lived in a country where, after you vote, your Government employers either fire you or make your life hell if you didn’t vote for their candidate, as happens in the Venezuela of Chavez! Imagine that happening in Barbados? Not too far fetched a scenario in these modern, ever-changing times, nuh? You don’t value your vote nor, indeed the privilege of being able to vote. Nor the power of having A vote and the impact your single vote can make on change or to represent YOUR view. No, you don’t live under these tragic circumstances and no, you never had to take up arms or lay down your life for the right to vote so you bleat in pseudo defiance the you ain’t voting! Pray that you will never have to struggle for the right to vote Marva! Pray hard!.

  3. Just let’s not make the same mistake Grenada just made – 15 seats in the hands of a man who wanted to fire journalists for asking about a half-million dollar briefcase he got under shady circumstances?

  4. John


    Erroll Barrow is alleged to have stopped the recording of an interview at CBC and told a journalist that he could not expect to come into his TV station and ask him the question he did!!

    Been there done that.

    Owen Arthur, Noel Lynch, Glyne Clarke, Joe Atherly etc etc.

    Been there done that!!

    It hit home to me when I looked at Barbados Today and saw their mug shots in the cast of characters the poll said would win.

    Why on earth would a newbie be hanging on to their coat tails to win a seat and have no record whatsoever of standing up to the excesses of the past? If he is moved to change the Bees he should be doing it all like now.

    …. you know the excesses I talking bout, …. like Greenland, SSS and the Flyovers, The Prison, etc.etc. etc.

    No way he getting my vote.

    So, I will hold my nose and vote D.


    Ian D Bourne @ if you deal with news then do the news , Do not run from the truth of the DEEDs,, Most want to talk after elections .
    We all sure Owen ,and MIA checks and money much larger and SIr Ham and Sir COW.CHECKS IN THE BILLIONS MR BOURNE

  6. Alex Mitchell, I never forgot our long chat at Mojo’s – but until Barbados has Freedom Of Expression laws and an F.O.I act on par with USA or even Britain; then I am not willing to risk my limbs nor family, keep sending to Underground and good luck with C.U.P but Taan Abed’s method is better!

  7. Vote Taan Abed

    I wish I was in Christ Church or St Peter, but I only have 2 idiots where I am … so I did like Egypt, and deliberately spoiled my ballot

  8. Breadfruit

    How will anything ever improve if you don’t vote or spoil your ballot? don’t moan if you don’t like the results.

  9. just want to know

    Marva Cossey, don’t complain if things don’t go well for you. Our forefathers & mothers suffered for this privilege to vote, and many countries in the word today do not have this privilege.

  10. John

    Spoiling your ballot is a waste of time!!!

    You would actually go to a polling station, line up, go through the ID and then spoil your vote …… what a ridiculous wate of time.

    I went thru the logic of just not voting ….. that too is a waste, but a waste of opportunity.

    So I voted and will always do so until I am no longer able.

    …. as I have done for the past six times.

    I missed the first twice because I was out of the island.

    Three times I voted B and 3 times I have voted D.

    No independents in my constituency, …… not even a dead cat.

  11. Mark Fenty

    Erroll Barrow was a man of honest purpose and simple integrity and I’ll repudiate any attempt made by you our anyone to besmear his character. Mr. Barrow was the epitome of what the contemporary Barbadian politican, hope to become, but are unable to attain because of they corruptive conduct .

  12. Mark Fenty

    Erroll Barrow was a man of honest purpose and simlpe intergrity and I’ll repudiate any attempt made by you or anyone to besmear his good character. Mr. Barrow was the epitome of what the contemporary Barbadian politician hope to become, but unfortunately, are unable to attain because of they corruptive conduct.

  13. Mark Fenty

    Your failing attempt to deface the legacy of my childhood hero, really boils my blood. I’m talking about a man who have had the uncommon courage to excoriate the influence of Americanism, at a time when it wasn’t politically correct to do so. I’m talking about a man who has brought dignity and respectibility to the black populace, by emphasizing the importance of academics. I’m talking about a man who has heightened our awareness with respect to our African heritage. And this has forced some of us to think critically about the instruments of European Culture, that has come to defined blacks in the Caribbean and the Americans.

  14. John

    …. and yet the fact remains, and you can correct me if I am wrong, that he is also the only PM into whose conduct a Commission of Enquiry was conducted …… Duffus

    He had his flaws like they all do.

  15. John


    Don’t worry, I voted D today!!