Chunk of glacier becomes an iceberg the size of Manhattan

Thanks to an old friend for this interesting short. Aside from the astounding and beautiful photography and the scale of the ice ‘calved’ from the ice fields, I did not know that the ice fields have retreated more in the last 10 years than in the last 100 years.

Those who say that human activities don’t alter the earth’s climate are living in some sort of reality warp. Any pilot who has flown into New York City on a winter’s day will tell you about micro-climate: about how the heat, thermal mass and exhaust from this great city causes local climate changes including temperature inversions and dangerous wind shears, local icing, and restricted visibility – depending upon the prevailing winds and other factors.

If that’s what we can do on a purely local basis, imagine what humans do around the globe! When they burn the fields in Brazil, it’s Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) for hours when there is no real need of it. It’s the same in the Philippines – only there crop burning usually makes big and violent rainstorms. You can see them forming over the smoke if you’re sober!  🙂

Have a look at this short for the visuals and for the message. Visit the website too: Chasing Ice




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3 responses to “Chunk of glacier becomes an iceberg the size of Manhattan

  1. EkoFreako?

    You’ll notice that no-one is interested in this.
    Sea level rises simply aren’t important
    -until Broad Street is ankle-deep in sea water
    …… on an April Spring LOW tide.

    THEN it’ll be chickens with their heads cut off!

    Not to worry, dear. Go back to sleep.
    Nothing to see here. Go back to sleep.
    Everything will be all right

  2. You tube link not functioning?

    After the last Hurricane New York is paying attention and you will see billions and billions spent on infrastructure

    Just like Barbados spends on creating green space and protecting its environment lol

  3. Wendal Caneman

    Energy and food production should be our number one priority as we can do a lot in Bim to become more self-sufficient in both. Global warming or sea rise or whatever you want to call it is important but there is not much we can do on this island to change the world. we do love dem UN grants money tho!