North Somerset Council Harlequin supporter uses many identities to pump positive vibes about Harlequin, David Ames

Harlequin Hotels & Resorts running secret internet spin group?

Harlequin Hotels & Resorts running secret internet spin group?

They sometimes call themselves “Harlisuccess“. Other times they use the names…

Anonymous 55
Content Investor
Dr. Goodnews
The Happy Investor

Sometimes they pretend to be known BFP commenters and when we catch them at that we change the name they used.

They have but one goal: to leave as many positive comments on the internet as they can at Barbados Free Press and other websites dealing with the Harlequin and David Ames stories. They work tirelessly defending Harlequin and Ames and have posted several hundred comments at all hours of the day and night, making us wonder if there is more than one person leaving these supportive comments.

“You obviously know nothing about construction, so stop talking rubbish and mind your own business.!!!!

Harlequin success in the Caribbean goes from strength to strength Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean .”

Serial commenter “Harlisuccess” posts only good about Harlequin and David Ames

Is “Harlisuccess” a David Ames employee group or one person?

Is “Harlisuccess” a customer pumping up the Harlequin organisation so they can offload their “investment”?

Whoever they are, all the comments left by “Harlisuccess” share one trait: they come from the same internet number belonging to the North-Somerset Council in Woking…

United Kingdom:    Woking Business Customer
netname:        North-Somerset-Council
descr:          BUSINESS CUSTOMER
country:        GB
admin-c:        TWIP1-RIPE
tech-c:         TWIP3-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:         AS5462-MNT
source:         RIPE # Filtered

role:           Telewest Broadband IP Network Services
address:        Genesis Business Park
address:        Albert Drive
address:        Woking
address:        Surrey UK
address:        GU21 5RW

“Cheers to ALL those construction workers who are working so very hard to ensure Harlequin achieve success in the Caribbean, Well done for the fantastic achievements in Buccament Bay,H Hotel and Merricks in Barbados and Blu St lucia,”

Harlisuccess pumps the brand on the blogs.

What do you think folks? What are the odds… is this an individual operating for personal reasons, or is “Harlisuccess” a propaganda effort by David Ames and company?

Hey… “Harlisuccess”… can you provide the answer? Are you working for David Ames or just doing your own thing?


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50 responses to “North Somerset Council Harlequin supporter uses many identities to pump positive vibes about Harlequin, David Ames

  1. A policy holder

    Wow! Those folk sure are determined to cover their devious ways, deviously! Lol

  2. yatiniteasy

    Congratulations BFP for catching those “Harlequin Investors and supporters”..If you think about it , they have invested a lot of money in fancy CGI of the various resorts they have not built…3 D movies even…so its not surprising that they would devote some considerable effort in trying to put out the fire that is starting to roast their backsides.I thought a lot of the posters were the same, but had no proof of course. I also believe that a lot of the glowing BB reviews on Trip Advisor are by the same author, as I recognize too many similar phrases being repeated by different reviewers…
    Ames better get his planes ready to move him to some remote part of the world…opps , I forgot, he was made a citizen of St Vincent by Dr Gonsalves..and thus is also a Caricom citizen…makes the mind boggle.

  3. 42

    Shouldn’t 36 be on that list?

  4. anon73

    BFP, after so many sites have been shut down where people are just trying to find answers and compare notes about a very dubious scheme that has thousands of people potentially losing pensions and a region that may get negative fallout, you are to be congratulated in keeping the airwaves open.

    It would be welcome if Harlequin investors or staff could present arguments, with evidence, that show that the many concnerns listed by people here are not going to lead to disaster. No one has presented any such argument, and we have only had illogical and baseless rants. It now appears you have identified them as coming from the same person, or group, which is interesting. To date, the Harlequin boss has been seen in various videos telling what are self-evident lies, and their sales pitches have also been shown up to be ridiculous and wildly and knowingly inaccurate to get people to part with their money. It was very obvious the ranting posts were from Harlequin people, interesting that it seems to be the same one.

    For those of us Caribbean based, the Harlequin charade has gone on far too long and Ames has long since been put down as a ponzi artist by the business community. What other conclusion can people reach with the evidence staring us all in the face?

  5. New Stuff


    To be fair, 36 has always been more reasonable and articulate than any of the posts written by the person above. It is certainly not the same person.

  6. BBaywatch

    Kudos to BFP for exposing Harlisuccess and for continuing to host a forum where awkward questions can be asked – even if there is an aversion to answering them by the likes of 36 and other ‘genuine’ Harlequin investors.

    Here is another awkward question that all investors, regardless of which side of the argument that they are on, should consider.

    Where is the market research to back up the claims that there is a demand for the Harlequin product? It’s easy to come up with a marketing slogan such as ‘redefining luxury etc’ but where is the research to back that up? Resort hotels are in difficulties throughout the Caribbean, but there is remarkable resilience in some sectors of tourism. Bequia has had two outstanding seasons and seems set for a third, yet it ‘suffers’ from the same airlift ‘issues’ which Harlequin claim are the main factor in holding back their one and only operational resort. Could it be that the demand for fading stars sports academies, restaurants trading on brands that once enjoyed some kind of caché in the 70’s and 80’s and endorsement by z list celebrities does not have the universal appeal anticipated?

    I suspect that Harlequin have been as lax in in their research into their potential market as they have been with their financial models!

  7. Well done!
    does this mean they work for the North Sommerset Council? risky if they have an internet policy!

  8. Now we have got rid of the Harlequin puppets, can we move on, and work out a way of trying to get our money back. I have started action against the SIPP company and HP, with law firms that are aquainted with them both. Does anyone know how large our numbers are? Am I correct in assuming the vast ammount of ‘investors’ are unaware or current events? This seems to be the only site where we voice our concers and updates? Does anyone else know of others?

  9. 36

    As you can all see I am not included in the list above and I’m sure that BFP will confirm that my e-mail and sign in details are mine and mine only! What is more I do not have to justify myself or answer “awkward questions”

  10. Eddie Lizzard2

    Go to the UK press – The Telegraph, The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Mirror, The Mail, The Express, Private Eye all those with consumer-led financial problem pages (don’t bother with the Grauniad as they are still subject to a gagging order via Carter Ruck). Not sure if you have contacted BBC Panorama or BBC Rip Off Britain.

    If you have not already contacted Jon Austin of the Echo his details are 01268 469304

    Try writing to your MP raising questions about the new FSA rulings and ask how your problems might be resolved (however if your MP is anything like the inept twat we have you’ll be wasting your time).

    Over the past five or six years, Harlequin was very busy closing down websites that allowed comments that were not complimentary; posed awkward questions or were started by disgruntled investors. All done using investors’ money of course – I cannot imagine how much their libel lawyers Carter Ruck have earned out of it but it must have been a very pretty penny.

    You could also try posting on TripAdvisor. Maybe find some old threads and resurrect them. Admit to being asked by HP to post glowing fake reviews. TA, to their credit, did take down about a 100 fake reviews last year but the number has crept up again. However, lots of posters who commentated on Harlequin are now unable to post there and I believe that TA was influenced by Harlequin to have them banned from the site. You might not last long but at least try and bring this debacle to public attention.

    Unfortunately, the Harlequin trolls will be back quite soon under yet another guise. Of course we don’t know if it’s an employee, but I can only imagine the dim view the administrators (and taxpayers) of North Somerset Council would have about workplace facilites being abused in this way.

    Good luck, grustgrust cos you are gonna need it!

  11. harliconned

    Be careful on Trip Advisor they gave Harlequin my email details
    I wonder what the local papers in Somerset think about tax payers money being used in this way
    I have contacted everyone including President obama a lot of the newspapers are scared of Harlequin……….Carter who

  12. Thanks for that Harliconned and Eddie Lizzard2, points noted and I shall act on them. I would hope council troll has been shut up from using their work email – how daft can you be! I believe from my contacts HP are crapping themselves about all this legal action being talked about along with the SIPP peddlers….. Its a good time to turn the pressure up on them.

  13. New Stuff

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were crapping themselves. If it all goes belly up and if it is shown that the company was trading insolvently (and these are still “ifs” even though circumstantial evidence might point that way) then it could be bad news for people who work there. Some of them might be blighted professionally and some might even be laid open to personal criminal proceedings.

  14. harliconned

    I have had a thought maybe if we all joined Linkedin and put down occupation as the same as each other we could all use non original names that way we could PM each other

  15. harliconned

    we could all be IFAs non of us could do a worse job than the ones we employed:)

  16. harliconned

    I am going to have my job listed as hating harlequin

  17. At last a bit of houmor!

  18. Eddie Lizzard2

    That’s disgraceful what TA did surely a breach of confidence. Did HP or C Ruck threaten you?

  19. harliconned

    Both 😦 it will all come out at the end and I guess some people will be lucky to work in certain professions again.

    I will tell you more when we all join Linkedin 🙂

  20. harliconned

    I am setting up a gmail email account in a bogus name and then joining Linkden in my harliconned name, using hating harlequin as my profesion if anyone then joins with the same profesion they will be recomended to me as useful to my business I suggest everyone does the same as they cannot trace a gmail account:)

  21. harleconned

    join me on linkedin

  22. I will check that out, not too well versed in Linkein…. will be in touch. Could the HP trolls not do the same and somehow find out who we are? I would like to share my progress, but how is the question?

  23. harleconned

    If you set up a new gmail email account and then join Linkedin all in fake details they cannot find you.
    The trolls may recognise some of the details you give so be wary about what is said. my idea is to set up a meeting and have full media coverage also have to say I have informed the Risk Warning people that there are IFAs already on there so it is inevitable……it is unfortunate that this is the lengths we have to go to to protect ourselves and each other.

    I was thinking if we did a meet we could arrange to meet at train stations and then talk on the way to HQ maybe a hotel local to HQ and then storm the building. lol

  24. Croix Du Femur

    Rather than clogging the regular story section, why not just have a section for Harlequin alone? I think Barbadians are more concerned at how Elections is who can pee on each other the nastiest instead of deciding how to restore Barbados to its former glory – so Bajans need to explore these concerns rather than a bunch of UK expats repeating the same things Ad Nauseam?

  25. Croix Du Femur

    Soon you’d have to call it British Free Press – then again BFP sooner sees UK print editions before Barbadian editions of Advocate & Nation unless they have it on the Internet, eh?

  26. Croix Du Femur, I can understand your point, however you dont have to read it do you?

  27. Jason

    The election is of little real concern to Bajans because no matter who wins nothing will change. We only have one party in Barbados: the DLP-BLP party who trade chairs once in a while for the sake of appearances.

    On the other hand, the policies that led to Harlequin’s pyramid scam and CLICO’s fraud continue no matter who forms the government. Last election BFP was right in there minute to minute probably because the election meant something would change or so Bajans believed. The DLP promised to bring Integrity Legislation etc etc etc Freedom of Information etc etc etc Election Funding Changes etc etc etc.

    None of that happened and that is the proof that DLP = BLP = DLP = BLP no matter how you slice it.

    The election means nothing to Barbados or the world, but the many scams for millions of dollars are hurting our reputation.

    BFP is right to ignore the election because it doesn’t matter.

  28. 36

    @Grustgrust, when you get versed with Linkein have a search around. You will be surprised who is a friend who!

  29. harleconned

    36/ so so true and its VERY suprising who is checking who out!

  30. I am now on Linkein, still learning sent a request to hating harlequin , set up as above……:)

  31. Adrian Loveridge

    I understand that after personally speaking to the producer, that Harlequin Property will be featured on the top British investigative programme, Panorama, due on be aired 25th March 2013. If you look up the BBC Panorama website, episodes are normally available online.

    Perhaps someone can also clarify how David Ames obtained SVG Citizenship. On the applicantion form for citizenship it asks -Question 21 (c) Have you ever been bankrupt and 21 (d) If so have you been discharged from bankrupcy.

  32. yatiniteasy

    @Adrian…the prime minister`s wife is said to have received a US$1million contract to do the interior decorating at BB…who knows what the PM himself gained from Mr Ames application to become a citizen of SVG?The following news report from 2012 is very interesting.
    I also think this blogger`s input from St Vincent answers your question Adrian.

    Posted by Peter on August 20, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    The granting of a Vincention passport is definitely an economic citizenship situation for AMES. He does not live here, he has never lived here, he has never owned a private home in SVG, he is still a UK resident citizen at his home in Essex England, and has only ever been an occasional visitor for one to a few days at a time in Saint Vincent.
    He did not, and does not qualify for citizenship under the normal terms. He has not held any kind of official residency, temporary or permanent. He has not resided in the country for a minimum of seven years, he does not have a Vincentian born wife, or Vincentian children. That leaves only two routes to citizenship, he is an economic citizen or he is a male lover of Gonsalves, I doubt the latter, so it must be the former.
    Obtaining SVG citizenship could save him and lose SVG millions in alien landholding taxes, unpaid from the past and on all future land or property acquisitions.
    He doesn’t need other Vincentian company directors.
    It will be more difficult for the UK to extradite him should that situation arise.
    It allows him to move freely in the Eastern Caribbean when using a Vincentian passport.
    It will get him through passport lines quicker in CARICOM countries.
    It would allow him to travel across borders if the British police confiscate his UK passport.
    It will allow him to fly using the SVG passport if an international arrest warrant is issued against him naming him as British with a British passport.
    It will allow him to claim to the UK revenue that he pays his tax’s in SVG.
    It gives him a new identity.

    There is no reason on this earth that AMES needs a Vincentian passport if he is not permanently living in SVG. This is another GONSALVES folly.

    Now a reminder of another matter.

    Where did the US$1 million in cash come from that FRANCIS took to the NCB bank in a bag?.
    Where did all the US$s in cash come from that was shared among ULP, Ministers, family, mistress’s and friends.

  33. anonymous242

    i believe that the”panorama” programme is more about Sipps and UCIS and how some financial advisors/IFA’s have gone against FSA guidelines and recommended these unregulated and often high risk investments without carrying out full factfinds /attitude to risk /pension comparables/ illustrations /due diligence etc etc . it centres around general mis-selling (as these were only meant to be for high net worth/ seasoned investors) and the large commissions paid for advising clients to go into these (often 30% in real terms as opposed to the usual 3-4% paid for “more standard regulated” investments. Harlequin may be mentioned as an example, but i would image there will be others too, cape verde, brazil, thailand, carbon credits, teak forestry, other obscure commodities etc etc. i know a producer/investigative reporter at the BBC who is contracted to panorama so will see if there is any more info that he can let us know. will keep you posted if i can

  34. 100

    The Panorama story, whilst interesting, will not change the performance to date of Harlequin and whether people should or should not be getting out of this investment now, if indeed they can. The performance to date says all one needs to know about this scheme/scam – it is an extremely obvious and high profile pyramid scheme whereby what you pay for, you do not get, even if thousands invest after you. If the program paints SIPP investments in overseas off plan properties/schemes in a bad light (and anon is correct, there are many examples other than Harlequin), it will certainly hurt Harlequin, and perhaps further hasten the inevitable demise. If it specifically cites Harlequin, then it is probably immediate curtains, followed by blaming and fingerpointing by Ames, lots of law suits, followed even more quickly by a disappearance via one of the most likely already established escape routes (granted, that is mere speculation, but you have to think he knows this day is coming) However, it is a great shame that it takes a BBC program to investigate goings on in the Caribbean when our governments here should have been onto this long ago when alarm bells were rung about Harlequin back in 2007/8. A developer who sells thousands of homes in our islands and builds 5% of them should not be given permission/support in the next island or next venture without thorough investigation by our planning departments or our relevant governmental bodies as he has clearly and obviously failed to deliver.

  35. New Stuff

    I suppose the FSA alert is about as pro-active as government agencies are prepared to be. By making it very difficult for IFAs to recommend the product then I suppose it starves the company of cash flow and the desired outcome happens. But it really doesn’t offer the kind of protection that we would all want to see.

    How does this all end? Does everyone have to wait until the pot runs dry? It is a dangerous game for the business to play as the longer they string things out the more severe will be any judgement passed against them should it go to court. Custodial sentences will ramp up if wrongful trading is shown to have taken place.

  36. 100

    For clarification, I was referring to our governments in the Caribbean, being a Caribbean citizen. The UK authorities I am sure should have provided more protection.

  37. I have taken advice and this may be an alternative option, make a claim against the company that converted your pension to a SIPP, they most likely are ‘in bed with HP’ and paid huge commissions for bad advice, if they converted an final salary pension, its bad advice. This way if HP go bust, you may have a chance to claim on the IFA public liability insurance. Please correct me if I have been misinformed.

  38. Dave Amesless

    And of course if you are succcessful you would get all your pension including commissons, if you go for Harlequin they probably did not recieved all your pension.

  39. Harleconned

    Hmmm very interesting who looks at who’s profile on Linkedin, It’s nice to see Harlequin’s in house solicitor Andrew Regan is a busy bee. When did they evacuate Simon Terry?? Not before time I might add, or if Simon Terry is still there how many solicitors to they actually need?? I have not had the pleasure of Mr Regan yet…..

  40. Harlerobbed


  41. homefront

    no books for 7 years. so i assume no corporation tax and the company secretary along with the accountants under the spotlight .if not why not .I do not understand even under svag law how this can happen ,this is not speculation but facts.let us remember how All Cappone was sent to jail on a tax matter and not any alleged murders

  42. Dear Investors & Harlequin,

    As discussed on Barbadosfreepress. The Harlequin Investor meeting in Manchester will be at Manchester Airport Marriott Hale Barns on the Saturday 9th March we have booked the room for the day with several short breaks for everyone to buy refreshments.

    I think some of you will be familiar with this location. If you could attend please let me know. There will be a small admission fee as it is £150 for the room I did negotiate this at a special rate.

    We will be asking Mr Ames to attend so we can get the answers we require. We would ask everyone to send in the questions they would like answering so that the same question is not repeated the email address to send questions and replies to invitation to would ask you to pass on the details of this email to any third parties you may feel will be interested in attending.

    If you have any other suggestions please email above.
    I will look forward to your response.

    Kind Regards


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  45. anthony75

    Hats off to you BFB you done your country proud.

  46. Don't want to say who I am ..........

    Robbin & Valium the same idiot no doubt

  47. S Pam Filtre

    you talking to spam