Kammie Holder: Can government be trusted? The need for Freedom of Information in Barbados

It is a shame that Kammie Holder did not run as an independent candidate this time around – because he’s just what Barbados needs: someone who genuinely cares about this country and the people yet hasn’t a bit of desire to be a professional politician.

Next time… Kammie please run!

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8 responses to “Kammie Holder: Can government be trusted? The need for Freedom of Information in Barbados


    We can not trust them , too much fraud and even more so CLICO and the BLP and the DLP
    vote truth not party ,

  2. 54

    The existing parties making up governments in Bim just cannot be trusted.

  3. Well Well

    You have to get rid of the members of the current parties by phasing them out over a number of years.

  4. Mark Fenty

    We are well aware of the fact that we definitely cannot put our confidence in the instrument of human government, in no way shape our form. But, one way to address the current atmosphere of corruption in Barbados, I believe, would be to institute the effective Checks and Balances, similar to that of the United States of America.

  5. Pieter Pieper

    Choice ? Difference ? Not in this election !

  6. Mark Fenty

    Assessability, accountability, and transparency has to be interwoven in the present political system in Barbados, in order for there to be any real change in the existing conditions.

  7. Mark Fenty

    Also the moral vacuity of our modern existence, ought to be taken into consideration, when we make such a judgment about our political leaders.

  8. Mark Fenty

    You know, it’s just not fair and well founded, when we smear with a broad brush; the wrongdoings of the minority, in an effort to collectively judge the majority.