Bajan Canadian Farm Worker – participants raped by the Barbados government

 barbados canada farm workers

High time now that our voices be heard!!!!

by Lance – Canadian Farm Worker

The Barbadian Canadian farm workers need someone to champion their cause because in my opinion we’re currently being ripped off by the Barbados government. The 28% deduction that our home-savings has to suffer at the conversion point first – before we’re ever paid a penny of it at the end of the season – is a brutal and bloodsucking act of government.

I’m also of the opinion that the 25% which is deducted from our gross earnings in Canada for home-saving is way too much! And then to be subjected to a further 28% deduction after it’s converted to the Barbados currency is just wrong man! This is corruption of the highest fashion. It means that our spending power is limited in Canada due to the 25% that’s deducted from our earnings, and then further handicapped after we return home by the additional 28% deduction that the 25% deduction for home-savings has to endure at the conversion point. How can we ever achieve a relatively decent living?

Our home-savings is all we have to sustain us for the 4 months we’re at home without employment. We can’t file for unemployment benefits or the reverse tax credit because they say we’re self-employed! A convenient technicality of government merely to leave us on our own hanging dry without any recourse, while they suck the last penny from us!

“We’re employed by Canadian farmers, we don’t work for ourselves: how can this constitute self-employment? We simply shouldn’t have to be subjected to this form of rape and exploitation by the Barbados government or anyone ever.”

I’m however sure that the Minister of Labour, along with the Barbados government, doesn’t have a clue of how hard we have to work on these farms in Canada for our money, having to cope with aggressive weather conditions and all. Ot’s just not easy! But they sit back in their nice air conditioned offices and virtually rape you of your hard-earned money. I think it’s high time now that our voices be heard!!!!

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14 responses to “Bajan Canadian Farm Worker – participants raped by the Barbados government

  1. Well Well

    These farm workers being squeezed failed to mention how expensive everything is in Canada, how do they eat?? Not like the Barbados government cares.

  2. 192

    The only recourse is to plan successful theft from the Government.

  3. just want to know

    You have to remember the Government is the people of the country. I would think that one should say the politicians stealing from the workers, which is a great shame.

  4. Mr Coco

    This surprises who ?

  5. Mark Fenty

    That’s how government operates I’m afraid to say, it’s all about sucking the taxpayer. Take the United States for example, to operate one car cost me close to a thousand dollar annually in road taxes. And the road taxes can get much higher depending on the municipal one resides in.

  6. Mark Fenty

    Not to mention that most people who resides in the United States have to pay, federal, state, and municipal taxes.

  7. Leo

    As a farm worker in Canada I also concur with this article because the actions of government to exploit us are nothing short of a brutish and corrupt act. This failed government is scratching in every nook and crevice at whatever little it can get economically, without putting sound measures in place to revitalise the virtually dead agriculture and manufacturing sector, and to insure investor confidence so as to put the many jobless Barbadians back to work again, and which in turn will produce economic growth in the country. But devoid of such ideas, they launch a bloodsucking exercise of inflicting the whole nation with the burden of enormously high taxes, and all forms of dubious practices, like preying on the farmworker’s home-savings, the only thing we have for the 4 to 5 months we’re at home. This form of corruption and parasitical nonsense has to stop.

  8. Leo

    This bloodsucking DLP administration is the worst government Barbados has ever seen! No other Barbados government in the past has ever inflicted so much undue hardships upon its citizens liked this one!

    And even though they were able to buy their way back into office this year by bribing the dumb electorates, (those who sold their votes to them), it’s very critical to the survival of this broken country that we return to the polls and have a clean election; one that’s bribe-free and observed by international observers so as to remove this current brutal and corrupt administration from office.

    I just don’t understand how the Prime minister could bring back Esther Byer-Suckoo to the ministry of labour, after being rejected by the electorates of Barbados at the polls.

  9. Rastaman

    And leave poor Mr James Paul out in the cold TWICE now .Sad!!!!

  10. Ras Rafiki

    Barbados is currently on a collision course with destruction and chaos, due to the re-electing of the Freundel Stuart administration, this unassertive prime minister and the worst Barbados has seen so far; Still appears to be fast asleep at the reigns of leadership.

  11. 5

    what about the hotel workers who are brought to canadad, told their will be working 40 hours a week and come to find out that that 40 hour are reduce, then you have to pay rent, one top of that 60$ for some officer who dont give a snowball about you. working conditions are hard some people just work 2 or 3 days week, just becareful with these people who come and offer these jobs, get it in writting that you dont have to pay $100.00 a week for rent and cant even make $250 when your hours a cut by 3/4 no coats or a good pair of shoes for your freezing toes lol, bajans i know you’re proud people donot take these codition and smile get a contract in writting and be sure if your are not work these hours you dont have to leave shame on you laision office help these people mr. Injusted or inwith it inniss………….

  12. HELP

    why do hotel workers have to pay rent and laision officer fees? mr. init or inniss you’re hurting people, dont you get a salary?: and still take people monies you should be shame people was promise to work 40 hours a week and come to find out that 40 went to less that 20 hours and rent still have to be paid, do you alo know if you’re on the summer program and the hotel is slow and you are laidoff and dont pay that rent you have to come out of the place of resident, shame on you again stop robbing people, thats how you make a living off people’s back get a life BAJANS just be careful with these foreign peopl who interview you for these jobs get a written contract….


  13. Valley

    As a seasonal agriculture worker in Canada myself, I notice that the Barbados government are biting deeper and deeper into our home-savings each and every year… We’re working our asses off in Canada only to come back home to have the Barbados government cheat us out of the 25% they’re deducting from our wages.

    You imagine they’re taking a further 28% out of the 25% after it’s converted to Barbados currency! This form of highway robbery and corruption has to stop!!!! Barbados has suffered a tremendous blow over the past five years with an opportunistic government who has been raping its citizens with enormously high and disproportionate taxes; tremendously burdening its poor citizen more and more, while creating a new urban-poor, and again I conclude that these egregious practices has to stop!

  14. Valley

    It’s good to see more and more Canadian farm workers coming out and talking about these injustices which are being perpetrated against us; this Barbados government who’s also is a biglie-hoax and a highway crook are stealthily preying upon its most vulnerable citizens. We’re working for minimum wage in Canada and not for a fortune!

    We can’t file for unemployment benefits, or the reverse tax credit while we’re at home after they’ve sucked us dry of ours savings, because they claim we’re self-employed, even though we don’t work for ourselves! Where can we turn for assistance, but one thing I know for sure is that we as Canadian Farm workers have to keep talking until someone hear us and take note!

    Having Esther byer-Suckoo as the minister of labour even though she lost at the polls is another failure of the Barbados government, she has messed up the labour ministry really bad; James Paul or Haynesley Benn should be a consideration as labour minister. Shame on you Freundel, you better wake up from sleeping!!!