Election 2013: Rape and abuse of a post-independent Barbados



“For the very first time in my life, I approach an election faced with the choice of supporting neither party.

I could not bring myself to vote for any of the above.”

From the February issue of Ping Yark (download for free here)

by Dalrymple

It is with much trepidation and cynicism that one awaits the outcome of the recently called election. On the one hand we have a visionless indecisive ditherer and on the other hand we have a political brigand and highwayman willing to rape and abuse the country in the interest of his friends, relatives and the ever-increasing number of yard fowls. How could a post-independent Barbados in the 21st century find itself in such a situation? How could we have ended up in such circumstances; between a rock and a hard place? How we have frittered away the legacy of Grantley Adams and Errol Barrow and the great builders of our country, a country built on transparency, decency, integrity, accountability and good governance?

One despairs of the future of an unsuspecting populace that is swept along on a tide of emotion while allowing the rape and abuse of my country. For the very first time in my life, I approach an election faced with the choice of supporting neither party. I could not bring myself to vote for any of the above. I now strongly feel that we should start a movement to take back our country from the emerging class of professional political elites who are only interested in their personal aggrandisement or in the enrichment of their friends and relatives and their party cronies. In all of this the masses and the their interests ark of adequate housing forgotten or ignored.

The country is slowly being sold to foreign interests and Barbadians are being pushed to the periphery of all economic activity.

What is more surprising is that neither party has the vision, will or desire to deal with or find solutions to the problems that confront Barbados in the 21st century. They simply have no ideas but seem to think all they have to do is to be elected and the keys to a fortune is presented on a silver platter.

It matters not one iota that neither side has any real solutions to the ever increasing rate of unemployment, the rapid increase in the rate of crime in the country, lack of adequate housing, the disintegration of our education system, the decay and disintegration of the country’s physical infrastructure, lack ofa significant agricultural policy, failure to deal with the challenges of a globalised environment, a health crisis that gets bigger by the day, and in all the various other problems that Barbadians are forced to deal with every day.

How can such a bunch of political misfits, parasitic politicians and professional scamsters present themselves to the electorate for consideration? The present PM is a ditherer and maybe a change of leadership might help, but I think not. No politician that presided over gems, and the multiplicity of other scams has any right to even present himself for further consideration. But then again, never in all the history of Barbados has there ever been a more shameless boldfaced political anancy than the former PM.

So in all honesty how can one vote for either party? On the pain of death I might hope and pray for a change of leader in the DLP but without such a change, then I cannot bring myself to vote for any of the above. Better must surely come, for we cannot sink any lower.

The above article appears in the February 2013 issue of Ping Yark. Download Ping Yark here: PY_Feb_2013


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11 responses to “Election 2013: Rape and abuse of a post-independent Barbados

  1. Well Well

    Errrr, sorry to burst your bubble, but both parties BLP, DLP have always had a history of secrecy and selling out the bajan public from the 1960s, with one difference. Errol Barrow with all his faults truly cared about the future of Bajans, regardless of their faults. Please read books written by local girl Angela Cole, one called Boys in Khaki Pants and another called Tribute to Diana. Cole was a major player in the social scene in Bim during the 70s and 80s, it will give you some historical insite.

  2. Barbados belongs to.........

    WHO will we belong to, in fifty yrs time?

    Sure as hell we won’t be independent, because we never were independent in the first place (living from loan to loan hardly inspires!).
    We’ll belong to either Trinidad (that land we love to hate!)
    or to China -we can’t speak a WORD of Chinese, so that should be fun if/when it happens!

    As it is, the upper half of SinJames and the lower bits of the SinPeter coastline have now reverted to Wealthy Britain, who are buying the island back, property by property!

    Who WILL we belong to?
    A few of the wise among us see a merger with Trinidad (easily the most sensible option) but oh dear that’s going to badly ruffle our nationalistic feathers after decades of bullshit brainwashing about our fields and hills, et cetera!
    Our future merger with T’dad will require about a decade’s worth of psychological preparation of our masses of asses for this come-down as it’ll be perceived
    when in fact it’ll actually be a move UP!
    So we need to prepare along these lines. I’ll say no more, having sown the seeds of the idea. Do with it what you will.

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  5. Well Well

    “These fields and hills beyond recall are now our very own”. That line has now been successfully made redundant, that was just the beginning of the modern day brainwash, most of which is really self-inflicted. It is a sad day.

  6. Well Well

    A merger with Trinidad is not only the best option, but the only option.

  7. just want to know

    Well Well, T & T can buy all the places that are for sale on The West Coast from the bottom of Cave Hill to St Peter, wouldn’t you think ? including 4 Season, ( or what was suppose to be 4 seasons), and the other one that is in St. Peter & is now overrun with bush & grass, and the buildings on the beach side are being vandalised.

  8. Russell

    In politics, if faced with a Ditherer or a Highwayman, always pick the Ditherer….at least you’ll see him coming!

  9. Mark Fenty

    I’ve heard that not even a person of African descent can lay claim to owning a store down town Barbados anymore. But, feel free to correct me if you so choose.

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