ALERT: Harlequin fails to pay loan interest

Harlequin Past Due

“Harlequin refused to comment on the investor’s missed payment, saying that the accounts team is looking into it, and that in the meantime the investor may have to make the payment themselves.”

Temporary delay or something more serious?

Here is what IFAonline posted yesterday:

Harlequin Property hits problems with payments
Author: Laura Miller
IFAonline | 15 Feb 2013 | 10:32

Harlequin Property, the unregulated collective investment scheme (UCIS) which invests in Caribbean property, is having problems issuing payments due under the terms of its agreement.

One investor, who did not want to be named, contacted Harlequin earlier this month after the company failed to pay the interest on a loan the investor had taken out in order to invest in a Harlequin property.

Under the terms of its agreement, Harlequin pays the interest on borrowings where the investor has re-mortgaged their home to invest in a Harlequin property. The interest is paid until the completion of the off-plan property the investor has invested in.

Harlequin said it successfully makes payments to investors, but that delays do occur occasionally.

However, in an email from the investor to Harlequin, seen by IFAonline, the investor informs Harlequin it has not made one of the payments. Referring to a telephone call the investor made to Harlequin, the investor said they had been told by Harlequin that “this was due to errors on the part of Harlequin and many people were affected”.

In an email seen by IFAonline to the investor, Katharine Manderfield, network sales director at Harlequin, said Harlequin has “had some issues with bank payments”. She said the payments will be resolved by 28 February. However, she refused to comment on the investor’s missed payment, saying that the accounts team is looking into it, and that in the meantime the investor may have to make the payment themselves.

“A spokesperson for Regulatory Legal, which is acting on behalf on some Harlequin investors, said: “We have received a number of client enquiries where interest payments have not been made.

“This is blamed on a banking error. We cannot see why this could not be remedied with payments being brought up to date in days…”

… read the rest at IFAonline Harlequin Property hits problems with payments


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158 responses to “ALERT: Harlequin fails to pay loan interest

  1. yatiniteasy

    Harlisuccess is sure to tell everyone about the wonderful report on TA about BB…as if to prove that Harlequin is a success story and that we really need them to regenerate our Tourism.

  2. Peter Jilkes

    Ponzi ponzi…………..PONZI

  3. Contact Regulatory Legal………NOW!

  4. You are all adults here, if you want to believe HP is a wonderful product fine, if you don’t do something about it and I would say pretty quick.

    These Guys know HP and their antics

  5. Dave Amesless

    grusty they are a waste of time!!!

  6. 244

    Why have you had dealings with them?

  7. 36

    @GG, I quote from the Money Marketing link posted on a different thread which refers to an article by Gareth Fatchet 12 Feb 2013, readers comments “whilst this ambulance chaser has a point it sounds like he is drumming up business for his next assault on the IFA community”
    Also Dave Amesless and I are not the same person before you start another conspiracy theory!

  8. Terry

    Comments from ifa online
    I too am one of the very concerned investors with Harlequin and also I had a missed payment. It was not until I asked the question of are they able to make the payment after being fobbed off with some lame excuses that double payments would be made in February that my money magically arrived. I was basically asking if they were trading insolvently. Sadly as only 5% of all properties have been built since 2007 this is a Ponzi scheme tethering on collapse. I have asked for a refund based on the fact that they are in breach of contract. It will be interesting to see what if anything I get back.
    Anon | 17 Feb 2013 | 03:18
    I have borrowed money secured against my home to invest in property through Harlequin. My payments have not been lodged into my account so i am having to make the payments on the loan. No one at harlequin is giving me a direct answer to what is happening. If this continues I will loose my house. It is by far the worst thing I have ever done.
    Anon | 17 Feb 2013 | 12:33
    I am also an investor and also had issues with a payment. They did eventually sort it out a few weeks after but the worry is that the money is running out and as our deposits have likely been spent, it is a very scary outcome that awaits many. Getting a straight answer(or any answer for that matter), for me, has been impossible. I do fear that a lot of people are going to be left broken at the end of this. After the recent bad press, I can’t imagine there is a line of investors waiting to buy into these schemes. If the deposits run out, the cash flow hits a wall.
    Anon2 | 18 Feb 2013 | 08:14
    Poster 3
    You seem to be saying that if the new money stops coming in then your payments to cover the borrowing you took out to invest may stop. Does that not make this a Ponzi Scheme? New money is paying the prior investors. The return is “hidden” because it is only the interest (I am guessing) on the mortgage so there is no net return to the earlier investors. That is hardly the point though, as the later investors will be expecting their money to be used for the purposes of the investment – not paying loans for prior investors. Accident waiting to happen.
    Bob Stafford | 18 Feb 2013 | 09:25
    Tells a story
    Anon | 18 Feb 2013 | 13:46
    I am also an investor and my payments have also stopped more then a month ago. I was promised to receive the next payment including the one missed by the middle of this month but no funds arrived. A number of investors including myself are taking legal action using tls consultancy in a joined action. Here is the number if anyone is interested:01793493099.Ask to speak to Brian.

  9. 36

    @Terry, welcome back, hope your going to be nice now and not use any “rude” language. Your right about the Andrew Drummond link, it does tell a story. Gardian forced to issue an appology after their article. No mention of that then?

  10. BBaywatch

    As events unfold it looks increasingly as if The Gardian (sic)’s only crime was to be a little premature in running Graham Norwood’s piece. Perhaps if it had been allowed to stand there might now be a few less investors trying to get their money back.

    Interestingly no action was ever taken against The Express which ran a very similar feature –

  11. Terry

    I copied and pasted the above comments from ifa online including the guardian comment by Bob Stafford.
    No mention of the heart rending comment by the person looking at losing their home ?
    Staying consistent I see 36.

  12. consistent – I can think of much more things to call 36.

    I fortunately invested via a SIPP, but can only imagine what it must be like to have a loan for something that will possibly never complete.

    Is there anyway, the IFA can be taken to task over this home loan scheme? How could that be classed as good advice?

    Any idea 36 AKA IFA

  13. @36 I’m not recommending anyone just giving people options, you don’t like Fatchett because he has been involved in companies that went bust, you don’t like TLS because the work from a ‘private home’ (the shame of it)
    What about the others I mentioned?

    Now, 36 I’m not sure if they work out of a private address, or maybe in there distant past been involved in a liquidated company! But I am sure you will tell us.

    For the record I do believe you work for or have your own financial services company, and you are very concerned.

    However, Pennone seem to be big enough to take on Carter Ruck

  14. 36

    @Terry, I would be more concerned about the recommendation for the TSL Group. Would that be TSL that have been in existence for less than 2 years and whose address is a private house in Swindon?
    @GG read the other thread, I know it’s a bit subtle for you but there’s a hint in there where I’m coming from regarding my current position regarding HP

  15. Yes too subtle 36 -just say what ever you mean

  16. 36 any negative points about the other legal firms? Quite a mixed bunch Pennone looks intresting? I have spoken to many and made my own choice and am happy with the developments thus far

  17. @36 3.00pm
    I think you need help with this strange obsession you seem to have over poor Mr Fatchett.
    This is another comment for balance
    Peter Herd | 23 Jan 2013 10:53 am

    What I severely hope is that when and if these schemes go bust they don’t end up claiming on the FSCS because the adviser gave the initial advice on the SIPP. I have been warning consumers and indeed other consultants about Harlequin for a number of years unfortunately some consultants decided to get involved with this type of business. I hope they have adequate indemnity insurance to cover their advice as many networks do not cover unregulated investment schemes and I do not see why these schemes should be covered if they have paid no FSCS fees.

    A tightening up of SIPP regulations is well overdue, as is the rules around marketing products and financial advice services, as I always thought that the information provided on Harlequins website was outside of the FSA’s marketing rules.

    When is the regulated going to be ahead of the game instead of always playing catch up after all, I like many competent advisers voiced our concerns directly to regulator over five years ago and they took no action. That is until now after many millions of pounds of clients money have been invested

  18. @36 have you got any comments about Pennone LLP yet, are THEY tough enough to take on Carter Ruck…… or even your firm?

  19. anon73

    It is interesting that when people in the Caribbean raised issues about the Harlequin product 6 years ago or so, UK investors felt that they were safe simply because the IFA has recommended it and that it was SIPP compliant, and for various other reasons given by HP that gave them comfort. They were not clearly told it was a UCIS. They never thought to look at the product itself, or the locations or visit the islands to do their due dilligence but trusted their adviser. They were duped, somewhat naively to be frank, and this has been going on for many years. Members of the press and others all raised concerns, so it does raise the question as to what protection there has been or is in the UK against people falling victim to the scammers and this program should hopefully highlight this and ensure people are not so easily duped in the future. If someone wants to take a wild risk with their pension, then fine, but at least be fully aware that there is a high chance of total loss and if satisfied with that, then great.

  20. New Stuff

    You’re right there anon73.

    The number of IFAs who, four years ago, told me that HP was a good bet because their projects were “approved” by the government and HMRC. They told me that the government would never recommend a dodgy project.

    I had to explain to the IFAs that it was up to each company to ensure that their investments complied with the SIPP regulations and there was no sense in which a compliant product was endorsed by the government.

    I think it was just another way of greedy IFAs with their eye on commissions to offer a plausible line to unsuspecting investors.

    I even had investors telling me how safe their Investment was because the UK government and HMRC had done due diligence on this product.

  21. 145

    In fairness, there were comments on TA and elsewhere years ago raising the fact that this was a UCIS. Most of that was removed by the threat of litigation. The silencing of some of this perfectly reasonable — and reasoned — debate has clearly in part what has allowed the ongoing promotion of the product to uninformed investors. I find myself very, very unhappy about that — though it’s unlikely that those professionals responsible for that will ever have to take responsibility for it (their role in the silencing of debate, I mean). I know that a number of people have raised objections on a number of levels for years, and the authorities have been very slow to respond. The ongoing integrity of BFP in the light of this should be applauded.

    I would also point out that a number of excellent IFAs have rejected this product from the start, and are very uncomfortable that any IFAs whatsoever have been involved in its promotion — it’s not fair to tar them all with the same brush.

  22. 138

    It was always very suspect when reasoned debate was shut down rather than updates given by harlequin. They have been nothing but a propaganda machine designed to make sales and commissions and were never set up to actually build otherwise things like planning permission, escrow accounts and finance (a few minor details in development!) would have all been in place years ago. As it is years later, none of this is. I fear it has been a scam from the outset. Question is, who is the real architect? Ames must have had help as he does not appear smart enough to maintain such a scam for so long. Others will fall with him.

  23. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Anon Feb 19 “Ames must have had help as he does not appear smart enough to maintain such a scam for so long. Others will fall with him…”

    Just because Ames can’t string a sentence together does not necessarily make him incapable of perpetuating this scam. He had lots of help from mendacious sales people who set themselves up as Independant Finance Advisors and set out to fleece people of their pensions thereby earning themselves a large fat commission on every sale.

    There is also a serious allegation which merits proper investigation on yesterday’s I-Witness News regarding three witnesses who would testify that ‘Dave Ames came into your [the Prime Minister’s] office with a briefcase of money and then left without it.’

  24. BBaywatch

    The first ‘investors’ through the door were no doubt the same bunch who are always in on the ground floor of any pyramid scheme and whose main aim is to sucker in others. I have only contempt for them, but do have some sympathy for those who were cynically and deliberately targeted by the investor/agents who preyed on the vulnerable. As has already been pointed out warnings were being made right from the very beginning and anyone who had done even a little research into the company and its products should have known that this was not viable.

    Dr Gonsalves is already distancing himself from this company that he initially was so welcoming to (how did a self declared Marxist become so close to a company whose model is totally unregulated and unfettered free market exploitative capitalism?) and as the blame game escalates I expect to see other administrations making similar moves. Even those on the periphery will have some awkward questions to answer. Did Trip Advisor become complicit by shutting down comment and closing member accounts while permitting reviews to be used for marketing perhaps?

  25. Dave Amesless

    Can someone tell me was it Gonslaves wife who did the interior design at BB?
    Or was that all straight from the Next Catalogue!

  26. Yep, we were conned, The Sipp peddlers are the people who enabled this to continue – hopefully when they start getting investigated they will pay the price for their deception.

    Unfortunately, some normal decent people not involved directly will maybe loose their jobs. I still think attacking HP now & finding out if you have been mis sold a SIPP is the only change you have or getting something back.

    The only choices seem to be:
    Do nothing and hope all is well
    Ask for a refund and get professional help
    Sipp mis selling and get professional help

    If anyone can advise anything constructive please please comment, the reason I say professional help do you think these people will say,
    ‘yes of course Mr or Mrs Layperson of course we mis sold you or have your money back?????

  27. 138

    The deceit and criminal intent is obvious from early doors. Wilkins Kennedy told Ames that he did not have the money to build what he was selling. His reaction was to sue threaten legal action, not (as most non criminals would do) be concerned for the fate of investors and the business try to correct this situation before it got more out of control. He somehow managed to get trip advisor to shut off threads and close people’s accounts when things were said he did not like/could not answer. The same goes for singing pig, and many other forums and web sites. All he had to do was give reasoned updates and explanation and he would have saved his company huge sums on legal fees. There never were reasonable explanations though and there still are not. 2 plus 2 will always equal 4 – there was never any chance of this ridiculous model even coming close tom working and the absence of some 6000 sold units even being started amply demonstrates that. The proof sadly exists in that fact – he has not started his developments, and as many have been saying for years, he never will. His “model” simply does not add up.

  28. yatiniteasy

    Another report about the BBC visiting St Vincent for their Harlequin Story on Panorama.

  29. 36

    It seems strage to me that Panorama basis it’s program’s on sensational expose of issues, but has announced 5 weeks before the program is due to go out, the contents of its program and who it has tried to interview. I am not suggesting for one minute the I-whiteness article is not correct, but has not Paul Kenyon given everyone now the opportunity to get their defence in place before the program goes out. Very odd.

  30. 100

    Does seem odd, unless there is no plausible defense to be had. The hard facts are that IFAs told investors this was a low risk investment, and many years later the developments have not started. It was always a very high risk investment. There are many other angles to run, that are fairly sensational, but the fundamentals cannot be denied and perhaps they don’t fear any defense. Who knows though, it does give Ames time to either run and hide or make whatever plans he needs to make so would have been better to keep it quiet.

  31. yatiniteasy

    I wonder if BBC has visited or will visit and film Merricks, Marquis St Lucia, the two Dominican Republic that everyone can see what is going on with these projects and Investors`funds.

  32. Dave Amesless

    Oh brilliant I hope they do then we can all be updated maybe that is why Ames has supposedly paid off investors who were going to go on the program.

  33. 36

    As a further observation to Paul Kenyon trying to “doorstep” a PM of a country, for someone with an impressive CV it does seem very un professional to try and get an interview this way. Wonder what reception he would get from a South American Dictator or an oil sheik?

  34. Dave Amesless

    mmm Gonsalves refused an interview didnt he as he was to busy maybe it was a chance meeting…….lol
    Paul is a really really nice chap and I really dont think there are many people who scare him was this about the breifcase not mentioned on one of the other websites?

  35. Terry

    Lol. Sometimes this blog is like a monty python sketch.
    A scammer gives a bag of money to a corrupt government official (plenty of them in the UK). BBC journalist investigating said scammer and corrupt official is then accused of unprofessionalism. Lol. So funny.

  36. Terry

    Goodmorning Mr Gonzales my name is Paul Kenyon I’m doing an investigation into Harlequin. I just wanted to ask you about the bag of money that three witnesses say you took off David Ames. Will day after tomorrow be ok say about 10am? Lol
    Here’s a clue. He is a JOURNALIST.

  37. I have on very good advice the Serious Fraud Office is looking very closely at HP, I will contact them myself and find out. I hope they will look into the SIPP peddlers too.
    @ any news on the legal contacts I posted…you are very quite. 😉

  38. anonymous141

    i think we can safely say that PK and the BBC would have done all their real DD and investigational work prior to actually visiting SVG/Caribbean. they will have the basis of their story and the factual evidence to back it up and the visit will be more about filming the actual locations/speaking to locals and suppliers and trying to get interviews and offering those individuals under the microscope the chance to rebut any “allegations/accusations/information” that they may decide to air. if this is being aired in march then i would imagine that they have been “investigating” for several months or longer prior and doublechecking facts/figures/information to ensure that it is “lawyer/libel” proof.

  39. 36

    @Terry, and of course you KNOW a bag of money was passed over. He is a PM of a country, but I guess position would not deserve any courtesy in “Terry” world.
    @GG, If you bought your property prior to 2010 then the SFO will possibly already have your details and will probably contact you if they feel necessary.
    Re legal contacts, I’ve done my bit, use whichever you want. Don’t forget I’m not the only one who thought your recommendation was poor.

  40. Anon - reasons unknown

    36, at first I didn’t believe you, then I was cynical, then you made me angry as you ever more pitifully continued to counter any factual or supposed criticism of Harlequin; but now you make me laugh at you. You’ve completely exposed yourself as a Harlequin troll. To the end. Your final efforts being to accuse a BBC Panorama investigative journalist of being unprofessional during his research into the scam. HA HA HA! Get down and scrape around in that gutter like a pig in a trough, 36!

    The only sad thing for me is that you won’t have any money to lose. I have come into contact with many many investors to whom my heart has gone out. If only you had life savings, a home or a lifetime’s hard earned pension to lose. You’re the only investor I would have been happy to have seen lose their money since, if you had been an investor, then the only reason you have to continually defend them is utter greed and selfishness. And foolishness of course.

    Still, even if you don’t have money to lose, you’ll fall flat on your face in some way and there’s always hope that your true identity and involvement will be revealed.

  41. anonymous141

    there will no doubt be various agents/ ifas/ fs companies who sold this/ or are continuing to sell/promote this and other ucis schemes who will in light of the fsa alert and recent press coverage be “vary wary” or maybe just carrying on business as normal . i know of one fs company who has sought to get “NDA’s” from previous advisors whether they “sold” this or not. why would they want to do this????

  42. 36

    @Annon-reasons unknown, please read, I said I considered his approach was unprofessional, not what he was trying to do. That’s the problem with so many posters on here, you read what you think is said, not what is actually said. As to your assertion that I’ve “more pitifully continued to counter any factual or supposed critism of Harlequin” then post those instances if you can. Or are you Newman/singing pig? If you think I’m a HP troll then cearfully read my comment above to GG , think about what I’ve said and try and comprend the meaning, if you can.

  43. Terry

    Don’t be ridiculous, of course I don’t know if he took money or not. Name who do you think could or would dare do anything about the allegation against Gonzales? St Vinny police maybe gonna investigate him? St Vinny journalists interview him ? We wouldn’t be discussing this issue without the balls and financial clout the BBC carries.
    Position is nothing without integrity regardless of the title. Pfft baby stuff.

  44. Anon - reasons unknown

    Wriggle and squirm, 36; it encourages me to continue to look down on you in the gutter (as if I needed further encouragement).

    I’m not the slightest bit interested in reading back over your 100s of comments. Your grammar upsets me (like all Harlequin trolls), and your arguments are desperate and weak against more and more factual dirt being uncovered about HP.

    I’m neither Phil Martin or Jeremy Newman but have corresponded with them both as I was delighted at their resilience under pressure from Carter Ruck, in the Public Interest.

    By the way, you forgot to accuse me of being O’Halloran. How negligent! Admittedly, I hadn’t contacted him, just followed the story. Me being a QS, Buccament Bay seems like a Comedy of Errors. Harlequin appear totally inexperienced as developers. Oh, wait! Hang on a minute! ….

  45. 36

    @A-ru Newmans resilience was that strong he had to resign his position. Silly insults, personal comments, back to the playground Mr QS, or should I doff my cap to your superiority? Ps Public Interest should not be in capitals. Just thought I’d point that out with the benefit of my comprehensive education. Perhaps dyslexia is not recognised in your superior world?

  46. Anon - reasons unknown

    But Jeremy Newman and Wilkins Kennedy are defending themselves. Or does that not matter? Aren’t you afraid of what their defence will uncover? If you’re in the Harlequin hierarchy, of course you are. If you’re not, then I have no idea what your agenda is.

  47. Anon - reasons unknown

    “agenda” … one of Ames and Co’s favourite words: questioning the agenda of an investor who resorts to exposing them on the internet and in hardcopy press as a last ditch attempt to get the money back owed to them by Harlequin for breach or fraudulent misrepresentation. The investor’s only other option would be to spend thousands and thousands on legal fees.

    Tick tock.

  48. 36

    @A ru of course they are defending themselves, while Newman was working on the HP accounts he put things in the public domain which may or may not be true through the Harlecon/singing pig site. That is a breach of confidentiality, whether you like it or not. If the case is proved against them then they will be taken for a lot in damages. However what they had is in the hands of a 3rd party anyway now so the truth wil come out. Glad to see your points are being put in a more reasonable way now. Thx.

  49. Dave Amesless

    36 Why are you constantly trying/insinuating who people are? Are O”Halloran,Newman,Martin not entitlied to be on here and have an opinion because lets face it Ames and Co are always on here!
    Assuming you are in England in this country its innocent until proven guilty.
    These guys are doing every investor a favour the more they expose Harlequin the better!
    I have to say when they have gone bust I am having a party and when Ames is in prison I will personally find out which jail he is in and which wing and arrange a fireworks display outside for him! Hopefully I will have a old mate working in the jail he ends up in 🙂
    Could you/would you recomened Harlequin as a product knowing what you know now to a loved one?????

  50. Anon - reasons unknown

    “Could you/would you recomened Harlequin as a product knowing what you know now to a loved one?????”

    I asked this question of 36 not long after he started posting here. Good one Amesless. Please can I come to your fireworks party?

  51. Dave Amesless

    Of course you can the more the merrier!!

  52. Dave Amesless

    36 Have a look at the rules for wistle blowing

  53. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yep – was going to point out that my use of capitals for Public Interest was as I’d taken the term directly from the Act of Parliament relating to disclosure, but why waste my time arguing with somebody who ignores facts and creates smokescreens and sideshows?

  54. anonymous141

    @36 indeed- look at the rules for whistleblowing. accountants are in a very hard position indeed. certainly WK made their position clear when they resigned and also stressed their concerns in their resignation letter and last accounts ALL available for all to view on companies house and All lodged well in advance of any action/ allegations of wrongdoing by harlequin. Think about it. we are not looking at 1 sole person/company questioning harlequin model. we are looking at multiple court cases against previous solicitors contractors/ accountants – all being defended. AND in the meantime they have in the last 6-7 years built only c300 units of the 6000+ apparantly sold???. defend this ????

  55. Terry

    Newman will never see the inside of a court room for two reasons.

    1 Harlequin is not going to last that long it has run out of money. Look at the the comments on Posters openly calling Harlequin a Ponzi scam on a UK website. This would not have happened 3 months ago. Carter Ruck would have issued an immediate cease and desist order. Carter Ruck costs big bucks.

    2 Running a Ponzi scheme in the UK is illegal.

    Although Newman broke confidentiality, his inside information will prove the above and ensuing criminal proceedings will negate any attempt at civil proceedings.
    Another subject that isn’t discussed much is the reality of the figures £300 million off 6000 investors. Looking back these figures were provided by Harlequin nearly 2 years ago. Logic dictates both figures have increased in that time. The numbers when it all comes out could turn out to be staggering.

  56. Terry

    If we theorise on the validity of these numbers with two basic options.
    1 David Ames motives were legitimate from the outset. Any failure is down to recession, inexperience, incompetence, theft etc or combination thereof.
    2 David Ames motives were not legitimate and he set out to create a business model based on high sales boosted with very high commission rates. The sole intention being to take as much money as possible because he got his cut first. Of course bait would be required to keep it going BB and buying land etc. Anyway my point is, any figures about how many units have been sold seem to come from harlequin. There accounts were qualified because the accountants were not given full information. So what if one unit has been sold to multiple investors? No morals or accounts etc. That could be quite a big number after all these years and the boost from sipps. Just theorising. What do you think?

  57. 36

    OK Its time to leave this discussion. I cannot convince other posters on here who think I am a HP troll and that I am just defending HP. @Annon Reasons Unknown, if you are so close to Martin/Newman/Kennedy, ask them what a section 2 is. I’ve tried to leave hints on here, but they have been too subtle for you all to pick up on. I know my situation/position, I have no connection with HP apart from being an original and current investor. Sorry to disappoint you. I now have absolutly nothing to add to these threads. x

  58. Anon - reasons unknown

    Thanks, 36. I personally will be glad to see the back of you. But I’m conscious of your desire to put your point across, so why not contact Panorama? One presumes not all the viewers will be Harlequin investors, so your opinion may receive a better reception than here.

    I’m thinking it would be quite like Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time, although I can’t imagine you’re that ugly!

  59. 36

    @Anon RU I have

  60. 138

    Would welcome a counter argument against Ames being a total crook, but none is forthcoming. Where are all the resorts he has taken money for? The man can’t string his thoughts together at all so no point asking him anyway as would just get some unintelligible drivel in reply. Maybe panorama can ask him and translate his reply.

  61. I hope that troll 36 does not come back, he is just an irritant. Can we now focus on what our options are? And has anyone got any new ones? or recommendations? I posted some legal companies, I have spoken to them all with varying degrees of success, one I found particularly good, regardless of what 36 said.
     I am pretty sure he runs a IFA company, he is too sharp to be a HP salesman. I have a good idea the company, but it would be unfair to comment.

  62. Mr Blue

    Neither the O’Halloran or Wilkins-Kennedy cases will ever see court. Harlequin’s ill-gotten funds have all been spent and with the FSA warning there aren’t anymore coming. The Panorama show will be the final nail in Harlequin’s coffin. Carter Ruck clearly don’t care anymore (not being paid either?) and have gone back to silencing any critics of the Church of Scientology (did I spell ‘Church’ correctly? Or is it spelt ‘cult?’).

    When this sorry mess collapses, and I give it less than a month after panorama airs, I will join Mr Amesless for the fireworks show. I’ll bring the keg.

  63. 100

    That would be a well attended fireworks party. Ames and his ways are just not welcome anywhere, Caribbean or UK, and the sooner he is stopped and faces the consequences of what he has seemingly done, the better for all.

  64. Mr Blue

    I stand corrected, it appears O’Halloran’s in court

    Will Harlequin’s dwindling cash supplies last long enough to see the case through? This is turning into a nail biting finish. It’ll make a great movie someday.

  65. Dave Amesless

    Your all welcome at the fireworks party, When Harlequin is over I will be so happy I will probably have to be sectioned 🙂 Along probably with half the staff who will probably be pleading insanity as an excuse for there behaviour
    it is so true “what goes around comes around”
    We will all meet up when Ames and co are in court for all this.Hopefully there will be a film and a book deal I have started to write the book………….

  66. 241

    If I saw harlequin on the cv of any applicant for my business, I would instantly bin it. All middle management and up deserve to face consequences for their shameless participation in what is so very obviously a scam and always was. See you at the fireworks party da. I’ll bring the rum.

  67. Dave Amesless

    I cant wait 🙂
    I was thinking when Panorama is shown we should all go outside and let of one or two fireworks, maybe we should head to HQ the following day with a few members of the press for a meeting with Ames!!
    Are you comming???

  68. New Stuff

    I’m sure lots of people will want to come to a gathering in order to bring some emotional closure to this whole sad venture. Funerals are often quite uplifting.

    If we are having fireworks might I suggest a box of damp squibs would be the most appropriate under the circumstances.

  69. investor

    Yes I hope this fraud will finish soon..But where were the authorities all those years to allow this multimillion scum? And yet it is still going on. All HQ and Dave Ames assets should be frozen right now and whatever is left over given back to investors.

  70. Eddie Lizzard2

    You might want to hold off on that fireworks party, even if the BBC Panorama programme and The Mail on Sunday feature both say what you hope they are going to say it’s highly unlikely that there will be a swift conclusion to this debacle. Not because HP will be exonerated but simply because of the amount of time it takes. Remember that the Rip Off Britain TV programme didn’t have that much effect (admittedly it was heavily overseen by libel lawyers Carter Ruck). Even though some of you have spoken to the journalists, at the moment you don’t know for sure how the story will run. And don’t forget it took years to bring Allen Stanford to book!

    As for Ames being personally brought to account don’t forget he has a Vincentian passport as well as a UK one. When this whole sorry mess comes tumbling down, do you really think there will be any assets left to dispose of and that you will all get your money back?

  71. Eddie Lizzard2

    It was a high risk unregulated scheme. Investors were not protected by any UK financial authority.

  72. BBaywatch

    @ Dave Ameless – good luck with the book and film – I think you will find some similar plot lines have already been covered in the film Layer Cake – which was partly based on Jake Arnott’s book True Crimes. Arnott’s first novel, The Long Firm, (see might give you some ideas too!

  73. New Stuff

    A film. Now there’s a thought.

    We should have a whole new thread just to speculate who could play the leading roles!

  74. D

    New Stuff I think The great man himself should be played by Danny Devito!

  75. Anna Mouse

    Ha D! Danny Devito would be perfect as he’s as short as Dave.

    Thinking about it Katherine Manderfield could be played by Gillian Taylforth. Knowing Gillian Taylforth’s past and Katherines background they match perfectly.

  76. D

    mmm what about that film Catch me if you can with Leonardo Dicaprio True story of Frank Abagnale jr.

  77. Anonymous

    Eddie lizzard, it may take a while, but I think it will be this year whatever the media say or do. Ames will not start in Barbados or st Lucia. There are rumors of finance in dr. Investors must be asking for money back in larger numbers now, and that number will grow this year. Ames will not be able to fool enough people into buying to cover the repayment of deposits, as well as pay mortgages etc. Never mind build. It may be the closure of bucc bay that triggers final collapse, if losses are not covered. With sandals opening in Grenada, building 100 more rooms at la source with direct intl flights, bucc bay will be an even tougher sell. Or the final collapse may be shutting their ha as cannot afford to keep it open. Ames may choose to keep whatever cash to keep bb open, given he may move to svg when heat really cranks up. Who knows, will be interesting. A little like the movie boiler room, selling things that are not real.

  78. D

    Marquis will have some units completed this year according to Harlequin last week mmmmmm is this a ploy to get more money of desperate investors???

  79. 100

    It was only in April last year that Ames said in his newsletter, still on their website, that Marquis and Merricks would be open this year, with phase 1 complete. As well as H hotel Barbados. They were also almost ready to start building in the DR. Is it really possible that a man can get things so wrong innocently? The same man that said a marina was almost ready that has not been started, has a history of lies. They must be lies, or he is completely unqualified to be a developer as he has demonstrated no understanding as to build schedules, contracts etc etc Each year, it has always been next year we will be open. There are many such instances on youtube. Now, according to D above, he is saying a few units will be built at Marquis this year? This is vastly different to opening phase one. What has happened in the last few months to completely and utterly change the plan? Surely he was prepared to build what he was selling and had a plan otherwise taking people’s money was fraudulent. How can any investor either believe anything he says, or defend him and claim that things are under control? They clearly are not. As an update, there is no work going on at Marquis and it is ridiculous to think they will have anything open this year. Merricks has no chance of being open this year as that has also not started in earnest, and as for the H hotel, I have seen the work going on there and that is very unlikely to open this year unless there is a big increase in workers and activity. The plans for that place are bold, and nice, but they need to get a real move on. There has been no building started in the DR. We have been hearing lies for years, when will all investors wake up and take action? It is beyond belief that this has been allowed to happen, in the days of the internet and Stanford and Madoff.

  80. D

    I am wide wake and ready for action I just hope you all are!!!
    I remember asking ages ago how long does a build take and was told two years, I just felt everyone should know what is comming out of the dream machine these days!

  81. Eddie Lizzard2

    Anna Mouse,
    I fleetingly met that Danny Devito once. He’s a very polite guy ‘cos he held the door open for me. Unfortunaltey I didn’t recognise him but I smiled a polite thank you and afterwards my partner hissed at me, ‘do ya know who that was?’

    Now Anna, what are you suggesting about that person who is up the duff? Do tell…(or maybe save it for the journos).

  82. 36

    Re i-whiteness report above. I do hope the investors who have contacted Regulatory Legal have not paid a retainer up front. Are they working on a “no win, no fee” basis?

  83. 36

    Oops I-witness. Troll spelling I guess!

  84. Timothy Barton

    Dear All,

    I’m a freelance journalist working on an article for a UK broadsheet newspaper.
    I would really like to hear from anyone who has had bad experiences trying to cancel their investment with Harlequin Property or anyone with information on the allegations of the company running a Ponzi scheme.

    Please get in touch on:

    Many thanks

  85. D

    They all want a piece of the pie now!!

  86. Anna Mouse

    Timothy, I am interested in talking with you, As there has been a number of UK broadsheet’s interested in our story which one are you working on a article for?

    Eddie Lizzard2 – I was suggesting that they look the same in the height department Ames and Danny Devito.

    As for the one up the duff I recall something I seen a long time ago on that harlequinpropertyproblem website something about christening a car, Now we all know what Gillian Taylforth has been told off for 😉

  87. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Timothy Barton,
    Never heard of you and which broadsheet are you working for? You can’t even write proper English and I can’t imagine a credible journalist would have a gmail email address and no website.

    Try again troll.

  88. D

    Harequin will try anything wont they! They must be scared

  89. Mr Blue

    @Eddie Lizzard 2, I think this will end sooner than you think. If we were to wait for some regulatory authority to shut Harlequin down the yes, you are correct, it would take a hell of a long time. However increased media exposure will stop future investment, and without new investors, the cash flow stops.

    By all accounts BB and Blu are running at a loss and therefore draining Harlequin’s reserves. All this legal action and keeping any critics quiet via Carter Ruck can’t be cheap either. They clearly can’t afford to build anything, otherwise they’d be doing it, and the fact that there is a very long line of contractors/suppliers/workers who have not yet been paid for their services in the Caribbean (and some for quite some time), I would suggest that the situation is critical.

    The FSA warning must have slowed their sales, and the Panorama show should stop them completely. Then this whole sorry business will collapse in on itself, simply by having their only income source cut off.

    Then we all get a fireworks show (and it looks like I may need to bring two kegs)

  90. guyfawkes

    I’m slightly confused by all this trying to bring HQ down – and before you ask – I’m not a troll – but a genuine worried investor. If you all bring HQ down and have your fireworks party, then won’t we never see a penny again of our hardearned money? You might get justice – and maybe that’ll make you feel a whole lot better – but you and me will have lost a shed load of money in the process. The only way I see a light at the end of the tunnel is for HQ to actually succeed and build the properties they promised. i know you’ll say that they haven’t – and I’m as frustrated as the next investor and for the life of me can’t understand why there is a H hotel, blu hotel etc and not the actual hotels they promised. But please enlighten me on how bringing HQ down will help get our money back.

  91. D

    It wont you have lost your money but by bringing them down it will stop them doing this to more people, Harlequin will never succeed think about it over half the money was gone within minutes of you giving it to your IFA, They still have not got planning permissions, problems with the utilities, poor choice of land purchase makes all of the above the inevitable outcome.
    Ames will never build another resort, think about it who would work with him all the companies now know his reputation and are wary of the carter ruck letters,The guy would start an argument in a empty room!!

  92. Terry

    @guyfawkes. It already won’t work and the money has gone. It is a ponzi scheme, it only keeps going if new people “invest”. Sorry to tell you. You have been scammed. All that can be done is to stop other people getting sucked into this scam and losing their savings or pensions. Then of course hopefully looking for some form of justice.
    Harlequin is on the brink of collapse. Take legal advice about recovering funds from your advisor or their regularity body. Good luck

  93. anon73

    I am not an investor, but am a citizen of the region and would like to see any scam exposed and dealt with. I personally would like nothing more, as all investors would, than to see them succeed, but it takes very little investigation to see that it never could and certainly never will. It has been a fraud since the beginning, and nothing I have seen suggests otherwise. With all ponzi schemes, as it peters out, if people don’t grab whatever assets aer still there as quickly as possible, then they risk losing more. HP may still have some assets in H hotel, planes, Blu and some land. It would be better to liquidate those and get some money back than to keep waiting and share whatever assets are left with more investors/creditors, or see those assets dissipated/stripped/stolen.

    There is no chance of Harlequin being able to succeed. They need, conservatively 300m pounds to build their units sold (assuming 6,000 to build at 50k per unit, which is fairly conservative), and at least another 100m to put in the infrastructure for the resorts. I know that will be called idle speculation by 36 and others, but that is all anyone can do, and believe me when I say those numbers are very conservative. If the total they have collected from those 6,000 investors is 300m, based on an average of 50k per deposit, then obviously they are well short. If two thirds of the deposit money has been paid to agents and IFAs and Ames’s company, then there is 100m left, so at least another 300m required to get the work done. However, there has been several years of high costs as well that can only be covered by investor money – operational losses, purchase of land, planes, legal fees, HP staff costs, travel costs and purchase of new hotels which all would very easily add up to well over 50m, you are really looking at very little left. Also, consider the losses that would have to be cashflowed in the new resorts in St Lucia and elsewhere – we are talking millions a year in resort funding and pre-opening expenses. Massive financing is required, but who would lend to a company with such a perilous (if it existed…) balance sheet? Noone would, the security is not there for such a loan. HP only generate money by new sales, and that is just getting deeper into the hole. BB has been losing fortunes and based on all on the ground reports, it simply must still be losing lots. Blu certainly does.

    This ignores also the nature of the marketing that has been going on, which has been fraudulent in how it has been represented in so many ways it would take too long to detail – from misrepresenting the risk factor, to total lies about possible returns/hotel rates/occupancies/comp sets etc. The locations, sites, hotels were so inaccurately described to the unsuspecting investor who if they only knew the Caribbean would know what a joke their sales pitch was. The manner of marketing has been crooked, so there should be no surprise that the accounts are also crooked and skewed and in a fatal mess. Also, what happened to Oasis, O’Halloran, Wilkins Kennedy etc etc, the business has never been in any form of control, but I bet commissions were paid on time.

    One could then argue that, if you do finally accept that the writing is on the wall (which some investors still do not accept, as they have not done any real digging and dd) then bringing them down sooner rather than later may enable them to save some scraps. That is one school of thought, but the reality is guyfawkes that hoping for them to succeed is liking hoping that Madoff ran a profitable fund – the facts presented paint a clear picture that they never could or even, I would suggest, intended to build all their resorts and operate them.

  94. Mr Blue

    No one is trying to bring Harlequin down, Harlequin are doing a pretty good job of that themselves. The concern most people have is preventing future investors making the same mistake and thereby perpetuating a wholly unsuitable “business model” (Harlequin’s words, not mine). Too many people have been burned by this already.

    There is no money. Its gone. That’s why there is no more building going on, and ultimately, that is what will “bring Harlequin down”

    There is a very good reason why this kind of “business model” is illegal. If Harlquin has nothing to hide, then where are the accounts? (And don’t blame Willkins-Kennedy. We’ve all heard that one before)

    Blu and H appear to be a bandaid fix, to try and letigtimise the business and create a quick source of income, however all they’ve done is dig the hole deeper. The only solution to this mess would be external finacing, and no lending institution would touch this with a barge pole with another barge pole duck-taped to it.

    It’s been a good show, but I’m afraid its coming to an end.

  95. Anon - reasons unknown

    Anon73, that is an excellent post.

  96. guyfawkes

    @anon, in terms of assets, you don’t mention bucc bay. What is the rationale?

  97. D

    They dont own half the land they have built on in BB

  98. Anon - reasons unknown

    guyfawkes, how would you value an asset that is incomplete and is losing money and under occupied, allegedly due to the lack of international airport (Harlequin claim); and for which the management, development and owner companies have never returned accounts?

    How much is that asset worth, do you think? How much money has Bucc Bay borrowed from other Harlequin companies (i.e. Harlequin investors)?

    You don’t know, we don’t know, nobody knows as there is no information in the public domain about the Harlequin operations in the Caribbean, but the info available on Companies House about Harlequin UK is qualified, has been for a number of years, and that is because transactions are not clear.

  99. anon73

    Anon – RU has already answered part of that for me guyfawkes. The reason I did not mention it is that there have been 6,500 sales (at least), and so I was calculating the situation based on 500 having been built and sold and ownership transferred. Whilst I know ownership has not been transferred, I was giving HP the benefit of the doubt that they will in the course of this year. If those units at BB are owned by the investors, then HP own only the common/commercial areas and (possibly) the unbuilt land. There are disputes over ownership of that land. Also, in a heavy loss making resort, what are those comercial areas worth, and who is going to buy them? As things stand there, BB is all-inclusive so that muddies the waters further – who knows what HP are charging the rooms division for the AI they provide, and where does that leave owner share of income… It is too messy to allocate an asset value, but even if you did, it would not be much and not change the overall picture. For argument’s sake, call it US$10m, not a game changer. I have heard other valuations about BB which are very amusing, but a very long way from reality. How can you have a real valuation without any accounts for a start.

    The management contract of BB is worth nothing for the reasons Anon RU has outlined above.

    If HP have not transferred title, then even more reason to bring them down now, as that indeed would give liquidators more to sell off. Of course, that would hurt those investors who are waiting for title. Noone will buy BB whilst there are 1200 people under contract, and lots of other creditors – you need to bring in a court ordered receiver or liquidator who has the power to sell the assets to one entity who wants run with the place and make a good go of it, and the money realised will go to the creditors at the front of the queue.

  100. St George's Dragon

    What happened to the Russell Myers thread?

  101. BFP

    Hi St. George.

    We’re looking into it. Might be a technical problem. Trying to get hold a Clive but he’s probably with someone else’s wife somewhere.


  102. D

    Russell seems a mighty fine chap who is trying to help people with the Harlequin situation!

    Panorama are also helping do there bit you find your friends in a crisis!

    But lets All remember Jon Austin who has and continues to work tirelessly on this when mainstream publishers have run a mile he and the Echo have refused to cow down to the threats from Carter-Ruck. Jon deserves all our support!

    One thing we do ALL have to be aware of is that there will be people comming on here claiming to be from mainstream press, just think about it before you contact them,do your own DD, Goggle them and there career do not contact someone with a gmail email ! especially if you have signed a gagging order.

  103. investor

    Hi there,
    Are here any investors of Harlequin who made a successful claim with Regulatory legal? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  104. anonymous212

    Simple question? if it has cost in excess of 50 million to get BB to where it is now, and overall less than 5% of the total units have been built across all the resorts, how much do you think will be needed to complete all the resorts, inc infastructure, golf courses, ameneties?. SCARY amount that’s what!!!. certainly more than can possibly be left in the pot .

  105. 36

    @Investor, I would strongly suggest that you carry out a full DD on Regulatory Legal. They have a history of class action law suits, sometimes called “ambulance chasing” Ask what they charge and what their success rate is.

  106. D

    For once I agree with 36 I spoke to them on the phone recently and was suprised at there lack of help, All the time the gent I spoke to kept saying “I could not coment on that” and we are working on lots of issues, I was suprised also that they have allowed IFAs to join I do not trust any IFAs Now,and if they have also invested with there own cash GOOD ( why go all secretive a few months ago ) I do not agree that everyones name is published for all to see either.

  107. anonymous212

    maybe contact Highgate Hill in London .not sure if they would be able to help in this instance but they have recently been successful in getting a judgement for hundreds of their clients cases to be heard in the UK high court as opposed to “cyprus”.similar story of clients being advised re “cyprus” investments in alpha panaretti / alpha bank which didn’t pan out well. they are also apparently taking action against the advisers/agents. so may be worth a quick call to them to see if they could assist.

  108. 36

    @anonymous, I wasn’t going to mention “Cyprus” but I would ask anyone looking to use Regulatory Legal about any charges made and any results achieved on “Cyprus”

  109. homefront

    just looked on IFA websites who sell Harlequin .cant find any events to go to,used to be loads

  110. homefront

    Also remember 36 is the recon platoon sent to draw your fire and report on the strength of your main force ,dont be drawn,keep your powder dry

  111. 100

    You do need to act pretty fast and choose lawyer wisely. I am aware some regional lawyers have been contacted, but the top ones are not too interested as by the time this would get to court here, Harlequin will most likely be gone. Go after the IFA and Harlequin in UK, and get as much advice as you can from any authority – FSA, SFO. Good luck all.

  112. D

    SFO Are a complete waste of time and will have to live with this mess they were informed years ago and have done nothing……..shame on them

  113. 241

    There will be a lot of investigation after this into many areas. Caribbean govts have known for years this is a ponzi scheme, have spoken to people about it years ago. Fsa has known as has sfo. They all did nothing, and the bet result is people will lose pensions. Yes, people should have done their own dd and they were very naive, but everyone stood by and let it happen.

  114. 145

    Again I’m struck by 36’s insistence on attempting to undermine any anti-Harlequin stance — regardless of where it comes from. Again too I’d remind you that there were a lot of IFAs who wanted nothing to do with this, and were uncomfortable with it from the start — they’re not all bad, and indeed some are excellent.

  115. 36

    @145 I’d be more struck on where the MOS article by BFP has disappeared to and why they have not answered the “where has it gone” question. Question to BFP, ” has the SFO got your tongue?

  116. 241

    There is something distasteful about harlequin supporters/investors continuing to roll the pr out and stick so strongly to harlequin’s side hoping more people continue to invest to bail them out of the hopeless position they are in. More people will lose their hard earned money.

  117. Harlisuccess

    The SFO are not interested because there is no proof of fraudulent trading.

    How do you know ” Caribbean Governments have known for years that this is a ponzi scheme” Can you point to a declaration anywhere to substatiate your reckless statement? No! Pure conjecture and a malicious lie on your part.
    I guess Russell Mayer decided himself to take the thread off or maybe BFP have been made to take it off. Very sensible decision.

    There is nothing distasteful about Harlequin supporters. Why should they not continue their support? What makes you think they are in a mess? Nothing could be further from the truth

  118. 36

    @Harlisuccess, re your reply to D, I,m afraid you are wrong on that one. They are.
    Re the Russell Mayers point, BFP put a banner headline re mr Mayer which has disappeared. The question was asked of BFP where it has gone but refuse to answer. So come on BFP, where has it gone?

  119. homefront

    tell 36 and co nothing BFP, let them guess what they dont know

  120. D

    Hardly I have just spoken to someone from the SFO who is visting me again in the week to see if I still needed to take the time of work and unfortunatley for you I do. They are still coming and they are still retaining all the documents as for if there is a fraud he said ” I could not comment” I asked them, Am I wasting my time taking another day of work and they said “No” They did say they had asked people not to post on here as it was interfering with there investigation and that anyone who does not co-operate will be in serious trouble!

    As for Russell we will see the newspapers tomorrow wont we……..Oh dear

  121. 36

    @D SFO working on Saturday night? Anyone can determine if they want to cooperate with the SFO, they are not under caution and could refuse to be interviewed. Any documents are handed over on a voluntary basis. The SFO are not, to the best of my knowledge, are not holding a full investigation at this point. As to Russell it should be interesting to see if there is an article in the MOS especially as BFP have pulled their banner headline and won’t say why.

  122. D

    36 Do you want the persons mobile number or what!!!! and to be honest because of the pathetic gagging order Harlequin made me sign I did not want to talk to the SFO and they actually said they would serve me with a section ?? if I did not co-operate they also said forget the gagging order and a few other things I cannot talk about on here.Why would they inform YOU that they are holding a full investigation! ????
    One thing is now certain I now know exactly who YOU are !!
    and I guess you know who I am so I will expect to hear from you soon

  123. 36

    It’s a section 2. I have the number thanks. And you do not have a clue who I am.

  124. D

    GOOD Well now you can telephone them cant you and then you can apologise! They are investigating as well you know. People like you are sick you are just out for yourself and how this affects you.Karma is a bitch

  125. D


    February 23, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    @D SFO working on Saturday night? Anyone can determine if they want to cooperate with the SFO, they are not under caution and could refuse to be interviewed. Any documents are handed over on a voluntary basis. The SFO are not, to the best of my knowledge, are not holding a full investigation at this point. As to Russell it should be interesting to see if there is an article in the MOS especially as BFP have pulled their banner headline and won’t say why.

    February 23, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    It’s a section 2. I have the number thanks. And you do not have a clue who I am.

    You really do need to stick with your script!

  126. investor

    Well, well. Nice article in the Mail on Sunday today. Perhaps someone could point out the pact as well why Harlequin has stopped interest payments on loans for investors which they are contractually obliged to.

  127. D

    mmm and they are doing a follow up next week so if you want to get your point across why not contact them ……… the end of the day what have you got to lose?

  128. Harleconned

    Follow me on twitter @Harleconned, tweet what I am tweeting

  129. Dave Amesless

    Good on yer harliconed!! its about time those that can do I wish I coud but gagged 😦 but when they have gone I am going to sing from the roof tops!!!

  130. Harleconned

    36, Are you trying to say that, MOS, Panorama, Wilkins Kennedy, ICE Group, Paudie O’Halloran, Jeremy Newman, SFO, FSA, IFA Online all these bogus investor websites are all in cahoots against Harlequin and Harlequin are the victims in all this??? I don’t think so. They and us are victims of this elaborate scheme not Harlequin.

    Why are Harlequin and Ames making this “response” about the MOS in a private email rather than publishing it all over the internet?? Is it because they know that the content of the email will be defamatory towards the MOS and they would get sued?? It’s obvious that they don’t have the money to employ C-R to defend them anymore.

  131. 36

    @Harleconned, would you like me to reply on every thread on here that you have asked the same question, or would you like to nominate one single thread. Or do you just like the exposure?

  132. Harleconned

    I love the exposure you know me! I just want you to answer the simple question. I was making sure you seen my post so you couldn’t say you didn’t see it.

  133. Dave Amesless

    mmm 36 has got a way of ignoring question he finds lets say dificult
    I seem to remember him contradicting himself rather a lot on Sunday over the SFO and section 2s

  134. Harlisuccess

    New Stuff
    I did not comment on the TA review you refer to since I did not believe it to be genuine. Possibly written by you or one of your cronies in a bedroom somewhere , reading from a scrit. The review immediately following the one you refer to is the truth “the best ever resort”

  135. Anonymous

    And of course that one is genuine…

  136. 36

    @Dave Amesless, where was the contradiction re section and the SFO? If that’s what you thing re post on here then.

  137. Dave Amesless

    mmm did you not say

    1 SFO not investigating
    2.That they have no powers and then agree they have section 2 powers
    3. and then say they visted you but you were happy I am really sure they just come to you because you are the font of all knowledge. NOT

    4.If you are so happy why are you on here

  138. 36

    @Dave Amesless
    1) no I did not
    2) I did not say they have no powers.
    3)I am not the font of all knowledge. However I am one of the earliest investors in BB and as such the details of my contract/experience/and information given to me was of interest.
    4)I’m on here because I refuse to see my investment hammered down by the pack mentality of about 30 negative posters, national press who just cut and paste other journalists articles, and an ambulance chaser who is looking to make a quick buck by stirring up political opposition in SV.
    Now find the quotes to substantiate your accusations in 1 & 2 above.

  139. Dave Amesless


    February 23, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    @D SFO working on Saturday night? Anyone can determine if they want to cooperate with the SFO, they are not under caution and could refuse to be interviewed. Any documents are handed over on a voluntary basis. The SFO are not, to the best of my knowledge, are not holding a full investigation at this point. As to Russell it should be interesting to see if there is an article in the MOS especially as BFP have pulled their banner headline and won’t say why.

  140. Dave Amesless

    Its a shame you have such memory problems is that why you cant remember who you are Terry lol
    Now go and wipe the s…t from around your mouth dick

  141. anonymous212

    i can see why tempers etc are runing high. however this appears to be a very well read and commented upon forum that all will benefit from. would therefore suggest that you keep personal insults and refrane from swearing, name calling etc otherwise you may uninentionally give a reason for this to be shut down and then all would lose out.

  142. 36

    @anonymous, well said,
    @DA, any cooperation is voluntary, unless a section 2 is issued. D had not, if I remover correctly, not been issued with a section 2 at the time the posting was put up. I was not issued with a section 2 , my submissions were voluntary.
    I was careful to say “full” investigation. There are different levels of investigation.
    So you see you did misread what I said.

  143. Dave Amesless

    anonymous You are right I went to far when trying to make my point
    36 I should not have called you names at the end of the day you are entitled to your own opinion.
    Bbfp Thanks for letting us all post on here!

  144. 36

    @Dave Amesless, well I guess that is the nearest I will get as an appology, but accepted in the spirit it is given. x

  145. Regarding the ‘investors’ meeting 9th March at the Marriott hotel Manchester airport, things are moving ‘at a pace’ a new email account is being set up specifically for these type of meetings and an invitation template is underway, various professionals will be on hand to give you advice on your options available to you.

    We are working on more ‘Investor road shows’ possibly the Middland’s area and south…… We will keep you posted

    All the best,

    Paul Walton

  146. Dear Investors & Harlequin,

    As discussed on Barbadosfreepress. The Harlequin Investor meeting in Manchester will be at Manchester Airport Marriott Hale Barns on the Saturday 9th March we have booked the room for the day with several short breaks for everyone to buy refreshments.

    I think some of you will be familiar with this location. If you could attend please let me know. There will be a small admission fee as it is £150 for the room I did negotiate this at a special rate.

    We will be asking Mr Ames to attend so we can get the answers we require. We would ask everyone to send in the questions they would like answering so that the same question is not repeated the email address to send questions and replies to invitation to would ask you to pass on the details of this email to any third parties you may feel will be interested in attending.

    If you have any other suggestions please email above.
    I will look forward to your response.

    Kind Regards


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