Canadian alternative power expert tells Barbados: Free yourselves from the monopolists!


by Graham Findlay of 3G Energy

(left as a comment on BFP’s Wind Turbines at Lamberts, Barbados – How close is too close?)

I build wind farms in Canada, small community scale wind farms. We try to keep set-back distances above the provincial minimum of 550 meters. At 750 meters a resident nearby has to strain to hear the devices, no matter what the weather conditions. At 550 meters, only under certain weather conditions will the noise be heard and even then it’s at a very low decibel level. At 550 meters the noisiest turbines can achieve 40 db or less of sound pressure outside a residence.

Noise from gear-boxes? Ever heard of gearless turbines? Ultra-low sound pressure? The energy from these devices at that frequency cannot travel far. The main issue from low frequency sound is the extent to which a person is experiencing it in his/her normal surroundings. In an urban environment, it’s all around and nobody complains. It comes from traffic, restaurant ventilation, cooling fans, wind flow through and around building structures. It’s there and yet people don’t notice it. It seems disingenuous to attack wind turbines for this effect when the physics of the experience show it to be below known harmful thresholds.

The wind resource on Barbados is amazing. It’s too bad that community organizations are not yet organized to step forward and become energy activists, and therefore owners of power generation equipment. It’s very satisfying to members of an energy co-op when they see revenue flowing in every month. It’s a shame to leave energy generation to the monopolists. Wind and solar energy generation opportunities should be owned by anybody who is interested.



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10 responses to “Canadian alternative power expert tells Barbados: Free yourselves from the monopolists!

  1. Canadian Tourist

    Windfarms in Canada have been profitable for those who receive gov’t funds to build them. They do not contribute to the power grid what so ever and are responsible for the death of thousands of migratory birds each year.

  2. Bad Bob

    Canadian Tourist…
    Are you trying to make a point?
    This is Barbados!

  3. BB

    Any ZR or yellow bus makes much more noise than a wind turbine… All the rest are silly excuses

  4. my 2 cents

    wind is not viable! , our average wind speed is to low, according to my research, photo Vol take is a far better investment and minimal maintenance compared to wind.

  5. Weston

    “wind is not viable! , our average wind speed is to low”

    Really? Most wind turbines can operate effectively from 7-10 mph and according to the following table, Barbados prevailing wind speeds are higher than this:

  6. an observer

    Wind turbines are a blight on the landscape. Just ask the people in the UK who are fighting tooth and nail to prevent them from being erected.

  7. Bajan Abroad

    So based on your logic Community Organizations, once they become Energy Activists will become owners of power generation equipment. Wow! Granola and unicorns are nice and all but it takes investment and engineering to build wind turbines. Oh and also they need to be economically viable. Just saying….

  8. 103

    what is important is if u r still the rat i remember u to be


    here is something for all you wonderful people to watch.


    seems to me canada tells us a lot or belts,jail,monopolies, and on and on .
    i do not think they realize these monopolies will come and visit in the wee hours of the barbados.
    well may be they do.???????