Nation – Cadres Poll: When you know both devils

Mia thought they were in love... while Owen was getting ready to give her a shove!

Mia thought they were in love… but Owen was ready to give her a shove!

Note shows Arthur tried to get Stuart to take Mia Mottley off his hands

Sunday’s Nation / Cadres Poll shows 39% of respondents wanting Freundel Stuart to return as Prime Minister, with Owen Arthur trailing slightly at 36%. (Nation article here)

There was no poll option for Mia Mottley as Prime Minister: just like in real life. Also just like real life about 30% of the respondents won’t say or are voting independent. As our own Barbados Free Press poll showed last October, Bajans have had it with the two old parties but need good people to stand as independents during the election. (See BFP’s 38% of Barbados voters would vote for an Independent)

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In the middle of the weekend poll results we also had the revelation that Owen Arthur tried to get Freundel Stuart and the DEMS to take Mia Mottley. As proof of the offer, Stuart produced a note he said Arthur sent to him. And once again Bajans are reminded that politicians flow between the two major parties because there is no real difference between the two. It’s all about which gang you hang with, not that the two gangs are really different at all. (See Barbados Today’s Arthur’s note)

Bajans know both of the offered choices: BLP/Owen Arthur or DLP/Freundel Stuart, so it’s not about a devil you know and one you don’t. We’re all too familiar with both devils and the two devils are the same. There is no difference, not a whiff of real difference, between the Dems and the Bees or their leaders.

Get this straight folks…

It doesn’t matter if the DLP or the BLP are elected because the end result of a DLP or a BLP government will be the same for Barbados and Bajans.

That’s why you must vote independent if you have the chance on Thursday: vote for anybody just so long as they are not DEE or BEE.

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8 responses to “Nation – Cadres Poll: When you know both devils

  1. mystic

    Shame on you, Mr. Stuart! When a note is written to you it is supposed to be personal and private and should not be used to show up the writer. We Barbadians have grown out of that low-class behaviour and you politicians should know this by now.

    You are only doing it to get votes by trying to run down the opposition, who are no better than you anyway. You may be educated, but you should also be graced with culture and class, and refrain from these petty behaviours.

  2. Well Well

    Stuart is only educated with shakespear, that has nothing to do with the rising cost of food that him and the other idiots are not educated enough to reduce.

  3. Mac

    Either way, over 60% of people don’t want either party. What does that tell you?

  4. just want to know

    Stuart has had his difficulties with his ” ELEVEN ” who wanted to oust him, and he said to that, when it was told, ” heads will roll “. Is it any wonder that so many Barbadians are not voting. I would NOT vote for Donville Inniss for he is a pervert, so what do we do. Sandra Husbands was brought up in a Christian family. Besides all the qualifications she may have, she was a Sunday School teacher. Isn’t that better to tell your children than pornography?

  5. Rastaman

    Min Donville Inniss states that those persons who invested in the CLICO product did so out of sheer greed.
    Since PM Stuart says that he is one of those individuals one could then deduce that one of his ministers ,Mr Inniss, think that he is a greedy person.Politicians make me sick.

  6. Well Well

    Inniss is an ass, don’t think before he vomits.

  7. Rendered Assistance

    The CLICO EFA financial invested their money in the knowledge that right returns comes with high risk. Why the hell should the tax payers bail them out, I say piss on them and let’s move on.

  8. Rastaman

    Hope the same does not happen to Sagicor