David Thompson, David Ames – Quite the pair!

Harlequin Barbados PM Thompson & David Ames – click photo for large

Dear Barbados Free Press

I’d like a simple answer from the DLP to a simple question: How much “political donations” money did Harlequin Properties or David Ames whatever “donate” to the Democratic Labour Party?

Why aren’t Bajans allowed to know this? You know the way things work around here. It had to have happened!


Klingon Sailor

Dave Ames of Harlequin Property meets Prime Minister of Barbados

On Friday 19th June I had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Barbados, David Thompson, where we were discussing the Merricks’ project. He assure me of his full support of his Government and country in ensuring the success of the resort and is assisting us in moving the project forward so that we can start building the resort as soon as possible.

I impressed to him the fact that we are looking to begin building the resort later this year and he confirmed that he will do everything possible to enable us to start work on site. It is our intention to open the resort in stages from 2011.

Members of the Government of Barbados will be attending the launch on 13th and 14th July, which hopefully shows the commitment the Government and the country are giving to Harlequin and the Merricks project.

from the Harlequin Property newsletter website


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21 responses to “David Thompson, David Ames – Quite the pair!

  1. BW

    Mr. Thompson would have been ripped apart by the Clico scandal. The Harlequin scandal is nothing compared with the corruption of David Thompson during the time he was Clico’s lawyer.

  2. 54

    2011?? This is 2013.

  3. 54

    Wonder what his part in that scam was. someone need to tell Ames it’s now 2013.

  4. Well Well

    Birds of a feather………….

  5. yatiniteasy

    Is it not interesting that every single newsletter on the Harlequin website going back to 2008 has been removed. Wonder why?


  6. Name.

    Leave Merricks ALONE.

    Only turtles go to that beach to nest.
    Humans are not allowed there. BACK OFF.

  7. New Stuff

    @yatiniteasy. That’s because they are all stuffed full of broken commitments. For anyone who saved their own copies of the newsletters they make pitiful reading when you compare where we are now with the utopia that was being sold back in 2008.

  8. BBaywatch

    Interestingly The Telegraph newspaper in the UK this weekend illustrated a feature on the supposed ‘babymoon’ phenomenon with a photograph of Bottom Bay, which with all respect to my Bajan friends is probably one of the least likely Barbados beaches that a tourist would visit. And yet it is that image, unspoilt, wild and deserted that the picture editor has imagined as being the most attractive and appropriate to illustrate the feature.

    If that image is considered to be most appealing to visitors perhaps it is time that developers, the government and the BTA acknowledged that wall to wall condo/resort developments are not what tourists want and harm the destinations that build them.

    If The Merricks ever got built Bottom Bay would of course be ruined.

  9. New Stuff

    In fact, your comment yatiniteasy has sent me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

    I have dug out my price list for the Harlequin Property Nirvana development in Thailand. In the copy I have dated September 2008 there are several types of unit that we sold out. I wonder what has happened to all those investors?

    Then there is the following entry from the Harlequin newsletter number 1 from April 2008:

    This year has already been very exciting for Harlequin. Sales of our investment properties have continued to increase year-on-year and our reputation as a successful overseas property investment company in the UK is growing. We are also becoming firmly established as a major developer of luxury 5 star hotels and resorts in the Caribbean.
    The credit crunch in the UK has proved challenging, however the majority of investors with us have been able to raise funding based on the wide recognition of the potential for high returns on investment from our properties as well as sourcing finance through one of our network of lenders.

    We have already had two major successes for our future business model this year. Firstly the signing of an agreement with OASIS HOTELS & RESORTS, a major player in the tourism industry worldwide, to manage the Buccament Bay Beach Resort in St Vincent & The Grenadines and the
    Two Rivers Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic. We are planning for them to manage all of our resorts in the Caribbean. Our selection of Oasis Hotels & Resorts was based on a number of factors – with its airline, hotels, travel agents and tour operators the Globalia Corporation, which owns Oasis Hotels & Resorts, provides us with the advantages of a global network of 1,400 travel agents across Europe and the US to promote our resorts to a wider audience, and their airline gives us access to more flights between Europe and the Caribbean. This, coupled with their experience in managing 5 star hotels in the Caribbean, made Oasis Hotels & Resorts our first choice.

    Our other success is the progress of our negotiations to the final stage with one of the most outstanding international golfers of all time to design our signature golf courses at The Marquis Estate in St Lucia, Las Canas in the Dominican Republic and Buccament Bay in St Vincent & the
    Grenadines. This will be a significant asset to the popularity of our resorts as holiday destinations.

    We are producing new brochures for our resorts which explain the 5 star amenities and benefits of the location of each resort. The Buccament Bay brochure will be sent to you at the beginning of May. Those of you who invested with us two or three years ago have already seen short term capital appreciation of up to 400% on the value of your property. This is a reward for your confidence and trust in us and I see no reason why these returns will not continue. I thank you for your continued support.

  10. New Stuff

    The comment above “that we sold out” was a typo and should have been “that were sold out”, before I get accused of being an agent or worse!!

  11. 100

    It is endless propaganda like this, combined with no results or output, that have made Ames and Harlequin such a questionable outfit. It would be of great comfort to any incoming developer or existing developer if governments would look closer at track records and performances of a developer when posing for photos such as the above as it would avoid obvious embarrassment. For example, how can a business model be supported that allows the developer to spend money that has been invested in a unit in Barbados on anything he likes – units elsewhere, planes or whatever. To not question this practise which as caused such big problems is, in my view, irresponsible. Other islands allegedly rejected this model when Ames tried to do business there.

  12. A policy holder

    Ames, Thompson, DUPREY, Parris and that entire lot would not have existed in the days of the Chicago mobsters! I am surprised the rather volatile Trinnies have not taken matters into their own hands. The Piarco airport scandal is as bad and even today corruption in the Tdad Government seems to continue unabated with further devious and dubious land purchases!

  13. Eddie Lizzard2

    Many commentators have tried to question the business method, especially the fact that funds were not held in ESCROW and that many of us think this is a Ponzi scheme. Unfortunaltey for quite a while, many were banned from commenting by threats from HP via their lawyers.

  14. A policy holder

    Maybe this might be an opportunity to SUE THE LAWYERS. They have money and insurance coverage, more so than Ames etc etc….

  15. Nostradamus


    “If The Merricks ever got built Bottom Bay would of course be ruined.”

    You are absolutely correct ! They should never have been given planning permission for this greenfield site which incidentally was clasified as residential and would or should have required a change in clasifictaion.

    And do you know that one of their plans (hopefully not approved) was to build a structure in the sea/beach to “calm” the sea to make an area safe for swimming.

  16. yatiniteasy

    I believe Merricks is at Palmetto Bay, not Bottom Bay.Have they really obtained planning permission for the whole project? I understood that they had to meet several conditions before approval is given. One is to do with providing an adequate supply of water for the 1000 or so units they say they are building, in an already water deprived area.
    As recent as Sept 2012, Harlequins Newsletter stated the following” The master plan was
    submitted to Barbados Town and Country Planning on 14th
    May 2012. It has been confirmed that the application is
    being processed by the various agencies and governmental
    bodies; feedback from the Chief Town Planner is expected in
    September 2012.”
    Are you sh…….me? as of Sept 2012(by their own admission) they had not received approval from Town and Country Planning, even though they have been selling units there since at least 2006…
    And our Government welcomes this kind of developer?

  17. BBaywatch

    Sorry, I should have been more specific – the impact of The Merricks development would ruin Bottom Bay due to the very close proximity – especially if the proposed artificial reef/structure was built. There would be considerable visual impact as well on what is one of the last wild and unspoilt beaches in Barbados. There is a good case for making the whole East Coast an area of natural beauty protected by heritage legislation.

  18. 138

    With all due respect to investors, it is poor investing to sign a contract and hand over money for a development that does not have planning, and without that money being held in escrow until full planning is approved and full construction has begun, which are basic escrow release terms. To know that commissions will be paid out to ifa’s and Ames from your deposit despite full planning nor construction having started would raise a flag that would stop such an investment. Ames wins from the moment your deposit is paid – the sale is not complete and the development not a go so how can they possibly pay commissions?? Any half decent local lawyer would not in fact allow you to make such an investment/sign such a contract. Even if you did believe the wildly unachievable sale spiel, you have not protected yourselves in any way. Perhaps the amount is not much for some investors to lose so they took a long shot, but even then the risk of total loss is so high that not worth looking at. Of course too late now, but investors should now be scrambling to recover any monies they can. If harlequin are offering 60 per cent back, I would take it and run.

  19. Dave Amesless

    It does depend on what your IFA told you and what you can prove. I was sure that when I first invested it was on Harlequins website that funds were held in escrow. I think the problem was people believed what the IFAs said

  20. Crazy Horse Jockey


  21. homefront

    ponzi like poker is a desperate game played by willing desperate people who cherish money