Tsunami building? Taan Abed just might win Christ Church West

taan abed Barbados

When Taan Abed announced his candidacy as an independent, Barbados Free Press said…

“Barbados Free Press is declaring our support for Independent candidate Taan Abed. He’s a good man made better because now he is free of a complacent, arrogant and corrupt party system.”

… from BFP’s Taan Abed declares: Independent candidate Christ Church West.

We covered the rise and fall of Taan Abed as a DLP candidate who did well, but not well enough in 2008 to unseat the incumbent Dr. William Duguid in Christ Church West. With Duguid’s announcement last year that he would not seek reelection many assumed that Abed would not only continue as the DLP candidate in Christ Church West, but that he would handily win against any new BLP replacement for Duguid.

Those expectations collapsed when the DLP Executive overruled the riding membership, fired Taan Abed and anointed lawyer Verla DePeiza as the DLP candidate for Christ Church West. The riding association was furious as Abed had just won the nomination over DePeiza – with Abed slaughtering the upstart 86 votes to 5!

Now we have seen with our own eyes that the DePeiza campaign is short of workers and volunteers – with help being bused in by the DLP brass who are more than a little embarrassed at what is happening. That undemocratic heavy hand by the DLP executive backfired.

Folks… we’ll have more on this developing situation, but some very well known people are talking that Taan Abed just might do it.

This should be interesting!

Taan Abed website

Taan Abed Facebook


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20 responses to “Tsunami building? Taan Abed just might win Christ Church West


    Taan Abed have the full support of C.U.P and the Bajan Free Party.
    Taan knows the truth and love His God , Will not lie for the DLP nor the BLP.
    Vote Truth Not Party

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    I was wondering when BFP would comment on the DePeiza campaign disaster. You could shoot a shotgun off in her campaign headquarters and not touch a soul.

    The BLP will fight for Christ Church West but it is a shame that the DLP vote will be divided because as a DLP candidate Taan Abed would have won. Bad decision by the executive to dump him.

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    Maria Agard has momentum. I don’t pretend to predict who will win, but I will predict the #3 spot: DePeiza.

  4. Anonymous

    I hope Taan wins and the DLP have sleepless nights, the a-holes.

  5. B'town zipper

    There is something happening with Abed. You talk to people if you know them well and they let you know that when the day come they plan to vote for Abed. They don’t say it too loudly but you know it’s going to happen.

    Taan Abed could win. Verla De Peiza is definitely running third right now and stay that way probably.

  6. passin thru

    I agree that many DLP party types aren’t advertising that when they vote it will be for Taan Abed. I still think that the BLP will win the election but Abed might win his seat in CCW.

  7. independent possibilities

    If Taan Abed can get himself elected and not be bought off by the majority
    then maybe, just maybe, he could from the basis or core of a whole new group of independents who are chosen for competency and long term Barbadian interests and not power for the sake of power?

  8. Anyone but DLP-BLP

    Taan is the obvious choice to lead a new party, initially anyway. If he is elected he had better stay independent or he will lose the trust of people who voted for him. I’ll vote for him not because he is Taan Abed, but because he is not DLP or BLP.

  9. Anyone but DLP-BLP

    Red Lake Lassie is right about De Peiza being #3 IMHO.

  10. truthhurts

    Taan got this
    I voting for him not because he is independant but because he represents men from a time when word was honor . What the DLP did to him was racist rotten and representative of what is wrong with Barbadian politics and I am glad he is sticking it to them. I have heard from sources close to his campaign that the DLP sent high officials to deter him from running and he would be compensated…him running means they got the finger! Now that is class!
    Verla is a joker and her party is full of jokes…she should have declined the offer to represent CCW but she is a sore loser .It will be close between him and Maria but if enough people believe that he deserves to win then he might unseat BLP and take it.
    +1 for Taan!

  11. I already said to people if I still lived out that side, then I would vote for him in a heartbeat

  12. facebook dot com, slash VoteTaan

  13. Hilton 2

    Taan has my vote.




  15. Pieter Pieper

    Let’s hope that if Taan Abed is elected,he will be relentless in the pursuit of ITAL (Integrity,Transparency,Accountability Legislation).He could become a champion of truly good governance in Barbados and a force to be reckoned with,both nationally and internationally.

  16. BA88/98

    Mr. Abed would have won no problem as a DLP candidate. He deserves to win but with the split DLP vote i’m not sure this is possible. The BLP going to walk right up the middle unless the DLP vote is secretly switching to Taan Abed. could happen!

    BFP you hearing any more?


    Its an easy win for Taan as he is the only one that has showed his face in Christ Church West. You feel bajans foolish? We made up our minds and we want representation… BLP, DLP, FLP… we don’t care! We just want someone that cares about us and is willing to help! Agard and Verla don’t care about anyone, they only want a seat. He has my vote and my family’s vote! GO TAAN!

  18. St George's Dragon

    As the results showed, it is nigh-on impossible for an independent to get any traction. Results:
    Maria Agard BLP – 2288
    Verla de Peiza DLP – 1777
    Taan Abed – 351
    Contrast this with Abed’s 1859 votes from 2008 and you can see the premium that having a big party ticket gives you.
    By the way, is this the same Verla de Peiza who was on 4 charges of not having paid her tax in 2011?

  19. I don’t agree, Taan got the most voted of all Indie candidates, even if you add his votes to DePeiza she still would not have beaten Agard, this strong showing indicates potential!

  20. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    Also, don’t forget that Taan’s very presence probably caused some of the voters to take to the BLP because nothing says trouble like a divided house.

    It is not only possible, it is probable that standing on his own as a DLP candidate, Taan would have won the seat for the DLP. Adding Depeiza and Abed’s votes would be definitive if they totalled more than the BLP – but even if they don’t it is so close that the DLP must be sure that they could have won the seat had Abed been a DLP candidate.