Rihanna attacked on London street, bottle thrown, knee cut in fall

Rihanna Attacked

Attacker shouted something about Chris Brown

Rihanna was not seriously injured in a fall caused when a madman attacked her as she was leaving a London club. The man threw a full drink bottle at Rihanna after shouting something about Chris Brown. Rihanna fell trying to avoid the projectile (which by some reports did not strike her) and had to go to hospital to be treated and then released.

The attacker was not apprehended, which is a little surprising.

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Photo courtesy of The Examiner: Rihanna Injured


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16 responses to “Rihanna attacked on London street, bottle thrown, knee cut in fall

  1. Dave Amesless

    If she went to hospital with this injury I hope she spent hours there what a absolute waste of tax payers money! Typical drama queeen

  2. Well Well

    Yeah, a non story seeing that the public have now realized that it has been a publicity stunt from day one, with the public as the suckers. her interview states she likes to be smacked around, now she is drawing negative attention from fans. Oh well.

  3. Well Well

    Please get your facts right, a plastic lucozade bottle was thrown that did not touch her. She injured herself while stumbling, there is speculation that she was drunk, as I said speculation.

  4. Mark Fenty

    Why waste time entertaining such triviality, when we can focus on more pressing issues?

  5. Well Well

    Exactly, I think Bim has larger problems than a little fingernail scratch.

  6. WNH

    Wow, so disappointed that the people of Barbados are so hateful. No one wants anything thrown at them and if Rihanna happens by her hard work to be always in the spotlight and have something like this printed in the press there is no reason to attack her personally. A person that throws an object at anyone has comitted an offense. They are the one that should be spoken ill of.

  7. Willie & Rib Bone

    Willie and Rib Bone gonna be on today VA flight to da UK and we gonna open a can of BIM Whup Ass. Nobody gonna mess wit our princess when she drunk and debilitated! Girl can’t eneve hose up vodka witout some fool messin’ wit her. She got as much bizness getting a snootful as the next ho.
    We gonna let you know how it go if we get the preperator fo this crime or whether da man tho’ us in da slammer.
    Your friends in crime,
    Willie and Rib Bone

  8. mountgayfan

    sort em out willie and rib !! lol

  9. Willie & Rib Bone

    Me and the Willie Dog arrive at da UK and polise immediatly escort Willie to da back room where they escavate his rectum in search of “farmatsuiticles”. Havin’ not find any they adivse us dat “We be keepin’ da eye on you!” Willie is gone to find some lotion for his behinder since de polise was not especial gentle on da escavation and made poor Willie howl like a ruptured dog. We ain’t yet found where dat ho Rihanna be stayin but Willie say he got connecshuns fum da olden days and his best boy frend Sharmel{??} know all da hot spots where da stars hang out. We gonna drink som rum and get a little rest so we can go clubbin tonite and find our princess.
    Love and kisses from your Best Bim Buddys,
    Willie and Rib Bone

  10. mountgayfan

    where they chucking the plastic lucozade bottle at Chris Brown – or Rihanna .
    coz he is a wife beater after all…….

  11. Bad Bob

    So Willie bes frend Sharmel turn out not to be a lady. Sharmel be a dude and dress like a ho and worst yet-get me and Willy drunk on bad likker and weed. Then the b**** take all of what remain of da money we took to da UK! Willie sat he trolling da neyberhood lookin for Sharmel [or whatever da dude name be!!] and gonna open the first can of whup ass on he/she! Befo we passed out from da weed and likker we don’t see no sine of dat ho Rihanna and word on da street be no body know where she hanging right now. We gonna do store street panhandlering this aftanoon in hopes of resplenishying our cash reserves-unless somebody in BIM feel da need to urgently send us mo’ cash so the serch can continu.
    yo ftrend and fello Bimmer
    Rib Bone
    We gonna update on how it going later. Willie say dat the polis what said dey was gonna keep da eye on us only laff when Sharmel took da cash and tho us in the trash heep! We don’t get no respek from dem what is sposed to be protekting us and we aint happy.
    Do we have a mp to report da problem to and borrow som cash from to continu da inbestigating?

  12. Bad Bob

    Forgot to mention.
    My friend Rib Bone was having computer problems and sent me text of his escapades and asked that I post his comments.
    I think it’s time for me to hang out with a better class of people.

  13. Bajan Abroad

    Who cares. Not me that’s not who.

  14. Joseph K Niles

    These guys are hilarious,this is real bajan humor. I love it!

  15. 249

    Hospital for a grazed knee FFS ! And how do you know the attacker was mad ?

  16. Willie and Rib Bone

    Me and Rib Bone comin home! Tell mama to change the sheets and buy us sum extra Banks ’cause you can’t git it here. We gonna be on the Virgin-not da ho, fool!-da airplane!!! What wrong wit you?! It dint do no good to come to the uk and look fo dat ho Rihanna wot got her nee tore up by some slapper. Afta da run in wit da polis and excavation of da rectum we thinkin that maybe dey could assist wit da serch for Rihanna since dey so anxshus to dig up dirt-if you gettin my drift. So Rib Bone ask da copper where da ho at? An he say, “Maybe she be at Lester Squares. So den, dat sound like a plan but no body know where Lester Square live at!!! WTF!.An jus before I open a can of BIM whup ass I get some smarty who say “why don’t you try to go Pick My Lilly!!!” After I beat his ass, Rib Bone say, he dont say Pick y Lilly-he say Pick my Dilly!! So I open the second can of Whup Ass-this time the biggest one what even Tesco don’t carry. We ain’t got no tolerashum for fancy lads in bim and I sho ain’t gonna get converted in da UK! Finaly, Rib Bone say he see it on the BBC telvision dat Rihanna at Oscars an dats in the US of A..Double WFT!!! Ho Oscar? Bad enuff da ho messin wit James Brown or whoever da hell beatin her cute little behinder but now she goin to Oscars in da US of A! So me an Rib Bone waste our time and gonna come home with the Virgin-not da lady-but da airplane company. By da way-ain’t nobody send us no money so when we get home tomorow we gonna open up da last cans of Whup Ass and whup up on all our buddys who dint hep us out one bit on our trip to find dat elusive ho Rihanna and don’t ask us to do it no more. It cold here and we is lookin for da warm climes of Bim and our favorit rum shop.
    Your buddys in crime,
    Willie and Rib Bone
    *we be home tomorrow if da polis at da airport don’t mess wit us agin