Crazy Canadian ice fishers need a week in Barbados!

One of our Bajan ex-pat readers in Manitoba Province, Canada sent us the above YouTube video of some folks fishing on the ice. Brrrrrrrr!

These crazy Canadians need a week on the beach… and what’s with the flag chairs?  🙂


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4 responses to “Crazy Canadian ice fishers need a week in Barbados!

  1. Canadian Tourist

    Dear Sirs,

    I must register a complaint with regards to the headline of this article. There is nothing crazy about taking a dip in sub zero water. Bloody insensible and ludicrous is what it is. Crazy doesn’t even enter into it!

  2. Well Well

    Not even this photo will get the BTA moving to do any serious marketing.

  3. JOE

    chairs are sold with flag on them.
    Canadian dollar worth twice barbados dollar.
    Canadians tough not like you week ass bajans.
    i would like to see your big blubber guts Ian boring to try this or you afraid
    you insult canada?
    bess hope we dont come and take your little island and send all ya back to ya mother Africa..
    dont talk about canada .
    got it fat boy.

  4. Analyzer

    Was it the Canadians that built our airport which is inefficient as far as trying to be kept cool? Who is responsible for that design? Barbados can’t afford to air condition it anymore. If it was Canadians who designed it, they should help pay the electricity bills or put in solar power for us.