Noel Lynch is Bajan racial gutter politics at its worst: “Freundel Stuart is the ugliest Prime Minister we have ever had.”

“Red Man”

“I am a married man. Nobody ever married Freundel Stuart. Who would? Who would? A man that has a face that only a mother could love, and a teacher would accept because he’s getting paid.”


“Feundel Stuart is the laziest, unaccomplished, ugliest Prime Minister we have ever had.”


“There’s one idiot, nincompoop in that lineup that the Dems have, a fellow called Peter Gibbs (Ince?). A red man, in my opinion, who has lived his life trying to disadvantage black people because he thinks that he’s white.”

Noel Lynch quotes Barbados Free Press, calls us “Wicked”


“I go to work at the CHTA and the first day that I land in the job the man who is Director General shows me a letter that came from an anonymous source in Barbados. It is a letter that appeared on the Barbados Free Press. It is a letter that is written by the Dems, and this is what you related to when you go. The letter read…

“Good luck to the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) – they will need it. The organisation hired defeated Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch as its new Deputy Director General and Director of Membership.

Hey, we hope the CHTA has much more luck than Barbados citizens did in getting accountability and answers from Noel Lynch about where the money went when he was in charge.

Mr. Lynch was part of the cover-up that denied Barbados citizens any accountability for the hundreds of millions of dollars of their tax money thrown into the black hole known as the GEMS Scandal – Hotels and Resorts. And what a scam it was!

Then there was the disaster of the Cricket World Cup and the outright lies Lynch told us about the event even when it was plainly apparent to all that he was lying…”

Noel Lynch was quoting BFP from our January 11, 2010 article Former Tourism Minister “Instant Millionaire” Noel Lynch hired by Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association

“That is the kind of wicked people that these people are!”

Stuart a “Rat”


“I heard that rat, Stuart, I heard him in Parliament you know…”



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16 responses to “Noel Lynch is Bajan racial gutter politics at its worst: “Freundel Stuart is the ugliest Prime Minister we have ever had.”

  1. Canadian Tourist

    What a twat.

  2. Neco ifill

    This kind of behaviour just makes it easier for undecided voters.

  3. kei kei

    Smh! All of that was so uncall for

  4. yatiniteasy

    I guess NL thinks he is good looking? So wrong! Plus he sounds like an uneducated jackass.

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    Can anything this man says, be credible?

    26 March 2007 –

    He (Noel Lynch) ‘says in total, at least 90,000 visitors will be in the country for the week of the 28th April finals’.

    ‘But he (Noel Lynch) insists the country can still expect the 25 to 30 thousand projected extra visitors’.

    In reality, Barbados welcomed a total of 44 extra long stay visitors for the entire four month period 1st January until 30th April 2007 when compared with the same period in 2006.

    And let us not get started on the ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’ and scores of yachts.

  6. and is he not an honourable , as well as a ( BEAUTIFUL ) , man?

    If NL bought his house like everyone else with cash and a mortgage, why did he stalk out of a radio interview asking him a simple basic question of where in fact he made his money?

    politicians should know when they are winning on voice, delivery and issues
    and simply sit down.

    God Bless Barbados from their racist, gutter sniping politics!

  7. Mark Fenty

    I can’t say that I really knew or has heard of Mr. Noel Lynch, because I guess, I was already residing in the United States of America, prior to his entry into the political arena of Barbados. But Mr. Lynch’s egregious and despicable remarks are unbecoming of the typical Barbadian politician I once knew when I resided in Barbados. It is just unacceptable, inexcusable, unpardonable, Inappropriate, and unintelligible for a person in Mr. Lynch’s capacity, to resort to such distasteful demagoguery to articulate his dislike for the Prime Minister.

    Such vacuous remarks much be vehemently repudiated by the masses on both sides of the political spectrum, because there have a profound bearing on the quality of the individuals who commands the public will. This kind of behave should evoked the moral outrage of both the BLP and DLP electorate alike , and therefore, should not be allow to run its course for fear that it would set the wrong precedent. I remembered the days when Dr. Don Blackman and Prime Minister Tom Adams didn’t see eye to eye. But I can’t honestly recall these two men ever engaging in conduct that besmeared their public image. I also remembered Maurice Bishop of Grenada and Prime Minister Tom Adams of Barbados engaging in inimical discourse, but neither man had ever stooped to the level of Mr. Noel Lynch, as far as I can recalled.

    Furthermore, I’m not at all surprise by the kind of conduct that is exhibited by the modern day politician in Barbados. Perhaps I’m a little simple minded here to ask this question, but is this the new normal for the modern day politician in Barbados? I honestly hope not. But, we obviously cannot allow this kind of conduct by the custodians and arbiters of the public will. To erode the political institution that the likes of Sir Grantley Adams and Sir Errol Barrow fought so hard to erect. All in all, we the people must decry this kind of character assassination, because it has not place in the political arena in Barbados in our present day and time. It reminds me of two kids on the play field hurdling insults at each other.

  8. Jeriel

    Both parties are doing the same thing, at RICES playing field each speaker that came on the platform started cuss which polition form the BLP so if Noel Lynch has his turn now, what is so wrong, I mean 2 wrongs do not make a right but if you guys only heard what was said you would stop cussing LYNCH.

  9. Mark Fenty

    So it is important that the likes of Mr. Noel Lynch cease, and desist from such vacuous behavior, because it serves no other purpose but to erode the public confidences in the public institution.

  10. Why is everyone upset? This is marvellous, finally Lynch does what VOB, Advocate, CBC & Nation will not… Acknowledge the existence of blogs in Barbados! Now we just need Lynch to recall the time I compared him to Baron Silas Greenback, LOL! I want my share dammit! 😛


    VOTE for the C. U .P, Coalition of Unified Parties ,
    We will also see Cruel and Unusual Punishments , Will be Inflicted on the Masters of Fraud in Barbados ,
    This crime scene of 279,000 Bajans must be know to all , Truth is needed to fix what is wrong with the BLP and the DLP., Truth is need to help Barbados and Bajans on this Island,,,, When you hear the shout !!!!!

  12. BFP

    Hello Plantation Deeds,

    We’ll be covering the CUP on Saturday.


  13. Bimshire Broke

    What a pathetic indictment of Barbados electioneering. The British, American or Canadian news media would have torn Noel Lynch to pieces if he made this speech in those countries. What a racist 3rd world backwater we are to tolerate behaviour like this.

  14. Anonymous

    Y’all are missing the point, these politician have for years been insulting, demeaning and degrading each other all for the benefit of their supporters who in turn do the same thing to each other on a daily basis. The politicians continue this farce while being god parents to each other’s children, frequenting each others houses and selling the people of Bim down the river. Ask Mia Mottley, while she ad David Thompson curse each other poisonously she is still god mother to one or two of his children, what they both agree on is stabbing bajans in the back, the same can be said for all the members of both BLP, DLP. This crowd have to be phased out over the coming years, they are extremely deadly to the people of Barbados.

  15. Mark Fenty

    Noel Lynch tautological rhetoric, offers us a closer insight into the principles and convictions which obviously directs his thinking .Now,a man of intellectual prowess, has enough within him that allows him to rise above the denigrating demagoguery,that has been manufactured by the other side to arouse negative emotions. Yes, I agree that our natural inclination as a human being, is to retaliate when one seeks to besmeare our good character. But, it take a man with a well cultivated intellect, to sidestep such assault in order for he to remain anchored on the highroad.

  16. Mark Fenty

    There ought to be a infinitesimal amount of social decorium left in the affairs of politics in Barbados. The more I read about the institution of government in Barbados, the more I’m confronted with a social order of moral decadence that threaten the institution that the likes of Adams and Barrow labored to construct. obviously, individuals with such characters as Noel Lynch have no business prosecuting the affairs of the Barbadian people, their deserve better and ought to demand better. There was a time in Barbados when the arbiters of people will conducted themselves with dignity, decency, and decorium. Nonetheless, I guess that it is senseless dwelling on the past now, certainly we have no alternative but to deal with what we got lol. On the other hand, I guess it is wishful thinking on my part to hope for somethng that cannot be gotten, right?

    Furthermore,on a more profound level, I can’t help but to attributed the faults and failings of our leaders today , on the moral decrepitude of the age. Bibical prophesy speaks of a time when man will magnify himself more than the one who created him. But, and I am afraid to say, that we are already living in such a time when we witness the audacious impudicity of the likes of Mr. Lynch. And not to mention the attitude of our leaders, which obviously seems to confirm that which has already prophesied. It seems like the more we decry the deplorable and egregious conduct of our leaders, the more their disappoint us with conduct that is beyond comprehension. I believe that when we is in a position of authority, that we must use that position to empower the less fortunate amongst us. But, doesn’t it appears that those who are in a position of authority, use it to enlarge their pockets? The money driven mindset seem have permeated the collective conscience of the modern day politicians in Barbados, ill- gotten gain seems to be their first priority and not the affairs of the people . You know, we deserve better, and ought to demand better from our leaders, or else we are contributors to this social – ill that aim dismantle our way of life.