Where will Burger King Barbados get its beef patties?

Hey… I’m just asking!

And are large food franchises really any worse than smaller operations?

The Guardian: Burger King reveals its burgers were contaminated in horsemeat scandal


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6 responses to “Where will Burger King Barbados get its beef patties?

  1. 79

    Cost U Less……………Maybe Burger King has the same Tax breaks

  2. 67

    If Barbados wins the gold at the next Olympics in the 100 meters in under 5 seconds then you know we have Burger King to thank.

  3. Well I tried it and felt no urge to enter the Sandy Lane Gold Cup, besides meat is meat once untainted….

  4. Peltdownman

    If Burger King get government concessions without any quid pro quo in terms of purchasing local supplies, what’s the point of having them here? Don’t we have enough dietary health problems?

  5. 120

    I had a Whopper with cheese sandwich today. The meat was thin dry and had no taste. Too much condiments also. Tomato and pickle were good. All else was awful. Price was 10.15 today. I heard it was less than that when it opened ie 8.50. Will not be going back.